Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ALIEN FAMILY!

By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong completed his shooting yesterday at Utzunomia, capital city of Tochigi Ken. It was said he ended the day’s filming eating yakitori or chicken bar B que as he was spotted at one yakitori shop in Utzunomia!! There was a crowd of spectators along the facade of the shopping mall after knowing that Hyun Joong was inside the yakitori shop and I can only assume there were some fans within the area!

As of this morning, at the twitter it was said that there were changes about his schedule that Hyun Joong is going back home to Korea sooner than the original schedule on 27th. He’s coming home tomorrow 21st. Oh I’m glad about this news, instead of going to Bangkok from Japan which I can imagine a lot more stressful. Now with this schedule at least he can still have ample time to prepare for his fan meeting concert in Bangkok.

Then he is scheduled to have his press con in Bangkok on the 28th before the fan meeting concert on the 29th. Hyun Joong still has commitment with the 4th of Aug. for the Asia Song festival. Anyway, I’ll iron out details by tomorrow’s article, since I have just read this news from twitter, so we’ll see with the official news. This is all for time being on updates.

I have been writing a lot about this drama City Conquest and I think I have failed to mention the other casts of the drama and its director. So here it goes:

Directed By: Yang Yoon Ho

Written By: Hwang Joo-Ha


Kim Hyun Joong – Lead star as Baek Mir

Jeong Yoo Mi – Leading lady

Nam Goong Min

Kim Seung Woo

kim Hee Won

This is just how far I can go as I have read names of the cast. I’m not familiar with the director though, but he directed Iris, which I have watched, then Jeong Yoo Min whom I have watched at Dong Yi, Kim Seung Woo whom I have watched at Hotelier. I don’t mean to be mean but I would not care so much as to who the other cast in this drama, meaning it’s alright with me whoever works with Kim Hyun Joong, I would accept and support for as long as Hyun Joong is in the drama as lead or not I will still watch.

Whenever I watch Korean drama, if I buy DVDs I always consider the plot and not so much with the actors actually. This is the only time that I would choose the other way around. For as long as Hyun Joong is in the drama I will buy the DVD or watch him on-line, until such time the drama will be aired in my country.

I have read from the insect camp, that it appears director and other casts of City Conquest  now are being criticized!! As I have mentioned in my recent article, the insects are just so busy trying to destroy City Conquest. Now it appears to me if they can not destroy Hyun Joong then they would try to do so with the others who are working for this drama!! I can only scratch my head and say to myself, you can never please everybody!! Well, I won’t try to insist my opinion to others, it’s just that anything you read in this blog will always be Kim Hyun Joong.

And because I’m an avid fan, naturally I would defend him no matter what, specially if Hyun Joong is already been insulted by bashful negative comments. That I would not allow without defense. And I would be surprised if a fan could not defend her idol specially if the idol has not done anything wrong. BOF was badly criticized but I was just wondering, they too watched the drama!!

It’s just as simple as if you do not like the drama then don’t watch it!! Why else would you watch if the actor who was performing in that drama is not your preference. Without them realizing that the most person they dislike even won high ratings because they watched!! Then criticize, so I don’t really see the logic!! Oh well we should ignore those in the first place, I have already learned my lesson!!

May I just raise my hat up to Kim Hyun Joong fans, we may have a different opinion in some other areas but we get to be united in ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong. We do share our opinion that others may or may not agree, but stating those opinion in the professional way does matter. Then not taking it personally is one thing I admire. This is what I have seen in this blog during my absence, there may be discussions but everyone stayed calm and proper in stating their points and I’m so thankful and proud of being Kim Hyun Joong fan, because my co-fans are as respectable as ever.

There was a new fan who happen to have read some discussions and she herself was impressed on how other fans deals with some negatives that in the end we still talk. We’re like family here, and this is what I would like this space to be. Well, in a family, it’s so natural to have indifference, it’s simply because we have individual opinion but at the end of the day we still get to hug each other. And I think this is what family is all about. No matter what we’re still family in one Kim Hyun Joong.

