Kim Hyun Joong…[article] THE BODYGUARD

By: LazerKim                 Are we now about to sing the song “I will Always Love you”, as the original sound track of Bodyguard? Well we better get start listening to the song while reading this article because today the article is about Kim Hyun Joong’s official bodyguard Mr. Jeong which I have postponed due to Whitney Houston! I have mentioned him in my article yesterday Lifestyle Changes and I was really intending to write about Mr. Jeong being the closest person in protecting Hyun Joong since 2010 when he moved in to KeyEast. I did a little research about him personally but I guess this is gonna be impossible so what I researched about is Mr. Jeong’s profession being a professional bodyguard. And as promise I’ll be writing about the Bodyguard!!

I think we are aware that Hyun Joong’s fans are getting fond of the guy, who’s a handsome very professional I would say in handling Hyun Joong’s fans, very polite, gentle mannered, and dedicated to his job in taking care of Hyun Joong. I appreciate Hyun Joong’s fans for being kind to him too and giving attention to him. In fact just a while ago before I can research on his profession, I tried looking him up at his fan page at the facebook and I was surprised and really smiled that some of Hyun Joong fans do collect his pictures too!! I’m so pleased by the gesture as one way of appreciating the effort of Hyun Joong’s bodyguard as a part of Hyun Joong’s family and to us fans too.

Before I get down to the gist of this article I would just like to mention that yesterday a fan wrote in my comment box saying Mr. Jeong’s agency terminates his contract with KeyEast. I do not know how true this is and the only way we can find that out is through the upcoming event of Hyun Joong on October 4th. As I read at twitter and facebook, some fans felt sad about the news, although I did not read anything official from KeyEast so maybe we can just wait on Hyun Joong’s next official activity. And then as I was reading the twitter post my eyes caught this post which I consider to be a misconception, that I would like to clarify, here’s what the post said as follows:

Post from twitter:

...who said the contract ended? Is there even a ‘contract’ in the first place? Mr.Jeong isn’t even the ‘private’ bodyguard for KHJ in the first place. Since KHJ isn’t having any public activities now, bodyguards are free to choose their jobs to guard other artists.

I would like to correct the statement since this is not entirely true. First and foremost, if services has been rendered to anyone of course there has to be a contract regardless if the service rendered is only good for one day or even in minutes, a client in entitled for a service contract. This is security we’re talking about here, if I get a house maid from an agent which I always do, there’s always a contract to go with it. What more with security service?? I believe KeyEast is a reputable company and they do deal with professionals. Security service or professional bodyguards can only be acquired from authorized security service agents licensed by the government

And may I just correct the statement that Mr. Jeong is indeed a ‘private’ body guard for Kim Hyun Joong. May I ask from 2010, did you ever have seen Hyun Joong with different body guard if not Mr. Jeong? Never, right? It’s always Mr.Jeong right there beside Hyun Joong since 2010. If there may be different faces that we see that’s definitely additional security personnel, but Mr. Jeong is Hyun Joong’s official bodyguard. If Mr. Jeong is not a private bodyguard of Hyun Joong surely we’ll see different bodyguards with him in his official activities.

May I correct this statement  “….bodyguards are free to choose their jobs to guard other artists.” Professional bodyguards like Mr.Jeong is being handled by a security agency, therefore there is a contract between KeyEast and Mr.Jeong’s agent. As a bodyguard being managed by an agency, Mr. Jeong can not just go and approach any artist whom he liked to secure, that’s totally absurd!! Another thing there’s no such thing as a free-lance bodyguard!! This is quite a sensitive profession so don’t get mixed up with the bodyguards of the mob boss who are purely gangsters! Mr. Jeong is licensed professional bodyguard.

There are different types of bodyguards depending on the client’s nature of profession and purpose of necessary security service needed. As to the case of Hyun Joong whom we may consider as a  hot celebrity, a popular public figure but not really a high profile public figure but who needs a close protection from the crowd of fans. Hyun Joong may be in lesser risk from the more harmful elements.

Hyun Joong is being protected from being squeezed in by a crowd, from being harass unintentionally or intentional by his own fans. Well it could be from an overly excited fans who wanted to touch him other than a handshake or hi five. Or from haters or stalkers who may inflict physical harm on Hyun Joong which is also likely to happen. We have seen Mr. Jeong in action on how he protect Hyun Joong. During his concerts specially on encore parts of the concert as Hyun Joong gets down from the stage, although Mr.Jeong was not alone, there were additional security personnel with him to closely protect Hyun Joong from his fans who may want to touch him.

Whenever Hyun Joong is at the airport, Mr.Jeong eyes are so busy roaming around the people that  is surrounding Hyun Joong making sure no one gets closer to his client. To the extent of receiving the goodies from Hyun Joong’s fans that appears he had gone shopping too!! The fans respect Mr.Jeong too just as much as they respect Hyun Joong!! This may sound like a joke but actually there are responsibilities that Mr.Jeong faces in his profession to his client Hyun Joong. Here may share with you some of what I have researched about Mr.Jeong’s profession being a close-protection officer or a bodyguard as follows:

bodyguard (or close protection officer)[1] is a type of security operative or government agent who protects a person or persons — usually a public, wealthy, or politically important figure(s) — from danger: generallytheft, assault,kidnapping,homicide, harassment, loss of , threats, or other criminal offences.

Most important public figures such as head of state or governors are protected by several bodyguards or by a team of bodyguards from an agency security forces, or police forces (e.g., in the U.S., the United States secret service or the State department Diplomatic Security Service). In most countries where the Head of state is and have always been also their military leader, the leader’s bodyguards have traditionally been done by Royal guards, Republican Guards and other elite military unit. Less-important public figures, or those with lower risk profiles, may be accompanied by a single bodyguard who doubles as a driver. A number of high-profile celebrities and CEOs also use bodyguards.


The role of bodyguards is often misunderstood by the public, because the typical layperson’s only exposure to body guarding is usually in highly dramatized action film depictions of the profession.

In contrast to the exciting lifestyle depicted on the film screen, the role of a real-life bodyguard is much more mundane: it consists mainly of planning routes, pre-searching rooms and buildings where the client will be visiting, researching the background of people that will have contact with the client, searching vehicles, and attentively escorting the client on their day-to-day activities.[2]


The role of a bodyguard depends on several factors. First, it depends on the role of a given bodyguard in a close protection team. A bodyguard can be a driver-bodyguard, a close-protection officer (who escorts the client), or part of an ancillary unit that provides support such as detection, electronic “bug” detection, counter-sniper monitoring, pre-searches facilities, and background-checks people who will have contact with the client.

Second, the role of a bodyguard depends on the level of risk that the client faces. A bodyguard protecting a client at high risk of assassination will be focusing on very different roles (e.g., checking cars for IED devices, watching for potential shooters, etc.) than a bodyguard escorting a celebrity who is being stalked by aggressive tabloid photographers (e.g., the role will be to ask the photographers to maintain their distance and block the path of aggressive cameramen).


The day would begin with a meeting of the bodyguard team led by the team leader. The team would review the different activities that the client plans to do during the day, and discuss how the team would undertake the different transportation, escorting, and monitoring tasks.

During the day, the client (or “principal”) may have to travel by car, train, and plane and attend a variety of functions, including meetings and invitations for meals at restaurants, and do personal activities such as recreation and errands. Over the day, the client will be exposed to a range of risk levels, ranging from higher risk (meeting and greeting members of the public at an outdoor rally) to low risk (dining at an exclusive, gated with high security).

Some planning for the day would have begun on previous days. Once the itinerary is known, one or more bodyguards would travel the route to the venues, to check the roads for unexpected changes (road work, detours, closed lanes) and to check the venue. The venue needs to be checked for bugs and the security of the facility (exits, entrances) needs to be inspected. As well, the bodyguard will want to know the names of the staff who will have contact with the client, so that a simple electronic background check can be run on these individuals.

Bodyguards often have training in firearms tactics, unarmed combat, tactical driving, and first aid. In multi-agent units (like those protecting a head of state) one or more bodyguards may have training in specific tasks, such as providing a protective escort, crowd screening and control, or searching for explosives or electronic surveillance devices (“bugs”). Bodyguards also learn how to work with other security personnel to conduct threat or risk assessment and analyze potential security weaknesses.

Bodyguards learn how to examine a premises or venue before their clients arrive, to determine where the exits and entrances are, find potential security weaknesses, and meet the staff (so that a would-be attacker cannot pose as a staff member). As well, some bodyguards learn how to do research to be aware of potential threats to their client, by doing a thorough assessment of the threats facing the principal,[4] such as a protest by a radical group or the release from custody of person who is a known threat. Close protection officers also learn how to escort a client in potentially threatening situations.

The military in many countries offer close protection training for the members of their own armed forces who have been selected to work as bodyguards to officers or heads of state (e.g., the British SAS). As well, there are a number of private bodyguard training programs, which offer training in all aspects of Close Protection and including the legal aspects of body guarding (e.g., use of force, use of deadly force) how to escort clients; driving; searching facilities and vehicles, and so on.


