Kim Hyun Joong… [article] INSPIRED PRINCE

By: LazerKim        My record says Kim Hyun Joong has already 200 articles written by LazerKim for the last six months!! Never in my wildest dream have I imagined myself to have written this much, and to the regular readers of this blog site have read so much articles all about Kim Hyun Joong!! I think among the stars, Hyun Joong has an endless story to tell as he keeps going on and on, always on the move and so his fans just kept following him!! I would say once he gets on the move, there’s always something we can read about him. It’s Hyun Joong who’s keeping us all busy with him, it’s just a non-stop chain reaction between an idol and his fans!! Just as simple as that.

Among all Hyun Joong’s travel itinerary as a soloist, this is his longest visit that maybe Japan is becoming his second home. But actually it’s only been 10 days since he left S.Korea and yet as if he has been moving around for a month or so.  Though Hyun Joong has been staying in Japan for such a time, this did not change his daily routine schedule as he was doing back home like his dance and singing rehearsals, lessons with his acting couch and his body building program. He has to complete this daily routine before the day ends everyday. Hyun Joong is also in nutritional dietary program which he follows by cutting down calories.

Lately Hyun Joong has been busy promoting his album HEAT, and as I have mentioned in my recent articles, Hyun Joong had gone out of his way to reach out for his fans. Such activities are his decision and even the street dancing he performed in Nagoya was his idea. Many of his fans were wishing he would take a rest but then Hyun Joong just kept going. Before or after he has completed his event activities, he never fails to have his daily routine get done with. The guy is just so restless which I understand the feeling just being himself. If a person is inspired and happy, no amount of hard work can make him feel tired, because he’s happy with what he is doing, that’s Kim Hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong thought of something he can do for his fans for being loyal to him in supporting him all the way. He was overwhelmed by the events transpired during the handshake with his fans that he was able to maintain his composure from the first fan up to the last all 5,000 of them were there to meet him in person. Does Hyun Joong gets tired? Of course he does, he’s just a human being to get tired. But  Hyun Joong was smiling even he gets tired because he loves what he is doing and knowing he’s doing it for his fans, for him to have met his 5,000 fans in person each and everyone was a total happiness for him.

There’s a big difference in saying “I have to and I want to”, as Hyun Joong said “I want to meet each of my fans and thank them personally” The handshake event was Hyun Joong’s idea that he wanted to do it for his fans as a way of thanking them for their love support. He had an option to go about the first plan which was suppose to be a ticket draw but he changed that. Instead he wanted to handshake with everyone who was there at the venue. It’s his call and no one can break that!!

Did he do it for publicity sake? Certainly not, because if so, Hyun Joong can have a handshake with a few fans and have the photo op with the media and done!! He can still have the media coverage and media prints on the local newspaper the following day even he doesn’t have to do it to 5,000 fans. But then Hyun Joong is not a media addict, I think the veteran fans can testify to this fact. Hyun Joong is a type of guy who would just be sitting in one corner observing anywhere he is. If the media approach him for an interview he can easily grant it and respond as honest as he can. That’s Kim Hyun Joong.

Everything that he has been doing during the period of promoting his album is not only to promote but more than just that. It’s his way of appreciating and acknowledging his fans. Hyun Joong is an action man, letting his fans feel his love rather than hearing it from him. The fans can feel if their idol is sincere or not. Many of you had experienced a handshake during his hi five event and you can see in his eyes how sincere he is in meeting them in person. And we have seen the same sincerity in Japan because the Japanese fans has echoed the same impression over and over again.

Kim Hyun Joong is inspired not by a single person but he is inspired by each and every fan he has and that is reality in his personality. Allow me to remind you of his words as he said to his fans…   “I hope I can always be the kind of person whom you will not be criticized because you’re my fan”.

