Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BACK IN ACTION

By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong arrived safely back home to Korea at wee hours at dawn leaving Thailand at midnight last night. I was laughing at twitter last night because there seem a confusion among the Thai fans at to what gate at the airport Hyun Joong has to check in, was it gate 1 or gate 7? I can just imagine the Thai fans to be running here and there just to take a brief glimpse of Hyun Joong for the last time! He left his Thai fans being totally mesmerized again over his very presence, same as what he did in other countries he performed in his Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert.

As expected, after Hyun Joong’s successful performance in Bangkok, is gonna be the talk of the town again since a lot of media personnel both local and international were at the concert venue where the fan meeting concert was being held to capture every moment of Hyun Joong’s performance.

A night to remember for every Thai fans of Hyun Joong will remain in their hearts as ever. A lot of international fans also attended the fan meeting who has been following Hyun Joong this episode of Asia Tour 2012, shall be a treasured memory and so with his fans from up far who’s with Hyun Joong be it not physically present but their hearts and mind has been with him all the time.

Hyun Joong is finally back home and soon be back in action as his filming schedule resumes which I still do not have the idea when, all I know is that he has to be back in Japan before the 5th of August. Ladies may I just warn, do not doze off too much or you might miss the whirlwind star as he flies again from here and there!! Oh to be following Hyun Joong schedule is such fun, it’s like now you see him now you don’t!! He just appear out of nowhere and before you know it he’s already at the airport boarding his flight to another country!!

At the recent fan meeting in Bangkok, Hyun Joong mentioned again, that from now on he’ll be living the life of Beak Mir, the lead character in City Conquest. Hyun Joong was saying that Beak Mir’s character is interestingly cute!! I wonder now, is Baek Mir’s character the nearest character to the real Kim Hyun Joong?? He had been saying that whatever image he portrays in any of his project tends to bring it into himself even off cam. Which I believe he does, even in his albums, Hyun Joong has portrayed a lot of different image of a real man.

Lately if you can notice which is very significant that Hyun Joong dress up in his most carefree simple style but a macho man in his sexy well-developed muscle always in sleeveless shirt that shows his curvy arm muscle and cleavage! Baek Mir’s physical looks as illustrated and described in the comic book, is a simple young man, with a strong physique but gentle eyes. Baek Mir is said to be charismatic which obviously one of Kim Hyun Joong’s significant character for real.

Now the flower boy transforms to a real man fighting for his right, and defending the weak ones of the society. A high school student image turn to a hero well prepared to dive into the high risk of action drama. Hyun Joong took his time for a rigid training at the action school in learning choreography in fight scenes. Gone with the prim and proper image of Yoon Jihoo and Baek Seung Jo as we welcome the carefree image of Baek Mir who would carelessly face any danger fronting him with all his courage and strength to fight.

The production management of City Conquest had recently release some stills from the filming set, and every time I look at the stills I can’t help my mind playing with thoughts of how this drama would turn out. I can’t help but smile and even laugh at the pictures being released, it’s not the pictures that makes me laugh but what my mind trying to dictates me how Hyun Joong is in this drama. I really think there are a lot of funny scenes in this drama seeing from the picture.

And then finally Hyun Joong revealed that Baek Mir’s character is interestingly cute!! Then from his video clips lately he’s been all smiles, then a lot of his photos at the film set tells me he’s enjoying this filming. I’ll probably wouldn’t be surprised if there may be scenes that his natural 4Dness may somehow appear or surface within some funny scenes. I don’t mean to pre-emp this drama, I’m just sharing my personal thoughts about City Conquest. I do get worried about Hyun Joong’s weight loss but seeing him happy in his current work somehow relieves my worries. And I can just as happy him as he is!

Yesterday the latest stills released was a fight scene, oh he looks so handsome even he rolls down to the mud and being filled with dirt. At the same time, I can’t help having the thoughts that a dancer will always be a dancer and it surface in the way he moves. I have seen it in this photo above. A dancer is exceptionally flexible than a normal person. Doing an action fight scene is like learning a dance step or a choreography that also requires right timing either in defense or attack.