Other readers of this blog are not fans, but they pretend to be specially not stating their user name and saying they are fans but actually they are not. I know who’s who, but still they are welcome to read my blog for as long as none of them would leave me a bashful insulting or not so good language in negative comments which I apologize that I have to delete the comment. Simply because majority of my readers are elders and professionals. Then I got some minors who are regular readers too. We noonas I think should site a good example to the minors by not using bad words.

I do love reading opinion and views from other fans and I do learn from them too. And do you know that a lot of other fans became close to me through this blog and from there other fans have met in this blog also became friends among themselves. I brought them to twitter and from there they also find other fans and became friends. There’s now that connection among them through this blog and I’m happy having you around. Then from here on, can grow we multiply as we welcome new fans around and who knows some insects might just turn to be one of us. You can never tell, nothing is impossible nowadays.

I never intended to close doors to anyone even the haters. They hate simply because they barely know the guy and since we are the ones who knows him better, then maybe it would be better to let them know as to who he is, a person who does not deserve harmful or bashful negatives. If we can’t convince them, although I do not intend to go that far, then so be it. They will remain insects to us.

Quite recently during the time Hyun Joong launched Heat and he was on his busiest days of promoting, I happen to have read a blog from Yamapi fan. I was quite surprised that among the blogs I have read I think the fans from Yamapi blog are I would say courteous. In such a way, the fans were worried about Yamapi’s single over Hyun Joong’s Heat, but none of the fans were even bashful about Hyun Joong.

Then I came to know that the young ones from yamapi’s camp are also admirers of Hyun Joong. I somehow felt deeply for the fans though since I came to know Love Chase was Yamapi’s first single and that Hyun Joong and Yamapi have similar history in their careers, since one of Hyun Joong’s fans told me Yamapi’s story.

Yamapi was said to have similarities with Hyun Joong since both belongs to idol group before they have decided to go solo. I also found out that Yamapi’s single was important to him, which I understand being his first. A full album was said to be released after his first single. Then to Yamapi’s fans, do support your idol’s album, if he was not able to make it on his first single, then I do hope he’ll be able to do so on his full album. Just the same with Kim Hyun Joong, his debut Kiss Kiss may not be at No.1 at Oricon in January but the album made it to gold record status.

I don’t think I would consider Yamapi as Hyun Joong’s competitor, it just happen that they both had released their singles at the same time. Actually Hyun Joong does not have a competitor, well only one who tried playing dirty tricks on him during one poll voting. Still Kim Hyun Joong is way beyond comparable in so many aspects being a star. Just my opinion. Be it a singer or actor Kim Hyun Joong will remain to be my ONLY ONE, and shall be supporting to the best I can and to protect him with all my strength.

In all honesty, before I decided to write for Kim Hyun Joong, it took me some months of researching about the guy, simply because I do not want to deceive those who would read my articles. Neither would I write an imaginary person out of him, I have accepted Kim Hyun Joong for who he is in reality and that is what you read in my articles. The more I get to know him better the more it pushed me to write. I was never wrong about my decision.

My apology if I may not seem to attach Hyun Joong from other celeb as partner in his personal relationship. As I have said in my other article, not unless Hyun Joong faces the camera and confess about it, which I believe he already had, having one love of his life, then I’ll just take it from there. Still his personal privacy remains his as I respect. I’m just not fond of pairing him up with others.

I think Hyun Joong have created a family within the Alien world, since there’s grandma fans, mother fans, the big sisters, young teenage sisters, the minors and probably one of these days we’ll be growing even with the male fans!! Well I wouldn’t be surprised since I have spotted a lot of male fans from his recent concerts in Saitama. We can only welcome them as well, and hopefully they can identify themselves as Hyun Joong fans too. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

As Kim Hyun Joong build this world with us, we unite in our support and love for him with all our sincerity. As we share the same love for each other as one big ALIEN FAMILY!!