Hyun Joong bear these words in his mind, take a look at what he has been doing. he reach out he tries to connect with his fans not because he has to do it but because he wants to do it. As time goes the more his love is being felt by his fans. No words from him can be heard from him, but simply actions to let them feel that unconditional love. And his fans simply reciprocated without words too, but simple actions of bringing him to where he belong which is up there to the top of his ladder. Here’s one proven fact:

I read a Japanese translated article entitled “Was Kim Hyun Joong Popular?” Japanese officials were said to be quite surprised by the results of HEAT from the Oricon Music Chart bringing Hyun Joong’s single to the top. The Japanese officials compared figures from other giant Kpop artist and their very own artist.

Source: Link>(

1.Kim Hyun Joong – Heat – 183,000

2. Super Junior – Opera – 159,000

3. TVXQ – Superstar – 158,000

4. Jang Geun Suk – Let me Cry – 119,000

5. Yamapi – Love chase – 110,000

This list was a comparison made by the Japanese officials as the results of Oricon Weekly Music Chart. Apparently Hyun Joong topped over the giant idol groups, the highest among Kpop idols who had recently release their singles. On the first day of release alone was quite significant which was 138,000 copies. As I mentioned in my recent article, for me the first day launching is the most important factor, because this would signify how Hyun Joong fans responded in anticipation of HEAT as it releases. On pre-orders alone HEAT was already on the top first five on all the Heat versions.

The question, Is Kim Hyun Joong popular?? Reading this article I can’t help to think that the Japanese non-fans of Hyun Joong was really taken be surprised! All the proof were just right in front of them, that ever since Hyun Joong arrived in Haneda and the down town Tokyo, there were always a crowd of fans everywhere Hyun Joong was. Not to mention the handshake events that thousands of fans were there to meet him in person. And yes even the handlers of Yamapi was surprised and maybe had under estimated the fan base of Hyun Joong in Japan.

Although I wouldn’t be surprise if the Japanese reacted by surprise as it was mentioned that HEAT created an explosion all over Japan. Not only this, I think they have forgotten that in February Hyun Joong hosted a concert in Yokohama attended by over 20,000 fans and from here his popularity just snowballed and fans coming from here and there out of nowhere it just grew even bigger in just a matter of months after his debut as a soloist. So how did this happen? Well I can only make a wild guess, I think it’s the work of internet from his fans themselves as one major factor. You would be surprised how Hyun Joong’s Alien stay connected among themselves until it grew in numbers.

At the internet, you get first hand information as fast as any event happens. I’m thankful with KeyEast who has been active in officiating news on Hyun Joong’s current and future activities. And most of all the Alien soldiers who are so active in sharing news updates pertaining Hyun Joong. As I mentioned in advertising word of the mouth is the most powerful advertising tool of all. And this is how it starts, from Hyun Joong fans themselves We created connection first and foremost, just one word of event confirmation from KeyEast, the word just spread out in minutes like ball of fire!!

I would think majority of Hyun Joong fans from all ages are mostly internet active users. Well, you do not need to be a computer wizard just to know the updates about Hyun Joong, this is just a matter of reading news and responding to the news. If support is needed then needless to say everyone takes part in supporting in the best way we can. Hyun Joong’s Fan meeting Concert I think was one of the best example that his popularity just boost up drastically. And the guy doesn’t stop, he just kept going, he takes every opportunity to connect with his fans. And I would frankly say he’s different among other artists in dealing with his fans that makes him special. And the rest is just simple chain reaction.

As soon as Hyun Joong’s projects leak out everyone anticipates and I think this is a natural reaction to every fan Hyun Joong has. As he always said, “I will keep you interested in me”. And the guy always does. If he’s busy, his fans gets busy too!! Busy updating events and his activities, while others are so eager to get the first hand news from here and there and pass it on by sharing post ect. And when the pre-orders for HEAT was out, it just sells like hotcakes!! His fans simply anticipates anything Hyun Joong has in store for them.

The news pertaining the fan meeting concert, oh there were controversies created by the antis pertaining ticket selling. There were intrigues from here and there, but still his fans did not mind those rumors at all and anticipated these events, followed him from one country after the other even the same show was performed, never mind, because Hyun Joong’s presence alone is something we can keep forever in our hearts. That’s how loyal Hyun Joong fans are, that’s how they love him and support him.

