Kim Hyun Joong… [article] EVERYDAY INSPIRED!

By: LazerKim             Kim Hyun Joong is currently in silent mode since he got home from Japan. I hope he can find time to rest before facing another set of busy exposures again. Although it’s been a routine that every time he’s in silent mode, it’s not really resting but still working preparing and cooking up on something for us again! The next event that Hyun Joong has to attend to is the Fan Meeting Concert in Bangkok Thailand. Go go go!!!

This event is to be held on July 29th Sunday, at the Impact Exhibition Hall 1. Hyun Joong is scheduled to depart to Bangkok on the 27th taking the evening flight from Seoul. I’m so glad Hyun Joong had the chance to go home before this event, to freshen up and have even a bit breather from his tight schedule in Japan.

And so, Thailand are you ready for the big event? Yesterday there were photos of the venue where the fan meeting shall be held and there was even a shopping specially prepared for the international fans who will attend to the event. I think Thailand is well prepared for Kim Hyun Joong seeing from the venue.

For those who have not gotten their ticket for the fan meeting concert, go grab your ticket and Hyun Joong is already preparing to meet you! This might be the last fan meeting for Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour so take advantage of it since it will take another long wait for Hyun Joong to visit your country again. And for the international fans, who will be attending, Bangkok has prepared for you to join the other fans from Thailand to be with Hyun Joong in marking another spectacular memory as the Prince performs to rock the entire country by his presence.

And while you’re there to meet Kim Hyun Joong, why not treat yourself and see a part of the country, Thailand is a beautiful country to experience sight seeing on their tourist spots and that also add zest to your trip to Thailand for Kim Hyun Joong. Many of you must have viewed the video clips of the fan meeting concert as Hyun Joong performed and have read a lot of experiences from other fans who had attended the recent Asian Tour, now it’s the turn of Thailand to experienced what other fans had. No matter how we have viewed from the video clip, of course it’s still different to personally enjoy the event and personally meet with Kim Hyun Joong. And that shall be a magical moment of your life!

From this day, you still have four days left to go to buy your tickets. May I just say it again, if we given the chance to see Kim Hyun Joong, grab it and never let go. If Hyun Joong is in your country, then prioritize that event in your life and spare that short moment to be with him because you never know when he’ll turn up again, to be in your country. Do the best effort you can to grab the ticket and be with Hyun Joong. Take part in making a remarkable memory for this event because he prepared it specially for you.

In an update, Hyun Joong’s dearest brother Kyu Jong finally got in to the military service yesterday. Honestly, I may not be so familiar with the SS501 members since I came to know the existence of SS501 only last year when Hyun Joong launched his first album Breakdown. Kyu Jong and Young Seung were there with him during his showcase, that’s why I knew Hyun Joong was with the boy group SS501. But I do feel for the group being the closest to Hyun Joong’s heart since the five of them lived together as family for five years.

Last night as I was reviewing the yesterday’s updates, Hyun Joong was not able to make it to see Kyu Joong off before getting in. There must be a valid reason why he can’t make it and I’m sure the rest of the members and Kyu Jong knows it. Let’s not forget that Hyun Joong’s schedule was changed for some unannounced reasons he has to cut his filming for his drama in Japan and go back home. Anyway, Hyun Joong will surely visit Kyu Jong at the military base on his private time. His visit doesn’t need the media to be there, so let’s give that space to Hyun Joong and Kyu Jong, anyway they do communicate from time to time and these are parts of their privacy.

In another news, after Hyun Joong’s event in Thailand, he will be attending the Asian Song festival which is to be held on August 4 Saturday at 7pm. Hyun Joong shall be one of the 14 artist to perform from six countries on the said event. The event shall be televised on the following TV network:

2012 Asia Song Festival at 2012 Yeosu Expo, Korea
Date – Aug. 4, 2012(Sat), 19:00~22:00
Broadcast stations/TV Channels : Korea(KBS), Philippines (ABS-CBN), Malaysia(ASTRO), Singapore (Channel U)
USA(Fuse TV), Japan(FUJI TV), China(CCTV), Taiwan(AZIO TV),
Hong Kong(TVB), Thailand(TV3), Vietnam(VTV), Indonesia(Indosiar TV),

Source: ( Thanks for sharing!

This one is a good news since we’ll be able to watch Kim Hyun Joong in our respective local TV station. And on August 10, Kim Hyun Joong was invited by Japan to perform on the fire work festival, this festival is to be held to commemorate the Yeosu Expo. And there, I can only speculate Hyun Joong will resume his filming schedule for City Conquest.

This morning a photo of Kim Hyun Joong and his leading lady Jeong Yoo Mi, came out that I would assume it’s taken from one of the scenes from filming. Just in case you have not seen her in some of her dramas and her photos, here she is, photo above.

