Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ANGEL PRINCE

By: LazerKim              These past days when Kim Hyun Joong is in a deep silent mode updates are scarce or almost nothing at all, his fans gets busy with making fan arts which is very entertaining in creating it. Some are busy posting his old pictures which are very helpful in reminding us those days when we found him! At the internet, I think Hyun Joong is one of the stars who has many photo collection uploaded by his fans. This is a good advantage since Hyun Joong is also a commercial model and grew up in the industry that way since he was still with his group SS501. 

Among the hundreds and thousands of photos Hyun Joong modeled for magazines I think the Anan Magazine gave the strongest impact to Japanese fans. These are the photos you see in this article that for me looking at these photos is like seeing an Angel Prince in Kim Hyun Joong! So simple, gentle to look at and relaxing. Yesterday a fan wrote at my comment box, she’s from outside Asia and had bump into a guy selling Kpop star posters, and one of those posters is Hyun Joong’s photo for Anan Magazine!! It reminded me of that incident in one of Tokyo subway right after Hyun Joong’s concert in Yokohama.

I actually wrote it in one of my articles in February since a funny news broke out that a crowd flock in the subway at the middle of the night and the subway security management had a hard time to control the snowballing crowd flocked at some huge posters posted at the subway walls. Just to find out it’s Hyun Joong’s huge posters that Anan Magazine newly posted for its latest magazine issue for that week in February!! right from that day the magazine was sold out and many still placing their orders, so the publisher has no choice but to re-print the magazine of that same issue!!

Among the thousand photos that Hyun Joong have, I think the Anan studio photos are quite different among the rest. We may also have our favorite photos of Hyun Joong but this one I would say is different. It’s simple, it is soft, nothing flashy but just the handsome face of Kim Hyun Joong. Would any of the veterans fans who knows Hyun Joong right before he stepped in the lime light expect him to be as good model as he is now? As I reviewed Hyun Joong’s history, it was said he could hardly smile or if he does its fake or it’s awkward!!

Now Hyun Joong has that flare for photo shoots, he knows exactly what profile is good for him, he’s not only handsome he’s also naturally photogenic. Not all beautiful or handsome faces can be photogenic, sometimes stars can look more beautiful in person than in photos. But Hyun Joong has them both, handsome with strong sex appeal in person and a photogenic. Many of us do collect his photos and it’s fun doing so. Honestly, whenever I lose my internet connection that gives me time to scrutinize his photos.

Although my favorite photos of Hyun Joong are the ones taken at the airport, no make up, all natural, and his airport fashion is just so amazing, that’s so carefree nothing flashy just simply Kim Hyun Joong. At the video clips taken from the airport I just love watching him walk, the scenario whenever his fans approach him and hand in stuffs for Hyun Joong no smiles just simply slight bow to them as natural he can be. I like that, no pretences.


There are a lot of Hyun Joong’s video clips of his photo session that I also love watching. During the session while waiting for the photo technicians to set up, Hyun Joong either memorize his dance routine or singing!! He is patient in waiting but restless without doing anything and so he make use of the waiting time to memorize either dance steps or his song lyrics!!! There was a time he has that shot laying on a couch and had fallen into sleep!! It was said, he was actually sleeping when that shot was taken!! He didn’t know it but when the photo proofs were out that shot was the most beautiful!!

And there was also one time he fell asleep at one corner of the studio, well I guess his fans are not at the least surprised because Hyun Joong is by nature a sleepyhead!! He doze off as fast but not too easy to wake him up. He would just doze off anywhere given the chance!! What else is new, with his busy schedule, he wouldn’t let any chance escape for him to take his power nap!! But that is good, at least somehow he finds time to sleep!! But once he had that power nap, he back on his feet again being restless to keep moving!

In another studio pictorial and video shoot, he was doing a chicken product ad with some other female models. He was feeling awkward being dressed in tux and holding a chicken drumstick that he can’t help but laughed at the idea. Then he said to the director, “do you think it would be better if we say a script line or something?” Then he started thinking of something he can say and the staffs started laughing at the idea!!

Have you realize how lucky Hyun Joong fans are? Hyun Joong is a singer, a dancer, an actor, and a commercial model, an artist with multiple talent in just one package. Come to think of it Hyun Joong has many access to reach him and that is easy because he always give way to his fans, more chances to see him and always brings something new to us anywhere we are and any time. He can sing for us, we can bring his music anywhere we are and if we want to dance he can inspire us for doing so through his music!! If we want to be entertained through watching TV, he’ll be there for you in his dramas.

For other countries like Japan Hyun Joong is just anywhere even on the street billboard, poster ads and magazines. He’s just so versatile as an artist and a good one. So no matter how others may dispute as Hyun Joong was given the honor of being Best Artist, he truly deserves it, period!! The more projects Hyun Joong has, the more chances of seeing him. The fan who wrote in my comment box said not many people in her country knew about Hyun Joong yet, but when BOF was aired in her country two months ago, he’s becoming known in her country.

Many countries outside Asia are still airing Boys Over Flower and Playful Kiss that slowly Hyun Joong is becoming popular in those countries. Although many of Hyun Joong’s fans from these countries are active internet users, it was through on line drama viewing that they have found Kim Hyun Joong. Majority of his fans have found him through his dramas before discovering that he is a singer, which I think majority of us have the same way of how we first saw Hyun Joong. And probably we share the same opinion of getting addicted to Hyun Joong after watching his dramas, start searching who he is and before we know it we’re already collecting his photos, and start following him!!

The other day a news update was released stating that the City Conquest production management was struggling on what TV network City Conquest shall be aired in Korea, since the big three TV networks KBS, SBS, MBC are fully booked with dramas all year round this year. It was said City Conquest shall be aired either by the end of this year or early next year. I couldn’t help think, anywhere City Conquest can be shown, Hyun Joong’s fans shall go and hunt for it to watch!! Specially the international fans who are so eagerly anticipating this drama!!

The City Conquest production drama released some photos of Hyun Joong taken from the location shooting in Japan and honestly, those photos even ignite the eagerness of his fans to wait which is starting to kill me with excitement!! Just this morning a photo of Hyun Joong was out at twitter and Face Book taken from the location shooting in Japan as Hyun Joong was spotted driving a white pick up truck!! Although Hyun Joong is still in Seoul at this time still filming the drama.

I have been busy with my work project lately which is just about to finish, but somehow the spare time I got I spend it with searching updates and writing articles, but sill the days are dragging me too slow and I admit slowly getting bored without Kim Hyun Joong!!But every time I get bored I always think about City Conquest!! That no matter how the waiting agony goes, there’s surely something to look forward for Kim Hyun Joong!! And so I go back to searching pictures again!! And apparently his fans make use of their leisure time posting his pictures which I sincerely appreciate.

Times like this when Hyun Joong is busy with his drama filming, the least we can do is to look back where we found him. Hyun Joong will never be far from us, he’s always gonna be there everywhere at the internet. For the new fans who happen to be on their search period on Kim Hyun Joong must be the busiest fans at this time. And if you happen to drop by at this blog for the first time, I would say this is your luckiest day in your search for Kim Hyun Joong cause you’re in the right place! And I would just like to inform you that there are lots of articles that you can read all about Kim Hyun Joong, that there are over 200!!

And this reminds me, Angie of Angel of the East had changed her blog site and here’s where you may find here LINK>  Check this out it’s her latest entry under

This is all I have for the daily dosage, since Hyun Joong is still on work mode, let’s just share each other’s thoughts while going over Hyun Joong’s photos old or new it doesn’t matter, at least we got lots of his photos that can ease stress from work or school. One last thing, staring at Hyun Joong’s photos, makes me feel as if an angel is just looking at me straight to my eyes and for some reasons I could not explain I’m relieved from my daily stress over my work that makes me smile and brightens my day!!

What is in this guy?? So mysterious and magical that keeps me staying at his side that I can’t get enough of him!! How else can I describe him? I got a better thought of Kim Hyun Joong as my Angel Prince, as he is always with me anywhere I am…

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BEST MEMORIES

By: LazerKim             Yesterday it was awfully silent that I got zero update which is quite expected after the strong typhoon that hit Seoul and that we can only assume Hyun Joong is doing fine and let’s just hope he was not affected by the typhoon and so with his country fellowmen. If we can not talk about the present, since there’s no update, then we can not talk about the future, therefore we can only talk about the past!!

