Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TALKING INSECTS

By: LazerKim       Yesterday many fans were waiting at the Twitter since there was a post saying Kim Hyun Joong shall be returning home to SKorea. Then late in the afternoon there was a post again saying Kim Hyun Joong was at the shooting location yesterday as filming proceeded from yesterday morning till at night. There may be changes in the schedule again so we can just wait for further update pertaining his schedule.

In this photo above Kim Hyun Joong seems to have seen something in a certain space in front of him that caught his attention. Guess what is it?? Insect!! Hyun Joong can not stand seeing a flying object roaming around him. The smallest specie ever created by God are insects, and what bothers Hyun Joong. During filming of City Conquest it was said that there was a scene of Hyun Joong walking at Edo, and an insect came upfront of him, and before the director can shout CUT he was already waving his hand trying to drive out the insect roaming in front of him!!

Yesterday seem to be in silent mode since there was not much updates, and I would admit it was a bit boring yesterday and the first time I felt it in months since Hyun Joong had been galloping from one activity to another! Or maybe I have gone used to reading a lot of his activities, yesterday was exceptional, Hyun Joong was in close door cooking on something to be surprise about the filming!! Maybe one of these days the production staff will again release some update photos about the filming.

And since there was not much at twitter, I went for a stroll at the internet! There was this news about City Conquest as I have shared with you at yesterday’s article Explosive Star, some explosive stills from the location set. There was this blog where you can find many insects pestering Hyun Joong’s news, but of course the Aliens came in to their defense. It somehow gave me the impression these are young Aliens and I can’t help but laugh because the Aliens now are learning to defend in a positive approach that can somehow seem entertaining!! None of the Aliens ever badmouth which I’m very proud, that no matter how the other party breath on the dirtiest word you can read, the Alien recognize respect even to the insects!

May I just say, there may be truth to the saying, like idol like fans, although it doesn’t always apply! We Alien represent Kim Hyun Joong so no matter what we project good or not good, it somehow reflect on Kim Hyun Joong. I feel sorry for that insect in defense of her idol which happens to be one of Hyun Joong’s dearest friend. I think we have a better understanding in the Alien World that we not only respect Kim Hyun Joong, we also respect the people who are dearest to his heart his friends, his co-artists. I really felt sorry for the artist friend of Hyun Joong because I find him nice, soft-spoken and decent, to have an ill mannered fan.

Having a fan who can just scream such dirty words looks like a dirt on the artist’s  shoulder. Does the artist have a choice? No, he does not have a choice for having the kind of fans he has. Fans do have the choice whom she wants to follow or support but the artists has no choice, he would just take whoever is in front of him. I would say I’m so fortunate because my idol is a very respectable person and his fans to are respectable ladies.

One comment that I would like to point out is that, It was said that Kim Hyun Joong is over rated!! I wonder now, is telling the truth being overrated? The way we describe Kim Hyun Joong is what we see from him and so with the media too, whatever they see, whatever they hear from Hyun Joong are those that they write. Just the same with me here, I base my writings on realities about Kim Hyun Joong, from what I read, what I see! The media are just telling the truth about the news they write on Hyun Joong successful activities. I don’t think it’s overrated. Because what we read about recent news on Hyun Joong’s concerts, promotions and the recent one his filming is what actually happening on those events.

Another thing that I couldn’t understand is, if you do not like a person, why else would you read articles about the person, then criticize? In every news item, there’s the article title and definitely the title may pertain to who and what. If you’re not interested to the person being written of course you wouldn’t even read. But Hyun Joong’s loving critics do spare time to read and even comment!! This would mean they are interested in Hyun Joong too! In all fairness, Allkpop was just intending to write the news and allow the public to comment on the news. Well, other than this I’m familiar if the writer replies on the comments.

There’s another blog that I would say where Kim Hyun Joong critics flock!! I came across those too since the article topic is City Conquest. There were about a hundred comments and most of which are negative. Again it surprises me that even the topic is about Hyun Joong’s upcoming drama, BOF was in the comment boxes!! A lot of critics did watched BOF from beginning to ending. I felt a shame of myself because when I first watched this drama I wasn’t able to finish it since I was traveling in and out of Japan that time, I was quite busy with my career during that year it was aired in my country. But the critics knew the drama from beginning to ending!!

