Kim Hyun Joong… [article] OUTSTANDING STAR

By: LazerKim                   If there’s no Kim Hyun Joong update, then we talk about weather forecast! Yesterday’s weather forecast, a typhoon is coming to hit Seoul, SKorea, we pray for everyone’s safety. To make this news a bit lighter, I can probably compare Kim Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour fan meeting concert, like a typhoon. With strong gusty wind heavy rain and thunder-storm as he passes from one country to another!!! Leaving his fans totally mesmerized by the memory of his presence that shake the stage of the countries he visited. I think this is the longest running typhoon named Kim Hyun Joong, the God of Rain as it rolls out for a month in six different countries including Japan!!

The good news, God of Rain Kim Hyun Joong named by the Billboard Japan as the Most Outstanding Kpop Artist in 2012, as he ranked second at the Oricon Music Chart on his Kiss Kiss album debut in January placing the album at gold record status and followed by his second album Heat ranked first place and gained the same gold record status. Japan is one of the world’s biggest market in the music industry, but with the changing time CD album is becoming less competitive in terms of sales to compare with the previous years.

Is this now the influence of computer technology that affects the industry? I’m a computer illiterate I admit, but the way I observe the changing time, one major factor that weakens the sales of CD album is music downloading through the internet. Producers in the music industry now have to consider a larger scale in providing the entertainment needs of public demand. Since Kpop is becoming very competitive in the Japanese market, they tend to push Kpop stars in adopting the Japanese music for local market. Kim Hyun Joong being one of the hottest Kpop star after gaining a huge popularity boost this year, it is very likely that more producers are eyeing now on Kim Hyun Joong within the business arena both local and global commerce.

In my other recent article, I have mentioned that businessmen and producers are the middlemen that can bridge Kim Hyun Joong and his fans. Although CD album may have a weakening sales, the influence of internet in acquiring music does not affect Hyun Joong’s fans in purchasing his album as their support to their idol. Another in high demand is Hyun Joong’s events particularly performing in concerts, which was evident in his recent concert in Yokohama Arena attended by 20,000 fans and Saitama Super Arena attended by 60,000 fans this year. The number of fans attended the concert has remarkable escalated in numbers shown within just a matter of short period.

Are Kpop stars now becoming a threat to the Japanese celebrities in terms of popularity gains? I clearly have seen this trend quite recently as Hyun Joong launched his second single HEAT, or even prior to launching of the album it already topped the pre-sales scale until the time of its release which immediately ranked on top no. one on its first day launching. This event had even gained more attention and curiosity to non-fans probably wondering who Kim Hyun Joong is and what brought him to the top of Oricon Music Chart! Japanese are known to their patriotism but in the changing time slowly bending in support of foreign celebrities particularly the Kpop.

How was Kim Hyun Joong able to penetrate the Japanese market able to win the hearts of his Japanese fans? Well, we fans may share the same opinion at least majority of his fans would probably say Kim Hyun Joong is simple being himself! He doesn’t need extra effort to call for attention, although he worked hard to improve himself to be worthy of the love he receives from many people. Many Japanese fans were asked by media what particularly attracted them and pulled them to Kim Hyun Joong to be captured by him. They would say, he’s cute, he’s handsome, he is honest, and sincere in handling his fans. But among their comments this comment caught me, “he easily translates his music for us to understand and sing it with him.” I got this comment from my neighbors in Tokyo!!

Japanese by nature are music lover, that they can easily appreciate music, actually they are not a hard to please audience. Hyun Joong chooses his own music which one would suit his voice range and a type of music which his fans can easily sings with him. This is priority over more challenging music pieces. Well, evidently during his Asia Tour fan meeting concert, many of his fans who were able to attend these events would say “better memorize his songs otherwise you’ll be left behind”! I was wondering why a lot of fans said it. Then they said majority of those who attended the fan meet literally sings his song with Hyun Joong!! Considering he sings Korean songs and yet his fans can easily follow!!

Honestly, when I first found out that Hyun Joong indeed was a singer in boy band, I started watching SS501 concerts, and I easily appreciate their music until such time I found myself saving a lot of their music in my playlist that I can listen to everyday. In no time I found myself following the melody, eventually getting the song lyrics, and start singing while listening. As Hyun Joong now has a wider repertoire, the longer list of songs I got in memorizing his songs unconsciously!! I never get tired of his songs that anywhere I am his music stays with me any time.

There’s one Japanese song that he sang at the Saitama concert which happened to be my favorite Japanese song. Honestly, I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the original singer since every singer has their own style, but Hyun Joong’s sweet voice made even the song softer and melting that struck my heart. Hyun Joong may not be the best singer but there’s something in his sweet voice that can capture one’s heart as he sings his ballad songs or his up beat tempo that will surely bring your feet to dance away and sing with him!!