Last year in one of the talk shows Hyun Joong guested, he was asked, “what are the most significant events in your career?” Hyun Joong replied, “First was my debut in 2005 with SS501, second was moving to KeyEast in 2010, third was my debut album Breakdown as solo singer in 2011.” Under KeyEast the first project given to Hyun Joong was the drama Playful Kiss, as we all know the drama suffered low TV rating back in 2010. Hyun Joong’s boss Bae Yong Joon advised Hyun Joong not to worry too much about TV ratings and just concentrate on filming.

In another talk show, I remember Hyun Joong mentioned, “there are times in our life seems that all doors of opportunity closes for me, just to find out there’s so much awaits for me in the future that is much brighter.” If Playful Kiss suffered low TV ratings in his home country, it opened a better opportunity outside his country, since this drama gained a huge global attention through the on line viewing at the internet. It may not be a monetary gain for Hyun Joong but a better gain for the future in terms of his popularity, that it seemed a perfect preparation on his very first solo album Breakdown the following year 2011.

I would assume the best year for Hyun Joong started rolling in mid year 2011, because it was from here that Hyun Joong started making noise through his first album Breakdown which topped the music chart for three consecutive weeks. And as he brought the album outside his home country, Hyun Joong was even awarded the platinum record in Taiwan. From there Hyun Joong started to bagged his trophies from different Awards till the end of the year.

As the year 2012 started, in January Hyun Joong launched his Japanese album debut that immediately hit the Oricon music chart second rank and placed the album on gold record status. In February he performed his first concert at Yokohama Arena attended by 20,000 fans. Back then I can not forget seeing the overwhelming huge crowd from up far, that I started wishing to see another scenario in the future. And in no time that wish was granted as Hyun Joong launched his second album HEAT that really created a huge ball of fire in Japan!! Again Hyun Joong’s second album hit the Oricon music chart, but this time it hit the highest rank no.1 on its first day launching.

The wish of seeing similar crowd at Hyun Joong’s first concert in Yokohama came true in Saitama Super Arena as Hyun Joong performed another memorable concert attended by 60,000 fans!! Every single success that he gained, is also the success of every single fan of Kim Hyun Joong. If I were to make a choice which of the series of events that I would love to write about, I would say,  this is one of them, the recent activity Hyun Joong had in Japan this year. If I can bring back those events and watch it from up far again, I will never get tired of watching it.

In one of the four concert session in Saitama, Hyun Joong’s physical condition dropped that he has to be taken to the nearest hospital for treatment of IV drip. He doesn’t have the choice since the concert must go on and endure whatever pain he had. Hyun Joong stepped up stage to face his fans in teary eyes, wanting to give his 100% strength but just could not due to his condition.

Nevertheless, whatever strength left in him he gave his best shot till the end of the show. On the succeeding show, he felt much better and back to his feet again and rock the stage in full adrenaline as if nothing happened that the show ended with great success. All his fans was wishing he would be able to take a rest, but Mr. Hardheaded is just so stubborn and headed to Kinugawa after the show for his drama shooting!!

In just a few months we’ll be approaching the year end again and writing, reading about Hyun Joong has always been good news about him was such a joy for every fan to know and to be proud of. Very soon from now the much anticipated drama City Conquest shall be aired either by the end of this year or early next year. It may seem a longer wait but it doesn’t matter knowing it’s a drama worth waiting for.

According to the production management they will film as much as they could before airing. It was said that there are three choices of big TV network but all three are fully booked with dramas till the end of the year. Nevertheless, we’ll be staying around and wait!!

While we follow Hyun Joong there are lots of event transpire that remains unforgettable to us as his avid fans. I wonder what could be that event that is truly memorable to you, that kept flashing to your mind whenever you think about Kim Hyun Joong? What could be the best memory for you that may be forever unforgettable? As for me, I shall never forget my first impression of him. Hyun Joong rarely smile, so my first impression was that he was like an elite snob and hard to please type of guy.

On my first few articles I wrote this, “Hyun Joong is gorgeous and handsome just don’t let him talk because he can just spill out what is in his mind the least unexpected from him!!!” He speaks gently, he’s courteous, very polite on the choice of words he speak, no air of arrogance, always humble and sincere, honest in his opinion and most of all he’s funny! He would just say something that can be beyond expectation for a handsome guy would say, and would just make you laugh, that can immediately delete your first impression about him.

The most memorable event that I shall always remember is his recent visit to Japan, the handshake session attended by 5,000 fans, the spontaneous street dance that filled him with smiles. And the tears of joy for having his fans in front of him while he’s in pain, they never left him and patiently waited to be with him. I felt his deepest love and sincerity to his fans and likewise the love of his fans to him touched the hearts of many, even the non-fans who were watching from up-far. I don’t think I shall ever forget these events and again I’m wishing for another set of huge crowd to escalate in his up coming activities, whatever it may be.

What about his words, what is the most unforgettable message he ever had stated that will ever buried in your heart? For me, one of the most unforgettable is this statement “I hope that I will always be the kind of person whom you will not be criticized for being my fans”. These words have touched my heart as he humbled himself and has been doing his best, in giving everything he got to fill in the missing points in his ability. We have known Hyun Joong’s honestly and his sincerity to his fans that I am so proud I have made the right choice whom to follow and support.

I wouldn’t say Hyun Joong’s life is all bed of roses, he also had experienced dark days in his career, as yesterday a fan reminded me of how it was in his past before he moved in to KeyEast. A fan shared with me a video clip of an incident he was entangled in a political controversy in 2010 involving him and his former agent company DSP. I just watched it once and dropped it, with hopes it will never happen again. I have written an article Dark Moments that talks about unhappy days of Hyun Joong in his career life. It’s a part of his memory to remember as he learned from what he experienced. Gone with the dark days, as he came back on stage last year as the bright side of the end tunnel finally appeared before him.

There are a lot of memories Hyun Joong shares with us since we are a big part of those memories. In every event he has his fans are always at his tail to cheer for him with all their hearts. For one year since he launched his first album Breakdown till this present day, he made his word in June 7th 2011, that the following days after which shall always be happy. And he was able to fulfill it since it’s all success that he bagged in and happy memories that kept his fans smiling and loving him more. All we have from him are good memories that shall remain in our hearts as we collect them.

Everyday we read about Kim Hyun Joong inspires us because his success is also our success being his avid fans. I wouldn’t say it’s gonna be all smooth sailing in this journey with him, there may be more rocky roads along the way as Hyun Joong walk his way towards stardom, but knowing we are together being at his side is more than just strength for him in moving forward. As Hyun Joong always say, his fans are his greatest inspiration and has always been his strength which apparently showed so many times in all his projects.

Last year in a talk show with Lee Sora, she left this message to Hyun Joong, “There is a way when all that one hears and sees can be possible when all the strength are combined together. So I sincerely believe that everthing Kim Hyun Joong works hard for will come true to the degree that your fans collectively give that force and strength to you.”

And she was right, since after that talk show ended, Hyun Joong continuously gained more fans and boost his popularity all over the world. The more fans he gained the more Hyun Joong is inspired in working hard to give his best in providing the needs of his fans from him as an idol they admire and respect. Endless projects kept flowing along his way giving us fans more chances to see more of Hyun Joong. More producers are eyeing on him, which I have mentioned in my recent articles that producers and businessmen are the middlemen to bridge the gap between Kim Hyun Joong and his fans be it far or near.

Hyun Joong was given more chances to reach out for his fans, and with that, he took advantage of every project he has to personally interact and creat a connection between him and his fans. Other non-fans may think of his gesture as his JOB, no mam, Hyun Joong had already gone out of his way in reaching out for his fans to call the gesture as a job. As one of my regular readers said, Hyun Joong is just so passionate to take the effort in remembering every single fan he has!!

