Kim Hyun Joong… [article] COMFORT ZONE

By: LazerKim             Kim Hyun Joong apparently is back to his cocoon, but not because he’s out of our sight I don’t believe he’s resting or in a grand holiday! If so, I would be pleased since he’s been running from one airport lobby to another these past months! I can only speculate he’s within the zone of City Conquest! Are we starting to get gloomy missing Hyun Joong after the grand finale he performed at the Hanabi Festival last Friday 10th of August?

Oh don’t be, Hyun Joong can just appear any time the least we expect, he had done that recently that everyone was caught unaware he’s already at the airport to catch his flight! So keep yourself awake or you’ll miss seeing him back in action!! I guess I have to say this to myself since I bring you whatever is going on around!! What we can do now while he’s busy probably still with City Conquest, maybe we can reminisce the days he’s been rocking the stage of Saitama Arena or whatever that remains memorable to us these past days.

Kim Hyun Joong was awarded as the Best Artist at the Asian Music Festival in August 4,2012. This is another honor that every single fan of Kim Hyun Joong can be proud of. This is another award that Hyun Joong bagged in for this year 2012. It’s already past mid-year, and soon the year would end and how time fly so fast just as fast Hyun Joong kept accomplishing a lot of successful projects that is beyond expectation.

In Japan alone, Hyun Joong started this year with a big bomb if you still remember his album debut Kiss Kiss and his first concert this year at Yokohama Arena attended by some 20,000 fans. Followed by his second album launching for mid-year Heat and a successful concert at Saitama Arena attended by 60,000 fan!! From this scale we can see his popularity rate escalates in abrupt! If you are following Kim Hyun Joong, you’ll always be in a run after him in the series of successful activities he has, then you have to run fast!! I wonder now, how many fans are there addicted to Kim Hyun Joong?

Yesterday I had the chance to re-watched a video clip of Star Date interview with Hyun Joong held in Japan. I think I have written about it in one of my articles but I missed a part when Hyun Joong was asked this question, “What do you remember about your fans?” Hyun Joong responded as, “I got a letter from a fan saying, Hyun Joong I love you more than my husband! I was so shocked, she should not love me that much.”

Allow me to react on Hyun Joong’s statement. I honestly think Hyun Joong doesn’t have the least idea what we truly feels about him!! I wonder now, how many fans shares the same opinion as the fan who wrote to Hyun Joong saying she loves Hyun Joong more than her husband? It may sounds like a joke but granting it’s not a joke, is this possible? Well, for unhappily married wife this can be possible! But I have spoken to many happily married wives who are fans of Hyun Joong and they do find time to be with Hyun Joong, meaning attend to fan meeting and concerts not to mention hitting the internet for daily updates.

I can only speak for myself, but I think some of you may feel the same way as I do, although it may be in different situation. I am not in a committed relationship with anyone at this time or even the time I was still researching about Hyun Joong. And so this gives me 100% focus on him and committed to Hyun Joong as a fan writer.

I may be committed with my current work that I ought to do as a responsible business woman but I bring Hyun Joong with me in my work, my note pad and pen to write about him while I’m at the construction site!! When I get home, I hit the internet, and type what I wrote in my notepad. Then start looking for updates, note it down so I can bring it with me at work, for reference in writing my article. After which, I check on my emails coming from other fans and from my comment box, and reply. I do this everyday of my life, in short Hyun Joong has been occupying my thoughts most hours of the day even I’m working!

Hyun Joong has quite a number of noona fans who have boyfriends, husbands and mother fans too, but they do find time at the internet in tracking down all about Hyun Joong. I actually have written an article with the title Partners which have been sitting in my file for quite sometime now but I’ll probably post it if there’s no updates to talk about. I know a mother fan who’s been very active in posting updates. She’s been taking care of her ailing husband and she’s saying that Hyun Joong is her stress reliever which I believe so as most of us does. She looks up at Hyun Joong as her real son, and I bet you she’ll kill an insect whoever criticize Hyun Joong!!

