Kim Hyun Joong … [article] TRAVELING STAR

By: LazerKim           Kim Hyun Joong has been staying in Japan for over two weeks now and I think among all the days, twitter is bit quiet yesterday. Later in the evening yesterday the news broke that there’s a typhoon coming in to Korea. I just hope this won’t bring any bad news that would bring in national calamity. Yesterday Kim Hyun Joong ended up his shooting for City Conquest, still at Edo Wonderland in heavy rain!! It was said that Hyun Joong played around with the other actors at the set. He played chasing after the other actors who portrayed ninjas under the heavy rainfall!! There goes the playful Hyun Joong, and I’m so glad he getting closer to other cast of the drama.

It feels great to be reading news that Hyun Joong is enjoying his filming. We all know how stressful and tiring this job is but I think it’s enough for me to know he’s happy wherever he is. Other cast of this drama commented how handsome Hyun Joong is but they noticed that his face is becoming smaller, which means he’s losing weight. As I read about this from somewhere I was reminded when Hyun Joong was doing BOF, that at the midst of filming and airing he was losing weight which was quite obvious towards the last episode of the drama.

Then yesterday I knew from one of the fan who is a medical staff that it’s not good to be losing 7% of Hyun Joong  fat, she said it’s not normal. Oh I just hope he doesn’t overdo the diet program the gym ect. Can’t he just eat as normal as he can anyway he’ll burn those fats since he’s working. And then I read again about his schedule that he has an event on Aug. 10 for Jinger Gaien Fireworks Festival in Tokyo.  It was said the following month he’ll divide his time between filming commitment and live performances.

What can we do, this is his job and the guy is so hard headed!! We can just watch over him from up far, then maybe we can share a little prayer for Hyun Joong’s health. I think this the least we can do, and I do understand Hyun Joong has many mother fans and grandmas who are as protective of course. It can not be helped for them to be worried about Hyun Joong like their own son and grandson, knowing how Hyun Joong works, can really be worrying. This filming will take months before it’s done. It seems to me that this drama shall be filmed first before finally airing. At least this is a bit less stressful, I hope!

Yesterday it was said that a group of primary students came to visit the Edo Wonderland while Hyun Joong was on the set filming. The teacher who was guiding told the students that Kim Hyun Joong was an AEON CF model and she said one of the mom of her student is an avid fan of Kim Hyun Joong!! I was smiling to myself while reading this update, now even teachers can teach her students about Kim Hyun Joong! Well I’m just too proud that this guy is such a model with an excellent reputation that anyone can be proud talking about him.

Quite recently I have mentioned that the local government officials of Tochigi Ken hosted a welcome presentation for Hyun Joong, the cast and the production management of this drama City Conquest. I have also mentioned that Hyun Joong shall be indirectly promoting the country Japan since a part of the drama was taken from Japan, knowing this drama shall be aired in the different countries give a tourist attraction for Japan. I find this educational as well, it doesn’t only gives interest about Hyun Joong as an actor, but it also gives the viewers a chance to know even a little about the Japanese culture and its natural beauty and tradition.

One of my favorite drama is the Korean historic genre, I careless whoever the actors are in the drama for as long I can learn something about the Korean olden days and its history. Most of these dramas are true to life stories of their heroes that I really find this interest and educational. I admire Korea for preserving their historic palaces which are indeed memorable to every Korean citizen. The idea of doing dramas out of their own history is such a brilliant idea to bring these dramas outside their country can educate the other countries about their tradition, culture and the beauty of nature in S.Korea.

If I’m going to visit S.Korea, I make sure it’s not only Hyun Joong whom I’m going to see but also his country. I would love to see the palaces where the dramas that I have watched  was filmed and it’s gonna be a big bonus for me if I can have the chance to watch Hyun Joong doing one of the historic genre as a hero of course and I’m so curious to see him in traditional costumes as a King or Prince!! Seeing his hair in top knot, I can just imagine how handsome he would look riding in a horse like a knight in a shining armor!!

But since many actors have been doing this historic genre, Hyun Joong turn on to the modern days of history, but not in Korea. He’ll be doing this in many other countries. The site where Hyun Joong is currently filming the Nikko Edo Wonderland is also a historic location as Japan preserve the place of history. It’s even interesting as I have seen some photos of the location that Japanese casts are in their traditional Kimono. Well we have also seen Hyun Joong wearing it that made it even interesting! In short the set up is in the olden days in Japan, and therefore we shall be learning some Japanese tradition, culture and its beauty brought by its nature.

I think this is very educational since the drama shall not only focus on Japan but some other countries as well. You might be wondering as to why does a Korean star promote other countries. Well, the Hollywood stars does this too. The eye catch here is of course Kim Hyun Joong since he is becoming a globally popular and this popularity can be a tool in promoting tourism of any country he may visit.