Many of his critics would say Hyun Joong is overrated, meaning he gets more praises than what he actually deserves. Alright then, just the sake of argument I can only speak for myself. Rock was never been my taste even during my younger years, but it was Hyun Joong who introduce to me this type of music that I would say now HEAT is one of my favorite among his repertoire and I’m looking forward for more rock music from him. Honestly, I’m not the type of fan to be buying CD just because I want to support my idol, I may be a music lover but quite choosy with the type of music I listen to.

And the other thing that I like in Hyun Joong’s music is variation. I don’t have to listen to just one type of music rhythm since Hyun Joong has a variety types of music. In one of his interviews he was actually asked “what is Kim Hyun Joong style of music”? And he said “since I sing different types of song in different styles, I would say it’s Kim Hyun Joong style!!” One can never get tired of his music, just like his constant changing image, is similar to his changing style in his music which even makes him a unique artist.

A fan critic said, Hyun Joong winning the Best Artist is way too far as yet, there are many artist with much better qualities in terms of talent, but Hyun Joong won the award. There are many excellent singers who barely made it the top 10 music chart, while Hyun Joong even made it to rank, why is that?. Being a star artist it’s not only his talent that counts, I agree there are even better artist than he is, but not all of them has that X factor that Hyun Joong naturally possess in him. And that makes him different above the rest.

We may have different opinion whenever we watch performance of different artist. Again I can only speak for myself but whenever I watch events with different guest artists, the very first thing I look into is the artist stage appeal before anything else. How much can he dominate the stage, how well can he capture the audience attention and stay with him. For me this is important. There are many artist who has that excellent singing voice but after a while my eyes starts to linger around the audience, and ask myself “am I the only one who’s feeling bored?”

May I just mention my recent experience. A friend of mine came to visit me last week. In my house the only music you’ll hear is Hyun Joong’s music whenever I’m at home. While we were talking music just kept rolling, after maybe an hour, she finally asked me what’s this music I got? And since she’s also familiar with Japanese music I told her he’s a Korean singer singing Japanese song. She liked Hyun Joong’s HEAT so I gave one of my extra copy of HEAT. Yesterday she called and she said she never thought how handsome Hyun Joong is and that she was relaying that she started looking him up at the internet. And so I invited her to check on my blog which I hope she’s reading this article!!

If majority of Hyun Joong fans were captured after watching his dramas, with my friend it’s different, she heard him first, now she’s bound to watch his dramas. What we see and what we hear are our first attraction to any artist. It’s like reading a book, if the book is good it is said to be a page turner. If it’s not, then probably reading from the first chapter of the book would end up laying anywhere without knowing what was the book all about. Kim Hyun Joong is like a book page turner, that the more you hear, the more you see from him the more you get to like him and eventually can’t get enough of him.

Am I overrating Kim Hyun Joong? I don’t think so, I’m just stating the truth about what I see, read and hear!! In fact in describing Hyun Joong I’m lost with words on how I can describe him!! Hyun Joong may not be the best singer,dancer or actor, I agree, but he is the Best Artist, an Outstanding Star!! Hyun Joong has a little of everything in one package wrapped with an X Factor that not all excellent artist possess, and that makes him different above the rest. This is how I see Kim Hyun Joong being an Outstanding Star.

This is all I have for today’s daily dosage, how I wish I could have more news updates about City Conquest but the filming is at close doors, so let’s leave Hyun Joong in good hands of the production staffs!! What I have is the weather forecast, that a typhoon shall hit Seoul, I’m just not sure if it has already landed in Seoul, I just hope everyone is safe there. And of course as I have just brought you the hurricane Kim Hyun Joong that hit Japan is still making noise as he was named the Most Outstanding Kpop Artist for 2012!!

Kim Hyun Joong was never overrated as far as every fan or non-fan who knows of him. And for us his loving Aliens, Kim Hyun Joong shall always be the Most Outstanding Star in our hearts in reality and he will always be filled with LOVE as ever…

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D, thanks!!


35 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] OUTSTANDING STAR

  1. This what I love being with you sist,you never let us lonely without news about HIM…very interesting daily dose.Yap!OUR BOY IS THE MOST OUTSTANDING STAR,who can denny it?His music and soft voice can bring us go to journey, the word overrated is OUT! I love music. feel that our taste of music almost the same, but now how? I stuck with HIM, my music is KIM HYUN JOONG MUSIC.Take care sist,god bless always with you

  2. Anyone who would call Hyun Joong overrated doesn’t even have a clue what it means. Being overrated means you have success without doing anything and everyone knows how hard Hyun Joong works. Being overrated means you have success without talent and Hyun Joong has talent. Being overrated is when a few make someone out to be more than they are but Hyun Joong doesn’t have a few fans, he has thousands! Ridiculous to even remotely suggest he is overrated.

