Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TO YOU

By: LazerKim         Kim Hyun Joong had successfully performed his two session concert Double Fantasista in the morning and early evening yesterday in collaboration with Naoto Inti Raymi attended by 60,000 fans at the Saitama Super Arena. The venue was full packed and again the sea of green was seen from up far. Hyun Joong was saying that he would like to have another collaboration every year. Why not, after this success on his first collaboration with the Japanese artists it will surely bring another success.

Hyun Joong again can introduce the Japanese artists to his international fans. It’s the other way around as I have mentioned in my other articles, anything or anyone this time tagged with Hyun Joong’s name will surely bring good results. Oh please do not contradict because we already have known it in reality and records that can show some facts!!

Now if we can compare Hyun Joong’s popularity between the events in February as he debuted his first single Kiss Kiss with his concert at Yokohama Arena and his second album HEAT with the current concert at Saitama Super Arena, the number of his Japanese fans apparently boost higher in fact doubled in just a matter of five months.

Hyun Joong made a televised message to his fans back home during his interview with KBS E News, here it goes:

Hi KBS ENews! This is Kim Hyun Joong, I am working hard in Japan that I could achieve a good result in Oricon Chart Japan. Thanks to your support from Korea. I will work hard and come back to Korea, please cheer me on. I will keep trying my best to come back to you as a good actor and good singer. Thank you.”

Source: OnlyKHJTimes, thanks!

This is very thoughtful of Hyun Joong, still thinking back home and of course it’s the pride of S.Korea as Hyun Joong represents his country being well admired and well accepted by other countries. Through Hyun Joong’s excellent reputation reflects on his country and his country fellowmen that every Korean can be proud of, just as much his international fans are. Hyun Joong mark another history in the music industry of Japan as the fifth foreign male solo singer to top the Oricon Music Chart. Actually he’s third in terms of figures after Elton John’s Tribute to Princess Diane.

During the concert before Hyun Joong sang the HEAT he said, “Thanks for No.1 on Oricon Chart, I get that because of you, I’m happy to be with Naoto San. Here’s that song that brought me to No.1.” and he sang HEAT. There’s a part in the concert that Hyun Joong went down from the stage that created chaos among his fans! If Hyun Joong threw out play money in his fan meeting concert, this time he threw soccer balls with his signature to his fans!! The fans truly enjoyed the moment with Hyun Joong that it was all fun as always Hyun Joong brings happiness to every single fan who attended his concert.

Hyun Joong was relating that in the morning he rehearse his singing and dancing and in the afternoon he get to his shooting for City Conquest, that sometime he gets confuse as to who he is!! But he said this time in the concert it’s Kim Hyun Joong 100% sure!! As I was reviewing Hyun Joong’s photos from the time he arrived in Haneda until at present,  Hyun Joong has been having a great time working, despite of his tight schedule and doing three of his talents singing, dancing, and acting all at the same time but he seems very happy. And of course Hyun Joong is contagious and so his fans are in cloud nine!

During his technical rehearsals on Friday before his concert, it was said he cried over his excitement for the concert and Hyun Joong was indeed overwhelm with the continues and non-stop success. He has been receiving a lot of love and support from people and his loving fans. It seem to me Hyun Joong isn’t expecting anything as big as what is coming to him, that everything he does has always been a great success.

Looking at the entire scenario in Japan, it looks like Hyun Joong is doing the same as he did at the fan meeting event. There’s the high five for his fans while handshake in Japan, he had the concert with other countries and also had the concert in Japan. I would think he will keep doing this until he reached all the countries where his fans are. And every time he visits one country after another the more his network of fans grow bigger in numbers like mushrooms that just grow anywhere!! This guy is so amazing!! And he continue to amaze everyone with everything he does that has been calling a lot of attention anywhere!!

At the concert Hyun Joong sang his previous repertoire including those new Japanese songs HEAT and Let’s party. And one song that caught me by surprise, is that he sang one of my favorite Japanese song ANATA NI which made me cry way back in time in the late 90’s. After so many years I heard this song again from my Prince this time and it made me cry again!! Here let me share with you the song Hyun Joong sang for the first time with his fans during the Saitama Concert, that struck Hyun Joong’s heart.

LINK of ANATA NI click here>( By: Anzen Chitai

Oh please listen to this music, it may be in Japanese but melody can really touch your heart. I sincerely hope Hyun Joong can revive this song because it’s in his voice range and I’m sure he can sing it beautifully, since the sweetness of Hyun Joong’s voice and his emotion jives with the melody.

