Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MEMORY MODE

By: LazerKim            Last night Kim Hyun Joong boarded the last flight bound to Korea, he arrived at Haneda Airport at 7:30 PM while his flight was about 8:00 PM. many of his fans waited at the airport to see him off, but he was such in a rush to catch up to his flight. He waved to them though but no pictures were taken from Haneda. As Hyun Joong reached Haneda, it rained!! The God of Rain marked again as Hyun Joong left Japan with exploding success and memorable concert that touched the hearts of 60,000 fans who attended the concert and millions of his fans all over the word. Hyun Joong shall be coming back to Japan though, to proceed with his filming after his Fan Meeting Concert in Bangkok.

Hyun Joong arrived Gimpo Airport about 10pm as many fans waited for his arrival to welcome him back home. A usual many fans hand him their letters and gifts that looks like Hyun Joong went shopping with bags of goodies. A kiddie fan girl was also there to hand him her gift and Hyun Joong turned his biggest smile as soon as he spotted the little girl. At the video clip, Hyun Joong looks fresh and handsome, i think he was able to take a good rest before flying back home.

Yesterday a recap news on Hyun Joong’s successful concert was again circulated. I just remembered, the first time we heard about HEAT it was officially announced that there shall be a concert on July 14 at the Saitama Super Arena in commemoration of Heat launching. It was said that this concert shall be bigger since the venue covers 30,000 sitting capacity. Before Hyun Joong arrived Japan, there’s again an official announcement that there shall be a concert on July 14th and 15th and that on 14th shall be a concert collaboration featuring Naoto Inti Raymi.

All the while I thought there shall only be two concerts but as the concert date approaches there were four concerts in a row, two sessions for each day!! It turns out that on the 14th was the concert collaboration and on the 15th, the show was similar to the Fan meeting concert he recently performed in his Asia Tour. I can only guess and my guess was right, Hyun Joong made a lot of changes from the original plan with Universal Music. Hyun Joong wasn’t expecting that he had already gained that much fans from Japan. If I compare his concert in Yokohama which was attended by some 20,000 fans, in Saitama his fans grew tripled attended by 60,000 fans.

In an interview in Japan here are a few words from Kim Hyun Joong as stated:

** The album (HEAT) sold out well to my surprise which is why I held this concert as a gift for those who bought my album.

** I have teenage fans but I think I have more older fans. I noticed grandma over 70 years old holding a glow stick which is when I thought that I really have to work hard.

** It still hasn’t hit me yet I think showcasing my own color is more important than my rank at weekly Oricon.

I would think Hyun Joong wasn’t expecting this much turn outs from his second Japanese album which is a totally huge success. Honestly, before the official announcement about HEAT, I was thinking the scenario that I would like to see again was the scenario last February when Hyun Joong performed his first concert in Yokohama. But I was taken by surprised after seeing the handshake event in Odaiba with some 5,000 fans attended and the huge crowd of fans in Saitama concert.

As I have discussed in yesterday’s article, Hyun Joong’s grandma fans are so significant for a young star like Kim Hyun Joong. As a concert star performing a solo concert and attended by a large number of elder fans for me is something new. I’m not saying elders should not be attending such concert, the normal perception if that elders do attend ballet review, opera, or a concert of a ballad singers. Like the concert performed by the legend artists wherein their fans grew up with them. But in the case of Kim Hyun Joong, he was able to gained a huge number of elder fans through his first drama project BOF in 2009.

And the number of elder fans even grew after BOF. So they are not the batch that grew up with Kim Hyun Joong like the fans of the legends. I don’t know but Kim Hyun Joong has such a remarkable charisma to be able to gain. Again may I say this is not overrating Hyun Joong’s ability in gaining fans as others may think, this is reality, this is what is happening. And I would this is very unusual to me. Now I do not have idea with other idol artist fans but as far as Kim Hyun Joong this is what I know, Hyun Joong as a young idol star.

Come to think of it, the grandmas bought those HEAT CD too! They do listen to his music too and Heat though it’s soft rock still it’s rock. And I’m very sure grandma’s grandchildren are so pleased that their grandma are cool! As I have mentioned in my article yesterday Kim Hyun Joong has also the ability to break the generation gap between the youngsters and the elders. And I can only assume that through Hyun Joong both generation may also have indifference in many aspects but they can be as one in how they love and support Kim Hyun Joong.

Word of the mouth can be so powerful, that with what Hyun Joong gained the large number of elders which I believe Hyun Joong gained from his dramas, his up-coming drama will again gain another batch of fans. We are so familiar how grandmas do have active interaction with their co-elders by the neighborhood or their elder friends too. And most of the time what they talk about are their leisure activities and one of the common leisure is watching TV dramas.

There are times the grandmas are the best reporters to their family members since they are normally the ones always being at home. If one family member misses one episode in a drama series, they go asked grandma what the episode was all about! No matter what happens it’s the grandma who is the boss at any household. She has her own time and so as soon as the time strike that the drama is airing, the TV belongs to grandma.

I would assume even the young ones have no choice but to watch what grandma does, until the young ones get addicted to the drama grandma is watching!! That’s a clear chain reaction and I have seen this scenario in my country, since BOF and PK was showing everyday five times a week. And I can imagine the same scenario as soon as City Conquest shall be airing in my country.

Last night was one good example of a kiddie girl who handed a gift to Hyun Joong, I’m sure she’s a primary student and I can only guess her mom is also an avid fan pf Kim Hyun Joong. In the video clip of the concert in Saitama I’ve spotted some minors who also was there to watch the concert. I’m sure those kiddie fans will grow up having Kim Hyun Joong as their idol, it’s so funny that at the young age they can already watch concerts!!

