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By: LazerKim              Today I don’t have any update news, since it was already said in the news that Kim Hyun Joong shall focus on his filming for City Conquest, so let’s leave him to his work zone! As I was browsing yesterday, I came across a write-up from a blogger which after I read the lengthy write-up, I just feel as if there’s a hallow blocks on my chest. You know that thing use in the construction in building walls!! In short I felt unhappy, but I will not share anything that will make you unhappy either. I hope! And so I will just react to the write up with all smiles and reverse the negative to positive!!

I do not know how to start this article honestly. But may I ask, does a writer and reader do co-exist? What I write in this blog are my thoughts about facts which I have read from the update news about Hyun Joong or from his interviews. Mostly are about Hyun Joong’s career which I can easily relate with since I’m an artist like him too. I’ve been a dancer all my life until last year when I met my time to stop due to accident. Kim Hyun Joong is an artist by heart, and a stage addict. He loves performing on stage and seeing his fans enjoying it with him is such a great joy for him, enough to say the hard work at the studio paid off, just hearing his fans cheer for him is enough to tone down his fatigue. This is true to any artist by heart or the real ones.

I’ve been working on stage for the last 23 years of my life and I have met different kinds of artists. There are artists or even stars who can pretend or perform putting money priority over performance. And there are artists who are for real sincere in what they do and Hyun Joong is one of the very few who is quite sincere to anything he does. I’m one of those fans who hates the word Fan Service and Job. Because I’m an artist by heart too, same as Hyun Joong although different in nature. I just feel uncomfortable to be reading these words Fan Service and Job to interpret what Hyun Joong was doing on his fan meeting concerts. I would just like to stress out, we do feel who is sincere and who is not.

I can only speak for myself being an artist in real life. After every successful show, we artists get together to unwind, have a late dinner and drink with the rest of the production staffs and crew. Do you know what we usually talk about? We want to do the show again, we want to go back to that stage and perform endlessly. This thought is no difference with Hyun Joong, believe me. After every successful concert the only thing he wants to do is to go back on stage and rewind the show. He reminisce how it felt like to be cheered upon and seeing those big smiles from his fans is such rewarding feeling for any artist by heart. I’m actually contradicting a non-artist point of view, but a student fan who seem to me who do not understand how it is to be an artist. Here’s what she wrote, and may I quote:

Whatever it is that we think equates “closeness” is just part of HJ’s job. I know some fans hate this word ‘job’ and ‘fan service’. But face it, it is what it is. He might have enjoyed it, performing for his fans and seeing all our smiles, but do you really think HJ’s heart will flutter in happiness knowing how happy you are? Unlikely. If he’s feeling happy about it, it’s because any person with a single ounce of passion for performing will feel happy when someone in the crowd cheered for him, and got high because of his performances.At that moment is where the audience and the performer feel the closest to each other, because as an audience, we seemed to have felt his passion to perform, and as the performer, he relished over the temporary moment that his audience understood the amount of hard work he has put to make this performance happen.

You know what? As an artist this remark is a slap on our face, what can I do the fan who wrote this is so ignorant to the feelings of an artist. So I would like to clear it up, yes artist do have different characters on stage, we have to put our best foot to perfection that even we’re sick the show must go on no matter what. Just as this blogger said, when the stage lights turn off, it’s over. No dear, it doesn’t end from there not unless the artist is just about to retire. As a star they have accepted the fact that they will be followed by fans, if not then it’s a failure for them being a star.

It’s true Hyun Joong’s smiles are rare off cam, if you do not know him you may think he’s snob as first impression. But this doesn’t mean anything to him it’s just him by nature. If you smile at him first, he’ll either smile back or nod, try approaching him talking to him first, and he’ll respond courteously. I think we have accepted Hyun Joong for what he is either on or off camera.

I’m a choreographer and producer by profession and artists do come and go my way and as I have mentioned in my recent article, I did not recognized Hyun Joong the first time I met him in 2010 at Tokyo Dome, thinking he’s just another artist, but in all  fairness he’s very courteous and jolly, maybe because the stage was very familiar to him where I met him. Then again followed this year in February in Yokohama, Tokyo and I have the same impression about him, it’s just that in February I already know who he was!! Just one comment, we talked in Nihongo, I just couldn’t understand, on stage why he’s so shy to speak up even in simple Japanese, but he can.

I would know who’s who. Yes there are stars who are snob and swell headed, that’s why I don’t mind them and treat them with equal respect to the dancers and nothing special. Hyun Joong is different, I can tell his sincerity and in fact even his fans would feel if an artist is sincere or not. I find the blog to be insulting to Hyun Joong as an artist by heart. She must be pertaining to his fans and I as a fan I find her views to be underrating.

This young fan would write her experience in following Hyun Joong at the fan meeting concert and her experience about seeing Hyun Joong at Jaksal that I think she was misinterpreted as someone who might be close to Hyun Joong. There was also one time she wrote some idea insinuating about Hyun Joong’s privacy. And now here she goes that seems to me she’s complaining that other fans were asking her about Hyun Joong phone number and address!! What do you expect? What is she trying to project in writing such experience? Of course teenage fans would surely run after her for information.