These are just a few info which I think is applicable in the case of Hyun Joong which is just some basics since Hyun Joong is not really in a high risk danger every time he travels or even in his home country. His main duty is to stay close to Hyun Joong anywhere he goes, other duties stated above are taken care of by the hotel security system and venues where Hyun Joong performed. The bodyguard are trained to be keen observant on every movement surrounding his client and his staffs even at the back stage prior to the rehearsals and the actual concerts. During his concerts he stays somewhere near the stage not watching the concert of course but closely watching the audience.

Mr. Jeong is an exceptional bodyguard in the eyes of Hyun Joong fans, as almost everyone knows him. He’s been doing a very good job in taking care of Hyun Joong at the same time his fans acknowledge his presence in protecting the Prince not only because it’s his job but he showed dedication to him not as a client but as his family. Mr.Jeong showed a remarkable reputation to Hyun Joong fans for being caring and accommodating to them.

Some of Hyun Joong fans felt sad after reading the post that his contract with KeyEast had been terminated although none of us knows what’s the truth and that would remain to be seen on October 4th. Let’s just hope Mr.Jeong remain in his post, as someone being there beside Hyun Joong to protect. Whether Mr.Jeong is leaving or not, I’m intending to write about him in my little humble knowledge about his profession and giving me this chance to thank him from the bottom of my heart, and that his effort in taking care of Hyun Joong for the last two years is well appreciated by Kim Hyun Joong fans.

How I wish to write more about Mr.Jeong personally but then I honestly do not have much personal info about him, let us just say the topic is classified!! The only personal thing that I can share about Mr.Jeong is that he’s a heavy smoker and talk less!! This is all I have for today’s dosage, but before I go, today is Sunday, may I request everyone, let us say a little prayer for Kim Hyun Joong’s upcoming drams City Conquest, for its success.

Kim Hyun Joong is blessed with beautiful people who works behind him in pursuing his goals and a person staying at his side, dedicated to physically protect him at all cost, the exceptionally handsome Mr.Jeong The Bodyguard…

                                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

Photo credits Mr.Jeong FB fan page, Ms.D Thanks!  Fan Arts by LK

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] LIFESTYLE CHANGES

By: LazerKim            We have an update photo from City Conquest as Kim Hyun Joong was spotted boarding that boat from photo above, that seem to me like an escape from the back door sea!! Or trucking down lawless element like smugglers or trying to save his lover from the bad guys!! Oh whatever it is at least we know now Hyun Joong is doing fine filming his drama. We got five days to go from today before we finally take a glimpse of him on October 4th as Hyun Joong shall be attending a big event in Japan together with the other casts of City Conquest. We shall be waiting for that event!!

The other night I was already preparing for today’s article and I thought about writing a bodyguard and his subject, since I thought about Mr. Jeong! As we all know he has been taking care of Kim Hyun Joong from day one that he signed with KeyEast. And to get some background how a personal bodyguard is, I thought about Kevin Costner for Bodyguard and Nicolas Cage for Guarding Tess! So I was trying to look for the movie Bodyguard to watch at YouTube because I forgot how to download movies from Isohunt! And honestly I forgot the leading lady of Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston who passed away in February.

And so instead of watching the movie, it was Whitney’s life and her funeral that I watched! I never thought she was already on her career downfall in 2010, then her world tour was a such an unexpected failure, knowing a big star like Whitney Houston would end up in such an ugly scenes on her performances. I was totally shocked to be watching her concerts in 2010 and the cause of her death was devastating. Oh my what a waste for a big star like her. Whitney Houston died in February 11, this year, that time I was so much engrossed writing about Hyun Joong’s aftermath concert in Yokohama that I did not pay too much attention on Whitney’s death!!

Ever since I got hooked on Korean dramas, I actually lost my interest with the Hollywood stars! Anyway, today’s topic for this article is not about Hollywood nor about the bodyguard which I will reserve for next time, I need to research on the kind of profession. But I would like to talk about life of being a big star, well like Whitney, we can learn something out of her life and connect with our Prince. Don’t worry I don’t mean to compare, but basic lifestyle of an artist and his changes influenced by environment, responsibilities being an artist and fame.

What I want to talk about this time are the changes in Kim Hyun Joong’s lifestyle from the time he started in the lime light with SS501 and the present as he moved in to KeyEast. We can also inject some realities about the influence of fame, how it change an artist it’s either for the better or for the worst. We can probably compare how Kim Hyun Joong was from his past with SS501 and at present being a solo performer, although it’s barely over a year since he started performing solo singer but somehow I could see some bits and pieces of changes in his lifestyle as an artist.

The very first thing that I noticed was his bodyguard Mr. Jeong as in day one as soon as he moved in to KeyEast he was already provided with security on his official activities. As I watched Hyun Joong when he was with DSP there’s only the five members of SS501 and a manager to secure the five members whenever they travel. So I would say from Hyun Joong’s first day at KeyEast he was already taken care of. In one of Hyun Joong interviews I remember he was saying, he’s not used with having a lot of people meeting him at the airport even he was still with his group. Neither he has any idea if the fans at the airport were cheering for him or his members!!

Then in 2010 he came along with his boss Bae Yong Joon in Japan for Smile Project and he was surprised to see such a big crowd of fans at the airport whom he was assuming was the fans of his boss. In Hyun Joong’s interview in Tokyo, he mentioned that he felt so shy to even smile simply because he does not know if the crowd was cheering for him or his boss!! I laughed at his remark!! Watching from the video clip, just by the gesture of his boss may signify endorsing of introducing Hyun Joong to BYJ fans who were at the airport. I did noticed Hyun Joong was a bit awkward that time that he was totally caught unaware by the crowd!! I already spotted Mr. Jeong with Hyun Joong that time as his bodyguard.

The next thing I noticed was his hotel accommodation whenever he travels particularly his guest room that I can compare. When he was with DSP, he’s given a regular single guest room or he’s with one of his members in a twin guest room. As he moved in to KeyEast he was given the suite guest room, well his boss might have the penthouse but Hyun Joong stayed in a suite room next to his boss. In his present status he has to live by hotel room service if he has to eat whenever he travels. Although at this stage I believe he can still dine in the restaurant but that is gonna be a rare chance. Not that he’s being deprive of his liberty to eat his desired meal but mainly for security reasons that in due time he shall have to live within his limits as a star.

Hyun Joong was given the privilege to choose his own staffs to work with him in all his official activities such as dancers, coordinators make-up hairstylist, production assistance, and his manager who is the closest to Hyun Joong other than Mr. Jeong his personal body-guard. As you can notice Hyun Joong had been working with Artmatic dancers and his noonas since his SS501 days. Now they work exclusively for Hyun Joong specially his dancers, that these staffs are provided by KeyEast. Every time Hyun Joong is in his official activities, he has at least three men behind him, Mr. Jeong, his manager and Artmatic captain that shows he is well taken care of in his every official activities.

In another interview during his fan meeting Asia Tour in Singapore I think, he was asked about his gains and losses in his career since he started being a soloist. Hyun Joong said he has more gains than loss, in such a way he has more people helping him to be able to attain his goal. In terms of losses, what he lost was his privacy although he had already accepted that he is bound to lose it to begin with, and this is just natural to any popular artists. To lose their privacy is what stars has to pay in exchange of fame and success.

When Hyun Joong was still with his members he can still freely go out taking for a walk at the neighborhood or go shopping or dine wherever he wants. Now he rarely do so, and take note he can not go out of his apartment by himself. He can go driving in Korea but surely he has somebody tailing at his back, either Mr. Jeong or his manager!! Even he has to drive to Jaksal which is his own restaurant, he has to have somebody with him on the road or being with him in his car while he drives. I would be very surprise if KeyEast would just allow him to go around Seoul by himself, because Hyun Joong is their responsibility whether official or non official activity.

That’s the difference though being with a group and a soloist, although again it depends on his career status on how popular a soloist is. If we compare Hyun Joong’s lifestyle during his days with SS501 and his present status, the difference is way too long in terms of popularity and being a crowd maker. During his days with SS501 he probably can go shopping in a less crowded shopping area. Well maybe he can still do so in Seoul in an exclusive shop that is less crowded, if not I’m sure he can go on-line shopping and that’s too sad, I still believe in going to various shops with a lot of choice, as I can touch and see what I’m buying.

As Hyun Joong matures, he had changed even his fashion trend too, he became more simple yet fashionable. He was saying when he was still with SS501, he kept buying clothes and his favorite are footwear. This time Hyun Joong became more practical, his comfort is more important in what he wears. Even in his shows, he tend to have simple costumes and minimize flashy items. Although accessories remained to be his favorite items. Off cam he tends to wear ordinary clothes that anyone coming from the streets would wear but maintained neat as always and nothing flashy.

Here’s probably gonna be my own way in rating Hyun Joong’s popularity and crowd maker without looking at any popularity record status. His boss being a Korean actor is still very popular in Japan even he was barely seen on public exposure. Hyun Joong said to be able to gained even half of Bae Yong Joon’s popularity is good enough. One time in 2009 I think, Bae Yong Joon was in Japan to promote one of his projects. He was in his hotel getting ready to go out to somewhere. BYJ had at least four or six bodyguards, as he came down from his hotel room to the lobby, a huge crowd of fans were at the front street of the hotel. He and his bodyguard stayed in one corner and think about where they can get through from the crowd.

