Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR PRIVACY

By: LazerKim          Sometime in February this year I wrote the article Unity in One which talks about fans from different countries uniting in one Kim Hyun Joong. I still hold on to what I wrote even this article was written some months ago, what I have written in that article still is true to me. There is a cold war going on among Hyun Joong fans, and may I emphasize once again that I do not belong to any fan club of Hyun Joong. I stay as neutral as I could and would just like to share my humble thoughts.

Some fans shared with me a write up about one of Hyun Joong’s history, to those new fans who are also confuse as I am!! LINK ( This write-up coming from Korea. Unfortunately I wasn’t around yet that time this started so probably the link may give you a brief history why there is a cold war.

The other day I lost my connection but I have written this article that I wasn’t able to post. this is how all it started. Here it goes:

Today Aug. 23, I woke up 5am, as usual I replied on my comment boxes and emails from fans and log in to twitter searching for update photos. I came across a recent photo of Hyun Joong at the film set the scene (photo above) with the cast enjoy chatting but the picture of Jung Yoo Mi was changed to another celeb!! I said to myself, what is this?? My comment box buzz in, so I lost my thoughts about the picture and I proceeded to my writing reply to my comment box and when I came back to twitter I think there seem to be discussion or something that pertains to the picture.

Forgive me, I will not name drop so may I call Fan A as the one who posted the picture and Fan B is a member of a fan club from Korea who reacted to the picture. Both fans are active in their updates and I appreciate both efforts in doing so. The original picture I believe came from Korea obviously since the credit here is written in Korean characters. I’m pertaining to the picture above. See, the girl standing at that picture that’s Jung Yoo Mi and her picture was changed to another celeb in that shot, Jung Yoo Mi changed it to Hwang Bo!!

Here’s how the conversation goes since I follow both so I was able to get this:

Fan B: PERFECT does not allow to edit or use any pictures. PLEASE delete this right now

Fan A: I did not edit the picture FYI. I just re-post it from weibo. And you can say it in a nice way I can understand.

Fan B: PERFECT does not share anything with Joongboers (Ssangchu) like you. Unfollow PERFECT and do NOT re-post anything from Perfect.

Fan A:  I unfollow those who are sarcastic what’s the use of following. The picture I posted is from Weibo. How come you don’t stop the one who posted in weibo first before barking on me.

Forgive me I do not know what FYI means, since I only copied the twit how it was written. For briefer, (Fan B) Perfect is the pioneer fan club of Hyun Joong and said to be the biggest fan base of Hyun Joong in S.Korea. (Fan A) Joongboers or Ssangchu are the fans who were pairing up Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo.

According to Fan A she got the picture from weibo, and just re-post it but she was not the one who edited the picture. Perfect now prohibits re-posting of photos from her camp to the camp of Joongboers. I think the concern here is the person who edited the picture. But then, at the twitter or weibo if photos and updates are posted anyone can pick it up, that’s liberty we have at the twitter. A twitter user can not select whom she wants to share what she is posting. I just find it unfair to be selective with whom we share, and twitter I believe is for public since anyone can re-post whatever is posted.

Now I do not want to pass judgement on anyone but with all honesty, I do not understand why the picture has to be edited and change it to somebody else who is not even a cast of City Conquest in the first place.

As I have mentioned in my past articles, I’m not fond of pairing Kim Hyun Joong to anybody, be it celeb or non-celeb, and may I say it again, not unless Hyun Joong faces the camera and declares that he’s having a relationship then that’s the only time I would believe he is indeed having a relationship. And even he declares, I may write about her once, whoever his choice but I will leave that space Private on Hyun Joong’s personal relationship and privacy. I have so much respect on him pertaining to this matter. This is my stand as far as personal relationship of Hyun Joong is concern. But this does not mean I’m against the fans who are pairing him up, I have friends from JoongBo too and my friends knows that I’m not against Hwang Bo. I even wrote an article about WGM. May I just clear that out.

If I were Jung Yoo Mi, I would probably be offended, I mean just for once let us be a little considerate. We can voice out our opinion, but to edit the picture is something else. Or this may be done just for fun of it, it’s not a crime but still I find it improper. Well, this is just my personal opinion to whoever did the editing. My question now is, will Hyun Joong be happy seeing pictures like this?  Let’s not put these people in an embarrassing situation, they are professionals. They are working and let’s leave them in peace. I believe the picture had been deleted  and I do hope we can learn something here.

I do not know who did the editing of that picture, but I do hope you’re reading this. What was being done to the picture created unnecessary fury among fans. Now here’s my question. Do you think Hwang Bo will be happy once she get to see the picture?  I’m sure she wouldn’t like the idea being 2nd hand replacement!! She’s not a cast of City Conquest, to begin with!! If Hyun Joong wants to have a picture with Hwang Bo well by all mean why not? I got no problem with that, and it would even be better that way rather than editing pictures. I do hope we can learn something from here, this is getting out of hand.

