Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PRINCE of GEISHA

By: LazerKim        The most anticipated concert of Kim Hyun Joong shall be held tonight July 14th at the Saitama Super Arena in collaboration with the B’z and Japanese musician Naoto Inti Raymi under the sponsorship of Universal Music. Two concerts shall be held at the same venue that will be tonight July 14th and tomorrow the 15th Sunday. This shall be a free concert for those who purchase the CD HEAT as a part of commemorating and a way for Hyun Joong in thanking his fans for their support on his second Japanese album.

Oh I’m dying of curiosity as to what Hyun Joong has in store for his fans. I’m just so sure that this is gonna be another something new again from Hyun Joong as he always does innovate shows that he performs every time he steps on that stage. He’ll be rocking Japan again and this time it’s rock for real!!

There shall be 60,000 lucky fans to be able to see Hyun Joong’s image as a rocker in action!! We have seen the music video of Heat but somehow Hyun Joong is just fond of changing what is to be expected and keep his fans in surprise!! And so we stay tune at Hyun Joong side and we can only wait with hopes we can be able to watch a video clip of this concert. I hope we can get updates too about this exciting event.

Do you recognize this picture above? It’s Kim Hyun Joong dressed in a Japanese Kimono as a geisha taken on his first day of shooting for City Conquest in July 10th. What’s your first impression when you have seen this picture? For me my first impression was, totally surprised and laugh!! And it was said that Hyun Joong just kept laughing non-stop at himself being dressed in a beautiful geisha.

I can imagine Hyun Joong and I can’t help say to myself, he truly enjoys this filming and honestly I felt happy to see him that happy. I said to myself I hope Hyun Joong would continue to be enjoying filming this drama till end. Because it feels lesser stressful if he’s enjoying what he’s doing even filming is really stressful. And I trust Key East, Hyun Joong’s handler will take good care of him.

During that time Hyun Joong was filming there were about a hundred of fans roaming around the area where the filming was being held. As the shoot was going some of the fans were relating whatever was going on at the location set, and some takes Hyun Joong’s pictures and this was one of them. The pictures were all over internet and seems to me the scenery and Hyun Joong wearing traditional Japanese costume gave me some feeling of eagerness and curiosity as what the drama City Conquest is all about.

Many of Hyun Joong’s fans posted this picture of Hyun Joong wearing a Japanese kimono. Then the following day someone from the twitter posted telling everyone not to post the pictures. Well it was rather late for that warning since the picture was already out at the internet. Nevertheless the warning did not come from KeyEast so I would assume there was nothing wrong with sharing the pictures since I post one of those in one of my articles and deleted the picture as soon as I read the warning.

At this point may I just express my thoughts on an incident that I came across with that somehow related to the said pictures of Hyun Joong at the shooting location. Yesterday as I woke up in the morning and log in to twitter, the first post that I read was someone who seem to be furious and posted some badmouth remarks which is I would say improper to be done in a social network.

Even I know the post was not address to me and reading from the post as I wake up in beautiful morning just spoiled my day!! And so I started asking around as to what was that all about!! I trace back the twits to find out what was going on and I found out that the picture of Hyun Joong wearing a Japanese kimono was indeed at HongKong newspaper.

Before I touch about this news from HongKong, may I beg for indulgence for stating my views pertaining to pinpointing to others shortcomings or misunderstanding, since a fan friend of mine was the target of the badmouth incident since she was one of the fans who shared the photos of Hyun Joong in kimono. She’s a friend of mine, my source of update news which I’m sure you kept reading the name below my articles for credits. I would just like to say that before we pinpoint on others, think before doing so. If we’re up to accusing someone make sure we’re clean in stating out.

My friend was accused as if a huge crime was done to deserve bad words in a social network! If you pinpoint on a person do not curse or badmouth because it spoils your credibility as an accuser, and so no one listened to your accusation maybe except myself simply because my friend was the subject of the accusation.

I know and have witness the dedication of my friend to Kim Hyun Joong, sharing updates and photos of Hyun Joong is like a job for her without a paycheck and I mean it if she has to do this 24hours a day Jean does it. She’s been doing this for years and she’s is just human with feeling to be hurt with baseless accusations and badmouth. Which I think she does not deserve such. This is just a simple reminder for us fans, we’re like a big family here and I think everyone would like to be respected equally. Although I understand being impulsive or the initial reaction of seeing Hyun Joong at the newspapers.