Most of the comments have the same opinion as saying Kim Hyun Joong destroyed the drama!! LOL my apology I can’t help but laugh. They could not forget BOF!! These loving critics are one of those who took BOF to high ratings and brought the drama to blockbuster!! They said Hyun Joong’s acting was bad and stiff, but they watched Kim Hyun Joong and watched his every move from beginning to ending!! Why?? Oh this really made my day, may I say it again, why would you watch a drama if you are not interested or even hate the actor portraying in the drama!! Isn’t that not strange at all?

My dear critics, if you do not like the actor do not ever ever watch his dramas because it will only put him in good ratings. And if you say you watch because you want to criticize, well it’s not working effectively because no matter what you say, Hyun Joong fans will support all the way. And the more you criticize the more we love him the more we will protect him from you dear critics.

Other non-fans of Hyun Joong or may barely know about the guy may have read from the critics, may bring curiosity as to who the person is being criticized and may start looking him up at the internet or even watch his drama to find out if the criticism is true. It then increase the viewers of Hyun Joong’s drama!! Wouldn’t that be great? That’s another TV ratings!!

Kim Hyun Joong has fans from different ages, from the minors even from the primary school students and the elders age 70. This is not an exaggeration because I do interact with the elder fans, I got a bunch of regular readers who are senior citizens. I have seen the clip of Hyun Joong’s Saitama concert and at the encore part as Hyun Joong got down from the stage a lot of elders were spotted and don’t be surprised because they too joined Hyun Joong and the other younger fans dancing!!

During his recent concert there was even an elder in kimono dancing and cheering for Hyun Joong who really was enjoying the concert. Take note of that because Hyun Joong stopped in front of them as he danced and sing in front of the elders. Can you imagine his grandma fans to be attending Hyun Joong’s concert and they truly enjoy his music even the type of music Hyun Joong dance with is for the young generation but the elders do appreciate and truly enjoy as Hyun Joong performs his music.

Seeing this scenario makes me think that Hyun Joong can also break the generation gap among his fan and even among the society in general! Anywhere Hyun Joong performs, his grandma fans are there with him, and this really touch my heart on how he was able to capture the heart of everyone in different ages most specially the elders. And my hat off to them because no matter what the physical ailment they may be having, was never a hindrance to support Hyun Joong’s projects and it was never a hindrance to attend to his every concerts and other events whatever it may be for as long as Hyun Joong is with them. Gosh, this guy is really amazing.

I know Hyun Joong sincerely has a soft spot in his heart for the elders, since Hyun Joong grew up with his grandma and as she passed away, Hyun Joong was devastated back in time. And so for others who may be reading this article for those who barely know the guy, it’s true Hyun Joong has a huge number of elder fans. It may seem unbelievable for a young star who performs rock on stage to have elder fans but in reality he has and they are not just fans, they are huge fans of Kim Hyun Joong.

Many of them are retired professionals and many of them are from the high bracket of society at same time many may be the less fortunate but I have equal respect to them. And that is why I prohibit badmouth and improper language in this blog, because they are my regular subscriber readers. And I do hope this can be applied to other blogs of critics too, if they can not respect the noonas or teenagers, at least consider the elders and the minors too. Nowadays nothing is impossible, let us not under-estimate the elders and the minors, since they too are active internet users.

If we Kim Hyun Joong fans can start being prim and proper not only in this blog but to the critics camp too, then I believe fans of other artists can follow. Kim Hyun Joong has always been the leader, he’s always been the first, as others follow, then let take it from there. We can always state our opinion and views without using vulgar words. Let us maintain our credibility being Kim Hyun Joong fans, and it will be easier for others to read from us without causing them heart attack!!

Oh today is Sunday regardless of what religion we belong may I ask for a little prayer for Hyun Joong for his safety, if it’s not too much to ask for, since working on an action drama is such a challenge for him and a bit risky. Since we fans can not be there while he shoots, I believe in the magical hands from up there can do it for us. May I just mention, his boss Bae Yong Joon had experienced a painful accident during the filming of Legend, that until now I can still feel the pain every time I watch the clip that he has to take the horse on a back ride in much pain.

