Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOVER IN DRAMA

By: LazerKim         Kim Hyun Joong boarded his flight again back to Korea yesterday after his shooting for City Conquest! This guy is really like a wind to be passing in front of you and gone with the wind again!! He almost did not notice his fans before getting in to the custom and immigration as he was again catching his flight, but still manage to turn around to them and waved to them.

Home sweet home again just for hours but I sure do hope he can have some good sleep and he’ll be flying to Bangkok this evening as the last flight to Bangkok arriving around 10pm. May I just remind again, fans from Thailand your last call is set today to grab your ticket for the fan meeting concert and it’s a date with the Prince so don’t miss the once in a lifetime chance to be with Kim Hyun Joong. There shall be a press conference tomorrow at Atrium Zone 2 1st floor tomorrow July 28.

Yesterday it was said that Kim Hyun Joong was scheduled to shoot the honeymoon scene at the same area the Edo Mura Wonderland which started at 7:15pm and ended up at 1:15am. The photos of the filming set was circulated yesterday that seem to me like a small boat or gondola, and the interior of the boat is with a red Japanese futong or bed cushion that signifies a romantic scene shall be taken from this film set.

So far what we have seen among the film setting is Hyun Joong is a geisha attire, there was a post that I read that Jung Yumi was spotted in a male costume apparently in disguise, there’s the explosive scene, a wedding and a honeymoon!! Base on what I have been seeing lately, somehow gave me the impression that this drama may have a lot of hilarious scenes. Upon seeing the gondola’s interior I can’t help but laugh, because prior to seeing the pictures, someone at the twitter posted that Hyun Joong dozed off at the set while filming the honeymoon scene!!

Whether this is true or not, it’s very likely to happen after his tight schedule of traveling here and there, and being in a romantic ambiance with a bed, who wouldn’t doze off at wee hours at midnight!! After the filming at past 1am, he was spotted probably stretching his arms. Hyun Joong bid goodnight to the staffs and crew, still manage to wave to his fans who were at the location and drove off.

This is Hyun Joong’s third drama and probably the third to have wedding scenes with three of his leading ladies, namely, Ku Hye-Sun as Jandi for Boys Over Flower, Jung So Min as Oh Hani for Playful Kiss and Jung Yumi as Lee Dan-Bi for City Conquest. Three beautiful ladies portraying different characters as leading ladies for Hyun Joong portray different characters too. We have watched two different types of lover in Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo and Beak Seung Jo in his previous dramas. And soon we’re about to see another type of lover from Baek Miru.

As the photo of Hyun Joong with Jung Yumi and the honeymoon set was posted, many fans at the twitter were jokingly jealous over the honeymoon scene!! As I have watched Boys Over Flower and Playful Kiss, there were kissing scenes specially in Playful Kiss, a lot of kissing scenes were shown but it did not affect me at all, thinking it’s purely acting. But when it was posted that there will be wedding and honeymoon scene, kissing and even bed scene, many fans reacted that I can’t help but laugh!! Because I felt the same  kind of jealousy, as in, Oh no not my baby!!

I think it’s a natural instinct for a fan to feel such jealousy, specially for the die-hard fans even we know it mean nothing since they are actors and actress in front of a camera and act as lovers specially City Conquest is an action romantic drama. Romantic scenes are expected and knowing how Korean dramas can be so discreet in scenes like such, it should alright. My gosh, I have watched a lot of romantic dramas both Korean and from Hollywood but I never felt jealous of any of my favorite actors in the past. But now just reading from the post about the scenes to filmed, I just felt jealous!!

Well, maybe because we are becoming so close to Hyun Joong as fans that the strong connection has been built between him and his fans. This is just my personal opinion. Although this does not mean I will not watch those part with romantic scenes, I will watch this drama definitely and it doesn’t matter many times I would just like his previous dramas nor will I dislike his leading lady, of course not. I actually like Jung Yumi as actress I think she’s good, watching her at Dong Yi and Rooftop Prince, although I wasn’t able to finish Rooftop Prince but I think she’s good.