And talking about inappropriate language, may I appeal too, to my antis may I just remind that I shall not allow inappropriate language in this blog site. Again I would like to repeat that this blog is being created out of LOVE. I experienced being said inappropriate words that I have to delete the comment box, it did not stop till I decided to delete the article. Simply because the article was totally misunderstood. Majority of my readers are elders and professionals and I would like to maintain professionalism too in this blog. For the young ones I may be just as old as your mom, therefore I would request for equal respect as I respect everyone here even the haters!!

So let’s be considerate with other fans who just have the intention of sharing Kim Hyun Joong with us. Many fans are actively posting updates and they do share their effort in doing something for Hyun Joong which I really really appreciate their effort in updating us about Hyun Joong’s activities. Let’s give some space of understanding them and if we find something not right then we can do it through direct messaging, I think is the most appropriate. And I’m sure they can understand better. No offense, this is just a simple reminder.

Now I don’t see the logic as to why panic as if somebody did a serious crime!! The picture was taken in a filming set location where there were hundred of fans holding a cellphone camera taking picture of Hyun Joong as he was preparing to be shoot or filmed. At the location it seem to me no one prohibited any of the fans to be there and take pictures. Meaning the production management is allowing them to be there. The staff had seen the fans holding on their cameras but none of the staffs said anything to them.

Of course they were aware that sooner of later the pictures shall be at the internet. And from here media can just pick it up or not even that because I’m sure there were reporters around that area within the location set. Remember, ever since Hyun Joong stepped in at down town Tokyo media has already been at the tail of Hyun Joong. Actually I do not see anything wrong if Hyun Joong in geisha costume can be at the newspapers because sooner or later this drama will be out on your TV screen anyway, and everyone will watch Hyun Joong in this Japanese  kimono as it was done at the filming of City Conquest.

 When I first saw this picture of Hyun Joong as I said earlier my eagerness and curiosity was filled up, and honestly I was hoping media can pick it up. Why is that? Because this is gonna be a good advertising to the drama that creates anticipation on its viewers. This could be unintended or accidental not intending for such purpose but believe me it is effective. And now the filming is in close doors as everyone is dying of anticipation as to what’s next?? What else is there in store for this drama? That kind of feeling.

If you notice before Rooftop Prince was aired the first thing came out was the shots behind the scene during its first filming days. Then they went close doors. The strategy is like letting the audience taste a little, as much as possible the most interesting ones and close the curtains. I’m sure before this drama will be aired, they will show some bits and pieces of shots from behind the scene before its teaser.

The first filming day of City Conquest was quite open to public, Hyun Joong fans were scattered everywhere within the location site of filming, we may never know it might be intended to. Looking at Hyun Joong’s picture in a kimono, I think he was the most beautiful geisha I have ever seen!!! Please don’t get me wrong we’re talking about filming this drama and I can only imagine that there must be some scene here maybe Hyun Joong incognito for mission, since this is an action drama. And I can imagine some comedy part here!! See, I’m full of curiosity and total anticipation specially when I have seen this picture of geisha that really caught my interest!!

And this could be the initial reaction of others too. It builds interest to TV  viewers that even a non-fan would be interested and can be one of us in anticipating. Internet nowadays is powerful tool in advertising and this picture shall I say one accidental and not intended but very effective. And if Hyun Joong’s loving critics pick it up, you’re welcome anyway Hyun Joong is not the only actor who did this to be pretending as a female, but I would say the first time for me to see a geisha incognito.

Critics to pick this up will even add zest to the accidental advertising!! Ah talking about critics, the insects the bugs and termites of society they are all the same who’s against Hyun Joong, my dear Aliens soldiers, be prepared for them!! We’ll have more fun with them, turn the negative to positive approach and never lose our credibility by going down to their level. If you know what I mean!!

I’m truly happy to see Hyun Joong’s non-stop uncontrollable laughter in the picture of geisha, he was laughing at himself and it feels good to see the person you love could be this happy. It’s so contagious that Hyun Joong’s fans are happy too seeing him enjoying a stressful filming. I think this drama City Conquest as Hyun Joong takes the lead role seem to be a challenging one.

I really find this interesting, knowing Hyun Joong has been preparing himself with all the muscle building program and seeing him in a geisha costume which is totally contrast made me even more interested!! Oh I’m just dying to watch this drama.

