Kim Hyun Joong… [article] DREAM STAR

By:  LazerKim                 Kim Hyun Joong’s performance of Heat with live audience was televised last night at Hey hey hey, a popular Japanese program by Fuji TV. He was so handsome!! The first time I watched Hyun Joong sang with a live band in one TV talk show  as he sings Fortunate, I was so impressed and I was wishing to watch him sings with a live Band again. My wishes came true as he did Heat with a live band B’z at the Saitama Super Arena. About that Talk Show, I remember him guesting and Hyun Joong jokingly imitates a drunkard singing!! Oh I died laughing, he was so cute! I wonder when will I ever watch him at talk shows again.

I hope he will, when he promotes City Conquest I miss him at talk shows and variety shows! It’s been a while since his last talk show in Korea, this is a good chance to see Hyun Joong and his wacky 4D ways, which we rarely see these past months. He had many press con and interviews as he performed in his recent Asia Tour.

But Hyun Joong is different whenever he guested in any Korean TV talk shows. Since it’s his home country, he’s more at home and himself of course, he’s also familiar with the talk show host, other than the fact he doesn’t need in interpreter so easier for him to interact. I honestly miss him in those shows. And through the talk shows I’ve known him better as a person because of his honesty.

I remember my first impression of Hyun Joong when I watched him at some talk shows, he was like someone belonging to the elite, with the touch of class and I may say snob at first sight, since he rarely smile. But when he starts talking, that’s where my first impression died!! LOL!! His voice is so gentle and soft spoken like an angel from heaven, but listen to what he’s saying. He can just spill out whatever in his mind the least you expect!! Specially if he’s in his wacky mood to talk. One particular talk show was Guerrilla Date as the show host was dying laughing at what Hyun Joong was saying!!

He talks as if he was joking but the content of what he was saying was true. Like he was asked “Did your agent paid your fees?” He said, “yes, they paid me”. He was asked, “did you give the money to your parents?” He said “No I paid my taxes, it was a huge amount, now I’m broke”. Hyun Joong’s remark was quite unexpected to be said in a national TV! Then he was saying, he hopes to see his fans married and pregnant to come to his concert with big bellies, but the baby might be scared!!

Oh I truly miss those wacky remarks from Hyun Joong and he got lots of those in his past. I wonder when can we have it again!! These are the things I do miss whenever he’s not around or not in his exposure that I can only re-view his video clips of talk shows. Oh well, gloomy days are starting to build up, it’s just so silent and boring without Hyun Joong around!!

In another story, Yesterday at my comment box “Life Partner”, something had caught my attention from a fan whom I assume she’s from outside Asia that I would like to share with you, and may I quote her message:

I have never been so attracted by a famous, as a person from the other side of the world , It sounds really strange to be a fan of a Korean person, But I am. I had seen lots of videos since he was young and i have seen again the drama characters that he acted, I really change my opinion and consider he a very good actor, because to act a character who is completely different of his personality is difficult, because he could feel with different desires of reactions facing the situations in the dramas. they could be his challenges, and he did them well, both characters in BOF and PK had his magic touch that turned them to be interesting and lovable. 

WordPress provides a scale of countries where my article goes and number of readers everyday. In my scale it’s always been the US comes first in the list followed by the Latin American countries. This would mean there are growing numbers of people or fans taking interest on Kim Hyun Joong. Like this fan wrote “it sounds strange to be a fan of a Korean person”. I share the same opinion with her, Hyun Joong is an Asian and I wouldn’t be at least surprise if he gains Asian fans.

But Hyun Joong’s name has gone as far as the other part of the world. I would say the Korean dramas play an influential role that brought Hyun Joong to the other side of the world. As many American fans first had seen Hyun Joong from BOF and its other neighboring countries from the west. What made the westerns change their opinion about the Asian stars particulary the Hallyu Stars like Hyun Joong?

When I lost my internet connection for nine days, I had the chance to re-watched my favorite American movies and my favorite stars like, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks from my playlist. It’s been a while since I watched them and for the first time as soon as I got my internet back I looked them up and I was surprised how they age. It was then i realized it’s been years that i have stopped watching American movies and all I have been watching was the Korean dramas which is so addicting!!

Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves are on their late forties, Tom Cruise is on his fifty and Tom Hanks is in his late fifties. My God they are already legends but I still visualize them on their younger years!! I asked myself, where was I?? Now I do not have the idea who’s popular or who’s the current hottest star in US!! I admit I lost much interest in knowing I do not know why, but maybe out of curiosity. Although I would still take interest in watching my favorite stars and their movies.

It seems to me the changing time has been affecting the American influence over the international showbiz arena and that the Hallyu Stars and Korean Wave is currently becoming globally competitive. Am I right in my assessment? What makes the Korean stars globally competitive?

