Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MR. GOLD

By: LazerKim           Kim Hyun Joong was awarded by the Japan Record Association for his second single HEAT as it reached over a hundred copies on its sales for the month of July 2012. Hyun Joong has received the gold disc award under the single category. This is his second single to have attained the gold record status, as his Japanese debut single Kiss Kiss was also placed at the same gold record status in February this year.

Allow me to mention that Kim Hyun Joong out numbered TVXQ idol group on sales since it was not mentioned in the allkpop news, just for the record. Kim Hyun Joong sold 196,850 CD copies, while TVXQ sold 171,554 CD copies. Both earned the certified Gold and I would like to Congratulate Kim Hyun Joong and TVXQ.

Therefore, it’s Hyun Joong attaining all that gold in two consecutive singles in Japan! Not to mention that Hyun Joong had marked a history as a Kpop soloist to have attained the No.1 spot on it’s first day launching of Heat at the Oricon among the foreign solo singers of all time in Japan. Hyun Joong was placed at 4th spot after Elton John’s Candle in the Wind gained among all the foreign singers of all time from 1970 until this present day.

Elton John sold 195,000 CD copies while Hyun Joong’s Heat sold 184,000 CD copies. Another history mark as Hyun Joong’s DVD Impact gained the second spot on foreign artists second to Micheal Jackson’s DVD, in terms of sales.

This is just so amazing, that Hyun Joong and his chain of success from last year till this present day just kept on rolling continuously that seems to be endless! Hyun Joong had already accomplished two Japanese singles and both were launched successfully hitting the Oricon Music Chart and placed at gold record status. Now I’m wondering, will Hyun Joong pursue on doing Chinese singles? He actually mentioned in one of his interviews in China, something like wishing to work on Chinese music. Well, if he did it to work on Japanese music, then it’s also possible he can also do it in China too.

In Thailand quite recently he also echoed the same wish to be able to sing a Thai song. It somehow makes me think, Hyun Joong would do anything in any way to connect with his fans from other countries and can also capture the hearts of non-fans. This is something good and an excellent idea in singing songs from different languages. It seems to me now that in every wish he got, it happens. If you have read my article yesterday which talks about HEAT, on how it started as a joke and end up to be a big hit that even turns gold!!

I believe in Hyun Joong’s creative ability and versatility can even bring him to the heights of success that anyone can ever imagine which he had proven a lot of times since he started performing solo and given the free hand in his music. I would say there are more inside his mind that others might think of the impossible, but Hyun Joong would just try on anything. The guy is so adventurous by nature and one who loves challenge. If Hyun Joong would be given the chance to what he wish for, it would surely come up to a success.

As I have mentioned in my other article, language was never been a barrier between Kim Hyun Joong and his fans. No matter what language Hyun Joong sings his song, his fans would still appreciate it. This fact was proven by the first two Japanese singles Hyun Joong had, since it’s not only his Japanese fans appreciates Kiss Kiss and Heat, but also his fans from the different parts of the world. I wouldn’t doubt that whatever language Hyun Joong sings his song, his fans all over the world will always appreciate it, sought for it and treasure it.

We have witnessed that whatever Hyun Joong touches turn to gold. Anything attached to his name will always be salable in terms of business, from his CD, magazines down to the smallest items the uzoosin will always be on top of sales list most specially in Japan. In due time the name Kim Hyun Joong will spread out in all parts of the world and this is very likely to happen. At present, it’s only been a year since Hyun Joong ventured in his solo projects and evidently he’s been quite successful in any project he’s in. Many foreign business entities now are eyeing on Hyun Joong and this is a very natural chain reaction.

Mr.Gold himself Kim Hyun Joong not only has a gold record, he also has a gold finger that anything he touch turns to gold, and the guy also has a golden heart. Quite recently Hyun Joong donated to the Beautiful Foundation to help the single elderly people in need. This is another part of Hyun Joong’s gesture to charity as we are all familiar with his continues support to charity. This time, Hyun Joong was moved by the gesture of his fans in helping the elders in need on his behalf. He decided to take part in helping as Hyun Joong donated 50million won to the Beautiful Organization.

Like idol like fans, like fans like idol, as Hyun Joong decided to follow the footsteps of his fans in helping the elderly people in need. As we all know Hyun Joong has a special spot in his heart for the homeless kids and he has a big heart for the elders by nature. We have witness how sweet he is with his grandma fans, what more to the elders who are in need. I’m just so proud of Hyun Joong being active in helping the people in need as he sincerely care for them. He is one person who will never ignore the less fortunate and the needy.

