Kim Hyun Joong… [article] EMOTIONAL CONQUEST

By: LazerKim          Oh no!!! Don’t get jealous with the picture!! This is just a “lights camera, ACTION” thing taken from the film set of City Conquest. Kim Hyun Joong is obviously still busy with his filming the most anticipated drama. *sigh* Looking at this picture I’m already touched seeing from Hyun Joong’s emotional expression, I can visualize a heartbreaking or heartwarming scene here, that even ignite my eagerness to watch this drama!! I’m very fond of watching romantic dramas which Kdrama always have  romantic scenes. I think this is gonna be something we look forward for City Conquest! Source: Hancinema (

I don’t mean to pre emp the drama but I can’t help my imagination run wild as I visualize a heavy drama in this scene. We’ll get to see the softer side of Baek Mir as Hyun Joong portray the said character being a tough guy but gentle when it comes to love. This is another challenge for Hyun Joong showing an emotional side of the character and once again shall touch the hearts of his fans.

Oh I’m quite sensitive that at times I do cry over what I watch in Korean dramas or any of my favorite movies, that’s been my weakness! In BOF a part in the drama when Yoon Ji Hoo proposed to Geum Jan Di and he was turned down, I felt my heart explode and cried over it!! This is how Hyun Joong affects me either in his dramas or the real life. I don’t know why.

For some reasons Hyun Joong easily touch my heart that sometimes bring me in tears, either by pain or joy, whenever he cries I always cry with him, I don’t know why!! Maybe I’m just sensitive when it comes to him. Well actually not only him even his fans too, if they are hurt I feel hurt too somehow it affects me. Nevertheless, still, if you ever come across any write-up that seem to be negative on Hyun Joong please let me know, I would appreciate it very much. As we always do defend the Prince at all cause.

In watching romantic dramas, sometimes we get carried away by some scenes that at times we do see ourselves in the actor or actress portraying the character specially if the story seem to be similar to ours. And there are times in watching romance it feels as if actors portraying looks like real lovers. And this is where pairing of actors and actress starts. In my country, this is very rampant, producers release sneak previews of the drama or movie. And during the period of promoting the drama or movie they go out on their exposure pretending to be real couple as they hold hands, they are always being seated together, they always stand side by side, in short they are glued to each other.

Watching coupled actors in the TV drama everyday as the drama is being aired in your country daily just like in my country or twice in week for other countries, makes us think is this for real? Because watching them as they act in front of the camera looks real and the actors will convince his audience that everything you see are real even in romantic scenes if they are able to convince us then he’s successfully acting in the right way! They said as an actor the hardest thing to do is to make his audience laugh or cry! If they were able to touch the hearts of his audience from the beginning till the drama ends then he was able to attain his goal.

Watching TV drama series is like reading a novel and the only difference is that we can see how the plot runs unlike in reading a novel we visualize what we read in every details in the story. Whenever we read an interesting novel, it’s hard to let go of reading or we may say a book is interesting if it’s a page turner that we can’t get enough from what we read. The same with watching drama series, they said if the drama is interesting it feels as if we are watching each episode running fast and by the end of the episode we wanted more but then it ends from there that gives us something to look forward for the next episode. Korean drama writers are very good in creating something to look forward to in each episode.

In watching the actors portray the character in the drama and if it’s the first time you see this actor it somehow makes us think he’s the same person in real life. Like Yoon Ji Hoo in BOF, when I watched him the first time being a shy type, soft-spoken, low profile and withdrawn personality that made me convince that Hyun Joong is the same as Yoon Ji Hoo! When I first looked him up in his video clips, he was relating that his friends would call him up and ask him why are you acting that way. I was all wondering why his friends said that. And some would say the role of Yoon Ji Hoo does not suit Hyun Joong. Why??

Then as I researched further about Hyun Joong and I found out that his real character is the very opposite of Yoon Ji Hoo since Hyun Joong is cheerful, lively energetic playful and talkative within places where he is familiar with specially with his friends. And so I can’t help think that this guy truly convinced me that Yoon Ji Hoo exist in the real life in the real world. Watching him at BOF gave my a lot of sympathetic feelings and made me fall for him to watch him everyday for months. And when the drama ended I wasn’t contented I haven’t got enough and so I watched him again through DVD.

I remember an American fan saying she didn’t realize watching the Korean dramas takes a century to get done watching! The time I watched BOF at the DVD, it took me more than two days of none stop watching, I take a nap for at least two-hour and as I wake again I do my daily routine and hit the DVD again. And even I have watched the drama aired on TV  I still cried over the scenes of Hyun Joong that touched me. I again asked myself how can they criticized him when he portrayed the character Yoon Ji Hoo perfectly. I was thinking probably his critics failed to see and understand that Yoon Ji Hoo’s character is an autistic.