A lot of my teenage readers said that Hyun Joong is their inspiration in their studies. I remember one student fan was saying, “if only Kim Hyun Joong would be asked in my exams, then I would surely pass the test!!” Then I replied back to her and told her, if I were your teacher I would surely ask questions about Hyun Joong and would surely give her excellent grades!! Kidding aside, Hyun Joong is truly a role model to the young ones in terms of his experience during his high school days of struggle. The lesson learned out of Hyun Joong’s experience to run away from home and coming back home realizing what hard life had taught Hyun Joong.

I asked one mother fan, how does she cope up with taking care of her family at the same time can still find ways to read about Hyun Joong at the internet until wee hours at night. And she said, it’s better to be home with her lappy than being outside the house. Which I definitely agree. Being a wife and a mother is itself more than a career. I would think being single can have more time with Hyun Joong, but I was wrong because even mother fans can equally have quality time with Hyun Joong, like attending to his fan meeting or concerts not to mention the daily routine of hitting the internet for Hyun Joong’s updates.

What made a fan say she loves Hyun Joong more than her husband? I honestly can not answer for her or for fans who shares the same opinion. We may have different opinion on how we see or feel about Hyun Joong but I’m pretty sure we share the same love for Hyun Joong as a fan. Quite a number of mother fans were able to follow Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour and reading from their experience I can feel the same degree of love for him. They too have gone out of their way as a fan to meet Hyun Joong in person.

Hyun Joong was quite surprised by a fan saying she loves him more than her husband! I would think the fan was just being honest, maybe in a way that Hyun Joong became her stress reliever just like anyone of us. As for me, I feel contented and complete every time I write about Hyun Joong, every time I watch him in his dramas and concert. The further I go I became addicted to him until such time knowing him became the best part of my life.

Will it be the same if I happen to have a partner or if I’m in a committed relationship? I do not have an answer to that, but I would say I’m so glad I’m not!! Simply because I do not want to divide my time with Hyun Joong and whoever. Just like the saying said, be where you could be happy, and I’m happy with what I’m doing, I can bring Hyun Joong with me in my work and can still be productive within the scope of my responsibility.

I truly admire the wives and mother fans of Hyun Joong that no matter how busy and stressful being a wife and a mother, they still find time to be with Hyun Joong everyday. Or maybe the addiction to Hyun Joong calls for daily dosage to keep them going. That goes for me too, my day isn’t complete without the thoughts of Hyun Joong. My question now is, is this normal to any fans of other stars? I’m so curious, as I have said in the past, I have a list of favorite stars but it never occur to me to be this way as I do to Hyun Joong.

I remember when I was just starting to write, I was trying to encourage a non-fan blogger who seem to me is a critic but couldn’t criticize Hyun Joong for obvious reason that she had witnessed how Hyun Joong is in person. Then she said she’d rather not get involve in Kim Hyun Joong as a fan. Back then I couldn’t understand why she said that. Only when I started to get deeper into knowing Hyun Joong that I understand.

Kim Hyun Joong is a person whom I can not let go or get over with. Until now that blogger stayed as a critic of Kpop, but until now she never criticize Hyun Joong. It was from her that I learned as she said, you may criticize Kim Hyun Joong but feel sorry after doing so.She said Hyun Joong is so nice as person to deserve some criticism. Another veteran fan said, once you get into the world of Kim Hyun Joong, you’ll find it hard to get out of it. I realize that’s true when I got stuck up in the real world for nine days without internet!!

Be where you could be happy, for me whether being an avid fan of Hyun Joong is normal or not in other idol’s fandom, I’m just happy where Hyun Joong is. Other mother fans find their family to be very supportive to them in being a die hard fan of Kim Hyun Joong, that I can visualize them to be a happy mother and a fan to die for Hyun Joong!! And some who have daughters are also fan of Hyun Joong. Now I wonder if he knows about this fact, that an entire family can be his fan. This is not impossible at all as I can read from his mother fans!!

I find Hyun Joong to be my comfort zone from the real world. To listen to his music, to watch his video clips, to read his daily updates, to defend him from his critics which I find it challenging, to read about his accomplishments, and to feel his love for his fans is such a soft cushion whenever I think about it. And maybe he’s a comfort zone as others think of him as a cure, stress reliever, and inspiration for many people. What do I like about Kim Hyun Joong, is everything about him as a person for real, particularly his honesty and sincerity that makes him a complete person.

