Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ALIEN SUPERHERO

By LazerKim:            “What’s up Kim Hyun Joong?” Oh how I wish we can personally ask him these questions probably coming from his young fans! “Are you getting enough sleep after work?” like this question maybe from his mother fans. “Have been eating regularly at the right time?” question from grandma fans! “Have you been enjoying your filming for City Conquest and how’s are you getting along with your co-actors?” this one from his elder sister fans! How I wish we have some answers to these questions!! As for me I would ask does KE and the production management doing their job in protecting and taking care of you? This I’m sure they do, Kim Hyun Joong is their precious gem!

I got the translation of Hyun Joong’s interview in Thailand and one in Russia. But I’ll take this one at a time. I’ll start with his interview in Thailand that I would like to share with you for those who have not read it yet here it goes:

Source: Mel (@Neptune0606) Posted Saturday Aug.25th from Twitlonger, Thanks!


Kim Hyun Joong’s Exclusive Interview via Sat Zone

Rough English translation : mel@hyuniversal0606

Hyun Joong:   I miss all of you very much.

Q1. : And we miss you too Hyun Joong ^^ what did you prepare for Thai fans??

Hyun Joong:   I am very happy for this fanmeeting and also seeing so many fans welcoming me. Thank you very much. What special for this fanmeeting was that fans would come on stage, some will ger presents from me.

Q 2. : Your images of your new album is revealing your sexiness^^ do you consider yourself very sexy??

Hyun Joong:    Sexy?? may be not for me coz if I older, i wont be sexy anymore. So i dont think that I am sexy or anything ^^

Q 3. : You once said you’d like to be a Lion, why?

Hyun Joong:      It may sound very funny however due to my busy schedule I sometimes want to rest or having fun jus like a lion. I feel that a lion does live very freely.

Q 4. : If you were a superhero, what type of a superhero you woud want to be and what special power you’d want to have.

Hyun Joong:      I dont want to be a superhero. if i can choose, I would ask for more time to do my concert and to spend more time with my fans.

Q 5. : Anything you want to say to your fans??

Hyun Joong:     For my previous dramas, BOF & Playful Kiss, I had a rather cute character and very quiet but for City Conquest, I have to change my character to be a stronger person since there are many action scenes. Fans will see a different side of me. 

For my fans watching Sat Zone, I hope you will love me more and more (Sure we will keke) I will return you love by coming to Thaiand every year. And i will practise harder and come back with a better album and better drama. Thank you very much.

LazerKim View Point:

Before I go on, the mailing address of Kim Hyun Joong was posted for those who are interested to write to Kim Hyun Joong here it is:

Kim Hyun Joong mailing address:

6F American Standard Bldg. 110-1 Samsung-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul 135-090 Korea

Talking about Hyun Joong’s sexiness at question no.2, Hyun Joong is being modest as always, but of course the people who sees him should be the ones to be asked this question. Hyun Joong aah, I’m telling you, for me, you’re the sexiest man alive!! What does a man takes to be said he is sexy. I would say not all handsome men can be sexy. There are men who are not so handsome but with a strong sex appeal.

If we base sexiness in the physical aspect of a man, I think a well developed firm muscle, the 6 packs abs, broad shoulders, curvy muscle firmed arms and tall height as in 5’9 and above is such an ideal figure for men. I hope I’m right but this is an ideal type of defining sexiness in men, which Hyun Joong has it specially at this time that he had developed a well proportioned body figure. I think qualifying sexiness depends on our individual choice on how we see in men.

As I mentioned earlier, not all handsome men can be sexy or has that sex appeal. Hyun Joong I would has a very strong sex appeal, with almost perfect body structure and handsome face. For me what makes Hyun Joong sexy aside from his physique, is the way he walk, the way he dress up and the way his eyes look. Because even back then when he was young still with his group, he already has that sexiness. His body muscles may be pre-matured as yet but he already has that appeal.

May I just share with you another comment from my box that caught my attention again:

Wow, do guys change their looks this often in K-pop or is it just him?” I also wondered if the changes were management dictated or else if KHJ had full control of how he wanted his look to be or if he solicited advice from a stylist or consultant on what type of haircut/haircolor or clothing style he could try. 

Honestly, I find the Kpop idols of course including Hyun Joong, are quite fashionable, in the way they dressed up, accessorize according to their outfit and hairstyle. I think this is another attraction on them being stars. I’m not so familiar with other Korean stars but I think among them it’s Hyun Joong consistently change from time to time. There are agents who groom their artists not only in talents but also grooming from head to toes. But in case of Hyun Joong he is on his own creating his own image as well as his music. He definitely has a stylist but everything is being decided by him even in costumes that wears for his shows.