There are lots of pictures trying to connect Hyun Joong with Hwang Bo that I have been ignoring simply because I do not want to offend my fan friends who are fans of Hwang Bo too. But with that picture, may I beg for your indulgence, to the one who edited the picture, but I find it insulting to Jung Yoo Mi. Don’t get me wrong I barely know her and I’m not a fan of hers. This is just a matter of etiquette to whoever is Hyun Joong’s current leading lady that I would like to point out. And I don’t mean to be controversial here, just trying to point out some matters which I think needs to be brought up and learn from it.

August 25, 2012

Yesterday as I log in at twitter, I was surprised by the post the fans had been posting, it seem to me everyone had turned to Joongboer. I got two friends I know they are Hwang Bo fans, but I just found out others seem to be just hiding from the skirt of Henecia, now I found their true color. Are the fans now being segmented? Everyone seem to be calling for unfollow this and that, is this necessary? Can’t we at least calm down, sit and analyse if we’re doing this right?  I know I have no right to dictate, and I respect whatever you say. If you’re reading this I hope I can get the same respect to hear me out.

First Question: How much do you love Kim Hyun Joong as all us claims to be??

Second Question: Do you think Hyun Joong will be happy with what is happening and this causing cold war among the fans of both camp? I’m pertaining to Kim Hyun Joong fans and Hwang Bo fans.

Third Question:  I believe we’re all matured here, is this what we are going to teach the new fans and the young ones, to have WAR among ourselves?

Now sit back and hear me out anyway this is my blog, let’s have some respect and calm down. At this point may I humbly suggest this To the Joongboer or SSangchu, if any of your member has the guts to write Hyun Joong, Hwang Bo or KeyEast and ask them if they indeed is having a relationship, if they can face the camera and declare their relationship. If they will say YES then we will gladly accept it. But if they say NO I hope the ssangchu would accept it too.

This is just a suggestion that may resolve this problem. Some fans were being accused of having  imaginary relationship of Hyun Joong.  It’s been four years since WGM and we don’t hear from him declaring any relationship between him and her. Although at that write up posted with this article, it says both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo denied that they have relationship.

Two of my fan friends from JoongBo told me that their relationship is a secret. How can it be a secret if my two fan friends know about it and now I guess it’s no longer a secret. JoongBoer have been posting edited pictures of Hyun Joong and HwangBo, and pictures of similar items that both have that anyone can have too. JoongBo have been trying to connect the two. I think the best proof of evidence is for Hyun Joong to come up front on camera and declare the said relationship if ever they have.

Hyun Joong can do it if he wants to, since he had openly admitted his personal relationship in the past, so I don’t see any reason why he can’t at this time. He even admitted being dump by his girlfriend! So not unless he speaks about his personal relationship, I would find it hard to believe he actually has. Hyun Joong has his own life, he has his own decision and he has his own privacy for us to respect. We are just his fans, we are bound to our limits that I hope we follow. One of the HB fan posted something like KHJ fans are selfish that they do not want Hyun Joong to have a relationship until he gets old!

I can only speak for myself being a KHJ fan, for me Hyun Joong can get married tomorrow or whenever he wish and whoever his choice. It was Hyun Joong’s statement that he does not want to have a relationship and his career at the same time specially at this time when he’s building his career ladder. I’m just echoing what he was saying. May I just clear that up, since it’s his business not mine it’s his life not mine. One of the JoongBo fans posted, “Open your heart, accept the truth”.  It’s only Hyun Joong who holds the truth about himself not Joongbo and if he has to spill out the truth again I would gladly accept whatever he say.

Fans have different opinions, and views, some may support other celebs other than Hyun Joong and this is an individual choice  that I respect. It’s not Hwango Bo or anyone whom you support that I’m pointing out, but Hyun Joong’s private life, personal relationship that I think some fans had stepped on its boundary being fans. May I just remind our limitations being just a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. If that relationship is a secret as it was claimed to be, it should have been kept instead of posting edited picture showing your proof about the said relationship.

This is my point, still it boils down to respect to Kim Hyun Joong, if a secret is entrusted to you then why broadcast it, what’s the reason? You should have gone to the media and show those pictures, if they’re convince then Hyun Joong has to face the camera to disclose the truth again! If he admits that there is a relationship, then fine, you don’t need to edit the picture to prove. I’m just wondering for four years if indeed there is allegedly a relationship, I don’t think Korean media is a less expert in tracking down Hyun Joong’s relationship.