I wouldn’t want Hyun Joong to experience the same thing. Anything can happen during the filming, we are all helpless and we can only watch Hyun Joong, other than the fact that Hyun Joong, our Hard Headed Star!! had actually experienced a motorcycle accident in 2010. In this action drama City Conquest Baek Mir is a motorbike rider, and that made me think probably one reason why he accepted this drama because Hyun Joong knows he’s an excellent rider!!  And Mr. Hardheaded here, as we know is an challenge adventure lover!! That’s why I appeal for your prayers for his safety. As always, it is in God we trust.

Right from day one as City Conquest was officially confirmed to be Kim Hyun Joong’s come back drama, I knew his loving critics will talk again!! I know I should ignore but sometimes it’s too much of an insult to Hyun Joong as an actor. I think that blog can only accept bash negative comments and so what can I do but to react through my own blog, which I think is better space to express my thoughts.

Oh well, I’m done with my daily again! Kim Hyun Joong loves adventure challenge and really work hard about it. He’s brave facing those risk during filming, but he can’t stand the real insects!! But for his fans are brave enough to control the noise of the insects as his critics talk, we kill them with love and kindness!!

                                                                                         LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks!


20 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TALKING INSECTS

  1. Hi LK,

    Hope you don’t mind me writing here. As u know, I don’t know where else to do the comments. It didn’t appear after each of your articles. Hope u get this too. Don’t know whether you are able to or u find it troublesome to search the twilight zone which I seemed to enter always …????

    Have you seen the video of ss501 on Golden Fishery. Very nice video. Can see how wioodse HJ answers to the interview. Also the topic on how he was chosen as Leader. Also the Lan Kwai Fong issue..

    Drop Knee Guru video also good. Interesting and very hilarious.

    see ya

  2. Hi LazerKim,

    Thanks goodness you are OK. Hope everything is back to normal quickly. Take care. Sorry I used this page to comment. It is in my favourite. Don’t know which button to press in order to write to you. Hope you get this.


  3. Hi LazerKim,

    Hello, How are u?
    What is the difference between this page (talking insects being the first article) and the other page of yours? (1st article is memory mode). This page I can leave comments (I put it in my favourite) but the other one I could not leave comment. I must have hit some buttons or what?? I actually lost this page.( where I can comment). Only managed to get it back after a long time. So I was quietly reading your articles but could not leave comment. How I get back this page? I also dunno.
    My modem is giving me problem. That is why hard to register to twitter. Now I managed to register. How do I follow you? Must I switch on the twitter all the time and minimize it in order to surf the net or is there a sound to tell you there is a new post.

    • Hello tity! My apologies, you have the same experience with sazs, it also happen to me whenever i reply to my comment box my reply doesn’t appear! or it does but when I come to reply to others it’s gone!! Something must be wrong with wordpress I think. Anyway I’ll leave my email ad many fans do email me maybe if they have the same experience as yours. one time i think i copy paste your comment where i found from somewhere at the twilight zone!! LOL here’s my email, just point your mouse if it doesn’t appear on blackground > (
      I’m not good with this internet but probably i’ll let somebody help you out, i hope you can come back to this article. Thank you so much for reading and see you again take care always! Have a great day ahead of you and God bless..

    • Hello sazs!! Oh i’m so sorry this happens to me too, please try again if you have time, I really do not know what’s wrong with wordpress or this page, I replied to the comments now I notice none of my replies appeared, so i have to reply again! My apology again I’m not good with internet so I don’t know either how i can resolve! Thank you for reading and I do hope I can get hold of the post you left here and read from you. Do take care, and see you again. Have a pleasant day God bless.

  4. Hi LK, so right you are they are insects,bugs. Dramabeans and alkpop are always so anti KHJ, why? – really why? HJ has just proved himself to be the BEST and to shine always. He is adding fans like no other all over the place, he is honest and working like crazy, even if it takes a toll on his health, he is actually changing the rules of the drama filming, which is good for everysingle actor in SK, thos no good people just trashing and bashing a real They are just boiling my blood here, really. BOF – that is how I have discovered the Hallyu Wave, had no idea about, all because of KHJ and so this applies to a lot of HJ fans, instead of being just thankfull that the SK is breaking the borders of Asia with BOF because of the cast of BOF (i am nice here and including all) wtf they want? (pardon my language there). Well that said, thanks for the last days articles, loved them all, the pictures made my days, hope you are feeling better now and I take this oportunity to apologise to Razor and hope we are still friends=Aliens. I do hope HJ will get a bit of time to rest this coming weekend should be fun in BKK. Oh, only one night in BKK that is all I want on the 29th it suits me just fine….. dreams…..:) God Bless and have a nice week!:)

