Kim Hyun Joong… [article] INSECT BITES

By: LazerKim          Kim Hyun Joong’s HEAT exceeded over 180,000 copies on sales and this news update has still been the talk of the town. Hyun Joong’s album success was all over the local news in Japan and other international media print. Yesterday Hyun Joong’s fans rejoice about his success as the atmosphere at the twitter of the alien world seem to be a truly winner’s party!! Whatever success Hyun Joong has is also the success of his fans and we have every reason to celebrate for the Prince winning crown!!

Whenever I write my article whatever I have in mind is what I write and share my thoughts in this blog. I have been reading a lot of negative comments about Heat, some fans have been informing about it that I have been ignoring since the day Hyun Joong released the album. Until the comments landed on my lap that I couldn’t stand it anymore, so may I respond to those comments. Yesterday somebody mentioned about B’z as part of the success of HEAT, of course, since the music was created by the duo and as I have mentioned in my previous articles Kim Hyun Joong is honored to be given the chance to collaborate with the Japanese legend B’z.

Nevertheless I’m still thankful to Hyun Joong to have known the existence of B’z through him. I will not pretend to know somebody whom I really don’t, since I only heard the name B’z when the news came out about HEAT. I appreciate the music HEAT since Hyun Joong is singing it nothing more nothing less, and by this way I’m learning to appreciate a different type of music which is rock, which I admit is not my kind of music. But I just love how Hyun Joong sang this song HEAT, I got my CD copy and I’m happy listening to it.

Yesterday my article was Inspired Prince, which talks about Hyun Joong being inspired by his fans and it has got nothing to do with B’z. I may have posted an update from a local Japanese news about sales figure comparison but it never mentioned B’z either, not even at the news about Kim Hyun Joong and Heat yesterday. I happen to know how Hyun Joong fans actively encourage other fans to get a copy of HEAT by pre-orders in fact there were blogs assisting on the pre-orders. Now I wouldn’t know how B’z fans promote the album HEAT if ever they did.

When Hyun Joong debuted in Japan as soloist he launched Kiss Kiss and made it at 2nd rank at the Oricon Music Chart garnering 122,000 copies for the first week. I was thinking if I bring this figure back at present, Hyun Joong will still rank no.1 since Yamapi garnered 110,000 copies for Love chase and Hyun Joong still leads with that figure. Back then Hyun Joong did not collaborate with anyone when he launched Kiss Kiss but still he made this figure 122,000 on sales. So I was thinking with or without B’z Hyun Joong would still rank on top at the Oricon Music Chart.

I shall not forget that I have known B’z because of Kim Hyun Joong’s HEAT. But for me to think that Hyun Joong got on top of Oricon because of B’z, I don’t think so. I read many comments about sales tactics, if they are pertaining to the handshake session and street dance, well my dear you have under estimated Kim Hyun Joong. We all know very well Hyun Joong handshake session is to thank and meet his fans in person up-close same as what he did at fan meeting concert, and it is way beyond reason to call it sales tactics. Not to mention the free concert he’s having tomorrow at Saitama Super Arena, but mind me, ever since Hyun Joong was still with SS501, free concert had already been in his mind. And this is not the first time he’ll be doing it.

May I just say this, because I read some comments that gives me a creep, that’s giving me the impression that Hyun Joong or we fans owe something to somebody. In this kind of business the showbiz there’s no such thing as “I owe you” kinda thing. I think I wrote this in my past article. This project is under Universal Music or whichever music company where Hyun Joong signed for a contract, it is the company who made the offer to B’z to create music for Hyun Joong, that’s the contract that both parties signed. Both the artists and the sponsoring company earned from this project. That’s business reality.

The fact that Kim Hyun Joong is a rookie, why do you think B’z agreed to work with a rookie? Aside from the fact that Hyun Joong is a talented artist Don’t you think it’s because B’z knew that Hyun Joong is popular and one of the hottest Kpop soloist? Do you think if Hyun Joong doesn’t have that caliber a legend like B’z would agree to work with a rookie? Think about it. One thing is very sure Hyun Joong doesn’t owe anybody anything in terms of business.

 And I’m just wondering now as to why does the media print focus its articles on Hyun Joong alone after he had reached the top at Oricon?? Don’t you think it’s because the media already knew the fans of Hyun Joong made an excellent sales? That we fans sincerely committed to our support and get the copy of HEAT for memory of Hyun Joong?  I witnessed the effort of fans at the twitter on how they encourage other fans to go and make their pre-orders of HEAT, that apparently everyone loves the music. We will not forget who created that music since Hyun Joong introduce them to us. This at least is true to me, B’z may be popular but I just heard them through Hyun Joong’s HEAT.