Everyone of us has the freedom of choice whom we support other than Kim Hyun Joong that is our individual decision which I respect among ourselves. As for me I support ONLY ONE and this is how it is gonna be for me and this blog solely for Kim Hyun Joong. I still believe that no matter how different we are, at the end of the day, we can still be One in Kim Hyun Joong in defending, protecting and supporting him. I still strongly believe this and nothing else matter.

Everyone had stated their opinion which I respect and I think I ‘m entitled to it too with due respect. These are my thoughts and my stand pertaining to this matter.

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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  1. its not a bigdeal for me…its just for joongbos wild imagination.respect is a word that not be used commonly,the word itself signify a wide meaning.just ignore it cause it will lead that you have interpreted it will. in the end, their no secret in this world that not revealed if their is, the truth will come out soon, so now be in peace.god bless to all the fans in both parties… just enjoy.

  2. To LK ;
    here’s my 2 cents: If you’re talking about PSed pics then there’s nothing wrong unless a comment in bad light was written pertaining to the picture. Remember this is computer age already and to be able to do a photo shopped picture that looks perfectly true is a work of a computer genius. I assume you just hate it that Hwangbo’s photo was superimposed in that picture. May I ask a question? Would you be writing something like this again if it wasn’t the face of HB and instead some other actress? I wonder. . .

    • Oh yes for sure I would be writing again, in fact I wrote it again with another actress on similar case to being linked with HJ. Yeah i agree we’re on computer age but it doesn’t mean we forget about respect. Why should I hate somebody whom I barely know, no, I don’t hate HB or anyone!

  3. We all love KHJ. Leave his privacy, it is not our business. If you love someone, you should happy with the one he chooses. I do agree with your comment , Lazerkim. Thanks a lot to make it clear for new fan of KHJ. Some fans have never known about WGM.

  4. Sweet blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News?

    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thank you

  5. Just an afterthought that might make you all giggle. I am such a new fan… I never heard of Joongboers. When LK first emailed me about this I thought she was saying Joongbooers! Like, people who boo my beloved Angel Kim Hyun Joong! Imagine my fury! 😀 Now, I get it. There is a whole fandom that wants them to be a couple? That seems a waste of energy to me. I just follow my Angel and concentrate on his positive influence! *sigh* you learn something new everyday, right?

  6. Hi,
    I just realize some people might be confused with the credit of the photos.
    What FAN B asked to delete was their photos not media photos.
    I am not a member of FAN B’s fan site, but I saw their twt at that time, so wanna make this sure. ^^
    FAN A posted FAN B’s several photos juxtaposed vertically and made as one. (I am not sure FAN A combined photos by herself or not.)
    But FAN B doesn’t allow any change from their original photos, that’s why FAN B asked FAN A to deleted their photos which they thought ‘edited’.
    I just hope no more confusion on this issue.
    and thank you for sharing your article. ^^

        • I’m sure the pic she meant is the one taken when HJ was going for HEY!3x music program in Japan. Someone in weibo edited the pic taken by FAN B and put it together with other pics to show the shirt’s brand sponsor that he wore for the music program. FAN A shared it on twitter, then FAN B asked her to delete it.
          Actually this pic did not cause any problem, this has happened before, Fan A just have to delete the pic and case closed. But it was the following tweet from FAN B that started the whole thing, where they asked FAN A to unfollow them. And this tweet was caused by FAN A sharing the edited media pics with HB’s face.

          So the edited media pics are still the problem here, but FAN B’s first and second tweets are talking about two different pics. FAN B did not ask FAN A to delete the media photos, but the one from the music program.

          • Fan A is always posting edited pictures from weibo with credits from who edited it. Fan B Ordered her to delete the pictures which was edited by a fan cos its from them. But what makes Fan A mad was when Fan B singled out d SSangchu edited picture which is not from Fan B but a Media photo and told her in a rude way about the picture, and according to Fan A that was the second time that happened to her.I mean Fan A just posted the Psed picture if they don’t like it fine.But they don’t have to be rude to Fan A. Fan A said she unfollowed sarcastic people,its her free will, no one can dictate you whom to follow and unfollow.

    • lol sorry to more confuse you.
      I had to explain what photos FAN B asked to delete but I couldn’t remember, except they were FAN B’s logos on them and put several of them together when FAN A reposted on twitter.
      Just wanted to make it sure, cuz there are two different photos mixed in the conversation between FAN A and FAN B in the article.

      Thank you Christy to clarify this issue ^^

      Please read Christy’s reply down here ↓↓↓↓

      • well I am not familiar with wordpress interface,
        I though my reply would underneath my first reply..
        now it seems I recommended another one.
        what i recommended was Christy’s reply explaining about FAN B’s photos.

        is there no way to modify the reply?