Kim Hyun Joong is not a saint to be perfect, he’s a pain in the nose for being hard headed! But he’s gentle air that one can breath freely and a total comfort zone being at his side.

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

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30 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] COMFORT ZONE

  1. I agree with you! Gosh, you know it’s even hard to find attractive random men once you meet Hyun Joong xd I’m also single ^^ and plan to be for a long time lol xd I also enjoy having 100% of my time dedicated to Hyun Joong 😀 Even when I’m holding events I do xd everytime I check the projection, I play any KHJ vid haha xd and everybody gets stunned, with a question mark all over their faces ‘cuz they can’t even realize what language they are hearing kekeke XD. |||| I think of HJ as my virtual boyfriend kekeke and I feel complete 😀 Plus at this time of my life, it would be a waste of time having a real boyfriend xd KHJ, my work, my cat and my younger sis are all I worry about ❤ Have a wonderful day, LK!

  2. Hello LK, if you’ve read my comment, you’ve already made a monument (kind of a shrine) for KHJ. Oh my, this is so in place this article, look at all the comments, yes this is the ALIENS world, U-zooshin world, Hj did became part of all our lives in one way or other his aura affects us all in some way or another, the Shania Twain song mentioned by ohcheonsa, it is so appropriate for all who started to know about KHJ, who fell without any doubt in love with him under his spell,well, more or less to some of the fans, I love my boyfriend and I am doing my best not to compare with Hj (otherwise I will lose…because this is the real world that we live in, but I so love my ALIENS…. hooked/addicted) HJ is UP there for joy with his music, a feast for sorrow eyes and a beatific smile and Idol heal when in need and by God I’ve promised myself that I will attend one of his concerts, I have to keep that promise for my Soul. YOU are my daily pill of anti stress together with Hj, so, for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and look how many people are sharing this love for KHJ and for your blog and we are all united and friends. This is a beautiful thing and it shows that good still exists in this troubled world/times that we live in, true Gia – this is the comfort zone and reality sucks. God Bless:)

  3. Hi LK! Loved your article today. It is so true how KHJ is my daily stress relief. I had thought about writing an article about this on my own blog and probably will sometime in the future. I have thought a lot about the reason I am so obsessed with this young man! He could be my son since I am almost exactly 17 years older than him. 17 years one month and 3 days to be exact. Oh dear, I’m showing my crazy fan obsession by knowing that! If I knew the time… it would be down to the second! HA!

    Anyhoo… I was pondering addiction in general and why people become addicted to this or that be it drugs or alcohol which are harmful, or sports, music, or a particular star which is fairly harmless unless it becomes such an obsession that it interferes with healthy relationships. It is because our lives are full of stress and pain. Someone who impresses us as KHJ does with his talent is one thing. We are distracted from our daily struggles and find a relief in being entertained or living a fantasy through vicarious interaction. This is normal. This is why the entertainment industry is such a moneymaker.

    However, KHJ is more than just a distraction for us. We are truly in love with him. He is such an amazing role model for ALL of us no matter what age. He is a person of integrity, character, and values. We can admire not only his talent, but the way he lives his life. We can be inspired to be better people. I think this is the difference. An addiction may be unhealthy, especially when we abandon real life. I am not sure what to think about the woman who said she loves him more than her husband. This does not seem healthy and I agree with Hyun Joong that she should not. If her marriage is unhappy, she will have to make the decision to change her life situtation to one that is nurturing and happy. I hope Hyun Joong can inspire her to do that.

    I am not in a relationship, neither do I have children. I have time to indulge my addiction to my Angel KHJ and I am striving to use it to further myself and build a life of happiness and success. If we are inspired by him to become better, this is good. If we are running or hiding from real problems… this is concerning. I feel KHJ as a person is inspiring and his fans are unique in that they love him for this, not just the beautiful fantasy he creates for us in his work.