I don’t know what to think about that blog, I would know if what I’m reading is good and if it’s not so good, yes, it feels like there is a big stone on my chest while reading. I want to say another fan barely knows Hyun Joong by heart. I want to tell her read your blog and say it to yourself and not to other fans. Because the don’t that she’s been saying is exactly what she’s doing and writing. And this bothers me. It somehow gave me the impression that some fans are being underrated?? Here’s what she wrote:

And since we’re on this, I think a very good question to ask ourselves is what HJ will think and feel if he knows that as a fan, you have neglected your personal life, your family, your friends, your future, and spent every single moment deeply involved in fandom?  I wish to believe, and also strongly believe that HJ is not some shallow celebrity who only wants everyone to love and cheer for him. Even though he might not know the fans personally, he does at least care, on a general basis, how his fans are doing. If he was to know the extent of extremeness and sacrifice fans have done for him, I don’t know. Don’t you think that he might actually feel bad knowing that he is indirectly the result of many destroyed lives? And yes, destroyed is not a wrong word to use here in my opinion, because one can get so involved that they forget everyone else around them. They’re willing to put their families and friends second when it comes to fandom. They are happy to throw away their entire savings, neglect moving ahead or working towards their future.

When the lights go off, darkness will remind us of reality. And if it doesn’t remind you of reality, maybe it’s high time to try to remind yourself soon. Even if you don’t love yourself enough to do that, love HJ enough to see that he doesn’t want to be the cause of destroying other people’s lives.

Huh?? What?? It’s so funny that I speak of inspiration here, how much Hyun Joong has been inspiring people, but this girl speaks of destroying oneself being a fan of Hyun Joong! Oh my God, I wonder if she knows what’s she is saying! It somehow gave me the impression that one fan wants to commit suicide and that she’s trying to let her see reality that Hyun Joong is a fantasy! Come on girl! I don’t know if I want to cry or laugh! I don’t mean to be insulting here I just couldn’t believe what I have just read from a fan. The blog is too lengthy but the message is simple “leave me alone”! And so be it, leave her alone you won’t learn anything from this blogger.

Now look who’s talking, this girl followed Hyun Joong’s concert in Hongkong Singapore, Taiwan,China and followed him at Jaksal in Korea. And she’s just a student, now she’s talking about the future of others and entire savings, even concern others about old age. So what about her school isn’t that negligence on her part? So how would anyone expect to believe in her blog!

And another thing, Hyun Joong is already a star, this is what he wants for himself I think everyone knows this, since high school he’s been saying he wants to be a celebrity. A star do not roam around the streets as if he’s just an ordinary person. And yes Hyun Joong knows his limitations being a star or every famous celeb have already accepted that this is gonna be their situation in life, locked up!! They should stay home and in their hotel rooms, this is nothing unusual to them. Remember, if a star or artist can still be seen in public by themselves then they are not popular, I think this is a simple common sense. As she wrote:

If he ignores everyone, some fans might say he’s arrogant and bad to fans. If he’s nice to us, it becomes a burden to him. So what’s the best solution? Stay home. I totally would, if I’m in his shoes. Order delivery and eat at home. Ask my friends to come over instead. And then we lament about things like, “Oh poor HJ, he always stay in the hotel room whenever he travels.” Who wouldn’t, if the only place you can be yourself is your own hotel room?

Why blame the fans if Hyun Joong have to stay in his hotel room whenever he’s in another country? Where else can he go if his purpose of being in another country is to perform? Do you expect him to go for a tour? No he’s there on business, so he’ll work, attend to press con, attend to his stage rehearsals, attend to interviews and other public exposures, that’s his purpose of traveling, not unless he declares he’s on holiday. No star would be on business trip to go for ride and tour around like an ordinary tourist. Hello!

There’s a big difference between following and stalking, if this blogger is pertaining to stalkers then say so and clarify. We fans know our limits I think we’re matured enough to identify which is a fantasy and reality. Is Kim Hyun Joong a fantasy?? Is a fan wish to watch his concert a fantasy? I want to understand her blog being a fan of Hyun Joong this is the least I expect to read and I regret to have read it. Here’s what she said:

But at the end of the day, it’s about separating fantasies and reality, putting ourselves in their shoes to see that sometimes our fantasies may just be yet another burden for them. So to me, HJ is no more than a cultural product with human feelings. It sounds bad to see the word ‘product’ attached to a person’s existence and trust me, I wrote the word product with much consideration and pain, even in my academic paper on HJ’s fan meeting. Anything that is sold for money is a product, and he sells because he is a cultural phenomenon for many KPOP fans out there. 

I honestly could not imagine a fan would write as such. This is just like spilling out the words and taking it back gently! What does she think of Hyun Joong a whore? Can you imagine a fan taking her idol as a product?? And saying “I wrote the word product with much consideration and PAIN”. Oh this gives me a terrible headache!! May I just ask, is this what is being taught in school nowadays? If her teacher happens to be a fan of Hyun Joong she will surely fail in this academic subject!!

Hyun Joong would only be glad that his product of endorsement is selling otherwise it only means he’s a failure. Girl do you know what you’re talking about? Why else did he became a commercial model? Now if you’re talking about Uzoosin, it’s Hyun Joong’s own made. Showbiz includes commercials, and advertising, what are those huge billboards for, if your idol is popular then expect him to be all around you in huge posters and other advertising materials.  Oh this girl has to learn a lot more!!

And she wrote this: He should have his rights to his own private time, to his own freedom of expression, to not smile if he does’t feel like it, to date and be with anyone, to go anywhere without being disturbed.

Then girl, you know very well about Hyun Joong’s privacy, then what were you doing at Jaksal with your friends and have his autograph in your CD? That was suppose to be his private time since he owns Jaksal, right? She wrote it, if you remember I even posted that write up in one of my articles. Now I regret to have done so. If what she have written is what Hyun Joong wished for, then why is Hyun Joong in showbiz? As a star in showbiz it is very likely an artist privacy is being deprived, that is a fact and that is given. I’m telling you Hyun Joong knows what his freedoms are and what are restricted. Let’s be at least  glad he doesn’t have much stalkers as other idols has.

