Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HELLO ALIEN!

By: LazerKim             Kim Hyun Joong took his flight to Haneda yesterday to perform at the Jingu Firework Show. And as expected his fans awaits for his arrival at the airport to greet him while Hyun Joong seem to be fully charged wears another carefree airport outfit and a knock out smile all the way as he waved to his fans. Gosh I truly miss this guy! Will he start running from here and there again? Well, staring at him at the video clip from the airport, he seemed fresh and fully charged again! I think he’ll be on the go soon!

Hyun Joong performed a 25minutes showcase last night to open up the firework show, which is about eight songs performed live and that two-thirds of the audience were filled with green light as the green sea again surfaced. Which I believe most of the audience are Hyun Joong’s fans. His Japanese fans do take advantage of every event Hyun Joong has that created a festive mood again as always. I’m sure everyone enjoyed the event since Hyun Joong did not only sing one or two songs but the entire showcase, is just like watching his concert!! His Japanese fans are truly lucky to have him again and again!!

Before I get deeper to this article, may I please remind everyone to cast your vote at Global Mnet Kpop Championship. Hyun Joong was able to maintain his position at the voting polls No. 1, but let us not be so complacent since Super Junior is coming up close. We have until the 12th to cast our votes so in full force Alien let’s do out best to vote. We know very well that Kim Hyun Joong deserves to be on top so let us take part in voting.

In another update back in Japan, Hyun Joong beats DBSK at the Oricon Music Chart for the month of July Hyun Joong’s single HEAT sits at No.3 spot gaining 196,850 CD copies while DBSK’s Android sold 171,554 copies. Hyun Joong’s HEAT was released a week prior to DBSK’s Android. This mean Hyun Joong’s Heat is still on good sales and by this time I would assume none fans are now buying his CD, which i think is a good news. I would think he’s still gaining more fans a month after the CD was released.

At this point I would like to thank all my readers for your concern over my absence which I would like to put on record, that I lost my internet connection from Aug. 1 to Aug. 9, due to the series of typhoon that hit my country for the past nine days. I was hopelessly worried for not been able to post any article for nine days, and I know how it feels because reading about Kim Hyun Joong has already been our daily dose. This not only goes for my readers but to myself too. I do read and research before I could write. It was such an agony to feel so at lost that I felt like a lost sheep out of nowhere!! Thank you so much for your concern and prayers that I do appreciate it very much.

Thank you for praying for my country too, just as much as I would like to appeal to you to please continue our prayers and extend it for Taiwan and China since the same typhoon also hit them. It was a non-stop rain for over a week that resulted Metro Manila to flood. It’s common in my country though since it’s not the first time that we had such calamity but still scary that for me viewing the entire flooded city is like seeing Pacific Ocean inside the walls of Metro Manila! The only good thing we Filipinos has is that even during times of disaster, still manage to smile or laugh that somehow it relieves stress over the current situation, but Filipinos are by nature prayerful.

Despite of the heavy rain I still go to work, which currently I’m managing my own construction project, which apparently is not a female job but I’m in the serious business. I know this may be confusing with my real profession, but that’s what I do at present! You can imagine me in head gear and dirty work pants but I still bring my notepad and pen and be an article writer within the construction site!! That’s LazerKim as Kim Hyun Joong’s writer and carpenter!!

During my absence from this blog site, I had the chance to realize some realities that never popped into my mind before. And that is a full proof that indeed Kim Hyun Joong was such an addictive person and that the chain reaction was just so remarkable. Everyday for nine days of my absence I never failed to check on my internet if I already had it before and after coming from work. I was quite surprised yesterday that I already had it, I checked on my emails and I got lots from Hyun Joong fans that until now I’m still reading. I was thinking  if Hyun Joong received these emails from his fans, he would be very please as I am.

My comment boxes were filled up by the Aliens, that I truly appreciate your concern. As I read from you, I turned teary eyes that I never thought my articles would turn out to be an addictive medium to Hyun Joong’s fans. Honestly I felt so guilty because I felt the same feeling when I was still starting to follow Hyun Joong as I was searching for something I could read about him. I know exactly how it feels, and yet I did not realize it could happen to you too. I did not stop from writing even I did not have my internet connection, I literally write my thoughts in my notepad because as I have said earlier I felt as if I’m lost sheep trying to find my way back to the Alien world. It’s honestly so frustrating to have lost touch from you and Hyun Joong.