Other than this, no strings attached, Hyun Joong and his leading ladies remains to be his co-artists working together in these projects.  This time I’m filled with eagerness and curiosity as what type of lover Baek Mir is and how Kim Hyun Joong portray the kind of lover. In the synopsis it was said that Baek Mir is a strong brave man but quite weak when it comes to his love of his life.

Well, we’ll find that out as soon as this drama is being aired. Everyday I read about filming of City Conquest that I can only be so grateful to the tireless fans who shares about Kim Hyun Joong and his filming activities. Otherwise I can’t imagine a world without Kim Hyun Joong!!

In another update, may I just mention that there is another voting polls currently going on and Hyun Joong is one of the nominees as Mnet Global Kpop Star Championship. Hyun Joong is at number five, among the 30 nominees. His contenders here again are Kpop idol groups. I do hope you can find time to vote since there shall be an Award Ceremony on the 16th of August and the polls shall end on the 12th of August.

On how to vote, simply sign in to Mnet and click on Kim Hyun Joong, under his photo that says Tracking, click on that. Click on TRANSLATE since everything is written in chinese character. You may use your other IDs if you have, it is allowed. here’s the link to the voting polls:


And with that, I’ll see you again tomorrow as we await for another update all about Kim Hyun Joong’s current activities. We won’t miss a thing, we just have to stay tune as we all now know Hyun Joong just appear from out of nowhere as he fly from one country to another. I’ll touch another intriguing news from Japan tomorrow which I have just read before posting this article! I just have to run my work is waiting…aigoo!!

Kim Hyun Joong may have many Lovers in Dramas, he said once, lovers do leave and friends stays forever. For me, Kim Hyun Joong has only one type of love who stays as ever, and this is his real family and from his Alien Family he created in us his fans.

                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged,  KHJean14 thanks!

Before I go may I share with you a must read article of Hyun Joong fan from Wondergirl Blog. She met Hyun Joong last night at Jaksal, read the details of her story that shows how Hyun Joong as a Big star now off cam with his fans. Here I share with you the link to her blog:



23 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOVER IN DRAMA

  1. Wow! Wonderrgirls article captivated me! I can’t imagine having him stand behind me like that and then turn around to see it’s him! I would be like a deer in headlights! HaHa! It’s so cool how he is soft spoken and sweet to the fans, and I am proud of them for being so well behaved. I know it would be hard for me… I would be aching to just grab his hand and hold it in both of mine for a moment. I am American, and it is not so taboo for us to touch each other. I have expressed my heart to another Entertainer I admired that way many years ago at a fan signing. That person looked right into my eyes with surprise as I thanked him for touching my heart. He thanked me sincerely for saying so. I want to do the same with Hyun Joong. Only other entertainer I have felt this way for! Someday… I will go to a fan meeting. I am hoping he makes it to the US before he goes in for his Military Service. He’s running out of time on that and I worry about it too! Unless I’m misinformed. But, I haven’t read anything about it… so, I am asuming he still has to do it. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Hello Angie!! US is in his itinerary in filming City Conquest, although it was not stated which state he’s going. And next year US is also in his mind for the world concert tour. So don’t lose hope you’ll be able to hold his hand for sure. HJ got 4 years to go before he gets in to the service. There’s also a petition from Chicago if I’m not mistaken requesting for a fan meeting. Don’t worry beyond Asia US is in his mind.
      As always thank you and see you again. take care Have a pleasant day ahead of you and God bless..

      • LK… where can I purchase/dowload an mp3 of Heat? I can’t find it anywhere on google market or amazon where I usually purchase my music. The only music I have been able to purchase is Lucky Guy and Breakdown. I found the music on a file sharing site… but, I want to support KHJ with my .99 cents! LOL! ;D If anyone knows where for android phone please let me know.


        • Yeah the petition had been posted months ago consistently, so I wouldn’t doubt there’s a big chance he can visit Chicago. I’ll watch out for that petition get the link for you to read and participate in the signatures. Angie I’m not familiar with music downloading, but I’ll try to ask from other fans who can help you.