My fan friends use to tell me, not to roam around the internet and to keep out from other’s blog. Because they know insect bites are my worst lovers!! This may be an opinion from a fan of Hyun Joong, she may be pertaining to some fans who have gone out of their way, but my point is, if she has to point at others, she has to make sure to come up clean. In that blog I find it contradicting to her acts and her previous write ups. And I would just like to clarify Hyun Joong is an artist by heart, and reading write ups like this which is short of saying Hyun Joong is a pretender, I mean this is how I read her insinuations. I have to defend, I’m also an artist and i know how it feels being an artist like Hyun Joong. Now it gives me the impression, Hyun Joong might have turned her down!! tsk tsk..poor thing!

To those who might have share the same opinion as this fan, I think you need to know more about Hyun Joong being an artist by heart. This is so frustrating for him to have read from a fan to be writing as such. I can’t let go in passing, I have to defend being an artist. As she said:

I can’t help but think about all of these, and feel sorry for those who have forgotten reality. I’m the preacher kind and I like to tell other people what to do perhaps. I also know that I’m someone who can’t sit by and watch people destroy themselves. 

I don’t think so!! Before you can preach yes I agree, preach yourself first. I’m old enough to be her mom to be preached about reality. Girl I would just like to remind this fan that Hyun Joong has quite a number of fans older than her, the noonas, career ladies, mothers, and grandmas. Hyun Joong has a life of his own that we respect and so with his privacy. How would I be convinced if I know that this fan has been tailing on Hyun Joong even in his privacy. This is not here say, she wrote it herself. Am I suppose to misunderstand now?

Lessons learned for me, never go to other blogs again!! May I just clear up my point, I don’t mean to create an enemy here, I’m just reacting to a blog that I have read from another fan. And to point out how an artist by heart feels. I don’t need to repeat myself we all know how Hyun Joong is when it comes to work. But at this point let us learn how he feels being an artist.

I don’t need to invent, his words has been at the internet, we just have to listen to what he is saying to understand, and see him on how he moves. Action speaks louder than voice.

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

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  3. Nakakatuwa bsahin ang mga saloobin nyo lazerkim at asul na laso nkkwala ng stress. Na miss ko rin mag visit sa blog na to wla na kc ko updates ky hyun joong ntin. Medyo busy kc sa work eh. And yes i know that fan girl twice ko na rin na visit ung blog nya at nabasa ung article na yun hnd ko lng binigyan pansin hahaha! Nagtataka nga ako since student sya hnd ba sya nauubusan ng budget sa kakasunod ky khj? And one more thing, just wondering why, avid fan din sya di ba dapat mga words of encouragement dapat nya isulat.? But anyways, relax ka lang wag mag pa apekto ika nga. Take care and God bless!

    • hanz san ka ba galing? gusto nga namin pa-albularyo yang si darna(tawag namin sa knya) matindi talaga ang tampo kay idol kaya kung ano ano sinusulat hnd siguro napag-bigyan,anyway masaya namn at least may napag-tripan kami. take care see u around!

  4. Si tu inglés es tan malo como dices entonces no debes haber entendido lo que Wonderrrgirl escribió. Ella dijo que a HJ no le importaban sus fans y que él sólo hacía su trabajo, insinuando que no lo hacía de corazón. Te suena muy bonito eso que dijo? O en un viejo artículo donde dijo que todos los fanmeetings de hyun joong eran iguales y aburridos? Si usted realmente quiere dar una opinión o defender a la otra chica entonces dese el tiempo para aprender inglés primero. ~ sorry LK, I just had to do this ’cause this girl can’t see the truth… she doesn’t know anything about Alice

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  6. patay tau jan ms LK, may humabol pa tlaga wala aq naintdihan kundi ung dulo lang,ano kaya sinasabi nya? hind kya insekto yan? o baka alagad yan ni darna LOL!hnd naman cguro noh! sagutin mo ms LK ,tagalugin mo din tapos sbhin mo… que sera sera porke grande tanduay lagyan mo na din ng red horse.sana laging may ganito ang saya saya pngtanggal ng boring kaya mga insekto nanawagan aq magsilabas kau hahaha… miss u ms LK.

    • Naku naman ms wagasss knina pa kta hanap ang sakit na ng ulo ko may Spanish subject ako nun high school pa yun eh anong petsa na matagal na yun wala na ako maalala sa spangol!!LOL…kaloka ka muka naman hindi tumador eh. Teka lng bat andito ka hnd naman eto daily article kahapon pa ito ah!! Bukas nga ilalabas ko itong mga comment sentimiento de asukalpaki sagot na nga…LOL

      • Nakakatuwa bsahin ang mga saloobin nyo lazerkim at asul na laso nkkwala ng stress. Na miss ko rin mag visit sa blog na to wla na kc ko updates ky hyun joong ntin. Medyo busy kc sa work eh. And yes i know that fan girl twice ko na rin na visit ung blog nya at nabasa ung article na yun hnd ko lng binigyan pansin hahaha! Nagtataka nga ako since student sya hnd ba sya nauubusan ng budget sa kakasunod ky khj? And one more thing, just wondering why avid fan din sya dapat mga

  7. Hi Lz and all
    I see this has been the article i think with the most reply I ever read in this blog being a reader for so long I love to read all the reply to learn from each other here!
    I found myself reading that same post and it has not being the first 1 that I have read, but this one kinda touch me a lot enough to even save it to read it again to see if I was reading or maybe didn’t understand what was said!
    I just can’t believe some things I read, I might not know HJ as well to say personally nothing abt his life or what he does off camera, but following him for so long never in my years I have heard or read such things about him! He is so polite, so caring! I believe that he is honest, sincere, humble and what he does it comes from his heart! He will never let no 1 down!
    Until I don’t see any changes for myself I will always follow him and support him as much as I can! Protect the Prince Now and 4ever


    To All have a great day and a wonderful wkend!