As others would say, like idol like fans, or tell me who your idol is and I’ll tell you who you are. Hyun Joong is one of the most humble and modest among the Kpop stars, or you may say Hyun Joong is always in the low-key. And maybe his fans are in low-key as well, and when it’s time to get out and support the Prince, people just gets surprised by the number of fans supporting Hyun Joong. The next question now would probably be, how did Kim Hyun Joong do it?? How was he able to win such popularity or number of fans in such a short period of time??

Very simple, Hyun Joong simply being himself, unvarnished, that’s it. Because if we enumerate and recite a litany of adjectives to describe Kim Hyun Joong, it would take some time to resort on the dictionary in search for the right word or adjective to describe him. Neither can we compare because the guy is beyond comparable. No matter what degree of fame Hyun Joong receives, he never puts it in his head but keeps it to his heart as his inspiration and strength to keep him going. Hyun Joong knows how to appreciate, as he receives, he gives back in return.

Kim Hyun Joong is most inspired by the love he receives from his fans as his fans are also being inspired by Hyun Joong’s love. From the time he decided to go solo, the time he launched his first album Breakdown till the present, the more he felt a clear connection between himself and his fans.

Through thick and thin, through many ups and down, through all the rocky road to stardom, there shall only be his fans to inspire him the most, an Inspired Prince, Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

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31 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] INSPIRED PRINCE

  1. hi ms. lazerKim
    I’m fan of hyun joong since I started watching BOF, actually I’m not that fan of Korean artist b4. since I saw him in TFC they promoting BOF na-attract kaagad ako sa kanya. BTW I’m Milleth Susi. filipina ako pero naka-base kami rito sa US. I’m so happy sa ka-gogoogle ko kay KHJ napunta ako rito sa site mo. Nasisiyahan ako na-eenjoy sa mga article mo about our one & only prince & global star KHJ. I’m really avid fan of him. Actually I’m so happy now, I talked to my friend sa Japan nabili na nya yung CD na “HEAT” ni KHJ at poster. Na-mail na nya sa akin. so maybe by monday or tues ko matatanggap. Anyway can I ask u something r u a filipina or u know how 2 speak our language. Ok, it doesn’t matter kung ano pa yung lahi mo. basta nice meeting u and keep writing article about our Idol KHJ. Thanks a lot and I’m really appreciate it. Keep it up.

    • Hahahaha….Hello Milleth kababayab ini!! Nice meeting you! I’m writing my daily article while you buzz in and i was talking about fans from the US ang daming request for a HJ fan meeting in US mostly are Americans pa. I cross my fingers sana matuloy. Hey enjoy your Heat at may poster pa!! Ang saya saya!! Thank you so much for reading, nako hindi updated ang google sa articles ko, delay sila lagi!! Anyway see you again, have a nice weekend! Paki kaway na lang ako sa ibang pinay jan!! Take care and God bless..

  2. nakakatuwa nman magbasa ng mga comment dito hndi nagkakasakitan bagkus nagkakasiyahan for the love of hyun joong. hndi kagaya sa ibang blog sites na nabasa ko kulang na lang magpatayan lol! lazerkim mabuhay ka! enjoy reading your articles.

    • Hello hanz!! Thanks!! Ganito dito isa lang yun pinatatamaan pero mabait pa rin kya lang hindi ata nakahalata nag rest back pa!! LOL!! Bawal nga kasi magalit d2 papangit eh ayaw nila pumangit kaya kinatutuwaan na lang. Sana mawili ka marami pa pang asar pero malambing pa rin. Pinapatay na nila sa tuwa, tignan mo yun isa jan si asul na laso naligaw pa makapag komento lang sablay naman!!LOL kahit ako naaaliw sa mga alien!! Marami pa yan ganyan komiko!!
      Thank you for reading and see you again! Take care and God bless..

