Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ACTION BEGINS!

 By: LazerKim         Kim Hyun Joong made it to the top for weekly total sales at Oricon Music Chart as of yesterday. The gap is at 70,000 from Yamapi and I think it would only takes a miracle to happen to surpass the huge gap. Although yesterday Hyun Joong came down to No.4 rank, he still holds the highest sales for the weekly ranking since Hyun Joong already reached over 180,000 copies on sales as of yesterday. Kim Hyun Joong’s sincere effort made it to the top where you deserves to be, as always. And to the Alien soldiers, your love and support was seen and received by Kim Hyun Joong!!

Kim Hyun Joong shall be starting his drama location filming of his up-coming drama City Conquest, today 10th of July until the 27th. The first location site shall be in Nikko Edo Village in Tochigi Ken together with the other casts. Many of Hyun Joong’s fans have been wishing he could be able to take a rest after the five days of non-stop event in promoting his album HEAT. I would assume Hyun Joong must have left Tokyo to Tochigi Ken yesterday in preparation for today’s first shooting day. For unexplainable reasons I just feel so excited for this filming, I don’t know why!! And quite honestly I’m hoping some photo can be taken while filming!!

City Conquest became popular prior to confirming casting and filming!! I used to be drama addict and I think this drama is the most awaited among all dramas that I have watched. In many of Hyun Joong’s interviews, his drama project was always been asked about from Hyun Joong. During his recent Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert, his first stop was in May in Singapore, he was asked about his plans on his acting career, and I think this was the first time Hyun Joong ever mentioned about City Conquest.

It was said that this drama script had been sitting at Hyun Joong’s couch for almost a year waiting for his approval. He was saying that when he was working on his first two albums Breakdown and Lucky Guy, there were drama project offers to him, and he chose to not to read them since back then he wanted to concentrate on his singing career. He wouldn’t want to get tempted to dive on acting without accomplishing his first albums. Hyun Joong made the right decision on taking one step at a time, but definitely he wants to take time on taking his acting classes with his couch before committing himself for a drama project and he did exactly that.

 The drama City Conquest was never offered to any actor as the producer mentioned this fact, meaning this drama is mean for Hyun Joong exclusively. The news spread out so fast like a ball of fire!!  I’m sure that time Hyun Joong mentioned City Conquest, he was not intending to promote it not as yet. Since that time nothing was concrete yet, but the drama producer said that as soon as Hyun joong say Yes to the proposal, the producer will start filming immediately.

The most significant fact here is that, as soon as Hyun Joong signed the contract for this drama, there were already copy right buyers from other countries and had confirmed prior to its first filming day or prior to airing schedule in S.Korea. In fact it is still undecided as to what TV network in Korea this shall be shown. It seems to me that foreign copy right buyers are only interested with Hyun Joong. And if Korean TV network would not take this drama to be aired, then the producer need not worry since many foreign countries had already bought the copy right. Remember, S.Korea is just a part of the entire world!!

One of my readers thought that City Conquest shall be aired within this month. May I clarify that there is no official date yet as to when City Conquest shall be aired in S.Korea. I read from somewhere that this drama shall be aired before the end of the year, again nothing is official as yet. Although when I read about tentative schedule of airing, I can’t help to think, is Hyun Joong gonna finish the entire filming before airing? Is Hyun Joong changing the trend again??  Hmm….not bad!!

Do you remember that article entitled “Dark Side of Korean Drama”? It talks about the Korean actors who suffered from too much stress as they worked on Korean dramas. I actually have written an article about it too, since Hyun Joong did experienced as other actors did when he worked on BOF, to the extend of over worked that affected his health. The article talks about some producers becoming a slave of drama Korean viewers to be following the viewer’s desire on how the drama plot should be!!!

 When Hyun Joong was doing Playful Kiss, he actually mentioned that he was hoping that drama scripts should be given to the actors earlier prior to filming instead of giving it on the day of filming, to give time to the actors to memorize their lines and practice. Which I think is just right, since this will give the actors a chance to justify their acting skills through practice and preparedness. I wonder if Hyun Joong was able to convince his producer pertaining to the right preparation. It’s been a trend in doing Korean dramas to change the script to the extend of changing the story plot at midst of filming and even on midst of airing the drama.

