Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FAN SENTIMENTS

 By: LazerKim        Today is rather slow, it’s totally no update as expected Kim Hyun Joong still in his cocoon. I have been staring at an empty space after I have done my routine email responses.  Since yesterday I have been diverting my mind over a matter that caused me pain the other day. My comment box in the article Artist By Heart was over loaded, then three or four more comments followed not to mention emails that I have been receiving.

A young fan friend of mine said, she’s happy to know a lot of people love Hyun Joong seeing from the comment box. Not to mention emails that I have been receiving stating their sentiments that they can not express in my comment box. Yesterday I was glad I was able to have at least one update which I have not written about Kpop Actor, that at least it somehow divert my mind to what I really feel, which many of Hyun Joong fans felt the other day. I’ve been looking for someone whom I can talk but since it’s weekend I got no one, so might as well talk to you instead!!

Yesterday I still received emails mostly from new fans bursting out their sentiments over the write up which I discussed at the article Artist By Heart. They have similar question as “how can a fan of Kim Hyun Joong write such thing?” That’s the negative impact coming from among the new fans. These are the matters I worry about, since my concern are the new ones in taking care and guiding. This is not the first time I heard the same question. I even ask myself the same question before I started writing “How can a fan criticize her own idol?” I mentioned in the past that it’s a fan critic who pushed me to open up a blog for me to have the liberty of defending Hyun Joong from his critics and from his own fan critic.

A new fan wrote,”the veterans should be the ones to guide the new ones.” She’s right, although not all, may I just emphasize. Unfortunately there are just a few though who have written not so good in the eyes of other fans. But basically there are lots of veterans who are really caring about the new fans, specially the die-hard loyal ones are inspiring to be with in this journey with Hyun Joong. As I have written before in a basket of fruits, not all are in good quality, and this is also true in any organizations or groups. Now I would like to bring this up again, since I know how the new fans felt about the write up the other day that indeed brought some frustration to other and it can not be helped. The writer of that blog is blatant and highly insensitive as she admitted.

I understand the new fans are as confused I was and still am!! The writer (Darna)  was pertaining to those obsess fans as she kept beating around the bush with her blatant and barking at the wrong tree!! In short, whatever a fan can afford to support Hyun Joong, stay with it and don’t go to any excessive effort to the extent that may cause you financial difficulty. Next, no matter what happen be responsible, attend to your work, studies, and don’t forget your family and friends. In short, your time with Hyun Joong is after you have done your personal obligation, that’s it as simple as that!!

May I advice the new fans to forget what she said pertaining to Hyun Joong that can only be confusing. Let’s just make our position clear, Kim Hyun Joong is our idol and he will be that for us no more no less. We are just his fans and will stay for as long as we like. The boundary between Hyun Joong and us his fans is quite clear. His privacy remains his own possession, Hyun Joong has his own life and decision as we respect as much being his fans.

Now in this blog site, there’s no fantasies, nor make-belief as my regular readers can attest that everything you read here are views and opinion based on facts taken from News updates, video clips of interviews and other events of Kim Hyun Joong. I think you have known me by now, if Darna is highly insensitive, she’s my opposite because I could be sensitive specially if Hyun Joong is being criticized, and quite sensitive with harsh and bashful use of words. We can be honest and straight without losing our dignity.

If anyone would like to open up a blog site that would be wonderful, the more access we have in spreading the words and the name Kim Hyun Joong, the better. Feel free to let me know about it so that i can share your blog to my readers. Angie one of us here has open up her blog site “Angel of the East” that you can visit, this is another place where you can read on all about Kim Hyun Joong. One thing I want to break among bloggers specially new ones is competition which I don’t buy.

For me I wouldn’t mind if I have few readers because what I’m thinking is not only for the present but also for the future of Kim Hyun Joong new fans. These articles which is over 200 already will stay at internet, in the future it can be used as reference pertaining to Hyun Joong’s story. the more articles to be kept the better. When I started following Hyun Joong I have noticed there were just a few articles that talks about him, this is also one reason why I decided to write daily. One of my fan friend was worried that I might experience writer’s block, and it’s very likely to happen to me since I have been writing eight months straight up everyday except the nine days that I lost connection.