  7. My love for HJ started because of WGM and I love seeing Joongbo together. But I will not believe that they are in relationship until I hear it from his own mouth. I have nothing against Joongboers, in fact I was a Joongboer and a frequent visitor of Joongbo soompi thread few years ago. But as time goes, I drifted away from the fandom, because I feel uncomfortable with how extreme some (not all) people take their beliefs, and how fans’ speculations have been treated as truth. It seems like some people here experienced the same thing. We’re just mere fans, who don’t know anything about his personal life, so who are we to say that their relationship is the truth? But I know all of us are free to believe what we think is right, so when I left the fandom quietly, I still have nothing against Joongbo fandom, and I still love Joongbo.

    Now, on to this fanwar. I admit, PERFECT’s tweet was quite rude. I know it hurt the Joongboers. But we also shouldn’t diss the whole PERFECT fandom because of one rude tweet from one PERFECT member. Yes they are not perfect, but we shouldn’t forget how much they have supported HJ since before he debuted. I believe even behind that rudeness, they have a strong reason for disliking Joongboers. They are not the only Korean fanclubs who banned their contents to be shared with Joongboers. And they wouldn’t do that without a reason, or just because they want to own HJ for themselves.

    I know that many Joongboers are very nice, quietly supporting the couple and also very supportive to HJ, which is really good, but also there are some (again, not all) who take their belief in such an extreme way that caused some harm to HJ. And I believe that’s the reason why Korean fanclubs reacted this way, and even reacted negatively at the whole JB fandom in general. If the fandom is harmless to HJ, why should they bother to take such extreme measure? From what I see, the overseas Joongboers do not really cause harm to HJ as they rarely have direct contact with HJ, but we know how the Korean fans can be. Remember the sasaeng fans’ cases, where girls calling themselves ‘fans’ but they’re causing problems and pain to their idols instead. So I think overseas Joongboers can’t say that the Korean fanclubs are doing this without reason, because we do not know what is really going on there.

    I don’t want to side with anyone because neither is right or wrong. I think it’s not right for PERFECT to judge the whole JB fandom and tweet in such a way, and I also think the way Joongboers reacted to the tweet is not right. Just one thing I hope for is that Joongboers can show that they are a mature fandom, and don’t prolong this issue any longer. PERFECT’s tweet ignited this whole thing, but please don’t add more fuel to the fire. Do not try to irritate JB antis, because what will you gain from it? From what I see, the only good it will cause is your own personal satisfaction, but at the end it will only cause more people to dislike JB fandoms.

    As for the edited pictures, everyone feels differently. Some may find them funny but not the others. I know everyone is free to share anything, but the best thing to do is to share them within the community that will find them fun to avoid the unnecessary commotion like this.

    Now, let us focus on the guy instead, spread love instead of hatred.

  8. LOVE, PEACE AND RESPECT!!…this is all what we need!!!….Support HJ in all his activities….let’s wait for the right time to reveal who’s the REAL girl in his life….no need of urguing more!!…HJ knows best!….KUDOS, LK for your wonderful article!!….FIGHTING!!!

  9. i am speaking to some fans and to myself as well (who were in some way shared in this war on twitter as we may call it)…

    we are all adults here right? even the young fans already has a mind of their own.. but
    aren’t we ashamed of ourselves??? saying we are fans of Kim Hyun Joong but what are we doing right now? yeah it’s free to say your piece, give out your comment as this is a free world and this is an open blog.. but reading on some of the comments (not all but some just to make it clear) and some of the twits on twitter world, i asked myself? if all of us are real fans of Kim Hyun Joong-ssi, how come we don’t even have a little bit of the humbleness and gentleness he has?? because some of the messages (again some and not all) instead of making each other understand, it makes matters worst? don’t we really know the meaning of RESPECT? respecting other’s beliefs and opinions? because if we do, we wouldn’t care what they do in their lives as long as they are not doing anything harsh that will hurt or destroy our beloved Prince.. if i believe that one day Kim Hyun Joong will eventually end up with Katie Holmes (as he’s Tom Cruise of Asia), as absurd as it might be but it’s my belief and my delusional-psycho-out of this world idea.. can’t anyone just respect that.. it’s mine anyway, i am not asking anyone to take my hand and join me in it! RESPECT.. can’t we just give it to one another???!!!