    Suggesting he was rewarded too early for his solo work is ridiculous too. He has been a singer and musician for years! He has worked very hard and deserves everything he has received.

    As for others being more talented than him all I have to say is it doesn’t matter what octave you reach, what matters is how many hearts you reach. You can have all the talent in the world but if you can’t reach the audience and make them feel what you feel when you sing then it does not matter how talented you are. Whatever song Hyun Joong sings I feel it every single time! Besides music is subjective and everyone has different tastes.

  3. Hi LK! You always seem to be reading my mind with your posts. I was working on post yesterday and echoed some of the same sentiments on HJ before even reading yours! I am so slow at getting posts out as I am so busy with work. But, I think my interview went well today and I am excited that my path may be changing…. Heading toward Korea and Hyun Joong! AHHHH… dream world please stay with me!

    Thanks for your writing every day so I can be with Hyun Joong and Alien Family. Hope you are healed from your fall and all is well in your world! Luv u sis!

    • Oh I’m perfectly fine thank you. Before I forget I’m experiencing some prob with your blog. Same as here as other fans complain, I wrote my comment in your box and post but it doesn’t register i did it for at least 3 times but it’s not working. WordPress can sometimes be crazy now I understand some of my readers who experience the same thing.
      Angie take your time, do not rush I was also like that on my first few articles. Writing should only be a hobby, if you just feel like writing then just go ahead, if work is taking your time then leave for another time. Oh I’m so happy about your
      interview I’ll pray you’ll be able to pursue for Korea!! Geez that would be wonderful!! If you’re determine on something you really want to do then it won’t be a dream anymore!! I remember that from HJ!!
      I’m completely healed as they said it doesn’t matter how many time you fall but what matters is how many time you rise up from the fall!! This is our journey sometimes we’re up sometimes we’re down, it doesn’t matter for as long we’re with the Prince!!! Thank you Angie you’ve always been so sweet. Take care!! see you again love you too sis!!

      • Hi! Thanks for letting me know about the trouble with my blog. I am having other issues too. WordPress is ticking me off. I may move over to blogger or tumblr as I have accounts there and have been posting links to this blog. If wordpress doesn’t get it’s act together I will definitely move it over. I will let the readers know if I have to do that.

        Thanks for your encouragement! Have a great day! (or good night’s sleep, maybe? lol)

  4. forget about hyun joong first…lets talk about ms.LK kekeke…is there any link that we can watch you dancing???? lazerkim lazerkim lazerkim….email mo na lang kekeke.

  5. Yes,totally agree with you lazer unnie. There may be artists with excellent voice with good tone and color,but wuri HJ doesn’t have the best voice,his voice is soft and thin which makes nonfan especially antis think he can’t sing and we,fans are crazy for his pretty face only.That insults us a lot because we are not that shallow to love an artist for his pretty face only.I really love his music sung by his soft,smooth,tender,sweet and emotional voice which touch my heart every time I listen to.
    Since I am so in love with him,my friends think I am a strange;they think I shouldn’t spend my time and money on him. But whatever they say,I still buy his albums and anything related to him and spend my time on him. I love you so much,hyun joong ah.

    • Precisely antis think we don’t see his negative, as i always say he may not be the best but he’s not that bad at all. Another thing what about the awards given to HJ, he was being judged and won the Best Artist awards, it is such an insult to the people who gave him that honor if he doesn’t deserve it.
      For as long as we spend time with HJ after our daily obligation and we spend just enough with what our budget can afford then I don’t see anything wrong with that, for as long we do not over do anything, then nothing else matters it’s our right.
      Thank you, have a nice day, take care, and see you again! God bless..

      • I wanted to comment on the availablity of his CDs here in the US. Apparently, I have gathered that CDs that play in players made in Korea or Japan are a different type than here in US. I can’t just buy one of his Korean or Japanese releases and play in it in my player here. Besides the fact… the only place I have found they are available is at Amazon, and they want ridiculous amounts of money because they are imports. I have been forced to download electronic versions of his albums. I actually paid for Breakdown and Heat because they were available. All the other songs I had to ‘pirate’ from file sharing sites. I feel guilty about that and have thoughts of sending cash with Hyun Joong’s Christmas Present and tell him to buy snakcs when he is filming in the US! Ha!

  6. I agree with you LK.

    I think, Hyun Joong is always underrated by the non fan. They think he’s just the pretty face and not thing more. It’s like being blonde = not that clever, which very not true at all.

