Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SEXY PRINCE

By: LazerKim                 Kim Hyun Joong is currently at close door shooting at the same location at the Nikko Edo Mura. Yesterday at the twitter was rather slow with no updates except the pictorial session Hyun Joong had for Vogue Magazine Japan, which is the best selling magazine in women’s fashion. Hyun Joong has still many commitments with commercial endorsements, media print ad and magazines. I wonder how can he divide his time and energy to accomplish all his projects? But still keeping handsome despite of losing weight!!

I’m beginning to think his weight lost is a part of the drama City Conquest. I just hope there’s also part in the drama that he has to gain a bit weight!! Hyun Joong started his shooting at night time, so that would mean he has to stay up late! It’s alright, showbiz people are like vampires, their adrenaline starts heating up at night time!!

Yesterday as I was looking for something to read, I came across the first few news about City Conquest and the filming locations in Japan was stated. Nikko City, Utsunomiya, Wonderland Nikko Edo Mura and Kinugawa Onsen Tochigi Ken. Kinugawa Onsen caught my attention since I have been here in the past. For some reasons my imagination just run through my mind. Let me share my thoughts with you just to ease the boredom of not having too much updates to share!!!

I now remember, in Kinugawa Onsen where the filming of City Conquest is being held, I have been to this place in past and stayed at Kinugawa Grand Hotel which is one of the oldest resort hotels in the area. Kinugawa Onsen is a hot spring resort. In every resort hotels in Japan they do have a public bath or Onsen for separate genders and they do have an otemburi like an outdoor jakuzzi. Using an public onsen is just the same as taking a bath in your personal bathroom that one has to go totally naked. Onsen users are allowed to bring just a hand towel provided by the Onsen and that’s all.

There’s an area in Kinugawa under a bridge beside the hotel is a stream in running natural hot spring water. One time during my stay in Kinugawa, from up far I once spotted some men taking a deep totally naked at night time!! I remember then I was told that area was secluded exclusively for men only. At day time the scenery was really beautiful, it’s quite  peaceful that only bird’s twit can be heard, it’s all green with rocks setting in a natural way as the hot spring was crystal clear. Its beauty is all natural.

I was wondering then if Hyun Joong had experienced the natural otemburi from Kinugawa during his stay!! Then I was wondering if he will have a scene in these natural spots which are really very beautiful at daytime. And then I read this talk portion about his growing male fans, I just laugh at myself having the thoughts about scenes from the natural otemburi, I don’t think will have those scenes!! Although artistically, this may be good scene having Hyun Joong to display his muscled chest and the back ground scenery of all green and natural rocks is just so perfect. Oh I can imagine how handsome he looks in the beautiful scenery of nature in a smoky hot spring.

Hyun Joong has been displaying his top in his concerts but one that I love most is when he performed Breakdown in a different using King of Pirates as the theme. He performed this at Mnet 20’s Choice Awards and being awarded as Best Performer. As Hyun Joong took off his top shirt and dance in splash water was really a great idea. And so in filming the City Conquest I can’t help imagining him in bare top taking a deep in that beautiful hot spring scenery. I think it’s one way of displaying his manliness in the most artistic way. Well scenes of actors taking a shower is I think over used so I think this may be a bit different from the usual.

Hyun Joong is quite confident with his physique specially at this time that his abs are slowly developing and his arms are significantly curving. He’s totally getting to the manly sexiness gradually. Since it’s summer we do see Hyun Joong in summer sleeveless shirt and his carefree fashion trend suits him the best. If women has that asset of sexy curves, men does have it too as we call it abs in six packs.

Hyun Joong did not get to rigid training just for this drama, he’s been aiming to develop his body ever since he was still with SS501. It’s just that he had this chance to go on rigid body built training development and took advantage of this chance to attain his aim in having handsome abs.

Hyun Joong has been saying that whatever character he portrays in any of his projects, he’s becoming that character even off cam. Now we can have a bit idea of who Baek Mir is  right before your eyes seeing Hyun Joong these past days. Gone with the prim and proper flower boy, what we see now is a total man in his strength and energy. The way he dress up goes with the character Baek Mir, as we see a more carefree Hyun Joong in sexy shirts sexy outfits, well it just suits him perfectly.

As Hyun Joong left Seoul last Tuesday bound to Haneda, he was in sleeveless shirt and vest, in short trousers, slippers, his hat and shades. An airport fashion that’s so appealing, a totally head turner, Hyun Joong has that excellent simple fashion trend in his most natural carefree way yet very handsome and sexy. Gone with all the flashy fashion trend Hyun Joong displays the character of Baek Mir who is just a simple guy but very manly and sexy indeed!! Hyun Joong’s developing physique is a women’s to die for!!

Well with no malice we’re all matured here but women are just like men, we do have an eye for beauty in men too, just like men have an eye for beauty from women. We have all known Hyun Joong grew up in a flower boy image since he started with SS501. He did two dramas in which both have similar flower boy image though in two different characters. And as we follow Hyun Joong growing up as man, he started showing it up little by little since he started performing soloist.