But there’s no way for BYJ to just walk to the lobby and get in to his car, at the same time there’s no other way to get out from the crowd. And so BYJ and his bodyguards dive over the huge crowd of fans. Do you know what happened next? BYJ quickly got in his car as his six bodyguards walked guarding the car as it gets through the crowd but BYJ opened his car widow and waved at the crowd!! He can’t help it seeing his fans who waited just to take a glimpse of him. From that incident it ended in a stumped and an elder woman was hurt. As soon as BYJ knew about it he took responsible and took care of his fan and paid her hospitalization.

And I can see Hyun Joong doing the same scenario, although it’s just a small crowd of fans at the airport waiting for him, but what if the time comes when a huge crowd of fans same as BYJ  come running after Hyun Joong? Well it won’t be long that’s very likely to happen. At this time lucky fans can meet Hyun Joong at the airport seeing him off or welcome him back home and hand-in some goodies and letters which is quite easy for his fans to reach out for him. There will come a time this will be no longer possible. Hyun Joong has gone used to opening his car window as he gets inside he car and wave or nod to his fans before driving off.

At the documentary Hyun Joong was relating a lot of changes in his lifestyle but had gone used to it, however he still wants to live a normal life as much as he can while he can still do it. The more popular he gets the more his private life changes, but it’s part of being star that he embrace wholeheartedly. A producer stated Hyun Joong knows how to handle his fame by taking it in his heart and not in his mind and that he is capable reaching highest height in his career. He may be young at age but very matured in his outlook of life.

Hyun Joong was saying it is important to work hard but it is also important to be prepared to whatever the results of hard work. Whether it may or it may not be what he expects he has to live with it in accepting the results but never to give up. Hyun Joong was never been a quitter, he always a  fighter, he just keeps on going and learn from what he experienced. There are many stars who does not stay longer in the lime light simply because they can not handle their fame. After gaining their popularity they tend to become lazy to re-invent something for themselves as artist, they became conceited and arrogant over their gained popularity, they became complacent with their star status instead of nurturing what they have already attained and gained.

As I mentioned earlier about the Hollywood stars getting involved with drugs, this isn’t new anymore, this may be the idea of what Hyun Joong was saying, “it is important to be prepared to whatever the results of hard work.” Some stars could not handle their fame that most of the times they do not notice they are already destroying themselves. Do I see Hyun Joong in that stage of self-destruction in the future? This is what I can say, at the young age of Hyun Joong in his career, for as long he is well guided then I don’t see him as one of those promising artists on downhill. I think his boss can handle him quite well, no matter how independent minded he is, he knows to whom he would listen to.

I was watching Whitney Houston’s story in 2010 and I can’t get over with what I have watched. She totally declined when she did her world tour performance that showed a disgusting show out of a big star like her. I would say it’s a negligence on the part of her producer in allowing her to sign up for those concerts knowing she’s high on drugs. I could see her producer’s greed for money and pushing her to the quick sand during that time. She could not handle herself and her status that made her a star falling star from the sky in such unbearable pain for her.

I think I would rather see an artist gradually improving in due time, than being that good since the start and deteriorating in the end. I have mentioned in my other article that in showbiz there’s such thing as expiration date on artists. Some Hollywood stars tend to stay even they are aging until such time they can no longer carry on and allowed them to be drowning themselves with drugs although not all.

I think it should have been better to retire at certain age before they reached that stage of self-destruction. So that they can still preserve their talent and good image on how people do remember them. I think producers and promoters should also consider the well-being of the stars, instead of taking advantage on how they earn from them.

Whitney ended her life just like that, and it’s so regretful for very talented star even at her age 48, I would just like to think of her in her younger years on how I knew her and her music which I loved so much. I would say Whitney changed her life during her marriage to Bobby Brown whom she fell very much in love with but made her worst in drowning herself with drugs after her divorce with him. There are a lot of stars who can not handle their personal relationships and their career at the same time. This is true in the showbiz world and Hyun Joong is no exception, as he said he can not handle both career and love at the same time.

While watching her video clips of her funeral and prior to it, I thought about what Hyun Joong said about hard work and results. Time change and so people change too. It is good  to live life to the fullest but we have our own individual responsibilities to ourselves and to others. Just the same as Hyun Joong planted good seeds, he nurtured what he planted  harvest the fruits and share it with others. Until it became his life routine as he nurtures his talent to be worthy of love and support from others, he doesn’t stop and doesn’t change his attitude keeping up his values.

I remember in one of Hyun Joong’s interviews, he related his lay out plan for his career which is quite realistic for an artist and recognizing his expiration date. Although this is too early to say since Hyun Joong is still young, but at least he has plans for his future and he is quite open-minded about being realistic and practical in life.

Hyun Joong being an artist star, as he gets further to the heights of his career status, his lifestyle changes are quite expected to the point of having all the comfort and luxury in life can ever offer in exchange of his deprived privacy. Artists have to live with it, in fact as soon as an artist sign up for his career in showbiz for the first time, he is expected to accept the fact that he is a public figure bound with definite restrictions in keeping a good personal image and is obliged to behave accordingly in public. This is again a showbiz reality. I guess we do not have a problem with that as far as our idol is concern.

Hyun Joong deserves that comfort and luxury of life as his lifestyle changed for the better since he earned hard from his past struggles, and in spite of the blessing he receives, he never forgets to share with other specially the less fortunate.

Lifestyle changes is alright for as long as Kim Hyun Joong keeps his feet firmly on the ground and maintain the good values he’s been keeping and simply being himself will take him all the way to super stardom….

                                                                                             LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] YOUNG LEGEND

By: LazerKim          We got an update photos from the location site of City Conquest by the seaside, where Kim Hyun Joong was spotted walking with the rest of his staffs! And there’s another cute picture of Jung Yumi that seems she’s gone homeless! The picture is a scene which appears to be in a sidewalk street as she sleeps with her raincoat on and her bags as her pillow, she looks cute in it!! Oh my! seeing these pictures filled my mind again as to what is in store for us for the coming days. And I do appreciate Hyun Joong fans in posting the updates about City Conquest that I truly appreciate. I do hope City Conquest production management will be able to release more news the drama.

Since there are not much updates about Hyun Joong the past days, I spent my leisure time yesterday watching video clips, which by the way I would like to appreciate the effort of Hyun Joong’s fans who are actively uploading video clips about Hyun Joong at YouTube that has been a great help to everyone specially times like this as Hyun Joong is still in the silent mode.

I was able to watch an interesting clips, entitled “KHJ Legend” uploaded, compiled and English subbed by Jackiek606. Jackie is quite active in translating and putting English subtitle to the video clips. Here’s where you can find video clips about SS501 too, since she’s also active in posting and uploading clips about the rest of SS501 members too. Check her out at YouTube as I’ll post the video link at YouTube for Kim Hyun Joong Legend in 7 series.

Kim Hyun Joong Legend is a compilation of behind the scene as a commercial model as he started during his SS501 days, then two music videos behind the scene, which I find very interesting. I was quite surprised by the music videos since Hyun Joong acted on both videos, and he was good, even those where just short scenes but I was impressed by his ability. There was a fight scene in one of the clips and Hyun Joong stated, “I’m good acting at getting beaten up since when I was young I got beaten up a lot! I do have confidence in my acting of getting beaten up!!”

It’s a music video Black Glasses with the set up of year 1900, the song is also good, but take note that Hyun Joong did not sing this song, he merely lip sinc the song although in this clip it’s purely taken behind the scene, I find the story to be touching and Hyun Joong acted really good. His character is like a young man in search of opportunity in the big city with his childhood girlfriend with him. But his girlfriend that was stolen from him by an elder man, a mob boss. She gave herself to this man to save Hyun Joong’s life being endangered from the mob, as he was beaten up to stop seeing his girlfriend. But in the end love prevailed and Hyun Joong’s girlfriend came back to him. *sigh*….

Watching from this music video which was taken probably back in 2006 I’m not sure though, I’m thinking Hyun Joong indeed already has a talent in acting. This may be just a short video clip and taken from behind the scene but my point is before he did BOF he was already a potential actor and a good one I think, seeing from this clip.

The character suits him good, he was able to show his emotions and acted upon a young man in pain. Maybe some of you might have watched the clip, while I only had the chance yesterday that gave me an impression that even back in the past Hyun Joong was already seen in his acting potential. Gosh there are a lot more to learn about this guy!! I came to realize that now!!

The other clip is a love triangle and Kyu Jong was with Hyun Joong in this music video as Hyun Joong stole the lover of Kyu Jong!! I can’t help but notice that it seems Hyun Joong has always been stealing lovers of is friends in his dramas!! And I think even for real as he was relating his story about his first love, whom he won her heart from a friend of his in school!! He also mentioned it in another talk show that once he likes a girl even the girl is having a relationship with his friend he will steal it from him!!Well I’m just not sure if he’s just saying it because he was filming BOF that time he guested in that talk show!! Or just a co-incident that he has two dramas both in triangle love affair!