    aren’t we that busy in our lives that we have time to browse and comment on other fandoms, bash on other fans who don’t agree with what we believe in? aren’t we supposed to be concentrating on loving and supporting our idol Kim Hyun Joong? shouldn’t we be busy with him? and if we ever stumble down on something that we don’t like, can’t we just brush it off and just go back to concentrating on Kim Hyun Joong?? there are a lot of articles that tells about his goodness. his videos, old and new, we can busy ourselves on that other than anything else and just ignore other’s who are not to our liking, right???

    the way i see it, some of us are at some point guilty in some way of making things more chaotic as it is.. we are not even considering how Uri Hyun Joong-ssi would feel about these because if we are, we have long shut ourselves up and just concentrate on Kim Hyun Joong-ssi.. and yes, i may say, i also love Hwangbo Hye Jung.. and i am concentrating on supporting and loving my idols so i don’t have time for others… as long as my idols are happy, whoever they would end up with in the future i will be happy and will continue on supporting them no matter what… it’s their lives anyway, it’s their choice to whom they want to spend the rest of their lives with and i love them just the same..

    Kim Hyun Joong-ssi is a loving, humble, gentle, caring, compassionate person.. (and lots of more good attitude), can’t we just get or learn to be like him.. just a piece or little of what he has??? i know it’s not easy but can’t we just try a little harder ^-^

    Uri Hyun Joong-ssi doesn’t want his fans to have misunderstandings nor fighting each other, so can’t we just respect what he wants??? and just go on with our lives and busy ourselves with what we believe in and what makes us happy without hurting anyone? without pinpointing who’s right or wrong, who’s absurd or not, who’s delusional or not, who’s crazy or not???? we are mature enough right??? can’t we just concentrate on loving and supporting Kim Hyun Joong-ssi???? since we all love Kim Hyun Joong, shouldn’t we be respecting what he wants, let’s not fight.. can we just concentrate on supporting and loving him??? because if we do that, we won’t have time for other’s, for we will be a busy bee just like him… we will be busy thinking what we can do to support him, what we can do to show our love to him.. little things that we do out of love for him.. He loves his fans so much, so, can’t we just love each other in return??? lets just spread LOVE and RESPECT to one another, shall we?? God bless everyone!

    thanks so much sis LZ.. i have learned a lot of my Star Prince Kim Hyun Joong through your blog site and i will be lifetime thankful at you for that.. take care of yourself always and be happy! God bless you always!

    • It is not always true that Joongbo fans like KHJ too. Most of them like Hwang Bo more. There lies the disagreements. The common denominator is not always KHJ. They just happen to fancy KHJ for Hwang Bo but they are actually Hwang Bo fans.

      • Okay, it’s not aLways KHJ as the common denominator.. ACCEPTED! Why being bitter with that? KHJ being paired with HB? this is the issue here and not just about psed thing RIGHT?? Even if some JoongBo fans are NOT really KHJ fan, they didn’t make something bad to KHJ to put him down.. did they do such things like that??? I never heard some shameful things like that.. Just RESPECT other fandoms… and Stop bashing them… NO ISSUES! NO MISUNDERSTANDINGS! NO ONE WILL EVER HURT AGAIN! Just be happy supporting him as much as we do.. Thank you so much! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! :))

        • Um…yes some did do things to try to make him look bad. I even saw a lot of it with my own eyes. A recent example is some Joongbo fans going on all the Kim Hyun Joong and Playful Kiss sites calling Jung So Min all kinds of horrible names and saying Playful Kiss was a nasty, dirty drama just because they were angry that he seemed to get along well with Jung So Min. I’m sorry that you think some of us are making things worse but what we are saying is true and I for one am only stating that I understand why those sites don’t want to share with the Joongboers and that Perfect is a Kim Hyun Joong fansite not Hwangbo or Joongbo fansite and their wishes should be respected just as you say to respect
          the wishes of the other fansites.

          • Hi allie! Totally agree with u! Yup, if u want people to respect u, u’d better learn to respect others too… Peace!

            • Hi.. if there is a JBoers who talk badly about SM does tht give you the right to the same? Why stoop as as them? Again you can say you see it with your own eyes .. sad .. I can concur that coz one can just say without example… and can you be sure that that person is a true JBoer? Not an anti JB fan ? In cyber world everybody can be anybody. So the issue is not about Super Imposed photo right?

  10. Hi lazerkim! I came across your article about this at Hyunjoong’s Soompi Forum. Been thinking what was going on since I don’t really follow twitter. I’m getting the gist now after reading the comments above. So the joongboers are at it again, I guess.