I’m so happy to have Angie now, at least if anything happens to me I sure be at peace that you’re in the good hands to have something to read, and that you’ll be taken care of specially the new fans. Reading materials are very important because this is one way of knowing Kim Hyun Joong better and he can still be closer to you as you read about him. I think this could be the answer to that question at the other blog “how can you get closer to Hyun Joong”. Read all about him. There’s no need to follow him physically since you won’t gain anything about it, believe me. Stalking is the worst thing you can ever do for him. We should not put Hyun Joong to an embarrassing situation. I don’t think we have problem with that.

So far I have not encountered any obsess fans. For me I can say a fan is obsessed if she kept on following Hyun Joong anywhere to the extent of following him even on his privacy well that’s stalking too. Exactly what the writer was doing, prying even at Hyun Joong’s private time but a person who is insensitive does not have ears to listen. Putting Hyun Joong at the center of the blame of his fans destruction is wrong. No one can destroy you except yourself, I think this is a simple common sense.

A furious fan stated, “If a fan who goes bankrupt because of her obsession over her admiration to Hyun Joong, she’ll finally stop because she does not have money anymore to support her obsession,what’s her (Darna) problem with that!!” Funny it may be, but she has a point, whatever we do whatever we decide is our own responsibility to ourselves. Hyun Joong has got nothing to do with it.

But for us to pry over a person’s decision is beyond our control. We may guide the young ones about do and don’ts which I have written a lot of articles about it over the past months, and that is the least we can do as matured fans, to guide the young ones. This is just a matter of self discipline in dividing our time between our obligations and free time to spend with Hyun Joong.

We know who Kim Hyun Joong is, and I understand how it felt after reading the write up since I also had felt the same negative impact. This is another lesson learned, in choosing the material we are reading, and I take this lesson learned too since I’m fond of reading.  I’m not saying this blog is perfect, please don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect and I will never be that. We do make mistakes too, and some of my readers can attest that I’m quite submissive to my mistakes and learn from it.

Although I forgot what my fan friends said to me that I’m not suppose to go roaming around internet!! Forgive me!! But still the same, three of my readers shared that write up with me and express their sentiments!! Of course I will respond, and I appreciate them for doing so And I would say it again, if ever you come across similar write ups, I welcome those, don’t bury that frustration to yourself, we are here to protect the Prince. Whether the write up is from a fan or from a critic I would appreciate it very much if you can share it with me.

That write up had created negative impact specially to the new fans, and still worried whoever reads it in the future. There’s a thing that is called responsible journalism and that is why I wouldn’t allow harsh words in this blog site. Even we have the liberty in expressing our thoughts at the blog site then I think it’s gonna be we readers has to choose what we read. I’m just glad many fans took the write up as a joke, turning the negative to a positive approach. Still we have to take care of the new fans. We are here to gain and not to lose. Since this blog site is our breather, good or not so good we share it, and this I think may be a help to whatever we feel. I’m quite open with that.

I also gave the liberty in leaving comments in other languages whatever it may be, for as long as harsh words are not being used, I would allow it. One may not be able to express herself in English, that would be fine with me. Many fans do email me and I also appreciate it, for those who don’t have my email ad here it is:


May I just share with you, when I was just a starter, I had bad experience too with some fans whom I find less accommodating, and I promised myself I will never be that to the new fans. These fans are new, so definitely they may be at lost in searching for Kim Hyun Joong, I told myself I will lead them to the right place where they can be free in sharing their thoughts and that they are not alone being addicted to Kim Hyun Joong. And so I’m giving encouragement to others, you have your space here to breath on, feel free to express yourself.

And I would encourage for those who may have time to open up a blog account, would great. At least there would be other access where to find Kim Hyun Joong and spread the word. As I have mentioned earlier, there’s no fantasies and make belief here, what you read has basis from facts. And I shall maintain this blog in all honesty without losing its dignity, since it carries the name Kim Hyun Joong.

Another fan said, a fandom should be fun, she’s right,  she’s pertaining to what we can enjoy with Kim Hyun Joong without affecting our daily life routine, I guess we all know that. We were able to turn the negative to positive every time such negative issues arise, I appreciate the fans that in times of protecting the Prince, we are united. We may have our individual point of views but still we can be ONE in Kim Hyun Joong.

