Kim Hyun Joong… [article] EXPLOSIVE STAR

By: LazerKim        Yesterday some photos of explosive scenes from City Conquest filming were revealed as Kim Hyun Joong riding his motorcycle on a chase and a scene of two cars crash being exploded into a blast of flame. As we all know City Conquest is an action romance drama fold into one interesting plot. Little by little the production management reveals what had been achieved in its filming these past weeks at the location set. This is just the start in Japan as the filming continue its way to US, China, Myanmar, Switzerland, and Singapore.

While the photos of the explosive scene were revealed, there’s news caption that says “Will Kim Hyun Joong becomes the Next Generation of Lee Byung Hun?”  Lee Byung Hun is the lead star of Iris in 2009 action drama, and incidentally the director of Iris Yang Yoon Ho is the same director of City Conquest in 2012. Some fans reacted of course, we want Hyun Joong to have his own identity. It’s just that in this news may have reminded us about Iris since the director for this drama and City Conquest is the same director Yang Yoon Ho.

Well honestly, I see an Asia Tom Cruise in Kim Hyun Joong, for me it’s like seeing a remake of Top Gun in Asian version!! I just remembered in one talk show Hyun Joong was saying, if he’ll be given a second chance to live again he would like to be Tom Cruise!! Well Hyun Joong definitely is a very young and handsome version of a Hollywood star. But of course in reality Kim Hyun Joong is somebody who is unique and exceptional that no matter how others may see him or even Hyun Joong sees himself, he will remain just one Kim Hyun Joong. A very special person in his own uniqueness in many aspects in real.

Kim Hyun Joong now turns to an action star and why not, with his handsome looks and manly physique, he has the ability to create a perfect character out of Baek Mir as the main character in this drama. The plot is based from the manga or comic book adaptation that it was said there may be a bit changes in the scenes in this drama. The drama production management may reveal some of the scenes that has already filmed but they said they definitely keep the plot secret! In short they will keep the anticipating audience curious over what is in store in this drama!!

So far what have we seen during the shooting of this drama? First we have seen Hyun Joong wearing a traditional Japanese costume, then we have seen him in geisha which really gives me the idea that somehow this drama has some funny scenes. It was said there were ninjas on the filming set, so for sure there will be martial arts fighting! And then it was after Hyun Joong concert on the 16th that the explosive shoots were filmed, it must a massive action which is just so exciting. And then yesterday somebody tweet that the wedding scene was filmed, then I would assume this must be happy romantic ending! I can’t help but laugh at my thoughts with what I am seeing out of the filming!!

Last Thursday it was said the Nikko Edo Wonderland was closed for public viewing, as the filming continues, about a hundred of extra cast were being filmed and after with the extras gathered and took a group picture. I’m not so sure though if Hyun Joong was in the picture too. It seems the atmosphere at Edo has become festive since the shooting of this drama started. Hyun Joong seem to be enjoying his time while filming which i think is good for him. The ambiance of the place is all natural and historic, old ancient houses were being preserves plus the green nature can somehow makes a person relax even in his work.

Doing action movies and dramas is such a challenge for any actor. It calls for a lot of physical effort to exert on fight scenes, either by fist, martial art or ammunition, sword or gun duel race and chase ect, these are just a few of what we see in an action movie or drama. Baek Mir rides the motorcycle, so just from this scene, it takes a skilled rider to make a good filming of a chase scene, but this is quite risky than a car chase. Now Hyun Joong takes that ride in a motorcycle chase scene. At the film set, it was said he was quite skilled with motorcycle as he did the scene of motorcycle chase.

Oh my, I know this is good but I still wish he has a stunt double doing this. Hyun Joong doing fight scenes is alright with me but please not on the chase and jump scenes!! I’m a very realistic person and I can accept stunt scenes done by stunt actors. And Korean action directors are quite smart doing techniques to make such scenes realistic. I’ll go for that but please, I do hope Yang Yoon Ho the director for City Conquest won’t let Hyun Joong take any danger risking scenes.

