Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BEST MEMORIES

By: LazerKim             Yesterday it was awfully silent that I got zero update which is quite expected after the strong typhoon that hit Seoul and that we can only assume Hyun Joong is doing fine and let’s just hope he was not affected by the typhoon and so with his country fellowmen. If we can not talk about the present, since there’s no update, then we can not talk about the future, therefore we can only talk about the past!!

Last year in one of the talk shows Hyun Joong guested, he was asked, “what are the most significant events in your career?” Hyun Joong replied, “First was my debut in 2005 with SS501, second was moving to KeyEast in 2010, third was my debut album Breakdown as solo singer in 2011.” Under KeyEast the first project given to Hyun Joong was the drama Playful Kiss, as we all know the drama suffered low TV rating back in 2010. Hyun Joong’s boss Bae Yong Joon advised Hyun Joong not to worry too much about TV ratings and just concentrate on filming.

In another talk show, I remember Hyun Joong mentioned, “there are times in our life seems that all doors of opportunity closes for me, just to find out there’s so much awaits for me in the future that is much brighter.” If Playful Kiss suffered low TV ratings in his home country, it opened a better opportunity outside his country, since this drama gained a huge global attention through the on line viewing at the internet. It may not be a monetary gain for Hyun Joong but a better gain for the future in terms of his popularity, that it seemed a perfect preparation on his very first solo album Breakdown the following year 2011.

I would assume the best year for Hyun Joong started rolling in mid year 2011, because it was from here that Hyun Joong started making noise through his first album Breakdown which topped the music chart for three consecutive weeks. And as he brought the album outside his home country, Hyun Joong was even awarded the platinum record in Taiwan. From there Hyun Joong started to bagged his trophies from different Awards till the end of the year.

As the year 2012 started, in January Hyun Joong launched his Japanese album debut that immediately hit the Oricon music chart second rank and placed the album on gold record status. In February he performed his first concert at Yokohama Arena attended by 20,000 fans. Back then I can not forget seeing the overwhelming huge crowd from up far, that I started wishing to see another scenario in the future. And in no time that wish was granted as Hyun Joong launched his second album HEAT that really created a huge ball of fire in Japan!! Again Hyun Joong’s second album hit the Oricon music chart, but this time it hit the highest rank no.1 on its first day launching.

The wish of seeing similar crowd at Hyun Joong’s first concert in Yokohama came true in Saitama Super Arena as Hyun Joong performed another memorable concert attended by 60,000 fans!! Every single success that he gained, is also the success of every single fan of Kim Hyun Joong. If I were to make a choice which of the series of events that I would love to write about, I would say,  this is one of them, the recent activity Hyun Joong had in Japan this year. If I can bring back those events and watch it from up far again, I will never get tired of watching it.

In one of the four concert session in Saitama, Hyun Joong’s physical condition dropped that he has to be taken to the nearest hospital for treatment of IV drip. He doesn’t have the choice since the concert must go on and endure whatever pain he had. Hyun Joong stepped up stage to face his fans in teary eyes, wanting to give his 100% strength but just could not due to his condition.

Nevertheless, whatever strength left in him he gave his best shot till the end of the show. On the succeeding show, he felt much better and back to his feet again and rock the stage in full adrenaline as if nothing happened that the show ended with great success. All his fans was wishing he would be able to take a rest, but Mr. Hardheaded is just so stubborn and headed to Kinugawa after the show for his drama shooting!!

In just a few months we’ll be approaching the year end again and writing, reading about Hyun Joong has always been good news about him was such a joy for every fan to know and to be proud of. Very soon from now the much anticipated drama City Conquest shall be aired either by the end of this year or early next year. It may seem a longer wait but it doesn’t matter knowing it’s a drama worth waiting for.

According to the production management they will film as much as they could before airing. It was said that there are three choices of big TV network but all three are fully booked with dramas till the end of the year. Nevertheless, we’ll be staying around and wait!!