Then I read some write ups when I started researching on him, that says Hyun Joong became less talkative right after doing BOF. I was thinking maybe because he still has that Yoon Ji Hoo in him back in time after BOF. Well this is just my opinion. As I remember what Tom Hanks said in his one of his interviews, that when he did Forest Gump, it took for him time to adopt the main character and also took time to leave it. So it’s possible that actors do adopt the character they have been portraying in their real life in some period of time while doing their movies or dramas.

There are some actors who do fall for their partners for real in some occasion and they are very vocal about it. In my country pairing up celebs are very rampant but sometimes they do it for their own career advantage. If one female celeb is popular and quite successful in her career, she will be paired up with a male celeb who is not so popular. Then seeing them together the unpopular celeb carry over with the popularity celeb. In my country it works, although I don’t buy it at all. One artist can be popular without using another celeb, not unless the celeb is in a desperate career situation that he has to use others to make him popular!!

Kim Hyun Joong is a star artist obviously doesn’t need another celeb to make him popular. He’s on his own as he gains attention from everywhere. For City Conquest Hyun Joong and Jung Yoo Mi looks good together, although I think this is too early to tell with just based on the photos we see. I’m convince though that Hyun Joong seems to be enjoying the company of the other casts. Well we have seen some stills of explosive action in the filming of City Conquest, we have seen some comedy which I believe as Hyun Joong was seen wearing the traditional geisha costume, we have seen some romantic film set the pictures of gondola where a honeymoon was filmed and the latest an emotional scene that pictures a heavy drama in City Conquest.

Little by little we can see how this drama would lead but every stills we see even ignite my eagerness to watch City Conquest. The latest stills was released yesterday and I felt so frustrated to have lost my connection with wordpress, since after seeing the picture I was so in the mood to emote!! LOL  But my day did not turn out to be what I expect to spend the whole day at home since I took a rest from work. Believe me I was sitting in front of my monitor for hours until finally I lost my internet connection!! Oh my God!! That’s all I said what more can I do!! My apology for not able to post the daily article due to connection lost which is beyond my control, thank you so much for waiting.

Kim Hyun Joong had captured my heart at BOF and PK, Hyun Joong may have similar image of a flower boy in his previous dramas, I cried with him at BOF, as he touched my heart as much. Seeing this picture of him at city Conquest film set seems like he is tears and it feels he’s so emotional in this scene, it seems to me this is something to let me cry with him again as I always do!! His embrace feels so tight as if not wanting to let go, he looks hurt to have brought him in tears as if is he going to lose her, will he be alone again after knowing how much he loves her and couldn’t afford to lose her?? I admit I was carried away seeing just in this picture!!

Kim Hyun Joong in City Conquest had started igniting his audience in full curiosity about the drama. The question now and a challenge for him to take, will he be able to conquer the hearts of his audience? Will this drama be another Emotional Conquest and one of the most unforgettable as he did at BOF? I can see much better, this time your TV screen shall be all Kim Hyun Joong because this is a story of a man Baek Mir who may be tough on his surface but weak at heart. A truly worth waiting for drama, so ease down your boredom and fill your day with LOVE…

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, KHJean14, thanks!


3 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] EMOTIONAL CONQUEST

  1. Hey LK! haha awww you cry while watching dramas :3 well I don’t xd I can’t even cry on real things xd but oh! I can cry from laughing haha xd Well, where I live actors are just that xd and they can go anywhere without being burdened xd… When I was younger I wanted to be an actress lol but soon I found out I was too realistic and lost interest. I think that’s the main problem for HJ when it comes to acting xd he’s too realistic, sometimes he is acting an ‘I love u’ line but since he doesn’t love that person you can note that on screen. Of course he is improving, because he’s a hard working guy [let’s face it, Jang Geun Suk is a very nice actor ‘cuz he’s VERY good at lying! LOL!] ||| I think the best place to learn acting is working on plays at theaters. HJ should act in one someday. It seems to be quite more difficult and full of emotions. I remember I took my grandma to see a play once xd and the top local actors were there (as audience) and many asked me if my grandma was an actress kekeke XD Btw, I’ll visit her tomorrow xd I actually visit her every Sat and Sunday XD Since my family is italian, we love being together and talking lots hahaha xd omg, we are so close xd… ~ I never fail to go offtopic .-. hahaha |||||| I can’t wait to watch HJ’s improved acting! He works so hard it scares me sometimes. I’m sure that drama will be absolutely successful! Thx for your daily dose, LK! But for the next one, add it some antibiotics ’cause I’m getting sick again .-. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I nearly cry when I see this pic.
    Hyun Joong does the best for his drama.
    And we, his fans, of course support him, no jelaous here.
    Wish all best for Hyun Joong and the drama.

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