I think she’s right, for those who have experienced the hand shake or hi-five event, Hyun Joong would look at every single fan right in their eyes as he takes their hand, and reading from those fans echoed the same opinion. And for the others who were watching the event from up far, can see that Hyun Joong was consistent in this session in any of his fan meeting event at his Asia Tour or in Japan as it was Hyun Joong’s intention to thank his fans for the support they have given him on his second album Heat.

Everyone of us had felt how much Hyun Joong loves his fans, likewise everyone had showed their love and support for him as we always do everyday of our life. As Hyun Joong works hard everyday to bring us the joy of seeing him, that he has only one thing in mind and that is providing the needs of his fans from him as their idol.

These are the happy days we fans spent with Kim Hyun Joong that will always be in our heart to remember and treasure every moment of it forever. As for me, the Best Memories of Kim Hyun Joong is the memory of knowing who he is, because it was then that my life changed for the better, being my inspiration, my superhero…

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] DESERVING ARTIST

 By: LazerKim             Today is the big day for Kim Hyun Joong’s big boss Bae Yong Joon. This is his 40th birthday August 29, 2012, the perfectionist Virgo!!. Happy Birthday!!Life begins at 40 as they said, will this be true to Bae Yong Joon, since he is still uncommitted  even at this time and a certified bachelor!! For those who is not familiar to Hyun Joong’s boss, here’s a briefer. Bae Yong Joon is the pioneer Hallyu Star with the first Korean and memorable drama Winter Sonata in 2002, brought outside SKorea to the entire world. Bae Yong Joon is one of the major stock holder of KeyEast. In Japan he is called Yonsama by his Japanese fans, which is the highest noble title.

He is now a very successful businessman as he penetrated the global business arena. He founded and built KeyEast as an artist management company, with the aim of grooming new artist and promoting them in the global showbiz industry. His aim is to spread the beauty of Korea globally in many aspects and one of these is the Hallyu stars. Among the legendary actors Bae Yong Joon was able to maintain his fans to stay with him still supporting him even he became inactive in the showbiz industry being an actor. What makes Bae Yong Joon fans stay as loyal even this present day?

Kim Hyun Joong had chosen BYJ to be his mentor even when he was still with SS501 until such time Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast. The media took notice the fact that ever since Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast, his career started to bloom as a Kpop soloist. With Hyun Joong’s talent and hardwork and all out support KeyEast boost onto his career resulted in a remarkable joint success. I would say Hyun Joong had chosen the right company in building up his new career as a solo artist. And KeyEast had chosen the right artist Kim Hyun Joong to fulfill the company aim in spreading the beauty of Korea in the entertainment world. Such amazing partnership!

In another story I would like to share with you Hyun Joong’s interview with the Russian Media print and its translation. Here it goes:

Kim Hyun Joong interview for Russian newspaper

traslation into English: tonyvika @
repost with full credits

Translating only the part of the interview

Q1.  – Kim Hyun Joong,  there are many fans of yours in Russia and they wish you the belated happy birthday! Wish you joy!

Hyun Joong:    Thank you very much.

Q2.  – In one of your interviews, you said something that get us right here. You said that you do your best for achieving your dream and keep it real. Where do you get the strength to follow your goal? What or who helps you?

Hyun Joong:    I always try to concentrate on my goals and perfect myself all the time. I’m sure that I’ll reach my goal and always think about it. Of course, I get tired too and have difficulties sometimes, but my fans give me strength. So my goals only grow, to add up.

Q3.   – As we know, you have a special attitude towards charity. Being a philanthropist – what means it for you?

Hyun Joong:    Being a philanthropist is not important for me. I grew up in an ordinary family, not rich nor poor. I think,  a person can do nothing without love, many love me and I’m grateful for it. I do not make commerce. In the past I had many thoughts about how to help people that’s why I started doing charity work.

Q4.   – Many fans started doing the same because of you. They try to do something great,  kind and helpful. What do you think, is it important?

Hyun Joong:    I think charity is a good thing and everyone decides for oneself to contribute or not. I cannot force people to do charity. Many people follow footsteps of the persone they like. If I can be an example, then someday people will start doing charity themselves. 

Q5.   – By looking at your work, we always assume that your agency, manager, staff and people who help you, are outstanding. Can you tell us about them?

Hyun Joong:   Yes, they are, and many help me on this concert (the interview was taken during Hyun Joong’s Beijing concert on June, 10th), including lighting technicians, sound control supervisor, manager, dancers, costumiers. My concert is not the result of only my personal outputs, my partners and assistance helped me and I’m very grateful for them. I think that successful concert is not only mine success but our joint success!

LazerKim View Point

Hyun Joong as artist takes more time in preparing for every concert he performs, that it takes weeks or months to be able to perfect the entire show repertoire for just an hour or two hours performance. As Hyun Joong mentioned in his interviews, the cheers from his fans added up a high degree of adrenaline to keep him going till the end of the show. After each successful show, as an artist by heart, he looks forward to his next stage geared up with a lot of inspiration from his fans.

For Hyun Joong it’s his strong determination to attain his dreams that rapidly becomes a reality. He knows exactly what is missing in his ability, embrace it in working hard to improve. To the veteran fans can see the difference between his current performance from the past that shows remarkable improvement, and still working to further develop his talent both in singing and acting. As we eagerly awaits the most anticipated drama after two years from his previous one Playful Kiss, on his come back drama City Conquest we shall see how Hyun Joong improves in his acting ability.

On the 5th question of this interview,  Hyun Joong mentioned that successful concert is a joint success. This is another thing that I like in Hyun Joong, he truly appreciates and acknowledge the effort of people behind the scene who works with him. He gives them importance as what was shown at his documentary. And it’s true, without the production staff and crew whether it’s a stage production or drama production, it will not be as successful as it is. Hyun Joong humbles himself in treating them as his own family. He doesn’t have that star complex of being self-centered as he treats everyone with equal respect.

There are video clips of Hyun Joong taken from behind the scene, showing how Hyun Joong works. I wouldn’t say he does not show he doesn’t get tired, as he did the music video of Breakdown, after series of dance repetition, he just drop on the floor out of exhaustion. He does feel tired but given a short break he’s up on his toes again. He doesn’t mind how many times he would repeat dancing over and over until everything is perfect. He has to satisfy himself before he can ever take a rest. This goes in his song recording as well, as  what his musical director stated.  Hyun Joong gives his 100% during his rehearsals and even at his pictorials, or commercial video shoots. And maintain that 100% during his performance on stage.

In another topic, a fan wrote this in my comment box yesterday that I would like to share with you since I share the same thoughts with her. Here it goes:

There may be artists with excellent voice with good tone and color,but wuri HJ doesn’t have the best voice,his voice is soft and thin which makes nonfan especially antis think he can’t sing and we, fans are crazy for his pretty face only.That insults us a lot because we are not that shallow to love an artist for his pretty face only.I really love his music sung by his soft,smooth,tender,sweet and emotional voice which touch my heart every time I listen to.

Thanks for sharing, you know who you are. I agree with what she wrote, it’s not only Hyun Joong’s critics but also some few fans who barely believe in him or not knowing who he really is. There are a few fans who would say similar to this statement, “other fans tend to be blind about Hyun Joong’s negatives. Or not because we are fans we can not see his negative traits”. I’m a bit bothered by such similar statements, but let’s talk it. What could be the negative traits they are pertaining? How I wish they should have stated.

If this is about his talents, singing, dancing, and acting, which I have made it clear he may not be the best in these areas but he’s not bad at all. And this is why he’s been working hard to improve himself to fill in whatever is missing in his talents. Or maybe his rare smiles which I find this really shallow because for me as a fan I have already accepted that Hyun Joong is not perfect. He’s just a human to also get tired of smiling every time!! At least he shows what he really is. Oh Hyun Joong fans would always on defense, of course why else are we called fans if we barely know whom we are supporting and following.

I would say the worst negative traits that an artist can ever show enough to stop following him could be, mistreating his own fans, arrogant, conceited, public misbehavior, vulgar, no talent at all, indecent and immoral. If we have seen any of these traits from our idol then it’s just right to stop supporting and following that idol. But have we seen any of these traits from Kim Hyun Joong?