      • oo nga eh sobrang naaliw talaga ako sa pagbabasa d2 and mind you first time kong naligaw sa blog mo so lucky of me. halos maloka na kc ako this past few days sa paghahanap ng updates ky hyun joong. ung isang blog site na regular kung binabasa eh bawal pa daw ilabas ung mga pics and updates especially sa first shooting day ng city conquest according sa mga fans na nakapunta dun sa actual event. antayin daw muna na maglabas ang keyeast. Goodness naman naglabasan na nga sa ibang internet sites kalurky! God Bless u too lazerkim!

        • welcome to our blog hanz! d2 kumpleto na may update kn may article k pa with so wagassss sa kagwapuhan as in everyday huh!bawal magalit d2 kc puro wagas lahat d2,pero pag ung 1 un bumalik pa sisinelasin q na talga xa…promissss!

            • aq nga wala ng iba pa… c ms LK nagbinyag nyan kc i always say wagas 2 hj d ba nga wagas ang kgwapuhan….wagas db walang k2lad walang kapantay at walang hanggan hahaha teleserye!basahin mo lahat ng comment sa article na 2 para malaman mo ung naligaw na sinsabi q. e d ba ung tsinelas pangpatay din sa mga insek2 sa far hnd na yata bumalik takot kay ms LK hahaha!

  3. What is going on here ?

    I also knew B’Z through HJ. I cheked them out and found that B’Z is one of the most successful rock group in JP . I think they are great no wonder why HJ like them. As Hyun Joong ‘s fan i love to see him be a legend like B’Z as a singer .

    Regarding the album sale I think the non – HJ ‘s fans baught the CD because they like the song. I gave full credit to Hyun Joong but yet will not forget B’Z as a composor . HJ collabolated with B’Z because he like their kind of music and the song HEAT is HJ ‘s spirite in the rock which I love it so much. His style and B’Z ‘s style are different . Both are equally nice depend on the test of people.

  4. kawawa nman kc mukha masama talaga loob ng lola! gusto yata i.mention ang b’z sa bawat article hndi ba xa marunong magbasa….”LAZERKIM ALL ABOUT KIM HYUN JOONG” gumawa kaya xa ng sarili nyang blog….kaloka huh!sinelasin q ya eh hehehe…

      • LOL Ms wagasss…utang na loob gumawa ka ng twitter account hindi tayo naintindihan ni HJ! Dito tyo nag uusap, hindi din naman ako makapigil hindi mag reply sakit na ng tyan ko katatawa!! You make my day!! Wag mo na sinilasin sayang lang sinelas mo!!! LOL Malinaw nga mata mo nabasa mo heading ko!! hahaha….Hindi ka na kasya sa baba kaya jan ka nilagay sa taas, wag ka na pumalag wala ka na magagawa!!! LOL makakarating ka sa Korea!! hahahha

  5. Tity on July 12, 2012 at 7:19 am said:Edit

    Hi Lazerkim,
    I think I am in the wrong page. MY left hand happened to press somewhere accidently and this page suddenly popped up. Since I am trying like ‘forever’ to locate your page where we can comment on your articles, it was indeed a surprise to see this page popped out. hope it get thru’ to you though.
    So…… can you guide me to the page where we can comment or talk to you. I lost the page (on favourite) and do not know how to go there correctly? Seemed the ‘favourite -LazerKIM’ that I went allows me to read only…articles after articles…. long list.

    Also, just managed to get twitter. Don’t know how to use to it’s full potential. Also always having problem. Think it is my internet connection. Can tell me more or less what we can do in twitter?

    Incase I cannot read your reply… please e mail me at

  6. Congratulations unnie!! Wow feel like i read the 100th article yesterday…but 200th article already.. It’s all about unnie’s hard work and the HJ inspiration! He IS the inspiration.. For me than an idol, he is one of my teacher. Success gained by hard work, he IS the symbol of hardwork.. I remember Bliz unnie once said, Letter “H” of his name is, for the word “Humble”. May I say it also represents “Hardworking”..

