Kim Hyun Joong… [article] DESERVING ARTIST

 By: LazerKim             Today is the big day for Kim Hyun Joong’s big boss Bae Yong Joon. This is his 40th birthday August 29, 2012, the perfectionist Virgo!!. Happy Birthday!!Life begins at 40 as they said, will this be true to Bae Yong Joon, since he is still uncommitted  even at this time and a certified bachelor!! For those who is not familiar to Hyun Joong’s boss, here’s a briefer. Bae Yong Joon is the pioneer Hallyu Star with the first Korean and memorable drama Winter Sonata in 2002, brought outside SKorea to the entire world. Bae Yong Joon is one of the major stock holder of KeyEast. In Japan he is called Yonsama by his Japanese fans, which is the highest noble title.

He is now a very successful businessman as he penetrated the global business arena. He founded and built KeyEast as an artist management company, with the aim of grooming new artist and promoting them in the global showbiz industry. His aim is to spread the beauty of Korea globally in many aspects and one of these is the Hallyu stars. Among the legendary actors Bae Yong Joon was able to maintain his fans to stay with him still supporting him even he became inactive in the showbiz industry being an actor. What makes Bae Yong Joon fans stay as loyal even this present day?

Kim Hyun Joong had chosen BYJ to be his mentor even when he was still with SS501 until such time Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast. The media took notice the fact that ever since Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast, his career started to bloom as a Kpop soloist. With Hyun Joong’s talent and hardwork and all out support KeyEast boost onto his career resulted in a remarkable joint success. I would say Hyun Joong had chosen the right company in building up his new career as a solo artist. And KeyEast had chosen the right artist Kim Hyun Joong to fulfill the company aim in spreading the beauty of Korea in the entertainment world. Such amazing partnership!

In another story I would like to share with you Hyun Joong’s interview with the Russian Media print and its translation. Here it goes:

Kim Hyun Joong interview for Russian newspaper

traslation into English: tonyvika @
repost with full credits

Translating only the part of the interview

Q1.  – Kim Hyun Joong,  there are many fans of yours in Russia and they wish you the belated happy birthday! Wish you joy!

Hyun Joong:    Thank you very much.

Q2.  – In one of your interviews, you said something that get us right here. You said that you do your best for achieving your dream and keep it real. Where do you get the strength to follow your goal? What or who helps you?

Hyun Joong:    I always try to concentrate on my goals and perfect myself all the time. I’m sure that I’ll reach my goal and always think about it. Of course, I get tired too and have difficulties sometimes, but my fans give me strength. So my goals only grow, to add up.

Q3.   – As we know, you have a special attitude towards charity. Being a philanthropist – what means it for you?

Hyun Joong:    Being a philanthropist is not important for me. I grew up in an ordinary family, not rich nor poor. I think,  a person can do nothing without love, many love me and I’m grateful for it. I do not make commerce. In the past I had many thoughts about how to help people that’s why I started doing charity work.

Q4.   – Many fans started doing the same because of you. They try to do something great,  kind and helpful. What do you think, is it important?

Hyun Joong:    I think charity is a good thing and everyone decides for oneself to contribute or not. I cannot force people to do charity. Many people follow footsteps of the persone they like. If I can be an example, then someday people will start doing charity themselves. 

Q5.   – By looking at your work, we always assume that your agency, manager, staff and people who help you, are outstanding. Can you tell us about them?

Hyun Joong:   Yes, they are, and many help me on this concert (the interview was taken during Hyun Joong’s Beijing concert on June, 10th), including lighting technicians, sound control supervisor, manager, dancers, costumiers. My concert is not the result of only my personal outputs, my partners and assistance helped me and I’m very grateful for them. I think that successful concert is not only mine success but our joint success!

LazerKim View Point

Hyun Joong as artist takes more time in preparing for every concert he performs, that it takes weeks or months to be able to perfect the entire show repertoire for just an hour or two hours performance. As Hyun Joong mentioned in his interviews, the cheers from his fans added up a high degree of adrenaline to keep him going till the end of the show. After each successful show, as an artist by heart, he looks forward to his next stage geared up with a lot of inspiration from his fans.

For Hyun Joong it’s his strong determination to attain his dreams that rapidly becomes a reality. He knows exactly what is missing in his ability, embrace it in working hard to improve. To the veteran fans can see the difference between his current performance from the past that shows remarkable improvement, and still working to further develop his talent both in singing and acting. As we eagerly awaits the most anticipated drama after two years from his previous one Playful Kiss, on his come back drama City Conquest we shall see how Hyun Joong improves in his acting ability.