Despite of having these negative attitude and fans still follows him, then I would say the fan is following her idol blindly. Artists are public figure. No matter how good an artist could be if he has these negative traits, what good will it lead you in following that idol? An ideal idol is someone whom you can look up to being a fan. It doesn’t necessarily mean to be a role model, but at least an idol who deserves your love and support.

I think this is quite simple, Hyun Joong is not perfect, as he admitted it and we fans I believe have accepted the fact that he is not perfect. If a fan do not believe in her idol then why follow him? If he does not satisfy your expectations in his talent then why else would you support him? I could hardly understand why some fans would criticize their own idol. Because the next question to that would be, why do you  follow your idol if you would only criticize him? I’m just asking!!

Oh well, no matter what others may say, I wouldn’t care for as long as I know what I ought to know enough to be called a fan. We can feel if our idol is sincere or not. We have known Hyun Joong’s candid honesty, modest and humble as ever so down to earth. He knows how to handle his fame and his fans. As an artist Hyun Joong was awarded with honors for so many times on different categories and he deserves all those awards. He had gained a huge global popularity because many believes he is indeed a deserving artist.

I had a hanging question earlier as, What makes Bae Yong Joon fans stay with him as his loyal fans even at this present day. Although Bae Yong Joon is my one of my favorite actors and who had introduced Korean drama to me, I did not have the chance to follow him. Reading from the write ups and articles, I would say BYJ have not changed from the time he started being an actor and had kept his feet firmly on the ground in spite of his successful career until this day. He treats his fans as his family and kept that relationship with them though out the years.

I can still remember last year as Hyun Joong tour around Asia to promote his first album Breakdown and The Face Shop being the official product endorser, his Japanese fans started calling him Little Yonsama! I honestly find this cute, and in one of his interviews during that Asia Tour, Hyun Joong was always asked about his boss and he was asked how he feels being called Little Yonsama, as Hyun Joong stated, “I am honored to be called Little Yonsama, Little can also turn out big!!”

And I guess Hyun Joong was right back then, in no time less than a year, he was able to gain a huge popularity boost from around the world. He is on his own now, building his own title. In reality, Hyun Joong’s career did not start from where we found him. Back in his past he had faced the hardships of life to be where he is now, and this is his harvest period. Hyun Joong learned about life the hard way, but his focus on his dream as it stays in his heart and in his mind, that he never gave up despite of the pain and hardship.

I would say Hyun Joong is more than a deserving artist and I think the veteran fans who had followed Hyun Joong before he can step into the lime light can testify how he grew up to this stage of his career. As the old folks would say, to be able to gain success, one has to taste the bitter way of life to keep a lasting strength in climbing the ladder of his goal. And this was what Hyun Joong had in the early part of his life and his career.

As I have written in one of my articles Twisted Fate, Hyun Joong is fated to be where he is no matter how one may twist his path. And is very likely for Hyun Joong to climb even higher as we observe the turn of events and the chain of success that he has been gaining, Kim Hyun Joong is a Deserving Artist.

The best part of Hyun Joong’s life episode I think is the period when he faced the hardship in life, because it is at this part that the young ones can learn from him. While the present episode can lead us to an inspiration in facing tomorrow from a role model and a Deserving Artist Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] OUTSTANDING STAR

By: LazerKim                   If there’s no Kim Hyun Joong update, then we talk about weather forecast! Yesterday’s weather forecast, a typhoon is coming to hit Seoul, SKorea, we pray for everyone’s safety. To make this news a bit lighter, I can probably compare Kim Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour fan meeting concert, like a typhoon. With strong gusty wind heavy rain and thunder-storm as he passes from one country to another!!! Leaving his fans totally mesmerized by the memory of his presence that shake the stage of the countries he visited. I think this is the longest running typhoon named Kim Hyun Joong, the God of Rain as it rolls out for a month in six different countries including Japan!!

The good news, God of Rain Kim Hyun Joong named by the Billboard Japan as the Most Outstanding Kpop Artist in 2012, as he ranked second at the Oricon Music Chart on his Kiss Kiss album debut in January placing the album at gold record status and followed by his second album Heat ranked first place and gained the same gold record status. Japan is one of the world’s biggest market in the music industry, but with the changing time CD album is becoming less competitive in terms of sales to compare with the previous years.

Is this now the influence of computer technology that affects the industry? I’m a computer illiterate I admit, but the way I observe the changing time, one major factor that weakens the sales of CD album is music downloading through the internet. Producers in the music industry now have to consider a larger scale in providing the entertainment needs of public demand. Since Kpop is becoming very competitive in the Japanese market, they tend to push Kpop stars in adopting the Japanese music for local market. Kim Hyun Joong being one of the hottest Kpop star after gaining a huge popularity boost this year, it is very likely that more producers are eyeing now on Kim Hyun Joong within the business arena both local and global commerce.

In my other recent article, I have mentioned that businessmen and producers are the middlemen that can bridge Kim Hyun Joong and his fans. Although CD album may have a weakening sales, the influence of internet in acquiring music does not affect Hyun Joong’s fans in purchasing his album as their support to their idol. Another in high demand is Hyun Joong’s events particularly performing in concerts, which was evident in his recent concert in Yokohama Arena attended by 20,000 fans and Saitama Super Arena attended by 60,000 fans this year. The number of fans attended the concert has remarkable escalated in numbers shown within just a matter of short period.

Are Kpop stars now becoming a threat to the Japanese celebrities in terms of popularity gains? I clearly have seen this trend quite recently as Hyun Joong launched his second single HEAT, or even prior to launching of the album it already topped the pre-sales scale until the time of its release which immediately ranked on top no. one on its first day launching. This event had even gained more attention and curiosity to non-fans probably wondering who Kim Hyun Joong is and what brought him to the top of Oricon Music Chart! Japanese are known to their patriotism but in the changing time slowly bending in support of foreign celebrities particularly the Kpop.

How was Kim Hyun Joong able to penetrate the Japanese market able to win the hearts of his Japanese fans? Well, we fans may share the same opinion at least majority of his fans would probably say Kim Hyun Joong is simple being himself! He doesn’t need extra effort to call for attention, although he worked hard to improve himself to be worthy of the love he receives from many people. Many Japanese fans were asked by media what particularly attracted them and pulled them to Kim Hyun Joong to be captured by him. They would say, he’s cute, he’s handsome, he is honest, and sincere in handling his fans. But among their comments this comment caught me, “he easily translates his music for us to understand and sing it with him.” I got this comment from my neighbors in Tokyo!!

Japanese by nature are music lover, that they can easily appreciate music, actually they are not a hard to please audience. Hyun Joong chooses his own music which one would suit his voice range and a type of music which his fans can easily sings with him. This is priority over more challenging music pieces. Well, evidently during his Asia Tour fan meeting concert, many of his fans who were able to attend these events would say “better memorize his songs otherwise you’ll be left behind”! I was wondering why a lot of fans said it. Then they said majority of those who attended the fan meet literally sings his song with Hyun Joong!! Considering he sings Korean songs and yet his fans can easily follow!!

Honestly, when I first found out that Hyun Joong indeed was a singer in boy band, I started watching SS501 concerts, and I easily appreciate their music until such time I found myself saving a lot of their music in my playlist that I can listen to everyday. In no time I found myself following the melody, eventually getting the song lyrics, and start singing while listening. As Hyun Joong now has a wider repertoire, the longer list of songs I got in memorizing his songs unconsciously!! I never get tired of his songs that anywhere I am his music stays with me any time.

There’s one Japanese song that he sang at the Saitama concert which happened to be my favorite Japanese song. Honestly, I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the original singer since every singer has their own style, but Hyun Joong’s sweet voice made even the song softer and melting that struck my heart. Hyun Joong may not be the best singer but there’s something in his sweet voice that can capture one’s heart as he sings his ballad songs or his up beat tempo that will surely bring your feet to dance away and sing with him!!