While we follow Hyun Joong there are lots of event transpire that remains unforgettable to us as his avid fans. I wonder what could be that event that is truly memorable to you, that kept flashing to your mind whenever you think about Kim Hyun Joong? What could be the best memory for you that may be forever unforgettable? As for me, I shall never forget my first impression of him. Hyun Joong rarely smile, so my first impression was that he was like an elite snob and hard to please type of guy.

On my first few articles I wrote this, “Hyun Joong is gorgeous and handsome just don’t let him talk because he can just spill out what is in his mind the least unexpected from him!!!” He speaks gently, he’s courteous, very polite on the choice of words he speak, no air of arrogance, always humble and sincere, honest in his opinion and most of all he’s funny! He would just say something that can be beyond expectation for a handsome guy would say, and would just make you laugh, that can immediately delete your first impression about him.

The most memorable event that I shall always remember is his recent visit to Japan, the handshake session attended by 5,000 fans, the spontaneous street dance that filled him with smiles. And the tears of joy for having his fans in front of him while he’s in pain, they never left him and patiently waited to be with him. I felt his deepest love and sincerity to his fans and likewise the love of his fans to him touched the hearts of many, even the non-fans who were watching from up-far. I don’t think I shall ever forget these events and again I’m wishing for another set of huge crowd to escalate in his up coming activities, whatever it may be.

What about his words, what is the most unforgettable message he ever had stated that will ever buried in your heart? For me, one of the most unforgettable is this statement “I hope that I will always be the kind of person whom you will not be criticized for being my fans”. These words have touched my heart as he humbled himself and has been doing his best, in giving everything he got to fill in the missing points in his ability. We have known Hyun Joong’s honestly and his sincerity to his fans that I am so proud I have made the right choice whom to follow and support.

I wouldn’t say Hyun Joong’s life is all bed of roses, he also had experienced dark days in his career, as yesterday a fan reminded me of how it was in his past before he moved in to KeyEast. A fan shared with me a video clip of an incident he was entangled in a political controversy in 2010 involving him and his former agent company DSP. I just watched it once and dropped it, with hopes it will never happen again. I have written an article Dark Moments that talks about unhappy days of Hyun Joong in his career life. It’s a part of his memory to remember as he learned from what he experienced. Gone with the dark days, as he came back on stage last year as the bright side of the end tunnel finally appeared before him.

There are a lot of memories Hyun Joong shares with us since we are a big part of those memories. In every event he has his fans are always at his tail to cheer for him with all their hearts. For one year since he launched his first album Breakdown till this present day, he made his word in June 7th 2011, that the following days after which shall always be happy. And he was able to fulfill it since it’s all success that he bagged in and happy memories that kept his fans smiling and loving him more. All we have from him are good memories that shall remain in our hearts as we collect them.

Everyday we read about Kim Hyun Joong inspires us because his success is also our success being his avid fans. I wouldn’t say it’s gonna be all smooth sailing in this journey with him, there may be more rocky roads along the way as Hyun Joong walk his way towards stardom, but knowing we are together being at his side is more than just strength for him in moving forward. As Hyun Joong always say, his fans are his greatest inspiration and has always been his strength which apparently showed so many times in all his projects.

Last year in a talk show with Lee Sora, she left this message to Hyun Joong, “There is a way when all that one hears and sees can be possible when all the strength are combined together. So I sincerely believe that everthing Kim Hyun Joong works hard for will come true to the degree that your fans collectively give that force and strength to you.”

And she was right, since after that talk show ended, Hyun Joong continuously gained more fans and boost his popularity all over the world. The more fans he gained the more Hyun Joong is inspired in working hard to give his best in providing the needs of his fans from him as an idol they admire and respect. Endless projects kept flowing along his way giving us fans more chances to see more of Hyun Joong. More producers are eyeing on him, which I have mentioned in my recent articles that producers and businessmen are the middlemen to bridge the gap between Kim Hyun Joong and his fans be it far or near.

