Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TOP STAR

By LazerKim:          Kim Hyun Joong’s drastic growing popularity in just a few months after he debuted in Japan in January, apparently had seen evidently at the Oricon Music Chart as Hyun Joong breaks his record on his first album Kiss Kiss garnering 122,000 sales on its first week last January, and this time HEAT garner over 183,000 copies on its first week.  Also, this will be his fifth hit song for a solo artist to reach number 1 on a foreign country’s music chart. The number of albums he sold in the first week is ranked 3rd place of all time. Hyun Joong follows after Elton John’s single Candle in the Wind (a tribute to Princess Diana) in 1997 garnering 195,000 on its first week.

Hyun Joong is one of those solo singers who gained a six digit figure in sales on the first day of which was almost 138,000 copies. Hyun Joong mark another history in the music industry of Japan, not to mention the significant events transpired these past days as he personally promotes his album HEAT. These events were all over the print media both the Japanese local news and international entertainment news magazines. This is quite expected since the media has been tailing on Hyun Joong’s daily activities in Japan, even in his first day drama shoots.

Kim Hyun Joong accomplished his first shooting day for City Conquest as he started early morning yesterday as the first shooting location was held at Nikkou Edo. There were about a hundred fans visited him at the shooting location. I can only imagine another festive mood within the area since fans were seen just loitering around the streets where Hyun Joong was on shooting!! Other cast of the drama were at the location too, as Jang Yu Mi who will play the role Lee Dan Bi, one of the main leading lady for Hyun Joong as Baek Mir. Jang Yu Mi arrived in Japan last Monday together with the other cast for City Conquest.

Hyun Joong was spotted wearing a Japanese traditional costume and some fans who were there Hyun Joong was also spotted wearing a Japanese kimono and Jang Yu Mi was seen in a male Japanese costume!! This must be intriguing, that I can only guess must be a scene both lead stars in disguise!! Yesterday at the twitter, a fan from the location was monitoring the filming and eyeing of course on Hyun Joong’s every move at the set and I can’t help laugh that I find this very interesting as if I’m already watching the drama and it was fun!! How I wish fans would be monitoring at the location till the last day of filming!!

This filming has a long way to go as yet and many places to follow during this period of filming. And for those fans who are actively monitoring his every activity, the receiving end at the twitter can have the chance to run our imagination on how Hyun Joong is during his filming. And much more, if he is well taken care of!! The Aliens are really getting out of their way in taking care of Hyun Joong anywhere he may be in times of work, just to see how Hyun Joong is. Please don’t get me wrong, this is not stalking, the Aliens know their boundaries.

I have read from somewhere that during the filming of BOF, Hyun Joong fans were there at the set. It was said that Hyun Joong fans has provided jackets for Hyun Joong and the staffs, since the filming took place during winter and it was freezing cold back then. Hyun Joong can only thank his fans for their gesture of thoughtfulness not only to Hyun Joong but to the rest of the staffs. Back then the veteran fans knew how Hyun Joong worked hard on that drama.

Now going back to City Conquest, yesterday during the filming in a hot summer day, it suddenly rained again!! It’s another day of pouring blessings for the God of Rain!! It just practically rain every time and everywhere Hyun Joong and his fans are! Will this rain be a good sign for Hyun Joong’s come back drama? Well, in the recent events that every time it  rained anywhere Hyun Joong was, has always been successful events!! Well I may be imagining this or it might just be co-incident happened in so many times!! The filming for Hyun Joong’s scene ended in the afternoon and had left the location set. Today there shall be another shooting but this time it was said that filming shall be done indoors. So we’ll just probably see Hyun Joong going in and out to change his costume.

Hyun Joong was spotted dancing around while waiting at the set! As always he just keeps moving around during waiting periods, now he was dancing, that I can only assume Hyun Joong was memorizing his dance routine! And which reminds me Hyun Joong shall be performing his concert in Saitama Super Arena very soon this coming Saturday and Sunday July 14 and 15.

I never thought a multi talented artist could be this busy as Hyun Joong is. It probably just happen that promoting his album and filming his drama at the same time came in at almost the same schedule. It also made me think Hyun Joong is making his fans crazy busy over his activities!! And how lucky we are as fans, because the more activities Hyun Joong has, the more chances we get to see him.