In which the actors and script writers suffer from impromptu changes. I really do hope Hyun Joong will not experience the same again. He has been preparing for this come back drama and really working hard for it. Hyun Joong has been doing a lot of innovations and I do hope this innovation can be extended in the system of working on TV drama series. This will be good not only for Hyun Joong but to the other actors as well. Actors tend to lose weight after doing dramas which I have notice lately after watching Rooftop Prince. Not to mention how Hyun Joong became frail towards the last episodes of BOF, that I really hope it won’t happen again.

It seems to me that it’s not only the fans of Hyun Joong who are eager to watch his up-coming drama, the media has always been at Hyun Joong’s tail and I’m sure they too will be at the location site!! The Japanese fans take pride that the filming location is in their country since the first few scenes of this drama is in Japan.

This can be a good chance that Hyun Joong shall be indirectly promoting the country’s tourism, since the places where he shall film this drama are mostly tourist spots all natural from Japan. This drama shall be traveling and shall be viewed by his fans from every corners of the world.

And this also goes to the other countries where this drama shall be filmed. Other countries included in Hyun Joong’s  itinerary for filming has requested Hyun Joong to host a fan meeting in their respective countries. Let us just wait and see, but I hope Hyun Joong can have the chance.

Since City Conquest is an action drama, we’ll be able to watch Hyun Joong in a very different character. I can imagine some fight scenes and exciting motor bike ride in action. Oh I can just imagine how handsome Hyun Joong would be in portraying the lead role, a hero as always he is in the real life. We’ll soon be meeting a new guy in our life again from the same person Kim Hyun Joong in a different character as we will get to see our hero in action!!

The much anticipated drama finally begins its filming and the Action Begins as Kim Hyun Joong takes part as our hero in action…

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

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7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ACTION BEGINS!

  1. thanks LK, such and exciting day with TT, monitoring the pictures since this morning and enjoying every single tweet and your article of course (barely concentrating at work). Have you seen the gheisha picture of KHJ, cuteee.Wish him all the power and patience and the very best with this new drama, HJ really has a lot these days to do and I am hoping that he will really change the trend with filming the K-drama, the man has vision and he is a real leader in all what he is doing, look at the FM – the hand shake to all, the promotion of his album, he really raised the bar, hard act to follow and somehow I feel he still didn’t reach his potential and more is to follow. KHJ is doing very well on his own when moving to KE he made the smartest move and all those people talking about SS501 reunite (some blogs push this issue constantly) I think they wil have to get real someday and understand that all members have outgrown and some (like KHJ) reached a level that going back to SS501 is like going back, and for KHJ that will not do as he is striving for higher. but this is my humble opinion and I stick to it. thanks an God Bless:) I wish I can fly to BKK…dreaming here..:) by the way the first picture is to die for….. that look omoooooo!

    • LOL…yes I have that picture of HJ in geisha!! Just like you, I can’t leave the twitter this morning and i was so so late for work!! I was asking myself, am I gonna be doing this everyday?? LOL!! I honestly find it hard to go back to the real world, specially if HJ is out there in his exposure that it’s just so irrisistable!!
      I agree with you as HJ said one of the significant event in his career is when he moved in to KE, needless to say how he is now. I share the same opinion as you do. Simple common sense would tell HJ is striving harder to be up there moving forward and not backward. Obviously Hyun Joong is quite happy with what he has now, and that’s all that matters, just my opinion.
      Have you read the new about Oricon? He sets another history being a foreign solo singer in Japan. Hyun Joong is such a smart guy, if you know what I mean.
      Thanks for reading as always and see you around!! Take care and God bless.

  2. OMG, seriously i love this guy, he always come back with something new, and seriously, he knows his audience well, i mean jrock inspired song obviously did it for Japanese fans. i love it so much. i’m also very excited for this drama, though it’s weird cause i have not heard anything else about this drama. it’s strangely low key, in the sense that i haven’t heard of any news of who else is gonna be in it especially who the female heroin is

    • Hello Maria! Oh this surprises me, City Conquest is all over internet, it’s been in the news almost evryday since last month. Please check on google if you don’t have the twitter. I don’t think it’s in low key every fan knows about City Conquest and the cast were already released two weeks ago. Just this morning almost everyone monitored the first shooting day since a hundred of fans were at the location shooting. Please do check on HJ’s fan blogs for news updates on City Conquest.
      Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

  3. here we go… the most awaited drama of hj! i think we all have the same feeling….excited! i hope it will be shown in KBS or MBC.thanks again ms LK! take care.

  4. Me too LazerKim so excited for this drama..i’m also wondering why i’m in anticipation with this drama than in any of his previous one…fighting!

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