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, KHJean14, thanks!


25 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ALIEN FAMILY!

  1. Thank you lazerkim for your articles. I really love it. Its my daily dose. Kim hyun joong is a great artist…and has a great personality…thats why a lot of his fans from all over the world loves him..but sad to say that there are People will throw rocks to the things that shine…but whatever they say we the family of the alien prince will protect him no mattet whatbecause we know better..

    • Hello sweet sugarmaple!! I love your user name. thanks so much for reading. Hyun Joong is climbing up his ladder real fast for a rookie like him. The envy and jealous just doesn’t like that idea so they will try the best that they can to bring him down but One can never bring a good man down. We will always remember that because that is the truth. We just have to stick together and be at his side always, to protect him. Thank you and see you again, take care Have a wonderful day ahead of you…God bless.

  2. hello LZ..well i have a good reading once again…ThANK U!! and how are u these days?? i happen to be soo busy these days as well and yet i still have to find my time reading your daily dose for us (Articles)..i dont mind those insects anymore unless they would come again and leave such comments in your Article comment box then ..AM SORRY but i have to defend HJ with all my might that could drives them crazy..LOL!….and yes we have something in common most especially as you’ve stated the fact and the whole truth about him being paired with others??? for myself i dont have any particular ‘others’ for HJ unless he would expose that in public that he had with ??? and yet so far i havent got any news that he had relationship with any of the celebrities for real and if he has now??..i am not the fantasista like..anyways i understand, dreaming is free then so be it..anyway its so funny to know that he always get married on shall i count how many wives he has got now??…waiting for CC’s airing ,am so excited about everything in it..lets pray that filming will gonna be always in safety measures especially for KHJ’s part^^..Thanks and GOD bless u as always and so the Aliens and of course KHJ..

    • Hello sis! I’m bit better now than the past days thanks. As you said we have something in common, you’re right. Celeb can never get away from media specially about their privacy. Just like u I haven’t read any news too. I agree.
      You are always in defense about negatives and I appreciate how u deal with it in this blogs as always decent & proper, thanks. I’m so excited about CC too and he’s getting married in this drama again!! i wouldn’t be surprised if HJ ends up like his boss BYJ still a bachelor at his late age!! LOL
      Thanks always and see you around! Take care God bless…

  3. Hi Lk,read this article feel like read the letter from my sister who talk about our lovely brother.ah…can feel how deep our love to HIM. ALIEN FAMILY will never end. I wish the hatter/ antis learn from you.learn how to respect other and deal in the right way,so… They will not always in the dark mind and learn what the meaning of PEACE.Take care sist,god bless. Ps. I saw HIS picture in scene action, WOW! HE is a HERO.

    • Hello!! We can always state our point of view without being bashful or insulting. It’s easier to read concrete opinion than bitter words!! It’s easier to understand kindness than bitterness. Hyun Joong will always be the hero for real in our lives.Thanks for sharing your thoughts, have a pleasant and take care see you again..God bless..

  4. hello ms LK! glad to hear from u again…im reading ur article everyday huh but 2day parang iba…tagos sa puso dont know why talaga!thank u thank u mabuhay ka ms LK!

    • Nako Ms wagass hinahanap kta, gusto ko itawa sakit ko yun lng yun!!! Once i get to read from you I get relieved over laughing at you!! How r u? Eh kc nga yun isang sulat lam mo yun hndi lng ako mka reply syo down talaga ako nun out of swollen tonsils I still have it i can’t laugh because it still hurts. Like idol like fan as they say!! So here I go after HJ having that sore throat I got mine but swollen tonsils! I sang a lot of ANATA NI then drunk ice water I think is not good!! Now I have to stay home because of on and off fever. May kamag anak kn dito si hanz!! LOL lam mo tingin ko s inyong dlawa mga taga masid!! LOL. I’m glad to hear from you. Thanks again and see u tomorrow take care God bless…

      • stubborn ms lk ka nga! swollen tonsil???ice water??ok ka lang?manang mana ka talaga sa idol mo… tigas ulo!taga masid talaga dba nung isang araw umuusok ang comment box mo ang saya saya hahaha!take care ok!? kung i2ng ear q mkakapag.mura minura na aq wala akong alam na kanta now ANATA NI lng.see u ms LK pagaling ka!