Everyday for nine days I kept saying to myself, so this is life without Kim Hyun Joong. I don’t even have any idea on his whereabouts that it felt like I’ve been away for years! Then last night as I was browsing trying to dig something from the nine days, although I’m aware about his schedule I still have not track on what happened to those events. Now I get to understand that even there’s not much of updates about Hyun Joong, it can be a relief to have something to read just about anything all about Kim Hyun Joong.

We also ought to understand that there are times Hyun Joong can not be on exposure all the time although apparently he tries his best to be out there because he knows what his fans needed from him. I know and I understand it’s not easy, we do miss him most of the time if not everyday of our lives!! Foolishly I was thinking maybe it should have been different if there are other stars that we admire other than Kim Hyun Joong! NO WAY!

Weird it may be, as I tried switching my thoughts to my previous favorite Hollywood stars before I met Hyun Joong, by watching their movies from my playlist, but I just kept comparing!! Well, I just drop the thoughts about it, but I wrote an article about it which I’ll post next time. Then I thought I was being truthful as I mentioned in one of my past articles that I just couldn’t bring myself to even glance at other stars. They said in the absence of a person one can realize the importance of that person in your life.

There was a time Hyun Joong was in his cocoon sometime in February till April I think, he was barely around that time but we have each other to share our thoughts about him. But when I lost my connection I felt I’ve lost Hyun Joong and I felt I’ve lost you my Alien family!! I realize then the importance both of Kim Hyun Joong and you as his fans to my everyday life. Indeed Hyun Joong built his family among his fans that resulted the feeling of needing each other as someone we can share out thoughts with about Hyun Joong.

I came across one of my favorite movies You Got Mail, starred by Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, it’s an old movie that if you have watched it, I’ve seen myself from both characters as they feel the eagerness of receiving a mail from each other. I got the same eagerness to read from you and that is also why I encourage to share your thoughts too. It’s not only I who wanted to read from you cause I’m sure my other readers read from my comment boxes too. We can interact, we can share and I guess this is what this blog is all about. We can share our thoughts about Hyun Joong and we can learn from among us.

If you can notice if I may not be able to respond to your comment box somebody will, and friendship starts from there. We may be strangers but not about Kim Hyun Joong because we are only one in him. Oh by the way, one of my readers opened up a new blog that you may check it out “Angel from the East @wordpress”. I hope I got this right blog name, if not please do correct me. She’s from US which I think is so good to get to spread the name Kim Hyun Joong outside Asia. I also have written an article pertaining to the growing fans of Hyun Joong in US, which I’ll post one of this days.

As I have always mentioned in my recent articles we fans can also gain new fans through us for Hyun Joong. Let’s take it base from our own experience on how we started following Kim Hyun Joong and from there we can help him expand his network of fans by leading the new ones in knowing more about Kim Hyun Joong. It’s not enough to watch him perform because there are more than just a performance from Hyun Joong but himself for real as to who he is, is even interesting to know.

Oh well, it was the most nine tortured days I’ve been through and you just don’t know how glad I am to be back to the Alien World! Last night it rained again and I felt strangely scared  apparently I’m getting paranoid about the rain!! I just hope this would never happen again cause it feel my life is in the internet or undoubtedly my life is within the Alien World!! Eight months ago I came to read from a fan at twitter asking herself if she can get over with Kim Hyun Joong. Then I said, I don’t think so! I guess I was right back then!

I’m truly happy to be back to the Alien world which I think is my real world to begin with! I’ve missed nine days dosage, that’s quite a lot and here I am that all I want to say is, Hello my Prince I’m back to talk about you and I would say, Hello Alien I’m back to share with you!

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing


Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks!


38 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HELLO ALIEN!

  1. Hey! Well of course, I missed you articles but most importantly, YOU! It sucks that your country had been hit by such a cruel typhoon ._. I can’t even imagine how it is like ‘cuz typhoons don’t occur in my country. I just have experience with earthquakes xd last time there was an 8.8 mega earthquake but nothing happened at least in my 2 appartents 🙂 though a couple of southern cities were devastated 😦 But don’t u use your smartphone to go on the internet? ’cause in my case, that’s what saves me when my pc or laptops are not working… or wasn’t the network working either? 😦 :O Omg your new job is quite unusual considering what you studied… but well, it’s a chance to learn and enjoy new things, right? :3 Btw LK, may I ask you how old are you? Have a wonderful day, hun!