Another interesting scenes in the Legend was when Hyun Joong had started doing some commercial photo shoots that I can’t help but laugh! If you remember there’s this photo shoot with a girl that he can hardly touch and feels so awkward to pose with her! There was this scene as Hyun Joong was at the back of the female model, her hair was getting to Hyun Joong eyes that he could hardly touch her hair or something, in short he was just so awkward!! He could not say anything that her hair was annoying him because he was too shy to say so!!

Hyun Joong could hardly smile,when the director told him that his smiles look good when laughing, he started to give a big smile but then it was not the kind of smile being required to him by the director but a gentle one but not laugh!! LOL!!But Hyun Joong tried his very best to feel natural so that the photos would look natural too!! Oh he was so adorable young and naive those days!! But as time goes by he was able to master those photo shoots, he is now an expert being a model as he mastered such poses that are effective and he knows very well which angle of his profile is the best. He’s now an expert model in bringing the best of what he endorses.

Even back then Hyun Joong truly appreciates those whom he worked with. Hyun Joong was relating how good his make-up artists back then in concealing the flaws in his face. Even Hyun Joong was in his teen age he rarely have pimples although what bothered him were his dark circles in his eyes. His coordinators as he calls them noona (elder sister) creates magic in concealing those dark circles in his eyes. Hyun Joong said, he still does have pimples over stress and lack of sleep. But as soon as he can have that chance to have a complete rest and sleep, gone with his pimples.

Hyun Joong was saying he is simple nothing fussy whenever he travels lite he brings with him a few pairs of socks, underwears, shirts, his tooth bush, razor and eye contact lens solution which I think he’s done with since he already had laser eye treatment. He did not even mention bringing cosmetics or skin treatment for regular routine skin maintenance. He is simply a man, period. There are times we can see him traveling wearing the same clothes  going out and coming home from other country specially if he only has to stay over night.

Anyway, in that video, there’s a part there he was doing a commercial video shoot for a mineral water and there’s a kissing scene. His partner got worried about Hyun Joong’s fans to be jealous!! Hyun Joong was saying not to worry he doesn’t have much number of fans, he said he only have about 100,000 fans or 200,000 fans!! LOL fans quite prepared to attack any female beside Hyun Joong!! Of course that was a joke!! Hyun Joong has been very active as a commercial model from his SS501 day until at present, he was able to maintain his good reputation constantly specially from CF products.

In another video, still under CF during an outdoor location shoot Hyun Joong was jokingly saying, he has been a cosmetic model for four years that time he was 25 and still young to say probably like his seniors would say “will I still be a CF model this year..?” This video clip was from Innocent Prince, whenever I re-watch this video I still laugh at Hyun Joong’s 4D responses to the interview even I have watched it more than a dozen times!! I wonder when can we see him in his wackiest ways again!! I miss those candid remarks and his hilarious talk show guesting!!

A Legend is a person who is famous with having such special qualities or abilities, this is what Webster said. I agree to what Jackie gave the title to this video and dedicated it to Kim Hyun Joong as a Legend. He has such unique qualities and talents that is quite rare in an artist. Keeping a good personal reputation making him a role model to anyone whom they can look up to regardless of age and status in life. A person who can be inspiring after knowing who he is and what he is capable of doing that everyone can benefit from.

Kim Hyun Joong at a very young age had accomplished a lot, still accomplishing and in the future can contribute much more in the world of showbiz as an innovator to the future trend in terms of music and entertainment. This is how I see him from where he starter from where he is at present and where he is bound to be in the future through hard work dedication to his craft.

While keeping his feet firmly on the ground, he may have a long way to go in his journey and no matter which way his fate takes him, he’s bound to be on top. Kim Hyun Joong a truly Young Legend of the new generation…

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

I leave you with something you can watch at YouTube Kim Hyun Joong LEGEND the links are below courtesy of Jackiek606. Thank you see you tomorrow!

VIKI.COM LINK>( Type City Conquest

Photo credits as tagged, Kleng Aquino, thank for sharing!  

 Video credits to Jackiek606, thanks for sharing!

KHJ Legend Part 1 (w/Kyu Jong)  Link click here>(

KHJ Legend Part 2 (Black glasses MV) Link click Here>(

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ALIEN KINGDOM

By: LazerKim           I was looking for a particular topic that I can talk about, and I found this picture above,  for no reason I got it!! I would like to talk about the Kingdom of the Prince Kim Hyun Joong. How is it to belong inside his Kingdom, why do we call his fans alien, and how is he as the Prince of the alien?? Hyun Joong was guested at Lee Sora’s talk show last year and it was here I first heard the uzoosin! There were fans at the gallery holding the neon green light stick which signifies Kim Hyun Joong fans and which everyone of us is quite familiar with.

Lee Sora asked what’s the uzoosin for, and Hyun Joong said, he is fond of the outer space. In another talk show Hyun Joong related his experience of a UFO, I think it was in Japan that he had seen a flying object in the dark sky. Hyun Joong was fascinated by his experience that he could not forget and how he can convince others about what he saw. Now, I’m beginning to doubt it must be one of his 4D attack!! He’s so cute, like a child telling stories of what he had seen!!

Then there’s another video clip together with his members as he was talking about Star wars!! When he was young he likes watching science fiction and he really likes watching anything about the outer space. He likes seeing  the green stick during his concert as he said it feels like he’s in the outer space looking at many stars!! And the fans sees him as the biggest and brightest star in the universe.

How is it to be in the Kingdom of Kim Hyun Joong? I am a new fan too since I just started following Hyun Joong late last year so it’s almost a year now in fact next month shall be my first year being a fan of his, but it felt as if it was only just a few days ago that I didn’t notice the time flies so fast. I think the first thing that a fan of Kim Hyun Joong may feel about him is admiration to his physical appearance, his handsome face, his smooth skin, his eyes, his lips and most of all his hair. And the it could be his towering height dominating his surrounding, then his well built manly physique and overall strong sex appeal.

I think some of us may had seen him first in his dramas, and maybe some of us did not know as to who he is except for the character he portrayed in his dramas and nothing else. Then somehow after watching his dramas, we start searching for him. It was only then we found out he is singer and a dancer. Our first curiosity had been filled as we start watching his video clips of him dancing and singing.

And yet I find it not enough to fill in my curiosity so I dig dipper and know more about his personality, at this stage we could have probably found out that Kim Hyun Joong is the opposite of the characters I have watched from his dramas, that even gave me further interest in digging more about the guy. At this point we may already at the stage of addiction to Kim Hyun Joong. I became restless in search that I want to know more that it seems the craving is just too much to endure and find some more everywhere

The more I find out about him the more degree of likeness starts to develop, that whenever I hit the internet, he is the first person I have in mind to check on his updates. Then I start getting involve in some fans activities such as participating in voting polls, buying his albums and any item that has his name or picture on it, collecting his photos, being aware of his activities, until I came to meet with his other fans and became friends on line, at the twitter, facebook, from other social network or even in this blog site from the comment box.

And then I start feeling hurt and angry every time he is being criticize, and there’s that feeling of being happy if I see him happy, I cry or feel a pinch in my heart every time he is hurt or whenever he shed tears. It is at this stage that I start developing a love for an idol, that I can feel a growing concern about him, and care for his well being. There may be times that I want to get over with him but the more you think about it, the more I can’t get enough of him specially when he’s out there on his exposure!! And at times that he does not appear just like these past weeks, I start missing him like crazy and boring!

I think these are all natural thoughts and feelings of being a fan of Hyun Joong since my fan friends do feel the same way. We might share the same feelings and thoughts then I would say you’re not alone with what you feel, because some of Hyun Joong fans feel  how you feel and think about him to begin with. Specially if you’re a type of fan who is bias or it is only Hyun Joong whom you follow. And I would say the feeling of boredom is natural too whenever we don’t see him around.

What do we do at times like this? We probably go over with his past, re-watch his past video clips, read more about him, collect more of his photos, others do make use of their leisure time in making fan arts with his pictures and simply collect, until such time he comes back to us. Reading from other fans about how they spend their leisure time with Hyun Joong while I share with them the same activities, I bet you, you’ll even feel closer to Kim Hyun Joong and for me it feels good and inspiring.

How is he as the Prince of his own Kingdom? Well, I can only speak for myself, for me at the very first sight seeing him in person, he’s snob!! In the late 2010, I remember him as he always stooped his head down as if he’s always in deep thoughts off cam. This was my first impression. Then seeing him again last year, I have seen a different person in him, that seeing him the first time and having my first impression about him in 2010 was completely deleted from my mind!! If I compare him in 2010 and this year, I would say he had already build that self confidence being a solo performer.

I begun to understand him better as to why I had that first impression about him as Hyun Joong read his letter to his fans in June 7,2011. He admitted to have some fears of doing all of his projects by himself on stage, which I understand that feels like a first timer in showbiz even he’s been in the lime light for over five years that time. Performing solo is very different from performing as a group for obvious reason. It was his fans who boost his confidence by their undying love and support that his fans did not leave him and stayed.

And at this period, his fans continue growing in numbers everyday even he’s not on his exposure. And most of these new fans I have noticed are from beyond the boundary of Asia since Hyun Joong’s dramas are still currently airing or they found Hyun Joong from on line drama viewing. So I would say the Kingdom of Kim Hyun Joong is getting bigger from the different parts of the world. Hyun Joong embraces his fans regardless of who they are, regardless of nationality, social status from all walks of life, belief and regardless of language. These were never been a barrier between the bond Hyun Joong created with his fans, a strong bond that connects you as his fan and him as your idol.