          • elow girls Ms. LK and Ms. at asul na laso na binansagan ni LK ng ms. Wagas! yap andi2 lng ako nagmamasid ika nga, nag nonose bleed ako sa pagbabasa ng mga komento sa wikang banyaga kalurky naghuhukay pa ako sa baul ng mga naaangkop na mga saita.
            mga kataga na kung saan hndi ka makakasakit sa kapwa mo na parehong nagmamahal at humahanga sa ONLY ONE natin.
            sa sobrang lakas ng virus ni hyun joong lumipad kay ms. lk lol! and mind you swollen tonsil daw? tapos medication ice water! tumpak!
            pagaling ka lam mo nmang madami ang masugid na sumusubaybay sa blog mo kasama na dun ang mga insekto. natawa talaga ako sa words of endearment mo sa mga kalaban – insect camp. lol! hnd nakakapagtaka kung bakit takot na takot si only one natin sa mga insekto.
            at agree ako sa yo hnd na nag iisa si asul na laso dito may kadamay na siya sa pagmamasid…

            thank you so much MS. LK for the effort of sharing your thoughts,views, opinions and to keep us updated about our idol. Most especially making all fans of hyun joong to be united as one regardless of which country you came from. through your blog we can gain friends all around the world…
            God Bless and do take good care of your health. see you again.

  5. With City Conquest, Kim Hyun Joong will be a bigger star than before. I am sure a lot of the insects don’t like that. They will do anything to sabotage his new drama projects. It happens all the time.

    The director Yang Yoon Ho is a great director for action films, e.g. Iris. For him to choose KHJ as his main star for the new project is huge in recognizing KHJ’s talents & potentials. He obviously believes KHJ can bring the character to life. Furthermore, he knows KHJ has the potential to make it in Hollywood just like Lee Byung Hun. He is looking far into the future.

    The producer produces only big-budget TV drama series, so he obviously knows where to put his money. The writer did well with Lie to me. Lie to me is very popular in China, Japan and even in the Philippines. I prefer manga over traditional scriptwriting because the storyline does not change simply because of fan reactions. A lot of the K-dramas started really good but the ending really sucks. They keep changing the storyline to please the fans, that they wandered so far off the course that they didn’t know how to get back to finish the story.

    Some so-called critics keep questioning why KHJ keep picking only drama based on manga because at least you know how the story will end. These so-called critics are just trying to bully KHJ’s fans and the fans should not hesitate to fight back and disagree.

    • Hello there! You know what? it surprises me that even script writers are becoming the subject of criticism that I couldn’t understand why. And foreigners are the once criticizing them. I wonder now how much do they know about the language, to judge on a korean drama?? Poor thing writers are just doing their job I think these critics are even Korean drama haters!! For whatever reason but somehow it bothers me.
      Dragon lady thanks but may I beg your indulgence for saying I find you user name interesting!! My student dancers call me dragon because i’m a strict choreographer!! LOL it’s no joke they call me that, it’s just good they do so not behind my back but right upfront of me!! LOL thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. See you again, take care dragon have a pleasant day and God bless…

  6. Omo… I really think we really need to create our own world outside of all this critics… The ALIEN WORLD !
    Some people tend to judge and criticize others without even getting to know them first. I wonder and wonder in this head of mind why judge others or even judge things without even giving their self the chance to know that person. I only find one answer is mostly cause the issue is themselves for not giving their self a chance to explore new things and learn from others things that can be great to experience in life. HJ is full of greatness that they should focus on learning from the good instead of trying to criticize and put done his name. As soon as they give themselve that chance they will see that HJ is the most loveable person inside and out.