His fans are scattered all over the world, the idea here is while viewing the drama, while Kim Hyun Joong portrays his character, it somehow adds zest having different scenes from other countries, specially on historic tourist spots and its natural beauty can be shown. A bit of tradition too can be educational to his teenage student fans and for any of us who have not been to these places where Hyun Joong shall be filming City Conquest.

It was said that City Conquest shall have 20 episodes and the currently shooting shall be shown in episodes 6 and 7 of the drama. Well Hyun Joong has still has a long way to go filming this drama since it has just started. It was said that filming at Edo Wonderland is gonna be until the 27th of this month. And I think this is not the only location in Japan that filming shall be scheduled. Not to mention other countries location filming, so as expected Hyun Joong shall be doing a lot of traveling for this drama.

It will be a good experience for Hyun Joong to have the chance of traveling and of course it can also be a chance of meeting his fans from other countries he have not been. Again it’s his health that we worry about and I think this is just natural for us fans since we do care for him quite a lot. As I have said earlier we can only watch over him from up far and there is nothing else we can, but maybe our prayers can help a lot. The nearest to Hyun Joong is God, then maybe we can ask Him to take care of Hyun Joong for us, since we’re all helpless.

May I then suggest if we can share each other’s prayer, regardless of what religion we belong it doesn’t matter at all, I still believe we have the same one God. Then maybe we can include Hyun Joong in our prayers for his health and safety. I’m sure we always pray for our family and I hope it’s not too much to ask if we can include Hyun Joong as one of our family member in our prayer. This is gonna be a huge help for Hyun Joong, since we international fans are far from him and maybe our prayers can reach out for God to take care of Hyun Joong in our behalf.

At the same time since Hyun Joong is currently in Japan, then his Japanese fans can take care of him too. I do appreciate that some of his fans from Japan can somehow share with updates, then I’m sure some fans do visit him in his location filming site from time to time. Maybe for me for as long as we can hear something even a bit about Hyun Joong on how he is coping up on his daily activities then we can be rest assure he’s well and doing fine.

I’m still hoping he would eat properly and on the proper time, and how I wish he could forget about the diet program. I don’t think it would look good if he lose weight further than he already has. He really has to take good care of himself specially in doing this drama that he would be doing a lot of traveling. And you know, it’s different if you’re in another country specially having to eat unfamiliar food. Although Hyun Joong has certain Japanese cuisine that he truly loves, but I wonder if he still eats his favorite with all that diet program he’s having!!

Doing drama is a part of Kim Hyun Joong’s journey to his career ladder being an actor. As he travels from one place to another, we as fans follow him through our prayers for his health and safety until he accomplish. The journey doesn’t ends there, we start supporting what we have been anticipating from Hyun Joong as an actor, which is his come back drama City Conquest.

Hyun Joong, took off by his wings as an actor. His fans follow wherever his fate takes him as we shall protect and support. This will be our next journey following the Traveling Star, Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                                         LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14, thanks!


18 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong … [article] TRAVELING STAR

  1. Hey Joongies…

    I was thinking it would be fun to share our kpop music playlists with each other. Of course, I have everything KHJ on my music player. I was wondering if you would share with me some of your playlists so I can get exposed to more kpop music! Here is my current list of faves:

    BigBang Fantastic Baby
    (fx) Lachata
    Suju Bonamana
    Peach IU
    B2ST Rainy Days
    DBSK Why did I Fall in Love with You
    DBSK Mirotic
    Suju Twins Knockout
    KJH My Girl (Please be Nice to Me)
    DBSK Rising Sun
    KHJ Breakdown
    B2ST Mystery
    Suju Boom Boom
    KHJ Because I’m Stupid
    Suju Neorago
    DBSK Purple Line
    Suju Sorry Sorry
    KHJ Do Ya Like That
    Suju Super Girl
    KHJ Lucky Guy

    These keep me going at work and I am much more productive with my headphones in listening to my favorite kpop. Some old, some new. What are you all listening to? I may find some new favorites!

    • Herllo Angie!! I listen to ONLY ONE KHJ songs, no more no less!!
      Break Down
      Let it Go
      Kiss Kiss–both versions
      Let’s Party
      Lucky Guy–both versions
      Merry Me
      You’re my Man
      If you’re Like Me
      Thank You
      One More Time
      Because I’m Stupid
      Anata Ni
      Please Be Nice to me
      My latest favorite is Anata Ni, I’m not familiar with kpop nor have taken much interest, it was HJ who introduce Kpop music to me and it’s ONLY his songs that I appreciate so much. I’m ONLY ONE kinda fan, these are the songs in my play list which I listen anywhere I am. It’s either I listen to these music list or I don’t listen to any other music at all. Oh I forgot the title of one song he sang solo when he was with SS501, I have that one too. When I started knowing about KHJ the songs I had in my play list were SS501 songs because he was there. Then from this year I changed it to his repertoire. In due time this list will be longer and still waiting for more music from KHJ.
      Thanks for sharing have a nice day and see you again!