    • Hi Noya! ^^ it was just a different opinion so there’s nothing to apologize about 😉 and as Lazerkim said we are a lovely family (^-^) I know I went a little wild :c xd. Argh I stopped going to allkpop, it seems ppl there have no neurons at all! Maybe their idols are not as successful as our Hyun Joong lol so they are totally envious! xd

  5. Hello lazer unnie!! Late reply today.. the last pic! OMG can’t stop laughing..

    Hyun Joong-ssi, do you know how great you’re defended by your fans against antis? they all have prepared nets to catch insects and bugs..LOL We are fans of HJ and we don’t have any time to check other artists’ updates and articles, but how come they have time to check even on their haters too? hatred is cured by peace and love and it the most powerful weapon.. Until they understand by themselves they won’t agree..really funny to read the comments of those jobless people..LOL

    Hyun Joong-ssi is back safely in homeland.. Wish him good health and happiness..

    Thank you unnie andT ake care.. May Triple Gem Bless You , HJ and All..

  6. Yes you Are right,I feel burning too when I read all those comments just want to throw any word that can make feel better.But,again our united in one and my alien family always remind me to stay calm, anyway they just dirty insect who like to fly around.he he he sorry Lk and thank you to always with us. You know,the thing is…they keep on criticise HIM,in fact HE the one who brought the rating up.Who doesn’t know KOREA NATIONAL SUNBAE? He is the one,JI HOO SUNBAE…KIM HYUN JONG. BOF without HIM,NOT DELICIUS!!! Thanks sist,will pray for HIS health and succes.god blessj

  7. Dear LK,
    I was reading the negative comments about KHJ by that particular anti and no matter how hard i tried to keep cool and calm, she really did get on my nerves. Then as I was reading all the positive comments written by KHJ supporters, I was able to keep cool again, especially by one fan who wrote about the copyright was pre-sold for billions of won and no other actors had done it before. I felt a surge of pride for KHJ and if only I could tell that anti-fan straight to her face some of my thoughts!!!! But your words were constantly at the back of my mind too….not to use vulgar words and respect others cos we are KHJ fans. Sigh….thanks for always reminding us to keep our calm. That anti-fan would surely get one heck of a verbal abuse if not for u LK. That was yesterday though. Come to think of it I am not acting my age when it comes to KHJ. LOL
    Btw, LK do you know where I can watch the interview with KBS Entertainment with eng sub? I am so want to know what he was saying in the interview. It looks fun and sounds fun but I dont understand any word of it. Tsk..tsk.
    See you again tomorrow. Bye

    • hahahaha….I can imagine how you look like your face turning red burning hot in anger!! LOL Here’s my suggestion, if you’re tempted to badmouth just write INSECT that’s gonna be your term for bad word!! LOL i understand how you feel just like me during the Mnet that I was calling red alert at the twitter i was so close to badmouth then I just write ROBOT! i know how difficult it is to control ones temper. But you can be a better winner if an educated person would read your comment you would even win the hearts of people with brain. Harsh words doesn’t even make a person stronger it would only show weak coward. That’s how I see that critic .
      Congratulations you have saved yourself from heart attack!! LOL I asked somebody from You Tube to translate the interview I just hope she got my message i’ll share it as soon i got it.
      Thank you again and take care have a great weekend see you again and God bless

  8. read your article and went to allkpop and dramabeans to read those ‘weird’ comments, haha, it’s been a while since I stop read their comment section, but now you just made me curious ;p thank you Lazer Kim for your daily dose ^^

    • Hello there you are i miss you!! I hope everything is fine with you! Yes do you know that you were the first who taught me where to find those insects?? LOL it’s true, you’ve been very helpful dear and very sharp on nega articles if you remember Rachel Boon!!! It’s been a while i haven’t heard from you although I know you still read my blog!!
      Thank you so much and welcome back, please do take care and have a blessed Sunday see you again! God bless…