Hyun Joong can portray any fight scene in lesser effort since his body, reflexes and flexibility has already been developed being a natural dancer.  He has every potential in becoming an action star, given the chance to develop action skills further, I wouldn’t doubt a bit. His martial arts Trainor was saying Hyun Joong was very attentive in learning the choreography and learned real fast. That’s because Hyun Joong is already physically flexible.

I can even foresee in the future probably after he has done City Conquest I wouldn’t doubt if Hyun Joong craves for more action drama. Because he is a natural-born action man!! Seeing this guy works, he just doesn’t stop! I would say, it’s either you see him doze off because of fatigue or he just keeps moving or if ever he sits in one corner, he’s singing!! During the waiting period in the film set, it was said he’s always been caught dancing! I’m not at least surprised because he does the same thing during his photo shoots! He can spot him in one corner dancing memorizing his choreography. The guy just doesn’t stop!

Another scene that I would eagerly anticipate is the scene he’s in disguise as geisha!! This must be really funny, even Hyun Joong really looks so beautiful in geisha costume, I can’;t forget how Hyun Joong laughed non-stop while wearing the geisha costume!! And the romantic honeymoon film set is very interesting, it was said Hyun Joong was spotted to have dozed off at the set!! That’s very much like Hyun Joong!! Well, it happened in his previous dramas during filming, so it’s very likely it happens again!! It must be out of fatigue, but at least he can manage to have even a power nap can help a lot in regaining his energy specially on night filming.

Well, these are just all starters, Hyun Joong still has to do a lot of filming and flying from one country to another. And that will keep his fans busy following him from here and there but it’s such a fun doing so!! I’m very much looking forward for his filming schedules and seeing him back in action. As the filming for City Conquest gets deeper the more action filming can be challenging for Hyun Joong the more it creates eagerness in his fans and just dying to see the results!

By the way, may just share some tidbits from some fans. Yesterday, a fan wrote in my comment box in my article Ending Tour and shared her experience in the recent fan meeting concert in Bangkok. She tag along her friend who is a non-fan of Kim Hyun Joong. As she was relating her friend truly enjoyed the concert and the funny thing is her friend can even scream and cheer louder than her!! Apparently her friend was quite impressed about Hyun Joong performance, the way he talks and his gentleness during the handshake session. Thank you for sharing, you know who you are.

This is a good example of what may be the effect of bringing along a non-fan friends at Hyun Joong’s concert. Through you even it’s not intending, it somehow pull in a new fan. We can multiply Hyun Joong’s fans through us his fans, even your intention is just to enjoy with the company of your friends and sharing Hyun Joong with them. Sometimes in the office or in school, when we talk about Kim Hyun Joong, the receiving end of whom you are relating his story may sometimes get irritated but eventually she’ll be interested!! If people keeps hearing the name it can somehow affects their curiosity and they start to be interested in Kim Hyun Joong!! Admit it or not, it happens!!

Oh and another tidbits, at the Global Mnet Kpop Championship, Kim Hyun Joong now is at No 1 spot. Super Junior comes next at No.2 spot, though Hyun joong is on top the gap is still too close. Alien let’s get to our move and VOTE. This time I think this competition is legit unlike the last time!! Robots here are made to be disables!! Oh I’m so glad! So I do hope you can find time to vote. No, I would rather say, if you can find time reading lengthy articles then you have time to vote!!

We have 12 days to go on voting. Spare even a little time in this poll voting, you just have to visit it everyday just like what you’re doing as you visit this blog site. No need to monitor because there won’t be robots anymore. Those robots had already been exploded at the City Conquest filming together with Baek Mir’s ememies!!  This is very simple, here is how to vote:

Simply click the LINK, Global Mnet appears.  Sign in which is at the right hand corner. And simply click on TRACKING just below Hyun Joong’s picture, sign out and you’re done. Come on VOTE NOW:


And for the last reminder, may I again appeal to Kim Hyun Joong fans residing in the US to please read the link below. It’s a petition from Chicago requesting for Hyun Joong to hold a fan meeting in Chicago USA. You may sign up from the link. Thank you.

Chicago Petition’s link:

Alien soldiers, let’s help each other in making others happy, love is sharing and that’s what we have in the Alien World sharing love. Fans from Asia maybe we can help Chicago by posting the link to disseminate information to be able to call on attention of fans residing in US who may not be aware of this petition. Let’s do that!! Go go go!!!