Hyun Joong was saying, he went to a bar with friends and he was able to listen to this song. He was a bit down and pressured from his drama and as listened to this song it touched his heart. The title of the song is ANATA NI meaning TO YOU. He said he is singing this song for his fans. I’m not good in Nihongo but the way I understand the meaning of this song by words is this:

You have been very kind, you are so beautiful that no words can describe. The two of us any time in many years we’re together, You can read my heart in anything I do. Every time I’m lonely you keep me company and because of you I’m no longer alone. I shall always remember our good memories. I will give  everything within my reach for you… I need you to be always by my side, I do not want to be alone anymore… you is where I belong, only to you….

I hate goodbyes, and I can not interpret that part either, this is just as far as I can go!! And since Hyun Joong is singing this song for his fans, it’s better to leave the last part untold!! This song has touched Hyun Joong’s heart and hearing the melody of it just made me cry  over again after so many years!! But this time it tears of joy in knowing Kim Hyun Joong.

Hearing the melody and absorbing its meaning, made me remind of Hyun Joong’s hard effort and emotional uncertainty before launching his first album and those times he was doing BOF. It was those times he felt so much alone even his friends and those whom he worked with were there with him. His uncertain future and acceptance from fans was all over his mind back then. Those were his thorns in his skin and rocky path of his dreams to share his music.

Gone with the days of the past of uncertainty, lonely by himself and here he is now a brand new Kim Hyun Joong receiving even more love he could ever imagine, that now he can never be alone anymore, for millions of fans all over the world open their arms to love and support him with all sincerity as he is to them. That created a strong bonded connection between Kim Hyun Joong and his fans. Once a lost star has found his way where he can shine even brighter in the highest sky.

Anata Ni touched the softest spot in Hyun Joong’s heart that I really want to hear him sing this song. And if only Universal Music would allow Hyun Joong to have his version of this song I’m sure it’s gonna be another top hit at Oricon. Come on Universal Music, Hyun Joong always give his fans what they wish for, don’t worry we will not let you down and bring Hyun Joong up on top of the chart, just let him sing this song ANATA NI and let him have his own version!! *Sigh*….How I wish they can hear me!

Indeed Hyun Joong knows how to choose his music, and how he can connect with his fans through his emotions through songs that they can easily appreciate. Have I told you that Hyun Joong started preparing for his full album after his fan meeting concert? He was working on it little by little because he wants to pursue his world tour next year. He has to accomplish the album to be able to go on the world tour. Hyun Joong may be taking his music one step after the other and I guess with the rapid growing popularity he’s gaining, the larger his demand becomes.

Well, this is just my assessment,  having that demand can also create pressures, but I’m just glad he’s enjoying his work. And do not be surprise after a few months he goes back to Japan for another project. That’s very likely to happen after attaining the top notch at Oricon, I’m sure Universal Music has something new for him again, that’s a natural chain reaction.

Hyun Joong will be very busy, and if he can squeeze his time between the drama and music he has no choice but to work on it. Although as I can see these past days he looks well and happy. I think he’s getting use to attending to both music and filming, maybe because now he is being well taken care of. And knowing his fans are just within his reach keeps him lively and happy.

Another factor that’s keeping him light is the support of his fans which is very visible to him now. I think our sincere support to him, being at his side is a way we can help to keep his load lighter, anyway he’s doing this for us fans. Of course if there are demands for his exposure, there should be supply for his music or drama, and showbiz producers have already seen the volume of his fans. I don’t know but I can smell something bigger after this Heat event in terms of music.

I believe God is the center in the life of Hyun Joong, while his fans are at his side, and people working with him at his back. I believe he is well guided in the right path and as his fans follow him, have confidence that you are following the right person worthy of your love and support. It’s Sunday, let’s say a little prayer for Hyun Joong, thanking God for all his success and for more in the near future.

Kim Hyun Joong sang a song dedicating it to his fans as the song message says…...I will give everything within my reach for you, I do not want to be alone, I need you by my side, it’s only to you where I belong. Kim Hyun Joong dedicates his music TO YOU……..

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks!