Hyun Joong is such an adventurer who would like to try on anything and quite brave in doing so. The only thing that scares him are insects and nothing more than that!!Other than the reason why Hyun Joong really wants to experience dramas is the act of danger that a real man can face manly challenge exactly what this drama calls for. Now Hyun Joong is getting what he wanted in his acting career, and knowing the guy would work on his very guts, this time he really has to seriously take care of himself.

What we have seen in the pictures circulated yesterday is just the start. The filming will surely escalate the action scenes as the drama filming gets dipper and for 20 episodes Hyun Joong still has a long way to go and work on. Although seeing him to be enjoying his work I would be happier yet a bit worried one way or another of his being a natural risk taker and being a perfectionist. He would try on something and if he can’t perfect it, he’ll do it over and over till he gets it, that he doesn’t mind at all if he has to repeat a hundred times on his own until he content himself to perfection. That’s him!

As a singer, every time Hyun Joong goes out there every where he is to perform, he always leave an explosive performance that shakes any country he’s in and leave it with a memorable marks of Kim Hyun Joong. Now he’s doing it for real as an actor, this time he’s acting with explosives!! As the filming gets hotter, the more eagerness we fans feel and just dying to see Kim Hyun Joong in action. He will be showing another side of himself which we have not seen in him before. Kim Hyun Joong continue to amaze everyone about himself from a rock star and this time a challenging actor as an Explosive Star ever born!!

                                                                                            Lazerkim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks!


17 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] EXPLOSIVE STAR

  1. Ok KHJ is the only ONE … no need to compare! he is doing what he wants and how he wants and the new trend in K Drama – is to film not on a 24-26 hours daily but …. more normal! Good for Hj he is a real LEADER in making changes! So proud of HIM. Thanks LK as usual my daily dose, and thank you for doing that even though you don’t always feel well. Take care:)

  2. Tom crues is my top idol movie star,but since I knew the namja call KIM HYUN JOONG,Tom?no more…he he keanu reeve? Gone,cause I found all in 1 person.dont get me wrong,cause people difffrent opinion,for me all in one is KIM HYUN JOONG,singing,a acting,cf,funny, unieqe,wierd, wow!all in one.Wish luck to our STUBBORN PRINCE.take care Lk,waiting you daily dose as always.God bless

    • Hello!! Why do we have the same favorite??!!! Keanu Reeve is also my favorite i watched all his films same with Tom Cruise and yes when I found Kim Hyun Joong gone with all the Hollywood favorites!! That makes KHJ unique, he’s all in one package what more can I ask for he has everything!!
      Thank you always and see you again! Have a blessed Sunday and God bless…

  3. i like his manly look in breakdown era. heavy and hard! he’s getting slimmer and slimmer nowadays. he looks younger coz the face looks smaller but i think that how he should be in the first few episodes of the drama. i hope im correct in that aspect and see him gain weight and more manly as the story progresses.

    yes i remember that picture where he looked like tom cruise. i envision hyunjoong to conquer hollywood in the future if he is consistent with his clamor for improvement and new things in running his career. i want to see him side by side caliber actors in the US just like rain had been. i want to see him perform in big concert arenas. fanbase wise, he is a global star already! hence, my vision is definitely feasible! agree or disagree?

    thanks again, lk!

    • Hello!! Well I do sure hope he’s doing this just for the few episodes of the drama and I hope he’ll eat normal. I agree with you more than ever HJ has those caliber to be in line with the Hollywood stars and he one unique star among all.
      Thanks you so much see you again have a blessed Sunday and God bless

  4. Saying about insects, I read that there was a walking scene and HJ was doing fine at first and when the director is about to call “cut”, HJ sudddenly raised his hands and waved because the insect flew in front of him. LOL still afraid of insects,how lovely is he.
    Lazer unnie,Thanks for your daily dose.My day doesn’t complete without reading your articles.

    • LOL i actually have a photo of that scene but it’s too blurred!! Yes he’s never scared of anything except the insect the real one and the insects whom his fans deals with!! LOL Thanks you very have….have a good weekend…I feel bored updates for today is slow!! Take care and God bless….see you again!