Many of his critics would say Hyun Joong is overrated, meaning he gets more praises than what he actually deserves. Alright then, just the sake of argument I can only speak for myself. Rock was never been my taste even during my younger years, but it was Hyun Joong who introduce to me this type of music that I would say now HEAT is one of my favorite among his repertoire and I’m looking forward for more rock music from him. Honestly, I’m not the type of fan to be buying CD just because I want to support my idol, I may be a music lover but quite choosy with the type of music I listen to.

And the other thing that I like in Hyun Joong’s music is variation. I don’t have to listen to just one type of music rhythm since Hyun Joong has a variety types of music. In one of his interviews he was actually asked “what is Kim Hyun Joong style of music”? And he said “since I sing different types of song in different styles, I would say it’s Kim Hyun Joong style!!” One can never get tired of his music, just like his constant changing image, is similar to his changing style in his music which even makes him a unique artist.

A fan critic said, Hyun Joong winning the Best Artist is way too far as yet, there are many artist with much better qualities in terms of talent, but Hyun Joong won the award. There are many excellent singers who barely made it the top 10 music chart, while Hyun Joong even made it to rank, why is that?. Being a star artist it’s not only his talent that counts, I agree there are even better artist than he is, but not all of them has that X factor that Hyun Joong naturally possess in him. And that makes him different above the rest.

We may have different opinion whenever we watch performance of different artist. Again I can only speak for myself but whenever I watch events with different guest artists, the very first thing I look into is the artist stage appeal before anything else. How much can he dominate the stage, how well can he capture the audience attention and stay with him. For me this is important. There are many artist who has that excellent singing voice but after a while my eyes starts to linger around the audience, and ask myself “am I the only one who’s feeling bored?”

May I just mention my recent experience. A friend of mine came to visit me last week. In my house the only music you’ll hear is Hyun Joong’s music whenever I’m at home. While we were talking music just kept rolling, after maybe an hour, she finally asked me what’s this music I got? And since she’s also familiar with Japanese music I told her he’s a Korean singer singing Japanese song. She liked Hyun Joong’s HEAT so I gave one of my extra copy of HEAT. Yesterday she called and she said she never thought how handsome Hyun Joong is and that she was relaying that she started looking him up at the internet. And so I invited her to check on my blog which I hope she’s reading this article!!

If majority of Hyun Joong fans were captured after watching his dramas, with my friend it’s different, she heard him first, now she’s bound to watch his dramas. What we see and what we hear are our first attraction to any artist. It’s like reading a book, if the book is good it is said to be a page turner. If it’s not, then probably reading from the first chapter of the book would end up laying anywhere without knowing what was the book all about. Kim Hyun Joong is like a book page turner, that the more you hear, the more you see from him the more you get to like him and eventually can’t get enough of him.

Am I overrating Kim Hyun Joong? I don’t think so, I’m just stating the truth about what I see, read and hear!! In fact in describing Hyun Joong I’m lost with words on how I can describe him!! Hyun Joong may not be the best singer,dancer or actor, I agree, but he is the Best Artist, an Outstanding Star!! Hyun Joong has a little of everything in one package wrapped with an X Factor that not all excellent artist possess, and that makes him different above the rest. This is how I see Kim Hyun Joong being an Outstanding Star.

This is all I have for today’s daily dosage, how I wish I could have more news updates about City Conquest but the filming is at close doors, so let’s leave Hyun Joong in good hands of the production staffs!! What I have is the weather forecast, that a typhoon shall hit Seoul, I’m just not sure if it has already landed in Seoul, I just hope everyone is safe there. And of course as I have just brought you the hurricane Kim Hyun Joong that hit Japan is still making noise as he was named the Most Outstanding Kpop Artist for 2012!!

Kim Hyun Joong was never overrated as far as every fan or non-fan who knows of him. And for us his loving Aliens, Kim Hyun Joong shall always be the Most Outstanding Star in our hearts in reality and he will always be filled with LOVE as ever…

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ALIEN SUPERHERO

By LazerKim:            “What’s up Kim Hyun Joong?” Oh how I wish we can personally ask him these questions probably coming from his young fans! “Are you getting enough sleep after work?” like this question maybe from his mother fans. “Have been eating regularly at the right time?” question from grandma fans! “Have you been enjoying your filming for City Conquest and how’s are you getting along with your co-actors?” this one from his elder sister fans! How I wish we have some answers to these questions!! As for me I would ask does KE and the production management doing their job in protecting and taking care of you? This I’m sure they do, Kim Hyun Joong is their precious gem!

I got the translation of Hyun Joong’s interview in Thailand and one in Russia. But I’ll take this one at a time. I’ll start with his interview in Thailand that I would like to share with you for those who have not read it yet here it goes:

Source: Mel (@Neptune0606) Posted Saturday Aug.25th from Twitlonger, Thanks!


Kim Hyun Joong’s Exclusive Interview via Sat Zone

Rough English translation : mel@hyuniversal0606

Hyun Joong:   I miss all of you very much.

Q1. : And we miss you too Hyun Joong ^^ what did you prepare for Thai fans??

Hyun Joong:   I am very happy for this fanmeeting and also seeing so many fans welcoming me. Thank you very much. What special for this fanmeeting was that fans would come on stage, some will ger presents from me.

Q 2. : Your images of your new album is revealing your sexiness^^ do you consider yourself very sexy??

Hyun Joong:    Sexy?? may be not for me coz if I older, i wont be sexy anymore. So i dont think that I am sexy or anything ^^

Q 3. : You once said you’d like to be a Lion, why?

Hyun Joong:      It may sound very funny however due to my busy schedule I sometimes want to rest or having fun jus like a lion. I feel that a lion does live very freely.

Q 4. : If you were a superhero, what type of a superhero you woud want to be and what special power you’d want to have.

Hyun Joong:      I dont want to be a superhero. if i can choose, I would ask for more time to do my concert and to spend more time with my fans.

Q 5. : Anything you want to say to your fans??

Hyun Joong:     For my previous dramas, BOF & Playful Kiss, I had a rather cute character and very quiet but for City Conquest, I have to change my character to be a stronger person since there are many action scenes. Fans will see a different side of me. 

For my fans watching Sat Zone, I hope you will love me more and more (Sure we will keke) I will return you love by coming to Thaiand every year. And i will practise harder and come back with a better album and better drama. Thank you very much.

LazerKim View Point:

Before I go on, the mailing address of Kim Hyun Joong was posted for those who are interested to write to Kim Hyun Joong here it is:

Kim Hyun Joong mailing address:

6F American Standard Bldg. 110-1 Samsung-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul 135-090 Korea

Talking about Hyun Joong’s sexiness at question no.2, Hyun Joong is being modest as always, but of course the people who sees him should be the ones to be asked this question. Hyun Joong aah, I’m telling you, for me, you’re the sexiest man alive!! What does a man takes to be said he is sexy. I would say not all handsome men can be sexy. There are men who are not so handsome but with a strong sex appeal.

If we base sexiness in the physical aspect of a man, I think a well developed firm muscle, the 6 packs abs, broad shoulders, curvy muscle firmed arms and tall height as in 5’9 and above is such an ideal figure for men. I hope I’m right but this is an ideal type of defining sexiness in men, which Hyun Joong has it specially at this time that he had developed a well proportioned body figure. I think qualifying sexiness depends on our individual choice on how we see in men.

As I mentioned earlier, not all handsome men can be sexy or has that sex appeal. Hyun Joong I would has a very strong sex appeal, with almost perfect body structure and handsome face. For me what makes Hyun Joong sexy aside from his physique, is the way he walk, the way he dress up and the way his eyes look. Because even back then when he was young still with his group, he already has that sexiness. His body muscles may be pre-matured as yet but he already has that appeal.

May I just share with you another comment from my box that caught my attention again:

Wow, do guys change their looks this often in K-pop or is it just him?” I also wondered if the changes were management dictated or else if KHJ had full control of how he wanted his look to be or if he solicited advice from a stylist or consultant on what type of haircut/haircolor or clothing style he could try. 