    I’ve always wondered whenever I watched vids uploaded by some of HJ’s fans, eg, kimhyunjoong24, (they always put up this warning of not uploading them anywhere WGM related) why they put up that particular stipulation. Now I kind of get a clearer picture with the explanations given above. I admit, I used to like the shipping of him and HB. Enjoyed watching his antics and her reactions in WGM. However after some months I got really uncomfortable reading some of the comments given by some joongboers at their Soompi forum. Let’s just say that some of them really got into their err, obsession, for want of a better word….. Not trying to offend anyone, but in my opinion, some of them became something of a fanatic. That’s when I got the heck out of there and haven’t been visiting that site for a few years now. However or should I say, unfortunately I still come across these group of shippers on HJ’s vids. Can’t be helped, I guess, since they are also fans of him.

    About the photos being edited, not too keen on that either but it seems to be a frequent hobby of theirs. There’s nothing wrong with it I guess, cos people are so e-smart nowadays, as long as they don’t edit the photos taken by the fans who have specifically prohibited anyone from doing so. People talk about respecting others and their preferences, so perhaps first and foremost, they should learn to respect other people’s wish also? Sorry lazerkim, for rambling so long. Please keep writing your articles about our alien prince Hyunjoong. I may not agree with some of your views but I do enjoy them! Take care!

    • It’s funny, we had the same experience . It’s a pity because I like HB a lot after watching WGM and followed the ssangshou couple for sometime. Then I stopped because of the same reason as you.

  11. I understand why Perfect (which has been with Hyun Joong even before his debut with SS501) is doing what they are doing and I honestly don’t blame them. Perfect knows everything that went on with WGM. I have also seen what some of those so called fans did, tried to do, and still try to do to Hyun Joong and it was and still is beyond wrong. I don’t have a problem with anyone shipping Hyun Joong with Hwangbo or anyone else for that matter but everyone needs to be realistic and realize WGM was just a show. I loved the show myself but I know it was not real.

    I and many others have had dealings with Joongboers in interview articles and videos about Hyun Joong. An example of what some do is anytime he speaks of his old girlfriend that he had for 3 yrs they flock to the comments and say it was Hwangbo. Longtime fans know who he is talking about and when we try to explain they get angry and start name calling. They also jump on and harass anyone who ships him with someone else. I know it’s not all the Joongbo fans just as I know some Joongboers will get angry with me (as usual) for saying this but seriously some Joongboers just can not accept that they are not nor have ever been a couple and they’re obsession is borderline unhealthy. As I said not all Joongboers just some.

    As for photoshopping pictures, if it’s for fun and people know it’s for fun then I say whatever but make sure people know it’s not real so there won’t be any misunderstandings. I personally think it’s silly but to each their own.

    Now I will run and hide….

  12. thanks for this article, LK! keep writing about kim hyun joong to fill the gap while he is still nowhere in sight. come december, FANS would all flock online or in front of their tv not just to watch CC but because everyone missed him a lot (just like a long lost family member).

    just my two cents here, i think there wouldn’t be squabbles (for me, the term WAR is a misnomer), if each of us would just respect each other’s likes and dislikes including biases. we met on SNS because we have one common denominator who is KIM HYUN JOONG. he already had a few drama since debut paired with different female leads, so it’s just a common phenomena in the FANDOM world that OTPs exist. each of us may ship the same or different pairing depending on who we like except for some who wouldn’t go with OTP. some OTPs ended up true in real life and so their shippers won and the others lost. and that’s just it! we are here to enjoy the fun there is to it in FANDOM.

    moving on, let’s spread love for we have one common denominator! can’t wait for KHJ’s CITY CONQUEST! come december, i may ignore the fireworks and festivities as i will be hooked on my gadget watching the drama! that’s how i’m into KHJ’s world! LOL

  13. i totally agree with you, eonnie. I am neutral here, i am not against anyone or any fandom. i feel so sad when i read about this fanwar….don’t they remember last year our Hyun Joong cried on his breakdown showcase?it is only a year past, do they want to make him cry again?He must be very tired lately because of his hectic schedule, do we want to put more pressure on him? we know he loves his fans so much, and i am sure he must be very sad if we start this fanwar again. So please be calm guys…think clearly…don’t make him sad and cry again, we all love him as much as he love us. whether we are henecia or joongboer, we love the same person, it’s KIM HYUN JOONG

  14. My heart is heavy over this. I am saddened that fans are unfollowing each other on twitter because of such a silly thing. I don’t know if the editing of the picture was disrespectful or not. I believe the person who posted it intended it as a joke. I can understand the view of those who were offended as well. I agree with what you have said over respecting KHJ’s privacy and that I will not believe any allegations of a relationship until he states it himself.

    I am really almost in tears over the hostility this has caused among fans. Please, we just need to love each other as Hyun Joong loves us. He would be heartbroken over the fighting that has resulted from this. He would probably laugh at the picture. I don’t think he would take offense to it all. It’s the pain it has caused that would make him sad.