As we get to read about him and view his video clips, the more we feel closer to him. As I always write, Hyun Joong may not be the best in his talents as yet, but what remains in him that is significant meaning taking out his looks and talents, is the totality of him being a person in reality more than what he as as an artist. His gentle heart, his humbleness, his affection to the less fortunate, his broad mindedness about dealing with others, his outlook in life that is realistic, practical, his wackiness and most of all how he treats other people and his fans with equal respect, and modesty.

I might have missed including his other traits but more or less I think these are the qualities in person that attract me about him, regardless of his status as an artist but just a person. I know I may not have any idea about his negative traits since nobody is perfect. As Hyun Joong stated in his documentary in his childhood days he was such a difficult child for being hard-headed and stubborn. Hyun Joong also stated about his weak points which he said he doesn’t listen to others and hard to accept which he thinks is not right for him. I would not say he’s a self opinionated person, because even himself, he doesn’t know why people likes him and why they easily drawn to him!!

He’s not even self-centered, you can notice in talk shows and variety shows, if he’s not being asked by the show host he wouldn’t talk, he’s not even a steal scene as other celebs does just to be noticed and get air time!! On the contrary, Hyun Joong is the apple of the eye of every talk show host because of his candid honestly! Other celeb may envy him for being the apple of the eye of these shows.

I actually have noticed it in some talk shows that while the show host attention was at Hyun Joong, a guest of the show suddenly interrupted, but not too effective, since the show host switched back his attention to Hyun Joong. But take note, Hyun Joong just sits around saying nothing and yet attention of the show host was always been drawn to him. In short Hyun Joong gets more air time than other guest celebs do with no effort at all!! Simply talking when he’s being asked and being truthful to what he was saying, simply being himself.

I have read from somewhere that good looks and cute attitude is no longer in the trend of popularity. Well, we have different views and opinion which I respect. But for me, actually it’s only Hyun Joong that I followed among the long list of my favorite celebs, that gave me so much interest in knowing him better and finally writing about him. I think it’s his personal attitude that made me stay other than his talents. I think it is the artist’s attitude that can make a fan stay or stray. If I can see that Hyun Joong has those negatives such as, snob, conceited, arrogant, trouble maker, violent, and mistreating his fans, then it is enough reason for me to stay away from him or stop supporting him.

For me, I can’t stand celebs who are so conceited, arrogant and most of all those celebs who mistreat their fans. And so far Hyun Joong was never been this way to his fans, none that I know of. In reality Hyun Joong may have a rare smile but when he does it’s genuine. And I like him that way, I don’t like celebs who can keep their smiles 24hrs a day, seven days a week, this is just fake. In fact Hyun Joong has thousands of photos at the internet and those that attract me most are those photos with no smiles.

That is also why I have said my favorite scenario in Hyun Joong is at the airport, because it’s here where he can be his natural self without the cameras. Well except the phone cameras from his fans who happens to be at the airport to welcome or see him off. We fans would know and feel in ourselves if a celeb is sincere or not.

Last year 2011 before the year ended sometime in November, Hyun Joong performed In seven cities in Japan as his first fan meeting as a soloist singer. It was successful but Hyun Joong was not contended that time that made him think again. In his documentary which was compiled and recorded at the beginning this year, Hyun Joong decided to get on his toes and personally planned out his next fan meeting which was successfully materialized in May until July this year. As we all know he innovated a new set up of fan meeting concert that his fans truly enjoyed. His main goal out of those events was to get closer to his fans as much as possible.

Then in his recent concert in Saitama Arena, that was attended by 15,000 fans for each concert session and making it for four separate concert session with the turn out 60,000 fans attended the said concert for two days. During the last two concerts Hyun Joong had mentioned that he would prefer to have a smaller number of fans to attend his fan meeting, I would assume he was pertaining to his Asia Tour fan meeting concert. Because having a smaller number of attendees, he can easily reach out for his fans and have a closer interaction with them as much as possible.

The events were two separate and different in nature since that one in Saitama was really a concert as he was promoting his album Heat, although his purpose in giving that concert was to thank his Japanese fans for their support on his album. While at the Asia Tour fan meeting concert was a concert and fan meet with more interaction with his fans that he allowed his fans to be on stage to play the games with him. And do you know that part at encore as he goes down from the stage and had a some kind of a jamming with his fans was not in the original set up of a fan meet?

In Yokohama Arena was the first time he did it until it became a part of his every concert routine to include that encore part in his concerts every where. In Yokohama he even jokingly said to his body guards that they have to dance with him too!! KeyEast was quite hesitant in agreeing to the idea for security reasons but Hyun Joong insisted. It was only then that Hyun Joong truly enjoyed his fan meeting concept of a show and so with his fans.  Hyun Joong aims to give his best shot to his fans that they will go back home happy after the event and making sure they enjoyed him and mark an unforgettable memory he had created between himself and his fans.

After every show, he feels satisfied and happy that he wanted to go back there on his toes  and perform again. His fatigue gone down after seeing all the smiles and chants from his fans that for him it’s priceless feelings. The most enjoyable for him is that part he can get closer to his fans as much as he can. We can see it from the videos clips how happy he was playing water gun with his fans teasing them as if he doesn’t want to end the event. Is he doing this being a part of his job as others claimed to be? I don’t think so!

Actually he doesn’t need to do it, even the handshake sessions, he doesn’t have to go out of his way to reach out because his fans would only be glad to see him or even just to take a glimpse of him. But It’s Hyun Joong’s desire to get closer and create that lasting bond and keep it stronger as ever. Oh quite recently that incident at Jaksal when he was caught doing the dishes, he even signed autographs from the fans who were at Jaksal that so happen Hyun Joong was at that outlet too.

Come to think of it, that very moment was his private time since Jaksal is his restaurant, but he unselfishly signs his fans autograph. The fan even said, Hyun Joong apologized because his face was red since he had a few drinks. It was alright of course since it’s his private time in his restaurant. I remember then Hyun Joong said, he wants to have his normal life as an ordinary person and not as a star that he can go wherever he desires and if it happen that he meets some of his fans, he would allow them to have autograph. And he did, apparently his outfit going to Jaksal was just like an ordinary person who’s just taking for a walk at the neighborhood and nothing flashy! That’s him Kim Hyun Joong!

Being in the Kingdom of Kim Hyun Joong, you will be provided with your needs as a fan coming personally from Hyun Joong, as he provides his music that you can listen to anywhere you are, he provides concerts that you can surely enjoy watching him sing and dance, he provides drama that you can watch any time your free or craving to see him. If you happen to meet him at Jaksal by accident, he is much willing to sign an autograph. He is not selfish in providing what his fans need from an idol.

Oh there’s another thing, whenever he been out of our sight for too long as he’s preparing for his next project definitely for us to benefit with, he make sure he sends his personal message to let you know he’s doing okay. He may not be fond of social network internet, but hey, we can never have everything in this world!! But it’s alright, that will give us time to miss him. If he’s over exposed we might just get tired of him easily, although I very much doubt about that, it’s very unlikely to get tired of him for obvious reason!

We see a hundred different guy from him whenever he change his image which is very constant and like as if he’s changing his clothes everyday!! In fact it’s so hard to go after him, because before you ever get tired of his current looks, just for a glimpse the time you see him, you might not recognize him, because he change his hair color or style again!! That’s him by nature, this is no difference as meeting different men everyday in just one person. And that makes him different among the rest of the artist around. That’s him!

Well this is a long read now, there are lots more actually but this is just to summarize whatever popped in my mind to inform you specially the new fans, on how it is to be in this Kingdom of Kim Hyun Joong, the Kingdom of the Alien Prince. If he laugh, we laugh with him, if he cries surely we’ll cry, if he’s hurt we’re hurt, if he’s sad, we do feel sad too but most of the time he’s happy and you”re happy too. In short, he is so contagious!! But the most significant and most important part of being in this Kingdom is that you are assured to receive LOVE from Kim Hyun Joong.

He is not choosy, whoever you are regardless of your identity, nationality, language, nothing matters to him whoever is in front of him.  Kim Hyun Joong Welcomes you to his Alien Kingdom….

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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Photo credits as tagged, ahlia, Ms.D thanks         Fun arts by Lynnkim thanks & LK

Kim Hyun Joong…[article] LOOKING FORWARD

By: LazerKim          These past days what I’ve been doing is to go over with by notes of interviews digging from my treasure chest about Kim Hyun Joong’s story, this is normal every time Hyun Joong is in the silent mode.Other fans who are active in updating about him do the same thing as I do and share his old pictures. One of the veteran fans Ms.D shared an incident coming from the producer of BOF saying among the F4 members, it was only Hyun Jong who called him to express his gratitude in giving him that chance to portray the role Yoon Ji Hoo as his first role ever in his drama project. (Thanks Ms.D)

The drama BOF shall always be a memorable for Kim Hyun Joong as his first acting project. And same with me here, that I always mention in my articles, that BOF will always be my favorite drama and the most memorable one. As the producer Song Byung Joon said it was only Hyun Joong who called him up just to say thank you for the chance given to him. Hyun Joong will always be indebted to those who were there behind him to help him bring out the best in him. Gratifying others is another natural virtue that Hyun Joong has in himself that he never forgets other people behind him.