Hyun Joong was given more chances to reach out for his fans, and with that, he took advantage of every project he has to personally interact and creat a connection between him and his fans. Other non-fans may think of his gesture as his JOB, no mam, Hyun Joong had already gone out of his way in reaching out for his fans to call the gesture as a job. As one of my regular readers said, Hyun Joong is just so passionate to take the effort in remembering every single fan he has!!

I think she’s right, for those who have experienced the hand shake or hi-five event, Hyun Joong would look at every single fan right in their eyes as he takes their hand, and reading from those fans echoed the same opinion. And for the others who were watching the event from up far, can see that Hyun Joong was consistent in this session in any of his fan meeting event at his Asia Tour or in Japan as it was Hyun Joong’s intention to thank his fans for the support they have given him on his second album Heat.

Everyone of us had felt how much Hyun Joong loves his fans, likewise everyone had showed their love and support for him as we always do everyday of our life. As Hyun Joong works hard everyday to bring us the joy of seeing him, that he has only one thing in mind and that is providing the needs of his fans from him as their idol.

These are the happy days we fans spent with Kim Hyun Joong that will always be in our heart to remember and treasure every moment of it forever. As for me, the Best Memories of Kim Hyun Joong is the memory of knowing who he is, because it was then that my life changed for the better, being my inspiration, my superhero…

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D thanks!


20 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BEST MEMORIES

  1. *happy like a kid 🙂 Glad I viewed your old post Ms. LK! 😀
    though i was laughing nonstop by your word : Mr. HardHeaded 🙂
    Hahaha, well that’s how unique Kim Hyun Joong Oppa is. right? For him a show isn’t just a show, it must go on no matter what.

    Well i just wanna share this.. there’s this one concert (though it was a fanmade, multiple concerts blended into one) i think it was his LUCKY GUY concert in China (i’m not sure).. where he knelt down after the show, the way Koreans bow down. This particular moment melted my heart and for some reasons, it made me cry. Though i wasn’t part of the concert I actually felt how Sincere Kim Hyun Joong Oppa was at the moment.. I mean, people on show can do that.. but for the [koreans] bowing down means something special, a respect..

    and his words,

    ”i hope that i will be the same person you will not be criticized for being my fans”

    for some reason, i was struck by this. coz truthfully speaking, many people (some friends and family) discourages me from supporting him.. coz they questioned about his gender.
    well, this may be topical but as a fan.. all im after is for his good luck in every success he makes, in every achievements he makes. But to be personalized, i’m no longer in charge or should not dwell on it..

    so well, this makes me sad sometimes LK. i hope people would stop making fuss about it coz in contrary Oppa don’t do anything bad against others instead he have the biggest heart – a generous heart in the world.

    • Hello mimi!That concert you mentioned HJ knelt for courtesy was in Seoul that’s is first fan meet concert for 2012 in January the day before he flew to Tokyo to launch his first Japanese single Kiss Kiss.
      I think majority of Kpop stars are being perceived to be gay because of how they set the fashion trend, but this is nonsense so don’t mind those people. If KHJ is a gay then i would say all Koreans stars are gay because there are more lot worst artist in Korea who can be perceived as gay by their behavior outlook! And this is quite unfair. Isn’t it? Some can only be jealous because HJ is getting more popular than other artists so they make fuss over nothing!! I agree with you they can be so irritating but that’s a part being in showbiz specially HJ is already on top of stardom!
      Thank you for sharing, take care and have a nice UNLIMITED day!!! see you again!

  2. Dear LK, I just love this statement “I hope that I will always be the kind of person whom you will not be criticized for being my fans”. No xd at all, just real in a tough world, showbiz, where you have to fight/strugle to achieve something. Oh those pics….oh my….! (droll here) and i completely agree with Razorblade – those Anan pics are just smashing, really! 🙂

    • Hello Noya!! TTT i miss you you dear, I hope everything is fine with you.
      Remember that incident at the Tokyo subway last feb? HJ fans just flock at his huge posters of Anan, Oh that’s another unforgettable incident in just one glimpse the magazines were sold out in just one day because of those posters. HJ looks like an angel from those pic i love those too! It’s unique and fresh
      HJ is so humble always and modest. who wouldn’t fall for that guy!! it’s so boring without him TTT!!!