    • Hello Brenda!! She said I misunderstood! Maybe but I’m not really use to read and write using harsh words, i was not being taught that way that is why reading from it feels really heavy no matter how many time i read it. Maybe I find it hard to let an insensitive type of person to understand a sensitive one or either way! Even the readers in this blog never made any harshness, everyone here I think is as sensitive like me too. I can’t help it this is me. The strength that i have is within being polite and not bashful. Everyone here is polite or i think we have diff. views from her. Brenda you know me by now. Don’t you? You came ahead of me and You know much more about HJ and I think I got the right judgment about him. here’s where it came from>(
      Let me know your thoughts, I miss you girl!!! how are you? It’s been a while.

        • hahahhahahahahhaha..i don’t think she can be the queen..because i wanna be the queen..hahahhaha (no..i’m just joking..)

          but, i can’t stop laughing weh…imagining today is the general election of aliens..i dont think she can be the minister either..she just lost the votes today..too bad~~

          • hahaha i prefer you to be the queen at least you don’t stalk on HJ LOL!! I think it’s better for her to join Mnet she’ll surely win knowing there is a robot there to play magic on the polls hahahaha

            • no la..i don’t deserve to be the queen..he’s like a walking statue..i’m like a walking scarecrow with afro wig..hahahahha..


              almost a day i keep on thinking of this girl (i’m on my eid’s holiday..nothing to that’s y i think of her..hahahaha) i find this scenario is interesting..i keep on thinking..what she want from HJ??she should be thankful coz she met his idol in real life for several times..u think its easy to meet him..with millions of HJ fans..she manage to meet him..she should be grateful..sometimes, we cant always get what we want..

              unlike me..i never meet him in real life..when HJ went to malaysia for face shop event..i was in japan doing my fashion photoshoot (i’m working in advertising line)..when SS501 went to sabah back in 2009 (if i’m x mistaken) for FM & 5 mens in island shooting..i was struggling with my finals..and the latest..his last asia tour in bangkok..i missed it because i’m handling world marketing summit in malaysia and we have meeting in bali..haishh..i don’t expect much..i just wanna have fun with other aliens and witness HJ live performance..that’s all..

              tell that girl..time for u to stop to follow HJ..give others (me actually) chance to meet him.HAHAHAHA

  8. Seriously, I agree that she had a point to share but it got lost along the way for reasons she alone knows. And she should not have touched on what another person (HJ) feels and thinks because for sure she does not know.

  9. hi everyone! i read the full blog and if may comment (setting aside my biases), she was, at the start, gearing towards a good point but along the way she lost track and kinda barking at a wrong tree (if indeed she is a hardcore fan). maybe she wasn’t feeling good when she wrote it and had some ill feelings toward someone or some people or probably at hyunjoong (?) for turning her wish down maybe. well, that’s just my two cents worth.

    LK, just keep this blogsite going as it makes you happy and your followers as well! never mind the bugs around. let’s spread love always since hyunjoong dislikes strife among his fans.


    • Now I’m beginning to conclude she was writing to herself out of frustration. I went back to her blog I said to myself I hope never to see her again. But then young ones should also be taken care and guide, we matured has to understand. I was furious when i wrote this article but delete and write again!! LOL oh she was turned down. Thank you again, take care have a nice day see you again god bless

      • May I ask what he turned her down on? I honestly haven’t read the blog because I don’t want it to bring me down. I am curious as to what her request was that he was unable to fulfill?

        • Well it must be something she was expecting and had failed, it was said she had been stalking for a long time now. She probably wants to get closer to HJ, it was said she was already prohibited and stopped then lately she came by again. And from that write up she said she’ll step out. I think she better do that before she gets into worst scenario.

          • OHHH! Poor Girl, seriously, it sounds like she really has lost her balance. In all honesty, I do hope others read her blog and learn from her mistakes! I hope they also come here and read what it is to be inspired by him and afford him the respect he deserves. To stalk someone is just selfish and disrespectful. I do hope she gets some healing love from us. Perhaps I will go and see what she has written and comment in a positive manner to help her. I do feel sorry for her in my heart.

            • Angie why don’t you invite her to your blog, she needs positive input. She’ll just feel depress to read this article. We can not teach someone who is depress she has to heal that depression first then she’ll come around and hopefully open her mind to the right way.

              • I do understand that. I have had struggles with depression myself. Honestly, following HJ as a role model has pulled me out of that and given me some clarity. He has suffered from it in the past as well. I will direct her to read my thoughts. I am preparing a post today on this subject and how HJ has inspired me in positive ways. Maybe that will be better for her. You are so kind and caring LK! Blessings!

  10. Oh, LK! I am almost crying reading this post! I am sorry your heart was so burdened by the words of this young woman. I would use a harsh word to describe her that starts with (hypo) but, we want positivity here! As I wrote in my own blog which I shamelessly promoted here (and I have to apologize I was just so excited abouth writing for my Angel Baby), we are in this fan/artist relationship with Hyun Joong. It does not mean we are not going on with our own lives, in fact IMPROVING them because we are so inspired by the role model he is. I do admit I am writing this while at work and I should be working! Ha! But, I don’t neglect my duties to the point of destroying my LIFE! How insulting. I think she does not know the caliber and character of Hyun Joong’s fans! Other fans may go crazy with their devotion even to the point of invading privacy and leaving reality… I have never seen evidence of this in KHJ’s Alien Family. I have read many blogs, news, and interviews. This is what slayed me about him. He is WELL RESPECTED and his fans are WELL BEHAVED! This is what sets him apart, and part of the reason I have fallen so hard.