  9. shoooo shoooo bugs/insects go away.. my Star Prince doesn’t like you so i will protect him from all of you.. lion-tiger insect killer to the rescue.. lols … sppraaaayyyyyy… ssshhhhhhhhhh but oh well, critics does add some spice to a life of an entertainer.. haha.. without them, it would be boring.. we cannot really obliterate them all.. woohhhooo.. just like, there’s good and evil.. it goes hand in hand.. kekeke.. and you are right sis LZ when you say that because of these critics non-fans became curious about the subject of criticism then eventually, once they know Kim Hyun Joong-ssi, all of them will be hooked up and eventually get addicted to our Star Prince.. woooooooootttttttt.. kekekeke…

    reading or watching elders being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong-ssi, cheering for him, shouting for his name, makes me misty eyed.. it’s really so touching.. oh well, who can resist that adorable face, the healing idol of the whole Universe.. just by looking at his handsome smiling face you tend to forget that you are facing some problem or hardships or battle in your life.. all you can do is be happy and keep smiling like an insane person.. hahaha.. and even babies & animals like him.. haha..

    im so missing my Star Prince for days now.. aishhh.. but i wish he is now relaxing and resting coz he’s been so busy the past few days that he’s already getting sick.. gosh, really hard headed workaholic handsome prince.. deep sigh.. all the stunts is really making me nervous too, so i am praying for his safety always.. it’s all i can do.. the power of prayer..

    God bless my Star Prince Hyun Joong-ssi.. Saranghaeyo my namdongsaeng.. my cutie baby brother.. kekee.. see you soon.. wooooottttttt.. oh i can’t hide my excitement sistah.. lolsl

    Thanks for the wonderful article sis LZ.. take care always.. and don’t be hard headed too.. take extra care of yourself okay.. God bless! ~~ kiss kiss ~~

    • hahaha hello sis!! You’re way of driving the insects make me laugh! Your count down starts tomorrow I’m so excited that you’ll finally meet the Prince, now the space in this blog shall be waiting for your return and share your experience with us. Sis I’m telling you HJ wasn’t resting he had interview recording!! LOL HJ doesn’t know the word rest!!
      Thank you so much sis, this blog miss you and I miss you so much! And that reminds me someone responded to your comment box, I couldn’t remember which of the articles but i think it was the last comment you wrote. I’m sorry i forgot about it since you were busy with your documents.
      Now enjoy your moment with HJ in bangkok I’m sure it will be a most memorable one. Oh I’ll write about FM again tomorrow to remind again. See you around take care and God bless..

      • what do you mean my countdown starts tomorrow?? i’ve been doing my countdown ever since i got my TA.. wooooottttttttttttt.. hahahaha.. wei wei wei.. im so happy.. haha. im so excited and i cant’ hide it.. though there are things that’s worrying me, one is the storm that’s coming and keep on coming.. omo, not on the day of my flight.. wahhh.. im gonna go crazy.. its been raining non-stop for 2 days now and i have read on one twit that it will be like this until friday.. wahhhhh… please somebody tell me its all a joke.. wahhh.. oh well, our flight is on saturday, so Mr. Sunshine please show yourself on the coming days especially on Saturday.. wahhh.. but by hook or by hook i have to be at Thai FM.. wahhhhh.. this obstacles are driving me crazy.. aish.. i’ve stopped worrying and thinking of negative things ever since i have met Bro. Bo Sanchez, but right now until im not yet in THailand lots of worries are occupying my mind.. hahahaha.. negative vibes go away.. shhhhoooooo shhhoooooooooo shhhooooo.. its like an insect that keeps bugging me.. lols.. omo omo omo… i wish i am already in Thailand now.. wahhh.. gosh, atleast i won’t be worried anymore… deep sigh… i need an overload of KHJs cuteness.. haha.. i will just focus on that and forget things that worries me… gosh… me and my worries.. lols..

        glad to know he’s already back in SK.. i hope he’ll get enough rest.. but as you always say, he doesn’t know the real meaning of the word just like you.. haha.. omo, i need to send the meaning of the word rest to you and to our Idol.. hahaha.. wahhhhh.. aish chincha.. 😦

        praying for good health for you and our Prince Joongie-ah.. God bless always! take care! ~~ kiss kiss ~~

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