And the comment said, B’z fans also bought the album out of curiosity. Will you promote an album if you’re just buying it out of curiosity? I’m sure not. But if they did, well that’s very thoughtful of them. But let’s face it majority of that sales figure came from Hyun Joong fans right from day one. I just couldn’t understand why others couldn’t accept that Kim Hyun Joong is on top. I have been reading similar comments that I have been ignoring these past days.

But since this time the comment landed on my lap, under anonymous  then I react to the comment, anyway this is my blog I can say what I feel and think that I would just like to stress out some points. Just my opinion in response to the comments that I have received. The collaboration between Kim Hyun Joong as a Kpop soloist and a rock duo B’z is something new in the public eye. B’z may be popular yes, but I don’t think Hyun Joong made it to No.1 rank at Oricon because of B’z popularity, that I beg to disagree. Both artists are popular in their own way, and not one is dependent to the other’s popularity!!

Please don’t get me wrong I’m not against B’z, there’s no reason to be, and I’m not against their fans. But I’m against those who are jealous and envy of Hyun Joong’s success. B’z are popular yes, they should be since they have been in the industry for ages, and they do have my respect as legends of Rock. Both Hyun Joong and B’z shared the good work in creating HEAT and both are independent from each other. I would just like to make this clear.

I respect others opinion and in response this is my humble piece of personal opinion. I appreciate the effort of Kim Hyun Joong fans, my hats off to them since I have seen their effort in promoting and encouraging other fans to support Hyun Joong’s album. My apology since I do not have the knowledge pertaining B’z fans. So what I can just relate at this point  is what I have seen and witness having the personal knowledge about Hyun Joong’s fans.

I’m done with my daily dose again. The media had seen Hyun Joong’s popularity that’s been gaining a lot of attention everyday during this period of promoting his album. Kim Hyun Joong has been successful in his endeavor and beside this success there will be insects around that surely bites. I intend to ignore but insect bites can sometimes be painful too, that I can only react as…ooouuch!!!

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

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29 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] INSECT BITES

  1. I have to say that I never heard of BZ either until KHJ put out HEAT. I listened to the video a few times on youtube. Haven’t bought it yet b/c I am learning Korean and prefer to listen to lyrics in Korean. Not sure if he will release a Korean version. I have never been much of a fan of jrock. I watch anime and always skip the intros if the music is by jrock groups b/c I just don’t like the sound. I have to admit… I listened to HEAT several times before it started to grow on me. I would never have even tried to let it grow on me if it wasn’t KHJ. And he makes the song seem more pop than jrock to me. That way, I am happy with it. I love him anyway, it doesn’t matter if one song is not to my liking… I know he’ll keep doing more things to keep me watching and listening.

    I have to agree with everybody though… the popularity and No 1 spot on Oriocon are all KHJ! Wherever he goes in Japan, fans flock and gather around. BZ will be thanking KHJ for doing such a good job with his song! Aliens Unite! I love the positive support of KHJ on this blog!

  2. Moreover he didn’t need bz to sell 100k copies each for his 3 albums or get into billboard top 5 in world chart with lucky guy.. Or be no.1 in 5 countries.. If he sold 122k copies of kiss kiss in Japan in first week why can’t he sell 183k copies of heat by himself when we know his fans grew almost twice in no since feb.. Bz just made his entry into rock smooth sailing with an amazing song and drew lot of respect as a musician but the selling power of hyun joong is his own.. Haven’t we already seen that when just the mention of hyun joong for cc made$ 10 millions.. People may criticize his acting but don’t underestimate the influence of hyun joong.. His name alone is enough to sell..

  3. These people keep harping about bz being behind hyun joong s success… Have they even asked themselves why bz would have written a song for hyun joong when they have never done it for anyone else.. Hyun joong made just one small request and they were happy to do the favor.. Coz they respect him as an artist, a ROCKER and they knew his potential in the jrock world.. Having that respect and belief from a Japanese legendary band shows the power and influence of hyun joong.. The song was a masterpiece written by the masters themselves.. These people should just sit back and think why bz did it for hyun joong and not for their artist..

  4. sorry to say but me too doesnt know the existence of B’z not until HJ intoduce the HEAT song. no offense meant to all B’z fans. Peace!

