Kim Hyun Joong… [article] AIRPORT FANFARE

 By: LazerKim           In Tokyo, the Hanabi Festival or Firework Festival held last Friday evening August 10, 2012 was all over the local news in Japan yesterday as Kim Hyun Joong highlighted the event as the show finale was performed by Hyun Joong before the actual firework display. It was said that over a hundred thousand Japanese and foreigners were at the event and most of them were Hyun Joong’s fans that evidently the sea of green surfaced as Hyun Joong started his showcase performance.

It was such a spectacular show that rock the stage of the venue as soon as Hyun Joong’s show fanfare starts rolling, singing seven songs live as Hyun Joong was totally in control of a huge crowd. It was a successful performance that his Japanese fans truly enjoyed this year’s Firework event. There were other Japanese and Korean star performers too and the finale which highlighted the show was performed by Hyun Joong which his fans took great pride being a star to be a part of this year celebration of Hanabi. This is indeed a lucky treat for Hyun Joong’s fans.

Hyun Joong came back home to Seoul yesterday and as usual his Japanese fans were at the airport to see him off and in Seoul his Korean fans welcome him back. And talking about airport, yesterday there was an article posted at allKpop with the title “Airports are not Concert Venues”. Some of you might have read it and for those who have not, let me share the link as follows:


The article talks about fans who goes to the airport either to welcome their idols or see them off. Apparently the article may be pertaining to the fans of other idol groups who must have experienced airport scenarios that turned out to be a mob or chaos from the crowded fans. Let us not deny that it also happened to Hyun Joong in one event in China as Hyun Joong was welcomed by a crowd of fans went out of control from excitement that Hyun Joong was almost crashed by the crowd of fans which was quite unexpected.

But after that incident, Hyun Joong’s handlers and event organizers took necessary precaution for Hyun Joong’s security system as KeyEast deliberately set conditions on airport policies pertaining Hyun Joong’s security as priority matter over anything else within any of Hyun Joong’s activities. Is it necessary for the fans to be at the airport to welcome or bid farewell to their idols? As far as fans are concern, since the airport is a public place, I don’t think they can be controlled to be there for whatever purpose. Well of course except for some restricted areas imposed by the airport management, the airport lobby shall always be open to the public regardless for as long as security measures are impose.

Here’s my point of view. I do understand the article writer’s opinion and I agree, if fans has to be at the airport to welcome their idols it is definitely not the venue for entertainment to the extend of misbehaving and putting their idols in the most embarrassing situation or to be mobbed! The fandom of these idol groups are monopolized by teenagers. The writer stressed out that both the idols and the fans are partly to be blamed for causing such situation.

For me I think it’s the idol’s handlers and event organizers who are responsible for the safety of the idols. Now, I wouldn’t put a blame to the teenagers, they are young, full of eagerness and excitement that can lose control of themselves. Idols would just walk and follow their security personnel with them anywhere they shall be taken, specially in foreign countries. I think there has to be a clear coordination between the idol’s handlers and the airport security management to give the idols the VIP treatment to lead them to a safer entrance exit away from the crowd of fans, if in case there’s a clear present danger that may create unexpected chaos that can result to a harmful scenario both to the fans and idols.

I will not pinpoint on which country is safe or not in allowing the crowd of fans to welcome or bid farewell to their idols. A lot of time even the event organizers allow such welcome from the fans and media for publicity purposes, which I don’t see anything wrong provided that the airport lobby is safe enough for the idol to walk through without being mobbed. I just couldn’t understand that seeing some 4,000 fans hanging around the airport lobby which signifies possible danger to the idol and yet the airport security management and the idol handlers allow the idol to get through in such a huge crowd if not the purpose is to show off for publicity but in a wrong way as what was shown in some video clips.

I’m sure the idols doesn’t like such scenes, apparently from a lot of video clips they can even hardly smile to their fans because they feel uncomfortable being mobbed of course. I would think if the idol groups would be lead to the VIP entrance & exit pathway, I don’t think their fans would take the effort to be at the airport to mob their idols knowing they will not be able to take a glimpse of their idol since the idols shall be lead to the VIP. I think it’s just that simple to take every security precautions.

Not unless either the idols or his handlers, his agent would like to be seen with 4,000 fans at the airport, this is still publicity.  But if the idol is being mobbed, the way I looked at it, the idol just lost his dignity of being mobbed by his own fans. I would surely look for some signs of respect between idol and fans! One of the member from the idol group just stumbled being accidentally pushed by his own fans and I feel really sorry for the idol to be in such embarrassing situation in a public place like the airport lobby.