May I share with you from some fans sentiments at my comment box as I share the same opinion, I’m putting them up here it goes:

FIRST COMMENT: (fr: Bfanofkhj4ever)

Hi Lz and all
I see this has been the article i think with the most reply I ever read in this blog being a reader for so long I love to read all the reply to learn from each other here!
I found myself reading that same post and it has not being the first 1 that I have read, but this one kinda touch me a lot enough to even save it to read it again to see if I was reading or maybe didn’t understand what was said!
I just can’t believe some things I read, I might not know HJ as well to say personally nothing abt his life or what he does off camera, but following him for so long never in my years I have heard or read such things about him! He is so polite, so caring! I believe that he is honest, sincere, humble and what he does it comes from his heart! He will never let no 1 down!
Until I don’t see any changes for myself I will always follow him and support him as much as I can! Protect the Prince Now and 4ever


To All have a great day and a wonderful wkend!

– END –


I’m sorry to tell but i used to love reading her articles and trans regarding HJ’s current activities,i admired her a lot for giving her time for HJ alone inspite of her so called busy schooling skeds and yet she could find the most possible convenient time to tail HJ anywhere,everywhere..and willing to spend as much as she can for that ..But alas i was taken aback reading her latest one for us fans a new fan and yet im old enough to understand what is called reality and fantasies, its somewhat giving me a big question to myself..’hey!myself..what are you doing in this kind of fandom,is it worth being a fan?,when your idol is only a great pretender?’..oh my!!..did she realize that her article is actually can drive fans out from being a fan af HJ instead of keeping them around to support KHJ..did she realize that she implies a lot being a selfish as if she’s the only one want to be closer to HJ??

..did she realize that she’s trying to taint the name of KIM HYUNJOONG and his whole being as a human being who has genuine feelings?? ..are sure girl that its only HJ’s profession as an artist as plain as that to smile off/on cam because he’s being rewarded by our support!!..KIM HYUNJOONG is a human being and knows what is appropriates in terms of dealing his fans and so we are..She’s been tailing HJ for a very long time and yet she described HJ as if HJ doesn’t care whats going on around him..or is it jealousy to those who wants to be closer with him??..then let HJ deal with them in a manner way not commanding what fans to!!…im sorry to tell that girl that i know very well how i can divide my time,my expenses and myself just to make sure that my life is not going to be destroyed by the man who giving us inspiration instead!!..ThankYou Lazer!! FIGHTING!!..

– END-

THIRD COMMENT: (fr: Dandelion69)

Hyunjoong’s sincerity and passion!! and that is also the reason why I cannot take it as simple as that over what she all said.Maybe it’s alright to put one’s own perspective to the way they see it but she sounds like some fans has no sense at all!!Come to think of it in any actions we chose to take we just have to be responsible in every circumstances we face.How could it be taken that HJ would be burden if fans express themselves in a passionate manner.I believe they are doing those because it’s their joy by doing so and not particularly after to be recognize by HJ himself!!..Oh,you know it frustrates me not being able to tell her things myself in the way I want it to be!!There are a lot I have to disagree on that entry.Don’t get me wrong.I like and follow all her other blogs but totally not on this one!..I hope she pay a visit in here at Lazer’s as I asked her to!.

— END –

FOURTH COMMENT: (fr; ddkaumika)

Unnie I’m really thankful to you for writing this article in need.

If someone talk about respect, then that person should think about respecting everyone. Insisting about idol’s privacy and all doesn’t mean that fans should stay away from the idol, then what this stardom for? And I don’t know about others, but when comes to Kim Hyun Joong, we all know how sincere he is to his fans. I wonder what he would feel of those words like “destroying fans’ lives”, “smiles with the lights on” if he reads this. If he does this just as sake of his job, why did he have to autograph one of fans who was in the same plane, who was desperate in having fake autograph while she was taking a nap. Flying time is his private time, so why did he do that, because he knows he holds fan meetings, Hi-5 events turn into hand shaking events, so why he still think of doing more?

Reading critics from anti-fans is bearable, but reading those from the ones who had attended many events of him, and even who had written heartfelt fan accounts, I can’t understand.