    We must understand our idol’s heart and respect his privacy at the same time. Let’s just love each other to pieces the way we love KHJ. Please.

    • You have almost the same opinion as me. I also believe everything KHJ says: he said he was single, so I believe that. I don’t really care if he’s single or not actually because that’s part of the little self privacity he still has… or what color was his poop yesterday xd LOL! …And yeah we must love each other as much as he loves us! ❤

  15. Hi LK..This was my first time drop by comments here.Thank for your awesome article and i totally agreed with you.Somehow i find out that Joongboers is selfish . i mean they are the one who keep saying ‘u did not own Hyun Joong” but why they still keep forcing Hyun Joong to be in love with Hwang Bo? its been 3 years since WGM ends.I’m not against them can’t loves Joongbo since i myself love watching WGM too.but at least they should respect Hyun Joong’s privacy life,his works and people around him.doesn’t we should just support and respect the girl he loves in the future.? regarding the edited pic,,its may seems joke and fun,but really shown how disrespectful towards the co-actress.even some willpower edited pic i dislike it too.
    KHJPERFECT has been followed Hyun Joong since debuted.i don’t think they are rude as some fans said.and of course they have their own reason why they dislike Joongboers but Joongboers reacted that Henecia Korea bullying Joongboers with no reason..i’m not trying to create a war here..i just share my thought even my co-henecian friend sometimes dislike Joongboers.
    I just stop it here.Sorry for my broken english,have a nice day and thank you,LK~

    • Well said . I have most of the same opinion with you. We love Kim Hyun Joong and will support all of his females lead with no exception. In the case of Joongboers I just feel that some of them are very forceful and try too much to convince people to beleive the same as them. That ‘s really make me feel uncomfortable .

      I think to be a shipper is fine as long as you respect others people especially the one you shipping . I beleive there are joongboers who are very nice and love HJ as he is. However I have seen some of Joongboers said a very hash words toward Hyun Joong when he was not as they expected. That’s what I think it’s not right.

      I think most of HJ’s fans do not mind shipping. I just hope all shippers will be able to observe their thought more and try not to be too obsess over their couple. Then all HJ’s fans can share the love we have toward him in a more possitive manners.

  16. well done ms LK! as a true blooded KHJ fan, yes its very right this article represent all the opinions of KHJ fans.c’mon guys move on…its CITY CONQUEST era! lets support him no matter what, and lets give him some space.mahirap maging eloisa habang buhay,magkakasakit kau nyan lol! good job sis! basta aq i have my own fan club and that is…..KIMNECIA akin lang yan,whats stand for? lazerkim and henecia….LOVETEAM?????ay no no no of course not lol, d ang daming kumontra syempre kasama aq dun….peace everyone! have a nice weekend alien! thanks ms LK!

  17. Hey LK, nice article and really I think this is much ado about nothing! let them be they are bored and as long as they write about KHJ it means he is still in their minds so there must be an ounce or respect for him as fans. love the pics though, cute as a button! a sight for sore eyes…! enjoy you weekend and God Bless!:)

  18. Since this post is open up for everyone, I think those who have different opinions can share it here. It’s better if we can talk about this without bashing others. Speak for yourself. Since we all support HJ, we should clear this misunderstanding. When I watched WGM, I liked it a lot too. Both HJ and HB were lovely and I don’t think there’s anyone who dislikes those episodes. So I don’t think there’s anyone against the couple. For me what I think is, insisting on they are having a relationship and show it publicly is bit too much. Let’s think for a while, they are in a secret relationship (I don’t know and I don’t think), then if they are keeping it as a secret, why do we unveil it since there must be a reason to hide it. We love HJ with whole heart, so we should support him right. But if HJ really is not in a relationship with her, insisting on their relationship makes harder for him. As most of the ones, I too believe that he will let us know when he finds true love. Since this is not matchmaking for a drama or some show, I think we must be cautious about his privacy. I don’t think we have a right to deal with his feelings. And also I have heard that many issues had arisen during that period, so that must be the reason that FC had to write up such a post. While loving HJ and support him, we should not forget the ones who protected him in his difficult times. Let’s be as we were, it’s uneasy to take this, since we shared love and care with each other. No fan wars just spread love.
    Thank you unnie.. May Triple Gem Bless You and All..

  19. the main point here is that JUST SUPPORT WHOEVER YOUR IDOL IS… the one that makes you happy and not the one who pLeases other people.. You have your own choice.. Don’t depend ur decision just because other say so.. Don’t do anything against those people with other fandoms other than being henecians.. We are all fans here who love and support KHJ.. Just keep loving him and respect each other and not keep blaming / and bashing each other .. “OPEN YOU HEART.. ACCEPT THE TRUTH.. BE HAPPY”

  20. PERFECT is important to KHJ. When he signed up with KEYEAST, it is one of the two or three fan clubs that KeyEast communicated to.