    And hardworking of the fans..woww hats off to them..Appreciate their efforts.. I think Hyun Joong-ssi must be really proud of making such a genuine fanbase to support him… In every success of Our Prince, it’s a blend of his unstoppable hardwork, great talent, genuine feelings and immense support and love of fans.. Glad to be a part of it.. Many to celebrate in the future too.. Wish all the best to Prince Hyun Joong and to my beloved HJ family..

    We got the dose 200 days, is it a dose to get addicted? Lol.. Wish you the strength to write many more.. Thank you Lazer unnie.. May Triple Gem Bless both You and HJ!

  7. Somehow I was not impressed with Let’s party, it seems like what teenages would like, I’ve seen comments comparring it to Justin Bieber. Personally I liked Heat much more. So when talking about sales figures you didn’t mentioned today B’z (you mentioned them before but not relating to boost of sales) – and I am sure that not only KHJ’s fans bought this single but B’z fans out of curiosity, because it was collaboration never seen before. And B’z is popular in Japan, let’s not forget about it, so as much as I love KHJ, I always want to be fair – part of the success was KHJ’s own reputation, part was smart selling tactics and part – B’z name.

    • Hello there!! Thanks for mentioning B’z I think I have mentioned about the collaboration in my recent articles in fact on the first day I heard about HEAT and followed by about 2 or 3 more articles about B’z. But today my article focus on Hyun Joong and his fans. Honestly i’m not familiar with B’z what I have written about them are simply what I just read from updates. I have only known the existence of B’z through Hyun Joong, I think I have first express my appreciation to them on the first day I read and written about them and Heat. About sales tactics as you call it I have already written about it quite recently.
      About the figures I got that news from the Japanese officials and B’z was not stated in the figure comparison, nor even mentioned their own artist who collaborated with Hj. That’s strange isn’t it!??
      And today it’s Hyun Joong’s fans turn to be appreciated and that includes you if you’re a fan. I wonder how many of the fans know about B’z!! During the promotion of the album I did not see any shadow of B’z, I wonder why!! Then now maybe B’z can be known through Kim Hyun Joong.
      Thank you for reading, and have a nice day….God bless.

      • Agree.
        It’s the first time I know B’z through Heat.
        I’m Hyun Joong’s fan and very thank B’z that they give a song to Hyun Joong.

        • Here we solely talk about figure sales in Japan – and B’z is known in Japan, in every Japanese TV when Heat was mentioned they mentioned B’z.

          • Peace be with you Anonymous,but HEAT has been successful so there’s no way to stress this matter as if u wanna dig out further who’s responsible for the real successor of HJ’s HEAT^^ you’ve said u are a fan of HJ.Congratulations to u if u’ve been part of the success of his Single as well..In any artists sometimes collab is inevitable for them but still we cant deny that B’z played a big part of the Single.Actually i have no idea about B’z but through KHJ i’ve known them,now as non-japanese we’ll never forget that KHJ intruduces B’z to us..

          • true,now B’z’ name will be expanded outside JP..and who made them more popular if they continue to attract fans outside JP,no other than the GLOBAL STAR KHJ^^

          • Ok, if you want to dedicate it solely to KHJ it’s fine. And I am sure that many international KHJ’s fans now are aware of B’z but I don’t agree that B’z is not globally known. It’s famous ROCK group that is why it is known to people who like rock, but many of KHJ’s fans are more pop-oriented. According to Wiki – B’z is one of the BEST-SELLING MUSIC ARTISTS IN THE WORLD, having released 46 consecutive #1 singles, 24 #1 albums and sold more than 80 million records in Japan alone. Under the recommendation of Steve Vai, B’z became the first band from Asia to have their handprints and signatures put up in the Hollywood’s RockWalk.Check it here – Have a nice day.

            • hahaha..LOL! thank u Anonymous,i didnt know that,thanks for letting us know~~D,..are u satisfied now for explaining?..hrrmm!anyway ur a fan of thank u!!!..but u rather feeling happy seeing him overtakes by others^^..AJA..AJA!!

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