  5. Oh God…this really call allien force.Go girls, HYUN JOONG deserve the love from us.NO ONE CAN PUT THE GOOD MAN DOWN! Yes that’s RIGHT. Girls…your spirit UNSTOPABLE! God bless

  6. Claps~~~applause to Alien Force!!!..this piece of another article aka “When we counter strike .Do it the Lazerkim way~..”hahaha..I knew after those haters have their say they wont get away with it easily.HJ soldiers are definitely out to strike back!!We don’t simply take nega vibes,criticism against HJ w/out armor in defense.So whoever comes w/ bad intention better think twice least you’re prepared to receive replies that you really do not want to hear.As what the alien stated you cannot simply put a GOOD man down.His soldiers are protecting him no matter what!.Got that??….The City is about to Conquest….we ought to get ready..shall we start buckling up,aliens?~~~~~^^see you all around..

    And Lazer~~did I ever mention before??…you articles is like a fuel that keeps the Alien force burning with inspiration.So you are not allowed to missed a day,okey~??hahaha…take care of your health.. all the time^^

  7. LK please don’t mind those insects. they just jealous and can’t accept that ours prince is more popular than theirs idols.
    I don’t think fans of B’z help much in HEAT sale records, heard they want B’z to give it to someone better [plz don’t kill me this is theirs opinion not mine, of course for me I already happy with it].
    As for Yamapi, this single is very important for him (and his fan) because it is the first single after he left his group which made him the bad guy in the eyes of NEWS’s fan. But I blame his company for his downfalls (people just wait to step on him), I don’t understand why they plan to release his album just a week after the single.
    I find Yamapi and KHJ very similar in many areas. They’re the front of their group. Some fans of their group also turn to be their antis. I want to warn you LK that someone post the link to this blog in one famous K-Pop site that KHJ antis lurking around beware of more insects.

    • Hello! Oh it’s alright, the antis are just around, they are antis because they don’t know who KHJ is. If my articles reach them, it can somehow tell them who he is. The guy just doesn’t deserve to be criticized, this at least is my personal opinion. What I have known about HJ is enough for me as a fan to support and protect him. I never badmouth on any anti, I still believe we have our own preference as individual and we can state our views without being improper.
      Thanks you and have a nice day! God bless..

  8. hi there, LK! definitely, it’s hyun joong who introduced B’z to me and to most of the fans outside the borders of Japan. the record company, hyun joong himself and the fans are grateful with the collaboration coz obviously HEAT came out as a good rock music and so fitting for hyun joong, whom we know has the heart of a rocker since his younger days. the album sells because categorically 1) it’s a good collaborated music that suits the taste of the young ones and the once young alike; 2) its marketing strategies and techniques captured the hearts of the fans and the not-a-fan-yet as well; 3) and to top it all, it’s a product of hardwork and dedication by our charismatic KIM HYUN JOONG who always has something awesome in store for his loving and supportive fans!

    well, negas are everywhere whose primary aim is to bring a person down to the ground. but mind them, NO ONE CAN PUT A GOOD MAN DOWN! heading the right path with good attitude and good people around, our man will never cease to make us all happy with his works and will keep soaring as i see him to be in likely many years to come.

    thanks again for this article and the space for us to interact.

  9. Thank you LK for encourage us all the way.All your great article we already read,and we understand why day by day we love HIM more.You are realy something, I like how the way you protect our prince.HYUN JOONG need to knom you.We love HIM…HE loves us,at the same time we respect HIM.I got to know B’z through HIM.We thanks to b’z for this collaboration, but KIM HYUN JOONG has HIS own power,no one can denny this fact.Oh God, why dont this people learn how to satisfied with their own idol.For us KIM HYUN JOONG on Top or Down HE still the Best for us,and we always happy because we support HIM with our love and sincerely… Till the end.God bless Lazer Kim, always wait for your daily dose.

  10. Dereast LK, thanks that your wrote this, I and most probably many fans of KHJ are all behind you here like 100%. I did get to know about B’z via KHJ love for them, Heat is another notch on KHJ belt, he had free hand to make it as he wanted, B’z wrote the music and lyrics, but the producer was KHJ ideas. Furthermore there is no artist without critics and is a well known fact. I really do not agree with those who are trashing and bashing someone just because…..!
    I was reading some bad coments the other day about the new HJ drama CC (City Conquest) even before the first shot was filmed, come on people, for God Sake, just to trash someone because you do not like it, it is so un-ethical so not true, give the man a break he proved and he is constantly proving and he will prove in the future that he is simply THE BEST. So heaters, insects (as per LK) eat your heart out, I will watch the CC and for sure many more will do so, KHJ name is a Brand now, that is making famous who ever get associated with him, he got the Midas touch, get that in your little heads, this drama rights were sold before even rest of the cast was appointed just because Kim Hyun Joong is taking part, this is called Power, Famous. So proud to be a KHJ fan. God Bless LK:) ah…. those pictures, love the smile, a FEAST!