We have seen gradual changes of a man in different characters. From Breakdown where he started in black short hair that shock the entire universe last year, his abs then started developing. Then he turned to a gallant flashy dresser of a dandy in Lucky Guy followed by a cute guy next door image in Kiss Kiss and turned to a carefree King of Rock as he did his latest album HEAT. Now we see a simplicity in a man who is strong, energetic and sexy being Baek Mir in City Conquest.

Hyun Joong bid farewell in his latest concert in Saitama being Kim Hyun Joong as concert singer, and I can only interpret this as he’s bidding farewell to the image of a singer because he’s up to being Baek Mir as an adopted character since he’s working on the drama and he always say, he adopts the image even off stage. Meaning we’ll see more of Baek Mir way of dressing up and probably the way he moves around. From the start of doing the filming what I see is a happy Hyun Joong who seem to be out of stress!! Well, I don’t know if it’s only me, but I really think he’s enjoying his time filming City Conquest.

What I see now is his confidence, although I know most of us isn’t glad to see his face getting smaller!! So I think it’s better if we just imagine that his lost weight is a part of City Conquest. As I mentioned in my comment box as his arm muscles are curving big gets, so firm and sexy yet his face is becoming slimmer. He’s still handsome anyway. But still how I wish there’s a part in the drama that needs him to be a bit increase in weight!!

Oh we’re so protective about the guy that worries us specially the last concert he had that he almost broke down and i think our worries started from there. But for us fans, it can not be helped as we worry since we are his noonas, his mom, his grandma, his younger sis, we are family to him that makes us worry about Hyun Joong.

But let us be at peace by thinking his weight lost is a part of City Conquest. And if things gets into worst like the producer neglecting Hyun Joong’s sake and letting him do beyond the contract agreed upon, then that’s the time we start worrying. Oh no, not to worry Alien soldiers are not to worry, it takes just one bullet of love to get over with the producer!! LOL!! I remember a fan drew a gun in my comment box that seem to be violent but the bullet says LOVE!! Take it from the Alien soldiers!!

To be sexy there has to be an amount of diet to be taken suggested by a professional dietician , a reasonable exercise and some degree of determination to be sexy. Hyun Joong has those in his most discipline manner. Oh by the way may I just mention, in one interview he mentioned his favorite Japanese food but now he barely eat those. A person in a diet program can get used to the program that at times he loses that appetite or craving for his favorite food. His stomach becomes smaller in such a way that it can only absorb a certain amount of food and any excess to that may have a feeling of discomfort.

This at least happened to me having the personal experience, it takes time again bringing back the normal diet. Having more protein food content lesser carbohydrate intake, more fluid, green veggies and fruits is still healthy. This is what Hyun Joong’s diet program goes, and never miss a meal on time. Unfortunately Hyun Joong’s favorite food contains a lot of carbo that he has to lessen it up.

Stress can cause low appetite, and seeing Hyun Joong to be running from here and there can be stressful too. Being in the diet program doesn’t mean losing appetite but having the proper food intake. Hyun Joong’s handlers should really take note of his physical being, he has to eat on time no matter what happens!!

Hyung do you get me?? Mr. Hardheaded may not listen to you, then it’s time to give him some spanking!! Tell him this message coming from his mother fans, grandma fans, noonas and young fans, we’re millions here to demand from him!!

I’m bored I admit, but I still talk a lot and brag about food!! I’m done now for today, all I can say is that Kim Hyun Joong is the sexiest man alive, don’t argue critics because Hyun Joong was able to attain his sexiness through his own effort and not by artificial means. Got that? Die in envy and jealousy, go eat your plastics that’s been manipulating your mind! And Peace be with you loving critics!!! More about City Conquest tomorrow, an interesting topic that I reserve for jealous fans like me!! LOL!

Before I go may I again remind fans from Thailand you have three days to go to grab your tickets for the fan meeting concert, Hyun Joong shall be leaving for Bangkok tomorrow therefore it’s a sign the big night is just an inch away to rock your country By Hyun Joong’s explosive performance and that is highly guaranteed!! Aliens wake up!! Don’t miss a thing Hyun Joong will soon be on his way again for another explosion!!

He grew up a lovable flower boy, as he matured his being lovable stays in him as ever, going busy bee hopping and enjoying being a Sexy Prince Kim Hyun Joong! Go go go!!

                                                                           LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14, thanks!


12 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SEXY PRINCE

  1. hi, LK! if hyun joong ceases to become a star and live a private life somewhere, meaning no more news bits about him, no more blogs, no more new music and no more dramas. i think i’ll have depression for a lifetime! no medication or medical experts can cure me i guess! lol that’s how it is with no hyun joong in my lifeline! like right now, we feel the boredom if he’s not coming out even if we know he is just there working away from our eyes to keep the thrill for his new drama. oh gosh, what have he done to us?! lol

    anyway, akoy nahihilo sa kanya ha! feel ko ako najet lagged! lol he was on the plane again and landed home not to rest for sure but to work! but i can see and feel he is so happy with what he is doing right now. he has achieved his dreams inch by inch and the fans are growing. therefore, wala akong magawa kundi suportahan sya till the end. lol

    thanks and keep it coming to kill the boredom!