And my happy day of sharing Kim Hyun Joong ends from here as I shall see you again tomorrow for another story all about Kim Hyun Joong. The Prince is Back in action again as he resumes his filming for City Conquest we await for another action!! Go go go Kim Hyun Joong!!

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing 

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks!

39 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BACK IN ACTION

  1. LK… hoping you are ok. We are still missing our daily dose and have gone through withdrawl. Your safety is our top concern. I have been inspired by you to start my own blog about KHJ. I will in no way be able compete with your sweet spirited reporting. I just want to share my own journey with Hyun Joong and hope you enjoy reading mine as much as I enjoy yours. I do hope you will be back with us soon. I don’t know how things are going there except the terrible floods. Pleas be ok LK. My blog is called Angel of the East: Kim Hyun Joong. You can stop by at : Love and miss you lil sis! Please be back soon!

  2. Lk,alien family miss you so much.hope that you are fine.god bless always with you sist…we see you soon.God bless all of you.

  3. Dear LK,

    I just realize that some parts of the Phillippines are under water now. I don’t know how much you have been affected by the typhoon and the flood. However we will pray for you and your family and all people in The phillippines.

    Let’s pray !

    God Bless.

  4. Dear LazerKim, I really hope you and your family are ok, I’ve seen the floods and just cried, you people keep strong and hope it will pass soonest and no harm to you or your dear ones. Praying for you all and hope you will give us a sign that all ok with you. God Bless to all:)

  5. Dear LK,

    I really hope you are O.K . All your readers miss you. We ‘re a bit worried about you. Please if you have time just send us a few words. Then we know you are O.K.

    If you are sick I’m very sorry and hope you will get well soon. If this is the case I want to apologize to bother you .

    Just want to let you know that we care for you and really appreciate your inspring articles for Hyun Joong ‘s fans. God Bless.

  6. hellow ms kim…i pray that you and your family are okey…always take care bcoz we care im not the only one worried about you..but all your reader’s in this blog…plz pray to ms LK that his safe and his family their is a flood in metro manila and other places…GOD BLESS YOU ALL..

  7. ms LK wherever you are we hope and pray that you’re ok and safe…we miss you and looking forward to hear a word from you anytime soon! God bless..

  8. Hi LK, missing your post for the last couple of days. Feeling uneasy about it somehow. Please let us know if you are ok.

  9. Hi LK, missing your post for the last couple of days. Feeling uneasy it somehow. Please let us know if you are ok.

  10. hi lazer, i’m missing your articles. i thought i missed your update in twitter cause normally i read your blogs through my phone during my college breaks. so finally i couldn’t keep myself calm so i logged in to net through my laptop(i vowed not to do that cause of the piling up studies).
    hope you’re all right dear, miss you’re articles and tweets. please write soon.
    god bless!!

  11. Hey LK, we miss you here girl, are you ok? You got addicted fans, it seems my daily dose is missing and I am getting restless without your articles. Jokes apart I do hope you are OK and you will be back soon, I hope you are on some holiday, maybe travelling to SK….Miss you and God Bless:)

  12. Hello, lazer unnie,how are you?? Feeling sick? Hope you will be ok.Two days without your articles makes my day empty.Miss you and your articles. Wish you all the best. God bless you.

  13. My first thought as I sat down to breakfast: Time to read LK! OHH, we miss you. Worried. Hopign all is ok. I’m telling myself internet is down because of Typhoon. We will hear from you soon! Please, be OK! Luv U lil sis!

  14. ms LK we’re freaking worried about you! are you ok?is everything alright? are you sick again? plssssss magparamdam ka naman.we miss you!

  15. we are all worriy about unnie…it’s been 2 days without reading her articles, feel something is missing. I tried to email her but also no reply.
    hope that she’s ok. all of us miss her and her articles about HJ
    GBU unnie

  16. are you ok? busy? two days with no articles. so i read the old articles! miss you and your daily doses. hope you are ok!! good luck.

  17. Dear LK,

    Hope you are o.k . Before i know I was already addicted to your article. I opened your blog almost 10 times today . I really hope you are O,K.