On the 5th question of this interview,  Hyun Joong mentioned that successful concert is a joint success. This is another thing that I like in Hyun Joong, he truly appreciates and acknowledge the effort of people behind the scene who works with him. He gives them importance as what was shown at his documentary. And it’s true, without the production staff and crew whether it’s a stage production or drama production, it will not be as successful as it is. Hyun Joong humbles himself in treating them as his own family. He doesn’t have that star complex of being self-centered as he treats everyone with equal respect.

There are video clips of Hyun Joong taken from behind the scene, showing how Hyun Joong works. I wouldn’t say he does not show he doesn’t get tired, as he did the music video of Breakdown, after series of dance repetition, he just drop on the floor out of exhaustion. He does feel tired but given a short break he’s up on his toes again. He doesn’t mind how many times he would repeat dancing over and over until everything is perfect. He has to satisfy himself before he can ever take a rest. This goes in his song recording as well, as  what his musical director stated.  Hyun Joong gives his 100% during his rehearsals and even at his pictorials, or commercial video shoots. And maintain that 100% during his performance on stage.

In another topic, a fan wrote this in my comment box yesterday that I would like to share with you since I share the same thoughts with her. Here it goes:

There may be artists with excellent voice with good tone and color,but wuri HJ doesn’t have the best voice,his voice is soft and thin which makes nonfan especially antis think he can’t sing and we, fans are crazy for his pretty face only.That insults us a lot because we are not that shallow to love an artist for his pretty face only.I really love his music sung by his soft,smooth,tender,sweet and emotional voice which touch my heart every time I listen to.

Thanks for sharing, you know who you are. I agree with what she wrote, it’s not only Hyun Joong’s critics but also some few fans who barely believe in him or not knowing who he really is. There are a few fans who would say similar to this statement, “other fans tend to be blind about Hyun Joong’s negatives. Or not because we are fans we can not see his negative traits”. I’m a bit bothered by such similar statements, but let’s talk it. What could be the negative traits they are pertaining? How I wish they should have stated.

If this is about his talents, singing, dancing, and acting, which I have made it clear he may not be the best in these areas but he’s not bad at all. And this is why he’s been working hard to improve himself to fill in whatever is missing in his talents. Or maybe his rare smiles which I find this really shallow because for me as a fan I have already accepted that Hyun Joong is not perfect. He’s just a human to also get tired of smiling every time!! At least he shows what he really is. Oh Hyun Joong fans would always on defense, of course why else are we called fans if we barely know whom we are supporting and following.

I would say the worst negative traits that an artist can ever show enough to stop following him could be, mistreating his own fans, arrogant, conceited, public misbehavior, vulgar, no talent at all, indecent and immoral. If we have seen any of these traits from our idol then it’s just right to stop supporting and following that idol. But have we seen any of these traits from Kim Hyun Joong?

Despite of having these negative attitude and fans still follows him, then I would say the fan is following her idol blindly. Artists are public figure. No matter how good an artist could be if he has these negative traits, what good will it lead you in following that idol? An ideal idol is someone whom you can look up to being a fan. It doesn’t necessarily mean to be a role model, but at least an idol who deserves your love and support.

I think this is quite simple, Hyun Joong is not perfect, as he admitted it and we fans I believe have accepted the fact that he is not perfect. If a fan do not believe in her idol then why follow him? If he does not satisfy your expectations in his talent then why else would you support him? I could hardly understand why some fans would criticize their own idol. Because the next question to that would be, why do you  follow your idol if you would only criticize him? I’m just asking!!

Oh well, no matter what others may say, I wouldn’t care for as long as I know what I ought to know enough to be called a fan. We can feel if our idol is sincere or not. We have known Hyun Joong’s candid honesty, modest and humble as ever so down to earth. He knows how to handle his fame and his fans. As an artist Hyun Joong was awarded with honors for so many times on different categories and he deserves all those awards. He had gained a huge global popularity because many believes he is indeed a deserving artist.

I had a hanging question earlier as, What makes Bae Yong Joon fans stay with him as his loyal fans even at this present day. Although Bae Yong Joon is my one of my favorite actors and who had introduced Korean drama to me, I did not have the chance to follow him. Reading from the write ups and articles, I would say BYJ have not changed from the time he started being an actor and had kept his feet firmly on the ground in spite of his successful career until this day. He treats his fans as his family and kept that relationship with them though out the years.

I can still remember last year as Hyun Joong tour around Asia to promote his first album Breakdown and The Face Shop being the official product endorser, his Japanese fans started calling him Little Yonsama! I honestly find this cute, and in one of his interviews during that Asia Tour, Hyun Joong was always asked about his boss and he was asked how he feels being called Little Yonsama, as Hyun Joong stated, “I am honored to be called Little Yonsama, Little can also turn out big!!”