Thank you Lazer unnie.. May Triple Gem Bless you, beautiful aliens and Kim Hyun Joong..                               

– END –

FIFTH COMMENT: (fr: myqueenleo)

 ah i don’t think like that fan. he’s an inspiration for youths. one young fan said that if HJ can stay up late for his work, then she could stay up late for her study. she’s right. we get what and how we think. in PK, people said that oh hani is such a pity school girl who wanted to be a girl of Mr. Perfect. but some thought that the character tried hard to get what she want. isn’t it clear that a message is given, and we’ll get how we interpret. we can learn from him about pure and big heart, sincerity, hard work, friendship, charity, saving up money, value family life, attitude…………..although i am a fan of him, may i say diehard fan, i have my family and friends. but in my free time, i’ll be with the fandom. the fandom is also my friend, isn’t it? there are fans of HJ who are on a successful career, have a wonderful family. they didn’t destroy their life. instead they share their enjoyment with their family and friends.

i’ve read about a fan saying that her whole family send her to the airport to welcome HJ. i always think like “oh if a fan is successful, then HJ will be proud of having such fan”. although i follow him since the November of 2009, i also do my job dutifully and happily. i can learn from him too. since he’s a celebrity, his fans will buy anything related to him. that comes out from love. but we’ll do within our limit. i start to use TFS products cuz of him since i am a fan of him. that’s the purpose of showbiz, isn’t? even if you take a tuition class, you have to pay the fees. the entertainment is a professional of the entertainer. but we all know that HJ always gives his best for the fans.the fans also agree that the money is worth paying. destroy or not, no one can destroy your own life, it is YOU who can destroy your own life. just my opinion!!! thanks Lazer unnie for the daily dose.

                                                                 – END –

Some of my readers might not have read these sentiments from my comment box, these are just a few which I share the same sentiments and would like to share it to the new fans and to the younger ones, you are not alone with those heavy feelings. Feel free to express yourself, burst out whatever is left in your thoughts, we are with you in this.

After which, we face another tomorrow with a smile, having Kim Hyun Joong at our side to inspire us in our daily lives, and nothing else matter. we are ONE in Kim Hyun Joong.

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, KHJean14, thanks!


24 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FAN SENTIMENTS

  1. Hi LK! I have been MIA this weekend! I have to read two posts from you this am! I am glad everyone was able to air their feelings on your earlier post and we can all get along! I had some messages from the other blogger on my site and I left my thoughts on hers. I am kind of like Switzerland in my personality in that I can see all sides and stay rather neutral. I will jump to Hyun Joong’s defense if anyone attacks him to be sure! But, I can also see their criticism and take it for their own opinion and not as a personal affront. I am glad everyone is happy. I must say I was shocked to look at my stats today and see how many people visited my site. I must thank you for the referrals. I am working on several articles and hope to finish one soon! Thanks, Alien Family! I have to see everyday what everyone is saying here! Love Love!


  2. Hi Lazer^ you already know I got a reply from her over our sentiments.So for me it’s all settled.No more hard feelings.:).I also learned something from all these and that is, it’s alright to express how we truly felt and much better to get our disagreement be heard.In that way we may probably see some points that we might have overlooked.As for me,I must say I get a better understanding now on what she really meant.I don’t mind much a person’s character as long as it doesn’t affect me but if something that I consider is getting out of the line I must state my views directly as well.And make the person aware of it.Of course in a proper manner without being rude.^^..

    What I admire most on everyone in this family of alien is the respect on each others views and opinion that reflects on our love and sincerity to protect the “Only One” in our hearts,Kim Hyun Joong.^^..

    • Hi sis! Yeah only when she replied to you that i understood at least that part she’s pertaining to obsess fans. I agree she has a point but in a wrong approach. Barking on the wrong tree. That’s just my point. I have to take care of the new ones, the silent ones who can barely express to defend, they are sensitive too, they are my concern.That’s why i put up your comments in this article, to let them know they are not alone with what they feel.
      Anyway, this is a close book matter. you know me sis!! Thanks see you around!