  5. Even if the production has stunts, HJ will ‘fight’ to make those scenes himself x.x OTL I can’t wait to see the geisha scene XD sooo sexy ^^ I kinda don’t like spoilers, but they are everywhere to be seen so it’s almost impossible to avoid them xd I just do hope the filming goes smoothly and that our baby has a happy time shooting the drama :3

    • LOL yes that goes for me too i want to see that scene he’s in geisha!! i think HJ is having a good time filming this drama he’s enjoying it! Stunts really worry me I can’t help it, I’ve seen how his boss suffered from accident because of action scene in his last drama, and he couldn’t stand filming anymore because of his physical condition. That i do not want HJ to experience.
      Thanks owl and see you again, take care God bless.

  6. Dearest Lk,
    Thanks again for the updates. I have to agree that he looks a bit thinner and the face is getting smaller too..Nevertheless still dashing as always. Hopefully he is healthy and not overworks himself again…our stubborn hero.
    I cant stop grinning from ear to ear upon reading about hin being the ASsia’s Tom Cruise. We do have the same thought Lk dear. And i couldnt agree more that there’s one and

    only Khj but we can surely have mote than one Tom Cruise. Ok see u again tmorow. Dont get sick Lk. Take care.

    • Hello kyong the Prince of Stubborn and the Hero of Hardheaded, that’s the new nickname I’m giving him!! LOL There’s a picture of HJ that looks like Tom Cruise like that one in Top Gun, wearing dark glasses, that’s Hyun joong aka Tom Cruise. no offense but HJ is even talented bcoz he’s also a singer, he has a better plus than Tom Cruise kekeke
      Thank you and see you again don’t worry even i get sick I’ll be here everyday!! If I’m not then there’s a very very valid reason. Reading is your dose, for me writing is my dose. Take care and have a pleasant weekend, God bless…

  7. Dearest Lk,
    Thanks again for the updates. I have to agree that he looks a bit thinner and the face is getting smaller too..Nevertheless still dashing as always. Hopefully he is healthy and not overworks himself again…our stubborn hero.
    I cant stop grinning from ear to ear upon reading about hin being the ASsia’s Tom Cruise. We do have the same thought Lk dear. And i couldnt agree more that there’s one and

    only Khj but we can surely have mote than one Tom Cruise

  8. helloooo ms LK! how you doing na?better? if so….ok enjoy ur ice water! thank you sa update…i think hyun joong seriously needs to gain a bit more,his pretty face is raelly getting smaller anyway wagass pa rin.kaso nga tigas ulo gaya mo lol!cant w8 4 this drama…exciting! but worried at the same tym those kind of scene wahhh katakot huh!”pls LORD protect our hj” thank you again ms LK take care dont be sick pls… baka aq nman magksakit pag d makabasa ng article mo!happy weekend everyone TGIS!by the way ms LK punta ka allkpop 2day mga comments dun is so funny there’s some insects but more on aliens family its really fun…sarap tsinelasin lol! see u 2morow!

    • I should have been much better eh kaso bumagyo ang lola mo nabasa ng ulan!! HJ has to eat forget the diet and eat as much then go galloping around the set he immediately burn what he eats!! Nako galing nga ako dun sa allkpop, nanliliit ako sa mga sinasabi ng mga lamok doon. Tingin ko mga student yun andun. oo nga tawa ako ng tawa pinutakte cya ng mga alien pero ang matigas, kala ko nkatulog na aba nag rest back pa rinLOL!! Kaloka dun!!
      Thanks always have a nice weekend and yes see you tom!! Take care ms wagasss .Ay Sunday bukas magbawas ng kasalanan masama ang pumatay lalo na kun ang gamit ay sinelas!! God bless…

      • tsk tsk tsk feeling ng lola waterproof sya! o yes tom. is sunday ipadadasal q silang lahat para 2migil na sila magbabait- baitan aq sa kanila bukas.take care ms LK!

        • hahahaha mabait ka naman pala eh!! Hala sige pagdasal mo ng matauhan at maalog ang mga utak, baka nagkabuholhol lang sa dami ng salagubang nanirahan sa kanila!! LOL

          • bait baitan nga e ms LK. pagaling ka wag tigas ulo mo kc….bka kaw sinelasin q jooookkkkeee lang po takot q lang sau!!!!!!!!!!

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