And I guess Hyun Joong was right back then, in no time less than a year, he was able to gain a huge popularity boost from around the world. He is on his own now, building his own title. In reality, Hyun Joong’s career did not start from where we found him. Back in his past he had faced the hardships of life to be where he is now, and this is his harvest period. Hyun Joong learned about life the hard way, but his focus on his dream as it stays in his heart and in his mind, that he never gave up despite of the pain and hardship.

I would say Hyun Joong is more than a deserving artist and I think the veteran fans who had followed Hyun Joong before he can step into the lime light can testify how he grew up to this stage of his career. As the old folks would say, to be able to gain success, one has to taste the bitter way of life to keep a lasting strength in climbing the ladder of his goal. And this was what Hyun Joong had in the early part of his life and his career.

As I have written in one of my articles Twisted Fate, Hyun Joong is fated to be where he is no matter how one may twist his path. And is very likely for Hyun Joong to climb even higher as we observe the turn of events and the chain of success that he has been gaining, Kim Hyun Joong is a Deserving Artist.

The best part of Hyun Joong’s life episode I think is the period when he faced the hardship in life, because it is at this part that the young ones can learn from him. While the present episode can lead us to an inspiration in facing tomorrow from a role model and a Deserving Artist Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!


26 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] DESERVING ARTIST

  1. lunchtime and I can spend time on your blog with my Angel Kim Hyun Joong! Thank you, LK! I just love him more and more every day. Honestly, without him, I would sink into deep depression and give up on this life! My current job is sucking badly! I am hoping for a new job. I haven’t heard anything yet.. they are supposed to contact me by the end of the week. I hate waiting. I just worry! I wil stop. If I don’t get this job… like Hyun Joong… I will keep trying until I get what I want! I will keep working hard toward my goal! Thanks to him… I can be reminded daily of what it means to work hard and achieve success while overcoming difficult obstacles!

    I agree with Razor… his only negative is that he works too hard and sometimes neglects his health. I just want to take his sweet little face in my hands and say, “HYUN JOONG AHH!!! You need rest and the right food and drink plenty of water! LISTEN to your oiemoni! LOL!

    Thanks for making my day better with Hyun Joongiee!

    • Yess HJ waited and never gave up, don’t worry while waiting keep writing so that the waiting period doesn’t feel like it’s a long wait and before you know it your first step is just in front of you.
      Oh I’m still wondering why fan critics would criticize if HJ is obviously doing well and haven’t neglected in improving himself and they are becoming insects to me!! Fleet them away!!!! LOL

  2. Hi LK,

    Again another nice article for today. It’s really a good dose. Thanks a lot. I love the way you describe HJ . I can feel the love and respect he has toward his fans and people that work for him. Your articles took me to KHJ’s world even deeper ………I learn some new things all the time….

    You know what ? last night I went to bed at 03.00 am because of your article. Actually this is nothing to do with HJ but your neice Cheryl Bruke . . I followed the link you left in the comment blog then without knowing I spent almost 2 hours watching Cheryle’s clips – DWTS. Some clips I kept repeating it. She is really really a fantastic dance artise . She made her partners looked very attractive and interesting . I love her move it looks strong but grace and yet very sensual in the same time. I like to say that your family is truely an artise by heart.

    I’m very happy that HJ is in a good hand and he seem very happy with KE. I just hope that he will have enough rest and take good care of his health.

    You are the best Lk.

    • Thank you so much for the compliment. I would just like to inspire razor here as she mentioned she wants to take lessons in tango, which is a good choice.

      KE is a good agent and a prestigious company, and HJ was lead in the right place for him. As i wrote down there a fan shared with me a video clip of that incident with DSP ceo. Hyun Joong was once a victim of an agent less worthy to be trusted, those were the days that pained me to right about but I have to since it’s a part of HJ’s story that I think new fans like me ought to know.
      Again thanks as always, have a nice day, see you again take and God bless..

  3. HBD to Boss Bae

    I’m glad Hyun Joong is with you. I don’t want the repeated ex president episode like in 2010 while he’s with DSP.

    • What a co-incident I just finished viewing that clip, the truth about the incident. That event was one of Hyun Joong’s dark moment. I’m glad he’s finally off the hook and what we now see is the bright future for Hyun joong, just like you I’m happy HJ now in good hands.

    • u.u I even saved the ‘forbidden’ post by HJ. He was so sad and mad at the same time ._. I’m also glad that he’s part of KE. Gimme a B, gimme an Y, gimme a J… xd

  4. I knew Bae yong joon since winter sonata, than back to his other drama hottelier,I never move from him till I found his ‘twin’in bof.In fact I respect both of them.Now,KIM HYUN JOONG make my world differen…more tough,not easy to give up and peace,able to control my temper,he he… HE is my right idol that I can follow every single breath.As you said sist… Why should we we follow the idol who have negative attitude.As a true fan of HIM, we knew very well our choise… KIM HYUN JOONG can and always lead us a good will,HE is trully public figure.I like to say thank you very much to keyeast,specialy to Bae Yong Joonsi.Ah…sist,wish that our alien family getting stronger. god bless.