  3. I really satisfied that I meet and able to read all your article as my daily dose sist. I am not clever to use sentence to defend OUR LOVELY BOY. I just can say with my sincerity, thank you very very much to ALIEN FAMILY who always guide us and new fans to the right path…we love, we repect KIM HYUN JOONG now and forever.thanks LK,love you to sist.wish more strenght and GOD BLESS

    • You are most welcome, It’s my pleasure sis, just remember, if you find similar write ups criticizing Hyun Joong please let me know and we will defend we will always protect the prince and his new gained fans.
      Have a nice weekend take care! Love you sis always, thank you so much, God bless.. oh see you again!

  4. miss you ms LK! wow naman ha nalate lang aq ng basa 2day lumevel up ka nag-spanol ka na…sigurado aq hnd i2 ung sinasabi mong insekto? gracias senyora lazerkim! take care and see you tom.

    • Hindi yan. Naalala mo kahapon sabi mo may pahabol? Yun yun insekto pala talaga. buti na lang may nag magandang loob nag translate. tpos may nag email gera patani daw! nataranta lola mo!!! yun lang natatandaan ko bili nga ako dictionary bukas na bukas!!

        • LOL hnd ko nga maintindihan sinasabi ibang linguahe eh! Pinagtangol ako nun isa hnd ko rin alam kun ano sinabi. Tapos ayan din pinagtangol ako eh sila lang nagkkaintindihan, pano ba ito?? wwaaagggaass ang hirap ng sitwasyon ko!! hahaha. pano ak aatake eh hnd k maintindihan talo ako dito!! LOL ano ba?? asan b yun sinelas mo!!!

          • patay tau jan…hayaan mo na lng wag may nagtanggol naman sau o kaya pa-translate mo lang kung ano problema at kung ano pinagpuputok ng butse nun? tapos bigyan mo lang ng isang bagsak, mukhang naiintidihan nya english hnd lang siguro makasagot ng english kya ini-spangol ka.

            • si darna muna ang sisinelasin q dahil hanggang ngaun…asar na asar pa rin aq sa kanya,sorry hnd kasma yang WAG sa sentence q lol!

  5. Wow Lazerkim! What I just translated was written by a 54 year-old fan! from my country! xd I guess she met him as a result of BOF being broadcasted here?! -not too long ago. That’s good 🙂 LK, I just want to give you a huge hug, you are a very strong woman, I absolutely admire you for that and for never giving up in your life! ❤ (my late reply to what you replied to me the other day, when u talked about your life). With so many older fans I feel like an immature 26 year-old who dresses as a 20 yr-old glam-gothic rocker xd shame on me kekekekeke

    • I can imagine b4 now i was right!! LOL don’t change I like that style in girls that I can not. keep it up girl..hey thanks a lot for the translation, then somebody emailed me she said to delete a comment it might create war!! LOL but i did, what was that all about?

      • Kekeke don’t worry, I won’t ever change ^^ I want to be forever young! xd Fortunately I look 10 years younger 😀 The other day I went to the dentist and he told me, omg I thought you were in high school xd haha \o/ I felt so happy LOL. Now I didn’t get that thing about creating a war o.o what comment did you delete? .-.

        • It’s in Spanish from the other article Artist By Heart, the comment box is over loaded it’s a long one and i think somebody comment back, I can’t understand. LOL you’re 26 so I’m old enough to be your mom!! you’re the same with Hj baby face! he’s 26 but looks like 18.

          • Oh I think I know what you are talking about! xd I saw a comment in spanish but wasn’t made by this lady (she dislikes the harsh blogger) I took the time to translate… it was made by another person who kinda supported that harsh blogger .-. You have many silent readers who are spanish speaking people it seems. I’ll try to translate anything I see written in spanish ^^ It’s ‘sad’ for me to see replies in Filipino and I only understand the words derived from spanish lol like gwapo, momento kekeke .-. Omg the first time I found your blog I thought you were around my age xd lol! Be forever my henecia mom!!! ^^ I will start sending u emails when I’m bored lol xd |||

            • Yeah send me email so I can correspond with you too. Honestly, i got lots of silent readers who can hardly write English from Equador too, then france New Zealand almost from outside Asia. I got lots from Japan oh they are so patient to write their language in English character, so i can respond japanese. I would appreciate that very much so that other fans can understand them too.
              Ok I’ll wait for your email, and if I feel down i’ll make you my shock absorber so I can write rationally!! LOL
              Hey take care, thanks for the compliment!! LOL actually I’m quite close to the young! LOL don’t worry little by little you’ll get to know me better!! Have a nice weekend! Twitter was so silent….zzz

  6. Hello unnie!!!

    I wish everyone could sense and feel the warmth, love, passion, happiness and respect that we experience being the fans of a caring idol.. this is not a scary world, it’s just a part of life where we are relieved and inspired..