Off cam, well we can see from his photos what type of dresser he is. I think he has a simply taste and whatever is comfortable to him, that is what he wears every time off cam. Like his training and rehearsal outfit, he has the same thing and almost the same color. He’ll get himself a bunch of those outfits and stick to it. Hyun Joong is fond of wearing tight jeans and loose tops, sneaker or boots, hats and dark shades, adding up a complete accessories, from ear pierce, necklace, bracelet, watch and ring. As we all know his favorite color is black or gray and simple earth color depending on the season.

Hyun Joong is also fond of V neckline cut of shirt that reveals his firm cleavage that even looks sexy on him. Oh my now I’m talking about men’s fashion!! But for me how men dressed up is such an appealing factor, other than his body built and his handsome face. Hyun Joong has a good taste in terms clothes he wears, he knows exactly what suits him and carry it perfectly that anything he wears just looks perfect for him.

Hyun Joong mentioned he wants to be a lion!! The big sleepy cat, that’s Hyun joong who can just dose off anywhere!! I think this trait haven’t changed in him, the sleepy head is just so good sleeper!! I would understand this in his young age but he gets matured it basically change. At the filming of City Conquest, the scene in a gondola honeymoon, it was said he dose off waiting for the production staffs to get the set done!! Then during his photo session, there was a shot of Hyun Joong sleeping in a couch, he doze off!! I think every time there’s a good place he lay down he instantly drop to sleep!! That’s him!!

If Hyun Joong is being a superhero he wants more concerts and have more time with his fans, well that’s saying coming straight from his lips!! He is a stage addict!! It’s not only his fans who are addicted to him, even Hyun Joong is addicted to performing on stage too!. Oh I get reminded of my article Artist by Heart, as I mentioned in that article an artist by heart, after every successful show there’s only one thing an artist would like to do, and that is to go back to that stage and perform again. And it’s very true for Hyun Joong his fans cheers and scream is just enough to pay off his effort at the studio.

An artist by heart wouldn’t mind whether he’s being paid or not for as long as he gets on that stage to perform and being applauded is enough and nothing else matter. This is very true to Hyun Joong too, if you remember his Yokohama concert profit share he donated it to charity for the orphanage. And may I just say, the hi five, and handshake as Hyun Joong’s fan meeting concert Asia Tour including that in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, it’s his idea, it’s his call.

Before he started the fan meet series, the plan was to accommodate as much as a hundred fans, but Hyun Joong changed it to have a handshake to every fan who attended the event with an average of 3,000 fans per concert. Except in China which was done in selective ticket draw for a thousand fans. Not to mention the unforgettable Odaiba Tokyo handshake session in one rainy day!! Then the street dance he performed which was truly enjoyed by anyone who was there by accident!  Others had interpreted this gesture as promotional scheme but actually Hyun Joong was doing it to get closer to his fans and to thank them for their support.

Who wouldn’t fall for this superhero, if Hyun Joong can only fly like superman maybe he should have done so to visit all his fans in any part of the world as easy as just flying like a superhero!! Oh my mind is running wild again, what if Hyun Joong take his fans in an huge open field or a desert, and just place a single platform a microphone and speakers, grab his guitar and sing for us while we simply sit on the sand and listen to him. It’s gonna be his fans from every nation…*sigh*… It seems like a wonderful experience… Hey wake up the dream is over!!

I had this in mind because, in one of his interviews, he actually mentioned that back in his high school days he wouldn’t mind singing even there’s no stage no lights no proper venue, just himself and people whom he can share his music. I was still researching about him that time as I made a certain conclusion that Hyun Joong is an artist by heart. That’s very typical description of a real artist. He doesn’t prioritize on money, because he believes in proving himself and his worthiness then money eventually will follow. And it works for him very effectively beyond expectation then share a part of what he gained to the charity which he never neglect.

Maybe if Hyun Joong indeed is a superhero he would build many orphanage for the homeless kids, more free schools for them. And maybe build more homes for the elders who are alone living by themselves. These are the charity organization that he’s been actively supporting. And then his fans get together to help him in helping others. Or maybe Hyun Joong doesn’t have to be a superhero to materialize these activities since he’s already doing it and that his fans already took the initiative in helping in his behalf. Oh this is indeed a very good idol and fan relationship, and such an ideal one to be a role model in the showbiz industry.

Nothing is impossible nowadays to what Hyun Joong wish for, only one thing is his wish of the outer space!! I remember in one talk show, he was relating about his interest in the outer world, and as I was watching him talks I find that kid in him as if telling tales and trying to convince everyone about the outer space. It looks like a joke but he’s serious about his curiosity of the outer space!! Well,  those were the days at the TV talk shows when he was a frequent guest last year, which I really miss because this was how I knew more about the guy and his wacky 4D ways. How I wish he can do it again when he’ll be promoting his up coming dramas.