Honestly, I find the Kpop idols of course including Hyun Joong, are quite fashionable, in the way they dressed up, accessorize according to their outfit and hairstyle. I think this is another attraction on them being stars. I’m not so familiar with other Korean stars but I think among them it’s Hyun Joong consistently change from time to time. There are agents who groom their artists not only in talents but also grooming from head to toes. But in case of Hyun Joong he is on his own creating his own image as well as his music. He definitely has a stylist but everything is being decided by him even in costumes that wears for his shows.

Off cam, well we can see from his photos what type of dresser he is. I think he has a simply taste and whatever is comfortable to him, that is what he wears every time off cam. Like his training and rehearsal outfit, he has the same thing and almost the same color. He’ll get himself a bunch of those outfits and stick to it. Hyun Joong is fond of wearing tight jeans and loose tops, sneaker or boots, hats and dark shades, adding up a complete accessories, from ear pierce, necklace, bracelet, watch and ring. As we all know his favorite color is black or gray and simple earth color depending on the season.

Hyun Joong is also fond of V neckline cut of shirt that reveals his firm cleavage that even looks sexy on him. Oh my now I’m talking about men’s fashion!! But for me how men dressed up is such an appealing factor, other than his body built and his handsome face. Hyun Joong has a good taste in terms clothes he wears, he knows exactly what suits him and carry it perfectly that anything he wears just looks perfect for him.

Hyun Joong mentioned he wants to be a lion!! The big sleepy cat, that’s Hyun joong who can just dose off anywhere!! I think this trait haven’t changed in him, the sleepy head is just so good sleeper!! I would understand this in his young age but he gets matured it basically change. At the filming of City Conquest, the scene in a gondola honeymoon, it was said he dose off waiting for the production staffs to get the set done!! Then during his photo session, there was a shot of Hyun Joong sleeping in a couch, he doze off!! I think every time there’s a good place he lay down he instantly drop to sleep!! That’s him!!

If Hyun Joong is being a superhero he wants more concerts and have more time with his fans, well that’s saying coming straight from his lips!! He is a stage addict!! It’s not only his fans who are addicted to him, even Hyun Joong is addicted to performing on stage too!. Oh I get reminded of my article Artist by Heart, as I mentioned in that article an artist by heart, after every successful show there’s only one thing an artist would like to do, and that is to go back to that stage and perform again. And it’s very true for Hyun Joong his fans cheers and scream is just enough to pay off his effort at the studio.

An artist by heart wouldn’t mind whether he’s being paid or not for as long as he gets on that stage to perform and being applauded is enough and nothing else matter. This is very true to Hyun Joong too, if you remember his Yokohama concert profit share he donated it to charity for the orphanage. And may I just say, the hi five, and handshake as Hyun Joong’s fan meeting concert Asia Tour including that in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, it’s his idea, it’s his call.

Before he started the fan meet series, the plan was to accommodate as much as a hundred fans, but Hyun Joong changed it to have a handshake to every fan who attended the event with an average of 3,000 fans per concert. Except in China which was done in selective ticket draw for a thousand fans. Not to mention the unforgettable Odaiba Tokyo handshake session in one rainy day!! Then the street dance he performed which was truly enjoyed by anyone who was there by accident!  Others had interpreted this gesture as promotional scheme but actually Hyun Joong was doing it to get closer to his fans and to thank them for their support.

Who wouldn’t fall for this superhero, if Hyun Joong can only fly like superman maybe he should have done so to visit all his fans in any part of the world as easy as just flying like a superhero!! Oh my mind is running wild again, what if Hyun Joong take his fans in an huge open field or a desert, and just place a single platform a microphone and speakers, grab his guitar and sing for us while we simply sit on the sand and listen to him. It’s gonna be his fans from every nation…*sigh*… It seems like a wonderful experience… Hey wake up the dream is over!!

I had this in mind because, in one of his interviews, he actually mentioned that back in his high school days he wouldn’t mind singing even there’s no stage no lights no proper venue, just himself and people whom he can share his music. I was still researching about him that time as I made a certain conclusion that Hyun Joong is an artist by heart. That’s very typical description of a real artist. He doesn’t prioritize on money, because he believes in proving himself and his worthiness then money eventually will follow. And it works for him very effectively beyond expectation then share a part of what he gained to the charity which he never neglect.

Maybe if Hyun Joong indeed is a superhero he would build many orphanage for the homeless kids, more free schools for them. And maybe build more homes for the elders who are alone living by themselves. These are the charity organization that he’s been actively supporting. And then his fans get together to help him in helping others. Or maybe Hyun Joong doesn’t have to be a superhero to materialize these activities since he’s already doing it and that his fans already took the initiative in helping in his behalf. Oh this is indeed a very good idol and fan relationship, and such an ideal one to be a role model in the showbiz industry.

Nothing is impossible nowadays to what Hyun Joong wish for, only one thing is his wish of the outer space!! I remember in one talk show, he was relating about his interest in the outer world, and as I was watching him talks I find that kid in him as if telling tales and trying to convince everyone about the outer space. It looks like a joke but he’s serious about his curiosity of the outer space!! Well,  those were the days at the TV talk shows when he was a frequent guest last year, which I really miss because this was how I knew more about the guy and his wacky 4D ways. How I wish he can do it again when he’ll be promoting his up coming dramas.

There are lots of events transpired that we get to reminisce about Kim Hyun Joong that for me if I can only bring back the past events, what I would like to see from him again and again is his wackiness!!If I were made to choose what dream would I want to be fulfilled as fan of Kim Hyun Joong? I would like to dream of that event that my superhero would gather all his fans all over the world in one open space with him sitting with his guitar and sing for us. Shallow it may be no grand fanfare but simply Kim Hyun Joong as himself for real and his fans just being together that nothing else matter! Why not, dreams are free anyway, but don’t doze off longer or you might miss Hyun Joong getting on his flight on his location shooting for City Conquest!!

Kim Hyun Joong will always be our Alien Superhero, in our heart and in our daily reality life.

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PRINCE CHARMING

 By: LazerKim            Kim Hyun Joong has a thousand different faces or images, I wonder what could be your favorite among all those images? Majority of my readers had first seen Hyun Joong at BOF, he may had been given the second lead role at BOF but he earned a huge global attention. I would think Hyun Joong portraying Yoon Ji Hoo is like Prince Charming specially the memorable scene of Yoon Ji Ho playing his violin reflects an image of an innocent Prince, the handsome, gentle, protective and hopelessly romantic. But behind that image in the real life there’s more to it from the star who portrayed Yoon Ji Hoo!!

Whenever Hyun Joong is on his exposure, we are all busy with updates following him as the news flows everyday about his activities for the day. When he’s in silent mode, we do miss him quite a lot. What do we do? As for me, I review the recent events as it transpired. If the silent mode of Hyun Joong goes a bit longer, I start reminiscing the past which gives me a good feeling of relief, light and loving. I enjoy myself looking at his pictures of different hairstyle as Hyun Joong looks like as if I’m staring at different men!! But he’s definitely Only One.

 In one of my articles, a fan from US wrote at my comment box that caught attention as she wrote: “I engrossed myself in looking at the million different hairstyles/hair colors and various physical changes from baby-faced very pretty guy (prettier than most girls) to more manly looking.”

As we all know whenever Hyun Joong goes out there on his exposure, we see something different from him as if we’re seeing another different guy. Hyun Joong is very fond of changing his hairstyle or hair color from time to time. When I first started following him, the first thing I did was to collect pictures of Hyun Joong with different hairstyles and hair colors. All the while I thought I was the only one who would take notice and be interested in his constant physical changes! And that is why I put this comment up here, and thanks for sharing your thoughts, you know who you are.

Watching from Boys Over Flower as majority of my readers first met Hyun Joong, among the F4 he’s the only one who had changed his hairstyle and color for quite a number of times within the entire episode of the drama. I was attracted to Hyun Joong as soon as I have seen him in this drama. But the image that gave the strongest impact I think not only with me but even to the media, is Hyun Joong’s manly Breakdown image, in his dark short hair, his leather suit and dark glasses. We may have our different favorites within Hyun Joong’s different hairstyle, but for me this is my favorite, the one you see on my wall and it will stay as it is till the end.