    Oh unnie may I say something, but not about HJ. When I first saw my ava, I thought I was not allowed to talk!!…LOL! but I felt how free I am here to talk.. 🙂

    Thank you unnie.. May Triple Gem Bless you all and HJ..

  7. Señora Gladys, traduciré su texto para que Lazerkim pueda entender sus palabras. || I will translate gladys aurora’s reply 😉 [TRANSLATION] Thx Lazerkim for creating your blog. I’ve learnt a lot about our dear Leader. I appreciate the dedication and time you take to inform us about HJ, all the news and everything he does. Mostly I thank u because I live on the other side of the world (Chile). I can’t understand those malicious critics made by some ‘fans’ and especially those who are able to attend his concerts and see him in real life (unlike us who can just see him on the internet)… if we can realize (and treasure) how a beautiful human being he is even being thousands of kilometers away from him why can’t they?! What more do they want from him to feel satisfied?! Those bad comments make me sick and hurt. I love KHJ! Just seeing him makes me happy! Here in Chile we can get his albums online, although they are a bit expensive so we do it slowly. We try to support him as much as we can. I just wanted to share my thoughts and wishes for HJ. I want him to be happy, to achieve all his goals, to find the love of his life and that he keeps being blessed by God every day! P.S I’m a 54 year-old lady, proud to be a Triple S/Henecia.

  8. hi, reading your article as the first thing i’m doing in the morning. 🙂 🙂
    i think we, the fans who may be new or old won’t be like that blogger if we really loves and like and specially respect the idol we like and love. because the love for your idol doesn’t mean being criticizing and rude on your idol. and from what i have observed and seen in KHJ he is not an Idol to be criticize because he is true in each and every thing he do and he keep up to please his fans whom he knows that loves him, actually what i felt about HJ is that this guy actually wants to do his best to receive love from his fans rather than doing something without dedication and easy to complete(actually i can’t think of a suitable word which would sound better than cheap).
    So let us let those kind of fans to go and ruin their image.
    Enjoy your weekend dear!! God Bless you!! 🙂
    (sorry i still couldn’t find ur name lazer, in the link it says bibettesia so actually i’m confused)

  9. Muchas gracias LazerKim por su blog ,he aprendido mucho de nuestro querido Líder ,aprecio mucho que por amor a nuestro querido Kim Hyun Joong se tome su tiempo para informarnos ,cada noticia del quehacer de nuestro Líder ,y mas cuando me encuentro al otro lado del mundo (Chile);la verdad no comprendo las criticas mal intencionadas de algunas “fans” y en especial de aquellas que pueden ir a sus conciertos y verlo digamos “en vivo y en directo “(no como nosotras que solo nos conformamos con las noticias y vídeos vía Internet ) ;¿ si nosotras podemos apreciar su hermosa personalidad a miles de kilómetros de distancia porque ellas no ? ¿que mas quieren de el para sentirse satisfechas ? la verdad molestan y hieren esos comentarios .
    Por mi parte amo a Hyun Joong el solo verlo para mi es una alegría , aquí en Chile hasta hace muy poco podemos adquirir sus CDs,lo hacemos por medio de tiendas on laine y los costos no son menores ;por lo tanto se hace poco a poco ,pero se trata de apoyar a nuestro artista .
    Bueno con esto solo quería compartir mis pensamientos y deseos para Hyun Joong….!! que sea muy feliz ,que logre alcanzar todas las metas que se a propuesto para su vida ;que encuentre el gran amor de su vida y que siga siendo bendecido por Dios cada día ¡¡
    Tal vez mi comentario parezca sin mucha importancia ,pero lo quería compartir …gracias 😀
    P.D. soy una admiradora de 54 años de edad y orgullosa Triple S y Henecia de corazón..

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