Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR CHARISMA

By: LazerKim         Are you looking for Kim Hyun Joong? He has resume his shooting schedule for City Conquest in Seoul yesterday, as the news the other day said Kim Hyun Joong shall focus mainly on City Conquest. There is no news as yet pertaining to his location filming abroad, we’ll stay tune in for further news update. In the meanwhile, here’s a good news, the Walking Sculpture, known as Kim Hyun Joong of course, topped the list of Korea’s Top 30 Most Handsome Men as stated in the Wuhan Evening News yesterday August 15. Here’s that news>(

Well, this is another obvious fact that we fans take pride as Mr. Perfect Kim Hyun Joong takes the lead as the Most Handsome Man in Korea. It’s been a while since I last read his first nickname as Walking Sculpture which I miss calling him that! Here’s my first impression about Hyun Joong meeting him for the first time in person. Seeing him walking down the street by himself, you would think he’s extra ordinary, not because he’s popular, because the first time I saw him I did not recognize him at all when he’s just in front of me. There’s a certain beauty in a person who can be very beautiful at first sight but as you stare at him closely, you easily get tired of.

Hyun Joong is different because the more you look at him, the more he looks handsome. It’s true that the most attractive part of Hyun Joong’s body is his eyes, it’s because of how he looks at anybody, he looks directly to your eyeballs that will melt any girl he looks at. He has a very strong sex appeal for one thing and not all handsome guys can possess that certain appeal. Off cam, his smiles are rare specially to strangers and strange place, you have to smile at him first and he’ll smile back with sincerity. This was my first impression about Hyun Joong.

In his recent exposures, Hyun Joong has always been in his most carefree outfit in ragged sleeveless shirt, long vest, tight dark jeans and his accessories, but he still looks neat and clean. Hyun Joong is a type of person that any outfit suits him perfectly since he has a perfect body proportion, tall height, broad shoulders, perfectly toned muscles from cleavage to curved firmed arms, smooth skin and his tiny heart shape face that looks like an angel! Overall his perfect physique, is with his priceless star charisma that magnetize more and more people towards Kim Hyun Joong. That’s the magic of Mr. Perfect!!

Hyun Joong is a beautiful person inside out. He is not only the most Handsome in Korea, he also has the best star charisma within the showbiz industry. It’s not only sex appeal that he possess, as an artist, he has a very strong stage appeal. Being a stage performer, it’s not only the artist’s talent that matters, it’s how a performer conquers his audience. Hyun Joong performs as solo in every concert he has, the Artmatic are his back-up dancers, but he was able to capture the hearts of his audience from the nearest gallery row to the stage up to the bleachers of any venue he performs.

 After each concert Hyun Joong performs, his audience still crave for more from him. At this point Hyun Joong had conquered the desire of his audience to come back and watch him again. Common sense tells us that his audience enjoyed the show, they were entertained and would be looking forward for more concerts. This is every artists aim to attain, a certain degree of acceptability from his audience. The video clips of Hyun Joong showed enough proof on how his audience respond to his performance.

The number of repertoire in his concert was right, the time span of performance was just enough for a normal concert but it felt as if the show was short, it’s because there was no dull period within the show that everyone enjoyed every minute of it. Even the brief video clips shown at the concert while Hyun Joong exits from the stage to change costume, was interesting, hearing his audience respond even to the video clip. As a result, his audience followed Hyun Joong on his next performance venue. We have seen this chain reaction in the series of fan meeting concert Hyun Joong did in his recent Asia Tour.

One man performer stands on that stage with thousands of eyes focus on him, that one can not even blink not to miss any single moment in the show. That’s how it feels being one of the audience at the gallery! And Hyun Joong was able to attain that feeling from his audience. There are routines set for him to aim perfection in his every moves but the most part of the show that he loves most is to interact with his audience.

Oh Hyun Joong just enjoy playing with his audience, whether he talks or approach the nearest audience one can truly feel his spirit, his energy and sincere enthusiasm to entertain you. He’s not only doing it just because it’s his job, but because he loves to see his audience happily enjoying him. A remarkable total performer is what Hyun Joong is on stage and a total fan lover off stage. That’s him!

Hyun Joong was asked in his interview in Japan this question, “Do you realize how popular  you are in Japan?” Hyun Joong responded as “I can’t. Topping in the Weekly Oricon is not as important as how hard I worked to make music.”