Well, then we can only wait for more about City Conquest filming until it ends up in our TV screens. This is his come back drama and Hyun Joong is putting all his strength on his effort to bring out the best in his ability in his acting career. With the bits of what we have seen while filming on its first day gives some further eagerness for whatever is in store in his drama. And of course we Aliens will support all the way while we keep on guard on the loving insects who are just waiting for an opportunity to bite!! And who’s just waiting to be fleeted away!!

A real man actor to act as incognito of a typical traditional Japanese geisha is such a challenge for Kim Hyun Joong to portray, but for me to see him in his natural laughter again is more than enough to let me know he’s truly happy working on this drama. The old days stressful experience he had for Boys Over flower is gone and had learned through the hard way being an actor but fruitful for it was here where I first met Kim Hyun Joong.

From the flower boy of BOF and PK, to the real macho of Breakdown, the dandy of Lucky Guy and the Rocker of HEAT, comes the Prince of Geisha to Baek Mir of City Conquest a truly remarkable multiple character in one big star Kim Hyun Joong….

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

Before I go, my apology for being so late in posting today’s article. May I suggest to my other readers if you may subscribe the daily article through and my article will automatically get to you email as soon as I post it, so you won’t miss any article. I may be too early or too late in posting. Thank you for understanding. see you again!!

Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D and KHJean14, thanks! 


11 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PRINCE of GEISHA

  1. Hello LK, I see someone made your day unhappy, pity, ignore them and you can always reply on TT to that person that such language could not be use. As to Jean, please thank her from all of us for her effort in love. So continue to enjoy your weekend, the tweets fm the concert at Saitama, as much I have seen on TT was beautiful (still weekend, so busy partying…it is holiday and summer after all, lol) can’t wait to see more pics. LK thanks for your time and we all appreciate your insights and effort in putting into words what most of Aliens think and want. From all your pics today the 7th is the best, I just love it, going out thinking of HJ and this picture (yummy, need a drink….) and full blast of Heat on my car, my friends liked the Heat as well, even though they think I got nuts Korean/Japanese music, la la land….lol. Have agreat weekend:)

  2. guys i must recommend baygons or raid to iliminate all kinds of insects flyin around! lol!
    so excited for city conquest.

    • Ms hanz pls go back to the other article i wrote you back! Thanks and see you again, Oh yes thanks for the advice may i just add solignum for termites too, they are termites of the society!! god bless..

  3. Happy to see HIM happy. PRINCE OF GEISHA…THE ONLY ONE we wait.Lazer Kim, you did a great job and the result for all is well done…the alien force always ready to protect THE ONE AND THE ONLY ONE from the insect and all those kind.Have more strenght girls,GOD BLESS.

    • Thank you very much! we all did the good job, I can not do it by myself, mine is just encouragement. Insects can be so tiring but we can laugh it out while fighting so that we can still maintain well poised dignified and happy! This is what HJ wants us to be, to be happy with him… have a blessed Sunday oh yes, please do say a little prayer for HJ for his up-coming drama’s success. take care and see you again! God bless..

  4. Good day and happy TGIS ms LK!thank u again! no worries we’re always ready and prepared just like what minmin said its easy to slay them down…baygon and slipper lol! aliens family…lets rock and roll tonight….exciting!!!!!

  5. hi LK! with this geisha thing, it excites me more and cant wait to see him in CC. my mind is playing now that he’ll be a geisha in disguise and yaaaaahhhhh (kick ala martial arts master). but imagining him laughing at his geisha look made me laugh too. that’s what i call ‘hyunjoong effect’!

    about the insects, bugs, termites, it’s just so easy to slay them. SPRAY with BAYGON! lol as i said in your article yesterday, NO ONE can put a GOOD MAN down! we’re all in this for hyun joong all the way!

    • You are very right no one can put a good man down! HJ will surely make good in this drama we only have to be at his side because it is us fans who inspires him. Thank you so much, see you again take care have a nice weekend!! God bless

  6. Good afternoon Lk,greetings from Sin 🙂 am anticipating for CC too and also clips and news on his concerts!! As for the insects, no worries,we’re prepared with repellents and insecticide!!!! 😉 Good day to you!

    • Hello hoon!! Oh I’m dying to watch the clip from this concert, he sang a beautiful Japanese ballad you have to listen to it. It touched HJ’s heart so i’m sure you’ll be touched too. Yes Alien we will be on our attack if we’re being biten by those insects!! See you again, take care have a nice weekend!! God bless…

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