    • LOL…this is one thing I adore in you, making me laugh always!!! And yes I have read that blog and I promise they will have a day with me, I just have to keep my cool because i don’t want to write about negative if i’m furious. But I have to say my piece to that blog because they have already gone over board. And after I have said my piece I ignore again. i just have to say it just once and i’m done with them!
      I know they will always be there flying around but just once I will never let go without a word. Otherwise they will always just be stepping on us if not Hyun Joong and i would not allow it but in the most diplomatic way of not getting down to their level.
      I got my copy of HEAT and I’m enjoying listening to it. See this is what I’m saying
      with this collaboration B’z tend to be even get popular because many of HJ fans are not familiar nor know them at all. Now they will be known within the alien world. So who gets the better benefit? Isn’t it not B’z?

      The duo has better benefit in this collaboration whether we accept it or not but that is reality. It’s HJ introducing us to the world of rock through B’z. Right? I just hope everyone would realize this fact. I just don’t like the feeling as if HJ owe to somebody. He works hard on his own. He gained popularity on his own.

      Oh Noya thanks for allowing me to use this space to share a bit more of my thoughts. I hope this won’t end up in another lengthy article!! LOL
      Have a nice weekend, you take care reverse the 13th!! This is my 13th my goodness!! hahahaha…. see you around and god bless..

      • Hey LK always my pleasure to put a smile on you face, as you always do that with your articles and really they make my day many times (I am reading them at work on my blackberry, crazy I know) that is the HJ effect…! I am also glad that I can consider myself part of the Aliens (funny but true we are bigger by day and we are better because we accept all as equals regardless of age/kind/country etc we all Love KHJ) and I totally agree with what you’ve said about B’z not many international fans knew about them till HJ “introduced” them to us, we like them becaus of KHJ! and that is a fact. Hey, have a nice weekend, can’t wait for 14th July the HJ concert. by the way 13 is a luck number so take it as such, ok! (as 14th is the French Independence day hope to see HJ soon in Europe) we will keep supporting HJ:)

        • And The god of rain had to think of north of France because it never stops raining – French National Day in the rain 😦
          I also learned about B’z via Hyun Joong. The Japanese group is known now (through HJ) by another group of people than their usual fans. B’z saw in HJ someone like them, a real musician, and who is the real HJ: that’s why they do this song (something they have never made before). Heat goes very well with HJ . I received the CD (I took the A and B versions) and I really like the two songs that go well with the season.
          About insects, I opt for ignoring them (at least I try because they hurt me and hurt all the fans of HJ), otherwise I would become a fury. And anyway, HJ is well above. We say in France “La bave du crapaud n’atteint pas la blanche colombe” = “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me “. LazerKim thank you for all your articles! And long live the Aliens! (Sorry for my bad english).

  11. Dear Lazer Kim,
    Total agree with you.
    Love you and your articles.
    Nice week end with your family and yourself.

    • Thank you dear FanJoong as you always visit me here! My family is in the Alien World and that includes you. Don’t worry now the war is over, this was what we were talking about last night! I’m sorry to write in my language last night but we intend to laugh it out about the insects instead of getting furious!! I hope you would understand, you are so kind and I appreciate you always…
      Have a nice weekend take care and God bless. See you again!

  12. Love this reply to KHJ haters..Like you,LK, i got to know of the existence of B’Z just because of KHJ’s association with them.I too am not much fond of the rock music,but when i got to know about B’Z collaboration with KHJ when the news first came out,i tried to listen to their music via You tube ,just to know what to expect .I some how was satisfied with their kind of music and was comforted that KHJ will be singing their song . KHJ did a wonderful job of it,( i read sme where that B’z did not interfere in KHJ’s interpretation of Heat and gave him freedom!)and like you mentioned in your article,B’Z would never have agreed to collaborate with KHJ if they did not have complete confidence of his abilities!And if these haters are hinting that Heat became a success just because of B’Z,they are belittling these 2 rock legends and their vote of confidence they bestowed up on a rookie like KHJ.. Well..the ultimate truth is,these haters will continue to hate what ever KHJ do or does not is just their jealousy and may be the fact that their favourites did not do as well as KHJ! So, my advice to all Alien Force is,let them hate all the more they want,but no one can stop KHJ from getting his dreams fulfilled,and the entire KHj fan base will support him in what ever he does and these hate full comments will only make any difference..What will be ,will be!!If KHJ is destined to succeed,then he will no matter what a few haters think or do!