And I’m sure they do have those Uzoosin items which are also good for kids seeing from the colors and the cartoon character of Uzoosin are so effective for kids too. I can’t help to think, gone with the barbie dolls, what they have now is the Uzoosin family! Gosh, the power of Kim Hyun Joong is just so amazing!!

At the talk portion of the concert, Kim Hyun Joong also had mentioned his growing male fans!! I have spotted quite number of male fans at the concert not only in Saitama but also in his recent Asia Fan Meeting concert. Be it gays or real men, it doesn’t matter, we have a new family members in the Alien World. It’s so funny that Hyun Joong mentioned that he may have second thoughts of going to the public sauna, of course he was joking!! But it’s indeed a welcome news that Hyun Joong has another batch of fans this time from the male gender. So I would say now Hyun Joong has it all, he has all different fans.

This is a good timing as well, since Hyun Joong is currently filming an action drama which I’m sure can also be enjoyed by his new male fans. Others may think these male fans may just be curious about who Kim Hyun Joong is. Well, where does a fan starts? Isn’t it all started from curiosity? Some male fans may be there at the concert since they bought the CD HEAT.

They too have witness the huge crowd, which may catch their attention as to what makes these ladies so attracted to die for a star. They now start to hit the internet and out of curiosity search up about Kim Hyun Joong. He is a role model in many aspects that even men can look up to and follow! We can never tell, one of these days they are already one of us following Kim Hyun Joong.

Kim Hyun Joong was saying after he had seen the age range of his fans and now with the gender to consider, he said he has to work harder than ever. Hyun Joong was once asked what is his style of music. For Hyun Joong this is not easy to identify anymore because as he creates his music, he considers his fans acceptability.

Now I think it’s so visible to him that anything he does is being supported by his fans wholeheartedly. Hyun Joong responded that his style of music is Kim Hyun Joong style. That is a very smart response. Meaning he will stay as versatile as he can.

If Kim Hyun Joong had rocked Japan in his debut in January, he now exploded Japan in his second album and left Japan another memory mark to not only to his Japanese fans but to his global fans. In every stage Kim Hyun Joong performs, he make sure it will mark a memory in each and every fan he has.

And I would say Saitama marked the most memorable event because it was here Hyun Joong had proven so much love for his fans. If you remember he almost lost his voice from over fatigue because of his intent sincerity to give that memory of appreciation to his fans for supporting him and his album all the way.

At the same time the love of his fans was visibly seen during the handshake event attended by 5,000 fans, that no matter how heavy rain fall there was, they stayed and did not mind the rain fall with their sincere intent to meet Kim Hyun Joong in person. Such a remarkable connection between Kim Hyun Joong and his fans shall be remembered by any of his fans all over the world.

The Memory Mode shared by Kim Hyun Joong and his fans shall be shared and treasure as the Alien Family grows in huge numbers in time.

LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks!

Please forgive my typographical errors if there may be, I have to run and attend to my work! I wasn’t able to proof read for error! Thank you!


5 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MEMORY MODE

  1. Hello LK, he really looked gorgeous, but sooooooooo tired, omo..! Speaking of the grandmas I have all the respect and good for them for doing that, Ladies it is just show you are alive and happy! I think that is the charm of HJ he can touch the hearth of all ages, well done and be proud KHJ you are one of a kind. Those pics….oh…! thanks:) God Bless and a good week! 27- 28 and 29 is round the corner, then we will see more of KHJ airport fashion and FM in BKK (this is going to be one hot FM, wish i could be there…):)

  2. OHHH LK! I am LMAO at the Beware of Bugs Picture on your previous post! KHJ really looks concerned and I am so amused b/c he is genuinely afraid of bugs. I remember when noona Hwang Bo scolded the dragonfly for bothering Hyun Joong. So hilarious!

    And speaking of the 70 yr old grandma fans… what about us eomeoni fans in our fourties. Hyun Jonng is my baby… and I will protect him with the fierceness of a mama bear! Don’t mess with my Hyun Joong! I will also scold him for not taking good care of himself! LOL!

    I look forward to your blogs each day… a great escape from boring work duties! ;D

    • hahahaha…..I got it yeah I’ll talk about the mother fans next time LOL!! But it’s really interesting that how Hyun Joong was able to capture the hearts of all of us from different ages and from different walks of life. Angie I now remember I have an article in my file which I have written sometime in March, those were some boring days since HJ was in his hideout! It talks about fans personal relationship and they cope up being an avid fan of HJ. Oh thanks Angie you reminded me of some articles in my file I’ll check that out and I’ll post it if we do not have updates.
      This is my second time reply. I replied to you yesterday but I couldn’t see a thing anymore!! Oh my! I hope this reply can reach you, if ever you got this message pls let me know, I’m having prob with wordpress I think!
      Thank you for reading as always, see you again! Take care and have a pleasant day ahead of you, God bless..

      • I got ya! I am reading b4 going to dreamland. I am sooooo jealous of fm thai people! I may not be there, but i will look for online posts or youtube. KHJ will be hot as always!

  3. He looked gorgeous at the airport but what the japanese fans said is true: his face is getting smaller :c but his arms are getting bigger LOL! XD / Random thought: for some reason, I do think he always looks healthier and even more beautiful when he stays in Japan. But now that he came back to S.Korea I do hope the shooting doesn’t get too stressful. Have a wonderful Monday! :3

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