Actually it’s not only the producer of BOF that he called to thank, Hyun Joong also paid a visit to the director of BOF, as another sign he does not forget to go back to those whom he humbly owe in giving him a hand, even you may it’s their job as director to assist Hyun Joong. It’s no wonder no one among his co-artist or people whom he worked with would criticize him. That it seems everybody is his friend, and I have seen this even he was still with his group, he was also a friend to other idol groups who may perceive as the group’s competitor yet he treats them with equal respect whether his junior or senior co-artists. I think this is another thing we fans can be proud of our idol Kim Hyun Joong.

As I was going over with my note pad, I came across some of his words that caught me up again as Hyun Joong stated,

People think I’m playing when I don’t have activities in Korea, I’ve been working throughout the years.”

“For my up coming drama, I need to work harder doing gym that is why I work out effectively, my body shape now is the best in my history.”

Few days ago, I read an old write-up that says, Hyun Joong’s way of preparing for his drama is body building. I think what I can share is what normal artist does when he’s not seen by public on the regular basis but not particularly Hyun Joong, but 90% of artists in all countries. If you are a regular reader of this blog site I’m sure you have read my articles Artist’s Agent, and Stage Life that talks about responsibilities of an agent and activities at the back stage during a show concert.

This time I’ll be describing an agent as an artist’s training ground. An agent company is not just a booking office for artists, it is also equipped with facilities needed by an artist as his training venue. And this applies to Korean agent too specially their government supports the Korean Wave as a part of their tourism schemes as spread the beauty of Korea. The government requires specific facilities where artists can be trained and licensed trainers.

As a training ground, the agents has their own dance instructors, choreographers, musical directors and acting coaches. The agent has their own dance studios, recording studios, gym, class rooms and facilities for acting class. These facilities may be at the same building where the agent booking office is located which big agent company like KeyEast, SM and other reputable agents provides. The government requires these facilities before agent license can be provided by the respective government agent.

Their managing artists are obliged to attend to their training classes regularly as if they are students going to school on daily or regular basis. Whether an artist is an amateur or a veteran, if they are an artists of that agent, then they are obliged to attend to their training. This does not exclude active professional artists, they too are obliged to attend the classes for their talent enhancement program. Whether they are on the process of doing a project the agent is responsible in assisting their artist on their respective projects.

As Hyun Joong was saying he doesn’t stop all year round. Hyun Joong may have busy schedules but I’m sure on period when he’s not in his exposure, he’s attending to his training, whether in singing, dancing or acting class, he is obliged to attend to those classes specially in his case that he is so passionate in improving himself. And even before his script for City Conquest landed on his lap he has already been a regular visitor at the gym provided by KeyEast, which I think he has been doing since Breakdown days. But as soon as he got City Conquest, he was provided with a rigid body build training program that even on his busy schedule he sets time for his daily training program.

I remember in one of Hyun Joong’s interviews during his filming for Playful Kiss, he was saying he has to improve his memorization and pronunciation since at the filming of Playful Kiss, the scripts were given to him at the same day of shooting a particular scene. It must be stressful to anyone of course. Hyun Joong stated that he hoped the system in filming dramas would improved in terms of preparation and I can only guess he made that system changes at City Conquest for having an ample time to work on his script before the actual filming. I also remember in Singapore he was asked if he fell in love during the filming of Playful Kiss. Hyun Joong said, “I can’t think of falling in love because I was busy memorizing my script!” That was really hilarious as someone laugh at his back!!

Since City Conquest is an action drama, Hyun Joong went to an acting school for action stars and stuntmen, learning different fight choreography as a part of his preparation for this drama. Then he has a regular session with his acting couch who focus on Hyun Joong’s acting lessons and script reading. You can just imagine doing this on daily basis while in preparation for Heat launching. As expected Hyun Joong had changed his image from the boy next image to a real matured man. In his interview in China here’s what Hyun Joong stated as he was asked about City Conquest:

KHJ:  ” For City Conquest, I had to get rid of that smooth next door looks. I t will be more tougher rugged image. What I say a role with more attitude. My feelings are towards that so far. Fans who’s expecting a smooth image will be disappointed! I want to be able to give and show a new image. I’m working hard to do that, I hope many fans will be contented and supportive of this new character. The personality is more tougher and rugged and more edgy. I have been working hard practicing on getting the character right.”

As we all know Hyun Joong brings that character with him even off cam, if you can notice on how his attire goes to a more carefree style which suits him. We have seen some of his stills as Baek Mir during his filming in Japan, a fight scene rolling onto the ground, we have seen him driving a pick up truck, a scene with his friends looks like having a great time drinking enjoying like a simple commoner and a romantic scene showing his soft side from a tough rugged man. But still Hyun Joong looks handsome no matter what he does, even having dirt in his face, he still looks awesomely handsome!!

As I’m writing this article, somebody from the twitter posted that Hyun Joong had resumed filming of City Conquest, taking an action scene having a blood stain on his face, of course that’s only make up! The filming re-started yesterday and let’s just hope there will be stills to be released again! Something just popped in to my mind, I remember the first time that Hyun Joong related about City Conquest, I think it was in Singapore interview, as he said the plot of this drama had been laying in his apartment for some time before he finally decided to do this drama. He was thinking if he role Baek Mir would fit him!! He got it and work hard for it.

Hyun Joong mentioned in his message to his fans that he has been preparing for City Conquest promotion and an album to be released next year. I’m already assuming he’ll be singing the OST, hopefully we can have something new to listen to from Hyun Joong. Then come this October 4, we shall see how far the filming goes as in this event it was said in the news that stills from City Conquest shall be shown. This is again another feast to look forward to having 16,000 fans to attend. It shall also be a celebration of Hyun Joong’s fan club first anniversary to be held in Budokan Tokyo Central in Japan.

Hopefully by that time on Oct 4, we can have news as to what TV network this drama has to be shown. For me it doesn’t matter where, whether it’shall be shown on local TV network or cable, I’m very sure Hyun Joong fans will go hunt for it. A fan wrote in my comment box yesterday and suggested to using VIKI.COM and according to her it only needs 10,000 followers and may provide the desired drama. Well, I think this is a good idea, what have we got to lose we can even watch other dramas from this site while waiting for City Conquest. (Thanks for the know who you are) Remember it needs to have 10,000 followers.

TO JOIN VIKI.COM:    CLICK HERE LINK>(  Simply go to Google and type VIKI.COM sign in, click on SIGN IN or click that LINK above. Then you may register stating your username, email ad, and password. That’s it, You’re in!! Then at the search box on your right, type City Conquest and press enter. As of this morning there are 1,060 followers. I’ll be posting about this everyday and check on how the number of followers going. If there may be other suggestions on how we can watch City Conquest, please feel free to write your suggestions at my comment box below this article. Thanks!

Hyun Joong really worked hard for this drama, it’s been two years since his last project Playful Kiss, his come back drama is very much anticipated by many not only his fans. Hyun Joong was pretty excited in showing us the drama teaser and we have seen from his picture during the filming how happy he was working with the other casts. For me, the most part from this drama that I would like to see is the Geisha part!! I can’t help but smile every time I see his picture in that Geisha costume that he really looks so beautiful in it as it!! I may not have the least idea what’s the drama all about but seeing from the pictures of the filming, I think we will see a part of him as the real Kim Hyun Joong ‘s wackiness!!

Seeing the Prince happy working on this challenging drama makes me happy knowing why he is doing this and striving hard, it’s for us his fans to have something new to be Looking Forward to a brand new actor, Kim Hyun Joong.

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] STAR RAPHAEL

By: LazerKim               Once a upon a time there was a Korean cute little kid with a pair of big bright eyes, smart little kid with an IQ of over 140, healthy and very playful!! His name is Kim Hyun Joong and his christian name is RAPHAEL. Looking at Hyun Joong’s heart shape face, big eyes, pointed nose and captivating lips and his gentle side, he got all of these from his mom. There are fans who were able to meet Hyun Joong’s mom at Jaksal as they related that she’s a beautiful fine lady, very gentle and kind.

The proud mom in whom we owe her for raising and bringing up a fine son Kim Hyun Joong and ever thankful to her for sharing him with us as his fans. At the documentary of Hyun Joong released this year, his mom spoke about Hyun Joong’s childhood. Hyun Joong was a model student when he was young as he did well in his studies and won awards in school repaying his expectations. May I just say, the photos below is Hyun Joong when he was a kid, he looks naughty but really cute as he is now!!


MOM: In elementary school although we say that all mothers are similar, only purely about studies, but every teacher said that Hyun Joong was intelligent and good. And all mothers are the same, so I also felt that he would grow up into a very capable person.

Narrator: But in Hyun Joong’s junior high school year, music changed the once model student, Kim Hyun Joong. He learned the base guitar and formed a school band Axer’s but his changed focus to music clashed with his parent’s expectation.

Kim Hyun Joong:  Back then I would save 8cents (USD) a day, trying to save to buy the musical instruments from the music shop. My friend even plead to the store owner to ask for discount. I was so happy that I hugged the guitar in my sleep!