We can only wait until the filming has been done and to be aired in Korea would be our chance to view at the internet, until such time it may be aired in our respective countries. The much awaited drama City Conquest is on its way has started cooking up that makes the fans eagerness in anticipating even updates on its filming.

Well, the day in the Alien world is getting slower without Hyun Joong around, but at least we have something to look forward to since Hyun Joong shall be back to his busy days again after a few days. It can not be helped though that the lesser we see him the more we miss him, and I admit it’s getting a bit boring and time seem to be a bit slower!! Even I”m busy with my work, there are time I stare at an empty space with my pen and notepad and that the only thing that I want to write is I MISS YOU!!

I’m sure most of you feel the same way. And maybe all I can think of now is to reminisce Hyun Joong’s recent activities and I’ll be doing that if updates continue to be scarce. Gosh it’s barely two or three days we have not heard from Hyun Joong and yet it feels like months!! I just hope Hyun Joong can really find time to take even a little rest while he’s back in his cocoon! But knowing every time he’s in close doors, he’s cooking up something. Hyun Joong did not go back home to rest but to work on other areas of his career.

And so I end my day’s dose again, don’t fall to sleep too much or Hyun Joong might just appear from somewhere!! Before I go, again may I remind that we got only four days left to grab the ticket for the fan meeting concert. It’s count down for Thailand, that will be two days from now and soon we’ll be able to see Hyun Joong at the airport again! I think the airport is becoming his monthly if not weekly routine!!

We may be starting to feel gloomy without Hyun Joong around but let’s keep in mind that we his fans have to stay strong and happy for we are his inspiration. At the same time we keep Kim Hyun Joong as our everyday inspiration in our daily lives, Our Cure…Hwaiting!!   I gotta run, fly if I can, I got my Everyday Inspiration Kim Hyun Joong!!! Yahooo!!

LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean thanks!           News Info. babyvfan blog thanks!


8 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] EVERYDAY INSPIRED!

  1. My poor baby! He really needs rest! Bzzz Bzzz an insect commented on a post of his photo with Jeong Yoo Mi that he was looking aged. I defended my Hyun Joong of course! All this weight loss is not so flattering when you l ook at profile shot! I want him to gain back! He is still BEEYOUTIFUL ANGEL to me! Always gorgeous! Please get some rest, and EAT! Your eomeoni says so! DON’T ARGUE! ;D

    • Now I’m beginning to think that his weight lost is needed for the drama. I remember Song il Gook as he lead in the drama A Man Called God, he got all the body built which I suspected with the help of steroid and his face turned like a skull!! Lost a weight of weight deliberately for the drama. Oh I just hope HJ doesn’t over do it. The bigger his arm muscle goes the smaller his face become although he still looks handsome but you’re right the guy needs a bit spanking!!
      Thank you for reading, see you again and have a nice day!! God bless..

  2. Ya…HE flew again!? When our bro will get rest…as you said Lk,HE IS RESTLEST…hyper active indeed, lets feed HIM magnesium so that HE can fall sleep…he he he just kidding. Anyway thanks for your daily dose sist,you always knew what we need every day.Lets pray together for HIS health and succes on all HIS project. Take care sist, god bless

    • Believe me I need the dose too, something to read about his updates and to write is my daily dose. having a close door shooting can sometime be boring!! But if only I can fly to Japan apply as a production staff just to take a peep if he’s doing ok, so that i can write more about city conquest, I should have done so!! LOL How i wish!!!
      LOL if we feed him with magnesium he might not wake up on time to eat!! LOL You have such a hilarious idea…hahahaha You make my day thanks you so much, have a nice day and take care, see you again! God bless..

  3. thanks, LK, again for feeding our yearning to hear or know his whereabouts.

    i wished him having a good rest at home but just now my timeline is flooding with photos of him @ incheon and @ haneda airports. he is on the go again! tsk tsk tsk! a busy bee indeed! hyunjoong-ah, momjosimhaseyo!

    • Oh we all wish him a rest but I don’t think he’ll be able to do so. Maybe if he can just have enough sleep every night and nutritious food everyday without skipping any meal time he’ll be alright. The busy bee always on the go, the airports of any country is becoming popular bcoz of him LOL!!
      Thank you so much as always, take care and see you again. Have a nice day God bless..

  4. When we all think that Hyun Joong can stay home, he flies today back to Japan for filming.
    So no resting.
    How long can an human stand it?
    Poor Hyun Joong.

    • Hello Fanjoong! Well i just said it, “don’t fall to sleep too much or HJ might just appear from somewhere”! LOL And so he did!! But that’s back to work!! maybe we can just think, for as long as he’s happy with what he’s doing, I think he’ll be alright. Thanks again as always! Hey take care and have a great day! See you again and God bless..

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