    • Oh I love his dramas, it was at Winter Sonata that I got addicted to Kdramas!! I forgot local TV series and even American movies!! I like watching HJ and his boss, I hope they can have drama together! Sis we have the right choice HJ is such a deserving artist.
      Thanks for sharing, have a nice day sis!!! Take care God bless….see you again!

  5. First of all, like 10 years ago I came across BJY’s name, but I didn’t pay attention to who he was. Then when BYJ got around HJ’s life I saw a pic of him and swore he was 55 yrs-old xd .-. I’ve never seen any drama of him, since I’m not so fond of tv-related things. His smile disturbs me D: xd lol! I don’t know anything about him, except for the funny things HJ has told about him || What you said about the negative things about HJ kept me thinking for several minutes n I couldn’t find any. Then I asked my sis lol and we started to look for sth negative about him… it was really hard, but we found 1! He’s a workaholic! That may seem good for some ppl, mostly in Asia. But in other parts of the world, such as where I live, having enough time for your family and friends is the most precious thing. And sometimes HJ is doing a thousand things on the same day, n that’s not good for his health! I wish he’d got more hrs of sleep, eat healthy at the right hr, go fishing often, etc. But our baby is totally stubborn! xd and I am too xd so I understand him ^^ I bet he wishes the same as me-> that the 24hrs day had more hrs to do even more things! xD lol!… now about those so-called fans who criticize him ._. I think they are not happy with themselves, plus they wish HJ would wink his eye at them and take them to a late night dinner LMAO! XD and since that’s NOT going to happen, they feel unsatisfied and mad, and start saying bad things ’til they become an anti-fan .-. ||| Personally I admire HJ ‘cuz well, let’s say for me, things have been easy in my life… I don’t even have the need to work, I just do it for fun! So I totally admire HJ for going through so many hardships in life when he was young. I can visualize that story about him walking in the snow u.u ❤ Omg, he totally deserves what he has now!! Period LOL

    • I already wrote my reply a while ago, when I came back it’s gone!! LOL Is there a ghost around!! LOL Very good opinion I agree, HJ’s hardheaded can sometimes be a negative for him, he over work he get sick and that is not good.
      I’ll be looking for HJ’s photo in a wink and post it here, so that fans won’t criticize him LOL Thank you for sharing your thoughts always. Hey have a great day! I’ll start looking for the pix!! see you again! tanke care

      • Haha D: maybe it’s the same ghost HJ kept on seeing in his SS501 days, it just moved to wordpress .-. I’ll wait for the ‘wink’ pic in your next article lol xD I swear I could kick all his anti-fans’ asses xddd Take care, LK!

        • hahahahahaha….I remember that, it was so funny how Hyun Joong tried driving them out!! LOL shu shu…You know what razor, I’ll be very honest to you, you have a similarity with HJ, you just spill out the words and the most unexpected for me to read from you…LOL and worst of all you always give me stomach gas laughing at your statements!!! LOL Still looking for that pix!! LOL

          • hahaha xD omg, I’m glad I make u laugh 😀 well, I’ve always been a straight-forward girl xd I just can’t help to tell what’s on my mind, but what I said it’s true LOL I’m an anti of HJ’s anti-fans xd

            • I agree with LK! Razor, your replies are the most fun to read. I just emailed the best winking pic to LK! I posted it in one of my articles earlier. I am probably going to move my blog from wordpress to blogspot. WordPress has just completely ticked me off. They are blaming browser and Operating Systems for the probs with comments on my blog. That should not matter! Anyone on any computer with any software should be able to read and comment on a blog! Seriously, they sux wordpress boo! Ghost in the Machine… they can blame whatever… their site just doesn’t work right! LOL! Love you both!

  6.! love ka yata my dear LZ..birthday lang ni boss Bae yoon eh..haha..typo error!!..KeyEast to KetEast,being to beeing,ordinary to ordinaty..keke ..i soo love the last pic baka mahawa yan sa pagka about my dreams neh?? oh nonono!!..LOL!!..praying na hwag naman otherwise how about the 4 kids he wanted to have *just saying*..nice Article you have today again ..of course thats Kim Hyun Joong the deserving ARtist..see ya^^..

    • LOL thanks for noticing typo LOL I would admit at dawn I was already sleepy when I started, i went out for air because I don’t want to sleep without writing anything, I came back & proceed to my writing and sleep. I woke up early morning for work that I forgot to proof read, I came back home to post I forgot again to proof read!!LOL When i read your comment it was only then I remember I didn’t!! LOL
      nako sis I hope he won’t end up in the bachelor’s fad!! He’s so handsome not to be married and have kids. see you around!!!

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