  2. Yessssssssss! She is Back…..! am now doing the rain dance here (well, erase rain as you don’t like it) but don’t actually, as HJ is the Rain God wherever he goes! Welcome back dear LazerKim, sooo good to have you back, really scarry without your articles, my daily dose was not there, I was even exchanging worries on other’s blogs (my apologies to Hyunies…) about you, if we know about your whereabouts, left you messages on TT, geeez, so glad that you and your family are ok. Funny how much you got to be a part of my life as checking daily the TT and your blog and as you were not there and no news from HJ, well, scarcely from him, here and there a weibo photo or a hang ten or lotte, but from you nothing, missing those things, as you’ve said ALIENS family was missing something. Love those pictures, even though I’ve already seen them, on your blog they look somehow better:) next time girl find an internet caffee or somehting and put a note that your are OK at least.:) God Bless:)

    • Oh I miss your jokes noya I miss you, it was such miserable days to spend without Hyun Joong and with you guys! I actually should not dislike the rain, you’re right Hyun joong is the God of Rain, but it was too much rain that hit my country causing flooded streets everywhere in my place!!
      I’m quite surprised that I’ve been out of touch for nine days but there were not much pictures on updates!!
      Oh I did tried some internet cafe on my second day of absence but they were all closed too, meaning they were off line too. Then some are also flooded inside the cafe!! I can’t go far from my place since i was pretty scared I might not be able to find my way back home!!
      Oh well, that was my most unforgettable disaster ever!! Thank you for waiting for me dear, all the time i have been worried my readers might just leave oh such strange thoughts I had for nine days!!
      Thank you so much as always, have a nice weekend, you take care and see you around! God bless…

      • LK, what a dreadfull time you’ve passed, really sorry for you and all others, it must been scary from what I’ve seen on the news and the internet. But now make use of our Healing Idol to mend your soul, his smile has that effect on stresfull times, I know it helped me when I was passing a bad period, every evening I was looking for your blog and those wonderfull pics, it helped. We will always wait for you even if you don’t write every day, but we will be here and that is called the KHJ effect on people, we are all addicted to his charm, mesmerized by him, fallen under his spell = call it what ever but we are all in love with this Lycky Guy.:)

  3. Lazer unnie, very happy to see your article today. Also glad to hear you are safe. Miss you and your articles terribly as much as I miss Hyun Joong during your absence in this blog. Welcome back to our alien family.

    • Oh I’m so happy to be back thank you very much for waiting. If you don’t see me around the only reason could be my connection that’s all. I miss you too dear honestly. You take care have a nice weekend and see you again! God bless…

    • Hello Leo!! Thank you so much for your concern I have read your message from my other article. Thanks for everything!! I’m so happy to be back to my real world of the Aliens!! Take care, have a great weekend and see you again! God bless..

  4. am i being an emotional..sniff sniff!!!..tears..t t t t..tears of joy^^. LOL!…you dont know how much we’ve missed you,as for myself..oh yea..forgive me LZ but my mind was running wild during those times we couldn’t locate whatever happened to you??..then i suddenly realized about HJ..and thats what if, if you gonna stop completely writing about him ..and we didnt even know how to contact you TT_TT~~~~As for now..PLS. prioritize yourself first and for all,get back to your feet as you all stay safe as always..we’ll just be here waiting for you and your Articles to be posted as our daily dose..see you around^^..missss u^^^..all of you been in my prayer..GOD BLESS!!!..

