Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HEAT TALK

 By: LazerKim        Kim Hyun Joong won the gold medal No.1 at the Global Mnet Kpop Star Championship, we made it Alien!! Good work, thank you for your cooperation and effort in voting as yesterday was the last day of voting at the polls, Hyun Joong was able to maintain his position at the No.1 spot and finally made it to the top spot in the chart! Announcement of Mnet winners shall be made on the 16th of August.

I wrote this article in July 31 before I lost my connection and was about to post it when I found out I was disconnected. Here I have written the interview Hyun Joong had in Japan after HEAT made it to the top No.1 at Oricon Music Chart. However there’s another interview by Vogue Magazine Japan in which translation was also released yesterday with almost the same Q & A. May I just point out that Hyun Joong was asked by Vogue this question that caught my attention, “What’s your dream in the future for working hard”? Hyun Joong responded, ” Hmm…universe. I will gather all my fans in the universe and hold a concert there”. (laughs) 

There you go one of Hyun Joong’s wacky 4D in his interview again!! In reality, indeed Hyun Joong had already built the Alien World among his fans which I think he is not aware of as yet!! In the future he’ll find it out, that his fans has their own world with him made out of LOVE! Sometimes I do think even Hyun Joong’s 4Dness is so contagious to his fans! Oh well, I would know the difference between the real world and the Alien World, since I’ve been there and it’s boring!! the Alien World is better and refreshing, stress free. We just have to wait for his concert in the universe as Hyun Joong will gather all of us and take us there! Am I dreaming? No, it’s the 4D Prince talking!

Kim Hyun Joong was featured in one Japanese magazine Choa and Hyun Joong exclusive interview with the magazine was translated and is currently circulate over at the internet. I would like to share this exclusive interview, reading from Kim Hyun Joong himself for those who have not read it yet. After which, allow me to share my thoughts and views about it immediately followed after this translated article from Choa Magazine.  Here as follows:


Source: anan AmegaGG Bath News LINK>(

Kim Hyun Joong talks about summer

1.) Q: Congratulations on the No.1 of Oricon 1st day sales with the second single album, “Heat” ! We understand that B’z produced this song for you. How did you feel when you heard that they accepted an offer?

*** KHJ: I thought that it was a joke. I could not believe it even when I received a song, nor during the production process. I met them when we had a recording of the song, then I could feel “ it’s not a joke” for the first time. Though I spontaneously said that I would like a song produced by B’z, it was eventually delivered to them thanks to many people involved. I feel now how important it is to express in a word what we have in mind.

2.) Q: Did you get any advice from B’z?

*** KHJ: Nothing special. It means that they believed in me. They cared for me so that I could relax on the occasion of recording. Thanks to their encouragement, the recording was a great success.

3.) Q: How was your first impression of the song when you listened to it ?

*** KHJ: As it was totally different from the music I used to do, I felt it very new to me.When I listened to the song after the mixing of the song, I thought that it was really B’z production. What you usually listen to is the completed album. There are many differences in terms of sound between the album and those in process (provided demo tapes). This time, I had an opportunity to be involved in a production process which we usually cannot see, and therefore, I could understand their uniqueness which makes them “B’z “.

4.)  Q: So, you became much enthusiastic about them, right?

*** KHJ: Yes indeed ! Though I am an artist too now, they were the artist I admired much when I was a child. After the debut in Japan, I could receive a song from them, which made me hit this new record. I really would like to say “thank you” to them.

5.) Q: It was decided that you would perform on August 10 at Jingu firework festival.

*** KHJ: When we worked in Japan, we lived here for a certain period of time. I happened to see a firework festival which took place near the Rainbow bridge ( * famous Sumida River Firework Festival ), where many girls were dressed in “Yukata” (* an informal cotton kimono for summer wear ). I was impressed that it was a traditional beautiful festival.

6.) Q: Many people look forward to the outdoor live performance.

*** KHJ: It is really honor for me to be invited for this big event. I will work hard in Korea to prepare for this live so that it would be a spice which will enhansen their expectation for the firework festival.

7.) Q: When it comes to “firework”, do you have something which reminds you of summer holidays?

*** KHJ: I travelled for four days, three nights with a friend of mine with only 50,000wons. We eated at “all-you-can-eat” barbecue restaurant to the extent we could not eat anymore, thus skipping meals after that (to save money). We walked here and there, riding on a bicycle and so on. We really enjoyed it. Even asked, I don’t think that I can travel in this way anymore. Maybe I could experience that, as I was so young and rectless.