    • Hello thank you so much!! There you go I haven’t heard from any fans yet whether they are familiar with B’z or not. I knew i was right with my assessment right from the start that I read the news about this collaboration!!
      Yes yes I fully agree with you, people can be so judgmental without thinking without knowing the facts which is just right before their eyes!!
      I’m stress again, forgive me!!…*sigh*….. when you love somebody it just hurts when they are putting down the person you love.
      Thank you so much and see you again!! Have a great Friday even it’s 13th don’t mind it reverse it instead!! Take care and God bless…

  13. may i suggest??..keke..of course this is not my BLOG but i truly respect every lines that says and describes KHJ through this BLOG as the owner LAZERKIM always said –>’its SOLELY DEDICATED for KIM HYUN JOONG (ONLY)’ simple as that *GET IT*????..yea those who comes and visit this BLOG accidentally or not,pretending to be a fan or not..we are all very welcome to read all the Articles everyday from LAZERKIM but mind you whoever against about the contents of this Article.. PLS. restrain yourself if you are dying of jealousy reading every good news about our STAR KHJ ..ok???—>WHY dont you make your own blog then and filled it with your own experience as well through your own idols?.!!!..O_O..and i promise you , am not going to visit it nor leave any comments as out of respect to your own world^^..KHJ is KHJ nothing can change that..d growing fans is unstopable..LOL!..we are not the people of yesterday who get fooled by these so called pretending to be a fan!!..and yet downgrading KHJ’s potential as an artist…TSKTSK!!…

    • Sis I wrote in the wrong space hahaha….
      Yes sister blogs are free and one can write as she pleases, i run out of space last night at my other article just because of that insect!! Oh dear people can be

      so magical in their ways but still we can identify who’s who. Right? But I really wish she’ll come back to read this article and I wouldn’t mind sparing her the space again!!
      Thank you sis, now don’t change that ava or else I might misinterpret you!! LOL
      hey see you around Don’t forget to drop by at the other article there’s a comedian there whom I’m very fond of LOL She’s like chin!! Oh yes I still have to settle with that crumpled incident this morning!!! Take care sis see you!

      • Yes i did!..LOL!,,they’re funny^^..why not invite them to twitter just like me..keke..Yes,i think that fan already visited your Article again out of curiousity..O_O..see what the reactions of the entire Alien world!!..LOL!..maybe she’s or they’re thinking something to outwit us again~~D..Anyway ,mind dear LZ why the comment below the same as mine..hahaha,..sorry dear,she might not aware about this morning..LOL!!..Thanks and see u around!..mwaaahh!..

  14. Go LK. On all the fans behalf I would like to thank you so much for the superb replies to those who can never
    face the tru fact that with or witbout collaboration Hj will make it to the to
    p and has been on top. Just as u have mentioned fans like me will support Hj and will always appreciate whomever that he collaborated with even i didnt who these artists are n not the other way round. The comments given by these antis are very hurtful sometimes. They seem very revengeful towards Hj for no concrete reason. Nothing that Hj does is positive in their eyes to the point that being good looking is also a curse. Anyways thanks once again for your daily doses on Khj. I would reply to the haters if i could but my words would not come across like urs. He..he

    are. Becos of Hj that i got to know all these
    artists not the other way round


    • Yes sister blogs are free and one can write as she pleases, i run out of space last night at my other article just because of that insect!! Oh dear people can be so magical in their ways but still we can identify who’s who. Right? But I really wish she’ll come back to read this article and I wouldn’t mind sparing her the space again!!
      Thank you sis, now don’t change that ava or else I might misinterpret you!! LOL
      hey see you around Don’t forget to drop by at the other article there’s a comedian there whom I’m very fond of LOL She’s like chin!! Oh yes I still have to settle with that crumpled incident this morning!!! Take care sis see you!

  15. Go LK. On all the fans behalf I would like to thank you so much for the superb replies to those who can never
    face the tru fact that with or witbout collaboration Hj will make it to the top and has been on top. Just as u have mentioned fans like me will support Hj and will always appreciate whomever that he collaborated with even i didnt who they are. Becos of Hj that i got to know all these artists n not the other way round


    • Hello kyong thank you so much. This is such a tiring world but how I just love it!! Because of the Aliens are so lovable as their idol!! It’s like HJ a rookie promoting for the legend!! LOL am I right in my judgment??!! B’z just trusted HJ so much to give him a free hand in this music and HJ proved to them that even a rookie with sincere heart in loving their music can make millions.
      Thank you kyong!! Hey see you again!! and take care have a nice day reverse the 13th and cheer up we have got to look forward to many more events from HJ so stay tune to his side ok? God bless…

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