    Thanks so much for writing your heart! This is why I read every day. You touch us as deeply ans Hyun Joong does! You are a celebrity too, LazerKim! We love you!

    • Hey Angie congrats!! You’re gaining readers now I’m happy for you! whenever you visit me here post your site and link so that everyone can read from you. I wouldn’t mind at all. Everyone needs something to read about HJ. i’d rather let them go to you specially the new ones instead of you know just like that write up which is totally not good for new fans. We are here to gain not to lose, right? and stay!! LOL
      You know what i agree I haven’t seen any obsession in any of us here that’s why I was quite surprised by that write up. I wonder where she got the idea of fantasy fans! Somebody invited her here I just hope she can drop by to see for herself that we are inspired by HJ and was never a destruction.
      Thanks angie as always Love you too…take care, see you again have a nice day and God bless…

      • LOL! Thanks, LK! I hope your ban on other’s blogs doesn’t include mine! Only just the insects, right? I feel sorry for her. She obviously lost herself in her own KHJ obsession and is just writing her heart. I hope she sees the reflection in the mirror. That is why I never judge others or tell them what to do. I have enough with my own problems rather than trying to fix everyone else’s. Besides, we can never know what kind of life or thoughts another person has. They are in a unique situation to them, and we can only be by their side to encourage them. I agree with the post below that says whe needs help and not blame. I hope she will come to read here and maybe also to be encouraged in her own struggle.

        Love you too much! I feel as close to you in heart as I do Hyun Joong. Keep on writing! I need this daily dose of love.

  11. Hi LK,

    Thank you for my daily dose. I know the blog you mentioned and I ‘m used to visit the blog once in a while. After reading your article I went to the blog and read . I must say I have a bit different feeling .

    First impression was I think the writer kind of burn out or very exhaust with something and try to express her true feeling at the moment . She is kind of a bit confuse….wonder what she was doing ? May be because she is young and she has been very active in following HJ. She is a student may be she was doing too much till she has lost balance and feel unhappy. I agree with you that something she wrote should be talk to herself. I do think if she find her balance back she will express differently. I believe she is a true fan of HJ who may need to do reflex ion for herself . Then she can follow and support HJ with more happiness in her heart. As for her I think comfort from us as HJ’s fans may help her to be more balance.

    The points she made about HJ is clearly just only her own opinion not a fact . We all know that the star is also human and we never expect HJ to act beyond human. I kind of like it when he shows how human he is. I would laugh and only admire him. He does care for his fans a lots but he also loves being himself too. That’s why we love him so much. Who’s in this world that can live for others all the time. ?

    Dear Lk please do not feel heavy in your heart her article did not shack my opinion toward HJ a bit . I just feel sorry for the writer and hope she will find her balance back. As she is Hj’s fan I think she need help not blam. I’m very sure majority of HJ’s fans are very happy with what we get from him and really appreciate how much he try to give us back.

    Love you LK God Bless.

  12. mental agad ms lina? d ba pwede albularyo muna baka sakaling makuha pa sa tawas ung pagka-desperada nya.hnd kaya nagka-bukol ang taong yan e lahat ng sinabi para sa kanya? may alam aq gamot sa bukol…itlog na nilaga ikot ikot nya un sa bukol nya! hnd xa nakak2wa huh!

    • naku, kahit pa si mang kepweng ang tawagin mo, di na kuha sa tapal-tapal yon…walang magagawa ang bulong……kelangan eh, eletric shock na para matuluyan hahaha…….naku, kung pwede ko nga lang sugurin, sasabunutan lo siya at kakalbuhin, tatanggalin ang lahat ng kanyang balahibo!!!!

        • Fandom should be fun and should make us happy! Aba eh inaalis niya lahat yun. Ano ang mangyayari kay HJ kung hindi natin sya papakialaman, ha ha ha JOKE LANG We all know our limitations. Hindi naman natin siya sinusundan sa airport, sa hotel, sa restaurant at s kung saan saan pa.Nanonood lang ng concert pag may pera, bumibili ng endorsement pag magagamit at may pera etc etc. Pero sa internet eh sky is the limit. Ang ginagawa ng isang fan ay yung kaya lang niyang gawin kasi kung hindi na kaya eh susuko ka din di ba?? so what is the problem??

          • Lam mo grace kun bkt ngayon ko lng nbasa ito! kc naman bkt ba nka siksik kyo d3 sa baba, dun kyo s taas ok lng magtagalog d2 tangap ko, masaya nga eh, may espanol p nga nose bleed! may punto ka at ang ganda ng punto mo!! pahiram ng punto mo!

  13. After reading the article and all of your comments, I’ve realized LK unnie is referring to whom. But I don’t take that blogger write ups seriously,instead i am laughing by myself because she is warning herself not to destroy her own life,not to others.She is the one who follows HJ in almost all of his activities and spend most of her time on HJ.
    So I think she is warning herself but she can’t get escape from him and still follow him and will be following him.I read from somewhere that a friend of her already met HJ for 135 times in last year.She was also at all of HJ’s activities in this year.
    So don’t be angry.lazer unnie,no matter how she says or writes,she will still follow HJ and other fans of HJ understand HJ’s heart and will still love him.
    I also agree what myqueenleo wrote. No one can destroy me except myself.Although I spend my time on HJ and spend my money on HJ’s albums and the products he endorsed,I still can manage myself to become a doctor and can live my life happily with my family and my patients. We all know that we have our own life but HJ is also an important part our lives because he is our inspiration.