And may I just emphasize that Hyun Joong doesn’t do this for publicity sake as many stars does. Even he was still with the SS501, he spare his time and attention specially to the homeless kids and so with his members. I think this is one personal trait that I like most in the group because all five of them are by nature helpful to the less fortunate. Hyun Joong haven’t changed, in fact he is even more supportive at this time, if you remember he donated his own profit share from the concert he had in Yakohama to charity.

And so Hyun Joong was showered with more blessing by a hundred folds from what he has been currently attaining. What he receives he gives it back by sharing what he got to the less fortunate. I can’t help but feel proud that my idol is truly a man with the golden heart. Hyun Joong has been receiving more love from here and there that he’s been overwhelm by what people has been showing him and letting him feel the sincerely love.

I remember Hyun Joong was saying, “In order to receive love from other people I have to work hard”. He was pertaining to his fans as his inspiration in working harder to be worthy of their trust and support. All the winning crown Hyun Joong has been gaining is all he can give to his fans, because he wants them to take pride being his fans. He never stops, he just keep going providing what his fans needs from him and the further he goes, the more he takes the initiative to develop himself as an artist.

Hyun Joong has been gaining popularity boost and he didn’t waste time and spare it in nurturing that attention given to him in every time he’s out there on his exposure. He got out of his way and tries his very best to connect with these people and to acknowledge their love and support as he reciprocate with all his sincerity. For a successful star, it is not enough to be a brilliant singer or actor. To nurture the receiving end of his talent is also within Hyun Joong’s aim by building and developing a connection with his fans.

Kim Hyun Joong is such an exceptional star, he thinks and he feels not only for himself but largely to the people whom he receives love and support as he shares the same love and support to those in need.

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

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10 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MR. GOLD

  1. Dear LK, indeed Hj has the Midas touch, everything he touches turn into Gold, but it is also because he really has a carrying heart and he is a sincere person so he receive back ten fold and that is why WE all love him dearly. I do hope he will continue to be like that always. Please don’t talk about army and so, not now, don’t put us in bad mood, let us cross that bridge when will came, meanwhile live every day happily and don’t think about the future yet. God Bless, keep strong there and by the way now with your new career you can built something out of Gold for sure, but I think that this Blog is also a Monument and it should be aknowledged by KHJ people, it is about time ad you are doing a wonderfull job. Take care dearest LK:)

  2. Love that little turn over the shoulder smile! He looks beautiful at any angel… erm I mean angle! typo of the brain! So glad you’re back writing! Have to have my dose! ❤ u!

  3. HE is a GOLD MAN indeed.His look,His eyes, and His heart are truly gold. We not over discribe HIM, because that’s a fact.No one one can deny it, accept the ones who lied to their heart.LK,we proud of HIM as much as we love HIM.Thanks for the article sist. Miss you so much. Take care and god bless.

    • Oh that I missed in this article, to our dear critics I hope they won’t say I overrated Hyun Joong again! These are facts, if they doubt then they should read more about Hyun Joong!
      Charles Jordan of Chicago Bulls an NBA basketball legend has a monument made of stone. If I’m gonna build a monument for Hyun Joong being a legend I would like to build it in gold! Because in reality you’re right he is indeed a Gold Man that I truly agree.
      Thank you lng i miss you too and I don’t want to miss you more than I already did for 9days!!LOL i miss everyone here! Have a great day and you take care see you again…God bless..

  4. hi lazer, i hope that HJL will do an ENGLISH song (not just saying) because i think he will be loved more and more by his fans and of course he’ll get new fans. actually i’m proud to be a fan of his as he is a perfect idol. well i was reading Kyu Jong’s (KHJ’s band member) letter and i actually can’t think about KHJ being in military service.
    See you again lazer! god bless!

      • LOL!! I knew it somebody will react upon reading about military service!!hahaha Hello FanJong don’t worry it will take another 4years before we can receive letter from Hyun Joong from the military camp!! LOL It is horrible for all of us yes!!

    • Oh no!! I actually came across that letter from kyu Jong I stopped reading bcoz my mind started playing on imaginations about HJ in the military service. I don’t think I can bear with it at least not at this time nor next time!!
      Yeah i do hope HJ can sing English song even just one. Maybe if he’ll be given the chance to do so I’m sure he’ll work on it. Let’s cross our fingers!
      Thank you so much, please do take care, we’re having another typhoon in my country again aigoo!! Have a nice day and see you again! God bless..

        • Oh thank you fanjong, you’ve always been very thoughtful. But i’ll be happier if you’ll pray that I won’t lose my connection because of the typhoon!!! I don’t want to experience being lost touch with you guys again, i have enough in 9days no connection!! LOL no more of that please!!!

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