Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BUSIEST STAR!

By: LazerKim            Kim Hyun Joong boarded his flight going back to Japan yesterday afternoon and safely arrived in Hanada Airport after his shoots for CF and resume his filming for City Conquest today. Hyun Joong came back home to Seoul last Sunday to attend to his commitment for CF pictorial session last Monday and yesterday since Hyun Joong is a CF commercial model. So this explains as to why he has to go back home on Sunday and why Hyun Joong was not able to see Kyu Joong off to the military service.

Looking very handsome in his summer outfit was a total head turner for anyone who might have spotted Kim Hyun Joong at the airport. His Japanese fans welcome him back to Japan after seeing him off at the same airport last Sunday and now he appears again like a wind!! The busiest star gets on his wings to fly from one country to another and back again just like that!

As I mentioned in my article yesterday, do not fall to sleep too much or he might just appear out of nowhere!! And he did, just like a strong wind just passing by and gone again!! I can only laugh as Hyun Joong gets on toes running from here and there! So his back to the film set and resume until the 27th. From here on he’ll fly to Bangkok Thailand for the Fan Meeting Concert.

Your guess is just as good as mine, Hyun Joong going back home last Sunday is not to take a rest, but still work!! From today he has three days filming to do, before getting to Bangkok to prepare his stage. And so it’s true after all, Hyun Joong will be galloping from singing to acting!! I wonder now, where does he gets that much energy to achieve both areas of his talent at the same time!! No matter how we wish he could get some good rest I don’t think that’s gonna happen at least not as yet.

We are all lucky fans, and now I realize that for having Kim Hyun Joong as our idol with multiple talents and he excel in all these areas. Well I can only speak for myself how lucky I am. If it’s only an actor whom I follow, It’s very likely that I’ll only get to see him whenever he has a drama project which comes out to two dramas a year or three drama is I think is humanly stressful for a year. If he’s only solo singer, then I can only probably get to see him whenever he has a new single during promotion period which is barely two weeks or at concerts which can be rare as twice in a year!

Having Kim Hyun Joong as my idol, I can see him as much, one day I see him on stage singing and dancing all the way to rock any country! The following day I get to see him on a film set acting an explosive scene as an action star. And another day seeing him posing for pictorial as a model for his commercial endorsements! I always remember what he said to his fans, “I shall keep you interested in me”. So I don’t think I should be surprise if he keeps running from here and there, Hyun Joong is simply fulfilling not a word of promise but simply sharing his thoughts of his desire to be with his fans and fill up their interest.

If I am a professional reporter to be writing Kim Hyun Joong daily diary and getting to his tail can be a lot of a job to do in coping up with his story!! But I think it’s such a challenging job to do and 100% interesting. Kim Hyun Joong has such a very interesting story to tell about his career and even his life in reality. I am just a simple fan, a totally amateur, whose hobby is to write all about Kim Hyun Joong as my idol. Until writing about him became my daily dose of addiction to Hyun Joong for the last seven months of following him!!

I may be contended with the updates about Hyun Joong from other fans who are actively posting updates as I gather them and share it with you. And sincerely find doing this to be such a fun, for me and a cure just like to other fans. So I think being  like the other professional reporters who writes about celebrities, Kim Hyun Joong story is very rich in such a way a reporter will never run out of scoop or story to tell. Because Hyun Joong’s everyday story is full of richness that anyone can learn from other than being entertained by his interesting activities.

I have mentioned in my other articles, that seeing Hyun Joong’s growing popularity can surely mean higher number of demand for projects. Whatever the needs of the public majority is what the businessmen eyeing for. They provide what the public desires for and seeing from the huge crowd of fans Hyun Joong has, these businessmen and producers are what they eye for. They could be the best mediator between Hyun Joong and his fans in providing both needs. Meaning a sponsoring producer can very well finance a concert, music, and dramas to provide the desired entertainment of every fan.

Especially in music, Hyun Joong has the prerogative to grab the chance given to him with the guidance of course of his agent KeyEast. It has been the aim of Hyun Joong to develop himself in both areas of his talent as a singer/dancer and as an actor. An artist can be well developed given the chance for him through project offers. And that is why Hyun Joong has been on his toes to sincerely gives his best shot to any of his project because it is his chance to be developed.

There are three areas in his professional careers to be considered, being a singer/dancer, an actor, and let’s not forget he is also a commercial endorser in which Hyun Joong is also committed with. We have been following the busiest star ever, and I think Hyun Joong has no choice but to get used to be switching talents from time to time within a period!! In filming a drama, this might take about two or three months of filming activities, which means City Conquest filming shall go on as it may and some singing engagement for Hyun Joong shall be inserted somewhere within the period while filming.

And so for us fans, as much as we want Hyun Joong to take a rest that will not happen as yet, then we keep with our support because it is from us fans that he gets that amount or degree of energy and strength for him to move forward. After his shooting schedule in Japan, his Bangkok Fan Meeting Concert and all the short singing engagements I can only speculate his filming tour to other countries other than Japan will soon start.

If last year Hyun Joong was busy with keeping his bags of awards and picking up trophies from here and there, I think this year he’ll be busy jumping from one country to another in fulfillment to his aim to visit his fans all over Asia and exploring other countries where he can plant a bomb to explode as his popularity continue to boost!! It may sound hilarious but this is exactly what is happening!!

As Hyun Joong visits one country, being welcomed by his fans, if he say he’s coming back, he will. And by the time Hyun Joong goes back those number of fans doubled if not tripled by its number. And for others who were saying Hyun Joong does not have that much fans, I remain silent and not contradict since there’s the saying as, to see is to believe. When everything starts to be visible in just a short period of time I shall come back and state my opinion!!