    • Hello Doc! I didn’t sleep last night, don’t scold me I know it’s wrong i’m a hypertensive that runs to our family. Now I’m glad you’re here I need a doctor in the alien world. Honestly insects makes me sick! When I read the article which I did at least 3x bcoz I want to be open minded neither would I want to pass judgment which i don’t have the right. She’s a fan which even made it difficult for me to attack. A series of emails I received last night from other fans about that write up. I have some fan friends, that every time i have chest pain over the insects I run to them and burst out all my anger and frustration. I do this so that if it’s time for me to write I can still be rational with what I have to write & forget about anger. But still it somehow surfaced in this article!! oh well we’re just human.
      Doc you’re right I agree with you this morning I read that write up again because I heard something again. she’s a decent stalker, she’s obsessed but still young and probably can’t handle being turned down. Yeah I agree, she’s saying it to herself. doc i think she needs help she was obsessed can’t handle the situation of being basted. This is how I see it now.
      Thank you so much i hope to see you again doc, I’m serious! Take care have a nice day. God bless…

      • she having the symptoms of bipolar disorder??We all have our ups and downs, but, with bipolar disorder, these peaks and valleys are more severe, and that’s why she wrote that express her manic episodes?

        LK said -she’s a decent stalker, she’s obsessed but still young and probably can’t handle being turned down. –> what’s her expectation from HJ??to be the Queen of aliens? (i still remember SS501 stalker series..seems like she’s one of them)..creepyyy

  14. i used to like her article actually but definitely not this one….girl, seat back and relax no one will take hyunjoong away from you, lets support him together ,as a veteran fan you should be the one who guide new fans instead, but you pulling him down girl! you sound so selfish or jealous maybe…

    • I agree with you. i was once driven away when i was still a new fan in jan this year when i put up this blog i promised myself i’ll guide the new ones to a better place where they can enjoy the company of other fans who are true fans. I don’t want them to experienced what I had.
      Loving HJ should be unconditional that we share in loving him no one can own anyone since we have our individual mind.
      Thank you, have a nice day take care God bless. see you again!

  15. “Now it gives me the impression, Hyun Joong might have turned her down!! tsk tsk..poor thing!” LOL. My thoughts exactly. Sa Pilipinas tawag dyan maarte at mayabang. eh siya nga ang sunod ng sunod kay HJ hindi sa internet ha sa reality (o fantasy ba?).

    • Hay salamat may tagalog!! LOL Mas maganda kasi mag describe pag tagalog db!!Korek ka jan! Lam mo mga pinay usosera pero nkka tuwa talaga kyo! Pansin mo rin pala, parang iisa talaga isip natin! Pantasya Eloisa nga, ang dami nyan!!
      Mabuhay ka Pinay! I’m proud to be a Filipino always!! Thank you grace you made my day! Meet Wagass she’s somewhere here nakakatuwa din! see you again take care! God bless..

      • grace aq na i2 si ms wagass ,ms LK nabasa mo ba ung isa nag comment sa article nya?tinira kaya xa ng bonggang bongga…ang lola dinelete agad! ang yabang nya talaga ha sigro hnd i2 napagbigyan n idol kaya nagma.marakulyo. paliwanag q kaya sa hitad na i2 ang ibig sabihin ng pantasya para lam nya kung ano pinagsasabi nya.

        • ano daw?? LOL ms wagass ano yun marakulyo, san baul mo naman nahalukay yan??!! LOL kaw talaga ice breaker lagi!! Ganun na nga na basted. Lam mo tingin ko yun sulat nya para s knya. bumukol eh!

          • marakulyo? ano ka ba ung nag.mamaktol pag hnd napagbigyan un ang marakulyo. tama ka jan para sa knya lahat ung sinabi nya, aba hnd biro ung ginagawa nya buti sana cubao monumento baclaran lang e hnd bansa sa bansa bongga ang hitad lakas ng loob magsalita ng pantasya at ng kung ano ano pa…epal xa!

            • Hay, naku…DESPERADO talaga siya…..sino ba ang may sabi sa kanya na sumunod kay Hj kahit saan pumunta…yong sinulat nya, bumalik lahat sa kanya…itutulad nya ang anyang sarili don sa FRIEND niya kuno, eh, matagal ng fan ni HJ yon at isa sa profession nya yong mga pagkuha ng pics, not just an ordinary fan…she’s a sister to him…..siya iba naman ang pakay nya, gustong masilo si HJ…hay masyado siyang obsessed…nawarningan na yan noon, kaya nag-stop siya for a while…..di nakatiis, sinundan ulit, hanggang binasted na ng tuluyan….hahaha…nakakaawa lang siya at nakakatawa….dapat no personmal interest,,,lagyan nya ng limitasyon as a fan…….yong privacy nong tao huag na niyang panghimasukan, di lahat ng oras pwede niyang alamin ang whereabouts ni HJ…di siya asawa o GF kaya anoh…..napasobra ang bilib niya sa kanyang sarili…akal mapapaibig niya si HJ……WAKE UP, GIRL!….FORGET YOUR FANTASIES & BACK TO REALITY!……or else you’ll end at the mental hospital…..

              • hahaha…mental agad? d ba pwede albularyo muna baka sakaling makuha pa sa tawas ung pagka-desrerada nya? hnd xa nakakatuwa huh! hnd kaya nagka-bukol yang taong yan e lahat ng sinabi nya para sa kanya! may alam aq gamot sa bukol…nilagang itlog ikot ikot mo yan sa bukol mo lol!