        • thanks for sharing… you have some songs KHJ I was unaware of. I will be looking to add those to my music player now! Especially Anata Ni I heard him sing acapella and really liked it! Thanks!

          • The song that he sang in acapella is If you’re same with me. Anata Ni was sang in July 14 concert, the original singer is a Japanese rocker Anzen Chitai. Kouji Tamaki vocalist. Honestly I just couldn’t bring myself to listen to others music, Gosh I do not know what HJ did to me!! LOL. Oh may I beg your indulgence for other artists I mean nothing against them nor to their fans. It’s just that I’m so happy and contented having HJ’s music. !!

        • same with me. i only have khj and ss501 songs in my playlist reshuffle everyday and everyniggt that i can even sing along with it as if fluent with the foreign lyrics. and that’s what i call hyunjoong effects!

      • same with you ms LK no more no less only KHJ songs…loveeee the anata ni! did you hear his version???? glad to hear from you again ms LK!

        • Don’t get me wrong… KHJ is my #1 and I only consider myself a fan to him. Byt, I do like all kinds of other music not just kpop. Every day starts with my baby Hyun Joong as Because I’m Stupid is my alarm. I then want to hear the whole song and have a playlist that is just KHJ that I enjoy while getting ready. Aliens here are impressive with their hard core dedication! lol

          • Believe me i wasn’t like this b4 i met KHJ!! i’m a music lover of any type, I don’t know what happen to me!! TTT KHJ became my center!! Thanks!!

  2. i worry for hyun joong just like a younger brother. the physical as well as the mental stress from work could take its toll on him anytime if he remains to be stubborn. nevertheless, i’m happy that he is having a good time filming and getting closer to staff and co-stars. he is adopting a ‘work and play’ attitude to create an enjoyable working environment despite the many pressures they have to endure.

    saeguk dramas are currently trending in korea and i’m longing to watch a modern one with ruggedly handsome hero oozing with sexy and vagabond character. yes! CITY CONQUEST is the answer to that yearning of mine. i hope the storyline is so intense and consuming that I wouldn’t blink a second so as not to miss a thing. i already booked myself for this drama as a yearend addiction coz i am a certified khj addict. lol

    thanks heaps for this article again, dear LK!

    • Hello! Oh I am very sure this drama is full of action and I just can’t wait to watch this but just like you I am so worried about his health. Seeing that he’s enjoying the filming make me feel glad, that even he feels tired it feels less stressful if you’re enjoying what you’re doing. To HJ just don’t overdo it. *sigh* yes he’s my family that’s how I see HJ.
      Thanks for sharing, see you again and have a great day ahead of you..God bless

    • Hello! Mr. Stubborn, Mr. Hardheaded Oh he’s just that!! He pushes himself too much and that needs spanking from his mother fans, grandmas and noonas!! He regrets though if he’s not feeling well, but it’s all his doings, those thousands of letters he receives from his fans always reminds him to take care, he reads them but he doesn’t follow. Agaoo it makes me angry again!!
      Thanks for reading as always, and see you again, hey you take care too ok? Have a nice day and God bless..

  3. u.u this guy is as stubborn as a mule haha xd booo I don’t want him to lose weight either. I do want him to be healthy and I hope this time it isn’t like BOF, where he looked like a dead person x.x that totally broke my heart at that time. CC is quite interesting cuz of the action scenes, but aish! this guy doesn’t even like resting x.x Let’s hope for a miracle to happen! He must rest, he must eat, he must get enough sleep. I’m a catholic but I never pray to ask for good things for my family D: Let’s say I give God enough space to ‘hear’ the most important prayers, such as the ones made for people with chronic diseases, cancer, etc. But I can put the good vibes together and wish that he’ll have a good time filming CC. Let’s nag him mentally hahaha xd with phrases like: Eat well, HJ/Get enough sleep, stubborn HJ XD

    • Hello owl! I’m a very prayful person ever since i was a kid, maybe because I was brought up that way. I pray for just anything even what I read from fans then HJ is already an everyday habit for me to say a prayer for him. It’s always thanking God for everything that’s been my habit all the years of my life. I’m totally nothing without God at my side. And yes I do ask anything from him specially if it concerns other people that I can not do within my power. I entrust my entire life to him specially guidance.
      Thanks for sharing have a nice day, God bless..

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