16 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TO YOU

  1. Pray with the deep heart for HIM…God,why I keep on worry abov HIS health, eventhough I am busy working.Oh my god,give HIM more blessing.Lk tell HIM,WE happy enough with all HE have done,really happy.let HIM rest,but how? I read the news in the double fantasia…60.000 fans and on the 15 july,free concert…15.000.Good job HYUN JOONG!Incredible…god bless

  2. Hello LK, what a day, I was on TT almost all day with the updates, really my hearth sinked when i’ve read the hospital word, big sigh here! Heard his parents attended the 2nd session and he was better. Somebody needs to monitor KHJ to take proper rest, I hope at KE will find some way to tame him a bit and not over extert himself, WE love him but we prefer him healthy. LK thank you for this article and the song is beautiful. Via this I would like to thank to all the dear people who attended both sessions and I felt like I was there (via TT), with all the emotions (heard the sore voice …. felt bad for Hj) for making this possible to all the fans abroad. We are all Aliens who wants only the best for our Star and we will support him always. Power and Health to our King of K-Pop. God Bless:)

  3. Fans who were there experienced a great concert with the collaboration..Once he had said to the fans to cheer Naoto Inti Raymi, otherwise he won’t come on the stage!.. How cuteee he is..

    It was said that the concert was spectacular, but it’s obvious because the performer is the ONLY ONE KIM HYUN JOONG..

    I’m always prayin for his was heartbreaking today to hear that he was having sore throat..but he could soothe the all fans at Saitama with his singing and dancing..

    Please do take care Hyun Joong-ssi, i’m afraid whether you will forget the meaning of “REST”..May Triple Gem Bless You..

    Thank you Lazer unnie.. May Triple Gem Bless You too..

  4. omg ms LK loveeeee the song very much…actually i listen to it yesterday in hyunnies blog, though i dont understand the lyrics but really love it and thanks to you i will enjoy it more b/c of ur some interpretation.yah i have the same feeling after hearing this…plsssss universal studio let hj have his own version of this song…how i wish! really love it… lol paulit ulit talaga! thanks u again ms LK!

    • Hello ms. wagasss!! Now i’m crying again …..i’m so so worried of HJ now, I’m worried about his voice and i’m just so glad shows are over so he can rest his voice. He’s going back to Tochigi ken tonight which is a long drive up to the mountainous of Kinugawa Onsen, howelse can he rest tomorrow will be filming again!! Hay nako!!ay ms wagass pls go back to article Inspired Prince, di ba dun ka nagkaligaw ligaw?? Someone commented there I think to you…Hey thanks always have a nice Sunday and God bless…see you again!

      • thanks 4 information ms LK.poor boy…slow down hj! bakit kc 2 session pa? kapagod nman kaya un?pwede nman pag.isahin d ba?

        • Hindi kakasya eh over 60,000 na nga 60k lng estimate ng Universal Music. They have to accommodate everyone who bought the CD locally so they have to choice but to divide the time. hay nako!!

          • but i just read the news its just 15000 both that true??if thats true sana pinag isa na lng d ba? kaawa kc baka bumigay na sa sobrang pagod.kathys bench q nabasa.

            • Halos napuno yun stadium meron n nga s upper bleach na hnd ginagamit pg concert 33k capacity ng saitama arena, yun iba binili n nga ticket knina 16K per show,ang lumabas n update knina hnd kn lam kun ano tama pero mlaki tlga venue super arena nga eh. malaman ntin s ssunod n kbanata.

      • Lazerkim how true nandun ba talaga parents niya sa 2nd session ng show niya? mabuti nman kung ganun.
        nakakaworried nmn ng balita. Need niya tlagang mag rest somehow.
        may link ka ba ng vid wherein umiyak daw siya kc hnd niya nakanta lahat on the 1st session.

  5. Thank God that most of Hyun Joong’s choises are on the right paths.
    HJ is smart and the most important is that he knows what he has and where he wants.
    Do you know what happens in his FM today?
    I must cry for the young man. But Hyun Joong just overcomes again.

    • Hello Fanjoong!! Yeah I did I was monitoring the entire time before and after two sessions and I felt like a kid crying over what i couldn’t understand but I was so so worried I was so scared he might lose his voice and that’s very possible for singers in the midst of performance. I was just relieve when two shows are over and done. He couldn’t even rest tonight because he has to go back to Tochigi ken which is a long drive from Saitama Ken. Tomorrow he’ll resume filming and this will go on till the 27th and fly to Thailand for FM on the 29th. And I think he’s coming back to japan on the 30th. I’m really worried about his health now.
      Thanks FanJoong this will be my topic to tomorrow. i can only pray and pray for him. Have a good Sunday, hey you take care too ok? see you again and God bless.

  6. AND TO YOU TOO, LK! GOD BLESS KHJ,the pp working beside and behind him and ALL his fans! Good week ahead,LK! Oh……and the antis too! We’re magnanimous Aliens!:-)

    • Hello hoon I’m sorry i almost missed your message!! you are so kind to greet the anti too!! LOL you make my night thanks for letting me smile i think I’ve been crying all day!! my goodness!! Thank you and see you again!! take care and have a good sunday God bless…

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