8.) Q: Did you have homework in summer vacation?

*** KHJ: Yes we had, but I thought that it was not important enough. So, I did not do my homework, just enjoying the summer holidays to my heart’s content. One of the homework was to write a diary, but I could not do it everyday. Nowadays we can check daily weather forecast via internet, but it was not possible when I was young.Therefore, I wrote about the weather in the diary, adding “ we had rain “ or “ it was cloudy “ like that later. It is very easy now as we can see an annual weather forecast (laugh)

9.) Q: Now it was decided that you would take a male-lead of the new drama, “City Conquest “ in two years after “Playfull Kiss”.

*** KHJ: In the drama “Playfull Kiss” and “Boys over Flowers”, I rather showed the image of prince. However, in this new drama, I would be much manly and wild guy, and therefore, I can show you all such as love, pains and anger which only matured people could feel. Please look forward to my new image which is totally different from previous characters.

10.) Q: What kind of character do you act?

*** KHJ: Baek Mil with a secret in his birth. He fights against the social ills as anti government force. The man who had been spending an ordinary life transformed into a man, determined to get his revenge, struggling with all the social evils.

11.) Q: Are there any action scenes?

*** KHJ: There are many. Before I came to Japan, I went to so-called Action School. In the drama, there are many top quality action scenes. We also shoot in Japan, but even Japanese people may not be familiar with the shooting location, such as Edo Mura (* Mura means “villedge” ) where you could feel the atmosphere of Edo period ( * Edo period was from 1603 through 1868 ).

LazerKim Viewpoint:

Hyun Joong’s revelation about HEAT had struck me and I’m touch on how the idea of this song started and ended in a remarkable huge success. Allow me to focus on Hyun Joong’s response to the first question alone. I think it would take another article to share my views to the other questions and his response!!

I came to realize now that everything about HEAT came from Kim Hyun Joong. As he mentioned, he was merely speaking out his thoughts by saying “I would like a song produced by B’z”. This appears to me like a kid’s wish of Hyun Joong! The rock duo was one of his favorites when he was still a teenage kid. I would assume he was saying this to someone from Universal Music intending it just a joke or just words in passing!! But his desire came true that he considered it as a joke at first! Until Hyun Joong was in front of the rock duo for recording, was only then it sink in to him that it was no longer a joke!!

I would just like to say “Hyun Joong, you are very right, speaking out your mind is the best! And you have to do it all the time, you have such brilliant stocked knowledge in your mind that has to materialize”. 

As we all now know B’z being a Japanese legend was offered to compose a music exclusively for Kim Hyun Joong and the rock duo gladly did it for Hyun Joong. As I have mentioned in my previous articles, an elite and legend will not just compose a music to any artist. This is not being arrogant, but integrity of B’z with their rights of choice which is quite normal in showbiz or be it in any form of business. If I am a music composer why should I compose a music knowing it will only put my name at risk.

B’z just knows how to make the right choice that their music will be taken care and give it to the deserving. I’m sure B’z looked up on who Kim Hyun Joong is, his history and reputation, since both B’z and Kim Hyun Joong were strangers to each other, before deciding to compose a music exclusively for Kim Hyun Joong. Neither would I think this is just business, that’s quite under estimating B’z integrity, since they too are artist by heart who would never just think of monetary sake over music.

Kim Hyun Joong had proven his dedication to HEAT, worked hard on the music entrusted to him by the rock duo and to the extent of getting out of his way in promoting the music. Hyun Joong personally promoted the album, aside from the fact that months before the  launching of the album he simple mentioned he has a new upcoming album HEAT. He was not even intending to promote yet back then, since he was still busy with the Fan Meeting Concert. The words spread out like a fireball from here and there that created instant anticipation to the album among his fans.

His fans responded promptly , anticipated the pre-order was opened and I remember there were already some 6,000 pre-orders as soon as the on line pre-orders was conducted. Don’t be surprised, if you remember in February right after Hyun Joong’s concert in Yokohama, in Tokyo An-an posted huge posters at the subway station and on the same day the magazine were all sold out like hot cakes, and still there was a huge number of special order on that magazine issue with Hyun Joong photos with it. What more can be in demand but Hyun Joong’s album!!