In one of Hyun Joong’s interview in Singapore, he was asked if he ever consider the Hollywood in his future plans? Hyun Joong said, “I would be pretending if I will say no because it is every artist dream to experience the Hollywood. But I have to build a stronger foundation in my home country and the Asia first.” Among the Hallyu stars that I know, Sunbae Rain was able to make it to the Hollywood and was successful in making films with other American actors. Hyun Joong admitted to the fact that Rain has been his idol since he was young.

I was wondering then, will Hyun Joong be the next Hallyu star to make it for the Hollywood? This is just a question to myself, since nothing is impossible nowadays. But whether he will or he will not, I just could not ignore Hyun Joong’s growing popularity outside Asia particularly the US. What makes the westerns change their opinion over the Korean stars? This question I wish to know from the American fans of Hyun Joong. Other than the star qualities of Hyun Joong has, which undoubtedly the Hollywood stars also has those qualities. May I just make a wild guess, is it Hyun Joong’s magic charisma that captivate your heart?

I think we fans are very lucky because Hyun Joong had given us so much for a fan to have. He takes the initiative to get closer to us. And lucky are those who were able to watch his concert and had a chance for a handshake that I’m truly happy wishing I was there with them too. It’s every dream of a fan to meet their Dream Star and for Hyun Joong’s wish for a world tour how I wish he’ll be able to visit other countries he haven’t visited. And also Hyun Joong shall be on location shooting in other countries that I hope their request for a fan meeting shall be fulfilled.

These past days are dragging slower without Hyun Joong around but I’m glad there’s a video clip of Heat even it’s recorded clip I watched it over and over!! This feels to be a longer wait, but it doesn’t matter knowing we have something to look forward after this. City Conquest I think is just around the corner, let’s just think of it that way to ease the boredom. i got this photo below just this morning from City Conquest! Oh it looks so exciting!! Well, my daily dose is over again for this day…

Soon we’ll be able to watch our Dream Star! Just for once anyway dreams are free let it take you away to the dreamland of Kim Hyun Joong at City Conquest, just to ease the boredom and enjoy as if we’re watching Hyun Joong…… go go run it’s work day let’s go back to reality!!!

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D,KHJean14 thanks!


17 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] DREAM STAR

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  2. Hello unnie!!
    My late reply here.. Actually I was a person who doesn’t like to spend time on watching dramas and films, even local dramas. But I was used to watch bollywood films, because India is our neighbor so we have influenced a lot from them.. I was only a fan of cricket game and music! Full House and Autumn in My Heart are the only dramas that had been aired in my country. After watching Autumn in My Heart, that story left a deep impression on me and it was hard for me, because it was full of pain.. So I wanted to divert my mind and my sister had downloaded some Kdramas and I watched one of its which was PK! Omo thanks to it, now I’m completely diverted! LOL! Since the day I saw HJ, I was searching on him, and I watched some Kdramas.. But sometimes when I was watching other actors’ dramas, I was thinking why these episodes don’t finish quickly, because I can hardly concentrate sometimes. But when I was watching PK, it was exactly like which Ha Ni ate the hamburger bought by Seung Jo on their first date!! I never wanted to finish it. I know It’s same with City Conquest.
    To spend time with what/who we like/love can make us always happy.. And when you do that during busy life and schedules, that’s more relaxing and precious..
    Thank you unnie.. May Triple Gem Bless you, aliens and HJ..

    • Hello dinu!! I think I haven’t asked you how you met HJ but thanks for sharing, same with me here, there a definite part that i like in a drama and I want to watch it over and over. At BOF the part in China is what I like bcoz HJ almost monopolized that part and the racing games too. Oh he looks so cute in his white suit gaucho. *sigh* thanks Dinu you take care, see you again! god bless..

      • Unnie nw if we start to talk about the scenes, I don’t think we can finish it until the world ends!LOL! but about the scenes unnie mentioned that he is in macau, I really love the scene wher Ji Hoo burrows a guitar from street performer. That is the only scene where I could understand him in first-hand cz he speaks in English! I don’t know how many times I watched that one or two minutes. “I’m so sorry, can I burrow your guitar? Im sorry, I will pay you with my egg tarts. Can I burrow your guitar? Just once?” These words echoe in my mind and it’s funny and interesting to see him as the pray of Min, his friend!
        aigoo now lot of things come to mind.. Let’s talk about this seperately unnie, but I sure we won’t be able to finish it..

        Thank you unnie.. Have a Beautiful Day!!

  3. Hi!

    I am an American fan who got into KHJ via Netflix’s reminder of “hey, based on your movie preferences, you might like this movie”. It was funny because yes, I have rented a few foreign sub-titled movies from Netflix like Amelie and one of Audrey Tatou’s other movies (the Chanel one) and I had rented Slumdog Millionaire and Bride and Prejuidice (Bollywood movies). (I had in the past from video stores rented Asian movies of Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Chow Yong Fat because I enjoyed martial arts movies and that had been my only reason for checking out Asian movies – to see martial arts moves and the photography of the landscape. I had been in tae kwon do for a couple of years and like I stated, martial arts had been the single reason for me to check out any Asian movies.)