In Japan alone, even the management of Universal Music Tokyo was quite surprised by the turn out sales of Heat on its first day launching alone. The handshake event attended by 5,000 fans on one rainy day was quite a shock to the country, what more with the recent concert in Saitama attended by 60,000 fans divided into four concert sessions. Kim Hyun Joong a solo artist did this to Japan in such a short period of time. I mentioned Japan, since this is one of the biggest entertainment market all over the world, other than the US and China.

Hyun Joong is taking one step at a time but actually in reality this growing popularity is quite fast for a Kpop soloist rookie like him. After City Conquest, his story doesn’t end from there, since there are lots more Hyun Joong wants to fulfill and in store for us his fans. In each day we follow Hyun Joong we see how he fulfills each of his aim. Whenever he’s behind close doors from us, thinking he has a day to take a breather but he’s not because Hyun Joong continues to fulfill his everyday aim to achieve in his work!!

Maybe the least we can do is to bear in mind that Hyun Joong is enjoying his everyday work. His face may be getting smaller but still handsome though, let’s just consider it as a part of what he’s working on with City Conquest. Now let’s tone down our worries and we stay happy as Hyun Joong is currently happy with the turn of events in his everyday work that we can only look forward on its out come.

So what’s next? Well, today Hyun Joong resume with his filming I suppose, and hopefully somebody out there can take a peep at the shooting site and share whatever is there about Hyun Joong until tomorrow! And then it’s gonna be seeing him at the airport on the 27th last flight for Bangkok, as the countdown goes on for Hyun Joong fans from Thailand has been eagerly waiting for him. May I again remind fans from Thailand you got three days left to grab yourselves a ticket for the fan meeting concert. The big night is just around the corner and be prepared for another rock and roll from Hyun Joong!!

We fans are very lucky for having a hard working idol, we are very lucky that we always get to see him and to be with him as much as we want to, a perfect provider for his fans need, and the Busiest Star ever, Kim Hyun Joong…..

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks!


16 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BUSIEST STAR!

  1. It is in point of fact a nice and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you just shared this
    useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love my daily dose! SO PROUD OF KHJ! He keeps me motivated too! I read in an interview he did that he always plans his activities in keeping with his long term goals. I have written this saying on my desk at work to keep me on track with my own goals. “Does this choice fall in line with my goal?” That way every choice I make is weighed against my goal. I learned this fron KHJ. Not that I hadn’t heard it before… but, he lets us see the amazing results of this in action. Love him to death! And yes, his arms are looking amazing! I just don’t like the thinness of his face. Sometimes we trade one thing for another. He is still my Beautiful Angel. Thanks, LK for keeping up with the busiest man in the Universe! ;D

  3. I think i wanna trend like KHJ..Airport Fashion!!…gosh!!..he can pulled off with that perfect casual wear with slipper only..O.O..simple and yet elegant!!!..tsktsk ..this man is unbelievable!!..well, not joking..LOL!..of course am gonna use ladies slipper!!..keke..Thanks once again LZ…there’s nothing much we can about this busy man except follow him everywhere and pray for his safety as take care too LZ!..God bless us all together!!..

    • oh yes sister, prayers are the least we can do, there’s no way for us to scold on HJ no matter what he’ll never listen that’s Mr. Hardheaded. Bue HJ seem to be happy with what he’s doing and I think KE has been taking care of him.
      That’s the best outfit a star can have, so cool, so fashionable yet simple. It’s so carefree and did you notice his arm muscle? That’s really a beauty in a man. But the bigger his arm muscle gets the smaller his face become.
      It’s getting a bit boring today so I’m thinking of taking a stroll!! Thanks sis as always, take care see you around and God bless..

      • who’s not boring???…everyone is sooo quiet out there…Well,u mention about his ARMMMMM!!!…its bulking like a rock man…hahaha..i sooo love to touch it ..LOL!!….oooopppps!..and where aur u heading to stroll?..everytime i heard someone say about strolling..i always reminded them not to go tooo close to the beach as if….hmmmm..better go to the park and play like a baby~~D…haha…this is life have become now while waiting for the Action Star~~~~LIFELESS like!!…well..have a good strolling out there!!..just take care…

          • hahaha..i took it for real~~D…real world!!..LOL!..well,goodluck and enjoy sharing it with us again for tomorrow^^..ahhh!..if u happen to see a bunch of bugs around do make sure u’ve got the best net to wiggle them..for sure Aliens’ Power will come to the rescue!!!~~~as always ‘Let’s fight for a good fight’..for now,have a HYUNdream^^..G’nyt!!..

  4. I missed yesterday’s article D: I just read it x.x Well yeah, hyperactive Hyun Joong doesn’t know the meaning of the verb ‘to rest’ xd but yeah, it’s his passion and us fans what keep him going. I do hope to see more pics of the shooting but not so much, don’t like spoilers. It’s Wednesday :3 xd I’m going to the movies w/ a friend and my younger sis, who are also fans of HJ 😀 Lol xd / I don’t know if it’s just me or not but everytime I see a newer pic of HJ I notice his hair getting slightly darker xd Have a nice day, LazerK!

    • Yeah HJ is a natural hyperactive ever since he was a kid I guess!! I think it’s just the pictures that his hair looks darker, if i’m not mistaken. Thanks again and enjoy the movie have fun day today!! See you again and take care! God bless

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