    There is no news about HJ today I feel a bit uneasy . I feel strenge that I miss him this much. His FM in Thailand really effect me. The strong energy he sent the whole two hours of the performance is still remaining in my memery. I wonder where he got such a powerful energy for all that kind of dancing and singing …… not only he must be strong but also it must be the love … he wanted to send back to the fans.

    That 2 hours was very very short in my feeling. I want to say to fans who has never been in HJ ‘s concert you must try at the least once . He is really a good singer and the best performer. His dance
    move is really very attractive . I’m not hesitate to say that everything about HJ is beyond expectation.

    The only thing that worried me now is his diet for the Drama I hope he will not get skinier than he is now. I hope somehow he will gain more fat soon.

    Can’t wait to see his drama.

    I really hope you are alright LK. God Bless.

  18. ms LK, hope ur ok! miss u na …promis! not feeling well kc its my second day w/o dose huhuhu….parang ayaw na tau iwanan ng bagyo may parating na nman grrrrrrr….take care ms LK!

  19. HE is FANTASTIC! What otherword to discribe HIM. HE brought happines everywhere HE go.Amazing boy.. Thanks lk.Is alien family busy now? I want to be as smart as you all,so that I can easy to vote. How’s philipine now? Wish you always fine. Take care and god bless Lk.

  20. Hi ,LK and LK’s readers ,

    You mentioned about HJ is getting thiner I ‘m also worried about this. I think it’s really not good for his health. It ‘s also the reason that make him looks darker and skinnier than usaual . I really really hope he will gain to his normal weight and normal situation and stop diet to build muscle . A little more fat will make him look even better. He is very handsome now but with more fat his aura will be even sparking brighter.

    I have some update from what I wrote yesterday. Last night at after midnight I got a call from my friend who I brought a long to see HJ ‘s FM concert . Can you guess what she said ? She told me she went to send HJ off at the airport with her other friend………….. she wanted to appologize that she had no time to ask me whether I want to go or not. A friend of her who works at the airport suddently called her that she can get her inside. Well , I just laughted and told her it’s O.K. However I ‘m very happy she did I did not expect she would go. She could get to him very very close she said HJ looked darker and thinner than what she saw in the concert his face is very small but still very handsome and cute. I’m sure next year she will be the one who take me with her for Hj ‘s concert.

    Well, now all his fans in Thailand already missed him and looking forward to seeing his new drama. Your article is just like the medicine for missing Hyun Joong. God bless.

    • There you go, Congratulations you have just won a new fan for KHJ!! Now you have someone to share with whenever you miss HJ! She’ll probably start just like you when you first got addicted to HJ, or probably even worst! LOL
      I really think his weight lost is needed for the drama. Let’s just hope he doesn’t overdo it otherwise it wouldn’t look good, I just hope this time it’s different from BOF. He lost 8kgs because of overwork that he seemed pale and frail that time.
      Thanks for sharing your update bout your friend!! LOL I’m happy about your experience in gaining a new fan for HJ, keep it up!!
      Thank you again, take care and have a nice day! See you again, God bless..

  21. I must confess I had weird thoughts when I saw him in the mud fighting kekeke *naughty* XD well, he looked gorgeous at BKK fm and I’m glad Thai fans had the chance to enjoy his last FM 😀 || If he goes to Chicago someday I’ll get on the 1st flight available since my plan is meeting him in the USA so plz sign the petition ^^ Hahaha, omg LK! You are as obsessed with the geisha scene as me! I can’t wait to watch that part of the drama! xd It makes me really curious, plus there’s some kind of fetish in me that makes me wanna see him as a woman haha LOL! I was wondering if u ever are going to write about yourself, LK! (even if it’s awkward) I want to know a little bit about the person behind the articles I read everyday ^^

    • Hello razor you may look me up at google I have my personal profile there. I’ll be honest too when I read allkpop I was all laughing bcoz everyone thought the same as you did about “getting down dirty”! LOL! Oh i’m dying to watch that scene in geisha!! Razor i know you have a twitter account pls help me in disseminating the Petition link for Chicago, i would appreciate that very much. Thank you as always please do take care of yourself. see you again Have a nice day! God bless.

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