      • Hello LK, thank you dear, I didn’t miss your articles (reading them avidly via the TT), but really busy with work, and the preparations for last year (kind of student still – work and study (bussiness school with a course of philosophy – hope I will make some money from this one day)… that’s life) and bof (boy friend – not BOF) issues. But still got my daily smiles browsing the web late at night for Hj…my anti stress pill. Otherwise keeping my smile and enjoying my pictures and my Aliens world for sanity. This is my antistress, my away from daily life, my alternate reality, the Alien world. Can you use some of the Anon pics just for joy for our eyes….this is a prety please and a private one. Hope you are well (after you stairs fall) and I know you are busy as we all are and thanks for your time for writing. God Bless 🙂

        • Noya dear I’m the one who’s feeling guilty because I couldn’t reply to you sometimes since I’ve been so busy at work running here and there, ending up falling from the stairs!! I’m ok now though. Good luck to your studies, keep pursuing with it, education is a continues process but take care ok?

  3. “there are times in our life seems that all doors of opportunity closes for me, just to find out there’s so much awaits for me in the future that is much brighter.”

    LK, thank you for this quote from my Angel Baby Hyun Joong. I really needed it today. I got a phone call this morning letting me know I did not get the job I interviewed for. I was slightly disappointed… but, my first thought was, “OK. I will just keep trying until I get what I want!” That was before I read your article. It is so amazing the change in me since meeting Kim Hyun Joong. Before, a setback like this would have thrown me into weeks or months of depression and giving up. It would take me so long to recover. But, because of Hyun Joong, and his positive influence, I bounced back in like 30 seconds! Unbelievable.

    I already applied for another job at the school that I am qualified for. I will continue to apply until they just give me a job because they’re sick of me! HA!

    My best memory of Hyun Joong was watching WGM. That was when I got to see his sweet 4D personality and fell hopelessly head over heels. My second favorite memeory is finding LazerKim’s blog. It was here I learned the most about my Angel and met many Alien Family friends who are just as encouraging and amazing as Hyun Joong. I am truly proud to be his fan not just because he is an amazing person, but because my fellow fans are also amazing.

    His successes are just icing on the cake as we share in his joy and happiness. I love Hyun Joong, I am able to share it with others, and my life is forever changed. Thanks LK! I would not have that community experience without meeting you here. Love you and the sweet friends I have met here and who have dropped by my blog.

    Speaking of… I have had it with wordpress and am moving to blogger. I will post the link here once I have completed the transfer so friends can visit Hyun Joong with me there aloso. Thanks for all your support!

    • Oh yes Angie if you move in to another blog site please do post it here, i think I’m not the only one who experience the same prob. But don’t worry even if we can’t get in to your comment box we do read from you I promise.
      It’s good you were informed about your status in my country most of the time some companies would just let their applicants wait forever not informing them of their status. That’s even frustrating! But don’t worry dear, as HJ said about opportunity. I too believe there’s a better one best for you so don’t give up. i believe you are not a quitter so go go girl!! Cheer up!!
      I honestly enjoyed watching wgm, I have an article about it in fact. He’s so funny!!
      Angie thanks you so much. oh I got your post, I’ll go read it…take care see u!!

  4. hello lazerkim! same as you i love when he said”i hope that i will be the same person you will not be criticized for being my fans” i do admire some celebrities but not as same as him.though saitama concert is quite heartbreaking i like that moment the most…apoligizing sincerely to his fans and feel so sorry that he can’t do his best bcuz of his condition,if only we can say ”pls dont push your self too hard,we do understand”.Some celebrities are dreaming of bigger venue for concert,but instead he wanted a smaller one in order to meet or be closer to everyone who come from afar,isn’t he adorable? i do love him more for that and im so very proud to be his fan. thank you again lazerkim.God bless.