    • Honestly you guys, my readers are very good mind readers and that really worried me during my absence. Prior to the typhoon, before i went back to work I told Dan I don’t know if I can do work and writing at the same time. You know how stressful in a construction business is! Then you know how sickly I am, I also told Dan my doctor’s advice to stay away from the computer, guess my doctor wants me dead!! How can I stay away from my monitor if this has been my life!
      These were the thoughts that’s been bagging me, but don’t worry sis I’ll let you guys know if i need to stop from writing which I never want to, Dan knows it too! I just have to minimize twitter chats and focus on article writing because I’m always running out of time because of work. Oh sis I miss you so much I miss everybody you are my family. I’m living by myself with 2 maids 2 dogs at home, and a bunch of laborers whom I’m responsible in giving jobs to work on my projects!! That’s the other world I got there which is not so much fun!! LOL!!
      Thanks sis as always and I’m truly sorry to kept you worrying it’s just that massive disconnection in my area plus the China Sea in front of my house!! LOL! See you around! Hey take care! I got a bunch of emails which I haven’t responded yet that’s why I placed my explanation in this article! Have a nice weekend ahead of you! God bless…love you sis!

      • LOL!!..over my dead body ha!!..stay away from the computer from Dr. Yoon’s adviced..haha..what a pity doctor,he doesn’t have the slightest idea that our Lazerkim’s real world is computer world..haha… know what sorry about this again but when i saw that kid trying to save her dog on her head and at the same time spewing water out of her mouth..ouchh! my heart is in pain!..and yet i could almost picture you out as well trying to save all your dogs in that image..haha..LOL!..see my wild imagination gone really!!…tsktsk!!..glad to know you’ve got many right hands to help you out there….Thanks for that and many thanks for your reply^^..see you^^

  5. Sinced the 1st day you missed posting your article I felt strangely worried,honestly.You see, you and your daily dose of KHJ has that effects on us all.And there’s Hyunjoong to count whom we barely get much updates these past few days but those appearances at the airports..oh well of course his activities.But its still lacks the excitement when we get our daily dose of your article.As you’ve said here is where we gather as Alien family in one w/ Hyunjoong.Here, we create a friendly atmosphere that even though we live in different time zones we are able to communicate,express our opinion and respect each other.The bond that builds us stronger to protect our prince is exceptional.And that is what makes this site special as part of our Hyunjoong world.It’s not just you & your article but I also missed reading the comment box,haha^^… ‘glad to hear that despite the calamity you are all safe back there.”))…aye~!!^^

    “am truly happy to welcome you Lazer,the carpenter and Hyunjoong writer ~~….. back to the Alien world!!^^’s distressful being out of our alien world,right?,haha……

    I must go and check the link of this new blogsite….see you~~:)))..missed you much^^

    • Dan I was so worried I might be misunderstood i just felt relieved when I heard from the radio that news was around about national calamity and the flood in Manila and i was then assuming you knew i was affected by the flood that caused my disconnection. I think this was the most miserable period I ever spent in the whole time I have been writing!! It’s funny because in my prayers of course the calamity has to come first in asking help from god, but my first prayer was that I was praying my readers won’t leave me!! LOL!! Really I had those prayers, i just feel so responsible for Hyun Joong’s fans and I can not just get lost and drown by the flood!! LOL!! For me it’s like losing my readers feels as if Hyun Joong lost them too and I was pretty worried. Strange thoughts mixed emotions were filling me up in those nine days! *sigh* What am I here for, to gain new fans for Hyun Joong, and let the old ones stay at his side whatever disaster there may be!!. Sis this is my objective in taking care of Hyun Joong’s fans in his behalf like a messenger. And i’m so so very very glad to be back!! If I’m not around the only reason could be my connection, you have witnessed no matter how sick I am or busy with work I’m still here! So sis if the same thing happens again which I sincerely pray it won;t then get to my behalf and explain to the Alien world about being absent!! LOL I’m not kidding!!
      Thanks so much sis for waiting for me!! I miss you and I miss everyone! See you around have a wonderful weekend, hey take care God bless..

      • OH LK you are like a fairy godmother worrying about taking care of HJ fans! You’re so sweet to worry about us. What was important was your health and safety. We were all worried about you! We did miss your articles… but it was YOU we were fiercely worrying for! So glad all is well and we can hear your sweet voice in your articles once again.

  6. Hi Lazer! So glad to hear from you again! Thank god you & your family are safe sound! Take care & update us whenever you can ya?*Hugs*

    • Hello avis thank you so much for your concern I’m fine now. Oh my family are scattered in different countries I mean in the real world! In the Alien world yes they are scattered too in the different corners of the world. Huh such a big family and I’m so very lucky to have you guys!! Love you dear, take care have a nice weekend and see you again! God bless..