There are lots of events transpired that we get to reminisce about Kim Hyun Joong that for me if I can only bring back the past events, what I would like to see from him again and again is his wackiness!!If I were made to choose what dream would I want to be fulfilled as fan of Kim Hyun Joong? I would like to dream of that event that my superhero would gather all his fans all over the world in one open space with him sitting with his guitar and sing for us. Shallow it may be no grand fanfare but simply Kim Hyun Joong as himself for real and his fans just being together that nothing else matter! Why not, dreams are free anyway, but don’t doze off longer or you might miss Hyun Joong getting on his flight on his location shooting for City Conquest!!

Kim Hyun Joong will always be our Alien Superhero, in our heart and in our daily reality life.

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!


21 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ALIEN SUPERHERO

  1. My Kim Hyun Joong,my big wish is to meet him. 😉 But,I believe that’s gonna be one day.. I believe that! I’m happy that I know him ”this way” from internet,dramas,when he singing,on interviews.. 😀 hehe.. I want him all the best wishes in work,and in his personal life.. He deserves that. I’m always with him,and I love everything whats he’s doing.. ❤ Sarangheayo oppa ❤ Fighting! 😉 🙂 :** Big greetings from Croatia,I love you! (and sorry for English) 🙂

  2. HE…totaly awesome.HIS sexines complex. HE is WOW!! without trying to be sexy because HE have amazing sex appeal. Thank for thearticle sist, anyway miss HIM and you till death…just back from macau with my head keep on count how many article that I missed.Wish HIM luck for all HIS project…more love for HIM. God bless sist

    • Hello sis!! Welcome back!! I miss you, I was wondering what happen to you but hoping you’re alright!! It’s ok articles are just there waiting for you take your time have a good rest and I’ll bring everything about HJ to you!! Take care and see you again!! God bless Welcome back to the Alien World!

  3. lk! Hi how are you? I guess my articles not getting out to everyone b/c wordpress blacklisted me for a novice blogger’s mistake! I’m trying to get it overturned… but, in the meantime enjoying your articles so much! Wish I had the time to write every day like you! I am really busy right now. But, my dream of teaching English will be one step closer if I get the job at the University! Then, I can daydream about teaching my Hyun Joong -ssi English. I would have him speaking perfectly to melt the hearts of all English speaking fans! 😀

    *sigh* he is so beautiful. It relieves my stress just staring at his pics. I guess he has changed his favorite color to black. It was white when he was in ss501 or so I read. He also wore it a lot back then. I guess black is for his grown up manly persona! LOL! Of course he is sexy in anything! I saw pics of him on stage in a red suit. So sexy sexy! I think my fave pic is one from breakdown with the black leather and sunglasses.

    Miss you sis! I was a bit depressed this weekend… reading about my Angel today has made me feel better! Email me! 😀 luv u!

  4. For me,KHJ is not sexy but cute.Whatever he does or he says,all are cute to death and I can’t help falling for him again and again.What I like the most in HJ’s physical features is his eyes.Those eyes of his show his pureness,honesty and innocence which are the reasons I can’t escape from him forever.
    LK,thank you for your wonderful article which makes my day complete. See you again.

  5. Unnie I don’t know what I should write, he is the SUPER HERO that I found in reality..let’s fly to mars with him. Have to save more!! Any idea about ticket price? LOL! May Triple Gem Bless You and all..

    • LOL Dinu we will fly riding at the wings of our superhero, so no need for plane ticket!! i chose the dessert so that we don’t need to pay for venue, everything is free we can even build a tent in desert so we can sleep!!! LOL Just a kiddie dream!! LOL

      • LOL! We can fly on his Angel wings, right? I would love to just lay on blanket by the beach… and listen to him sing and strum on his guitar. I also would love to just have him talk to me. he could say anything… recite phone book for all I care! I just love his sweet, gentle voice! AHHH *sigh* I am really being a fan in love today! I LOVE YOU MY ANGEL HYUN JOONG!

        • Well after a stressful weekend I think we all deserve some fly light in wings taking us in an open space w/HJ. Nothing matters for as long as we can be together in one KHJ!! Me too we’re all in love and it would be nice to be have that feeling everyday!!!