  21. Hi LK,

    Thank you to write this up. It is a very good piece regarding HJ ‘s relationship. Every times I come across edited pictures as you mentioned I feel annoy and feel sorry for HJ. It’s not so fun anymore. I must admit as I first knew HJ from WGM I used to enjoy it before. The ssangshou couple were very good in carrying the concept of the show . From WGM I start to follow HJ to SS501, BOF , PK and so on.

    I can understand why PERFECT and some others do not allow their pictures to post or use anywhere related to WGM . Their pictures probably often have been re-edited which lead to misuse and created unnecessary misunderstanding . In the past I saw many of edited pictures that mislead to something when I found that they were edited I feel really upset and really feel sorry for HJ. It’s also not good for anyone.

    There is something very interesting about HJ . I found that I whoever he paired with in the drama or show I end up like that person too. Lately I also like Jung So Min from the PK and I’m sure I will end up like Jung Yoo Mee as well. I think HJ can really bring out the best of his ladies costars that make the audients can really feel adored them.

    I truly love this article I do think your writing did represent the opinions of majority of Kim Hyun Joong fans. I support your article 100 % . Good job Lazerkim.

    God bless.

  22. .-. well, I went on twitter the other day and everyone was scolding Fan A for re-posting the pic. I was like what the hell is happening?! I asked Fan A to show me the pics and LOL I was laughing at the pics! XD I’m sure Jung Yoo Mi would be laughing at them too if she saw them XD I could not believe that thing had made a fuss among KHJ fans .-. It was totally silly! i.e. Willpower has edited hundreds of pics and I always laugh at them xd she even put HJ as a lovely chinese lady, has put his face on other male models’ bodies and it’s fun ‘cuz even though she’s pretty good at photoshopping it’s really easy to see that they are edited! They just have a fake feeling to it! I mean, I’ve seen Obama and even the president of my country on photoshopped pictures and it’s fun! They are not meant to fool us! LOL I guess everybody should just relax! C’mon! We are not 12 yr-old girls, are we?! XD I have to admit that Perfect were not polite at all, they were almost discriminating Fan A for being a joonboer. WTF?! Do ppl think HJ cares if the girl who supports him, buys his albums, vote him on the polls is a ssangchu fan?! xd he doesn’t care as long as you love him XD So let’s take this as an unusual joke, just that! We are mature girls, everybody should spend their time off collecting money to give it to charity, or helping abandoned cats & dogs instead of arguing over an edited picture 😉 Have an A w e s o m e W e e k e nd, LK!

    • as you’ve said Lazer, those artists are PROFESSIONALS and who are we but fans.. we suppose to be here to protect and support them.Who can know the heartbeat of KIM HYUNJOONG??..Anyone?..NO ONE!!!..I think its safe to say lets wait until the day of big announcement!!!..for sure i’ll join anyone w/ happiness whoever is the LUCKY GIRL for KHJ but now i simply prefer to respect his own privacy as well as the other party.. Thanks Lazer,you really have done a good job today as always!..

      • Ur article is awesome! Y make a big deal with edited pictures. Y not scold willpower for editing Khj pictures. It was made for fun , only immature people will interprete it differently.ican even put my face ther if I want, this is computer era. And for d record Im not hiding My true color under Henecia. Its my choice to change my name after there massive Campaign. Imperfect doesnt own Khj, they dont have the right to stop fans for loving joonbo.In d first place that picture us not from them , its from KE, if ever khj’s Agency will prohibit any adeting to Khj’s fans Im sure evryone will follow. Im sure even HB and YM will laugh at that picture. I havent heard any bad reaction from Hb for editing soo many pictures of her beside Khj. U can see it n videos khj’s always smiling evrytime he sees fans holding banner with edited pictures of him and Hb.F some fans believe what they believe let them be. As for me. I didn’t see any crime posting that picture. And Imperfect is soo rude and arrogant.they dont own Khj.they should set a good example to small fans. Eventho I changed my name should u say im hiding, I still love Khj, and pls dont accuse fans of not loving him by changing ther name. I said my piece already and thank u for unfollowing me!

        • Why have to scold willpower? she NEVER edited hyunjoong things with some random ladies that should not be there.. Don’t spread the wrong info.. The problem is not about ps picture, its about what kind of psed picture that not acceptable because hidden intention behind it and felt ‘improper’. Yes willpower likes to psed hyunjoong things, but not to be those kind of ‘improper’ psed things. Don’t bring willpower name when she has do not anything to do with this improper stuffs.

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