This image of Hyun Joong is very significant to me, because this is where I was fully captured by him. I was attracted to him watching from BOF, and my first impression of him was “this guy is a model”. I like the way he walks and dress up like a prince should be. I was able to let go of him though. But this one in 2011, from the time I have seen him in dark short hair, it was from a photo at YouTube that says Kim Hyun Joong.

Then I said, no this couldn’t be him. I search further on YouTube and the video of Hyun Joong’s Breakdown MV was what I viewed, I was astounded, mesmerized and I can’t ask, where’s the flower boy gone now? What happen to him? I can not forget that night I started browsing from 7pm and end up 7am the following day, still unbelievable trying to find what happen to Hyun Joong!! From that time on, I couldn’t let go anymore. And from there on, my life changed.

Hyun Joong shocked the entire world with his changes and the media went crazy about him on his debut album and had brought the album to the top of any Music Chart for three consecutive weeks bringing home three trophies. I remember there were two critics at one of the blogs and chatting at the comment box asking each other as to what part of Hyun Joong’s face that had the plastic surgery!! I was all laughing at them that I couldn’t say it’s his hair that made his face looks different. I want to say, hey girls, Hyun Joong already hit the top at the chart your idol left behind and you’re still crazy discussing plastic surgery!!

It was at this period Hyun Joong had shown the power of transformation and it was here he had shown that the flower boy was already a grown up man. I can still remember that video clip as he was interviewed by media right after his TV performance at the back stage Hyun Joong was still catching his breath as he said “I want to show my manly side to my fans and I hope they will like it.!! He still has his fans in mind not minding being tired after the performance and probably not even aware of the strong impact his new image had brought the entire world!!

Only after a month Hyun Joong changed again, from the black short hair to the blonde short, and he different again!! He traveled for The Face Shop Asia Tour, promoting his Breakdown album and The Face Shop since he was the official product endorser. After a few months, he made another surprise as he launch his second album Lucky guy. This time his hairstyle was totally different again, it’s a bit longer and curly. The album came up in a success again just like Breakdown and the year 2011 ended as Hyun Joong pick up all the trophies of different awards from here and there. It was endless success until at present.

What makes Hyun Joong different among the rest of the artists? He has the ability to self transformation in such a unique way. Why is it that there are a lot of singers with good quality voice, superlative but couldn’t make it to the music chart? Many artists has been in the industry for years and yet their popularity growth does not improve? In many awards, there may be a lot more good actors and yet they couldn’t get an award. And I wouldn’t say these artists are less competitive because they are much better than the artists who won. Hyun Joong started his solo career last year 2011 as a singer and yet he had accomplish a lot more than what was expected.

What does Hyun Joong possess that others can not have? Some may think he’s overrated which I totally disagree. As I have said in my other articles, it is not enough for a star artist to have superlative talent to reach his stardom. It takes a lot of factors that makes up a star. In my country I remember having two female superstars who were unbeatable for so many years, both are singers and actress. One is beautiful but an singer, and the other one is not so beautiful but a good singer. Both were good actresses only after some years of experience. They may be competing but both are equally winners and until now both have retired but no one had ever taken their crown. 

Talents can be developed, but the “IT” factor is inborn to an artist. The natural personality, stage appeal and magic charisma of an artist if he has stays. An artist can not be popular by himself alone no matter how good he is. As I have written Strong Hold that talks about the importance of artist agent, they too have the responsibility to groom their managing artists. As I have mentioned in that article that agents and producers plays an important role in the success of their artist. If you remember Hyun Joong’s history that at DSP just before he could do anything in his audition, Hyun Joong was told that he was already accepted.

The producers or agents can identify that IT factor in an artist, right from the start upon seeing Hyun Joong DSP already knew Hyun Joong has a good future as an artist. They knew right from the start he can outshine anyone beside him. KeyEast entrusted their confidence on Hyun Joong gave all everything what it takes to win. And Hyun Joong proved himself more than what KeyEast expects from him. His magic charisma is remarkable that none in the industry had ever doubted. He might be criticized in his talent but never in his personality.

Who among the artist can easily transform in the most natural way? Hyun Joong just have to either chage his hairstyle or hair color and wallah, as if you’re looking at a totally different person. In performance he is overbearing on any stage, by just letting him stand and not doing anything can already call an instant attention and not just attention in a glimpse but his aura stays within that his audience’s eyes are glued on him.

What more if gets to move and rock the stage? He just can capture the hearts of many. What more when he talks? Oh at first I would joke, Hyun Joong is very handsome just don’t let him talk! Because once he start talking it’s either you’ll laugh or you’ll cry!!! That’s his magic, he talks carelessly with complete honesty.

Some may doubt about his winning the Best Artist, simply because people still has the stereotype definition of being an artist have to be superlative in his talent. I don’t think so. Not all excellent talented artist has that “it” factor. And I would say it’s very rare for an artist to possess such trait and Hyun Joong is one of the few who has what it takes to be a star. In his documentary, a producer said he can even rise up to the heights of stardom. You may say Hyun Joong could even hardly smile, that’s true, but when he does, you’ll be caught up looking for that magic smile again and crave more than just a smile.

 And now may I ask how was Hyun Joong able to captured your heart? And how was he able to stay in your heart that you find it difficult to let go, but instead you can’t get enough of him. There are many reasons what made us head over heels fall for him, and honestly, I have been writing about him for months now continuously I still haven’t got more profound reason that may describe my attachment as a fan to my idol and the question why him?? There are many Kpop idols that you may say much better than him although for me, Hyun Joong is beyond comparable.

Among all the stars or among my previous favorites that I would say there are similarities in their star personality. I can’t evaluate them by their personal traits in reality since I barely know them at least not as much as I know Hyun Joong. I only know that they are good artists, so I can evaluate through what my eyes can see, and I would say among all of my previous favorites, Hyun Joong has the power to self transformation which he finds it comfortable for himself with less effort. And I think this is something unique for a person to possess.

Take notice that anything he does to himself, he stays as handsome, and his charisma is overbearing that is so irresistible to anyone. He can charm anyone who is in front of him with less effort and just being his natural self.  It’s so amazing to have known a person like Kim Hyun Joong as he possess a magical charm on and off stage that can melt your heart out.

You are not in a dreamland to imagine someone who’s far out from reality or a man made image created by dream.  But this a reality in describing Kim Hyun Joong as the Prince Charming in our daily life. For today’s daily dose, a thought of Prince Charming in one star Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR PRIVACY

By: LazerKim          Sometime in February this year I wrote the article Unity in One which talks about fans from different countries uniting in one Kim Hyun Joong. I still hold on to what I wrote even this article was written some months ago, what I have written in that article still is true to me. There is a cold war going on among Hyun Joong fans, and may I emphasize once again that I do not belong to any fan club of Hyun Joong. I stay as neutral as I could and would just like to share my humble thoughts.

Some fans shared with me a write up about one of Hyun Joong’s history, to those new fans who are also confuse as I am!! LINK ( This write-up coming from Korea. Unfortunately I wasn’t around yet that time this started so probably the link may give you a brief history why there is a cold war.

The other day I lost my connection but I have written this article that I wasn’t able to post. this is how all it started. Here it goes:

Today Aug. 23, I woke up 5am, as usual I replied on my comment boxes and emails from fans and log in to twitter searching for update photos. I came across a recent photo of Hyun Joong at the film set the scene (photo above) with the cast enjoy chatting but the picture of Jung Yoo Mi was changed to another celeb!! I said to myself, what is this?? My comment box buzz in, so I lost my thoughts about the picture and I proceeded to my writing reply to my comment box and when I came back to twitter I think there seem to be discussion or something that pertains to the picture.

Forgive me, I will not name drop so may I call Fan A as the one who posted the picture and Fan B is a member of a fan club from Korea who reacted to the picture. Both fans are active in their updates and I appreciate both efforts in doing so. The original picture I believe came from Korea obviously since the credit here is written in Korean characters. I’m pertaining to the picture above. See, the girl standing at that picture that’s Jung Yoo Mi and her picture was changed to another celeb in that shot, Jung Yoo Mi changed it to Hwang Bo!!