    Ok…. I’ll stop blogging on your blog. 😀 I will definitely write more about this on mine. It is a topic that deserves a lot of thought. Thanks for sharing!

    • I wanted to share another song for KHJ today. I actually have this song in my KHJ playlist because it is my heart to him. I also believe it is his heart to us his fans. It is like a marriage in a way. We are in love and dedicated to each other. He gives his and dedication back to us. That’s why we can’t live a day withouth him! Read and see if it doesn’t reflect your heart too. Forever KHJ!

      “From This Moment On”

      (I do swear that I’ll always be there.
      I’d give anything and everything and I will always care.
      Through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow,
      for better for worse, I will love you with
      every beat of my heart.)
      From this moment life has begun
      From this moment you are the one
      Right beside you is where I belong
      From this moment on

      From this moment I have been blessed
      I live only for your happiness
      And for your love I’d give my last breath
      From this moment on

      I give my hand to you with all my heart
      Can’t wait to live my life with you, can’t wait to start
      You and I will never be apart
      My dreams came true because of you

      From this moment as long as I live
      I will love you, I promise you this
      There is nothing I wouldn’t give
      From this moment on

      You’re the reason I believe in love
      And you’re the answer to my prayers from up above
      All we need is just the two of us
      My dreams came true because of you

      From this moment as long as I live
      I will love you, I promise you this
      There is nothing I wouldn’t give
      From this moment
      I will love you as long as I live
      From this moment on

  4. I may not say I love HJ more than my husband but if you ask me how much time he occupies my mind during the entire day 24/7 I shall say it’s 95% more than my husband,hahaha…kidding aside!!..My daughter is more into being a bookworm well aware that her mother is a HJ hardcore.One time she nags me about school expenses being in the university about this & that …as it turned out I have no way to argue but end up saying “you better make sure to graduate and find a good job because you gonna treat me to a Korean tour to watch Kim Hyun Joong’s ultimate concert!”^^..and she replied “don’t worry “nay,I can even treat you to a world tour if you like,”laughingly~~..and add~ “but by then Kim Hyun Joong will be already old b’coz I still need to find a good high paying job!!,hahaha~^^”..I said I don’t care if he’s already old!!Because I still like him even when he became a grandpa!!…after I said that I realize how much I adore and love Kim Hyun Joong as a person..and it warms my heart just by the thought of it,actually.:))

  5. hi lazerkim! yeah its hyun joong filled up my lonely days here in chicago ( husband and family in phils) …even in my workplace im bringing my thoughts of hyun joong just to make me relax in a pressured workload…Now, when you shared that wife saying she loves khj more than her husband, i laugh at my self because when my husband asked me out of the blue that am i going to replace him for another man i said NO but if that person is khj maybe…then he was laughing …he likes khj too as an artist…hopefully, he can really have a concert here…

    • Oh you must truly miss your family i can understand the feeling! LOL maybe I can say she’s away from her husband that’s why she said she loves HJ more than her husband! I’ll tell you a secret, i’ll probably feel the same way as she does if i have a partner!! LOL
      Oh thanks for reminding me i have to post Chicago again, oh i’ve been missing a lot after that 9days!!
      Have a nice day! hey you take care. family will remain to be yours forever, to be away may be so lonesome, but not so as long as HJ is at your side to keep you going. see you again! God bless

  6. Unnie may I say even your blog is a comfort zone to us. Reading or listening or watching or even day dreaming about HJ is a really comfort to me. He brings me the happiness, even now when good things happen in my life; I can’t stop but to think that all these good things happen to me after I got to know him. He is truly a stress reliever; even coming home with dead tired, never stop me going to bed with listening to HJ music. He is an addictive that keeps us happy. We have made our own world around him, apart from the real world we are in. But for me, he is really helpful in my real world that he makes me happy, and encourages me to work hard in achieving goals. Because the world he has made in our lives is not a fancy or dreamy world, it’s only a place where we both him and the fans share our immense love with each other.

    Thank you very much unnie.. Do take care always.. really love how you carry HJ thoughts everywhere in your working place..LOL! Have a wonderful evening!!! Oh and the student fan who needed questions related to HJ in exam, I want to know her. Hahaha..