    When, I decided to check out that “pesky” reminder of Neflix (probably after a month of it popping up all the time), then I clicked on BOF. I started watching it a couple of hours each day because I enjoyed the storyline and especially Jihoo. I would tell friends “it is like the Korean Dawson’s Creek tv show” since the Katie Holmes/James van der Beek/Joshua Jackson/Michelle Williams’ tv show from the 90’s was very similiar to the quadrangle in BOF. I enjoyed the show but found out k-dramas are “centuries long” LOL Anyway, I liked that one and decided to check out the only other KHJ movie Netflix had which was Playfull Kiss. I liked that one a lot and decided to check out other things on the Internet about KHJ. Imagine my surprise when I discovered his boy-band background and that he had been singing/performing for years and his solo performing now. For that next weeks, I engrossed myself in looking at the million different hairstyles/haircolors and various physical changes from baby-faced very pretty guy (prettier than most girls) to more manly looking. I even turned on 10 or more people onto KHJ (first I had to persuade them either from romantic drama point of view with the movie aspect or from a performance viewpoint “Hey, he is like the Korean Justin Timberlake.(LOL) If you like Justin’s dancing, check him out. See the western influences in some of the videos with the dancing/rapping. They do have some words in English in the song….just check it out and tell me what you think.” I would send them tons of youtube clips and usually within a few emails, I would gain a new fan for KHJ. (Thanks to your site and a few others, I usually have plenty of material to give them the latest KHJ news.)

    Finding KHJ exposed me to other kdramas and kpop groups in general and became a way to form a closer connection with some Asian co-workers (with whom I was always very friendly in the past but now we talk k-dramas, k-reality, k-pop). One of those workers and I are presently taking Korean class to learn some of the language. We are going to help the American campaign to bring KHJ to the US for a concert and fanmeet. (We will solicit everyone’s support soon!!!)

    I still easily watch Hollywood movies from my fave actors/directors and I especially watch a lot of US tv and some BBC America tv. However, KHJ has expanded my interest to check out k-dramas (especially romantic ones) instead of my traditional martial arts movies. (KeyEast should send Netflix flowers because most American fans watched BOF because of that “pesky” reminder….LOL)

    • Hello! I’m sorry for the delayed reply. Thank you so much for sharing this information with us, I truly appreciate this. Now i truly believe the kdramas Particularly BOF and PK had change your views somehow. I was so curious as I have mentioned in this article that KHJ had reached that far other side of the world. Now the West meets the East, that I’m truly happy. Then about Netflix I hope KE can read from you as I agree with you, without Netflix you wouldn’t have seen KHJ and you wouldn’t have the chance to watch BOF.
      Hey I did the same when i first followed HJ I collected his pictures with different hairstyle, whenever he change he looks totally different person!!
      I laugh at what you said you found out Kdramas is century long LOL!!! I agree after BOF was aired in my country, I watched it again at DVD which i think it took me almost 3days none stop watching, it only allowed me to sleep at least 2hrs
      Please let me know about the campaign, i would like to help in posting in here in this blog site and I can ask my fan friends at twitter to help post it and spread the word.
      Again thank you sharing this, have a nice day, see you again and take care. God bless..

  4. hahaha xd oscar’s judge lol! XDDD well, I’m very picky, I just watch certain movies, not all of them lol! Ouch! well at least I made you laugh which makes your body release endorphins! that way your body won’t feel too sore! 😀 XDDD .-.

    • Razor I like you as you are, you’re honest and funny!! I fell from the stairs at the construction site yesterday that’s why I got this body sore, but I’ll ok, Thanks! see you again!

  5. If HJ plans to be featured on a Hollywood movie, he must learn a very fluid english. I don’t want him to play the typical ‘chinese’ guy who’s only good at martial arts ‘cuz HJ is way more interesting than that prototype. I’ve never been a fan of cinematography in general even though I’ve watched many movies :3 lol. Now when I go to the cinemas I choose a movie depending on the plot, movie photography, etc not the actors. Hollywood for me is nothing xd just blockbuster movies who lack artistically in many ways .-. || European movies are the best without any doubt! |||| But for some reason, I’m not fond of movies xd in a way I think it influentiates our brains in a bad way, I’m a conspiracy fan lol and I do think they try to record some weird messages in your head. such as the Illuminati-related things x.x I’m not fond of TV, for the very same reason… I’m more into music, playing and listening to it and I think music is a healing therapy, unlike movies or tv 😉 I went way off topic LMAO XD Have a nice day, LK!