There are times idols can just burst out into rudeness because of being mobbed and end up with a lot of criticisms specially from media. Oh the media love such stories or scoops for news print which can destroy the idol’s reputation. Being in anger and losing control of oneself is just but natural to human, but for a public figure unfortunately,  this is not a good excuse to behave as such, even he was being provoked. Artist’s agents should protect their managing artists at all cause. And so to prevent such incident it would be better to secure their artists specially during his public exposure regardless as to where their artists are.

I have mentioned in my other articles that one of my favorite scenarios of Hyun Joong is the airport scenes which I have a collection of video clips. In any airport in Korea, Hyun Joong fans can easily approach him and hand in their gifts or letters having equal respect and a touch of intimate familiarity as if Hyun Joong personally knows his fans!! He allows them to take quick stolen shots yet still friendly and his fans never took advantage of those chances which I am so proud.

At the airport in Korea there may not be a huge crowd of fans to meet Hyun Joong but just a few fans who can approach him. The point is not within the quantity of fans but quality of fans Hyun Joong has. I don’t mean to under estimate or criticize, but my point is, if there’s an equal respect between the idols and fans both can please each other in the right manner. And how I wish fans and other idols can watch those video clips and how wonderful such relationship was built between Hyun Joong and his fans.

I would say one fan out of a thousand can just go beyond but very rare chance, and still Hyun Joong handles the awkward situation in the most mannered and dignified way without putting the fan in an ugly scene too. He still manage to smile and understand but of course majority of his fans will takes care of whoever misbehave, if you know what I mean!! Neither would I blame the teenage fans for misbehaving but they have to be well guided first and foremost. Hyun Joong has many teenage fans too but equally have matured fans as well to be there to guide the young ones.

If by any chance the idol did not showed up at the airport lobby where his fans must be waiting, his fans should understand that the comfort and security of their idol is vital above anything else. The airport is the most accessible place to take a brief glimpse of our idols for free. Although it may not be the right place to be entertained for obvious reasons nor the airport management does not prohibit anyone to be there, but needless to say, we have an individual responsibility to behave in such public places.

At the same time, I think the airport management has also the responsibility in keeping the airport lobby as orderly as it has to be, in providing security not only to the celebrities, high profile individuals but also to the other airport passengers. I’m one of those fans who would like to see Kim Hyun Joong through photos and video clips of airport scenes, as I have mentioned earlier I do collect those photos and video clips so I can not suggest the fans not to be there at the airport! I’m sorry but I’m just being truthful!!

I would suggest the airport management to provide a space where fans can wait for their idols and provide barricades to secure the pathway for the celeb, simple discipline is all that matters in this airport issues, period. The fans can have a better view and welcome their idols in such orderly manner at the same time the celeb can comfortably smile and wave to his fans. Wouldn’t that look beautiful? Idols naturally feel happy to see his fans at the airport but if this scene turns out to be a chaos simply created by some overly out of control fans, then you will surely scare off your idol.

How ever the idol reacts to such chaos would reflect to him. And that would be the worst scenario that a fan can do that may appear your idol had just lose his own dignity being a celeb or a high profile individual. And a fan who tries to create such chaos is just as similar to an anti-fan! Would you like that? Well so far I’m still proud to say during Hyun Joong’s recent Asia Tour there were minimal untoward incidents, since KeyEast provided some policies with his handlers and event organizers, over Hyun Joong’s security during all his activities.

 At this point in time, one can no longer be complacent about Hyun Joong’s security because of his rapid growing fan network. It is also likely that fans may be infiltrated by non-fans and just create some unexpected scenes and so KeyEast stood up in taking extra precautions on Hyun Joong’s security. We fans are also oblige to take care and protect Kim Hyun Joong at all cause wherever he is. Hyun Joong’s reputation is very important, we are his crowd and we are responsible for his security too. We may hear or see what’s behind Hyun Joong that no one from his camp can see because possible infiltrators are just within our crowd.

As I always say we fans are not just fans to cheer for him whenever he’s out there in his exposure. We have certain responsibilities in taking care of ourselves as fans and taking care of our co-fans specially the young ones the teenagers. Let’s not blame them for being teenagers we’ve been in that age too in the past not to understand them, but we noonas are oblige to guide them. As much as we are also oblige in protecting Kim Hyun Joong.