KHJ Friend:  Before he got into music, he was a complete model student, practically top student in the whole school. From his mother’s point of view, the son who used to study so well and was such a model student, now instead he wanted to do music affecting his academic results as she was definitely disappointed. He has a lot of family objection and because he wanted to do music, he left home.

KHJ:  My parents in Korea, having a hard time raising such a difficult child like me, I would probably be ranked in top 100 most difficult child!! My father told me before “go try and raise a boy like yourself.” I said “I will.” When I think about it now, I don’t think that is possible. A person like me, before I grew up is just impossible to understand, even I myself can not understand.

Narrator: Ending the wondering years and finally his position in life, now his mother can agree.

MOM:  As his mother, but unable to provide any help in his entertainment activities to let such a hardworking child who keeps pushing himself to do the best to have to still look after his mom and dad, I want to say thank you.

ART AND MATIC    –   Kim Hyun Joong’s dogs!

KHJ:  They are also regarded as treasured family member. I have been lonely by myself here I am now raising two very smart border collies. I am not so lonely anymore and now I also have a burden of responsibility towards them. Because of my doggies I will go home early because they are feeling hungry so I will wake up earlier in the morning to feed them. Feelings will definitely grow after spending so long raising puppies, only they were human how good would that be!

Narrator: For the lonely Hyun Joong Art and Matic are like family. But as an artist during the times when he is most tired and needful of support, his friends are his support pillar…

Photos below is Art at your left and Matic at your right. I wonder if they are also taught how to dance!!

LazerKim View Point:

There was another video interview of Hyun Joong’s mom related that during those times that Hyun Joong quit school and work at a restaurant to support his training at DSP, he would come home rather late at night. His mom pretended to be sleeping but all the while she waited for Hyun Joong to come home no matter how late night it would be. As parents I do understand Hyun Joong’s parents back then since seeing him in his primary school to be a bright pupil and model student in his first terms in High School, they expected so much that their son would study and finish his college.

Seeing their son to be smart and a model student, back then they can imagine seeing Hyun Joong as a doctor, a lawyer or be a highly educated respectable person or the stereotype ambition that any parent wish for his child. But it turned out to be the opposite of what they wanted him to be. Hyun Joong belongs to a religious conservative family and I would say seeing him as a rocker, the idea was somewhat contrast to how he was brought up by conservative parents. Maybe we can say it’s a generation gap between the conservatives and a free spirited, because to be rocker is all about freedom of self expression.

In another interview Hyun Joong mentioned that when he was a kid he wants to be a scientist! Now I would guess the reason why outer space is still in his interest even at this time!! The kiddie dream of being out of the world with the aliens is still within Hyun Joong’s childish side of his maturing stage of his life! In his high school days Hyun Joong used to wear eye glasses so you can visualize him as a studious student.

And when he holds his bass guitar he would remove his eye glasses, that it seemed he was totally transformed in a rocker. So you can imagine a totally contrast of image change there, that made me think even in his younger years he already had that power of transformation. (The photo below is Hyun Joong’s family picture)

Hyun Joong was described as a difficult child. What makes a child difficult? I think if a child wants something that he could not get, he turns to tantrums. Well this may be basically true to some kids. Reading from Hyun Joong’s historical background, he’s a smart kid and highly independent minded, he was stubborn which I think still reflects until now, it’s like saying what Hyun Joong wants Hyun Joong gets. Back in time he was young, what he wants for himself contradicted to what his parents wanted him to be that made him a difficult child. Hyun Joong strive hard in his music and prove himself not only to other people but most specially to his parents.

But despite of Hyun Joong’s being a difficult child to his parents, he remained to be a responsible son to them. In a talk show Hyun Joong revealed that there were times that he lets his elder brother hand in a check for his dad, that he could not bring himself to face him and give it him that he felt awkward about it. But slowly his dad come around and by this time he had already gone over with his past disappointment to his son. Hyun Joong also revealed that he bought his dad a luxury car as gift and he gladly accepted it. At the same time Hyun Joong gave one Jaksal outlet to his mom.

Oh I remember, back in time when Hyun Joong was working in a restaurant as a service crew he was able to save money. There was a time that his parents decided to let his elder brother stopped from school due to financial problems. Hyun Joong bought a novel book for his brother as a present, and told his brother to make sure he reads the book. His brother found a check with the amount more than enough to send him back to school, as Hyun Joong told him that he does not have to stop school and finish college. Charity begins at home and that’s Kim Hyun Joong as his nature to be helpful to the needs of his family and to other people.

I have not said this but honestly the first time I have read the history of Kim Hyun Joong it feels as if I’m reading my own story, very similar. A lot of times what we perceive with our own eyes does not always reflect what it is. Seeing Hyun Joong in his younger years a model student, who would ever think he would switch to somebody opposite to how his parents groomed him to be and yet he succeeded even more than what his parents expected from him. He worked hard, his determination was so remarkable and showed his parents his dreams are worthy as he values them and make it happen.

Hyun Joong mentioned that he does not understand himself at times!! I think it’s one of his Gemini traits to have mood swing, and fickle mindedness, well having sun sign traits does not applies to everybody in that sign though! Now talking about pet dogs, Hyun Joong is a pet lover obviously even his restaurants was named under his dog Jaksal!! I remember Hyun Joong was still with his group boarded a flight and a private cam was focused to him playing, pretending that the airplane he’s boarding is was just about to crash and said his farewell message as he said, “this is my last message to my mom and dad, please feed our dog!!” That was so hilarious, that Hyun Joong would think of his dog before dying!!

He currently has two boarder collies, Art a female dog and Matic a male dog. I wrote an article Celebrity Dogs, since Hyun Joong brought his two dogs in his fan meeting event in Seoul sometime in January before he flew to Japan in launching his debut album Kiss Kiss They were indeed so smart and during the show Matic showed some tricks that the fans enjoyed their brief performance, oh that too was so hilarious! Matic kept on coming after Art and Hyun Joong said spring is coming soon so Matic crave for love!! These two dogs are so smart that Hyun Joong sends them to dog training school. A man living by himself he considers Art and Matic to be his real family!! I wonder if they already have puppies??

Hyun Joong may have been a problem child during his younger years but those were just kid stuffs and generation gap but as Hyun Joong matures, he had proven to his parents that he is a wonderful son that they can always be proud of. In another interview he was asked if he ever experienced attending some joint session party, and he said he never did which I believe so. Hyun Joong may be a problem child but he was so definite about his dreams. And a person who has a dream will never waste his time destroying himself while in the process of reaching for that dream. His vices is drinking but he takes the alcohol to his stomach and not in his head. Because he simply sleeps after getting drunk!!

Hyun Joong is blessed with a good family to raise him as a decent young man. He was taught how to be self responsible, polite, humble and honest. As the old folks said good tree bears good fruits. My appreciation to both his parents for raising such a wonderful son who is indeed worthy of love not only from them but from many people from different parts of the world. Whatever happens to our life may or may not be our choice but it is bound to happen for a reason. Hyun Joong was bound to experienced the hardship in life during his younger years to make him strong in facing the future with a bigger challenge. In every tunnel there’s always a light at the end of it.

Who could ever think that cute little kid with a pair of big bright eyes and that stubborn teen age punk would grew up to be a man with a remarkable passion, a strong determination and dedication to reach for his dream. It’s a dream come true for Kim Hyun Joong but it takes a hard-earned work to make it happened.

Kim Hyun Joong was Christine as Star Raphael to be up there in heights of stardom where he is bound to be a superstar…

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] TRAVEL MEMORY

By: Lazerkim                From last year 2011, from the time Kim Hyun Joong launched his debut album as a solo singer until this year 2012, he’s been traveling around Asia. Maybe if I have collected all his airline boarding pass from the time he promoted his Breakdown album till his recent Asia Tour, I must have collected a booklet thick of boarding pass!! Hyun Joong became a frequent passenger of the airport in Korea, that every time he travels his fans meet him at the airport to see him off as they hand in their letters and presents as if he had gone shopping!! Now I’m missing those scenarios!!

I can not forget sometime in January this year, as Hyun Joong went to China to attend the new year celebration since he was invited as the guest of honor. He wrote to his fans as if he’s writing to his best friend Jaejoong!  Hyun Joong wrote this way, “I woke up early, I prepared my breakfast which is instant noodles, pack my suitcase, took a shower dressed up and here I am sitting and writing to you.”

Just for nothing, he just thought about his fans and greeted everyone a Happy New Year. And most of all Hyun Joong warned his fans not to meet him at the airport!! It was holiday that day so he was assuming his fans will be there at the airport!! And he even wrote, “if I see you at the airport, I will be different, I will not smile nor wave at you as if I didn’t see you or know you.” Do you think any of what he said transpired? No of course not!!

Hyun Joong arrived at the airport, as his fans flocked at the lobby waiting for him, there’s even a bigger crowd than usual and Hyun Joong upon seeing them, his smile was even bigger than usual!! He did had a bit of a hard time to get into the lobby than usual!! Apparently, he was happy to see his fans there at the airport!! Hyun Joong’s message circulated all over the internet that day a few hours before he gets to the airport. As Hyun Joong arrived in China, as expected, his Chinese fans were there at the airport too.