And that is why, the handshake and street dancing event that Hyun Joong hosted in Japan was his simple gesture of personally thanking his fans. Although Hyun Joong doesn’t need to get to this extend, but with his intention to connect with his fans is his vital aim to achieve and not only to perform on stage as a singer, not only to act in front of the camera roll for his TV drama. It’s beyond all of what his talent can do to entertain as his job, but his personal relationship with his fans is prior important to him above anything else he got.

Kim Hyun Joong treats his fans as his special someone, and this is how I feel about him judging from the series of exposures he had and his own personal way of connecting with his fans. Love be gets love. The more his popularity boost the more he gained followers, and may I just stress it out that his fans are not just fans, but his sincere followers. Hyun Joong’s sincerity is his main key to his success. His sincerity in anything he does sincerity in dealing with other people and sincerity to the receiving end, his fans.

What started as an insignificant wishful thinking, HEAT may started to be a joke but ended in a huge success that Hyun Joong never had expected and this is just so remarkable! I’m thankful to B’z for composing an excellent master piece exclusively for Hyun Joong that millions of his fans all over the world appreciates. A Japanese friend of mine mentioned that a popular Japanese composer was proposing a song to be sang by Hyun Joong. I actually read this from somewhere but I do not know if this is true. We can just wait and see since the proposal leaked from somewhere in Japan after Heat hit the top of Oricon!!

We all know very well that Hyun Joong was given the free hand by his agent KeyEast in terms of music production. And so far so good everything turned out to be huge success from one project to another consistently. None of these huge success were ever expected before Hyun Joong can materialize any of his projects until it’s out there. And that is why it always surprises Hyun Joong about the turn out or excellent results he has been gaining.

Oh by the way, may I just correct this photo below, because when this photo was released there was a caption that says something like Kim Hyun Joong monitoring the Heat sales. May I just correct that this picture apparently was taken during the filming of music video of heat, seeing from his white shirt and accessories he was wearing! In this picture Hyun Joong was simply viewing the recorded filming of Heat Music video. I doubt very much if Hyun Joong ever had a time to sit and monitor on sales!! Which is very unlikely with the filed tight schedule he had in Japan.

For the last three months that Hyun Joong had been performing concerts brought a remarkable memory to us fans. But the most significant for me is his recent concert he performed in Saitama, particularly that concert he performed in July 15th the fist and second concert session. The event struck deep in my heart because it was here that I felt the deepest love of Kim Hyun Joong to his fans. I wasn’t there, I was watching over him from up far but I felt him instantly.

I felt his cry out loud from his heart, wanting to bring out the very best for the people in front of him, that it felt as if he was being physically tested by his strength since he was not in a good condition being sick, but his will power won over the pain he had to endure that time. Hyun Joong performed the best show he ever had that tens and thousands had witnessed his fulfillment of each and every fan who was there in front of him. It was not sympathy that his fans felt due to his condition but the deepest love Hyun Joong has for them.

Hyun Joong has many good memories from his fans to remember forever, at the same time we fans reciprocates to every events where Hyun Joong is, to be kept in our heart ever treasure the moments he shares with us. A beautiful connection between an idol and his fans that one can only be proud for being a Kim Hyun Joong fan. *sigh* What more can we ever ask for from a perfect star??

It indeed feels good to be writing about a person filled with love and sincerity, it feels good to write about the past and reminisce a lot of very good memories. This makes my day perfectly to be falling over and over again to our ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong.

                                                                                                             LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks!


7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HEAT TALK

  1. Congrats Hyun Joong and Alien for No.1 at the Global Mnet Kpop Star Championship.
    Great done by all.
    Love the article and all comments.

  2. I also laughed hard at the universe thing xd haha he’s totally crazy (laughs).) Omg I remember the day the promo for Anan mag was released! I could not sleep peacefully ’til it was available and I ordered mine xd I was so scared since I kept on reading that it was sold out and I wanted 1 for me LOL XD When I had it on my hands I was so damn happy! xd ||| It’s true what you said about HJ’s deep love for us =) My love for him is equally deep ❤ ||| I do hope he keeps on speaking his mind out, that's healthy for the mind lol and yeah it seems dreams can come true a bit more easier that way ❤ I want to say that his rock-style accessories are the sexiest ever! I'm fond of those things since I'm a rock fan and that attracts me lots ^^ I'm glad I gave you a good laugh, LK! XD That makes me feel really happy! Have an awesome day, hun!

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