And may I repeat, Hyun Joong’s reputation is very important. he’s been very careful with it as we can see, he’s almost being deprive of his own individual privacy that he has no choice. Then let’s give him some space and comfort, and that’s the least we can give him since he had already dedicated himself for all of us. I always hope that Hyun Joong would not experience what other idols experience from their fans, specially at this point of his career that he’s been gaining more fans which I’m truly happy about. We are growing by numbers and I will be keeping some reminders about our fan’s responsibilities from time to time.

There are a lot of ways in showing our love and support to Hyun Joong but the most important ways of all is respect. If we dearly love Kim Hyun Joong then let’s provide comfort for him anywhere he goes. We have seen how he respects us as his fans and as his family. Then let’s give back the same respect as always and from there we can have a better picture of a fan and idol relationship built out of love and respect. And from here Hyun Joong shall remain as a model to his co-artist on how he handles his loving fans, that other idol fans can follow through. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

I take great pride of being a Kim Hyun Joong fan not only because of Kim Hyun Joong himself as a star but also I’m proud being in the crowd of his fans who have so much respect on him as somebody we love with all our heart. Let’s keep a good reputation as Kim Hyun Joong fans as the Prince will always be a model to other celebs. My dear critics don’t contradict since I’m just stating a fact, and you know it just as much as we fans of Hyun Joong does.

Lastly out of the topic, may I remind that today is the last day for casting your votes at Global Mnet Kpop Star Championship, so Aliens it’s Sunday let’s a bit of time out and get busy at Mnet to vote for Kim hyun Joong. He’s still at the top spot no.1 then let’s do our best for the last time and cast out votes.

And with that, I wish everyone a happy weekend, and oh, please do say a little prayer for Hyun Joong as always for his health safety and protection any time any where he may be. I’m done with my daily dose, forgive me to have dragged you to read an over 2,000 words for this article, I just miss writing and talking with you!! I miss all of you!!

Kim Hyun Joong shall be seen in many airports in many countries, as we welcome him in our country the Airport Fanfare can not be helped to be filled with his fans, as we give our heartwarming welcome, we protect the Prince at all cause…

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14, thanks!




14 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] AIRPORT FANFARE

  1. Dear LK – I agree that the Henecians are the most respectfull fans all over, but I agree with Razorblade, I also came from a culture that a kiss on the check is usual greeting, so maybe I will not be very polite if I will have the chance (I still hope somehow this will happen…dreams…:)) to meet Hj most probably a kiss on the check will be “appropriate” from my side and as I am a foreigner I will be forgiven (wink here!) by other polite fans….lol, most probably I will have to wear a wig afterwards (remember the pull hair…lol).
    Well in a serious tone, yes fans of Hj are giving him (mostly) his private space when he is on the move and that is very good, he still is the most courteous I think, that even if he is dead tired he manage to give a smile or a bow and be decent, it just show that he has respecet for those who admire him for what he does and who he is. So good to have you back, we can discuss all. Take care and God Bless you are all right:)

  2. Hello Ms. LK! Well I agree with you on some things but since I love to look at the other hand lol let’s talk about it xd First of all it’s obvious that trying to touch your idol may be interpreted as having no respect in Korea, China or Japan since ppl there do not touch each other, they just bow to eachother. Looking at myself, I touch and kiss every cheek of every person I meet daily, it’s part of my culture actually, just like in France or Spain. When JYJ came here, a guy kissed Jaejoong on the cheek but that wasn’t because he had no respect for him, it was a way of greeting him and even JJ joked about it at the presscon lol xd I wouldn’t have do that though… since I like to be a low-key person so I justd waited at their van and I admit I patted JJ’s back for a minute while protecting him from the ultra crazy girls who even pulled my hair .-. BUT of course if a korean, japanese or chinese girl does that, it’d be really unrespectful since it’s not part of their culture! Since I’m a citizen of the world lol I do respect other ppl’s cultures so even if I kiss anybody to say hello in my country, I wouldn’t do that to a person who’s not used to it and many ppl should think that way too. ||| As for the barricades that’s not likely to happen x.x because a whole airport can’t be paralized just by a celebrity! plus what if I’m a tourist and I just arrived? I’d like to find the shortest way and not walk a long way in front of the fans LOL Because Hyun Joong (or any other celeb) is just 1 person among thousands at the airport who need to be safe. So there’s no other way for those young and a bit crazy fans than to learn to behave like a normal person XD Maybe henecians behave the most because all of us know that HJ has an obsession with remembering his fans?! kekeke