Now I’m having a memory check how far do I remember the Asia Fan Meeting Concert which started in May to July this year from Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, China in four big cities, Japan and Thailand. I included Japan because his last concert there was the same pattern as the fan meeting concert. Every weekend within the period of two months was like a feast at twitter, as updates about the events were being monitored by Hyun Joong’s fans! We just read from the fans from the other end where the event was taking place, but it felt as if I was actually there at the venue.

There were many things that I can not forget during and prior to the actual event. One of those that I could not forget was the planning stage for this Asia Tour fan meeting. Hyun Joong was totally involve in the planning stage, he’s 100% hand on in every details of the event. The normal kind of fan meeting covers just a small gathering of chosen fans usually from the fan clubs, and the aim was to focus on interaction between the fans and their idol which includes game playing, a few songs sang by the idol, and Q & A, that’s it.

In this fan meeting Hyun Joong’s goal was first, to innovate the stereotype of fan meeting, second to have a closer interaction with his fans, third to make the fan meeting the most memorable event that every single fan shall never forget. There was a high five session in which the original plan should be done to only 500 lucky fans through ticket draw. That was set and had been decided and announced to the general public. After about a week, Hyun Joong changed the plan, he decided to have the Hi Five to all the fans who attended the fan meeting!!

As the ball started to roll, Hyun Joong’s first stop was Singapore but the simple fan meet ended up in a full concert and fan meeting rolled into one that resulted in an international news  that took the world by surprise!! Right after the concert Hyun Joong proceeded to the hand shake and not hi five session for 3,000 fans fully accomplished. Hyun Joong was able to attain his goal for this series of events. He wanted to meet each and every fan he got, he wanted to make a memorable event that every fans shall remember about him, and he wanted to change the concept of fan meeting that every fan will enjoy that resulted in a remarkable successful fan meeting concert.

These events marked a history in the showbiz industry, in innovating a new set up of entertainment that Hyun Joong’s fans surely enjoyed every moment of those events. And it was in these events that I started calling Hyun Joong as a good provider to the needs of his fans. This was his way of acknowledging them and appreciating the love and support he receives from them. It was remarkable how Hyun Joong created a stronger bond between himself and his fans, that even the fans who were watching over him from afar can feel that bond even they were not actually in any of the venues where the event took place.

Hyun Joong is a solo performer but to travel and execute his shows is not as simple as every one may think, since he is just one body to take care and travel in five consecutive countries. Hyun Joong travels with his travel kit which is a show package that includes his 12 dancers, his manager and his staffs, which makes up about 40 entourage. Hyun Joong brings everything needed for the show, from costumes to technical equipment. If you noticed from the video clips of every shows, was in a uniform pattern including the laser lights effects, except for Hyun Joong’s costume, that he change from one location to another. It was said in the news that this series of events were the most expensive fan meeting event ever held in terms of production cost, that Hyun Joong prepared exclusively for his fans.

Remember the big teddy bear as one of the give away item in the show? Even that one he brought it with him. The play money used at the encore part of the show, he also brought it with him. Even the smallest details were being brought from Korea, of course except for the mini cakes he used in China and the flowers used for Marry Me serenade. The show production was costly but every part of the concert was worth it and the success was even overwhelming for Hyun Joong to remember how happy his fans were.

For Hyun Joong that was a priceless joy to see his fans faces in big smiles, screams, cheers and the most touching part is that his international fans can sing his songs with him. It was indeed remarkable events. Hyun Joong was tireless during those events, every after concert he would just take a brief break just to freshen up, while the hand shake session was being organized, and goes out to stage again to meet his fans. From the first fan lining up to the very last fan, Hyun Joong maintained his composure and sincere smile all through out the hand shake session for 3,000 fans in every event.

Another memorable incident within this fan meeting event period was in Chengdu China, a funny yet irritating incident happened that upon arrival of Hyun Joong at the airport late night, a crowd of fans waited for Hyun Joong at the airport lobby. Unfortunately, due to security reasons Hyun Joong was escorted to the VIP exit from the airport, so from the tarmac he was escorted in his car to be brought to his hotel. In less than one hour Hyun Joong came back to the airport because his dancers and his staffs were being held by the immigration! Hyun Joong did not get through the immigration since he was immediately escorted to his car upon disembarked!! It was the fault of his escorts!!

And so Hyun Joong got through the immigration, after which he was surprised that his fans were still there waiting for him at the lobby!! They did not leave the airport after knowing that there was a problem and that he’s coming back to the airport. It was already past midnight but they waited patiently they did not leave Hyun Joong until he was done with the immigration. Hyun Joong was touched by their gesture and he was really surprised by the warmness of his Chinese fans, and insisted to get out through the airport lobby to see his fans. They cheer for him as he smiled and waved at them. I was touched by the Chinese fans gesture to have waited for Hyun Joong even it was really late at night.

During his concert in Chengdu, Hyun Joong celebrated his birthday in advance as his fans at the audience gallery wore a panda hat as they sing the birthday song for Hyun Joong. He was quite delighted to see those hats and said “so many pandas!!” It was Hyun Joong’s wish to visit the pandas in Chengdu, unfortunately he was not able to make it. Nevertheless his fans surprised him with many pandas!! His fans has so many hundred different ways of showing their love to Hyun Joong. Actually it’s only his fans who are lucky to have Hyun Joong as their idol, but I think Hyun Joong is also lucky to have such matured fans, well behave and very thoughtful fans too.

Prior to the concert I can never forget, a few media people from Singapore and Taiwan were trying to putting up a not so good publicity on Hyun Joong’s fan meeting concert, but unfortunately they did not succeed. It’s a fan meeting concert so definitely attendees are Hyun Joong’s fans. And these fans no matter how one tries to control them in attending the concert, no one can stop them. Someone from Taiwan was trying to spread a news that the tickets for the concert was over priced and that many were complaining!! In Singapore a writer was trying to criticize Hyun Joong over an interview!! I just laugh at them, it only showed their insecurities whoever was putting that bad publicity that no one listened!!

In Japan, someone was trying to hide the news about Hyun Joong’s handshake session and other promotion activities of Heat, but they did not succeed. The crowd of fans of Hyun Joong anywhere he goes was just so huge that can not be hidden in the treasure chest and dump the news at the seas of Japan!! The international news print reporters were all over Japan tailing at Hyun Joong, it would look strange if the news about Hyun Joong’s success kept spreading outside Japan and local news would just remain silent with the noise Hyun Joong created!! At least some media reporters thought about it before they attempt to keep the news, knowing that they will not succeed!!

I was sitting here thinking all about these events two month ago and I can’t help think indeed Hyun Joong’s popularity has been boosting and it is very likely even local celebs from different countries where he visited would be threatened. Given another chance and given another period of time until City Conquest gets to its airing I’m sure this is gonna be another popularity boost. Am I speculating? Maybe! But let’s just say history repeats itself, Hyun Joong’s two previous dramas are still currently airing outside Asia and I have noticed new fans from outside Asia are slowly coming in.

Talking about Japan, another unforgettable incident was when Hyun Joong performed his concert in Saitama Arena, as he cried because he was not in a physically good condition he was rushed to the hospital and had an IV drip treatment on the same day a few hours before the concert. Yet he still performed the concert as the show must go on no matter what happen. He was in pain that he had to endure during the show, he got sick due to over fatigue, that he almost lost his voice and he was helpless.

He had been so busy for the launching of his second album Heat, he had the hand shake session for 5,000 fans, he had the street dancing from here and there in short he’s been moving around since he got to Japan, not to mention that he had already started filming City Conquest too. It was at this concert in Saitama that I really felt how much Hyun Joong loves his fans. He was frustrated, wanting to give his 100% strength to the show but he could not because of his physical condition.

But Hyun Joong successfully performed the entire concert and he exerted all his remaining strength left in him and just boost out everything he got. On the second show of the same day after a few hours from the first set of the show, Hyun Joong performed again but this time he was feeling much better and looks happy to give his best again as if he wasn’t sick and that nothing happened!! After the last show, he went back to Tochigi Ken on long drive to prepare himself for the next day filming of City Conquest. That is Hyun Joong a real professional, and fighter!!

I’m writing all about the recent fan meeting events again since I have noticed I got some new readers. At the same time I think this is the best period for us to reminisce memories and getting to know Hyun Joong for the new fans and for others remembering those times Hyun Joong once shared with us. I’ll be writing more about Hyun Joong’s past since we can not talk about the present for obvious reason we have very little updates or none at all, that we can not talk about the future too, or maybe a bit of speculations!!

Hyun Joong has every plans to pursue his world tour concert hopefully by next year. He’ll probably visit those countries which was not included in his Asia Tour and beyond Asia. But then again nothing is concrete as yet, this is just his plan as he mentioned it in his interviews. So this is another event we can look forward for probably after City Conquest or his next album. He just have to take one step at a time as it’s Hyun Joong’s goal is to reach out for his fans any where they are!!

As Kim Hyun Joong travels to get closer to his fans, he always carries with him his Travel Memory in meeting you as his fans, bringing his love and sincerity exclusively for you….

                                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

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