Right after Hyun Joong topped the Oricon he was asked how he felt about it. And he said, “I’m happy about the news but it had not sink in to me yet.”

Hyun Joong is known to be very modest by nature. The truth is he was not expecting any of what was happening, and what was he attaining. It’s because Hyun Joong is after his talent development, he still want to be improved and work harder to attain what he ought to develop in himself. Ever since he launched his first album Breakdown, his success just kept rolling from here and there, his popularity is boosting remarkably fast for a soloist rookie like him for less than a year. The more gaining fans he has, the more he get inspired to work, the more he wants to give in.

Many star celeb would tend to relax after series of achievements just like what Hyun Joong has been gaining. But Hyun Joong is different, the more his popularity rise up, the more chain of success he attains, the more he even work harder instead of taking even a little breather to relax. If you remember he was relating in his recent concert in Sailtama as he sings Anata Ni, he was feeling a bit depressed over his acting at City Conquest. He was worried which I understand, it’s been quite a while since his last drama and so it feels like a first timer again on the first days of shooting.

I think this is very normal to an artist having mixed emotion of being excited and anxious all at the same time. We all know why he’s doing this drama and why it took him some time to decide whether or not he’ll work on to this particular project. First, there’s high demand for his come back on small screen. Second, Hyun Joong wants to do something different from his previous dramas and so it took a lot of thinking on his part which role he should take.

His first shooting days were a bit stressful since he has to do both singing and acting at the same time, and he wants to give his best shot on both while doing at the same time. But based from the pictures he had at the shooting location of City Conquest, he’s been enjoying the filming. Even he’s tired he doesn’t feel it because he’s enjoying what he’s doing.

Hyun Joong even mentioned that sometimes he gets mixed up as to who he is!! Is he a rocker this time or Baek Mir?? It’s because Hyun Joong portray the character of every project he has on and off cam!! It’s funny but we witness how he dressed up, how he walks, how he should talk or how he should react ect. Whether he’ll sing or act he puts himself into the character, and this way turns out effective in all of his projects. Hyun Joong always gives his 100% and no less with whatever he works on. That’s him, by nature.

Fame is what Hyun Joong keeps attaining out of his hard work in every exposure he has. Seeing his thousands of fans during his every concert was so overwhelming for him but Hyun Joong doesn’t put that fame in his head, but placed it in his heart. He went out of his way during his second album launching, not just to promote the album but mainly to thank his fans for their support. HEAT was already on top of the chart by pre-order sales, in fact Hyun Joong doesn’t need to be out there to promote personally, but he did, he’s just so crazy about meeting his fans up close and try to remember each one of them!

And so the unforgettable handshake to 5,000 fans in Tokyo is simply to thank Hyun Joong’s fans with all his sincerity. Without Hyun Joong realizing he even gained new fans out of the series of events during the launching. HEAT continue its sales reaching to over 200,000 as of yesterday, which means non-fans had started buying the album. Hyun Joong gained another new set of fans along the way while he’s been running from here and there. The fame in his heart inspired more people to come closer to Kim Hyun Joong, and his star charisma that conquered the hearts of many.

I can’t help not to talk about Hyun Joong’s concert in Saitama and all the launching events in Japan because it is in these events specially his concert that I cried with him. The love of Hyun Joong to his fans surfaced from what he had been doing that time. The guy is a man of few words and his only way of loving is showing it through deeds to provide what his fans needed from him.

As I have mentioned in my article yesterday, I don’t think Hyun Joong knows what we truly feel for him!! He knows many people loves him, he can feel that love he receives, since he instantly reciprocate, but he’s not the least aware of the gravity of that love we have for him that no words can express or describe!!

This is his way of giving back the love we have for him. He’s working hard to please each and everyone of his fans and that’s pretty obvious the whole time he was in Japan or any where he goes. We fans are lucky and can only feel proud being a Kim Hyun Joong fan, I will never get tired of saying this because this is very true to every single fan he has.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, the most handsome Korean Kim Hyun Joong is not only within his physique that beauty surfaced, but from his heart that he gain and give lots lots of LOVE.

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D KHJean14 thanks!