    • LOL hahaha…razor you made my day!! Yeah i agree, I think we have similar culture since the Phil. has Spanish ancestors too, and cheek kissing is normal to us in terms of greeting.
      What i mean by barricade is similar to that picture above at the airport that’s in Haneda, Tokyo look at it it’s very orderly, in Singapore they did that too in my country fans do stay outside the airport lobby and there’s a certain area where fans can stay and wait, also with barricade. Fans would just stay in one area, how would the airport be parralized. If fans would be allowed to loiter around the airport just like what the other article described it’s bcoz fans were scattered all over the lobby that created chaos and paralize the airport because the area was totally disorganized. This is what i mean. i don’t mean to put barricade in the entire airport, of course not!!
      LOL I can’t help laugh about a teen pulled your hair, I can’t imagine it being done to you hahaha….yeah you’re right yellow race are even conservative. HJ is just so crazy remembering all his fans, well there must be a millions to remember!! LOL
      Thanks razor as always, hey take care and have a nice weekend! See you around and god bless…

      • Well I meant, barricades in some other countries ^^ Of course in Japan works because everything is perfect there lol everybody is really polite and as we all know, Japanese henecians are the most respectful fans ever! <3… believe me, in my country the fans are rebels xd they won't listen to anybody… haha omg LK stop laughing at me hahaha xd it was a quite crazy situation xd but thx God hair grows back and I have lots hahahaha LOL I don't see it as a lack of respect towards me though xd I laughed hard at the situation and I do understand that for some ppl is hard to keep their hormones calm xddd God bless ya LK, *beso* xd

        • LOL hahaha…..hahahaha…’re giving me stomach gas!!! hahaha!!! Oh I got it what you mean…..hahahaha i can’t stop laughing…i love you girl you gave me a good laugh thanks so much dear!! hahahahaha thanks for coming back!! LOL

  3. hi lazer, nice to see you back. i did miss your daily dose.. 🙂 🙂 hope you are doing well.
    about your article today, i have seen how KHJ handles his fans in airport and outside through the video clips. he always smile and keep nodding whenever some fan approach to give him gifts. but i have never seen his fans going overboard to form any disrespect.
    keep on writing dear. we all missed your articles. 🙂 god bless you!!

    • Hello!! Thank you for waiting and my apology for being absent for nine days!
      Yes you are right, Hyun Joong has never change, he’s always well mannered all the time. i really hope other idols and fans would be able to view Hyun Joong’s airport scenes because I think it’s the best way of handling fans and so with other idol fans too can see how HJ’s fans respect Him. HJ indeed is a real role model to every celeb.
      Thank you again, have a nice weekend take care and see you again! God bless.

    • Hellllooo Lazer unnie!! Yesterday was bit busy to leave a comment here.. Happy happy that unnie is back.. Welcome home!! 🙂 Missed you very much. Still voting at Mnet.. I replied here because I found a sister from my country, sis Nirmani here.. Thanks to you unnie.. May Triple Gem Bless you, Uri HJ and my Alien family…

      • You know what? I’m so glad HJ maintain his position at Mnet but I really regret the nine days w/o internet I lost my votes for nine days TTT I’m still voting non-stop as soon as i had my internet.
        Is Nirmani the fan I told you about? I get confuse. I remember one fan always lose her way in my comment box i do not know how i can help her. she’s tity, is she the same girl?
        Dinu thank you so much for your concern, I’m really sorry about my absence but I’ll make it up with you, i miss you girl, i miss you all!! TTT You take care now, I’ll cast my vote again for tonight. see you around love you girl! Have a nice weekend God bless..

        • Hello unnie!! Oh about Tity I couldn’t find her, I’ll ask sis Nirmani whether she is the same LOL! Love you too unnie. Please do take care.. Have a great day!!!

        • lazer, was it just 9 days?? i felt that it is more than that cause i missed your articles. and these days i’m having a problem in logging in to my wordpress account. that’s why i’m using twitter to comment. earlier i commented under my wordpress account.
          keep on writing dear!!

          • Hello mirmani! Yes it was 9 days of agony to be away from the alien world, at this time there’s a new typhoon in my country again! Oh I just hope it won’t be as worst as the last one that I lost my connection, and flood all over the city of Manila!!
            Thank you so much for waiting for daily articles I’m so please to be back normal and sane after the dreadful experience!! Have a nice day do take care and see you again! God bless or may Triple Gem bless you.

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