Here’s how the conversation goes since I follow both so I was able to get this:

Fan B: PERFECT does not allow to edit or use any pictures. PLEASE delete this right now

Fan A: I did not edit the picture FYI. I just re-post it from weibo. And you can say it in a nice way I can understand.

Fan B: PERFECT does not share anything with Joongboers (Ssangchu) like you. Unfollow PERFECT and do NOT re-post anything from Perfect.

Fan A:  I unfollow those who are sarcastic what’s the use of following. The picture I posted is from Weibo. How come you don’t stop the one who posted in weibo first before barking on me.

Forgive me I do not know what FYI means, since I only copied the twit how it was written. For briefer, (Fan B) Perfect is the pioneer fan club of Hyun Joong and said to be the biggest fan base of Hyun Joong in S.Korea. (Fan A) Joongboers or Ssangchu are the fans who were pairing up Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo.

According to Fan A she got the picture from weibo, and just re-post it but she was not the one who edited the picture. Perfect now prohibits re-posting of photos from her camp to the camp of Joongboers. I think the concern here is the person who edited the picture. But then, at the twitter or weibo if photos and updates are posted anyone can pick it up, that’s liberty we have at the twitter. A twitter user can not select whom she wants to share what she is posting. I just find it unfair to be selective with whom we share, and twitter I believe is for public since anyone can re-post whatever is posted.

Now I do not want to pass judgement on anyone but with all honesty, I do not understand why the picture has to be edited and change it to somebody else who is not even a cast of City Conquest in the first place.

As I have mentioned in my past articles, I’m not fond of pairing Kim Hyun Joong to anybody, be it celeb or non-celeb, and may I say it again, not unless Hyun Joong faces the camera and declares that he’s having a relationship then that’s the only time I would believe he is indeed having a relationship. And even he declares, I may write about her once, whoever his choice but I will leave that space Private on Hyun Joong’s personal relationship and privacy. I have so much respect on him pertaining to this matter. This is my stand as far as personal relationship of Hyun Joong is concern. But this does not mean I’m against the fans who are pairing him up, I have friends from JoongBo too and my friends knows that I’m not against Hwang Bo. I even wrote an article about WGM. May I just clear that out.

If I were Jung Yoo Mi, I would probably be offended, I mean just for once let us be a little considerate. We can voice out our opinion, but to edit the picture is something else. Or this may be done just for fun of it, it’s not a crime but still I find it improper. Well, this is just my personal opinion to whoever did the editing. My question now is, will Hyun Joong be happy seeing pictures like this?  Let’s not put these people in an embarrassing situation, they are professionals. They are working and let’s leave them in peace. I believe the picture had been deleted  and I do hope we can learn something here.

I do not know who did the editing of that picture, but I do hope you’re reading this. What was being done to the picture created unnecessary fury among fans. Now here’s my question. Do you think Hwang Bo will be happy once she get to see the picture?  I’m sure she wouldn’t like the idea being 2nd hand replacement!! She’s not a cast of City Conquest, to begin with!! If Hyun Joong wants to have a picture with Hwang Bo well by all mean why not? I got no problem with that, and it would even be better that way rather than editing pictures. I do hope we can learn something from here, this is getting out of hand.

There are lots of pictures trying to connect Hyun Joong with Hwang Bo that I have been ignoring simply because I do not want to offend my fan friends who are fans of Hwang Bo too. But with that picture, may I beg for your indulgence, to the one who edited the picture, but I find it insulting to Jung Yoo Mi. Don’t get me wrong I barely know her and I’m not a fan of hers. This is just a matter of etiquette to whoever is Hyun Joong’s current leading lady that I would like to point out. And I don’t mean to be controversial here, just trying to point out some matters which I think needs to be brought up and learn from it.

August 25, 2012

Yesterday as I log in at twitter, I was surprised by the post the fans had been posting, it seem to me everyone had turned to Joongboer. I got two friends I know they are Hwang Bo fans, but I just found out others seem to be just hiding from the skirt of Henecia, now I found their true color. Are the fans now being segmented? Everyone seem to be calling for unfollow this and that, is this necessary? Can’t we at least calm down, sit and analyse if we’re doing this right?  I know I have no right to dictate, and I respect whatever you say. If you’re reading this I hope I can get the same respect to hear me out.

First Question: How much do you love Kim Hyun Joong as all us claims to be??

Second Question: Do you think Hyun Joong will be happy with what is happening and this causing cold war among the fans of both camp? I’m pertaining to Kim Hyun Joong fans and Hwang Bo fans.

Third Question:  I believe we’re all matured here, is this what we are going to teach the new fans and the young ones, to have WAR among ourselves?

Now sit back and hear me out anyway this is my blog, let’s have some respect and calm down. At this point may I humbly suggest this To the Joongboer or SSangchu, if any of your member has the guts to write Hyun Joong, Hwang Bo or KeyEast and ask them if they indeed is having a relationship, if they can face the camera and declare their relationship. If they will say YES then we will gladly accept it. But if they say NO I hope the ssangchu would accept it too.

This is just a suggestion that may resolve this problem. Some fans were being accused of having  imaginary relationship of Hyun Joong.  It’s been four years since WGM and we don’t hear from him declaring any relationship between him and her. Although at that write up posted with this article, it says both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo denied that they have relationship.

Two of my fan friends from JoongBo told me that their relationship is a secret. How can it be a secret if my two fan friends know about it and now I guess it’s no longer a secret. JoongBoer have been posting edited pictures of Hyun Joong and HwangBo, and pictures of similar items that both have that anyone can have too. JoongBo have been trying to connect the two. I think the best proof of evidence is for Hyun Joong to come up front on camera and declare the said relationship if ever they have.

Hyun Joong can do it if he wants to, since he had openly admitted his personal relationship in the past, so I don’t see any reason why he can’t at this time. He even admitted being dump by his girlfriend! So not unless he speaks about his personal relationship, I would find it hard to believe he actually has. Hyun Joong has his own life, he has his own decision and he has his own privacy for us to respect. We are just his fans, we are bound to our limits that I hope we follow. One of the HB fan posted something like KHJ fans are selfish that they do not want Hyun Joong to have a relationship until he gets old!

I can only speak for myself being a KHJ fan, for me Hyun Joong can get married tomorrow or whenever he wish and whoever his choice. It was Hyun Joong’s statement that he does not want to have a relationship and his career at the same time specially at this time when he’s building his career ladder. I’m just echoing what he was saying. May I just clear that up, since it’s his business not mine it’s his life not mine. One of the JoongBo fans posted, “Open your heart, accept the truth”.  It’s only Hyun Joong who holds the truth about himself not Joongbo and if he has to spill out the truth again I would gladly accept whatever he say.

Fans have different opinions, and views, some may support other celebs other than Hyun Joong and this is an individual choice  that I respect. It’s not Hwango Bo or anyone whom you support that I’m pointing out, but Hyun Joong’s private life, personal relationship that I think some fans had stepped on its boundary being fans. May I just remind our limitations being just a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. If that relationship is a secret as it was claimed to be, it should have been kept instead of posting edited picture showing your proof about the said relationship.

This is my point, still it boils down to respect to Kim Hyun Joong, if a secret is entrusted to you then why broadcast it, what’s the reason? You should have gone to the media and show those pictures, if they’re convince then Hyun Joong has to face the camera to disclose the truth again! If he admits that there is a relationship, then fine, you don’t need to edit the picture to prove. I’m just wondering for four years if indeed there is allegedly a relationship, I don’t think Korean media is a less expert in tracking down Hyun Joong’s relationship.

Everyone of us has the freedom of choice whom we support other than Kim Hyun Joong that is our individual decision which I respect among ourselves. As for me I support ONLY ONE and this is how it is gonna be for me and this blog solely for Kim Hyun Joong. I still believe that no matter how different we are, at the end of the day, we can still be One in Kim Hyun Joong in defending, protecting and supporting him. I still strongly believe this and nothing else matter.

Everyone had stated their opinion which I respect and I think I ‘m entitled to it too with due respect. These are my thoughts and my stand pertaining to this matter.

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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