    • Fly me to the Moon, let me walk among the stars…….yeah that fit Hj well indeed. our super Hot super sexy namja!! love the pics and the muscles and this color of hair. 🙂

      • hahahaha that’s a good laugh over a dream of flying with the superhero!!!! Oh how I wish fans from my other article can join us here and join flying with us and have some fun together with superhero!!! LOL

  6. ^^ HJ ❤ XD s e x y n e s s… well, he's not the typical sexy guy… I kinda believe what he said though…:) I guess the percent of sexyness he has comes from his naiveness xD He doesn't realize he actually has that, that's what makes him sexy. Plus he's very attractive (physically and psychologically) :3 <- that's a known fact xD But oh LK nooo I don't like the idea of him singing for us on a desert xd that's too hot, and at night, too cold. A random place would be good! Like you said, an open field xd LK, you can kidnap HJ, I can take my mics and guitar stands, a few guitars, guitar amps, active speakers, a cool audio mixing console there, and voilá! The improvised open air gig would be ready for everybody hahahaha xD Then we can invite Perfect, Henecia and even the Ssangchu fans to gather all together and be happy 'as one'! hahahaha xddd I like it when u write joyful articles ^^ They make 'my night' xd 3 hrs ago I think I saw a tweet by Josh Rose saying he had an awesome night w HJ and crew yesterday lol so from my crazy ideas, I thought that maybe he is recording the OST for City Conquest o.O who knows… Baek Mir, my body is readyyy \(^-^)/

    • LOL hahahaha there you are!!! Don’t worry sweetie it’s just a dream!! LOL Yes that’s what we need a big open space, got that??? you’ll be the event organizer for sure, challenge for you it has to be in a desert!!! LOL

      • || I did re-appeared yesterday, I actually posted what had vanished on yesterday’s article xd||| …On the Antarctic, then! the biggest piece of it, it belongs to my country so it’s all good xd Plus there HJ can make one of his dreams come true and drink plenty of antarctic water hahaha xD Everybody has to wear penguin hats just like the chinese fans who wore panda hats LOL Those should be made by you, LK! I want them hand-made! That would be your challenge .-. xd

        • Oh so you have a good place in your country? So then that settles it!! Who’s doing the head count? Alright good idea we’ll have those penguin hats LOL!! with the boring days like this leads one to dream but don’t forget to wake up!! It’s work time!! gotta go!! nice dreaming with you girl!! LOL see you!

  7. Hi,

    I, too, think accessories are very sexy on a guy. I love small-scale earrings (such as studs or small hoops) on a guy. KHJ’s ear piercings were one of the first things I noticed about him in his personal life as well as the nice watches and necklaces he often wears. I also think KHJ dresses very well.

    Sexiness is indeed a confidence or an “air” one exudes when they are near you. The face may make one notice him, but the way a guy walks, the way his clothes fit his body, the line of his physique, the way he talks (and at times, the way he smells when he is near) help to capture the attention of those around him. Those sexy attributes make some people admire that person from afar, some to hover nearby to be in the same physical space, and some to commit to memory how it felt to witness that person.

    His sleepiness – One of my favorite “sleepy” videos on youtube is the Thanks for Waking Me Up show in which the members are trying various ways to wake him up and they put a giraffe hat on his head. He looks just like a little baby with the animal headgear on…LOL!!! There is also a SS501 video where a manager tries to pull a blanket off him to wake him up and he exclaims that “please, sunbae, I have no underwear on” or something to that effect.

    Those videos and the variety shows that many fans (thank you!!!) have uploaded online allow new fans (and old) to get glimpses of that 4-D personality and help to take him beyond that “pretty boy” image into a person who likes to laugh and doesn’t take everything so seriously…one who likes to have fun and enjoy life.

  8. Thanks LazerKim for the SatZone translation. I just saw that video and had no idea what he was talking about and now I do. Your articles are well thought out and easy to read so I wasn’t able to understand why it always took me so long to read them. Well I finally figured it out. I always get so distracted by those awesome pics I always lose my train of thought and have to start over! 😀 But pretty please (with sugar on top) keep right on posting them! They make my day so much brighter!

    • Allie I learned a lot from you thanks, I mean with the other article. I got hold of pix I think it’s true there are such pix. I don’t know what to think but I was so shock!!

      And about the pix here LOL I can’t help it I just love his pix, it’s for the young ones those who are collecting HJ’s pix!! LOL They love collecting them too just like me!!! Thank you take care see you again!! Allie how I wish to know about that history fr the veteran fans. God bless..

      • I hope you know I didn’t want to stir the pot in that other article. I just wanted some newer fans to know why those sites do what they do. I really didn’t want to make anyone look bad because I too know some Joongbo fans and they are really good people but as with every fandom you have a few who just take things over the line. Respect goes both ways. Sorry but I just had to get all that out but now I will end that subject since we have moved on to better ones!

        My computer is filled up with pics of Hyun Joong! I had to get a huge external hard drive just to use for my Hyun Joong and SS501 pics and videos and I am about to have to get another one. 😀

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