Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PRINCE CHARMING

 By: LazerKim            Kim Hyun Joong has a thousand different faces or images, I wonder what could be your favorite among all those images? Majority of my readers had first seen Hyun Joong at BOF, he may had been given the second lead role at BOF but he earned a huge global attention. I would think Hyun Joong portraying Yoon Ji Hoo is like Prince Charming specially the memorable scene of Yoon Ji Ho playing his violin reflects an image of an innocent Prince, the handsome, gentle, protective and hopelessly romantic. But behind that image in the real life there’s more to it from the star who portrayed Yoon Ji Hoo!!

Whenever Hyun Joong is on his exposure, we are all busy with updates following him as the news flows everyday about his activities for the day. When he’s in silent mode, we do miss him quite a lot. What do we do? As for me, I review the recent events as it transpired. If the silent mode of Hyun Joong goes a bit longer, I start reminiscing the past which gives me a good feeling of relief, light and loving. I enjoy myself looking at his pictures of different hairstyle as Hyun Joong looks like as if I’m staring at different men!! But he’s definitely Only One.

 In one of my articles, a fan from US wrote at my comment box that caught attention as she wrote: “I engrossed myself in looking at the million different hairstyles/hair colors and various physical changes from baby-faced very pretty guy (prettier than most girls) to more manly looking.”

As we all know whenever Hyun Joong goes out there on his exposure, we see something different from him as if we’re seeing another different guy. Hyun Joong is very fond of changing his hairstyle or hair color from time to time. When I first started following him, the first thing I did was to collect pictures of Hyun Joong with different hairstyles and hair colors. All the while I thought I was the only one who would take notice and be interested in his constant physical changes! And that is why I put this comment up here, and thanks for sharing your thoughts, you know who you are.

Watching from Boys Over Flower as majority of my readers first met Hyun Joong, among the F4 he’s the only one who had changed his hairstyle and color for quite a number of times within the entire episode of the drama. I was attracted to Hyun Joong as soon as I have seen him in this drama. But the image that gave the strongest impact I think not only with me but even to the media, is Hyun Joong’s manly Breakdown image, in his dark short hair, his leather suit and dark glasses. We may have our different favorites within Hyun Joong’s different hairstyle, but for me this is my favorite, the one you see on my wall and it will stay as it is till the end.

This image of Hyun Joong is very significant to me, because this is where I was fully captured by him. I was attracted to him watching from BOF, and my first impression of him was “this guy is a model”. I like the way he walks and dress up like a prince should be. I was able to let go of him though. But this one in 2011, from the time I have seen him in dark short hair, it was from a photo at YouTube that says Kim Hyun Joong.

Then I said, no this couldn’t be him. I search further on YouTube and the video of Hyun Joong’s Breakdown MV was what I viewed, I was astounded, mesmerized and I can’t ask, where’s the flower boy gone now? What happen to him? I can not forget that night I started browsing from 7pm and end up 7am the following day, still unbelievable trying to find what happen to Hyun Joong!! From that time on, I couldn’t let go anymore. And from there on, my life changed.

Hyun Joong shocked the entire world with his changes and the media went crazy about him on his debut album and had brought the album to the top of any Music Chart for three consecutive weeks bringing home three trophies. I remember there were two critics at one of the blogs and chatting at the comment box asking each other as to what part of Hyun Joong’s face that had the plastic surgery!! I was all laughing at them that I couldn’t say it’s his hair that made his face looks different. I want to say, hey girls, Hyun Joong already hit the top at the chart your idol left behind and you’re still crazy discussing plastic surgery!!

It was at this period Hyun Joong had shown the power of transformation and it was here he had shown that the flower boy was already a grown up man. I can still remember that video clip as he was interviewed by media right after his TV performance at the back stage Hyun Joong was still catching his breath as he said “I want to show my manly side to my fans and I hope they will like it.!! He still has his fans in mind not minding being tired after the performance and probably not even aware of the strong impact his new image had brought the entire world!!

Only after a month Hyun Joong changed again, from the black short hair to the blonde short, and he different again!! He traveled for The Face Shop Asia Tour, promoting his Breakdown album and The Face Shop since he was the official product endorser. After a few months, he made another surprise as he launch his second album Lucky guy. This time his hairstyle was totally different again, it’s a bit longer and curly. The album came up in a success again just like Breakdown and the year 2011 ended as Hyun Joong pick up all the trophies of different awards from here and there. It was endless success until at present.

What makes Hyun Joong different among the rest of the artists? He has the ability to self transformation in such a unique way. Why is it that there are a lot of singers with good quality voice, superlative but couldn’t make it to the music chart? Many artists has been in the industry for years and yet their popularity growth does not improve? In many awards, there may be a lot more good actors and yet they couldn’t get an award. And I wouldn’t say these artists are less competitive because they are much better than the artists who won. Hyun Joong started his solo career last year 2011 as a singer and yet he had accomplish a lot more than what was expected.