          • oh im so excited (SAME FEELING WHEN I GOT MY HEAT CD THIS MORNING)…this is a very good news…thank you for the update…reading your articles every night before i go to bed.. i like it very keeps me updated about KHJ…thanks…

  2. hi, LK! i’m late again in reading your blog. i’m stock back reading for hyunjoong’s updates on twitter. aishh! after reading wonderrgirl’s blog, i wish upon all stars in the heavens that a JAKSAL Branch would be open here in our country! lol if that happens, i’d be there always with or without hyunjoong coming in! why? because i’d definitely feel the connection to him as if a part of his family! sana may bulalakaw na dumaan at magkatotoo ang wish ko now na! lol

    on leading ladies, no! i’m not jealous at all! hehehe in fact, i do wish him have a woman in his life now. i know it would be hard to joggle a soaring career in music and acting and a girlfriend all at the same time. but sometimes i suspect he has someone special connecting to the old adage ‘in every man’s success, there’s always a woman behind him’! i dont know but i feel giddy thinking about it! sorry, if i burst some bubbles here. peace! lol

    on j.ent issues, setting aside my biasis as a fan, i find it so unfair for hyunjoong. yamapi and hyunjoong have the same givens and that’s their talent in music! but who has the biggest appeal to the public? obviously, everybody knew and it’s KIM HYUN JOONG who is a relatively newcomer and an alien in their country! that latter phrase hit j.ent and sought it as unacceptable to the camp, hence, the power play –> the power & influence of money to buy the media against hyunjoong!

    sorry for the outpouring of emotions here even if the proper blog would come out tomorrow yet. lol

    • I find that Japanese article to be double meaning, when I first read it i thought I’m reading from Rachel boon again LOL!! Japanese media used to be an independent entity now I don’t know what happen to them!! I barely know Yamapi that’s I couldn’t say more than I wish.
      I agree in every man’s success there has to be someone beside him, Unfortunately in Korean showbiz it doesn’t work that way. Hyun Joong barely had 1 year it’s not enough for him to accomplish his so many dreams and aspirations. He’s quite focus on those dreams that’s why his personal desire takes the back seat. Believe me he’s enjoying his fans love. I don’t think he’ll take anyone for real at least not at this stage of his career.
      Thanks Jen as always!! see you again take care and God bless.

        • Bulalakaw di ba shooting star yun? Eh di meron pero wla s showbiz.. iisa lng naman love of his life nya. pero non-showbiz.. Teka nga muna wagasss kasama ka ba sa asusasyon?

  3. Hi Lazer..I’ve read those two articles early this morning.Since I already posted my comments on Wonderrgirl’s..I am now looking forward to your article tomorrow pertaining to that Japanese media.I wanna hear your view point with this one.You’re in my thought right after I read that,actually,hahaha..So I wont say much for now ’till tomorrow and that would be ,if~~there’s anything else I need to add,laughs~^^see yah..

    Ohh~~about that honeymoon setting.Our imagination fast playing that sparks jealousy,right?haha..I suddenly remember that moment when I watched PK kissing scene in the rain!!.’sat bolt upright and yelled~”Andweeeeehhhh!!!!”..the funny thing was, I was watching then at viki w/ realtime comments caption & I tell you the outburst of jealousy erupted right that moment almost covered the subtitles!LOL^^..ahh..that was fun though…

    hey~don’t stay out in the sunshine much unless you wanna be as dark as your background here at your page,lols^^..miss you sis~always take care,will you?!

    • Hello sis!! Yes that’s what i was pertaining to, because PK had a lot of romantic scenes and it does not mean anything to end up in a relationship!!
      A friend of mine from Tokyo told me that’s not the only article with nega about HJ success. Which I do not wish to know anymore bcoz I want to live longer!!! LOL I think he’s becoming a threat to other Jpop soloist so expect more stones to be thrown to him, we can only catch those stones and throw it back to them!!LOL
      Thanks sis Miss you too..Oh it’s so hard to adjust to the real world really!! You take care too and see you around! God bless..