    It’s so true when you mentioned that they talk about BOF, but they did watch it right, it was as simple as don’t watch it and that’s IT, but Noooo they see his name or hear his name and they just can’t just stop themselve to go watch him, hear him or even click it to see what’s all about, they should just accept it that they do love him and get it over with. When I don’t like something I just do pay any attention to it.

    Critics and haters we’re always going to have to deal with them, but what really matters is how we deal with them and HJ fans, staff, co-workers and even the HJ himself have deal with all in the most admirable way, with much respect to others cause you can’t lower yourself to there same levels. We stand stronger united as one to support each others no matter what, when HJ name is mention all of his fans stand in defense, support and loving mode.

    I read this once and like it:
    Fri (END)
    Boyfri (END)
    Girlfri (END)
    Bestfri (END)
    Everything has an END, execpt …..
    …..Fam (ILY) cause Family has ( I LOVE YOU)

    Our Alien Family will never END cause we all LOVE our Star, and that’s what count!

    Thanks LK, for all your articles, even cause we ask HJ to please take some rest and take it easy we as his fan do the same, LOL like Idol like fans, always on a Non Stop work and not taking care of our health.

    I’ve been out for long, and still be out for a while cause I’m lately having some problems my own, but still a loyal reader of yours if i can read it the same day i bundle them all and read it asap.
    I also love to thanks all the fans for the updates that I can’t get to read the same day so I can keep up with the news of the alien world and our super mega star KIM HYUN JOONG.

    oh btw, LK is BfanofKHJforever, i couldn’t logged with my account from my phone.

    Ok thanks and God Bless.

    • LOL oh I just love that and i agree, no matter what happens family do stick together no matter ow far they are. We may not be family with the same blood but we have the same love for KHJ. And you’re very right, everything has end except for family. even one pass away there’s always a successor. Gosh Brenda it’s been a while and I truly miss you here, i miss your way of sharing your thoughts. Oh what am I thinking I thought I lost one good family who always helps me here to share with other fans. And that is you. Because others do read from you too.
      But please do take it easy and take good care of yourself. i care so much so please. thank you again as always, i know you’re still reading my articles and with that i’m so thankful and very pleased to hear from you again. Have a great day and take care always, see you again and may God pour many many blessing to you…

    • Hello lazer unnie, Bfanofkhj4ever unnie and aliens!! Lol.. While I was reading the first 4 or 5 lines of this comment, I was like wait! Can this be her? Bliz unnie’s own style can be recognized as I was a daily reader of her too..LOL and if there’s something like a beautiful saying or a great art, that should be her! Miss you unnie..
      As today article’s topic is Alien Family, I want to tell this to my aliens. I love you all. They all are doing a great job. Buy CDs and all, Attend concerts , fan meetings and other events to cheer HJ up, record pics and videos with their cameras and share with those who couldn’t experience them..and some swim in the whole sea of twitter to give others updates as soon as possible..and some collect all of them to post in their blogs to share with those who aren’t twitter users.. And I have seen many instances where those aliens even provide food for the fellow aliens when they are waiting for some kind of HJ’s events. Well organized and well prepared.. It’s all about sharing and caring. And even if there are cheaters or haters outside the world, the U:zoozin world is the most wonderful world to live in.. Thank you all aliens.. I will NEVER break my promise to serve in the ALIEN FORCE to PROTECT OUR PRINCE KIM HYUN JOONG!!!
      Hyun Joong-ssi Please do take care

      Thank you Lazer unnie..May Triple Gem Bless You, HJ and all aliens..

      • Dinu why are you in anonymous? I recognize you because you use Triple Gem and your the only one who use Triple Gem. Yeah Brenda came back the last time i heard from her here was during the polls right? Anyway i’m happy to hear from her. And i’m happy you’re here too! This world should have been a perfect one if only without insects around!! But then we have to face reality that we have to deal with them all the time. But we’ll take it lightly and we’ll kill them with kindness of insecticides!! LOL
        Have a nice day ahead of you Dinu i miss you too… I stayed away from twitter for a while bcoz I can’t laugh my tonsils hurt if I laugh and I always do so every time I’m on-line!! LOL Take care see you around…God bless…Oh thank you always!