                  • Utang na loob grabe sakit tyan ko pigil tawa gabi na kc mabasa ko tong mga komento nyo hahaha! Nakakaaliw! Kawawang bata ano kaya pinag mamarakulyo niya at hnd napagbigyan ni hyun joong. Sobrang taas seguro ng expectation ng batang ito.hahaha!

        • ayy naku sa huling bisita niya sa jacksal, sa kuwento niya nahulog ang phone cover nya. dinampot daw niya agad eh pupulutin din daw sana ni HJ, sana daw di niya agad dinampot. anong say mo??

  16. GOD I’m glad I read this article cos I missed alot these days LK! Seems like I’m not the only one who found out who wrote thos quotes then!
    Didn’t know you were performing all those years LK…..

    • Hey welcome back!! Yeah I thought so too since it was only posted once at twitter. I grew up on stage I thought i’ll die on stage too, good thing I didn’t! Thank you so much, have a nice day take care, see you again! God bless…

  17. I’m sorry to tell but i used to love reading her articles and trans regarding HJ’s current activities,i admired her a lot for giving her time for HJ alone inspite of her so called busy schooling skeds and yet she could find the most possible convenient time to tail HJ anywhere,everywhere..and willing to spend as much as she can for that ..But alas i was taken aback reading her latest one for us fans a new fan and yet im old enough to understand what is called reality and fantasies, its somewhat giving me a big question to myself..’hey!myself..what are you doing in this kind of fandom,is it worth being a fan?,when your idol is only a great pretender?’..oh my!!..did she realize that her article is actually can drive fans out from being a fan af HJ instead of keeping them around to support KHJ..did she realize that she implies a lot being a selfish as if she’s the only one want to be closer to HJ??..did she realize that she’s trying to taint the name of KIM HYUNJOONG and his whole being as a human being who has genuine feelings?? ..are sure girl that its only HJ’s profession as an artist as plain as that to smile off/on cam because he’s being rewarded by our support!!..KIM HYUNJOONG is a human being and knows what is appropriates in terms of dealing his fans and so we are..She’s been tailing HJ for a very long time and yet she described HJ as if HJ doesn’t care whats going on around him..or is it jealousy to those who wants to be closer with him??..then let HJ deal with them in a manner way not commanding what fans to!!…im sorry to tell that girl that i know very well how i can divide my time,my expenses and myself just to make sure that my life is not going to be destroyed by the man who giving us inspiration instead!!..ThankYou Lazer!! FIGHTING!!..

    • sis you were one of them who said “never go to other blogs anymore”LOL This time I promise I won’t anymore!! you have just said what I have been controlling myself to spill out last night! This is the 3rd time and I had enough, I hope never to see her again! Hindi ko cya ma-take sis! All what you said I share the thoughts thank you sis. see you around. I’ve been dead busy but I was able to take time out from work this morning so I was able to investigate further grabe!
      Thank you sis take care have a nice day see you around, God bless..

  18. Dear LK, I have read the same blog, but I didn’t take it quite hardly, she is a young lady who actually put in perspective some points that need attention, maybe she was harsh a bit, but she really had a point there to the younger people and I think that she meant this article to those very young fans and not the more mature fans who know how to divide their time between the real life and the Aliens comfort zone. I am a fan of Hj and I respect all others and everyone is free to express himself how he sees fit, I love your blog (my daily dose of anti-stress apart of KHJ) and respect your wisdom and “inside information” from which we can all learn a lot but maybe sometimes it is good to have some people to show the otherside of fandom as well, this is not a criticisim but just making a point and looking at things from all sides. All that said from what you and others said from encounters with Hj and from all kind of others BTS and WGM and so on, he really is a very true and nice person who actually did not change much from the beginning of his way as an artist and I really hope he will never change, because of his sincerity and passion for performing and lust for life for what he is doing HJ is loved and appreciated dearly. So dearest LK, please keep smiling and writting and building and be there for us. God Bless 🙂

    • As you’ve said Noya,it is Hyunjoong’s sincerity and passion!! and that is also the reason why I cannot take it as simple as that over what she all said.Maybe it’s alright to put one’s own perspective to the way they see it but she sounds like some fans has no sense at all!!Come to think of it in any actions we chose to take we just have to be responsible in every circumstances we face.How could it be taken that HJ would be burden if fans express themselves in a passionate manner.I believe they are doing those because it’s their joy by doing so and not particularly after to be recognize by HJ himself!!..Oh,you know it frustrates me not being able to tell her things myself in the way I want it to be!!There are a lot I have to disagree on that entry.Don’t get me wrong.I like and follow all her other blogs but totally not on this one!..I hope she pay a visit in here at Lazer’s as I asked her to!.

  19. Ask her to watch all SS501 reality/variety show like MPick, Love letter and etc..then she will know KHJ is not like what she claimed..i started to love HJ as a fan since his first debuted with SS501 2005..i love their music & among the SS501 members, HJ is the most outstanding because of his unique personality..his genuine personality make me like him even more.he inspired me a lot to be the BEST among the best and at the same time be modest. KHJ not destroyed me as a fan. like myqueenleo wrote in her comment, “it is YOU who can destroy your own life”. LOVE this quotes. always put yourself in control..i still manage to get my master degree, have a stable career and at the same time spend my “me-time” with HJ updates, shows and anything related to him (like lazer kim unnie wrote in previous entry, i love to be in that ‘comfort zone’)

    When she wrote,”I can’t help but think about all of these, and feel sorry for those who have forgotten reality. I’m the preacher kind and I like to tell other people what to do perhaps. I also know that I’m someone who can’t sit by and watch people destroy themselves. ” –>girl..why dont u just go to monastery to become a real preacher and bring goods to others..tell others not to do this & that in a proper way..and the most important are not in charge in others’ life..take control of ur own life..

    my words for this poor lil a matured, genuine & civilized fans.