  7. Oh LK! So gkad to see you back online. I got so lonely for you and KHJ i did start my own blog to tell about how i met him and fell in love. It’s there are many reasons why i associate Hyun Joong as an angel and you can read them there if u are interested. I am so glad you are safe! I eagerly checked eveey day, and when i saw your article tonight, i devoured it like a starving person! 😉 can’t wait fir more! Love u sis!

      • Hello there! Congratulations you have such a beautiful unique blog site, Honestly i’m so confuse, please do clarify, are you Angie from US? Also I stand corrected I have to edit this article i got the wrong blog name now I got it. I was able to open your blog thru some fans from twitter since they re-post your blog which I’m so glad they did but I couldn’t open it from here, that’s why I mentioned in my comment box i finally found my way to your blog site since i have been trying it since last night. now I bookmark your blog so I won’t lose it.
        Now keep it up you did a very good start, and i’m sure many of the aliens will visit your site. I’m very proud of you dear. Thank you so much for your concern too during my absence I have read your message from my other article. Take care have a great weekend and see you again! Good Luck to your blog! love you too God bless…

        • Yes! this is Angie from US. My icon and name changed when I got my wordpress account! It’s ohcheonsa (cheonsa = angel in Korean). Thanks for the kind remarks. I am so glad someone posted me on twitter. I need to add your twitter as I have not used twitter in a couple years. I loaded it onto my phone so I can start following some other KHJ fans too!

          • Oh I’m so glad to hear from you I’m beginning to worry since i got mixed up with your icon and your username!! Yes please do follow me at twitter i’ll wait for you. And if you need any help here’s my email ad i hope this would appear on black wall, if not just point at your mouse on the blank space. At twitter pls do follow whom i follow you can see who are active twitters can help you with updates. Angie i’m so happy about your blog and i sincerely do hope more fans from your country and from anywhere would be able to find their way to your blog. keep it up you made a real good start, and that reminds me I have to subscribe so I can keep track on your blog. if you need any help you know where to find me.
            Good luck dear, take care have a great week ahead of you and see you again! God bless..

  8. welcome Lazer 🙂 is good to know you are well, and I hope u and u r family are ok after this days, we miss u, I miss u, u r my every day read and I feel worry about don’t know about u the last days, my prays for you and your country, but I konw after the rain comes the sun and I deserve to you a lot of sunny days in the future.

    be brave, we miss u but u r strong
    waiting for u r news
    from south america

    • Hello! Thank you so much for your concern. Yeah I truly miss my alien family here! I’m sorry to kept you waiting i’m just so pleased you’re still there patiently waiting for the daily dose. I’ll make it up with you i promise!
      Nice meeting you Pau, I think this is the first you left a message in my comment box, that I appreciate it very much thank you. Have a nice weekend ans see you again, i’ll be here with my regular daily articles back in action as usual! Take care and God bless…

    • Ikaw na maanod ng baha sinama ko na sana mga insekto!! Na miss kta ms waggaasss!! Bkt ang tagal mo nawala!!?? Thank you so much for your concern & i”m sorry to let you worry about me. i’m so happy to be back in action!!
      Ang hirap tangapin ang katotohanan na ang China Sea nasa harap ng bahay ko!! Ma took mo yun??

      • kaw kaya ang matagal nawala at kaw kaya na miss nmin ng sobraaaaaaaaa…. fortunately d umabot sa loob ng bahay namin ung baha thank God…pero scary talaga,tapos super worry pa kami sau ano ba yan ang lupet! anyway ur back safe and sound thats the matter most.nabasa mo ba ung mga email q? ung mga hinaing ng lola? hahaha hinaing daw oh! take care ms LK!

        • aba himala may email ka wait lang bbasahin ko hhanapin ko pa at 670 new emails ko wla p ako s klahati, lahat galing sa fans!! *sigh* at least khit binaha ka may connection ka ako wla as in lahat wla!! ayoko na bumalik sa tunay na buhay buti pa dito sa alien wla stress!! thanks!!