    • Hello lazer unnie, Bfanofkhj4ever unnie and aliens!! Lol.. While I was reading the first 4 or 5 lines of this comment, I was like wait! Can this be her? Bliz unnie’s own style can be recognized as I was a daily reader of her too..LOL and if there’s something like a beautiful saying or a great art, that should be her! Miss you unnie..
      As today article’s topic is Alien Family, I want to tell this to my aliens. I love you all. They all are doing a great job. Buy CDs and all, vote in polls,Attend concerts and fan meetings to cheer HJ up, record pics and videos with their cameras and share with those who couldn’t experience them..and some swim in the whole sea of twitter to give others updates as soon as possible..and some collect all of them to post in their blogs to share with those who aren’t twitter users.. And I have seen many instances where those aliens even provide food for the fellow aliens when they are waiting for some kind of HJ’s events. Well organized and well prepared.. It’s all about sharing and caring. And even if there are cheaters or haters outside the world, the U:zoozin world is the most wonderful world to live in.. Thank you all aliens.. I will NEVER break my promise to serve in the ALIEN FORCE to PROTECT OUR PRINCE KIM HYUN JOONG!!!

      Please do take care Hyun Joong-ssi..

      Thank you Lazer unnie..take care..May Triple Gem Bless You, HJ and all Aliens..

      • okay, alien force lets volt in!!! to protect our ONLY ONE KIM HYUN JOONG we must kill all kinds of insects by spreading a doze of kindness,patience and love……….
        God Bless everyone !

  7. I always read your article though rarely leave a comment but this one I really wanna say thanks ….
    as personal and as a fans, I don’t know why I should say Thanks but I just want to ^^
    Find such an idol Kim Hyun Joong is the best thing I’ve ever had, till I find a family called Henecia I feel my life is completed.

    • Hello! the pleasure is mine having you here in this blog thanks so much for reading. I found home in Hyun Joong having met his fans feels like a truly family just the same with you and the others.
      Have a pleasant day and see you again! take care and God bless

  8. The other day I was on allkpop reading things and I got mad x.x I mean, they do have the right to not like HJ, but they don’t have the right to insult him. I’d love to know where he’s being bashed (if he’s being bashed in english, cuz I can’t understand chinese/jap/kor). I swear I’ve never read a justified reason to dislike him. I mean, if I don’t like someone I simply don’t pay attention to that person, but as u said, they still watch his dramas D: wtf, those are crazy ppl with no lives. ///Today I went onto twitter and saw the biggest CC spoiler ever! D: D: lol I’m glad he’s going back to Korea sooner than expected 😀 Now he can rest a bit (HJ’s way XD) before going to Thailand./// My gosh, I’m glad he ate yakitori! that’s really yummy (i prefer it with no sweet stuff) Now he has to get enough sleep and our lives would be perfect lol

    • I haven’t read allkpop i’ll chek that out, it’s fr dramabean that i read. i think they always do criticize hm there. I regret to have read such that’s why i learned my lesson!! LOL Oh owl they have lives they breath, they are not crazy I just think they do not know KHJ.
      Oh yes yummy yakitori my favorite sweet and a bit spicy!! Whenever I go to Tokyo I can eat those everyday in Ginza under the bridge!! LOL
      thanks again as always, have a nice day and God bless…

      • Many TripleS criticize HJL because his solo and success.
        They want that Hyun Joong’s fans should support other members but no request other members to improve to get more fans.
        Poor Hyun Joong.

        • Oh poor thing,i don’t know what to say, HJ had already captured my whole being He’s already a soloist when i started following him., it was only then i found out about SS501. *sigh*….

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