    • Dinu that’s exactly how I feel i can just lie down with my pillow to rest after every tiring day. But my pillow is HJ!! My bed is the internet and my blanket is his updates!! LOL what a comfort to breath on from the tiring day!!
      Thank you dinu dear, i hope everything is ok with you I miss you & everybody at twitter but i’m just dead busy and I can only offer my spare time with my article nothing more!! I’ll come around promise! When will that be ooohhh, here’s another day from the real world!! got to go I’m so late for work!!
      Take care dear, have a nice day see you around! may the Triple Gem bless you. i miss reading that from you today so I’ll say it!!

  7. Oh my god,what a day with your great article sist. With HIM around us we really can feel happy n peace. HIS CONFORT ZONE is not only a word…but there is full of meaning.With HIS humble,kind, sincere love to others really make us feel confortable.LK,our boy…mr. gold crowned as the most handsome man south korea… think that HIS heart is the most handsome of HIM isn’t? Take care sist, god bless always with you n your family.

    • Hyun Joong is a person with full of meaning that gives us daily hope and breather to reality! I agree with you HJ’s heart is the most handsome of all, he’s beyond comparable he’s just everything roll into only one special person.
      Thank you as always, take care have a wonderful bright and see you again! god bless…

  8. hello ms LK! same thought,same love…”thank you hyun joong 4 being our source of joy and inspiration” and thank you ms LK for this wonderful article.God bless.

    • Ms waggggaaass!!! Unan at balig yan si HJ!! Sarap matulog na lang may bagyo na naman!!
      Thank you for always being there! have a nice day take care ingats! Pagpalain ka ng may kapal. Star Charisma is today’s article! takbo na ayan na bagyo!!

    • Oh yesss we are the lucky alien to have a Prince we can take care and be taken care of too. Welcome to your Comfort Zone!!
      Take care, have great day, and see you again! God bless

  9. the more you dig the more i fell for him,,,coz his not ordinary guy his more extra ordinary person…i wish my son look up him someday…their is something about kim hyunjoong that nobody has only his alein’s fans knew that …i im rigth ms. LK
    THANK YOU…for a wonderful article for today…take care and god always bless us..

    • Ohhh yes that’s me too!! The more i dig the dipper I get to HJ, I think I recognize you. Share with your son what you know about HJ so he’ll get inspired too, and one day you may never know your son might take you to HJ. I say good luck for your son and more power!
      take care have a nice day ahead of you and see you again! god bless…

  10. yeah i got to know about him just last year(September) and well i’m addicted to this guy. the more and more i get to know about him, i feel like i’m dragged in to his u:zoosin world. i’m pretty sure that i won’t be able to critizise him. and by the way lazer did you see that KHJ topped as the handsome guy in korea??

    • We’re the same I started following him at the same month last year. I started to be addicted around that time with you!
      Have a nice day! Oh yes i have read it and it’s in my article today check it out Star Charisma! Take care and God bless…. see you again!

      • yeah i read your article for about 5 times. of course i’m addicted to him and for me it is just something i never thought because at first i hated to watch korean dramas but all changed as i accidently got BOF from a friend and then next thing i knew was that i’m addicted to this handsome and cute guy with big speaking beautiful eyes.

  11. I’m a mother fans with 17 years old daughter who is also fans of Kim Hyun Joong. Everyday we exchange every news about him.

    • I can visualize a perfect mom and daughter relationship in you, this is really good it breaks the generation gap between ages and blood relationship that friendship between you and your girl builds up because KHJ. Oh I’m proud of you!
      Thank you so much for sharing, have a nice day and see you again take care God bless

    • Hi leo! I’m glad to know we share the same feelings *sigh* it feels good to have someone to share KHJ! Have a nice day! see you around hey take care! God bless

    • oh you are in the perfect world of the alien with HJ, and you are always welcome to be here with him. Thank you so much! have a nice day take care and see you again. god bless

    • I’m in with you!! Reality sucks that’s true! At least having Hj we have some space to breath away from reality!! Thank you have a nice day dear! see you again take care God bless..

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