  4. I love the first pic with that new couple in CC,sooo love their natural attachment as if indeed a true lover.Hmmm,i am jelous i am not!!..well Jung YUMI seems to be so sweet and lovely young lady at least for the drama and i hope she is in person.Yes,all the ladies that paired with HJ *on screen* are all equal young and beauties and yet each possessed different assets that made one person to love them.Well i am sorry to myself because i cant bring on screen lovers to reality just like HJ who had been married and in love on screen and yet tha fact is the fact that there’s no reality at all and no string attach as you say but pure for me i just respect that as HJ’s job and all…..OK,lets wait what is in store for this DRAMA CC,am sure there’s something in this drama that delivered much more than what we speculate…hope and pray for a big hit just his Single HEAT that made a big news in JP..nothing to worry about all these news goin’ around as long as HJ’s fans around and ready to protect him..remember girls we are more than a conqueror..Have a nice day Lazerkim!!..

    • There are lots of celebrity couples who admits that they are indeed a couple, they may be showbiz people but I don’t see anything wrong if they declare that they are couple. I’m expecting HJ would be doing the same thing if indeed he’s involve with another celeb. But so far none was being said by him pertaining another celeb although he admitted to be once involved with a none showbiz. He admitted once then I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t admit again. Simply because there has been none, he’s not committed. I have certain degree of respect to actors and actresses that whatever we see on screen is just a part of their profession. Be it with or without script, with the camera on then it’s pure acting. That’s how they work on TV.
      Oh I’ll talk about Japan tomorrow. Thank you sis, see you around! I’m sorry I’ve been very busy lately to stay long on line. Take care sis, have a nice weekend ahead of you God bless.

      • true many endep up for real couples in showbiz,but in the case of far sooo good..we fans can still enjoy him for being legally free as of the moment!! LOL!! happy thinking about when he said he’s not the type of being capable of handling two (love and a career!) at a time..hmmmm!..i wonder until it when he’ll gonna be struck of that kind of love *a true love*..well not until 40’s ha!..hahaha…and i scanned back thru his previous and yet latest interviews from 2010,whenever he was asked about his lovelife he would always used the word ‘IF’ he finds the perfect woman for him and thats the end of it..that means he is still looking for that woman to come along his way^^…T_T….Hwaiting HyunJoong!!..Pls. do take care yourself in your Thai FM..yes Thank You LZ,waiting for your tomorrow’s Article..FIGHTING!!..

    • Yeah i read this article and this is gonna be for my daily article for tomorrow. This is getting to my nerve! Thanks for sharing we’ll meet them a day in court!! LOL! Sometimes media just forget to use their rationality in exchange for sometimes monetary needs. Opinion shall be continued tomorrow!!
      Thank you and see you again! Take care have a nice weekend ahead of you and God bless..

  5. Read the blog. Lucky girl…..i wish i

    were there too. Sorry lk. I shd have commented on what you have written but i couldnt stop reread the lucky wondergirl’ s encounter with khj. Aargh…some people just have all the luck. I am happy for her but i am more envious. Lol. Thanks lk for the article. See you soon i hope. Bye

    • Hello Kyong! As you notice i seldom post others blog, but this one from wondergirl is a good one. I post the article showing how Hyun Joong is even off cam with his fans in his private time. You’ll have your chance to meet Hyun Joong in person too and you can never tell. Wondergirl shared her experience with same intent to show how HJ is in reality and what she said is the truth.
      What you read here everyday serves as HJ’s daily diary!! My comment box is open for you guys to express yourselves regardless whether it has a connection with the article or not, it doesn’t matter. You can even leave your message to HJ because I know one day he’ll be able to read from all of us. Whatever you say it’s ok for as long has it’s not badmouth which you never did & none from the Aliens does.
      Thank you as always, take care and see you again. Have a nice Friday God bless.

  6. hi lazer, i was reading your blogs as usual but i was unable to comment as i was reading trough my phone. thank you for your daily dose .
    keep on writing and well i read wonderrgirl’s blog and just wish that i’ll be able to meet KHJ oneday. 🙂
    god bless!!

    • Hello there!! Thanks for reading! You know what? Ever since I have known Hyun Joong’s fans and became as close as family, it’s been in my daily prayers that Hyun joong would be able to visit as many countries as he can, knowing his purpose is to reach out from his fan. Now as time goes little by little, he’s attaining that aim. One day you’ll be able to meet him in person.
      Thank you and see you again! Have a pleasant Friday, and a nice weekend ahead of you! Take care wherever you are and God bless…

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