And how lucky we are for we have many choices in only one artist. If we want to listen to music, we can always listen to Hyun Joong’s music which he has always something new. If we want to watch dramas Hyun Joong has it in different characters!! Come to think of it, it’s only been a year since Hyun Joong started his journey as soloist and he had already accomplished a lot. There are many more to look forward to as time goes by. Hyun Joong has many plans for his career and we fans can only follow him in his activities and support in every way we can. And through his hard work effort brings him to the top.

One of Hyun Joong’s fan wrote at my comment box and said she couldn’t concentrate at work while Hyun Joong’s out there on his exposure!! That goes for me too!! Yesterday I could not resist reading the twits while Hyun Joong was filming. While at work I have my notepad and penned down my articles and type it as soon as I get home. This is how I do my articles now since I’m back to my real world which I find it hard to let go of the Alien world!! If reading is your daily dose, then writing all about Hyun Joong is my daily dose!!

And so I’m done for today’s daily dose, Hyun Joong is just such a very busy bee at this time mixing acting and singing, that he has no choice but to enjoy it as I can see he does, as we fans support all these projects because Kim Hyun Joong is doing it for us. We need his music, and so he provides. We need his drama for us to watch and so he provides. It’s all because of Kim Hyun Joong’s love for his fans that inspires him and brought him to be a Top Star where he deserves to be.

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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9 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TOP STAR

  1. Hi LK,

    What ‘s a plasure to read about Hyun Joong here. thank you so much for your great effort. I often think about what HJ said in one talk show that he will make us pround to be his fans . I’m sure right now all of his fans feel the same as i feel now and that ‘s not because he is so handsome . His handsomeness is just a surplus on top of his talents and who he is as a person,as a star.

    I can’t discribe how I feel about him the feeling is more than just to like one star but it is something deeper than that . He is really a person that one can easily adore , admire , respect and love. He is surely deserve to be the only one for his fans.

    Regaeding his hactic schedual I hope he has time to rest and rest enough before each of his coming concerts. I ‘ m really worry about his health.

  2. Thanks lazer kim. Im one of your ardent blog followers as well. Please keep on writing about Hjl. Love all ur articles. Sometimes I felt like we are friends coz most of your thoughts and feelings towards him are the same as mine. Well maybe all of hj fans feel close to you simply becos u brought hj close to us. Tq again. I wish my thanks is enough. U really put a smile on many of us hj fans across the globe.

    • Hello Kyong!! Thank you so much for reading. Everyone who visits this blog are from only one world and that is the Alien World with HJ!! Please do feel free we’re one big family here, because we connect one way or the other. You are most welcome, and the pleasure is mine to write it’s my daily dose!!
      Thank you and see you again, take care and God bless…

  3. Hello lazer unnie!! It’s easy to find u here, than in twitter LOL..

    I too had thought about what u have said here, that is if we want music, drama or dance, whatever it is, HJ says “here you are!” and we are given..and what more when we are given handshake event for a CD, street dancing and all.. He is such an AMAZING guy.. I have already fallen for him head to toe, but i don’t know i’m still falling over and over LOL..

    When we hear the word “star” or “idol”, what comes to our mind is that he/she is unreachable..but what differentiates HJ is, he is down to earth.. He is an idol, who always try to make his fans’ love meaningful and always to repay the gratitude.. He doesn’t want to make one or two of us happy, but all of us.. His feelings are sincere and genuine that lead all his hardwork to a GREAT SUCCESS!

    We are already blessed for having u Hyun Joong-ssi.. The more we think about you, you get more blessings that help in every move you take..
    Hope HJ could take care of his safety and health during filming.

    Thank you Lazer unnie, even with a busy schedule, you still pen down nicely..
    Take care unnie. May Triple Gem Bless both You and HJ..

    • LOL forgive me i seldom twit these days because I came back to my real world!! LOL too boring down there!! Dinu thank you for sharing your thoughts I appreciate this very much and I agree with you the more he’s out there the more we fell for him. But that’s him in reality, just can’t get enough of him!
      I miss you and I miss everyone at twitter but I just have to squeeze my time now that’s why I seldom visit these days, but come around after my project.
      Thank you as always, and see you around, take care God bless.

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