    It’s like an insult to us fan. Majority of Hyun Joong’s fan are noona or grandma fan that should told them something. We are not teenager to just crazy over something trivia, we want something more.

    Hyun Joong may not has excellent voice but he’s good at translate his song and his stage present also very good, he owns his show. Being able to hit the high note like a dolphin (like some singers were praised) doesn’t mean it will turn in to a good music. Music with no emotion can’t touch people heart. I don’t know others opinion but for me his music can touch my heart.

    Thank you for a good read again

    • there you go i agree with you, a song being sung not coming from the heart is just plain singing. HJ’s voice touch the hearts of many. And you are right maybe because his fans are in different age range, I think it is just right that he makes his own style being versatile, and he was loved for that.
      Thank you so much for reading, have a nice day, take care and see you again!!
      God bless..

    • you’re right, i feel that as well, i am a mother with 3 childrens, sometimes i fell likepeople insult me for doing this fangirling stuff, even my friends say so……they said i am not supposed to be a fan of younger kpop star but there just something that made me so in love with him ^^

      • Oh no don’t allow them to insult you, we have our own individual favorites regardless of age, HJ has quite a number of grandma fans and he’s proud of them what more with us moms. oh don’t be bothered by them, it’s your right to have an idol and there’s nothing wrong if you’re admiring a young star. Everyone of us has the right to be happy. My kids are living at the other side of the world but whenever we chat they do ask me How’s Hyun Joong? Then i would tell them, they will laugh on how I talk about him!! LOL Be happy it’s nice to know more about him and inspiring indeed.
        Thank you, have a nice day, take care see you again…God bless..

      • It’s your choice and if it makes you happy, no matter what age u are, it’s all good! It may even make you feel younger at heart! ^^ Don’t give a damn about what other ppl say! 🙂

  7. Agreed! He deserved that award! I know he’s achieved a lot in such a short period of time, but that’s good! I’m proud of being his fan! But oh dear LK, I did read some news about him! He went to Daybreak’s gig on Sunday! LOL! He was all dressed in black (^-^) hooot! xd Well you mentioned about not knowing much about rock music… you should listen to some good rock songs, please make an exception! lol xd If u have time, check Muse – Time is Running Out and The Rasmus – Night After Night, two of my fave melodic ‘space’ rock songs ever! I’ve always liked rock music, my mom loved Pearl Jam, Scorpions, etc and I’ll reveal sth now, my dad was a bassist of a popular local melodic rock band… so there were (and are) always instruments at home… I live with him so we are always buying instruments, playing music with my sis too, I love that! That’s why it’s so hard for me to understand why HJ’s parents didn’t support him at first 😦 || ~ I love the fact that HJ is so determined to show his own colors as a soloist. He said he was gonna add rock music progressively, that’s awesome! Omg, I was so happy when I heard Heat for the 1st time! ^^ Then, when I watched the MV, it was such a turn on for me seeing him with that ‘look’ xd lol! Totally hot! xd I’ll drink some cool water now… wait I can’t! My throat is still sore .-. lol Ohh I forgot to talk about the typhoon D: Where I live, there are no typhoons o.o so I can’t even imagine how they are like! I hope SKorean ppl take good care of themselves and don’t go out for bike rides as I recently saw on a pic posted by Mnet .-. Have a wonderful day, LK!

    • Now this gives me more interest, now I understand you why you know so much about music. We’re opposite though I grew up in ballet which more conservative and contrast of being a rocker, but do you know that they have one thing in common being artist? Both are self expression in ballet expression through discipline and rockers expression of freedom. Both are artist by heart and would put money as last priority over arts. I think you have an amazing family, Love them always.
      i’ll check on those artist you mentioned, Im a bit familiar with scorpions.
      I always experience typhoon it’s very usual in my country specially during these months, flood is my worst experience!! You’re lucky not to have typhoon in your country.
      Well now have a great day, you take care ok? See you again!!Thanks as always! Wait I forgot to reply you at the other article I’ll go back!!

      • oh, but let me tell you sth… in piano I prefer playing classical songs, those u maybe danced to many times, by Chopin, Beethoven, Debussy, etc ^^ and I wanted to do ballet when I was a little girl but at that time I didn’t have enough time, though I always danced to contemporary hit songs at school kekeke To be honest, lately I’ve been wanting to take Tango lessons ❤ omg, the dance is so passionate, the energy, gosh!! I swear I will take Tango lessons! xd D: Typhoons seem to be scary! I just have experience with earthquakes xd .-. the last one was 8.8! It didn't scare me, instead I was posting on Facebook sth like WTFFF What a big earthquake hahaha xD

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