    • hahahahahahaha……raazor i’m in pain why do you make me laugh which i find hard now hahaha but i can’t help…i’m in tears laughing hahahahahahahahahaha i love you girl, i feel so bored & body sore all over me…hahaha you sound like a serious judge at oscar in the end you’re saying you’re not fond of watching movies!! LOL im having gas…see you can’t type anymore!!! hahahahahaha

      • Razor… I love reading your comments too! I am laughing in my belly! I agree with you that Hollywood has gone down the drain, and I would want Hyun Joong to do something with substance. The sad thing is, he would probably have to start out as that stereotypical Asian Dude to get his foot in the door. Jet Li has only recently been cast in parts that have any depth. And those parts still included martial arts scenes. *sigh* I really wish I could get the hook up to teach Hyun Joong English! Maybe it’s destiny! I will hurry my behind in training for TESOL so I can get over to Korea soon! LOL! 😀

  6. HI! LK! I’m tired after laboring over my post. I read your post but will probably read again in the morning when I am more refreshed to comment. I am just as shocked as you about the number of fans in US for Kim Hyun Joong! I thought I was just a strange one, but I guess I’m more of a savant! Knowing the greatness that is Hyun Joong before others in my country! HA! I have always watched things with subtitles.

    Anime, Foreign Film, Action Martial Arts movies made in the 1970’s with cheesy sound effects! I am viewed as odd by my family and friends as subtitles bother them. The want to watch and not be bothered with reading. I read very quickly, maybe this is why it does not bother me much. I can still watch and read. I think the younger generations are becoming more open to things from other countries as well. Asians are considered to be very wise, healthy, and fashion forward here. But, there has not been a big break through star since Bruce Lee.

    I think Rain was able to come because of his martial arts skills as well. Maybe if Hyun Joong works hard to perfect his action skills, he can become a Hollywood actor too! Americans are all about ACTION! BIG special effects and EXPLOSIONS! Very different from most Kdrama! Like I said, I’m a bit on the outside, left of center! But, apparently, I’m not the only one!

    • hahaha…Now you can guess why i felt so happy when I knew you were planning to open up a blog? I have a quite small numbers but US never go down by the hundred it’s always over a hundred. And since they are your fellow country men it would be nice to have your co-American read from you too. I was excited actually!!
      I would guess HJ likes to do action dramas, and I have read from somewhere his target really is outside Korea, and you’re right if Hyun Joong would be able to master his martial arts skills, he’s a very good action star I think. Angie please help me out I really want to find out from the American fans what made you change your opinion about Korean stars? Because I was very surprise about my scale having US always on top everyday. If you have time please share your opinion with us.
      Hyun Joong has his edge I believe other than being handsome it’s his charisma too. That is why Angie when you go to Korea, go and teach Hyun Joong your language!! LOL. Now you’re getting busy with your article!! I read the first one & I’ll read the second after my hospital routine. hey you’re doing great!! Keep it up! I’ll see you later. Take care now! Oh I’ll wait for your reply on this one. Thank you so much…have a nice writing day!! God bless…

      • I echo Val-Cmin above in that I was introduced to KHJ and Korean Drama on Netflix. Because I had bookmarked many foreign films and anime Netflix decided to show me kdrama choices because I should like them, right? Well, Netflix was right! There are actually a lot of kdrama choices, but BOF synopsis seemed the most interesting, so I watched it first. I am SO glad I did. I have to admit, I was IN LOVE with Hyun Joong the second he appeared on screen. He was walking in a white suit with the sunlight shining behind him like a halo. I was TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL! (Americans will know this reference to a T.V. show that aired in the ’90s LOL!)

        Oh, he was so dreamy and like a living version of the anime boys I had drooled over for years. I was HOOKED and there was no turning back! And so, here I am a year and a half later writing a blog and planning to become an English Teacher in Korea. *sigh* my life is forever changed. But, like I said, I’ve always been on the outside and into niche hobbies. I still believe it is a niche viewership and following here in the US. But, that doesn’t mean our numbers aren’t enough to bring him here! GO CHICAGO PETITION! Yeah!

        • Hi Angie! Now i think we owe it to Netflix, that without it you wouldn’t know about HJ and maybe we wouldn’t meet here!! I’ll ever be thankful to Netflix and i do hope it can still capture from fans from US to introduce Kdrama particularly BOF and PK. Now it’s about time to seriously think about Korea, oh girl i am going to really push you to it!! angie I’m a bit confuse with name or ava, were you the one who sent me that link from Chicago petition? and that reminds me I have to post it again. Hey see you around!!

          • I think we both sent you the link! Please post again. I don’t know if we can sign more than one time. I already signed. We’ll have to check that out! ;D I’m making serious plans for TESOL. It will take me a couple years to get where I want to be. But, once I’m prepared Korea here I come! LOL!

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