What does Hyun Joong possess that others can not have? Some may think he’s overrated which I totally disagree. As I have said in my other articles, it is not enough for a star artist to have superlative talent to reach his stardom. It takes a lot of factors that makes up a star. In my country I remember having two female superstars who were unbeatable for so many years, both are singers and actress. One is beautiful but an singer, and the other one is not so beautiful but a good singer. Both were good actresses only after some years of experience. They may be competing but both are equally winners and until now both have retired but no one had ever taken their crown. 

Talents can be developed, but the “IT” factor is inborn to an artist. The natural personality, stage appeal and magic charisma of an artist if he has stays. An artist can not be popular by himself alone no matter how good he is. As I have written Strong Hold that talks about the importance of artist agent, they too have the responsibility to groom their managing artists. As I have mentioned in that article that agents and producers plays an important role in the success of their artist. If you remember Hyun Joong’s history that at DSP just before he could do anything in his audition, Hyun Joong was told that he was already accepted.

The producers or agents can identify that IT factor in an artist, right from the start upon seeing Hyun Joong DSP already knew Hyun Joong has a good future as an artist. They knew right from the start he can outshine anyone beside him. KeyEast entrusted their confidence on Hyun Joong gave all everything what it takes to win. And Hyun Joong proved himself more than what KeyEast expects from him. His magic charisma is remarkable that none in the industry had ever doubted. He might be criticized in his talent but never in his personality.

Who among the artist can easily transform in the most natural way? Hyun Joong just have to either chage his hairstyle or hair color and wallah, as if you’re looking at a totally different person. In performance he is overbearing on any stage, by just letting him stand and not doing anything can already call an instant attention and not just attention in a glimpse but his aura stays within that his audience’s eyes are glued on him.

What more if gets to move and rock the stage? He just can capture the hearts of many. What more when he talks? Oh at first I would joke, Hyun Joong is very handsome just don’t let him talk! Because once he start talking it’s either you’ll laugh or you’ll cry!!! That’s his magic, he talks carelessly with complete honesty.

Some may doubt about his winning the Best Artist, simply because people still has the stereotype definition of being an artist have to be superlative in his talent. I don’t think so. Not all excellent talented artist has that “it” factor. And I would say it’s very rare for an artist to possess such trait and Hyun Joong is one of the few who has what it takes to be a star. In his documentary, a producer said he can even rise up to the heights of stardom. You may say Hyun Joong could even hardly smile, that’s true, but when he does, you’ll be caught up looking for that magic smile again and crave more than just a smile.

 And now may I ask how was Hyun Joong able to captured your heart? And how was he able to stay in your heart that you find it difficult to let go, but instead you can’t get enough of him. There are many reasons what made us head over heels fall for him, and honestly, I have been writing about him for months now continuously I still haven’t got more profound reason that may describe my attachment as a fan to my idol and the question why him?? There are many Kpop idols that you may say much better than him although for me, Hyun Joong is beyond comparable.

Among all the stars or among my previous favorites that I would say there are similarities in their star personality. I can’t evaluate them by their personal traits in reality since I barely know them at least not as much as I know Hyun Joong. I only know that they are good artists, so I can evaluate through what my eyes can see, and I would say among all of my previous favorites, Hyun Joong has the power to self transformation which he finds it comfortable for himself with less effort. And I think this is something unique for a person to possess.

Take notice that anything he does to himself, he stays as handsome, and his charisma is overbearing that is so irresistible to anyone. He can charm anyone who is in front of him with less effort and just being his natural self.  It’s so amazing to have known a person like Kim Hyun Joong as he possess a magical charm on and off stage that can melt your heart out.

You are not in a dreamland to imagine someone who’s far out from reality or a man made image created by dream.  But this a reality in describing Kim Hyun Joong as the Prince Charming in our daily life. For today’s daily dose, a thought of Prince Charming in one star Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

Photo credits at tagged, Ms. D thanks!


12 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PRINCE CHARMING

  1. Hi! I m also just another fan of KHJ, yet I think my love for him is divine and we r connected with one another in some way or the other. I just wish to meet him at least once in my this life span.

  2. Hey LK, Hj is really like a Chameleon, but I really prefer him like now muscle and so on that is a real Namja and sexy, not chubby that was then, this is now and that makes him what he is today and I look forward to see him more sexy. He is one hot prima male. Hot and keeping us on heat….Love the pics of course. I did see one (on same site )that he is showing his full abs, hot……real hot. 🙂

  3. The first time I met HJ virtually it was when DSP announced that they were going to debut a new boyband and they posted their pics and profiles. I was so looking forward to that since I had previously liked Sechskies’ music, an old K-pop boyband from DSP. So when I saw the very 1st pic of SS501 I was sold! I saw HJ’s pic and profile and I knew he was gonna own my heart! They had no songs yet lol but I read that HJ loved rock music and that he had a rock band when he was younger and that attracted me to him even more. That was the 1st time I pronounced his beautiful name ^^ Then when SS501 started to appear on tv, I loved how awkward, funny, 4d, weird, honest HJ was (is and will be xd). I also read his 100 Q’s and eng trans about them, etc. It’s impossible not to fall in love with HJ ❤ Well, my fave HJ era is Warning! He was a bit chubby at that time, black-haired, & baby-faced ❤ ||| Last year, I knew when Please teaser would be released so I waited patiently at night until it came out. OMG it was a shock for me! but he looked really hot & sexy with that hairstyle *drools* even though I prefer him with longer hair and chubbier lol. When the comeback day came, I was so nervous streaming it live of course (at 6am, 'my' time xd), and when I heard the first notes of Let me go and I saw the most handsome man ever coming downstairs, my heart kept on skipping beats endlessly and my body kept on over producing endorphins haha ❤ ❤ ❤ At those times I feel 'human' hahahaha! xd Omfg! I love him so much!!! He's my drug xddd If loving him is a sin, then I'd be the greatest sinner ever!!! Have a lovely afternoon, LK! XD