17 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR CHARISMA

  1. hi LK! you’re back hopefully with no interruption this time especially now that hyunjoong is hardly seen on airport lobby and all. your daily blog entry cures my longing heart for his updates and keep my sanity (some friends call it insanity hahaha) in tact!

    thank you! 😉

  2. LK I lost your email and I am unable to read the links on your blog here. I would like email and twitter addresses please! You must be so busy with your job… I haven’t heard from you besides your posts! Hope all is well, sweetie!

  3. agreed to your idea and this is the 5th time i’m reading your blog (earlier i was reading through my phone) Great article and keep on writing lazer. yeah he is so handsome charismatic and down to earth person. i wish that i’ll get a chance to see him in my real life. 🙂 🙂
    keep on writing!!! God bless!!

  4. Sis~~thank you for the daily dose..^^
    I’ve been missing our Alien Prince so much these days and reading your article brightens the dullness!!Thanks for all the recaps, as always.:)) We’re all with you!!..Do the best description and we will second in motion,hahaha…

    You know what I dreaded ??’s the thought of a day that you might fall into a writer’s block scenario..Big no!!..we need to be fueled up esp in times like these that Mr.Perfect’s presence is not to be seen around…sigh~~…take care^^

  5. love you ms LK! bagyong bagyo pati article mo…”adik sau,adik kay HJ (kantahin mo yan)”…lol! thank you ingat, kita kits tom!

  6. Omg xd now I’m laughing at you, LK! How come you didn’t recognize our baby! hahaha xd I understand though… it happened to me D: when I saw JYJ D: I guess I’m not used to seeing korean ppl in real life xd …not used to seeing many asian ppl actually D: lol .-. Our HJ is so humble, modest Switzerland. Have a wonderful day, LK!

    • Wtf wordpress is not posting everything I typed D: I said that I loved his humbleness and that my mom taught me how to be like that. I also said that my wild guess is that he will head to Switzerland now

  7. Walking sclupture,star charisma,mr perfect…why all those words very right for HIM?yeah,’cos HE IS THE ONE AND THE ONLY ONE,OURBOY,who we love,respect and proud.Lk,thank you so much for a wonderful article,you really bring us go deeper into HIS WORLD…ALIEN FAMILY pour more love to HIM.God bless all of you. sist,how’s your country now? wish everything better,take care.

  8. another blast Article for Mr. Walking Sculpture!! for us fans of Kim HyunJoong there’s no one can beat that perfect image^^ Yes,for now we miss his whereabouts but as we all know he shall be in the midst of his filming by now..oh i’m glad to know KHJ is putting all his energy to his upcoming drama and not having a date!..well.he dated all his fans already through his FMs,2ndSingle ‘HEAT’ and Concerts.. that left us craving for more to be with him..but the best of the best has yet to lets wait for him and continue to pray for his safety always!..Thank U LZ,i know you’re very busy but i hope you can pop out at least once in a while in our cocoon.Pls. do take care and may God bless^^..MISS YOU!!

  9. Dear LK

    Thanks a lots for a beautiful article. I totally agree with every words you said in the article. I also can not explain my love towards Hyun Joong just strongly feel that I really want the best thing to happen to this guy . I wrote before that the more I know of him the more I love him. I think actually I loose nothing by loving him but instead I did gain a lots lots of things which I have never expected.

    I so agree with you about sex appeal .I think he posess a very strong sex appeal that only few stars have. It ‘s shown since his debuted day. That’s why he is very attractive to all ages.

  10. love to read ur article^^ thnKYU soo much>>> all that u shared in ur articles are the things tht other TS n Henecians feel too…but its juz tht we really couldn’t express ourselves abt d love we have for our leader^^ thnkYU soo much for allocating ur time to write abt him…feeling really grateful^^

  11. THE ONLY ONE… that phrase is like a carving on my heart. Thank you very much unnie. We can wait for you in twitter, but please take care of yourself.. Love you unnie.. and today I’ll not forget to tell May Triple Gem Bless You and it’s always in my heart for everyone..

  12. Hi LazerKim! I’m actually the first to reply! WAAA! I am working on my own blog and just finished my post :

    It was greatly inspired by your post yesterday. I know what you mean about not being able to describe your love for Hyun Joong. This post was really hard to write, and as I was reading and editing… I thought to myself, “It just doesn’t capture what’s in my heart exactly. That just can’t be expressed. These words are the best I can do.”

    I will be here again tomorrow to see what you have for us! So glad you’re back in action!
    Luv u sis!

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