    • Hello Jen! Now you gave me something to think about! If he stp being a start, what will I do?? I’ll still probably be busy writing about his story, this time it his history with his that I’ll write in a book!! If I don’t see him around nothing to read about him then I’ll go crazy!! I’m still lucky I can still read updates otherwise I don’t think I can write everyday. Not all fans has a twitter or facebook account that we get first hand news about HJ. And I’m so thankful to the fans who are active in updating. I think we all do feel bored without HJ.
      You’re right I don’t think HJ ever feel any jet lag although it’s just a short flight but to be flying from one place to another and by just watching him do so cause me dizzy spell!! I’m been dead busy the past days, but you won’t believe it I still feel bored!! Thanks a lot for reading, always, see you again take care God bless
      (Jen, may lamok daw, may nabasa kb? pls share! At saka may botohan ulit post ko on next article)

        • Hinahanap ko nga eh sabi jan s iba iba basahin mo! O pag nakita mo si lamok lam mo na gagawin mo!! Syempre magkwento ka muna, bago ang lahat! Wagass para ka din palitaw gaya ng idol mo, bigla bigla na lang llitaw!!LOL

          • dont worry d aq titigil hanggang d q yan nakkita…patay syang lamok xa! hehehe…palitaw talaga???pero sa totoo lang aq napapagod sa batang yan huh! ang sarap itali at sbhin”ano ba d kba napapagod??aq napapagod sa’yo huh…tigas tlaga ulo mo(para kng c ms lk lol) sampigahin n kita,do you know the meaning of R-E-S-T???hahaha…

      • i didnt notice any insect in this particular article. maybe in other articles of yours. sige hanapin natin at ng ma-sprayhan ng BAYGON! lol seriously, i was in private chat with a co-fan of ours the other night and we were sad of something unlikable happenings. i cant expound it here to avoid further ado. fans are not privvy to the stars’ private lives so things could go wrong if they’d try to mix things up. my heart goes out to hj. sana lang di sya masaktan nang sobra!

        yes i know about the botohan again pero parang magulo sya at di ako nakapasok kagabi. ill try tonight. ilang votes ba pwedeng magawa in a day? sabi ko ka mc kagabi, kailangan ba ulit tayong magdamagan at in the end mauwi sa cheating din. lol

        • Hello Jen i found it, thanks for your effort of coming back here, na traffic ka ba?? LOL I’ll have that topic in my article tomorrow. Dito ako nagka idea na may lamok na hapon!! So hinanap ko nakita ko naman!! Thanks again abangan bukas!! Tighin ko wlang cheating i2ng mnet n ito. higante na naman kalaban!! Hay nako!!! Lesser stress ito tingin ko. Kasali nga ulit ang robot!! LOL Hey thanks see you again!!

          • ill sure wait for the article tomorrow. juicemio! bakit ba goliath na naman ulit ang mga kalaban? i hope we can do it this time with the alien force! i want him with the gold medal! i voted lots of times already with the same IDs before. please let us spread the link and let all aliens cast their votes daily. thanks.

            • LOL ang init ng ulo ko dahil sa mga lamok salamat at pinalamig mo ng juice mo!! hahaha Wla tyo magagawa David and Goliath na naman!! Teka ang sikip n!! Dun ka nga s taas!! LOL

              • kayang tapatan ang goliath ms LK ang mahirap kalaban ung manggogoyat (mangdaraya) grrrrr….! relax ms LK bawal ang magalit kayang kaya natin yang mga lamok na yan.

  2. Don’t know how many time ready I’ve been read this article,he he keep on read cos I am bored without any news from our SEXI PRINCE. HE’s grow to be man ready now! Ah,time goes by so fast,and OUR LOVE TO HIM AS STRONG AS BEFORE,we are family who always stay beside HIM.Lk, I almost leave the bad to some link from japan oricon chart,oh gosh…what they want?even they use tricky sentense still can fell it,they can’t accept HIS SCORE.Wake up people!HE fight in HIS WAY,pure and sincerely, HE doesn’t like cheat!HE already make HEAT #1 so…what else. Oh lk,I was so arrgh! Any way our boy always stay calm right? Thanks for the great article,envy your experience,hot spring…wow!imagine HE’S in hot spring. Take care sist,god bless. Bangkok Rock! CC DAEBAK!!

    • Hello! That goes for me too, I’m totally at lost without hearing anything about HJ that can get me crazy!! I think we all do feel the same way as you do, I have to share updates because majority of my readers doesn’t have twitter where we get first hand news about HJ. Even at twitter everyone gets bored without updates, I feel the same boredom as you do!! Time is becoming slower!!
      You must have read something, please share. No matter what HJ does it’s always been a success and some can not accept it. There’s only one celeb that I criticize not by his personality, his success or his project but because he cheated or if not him maybe his fans. I used to like the guy but something had change in me about that celeb.
      Thank you always, take care and have a nice day! God bless…

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