    • WordPress ate up sth i had posted xd here it is -> I love every style he has had, and even if he dyed his hair as a rainbow, he’d still look gorgeous lol

  4. my only one, kim hyun joong.
    he’s the first and only male star i became a fan of. i am very proud of being his fan.

  5. Hi, LazerKim!

    Yes, that was my comment…for when I first started researching non-stop online for a couple of days between watching BOF and Playful Kiss, I was surprised at how much KHJ was able to transform himself with hairstyle, haircolor, way of dress (performance outfits, airport outfits, cover shoots). Imagine looking at a whole gallery of different looks over multiple years but as a new fan looking at these vastly different looks all in a couple of days of scouring the Internet. LOL I was like “Wow, do guys change their looks this often in K-pop or is it just him?” I also wondered if the changes were management dictated or else if KHJ had full control of how he wanted his look to be or if he solicited advice from a stylist or consultant on what type of haircut/haircolor or clothing style he could try. I do like the way he dresses although I do wish he would wear some additional colors sometime (haha but that is probably because I wear a lot of colors in my own wardrobe and love when a guy embraces color). However, KHJ does look good in what he wears and appears comfortable in his own skin so to speak.

    While his former bandmates and other k-pop artists do vary their looks quite often, none can completely transform with each look (hair and style-wise) and STILL look just as handsome/suited to that particular look regardless the sheer number of such vastly different looks. KHJ is one of those rare ones who seems to choose styles which suit him nearly all the time. While I prefer his Breakdown short spiky hairstyle/leather outfit and his blonde Rainism tribute time period and his current hairstyle the best, I still think he can easily wear any style and haircolor. I also like when he wears hats/sunglasses out in his personal life. I loved his hairstyle in BOF during the bus ride with Jan di (while wearing cute glasses)…LOL

    I also notice how he transforms when performing as well. With sunglasses, he does have a more manly (sexy) persona/bad boy image and is even more confident with his dance moves and onstage bravado. Without the sunglasses, he is more approachable but in the attractive guy next door type of way. This approachable “look” helps him sell the ballads to the audience since they are transfixed first by the image and then by the emotional delivery of the song.

    Like you, I know other artists who are far better singers but may not engage the audience as much. (Often, my standard of buying an artist’s cd: if there was just a mic and that artist, could I enjoy the performance? For many balladers and singer/musicians, that is fine with me for just enjoying the superb voice and the music ability of their playing which can transfix me.) Then, there are performers who are great dancers and possess very poor to little “live” singing ability and have no connection with the audience: no interaction, just a standard script of performing a song in a certain order, etc. Opposite of that, KHJ and a few other artists (while great dancers) are able to take their dance, their stage presence, and their charm (with audience interaction through conversing with the audience and playing games with the audience or letting the audience choose the songs they are going to sing) and in turn, add to the overall enjoyment of the concert. This injects personality into the performance and allows some intimacy between the audience and the artist.

    It will be interesting to see how KHJ transforms when the drama has finished filming.

    • Hello val thanks for sharing your thoughts, I was hoping you would come back!! LOL I was jumping with excitement because i got the same thoughts bout rainism which i really like! In one of HJ’s interviews he mentioned it’s his idea to create his image all of it. Specially this Breakdown because as I’ve said it’s total transformation that he did and it’s very significant among the changes in hairstyle ect. this is quite different that I was really amazed. This is another liberty given to him by KE when it comes to his image and music, he’s on his
      own. I agree with your opinion. there’s always that personal touch in his work and with the receiving his fans.
      Thank you so much for sharing, see you again have a nice weekend and God bless..

  6. I have always said Hyun Joong is a chameleon because he changes his look nearly everyday and also changes his look for whatever it is he is doing. You are so right. Not every artist has the “it” factor. Hyun Joong has “it” and then some!

    I saw Hyun Joong on the show X Man. I wasn’t even watching it because of him. I was watching it because of someone else but the moment I saw Hyun Joong and his shy, sweet smile that was all she wrote for me. I researched who he was, found out everything I could about him, found out he was with SS501, and I have been his and a SS501 fan ever since. That was back in early 2007. Even though I adore all the SS501 members he will always have that special corner of my heart. First because he’s Hyun Joong, and I know all of you understand what I mean, and second because I would never have found SS501 if not for him.

  7. My favorite Kim Hyun Joong ‘look’ has always been ‘Break Down ‘ hairstyle. That hair cut was AWESOME!! Made him look real and very naturaly handsome.

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