    • In my experience of watching many concerts in my country never have I experienced an artist to be truthful as HJ is. I admire him I know how it is to perform enduring pain but he pulled himself up and just do it!! HJ is a professional but beyond that he really feel for his fans, he’s just so amazing. I’m a bias KHJ fan, I can’t help it he’s only one. and that stays in heart.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, have a nice day take care and see you again!!! God bless…

  5. HYUN JOONG, again HYUN JOONG…simple right?but without that name what will happen with our daily life?like now,keep open your blog than found this article. Seriously sist,I keep on repeat it,again and again.feel sad, happy and proud of him. Realy all my memory about HIM will always stay… HYUN JOONG the honestman, hardheaded, never lie to the fact,never give up always try HIS best…HE is OUR DARLING BOY. LAZER KIM thank you very much for bring out this article. No less and not tomuch you wrote about our best memory with HIM.Take care sist…god bless

    • Hello lng!! I’m quite busy with work these past days, but when I get home it’s been my routine to check on HJ. If there’s no update about him, that’s the time I feel my free hour is dragging slow, oh it’s boring without him, really! If I watch his vid clips it only makes me miss him more!! LOL… *sigh* it’s lonely….or maybe we have gone used to seeing HJ flying from here and there!!!
      See you again let’s us just cheer up!!! LOL LOL LOL….take care sis have a nice day! God bless..

  6. Well, I’m only going to speak about the present yeaq. For me, one of the most memorable U:zoosin moments it was when he held his Singapore FM, virtually speaking. I was amazed when I heard Let Me Go remix \(^-^)/ It was awesome, so skrillex-ish+motoblanco-ish xd I love making remixes (and doing the most ridiculous mash-ups ever) so imagine my delightful face when I heard it for the 1st time. Then when he sang Please… My eyes were about to explode and bounce when he unbuttoned his black blazer after the blessed ‘Dashi naegero wa~’ XD and of course the on-stage activities w/ the fans and the ever so ‘sekshi’ Marilyn Monroe poses! Other remarkable (virtual) moment (for me) it’d be HJ’s Guerrilla date at Gundam Odaiba *-* It was so fun, ‘fresh’, relaxing ^^ Plus omg, the Gundam Robot was up right there and it was totally cool! When I was younger, I watched every eppie of that anime w/ my sis, ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Wing’ hahaha so I was totally excited to see both, HJ and the Gundam! .-. Now, about his quotes, I love them all but there is one that sums up what I said on yesterday’s article xD -> ‘Why should I please the people who don’t like me’ – KHJ XD hahaha xd what a rebel! lol Please just us baby, everyway you want LMAO XD Yesterday when I was back from the dentist, I felt like walking lol the anesthesia was still there and when I reached this metro station I was face to face to Hyun Joong! But hey, I’m not THAT crazy XD There was a guy selling Kpop posters, and there was a beautiful poster of HJ,one of the Anan pics right in front of me! LOL! Not many ppl knew him before the broadcasting of BOF (2 months ago) but it seems he’s getting more & more fans here :3 I know where that ‘printing lab’ is located so I’m gonna buy 100 posters lol Last but not least, I loved the winking pic!! .-. Have a kewl aft,LK!

    • LOL hahahaha you know what razor? You are a real ice breaker!!!LOL I’m getting bored I can’t get in to wordpress dashboard to start my article for tom. I laugh at the incident while you’re walking still with anesthesia and looking face to face with HJ!! LOL hahaha you’re really something!!
      HJ’s drama serves a good impact to other countries, it will only be then that people will discover more about him that he is indeed a singer.
      Yeah HJ is right why will he please people who does not like him!!! LOL Funny it may be but it’s true!
      I hope you’re doing fine after going to the dentist!! What are going to do with all those posters??LOL

      • I’m going to change my apartment’s wallpaper with them xd hahaha! xD I swear when I saw the poster the anesthesia left my body right at that time xd thx for ur concern, dear I am doing good xD just normal check-ups 😉 but I dislike anesthesia xd I hate not feeling a part of my body! xD It makes me go crazy! By the way, click on my username (this reply’s) xd LOL

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