          • wow 670? lupetttttttt ng lola panalo….sa susunod wag ka na mawawala huh para hnd bahain yang inbox mo,basta basahin mo email q sa sobrang paghahanap nmin sau kung saan saan na kami nanawagan hahaha…its so funny bago ka mag post ng ”be back soon” napanaginipan kita 2 nyt so funny kc i have no idea what you look lyk, ang nakkikita q lang ung cover photo n hj d2 tpos ung big letter na LAZERKIM!bingo… pag open q the next day anjan ka na… yyyyyyyesss! aq na stresssss ng 9 days napudpod ang daliri ng days at higit sa lahat na miss ka ng sobra ng 9 days.take ms LK!

  9. Wellcome back!!! im excited to read your article every now and then…and thank god your safe…now im crazy what ‘s your thougt about our prince that his getting more attention…

    LOVE YA ms kim…


    • Well Hyun Joong definitely deserves that gains of attention more than anyone else. Thank you so much for your concern. Hyun Joong is a type of guy anyone would cry for, melt for, be crazy for, he has all the good qualities of a star to chase after! Hyun Joong is one special person worth to be crazy about. Thank you for waiting, have a nice weekend take care see you again and love you too! God bless..

  10. Hi LK,
    I’m so glad to hear that you’re fine! We do and did pray for every1s safety and welfare! I myself know the feeling living in a tropical area where we have hurricane and storm mostly all year round! Not only the stress of losing conection, but all day necesities also are a big stressful situation!
    This is another reason why we should eveyday pray not only for asking for something but for thanking for our everyday life that for some are not as easy as for others!
    Again I’m glad your fine, maybe with still few issues to solve but most important you’re alive and with people that cares!
    I was worry, all of us were, we ask each other for you on twitter!
    I can imagine how hard it was for you not being in contact with the Alien world and HJ, talking from experience when i can’t either be in contact is really sad and depressing!
    Hyun Joong has being doing great, well he is THE BEST so he has represented himself well and have been recognize for his amazing work as he deserve! We all are waiting for his acting comeback! “City Conquest” more better title “KHJ World Conquest”!
    Again welcome back LK,
    God Bless you all and our prayers will continue for all those affected and all people around the world!
    Looking foward to fix my account loggin issues, but bfanofkhj4ever(Brendaliz) here to welcome you back

    • Hello there Brenda! I miss you so much! Thank you for your concern and I’m really sorry to have cause to worry about my absence but I pray it won’t happen again. And most of all thank you so much for your prayers.
      Hey good idea KHJ World Conquest suits him perfectly because in reality he had conquered the entire world! He had conquered the whole being of all his fans!! Look what he did to us!! I went crazy for nine days oh it was terrible and I couldn’t tell how much happy I am now that I’m finally back!! Do you know the feeling of waiting for a phone call from a lover who doesn’t come around and start wondering if he has someone new??!! I am in no way related to HJ but that was how it felt the first day of my agony Aug.1!! There was heavy rain outside & I can hear strong wind hitting my window and all I worry about was HJ’s whereabouts since i lost my connection & there’s no way for me to get to twitter! On the second day of my agony I worry knowing my readers were expecting daily dose and still can not connect. The last remaining days I worry my readers would leave my blog and strange thoughts & feelings as if I failed to deliver my aim to HJ to provide in his behalf TTT Oh Brenda that was strange thoughts and it was agony for real. It was such a relief I am done with it and just feel happy to be back!
      Thank you again as always you’re there for me, take care always and take it easy on yourself. Have a great weekend see you around! love u girl! God bless..

  11. Welcome back, LK!…nice to see you once again…..we really missed you, girl…daysare not complete without reading your articles as our daily dose…….without him is really a long boring days….he is my stress reliever and you know that well….

    Hope you’re doing fine now……just take care….and more articles coming up……

    God bless you, LK!

    LOVE YA!!

    • Thank you so much for your concern, and I’m so happy to be back i miss everyone here! My apology for being absent for so long, I’ll make it up with you and thanks for waiting for me!!
      Have a great weekend, take care see you again and God bless… Love you dear!

  12. Thank you, LK.
    Starting the week-end with your article is wonderful.
    My addict to Hyun Joong and to your articles grows day by day.
    Love Hyun Joong, love you.

    • Hello fanjong!! i miss you dear thank you for your concern and thanks for waiting for me! TTT I hope you’re doing well, I’m sorry about my absence but I’ll make it up with you, promise!
      Have a wonderful Sunday and take care! see you again God bless…

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