    • My life changed for the better, the more I had time for myself, I knew more about myself, I discovered more of what i can do for others not only at this blog or internet but to my staffs at work. Then because of this blog which is dedicated to HJ I learned a lot from other fans. And that is why I said knowing HJ is the best part of my life. Many best things happened to me that i never realize before. Maybe because I had the chance to be confined in one place to see more things that I have not seen before because I kept moving for 23 years. I’m thankful to HJ that kept me company to stay put and see what is around me. So what I have experienced is contrary to what that article describe. Many were hurt because for many fans HJ is an inspiration which is same with me here.
      For me the alien world is a breather where I can sit take a rest for a while and face another tomorrow much stronger. This is how I feel. I bring HJ at work instead of getting stress out I can have time to relax with my notepad!
      Thank you so much have a nice day take care see you again God bless.

      • Frankly speaking LK..there are sooo many blogs dedicated to our HJ (i call him tercinta (malay word) )..but, i’m very selective in choosing my reading material..but i find ur blog is different..the write up are all matured & based on facts.. =) ..i’m glad to read this kind of article..

        Have a nice day LK!

  20. Unnie I’m really thankful to you for writing this article in need.

    If someone talk about respect, then that person should think about respecting everyone. Insisting about idol’s privacy and all doesn’t mean that fans should stay away from the idol, then what this stardom for? And I don’t know about others, but when comes to Kim Hyun Joong, we all know how sincere he is to his fans. I wonder what he would feel of those words like “destroying fans’ lives”, “smiles with the lights on” if he reads this. If he does this just as sake of his job, why did he have to autograph one of fans who was in the same plane, who was desperate in having fake autograph while she was taking a nap. Flying time is his private time, so why did he do that, because he knows he holds fan meetings, Hi-5 events turn into hand shaking events, so why he still think of doing more?

    Reading critics from anti-fans is bearable, but reading those from the ones who had attended many events of him, and even who had written heartfelt fan accounts, I can’t understand.

    Thank you Lazer unnie.. May Triple Gem Bless you, beautiful aliens and Kim Hyun Joong..

  21. i totally agree what LazerKim wrote. She said she might got hint or tips from someone, but that someone is HJ’s manager. She had the number. She can book the same flight before the flight details is out. What she wrote is actually what she’s doing. After BKK FM, Hyun Joong went to a korean restaurant and they followed. She should give HJ privacy after his performance but yet she went. she sure got tips that HJ is going down to Jaksal before departing to Bangkok. and since is HJ’s personal time, why did she had her iphone case autographed? She also stayed the same hotel as Hyun Joong if she attends HJ’s out of Seoul or her own country, Can she consider as a stalker?

  22. SHE CALL HER SELF A FAN?! GIVE AS A BREAK GIRL!!!!!!!!! you are insulting him, dont you realized that? entire savings??? negligence?? blah blah dont you realized again??? you slapping ur self lol! im sure you know what im talking about…

  23. DESPERATE PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS LIKE THAT….personal ng tirada yan ah……what is her purpose in writing this????……suiciding???


  24. Estoy contigo en este artìculo, el esfuerzo que realizan los artistas (mas aun los artistas de corazon como KHJ) que lo dan todo, porque aman lo que hacen. Conocen los pro y contras de su oficio. Nosotros los fans respetamos, lloramos, reimos,cuidamos de nuestro artista favorito. Algo preocupada quede cuando mencionas un blog ( y creo que al que te refieres es al de wonderrrgirl, cuando salieron las fotos tomadas en Jacksal, que dio la vuelta x internet) pues al encontrarme tan distante uds. son nuestra referencia para conocer màs de KHJ…sigo tu blog desde el año pasado y trato en lo posible de no emitir comentario sino mostrar imagenes sean de fotos o de videos en las cuales podemos ver a nuestro coreano favorito…Soy de Guayaquil, Ecuador…desde aqui mis mas sincero agradecimiento, respeto, consideracion, ya que somos Henecia de corazòn

  25. ah i don’t think like that fan. he’s an inspiration for youths. one young fan said that if HJ can stay up late for his work, then she could stay up late for her study. she’s right. we get what and how we think. in PK, people said that oh hani is such a pity school girl who wanted to be a girl of Mr. Perfect. but some thought that the character tried hard to get what she want. isn’t it clear that a message is given, and we’ll get how we interpret. we can learn from him about pure and big heart, sincerity, hard work, friendship, charity, saving up money, value family life, attitude…………..although i am a fan of him, may i say diehard fan, i have my family and friends. but in my free time, i’ll be with the fandom. the fandom is also my friend, isn’t it? there are fans of HJ who are on a successful career, have a wonderful family. they didn’t destroy their life. instead they share their enjoyment with their family and friends. i’ve read about a fan saying that her whole family send her to the airport to welcome HJ. i always think like “oh if a fan is successful, then HJ will be proud of having such fan”. although i follow him since the November of 2009, i also do my job dutifully and happily. i can learn from him too. since he’s a celebrity, his fans will buy anything related to him. that comes out from love. but we’ll do within our limit. i start to use TFS products cuz of him since i am a fan of him. that’s the purpose of showbiz, isn’t? even if you take a tuition class, you have to pay the fees. the entertainment is a professional of the entertainer. but we all know that HJ always gives his best for the fans.the fans also agree that the money is worth paying. destroy or not, no one can destroy your own life, it is YOU who can destroy your own life. just my opinion!!! thanks Lazer unnie for the daily dose.

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