Kim Hyun Joong… [article] KPOP KING

By: LazerKim            Yesterday Kim Hyun Joong visited Nagoya and performed his street dance event in three different venues which was truly enjoyed by his fans from Nagoya and lots of fans from Osaka who attended the handshake event followed Hyun Joong. As usual Hyun Joong brought a festive atmosphere to Nagoya for even just a brief period of his visit. There were approximately 1,200 fans attended the Guerilla Concert at Sunshine Sakae and 3,000 fans at Central Park Nagoya. Right after his last performance he flew back to Tokyo which i would assume in preparation to his first shooting day for City Conquest tomorrow 10th of July.

In my previous articles, I have been writing that Hyun Joong changes his image depending on whatever project he’s working on. I think Hyun Joong did an excellent concept of HEAT and Let’s Party even in promoting the album. And his way of promoting the idea of street dancing the carefree style that any passerby can surely be attracted to the beat of the music Let’s Party and Hyun Joong simply enjoying the dance and just being himself was such a good idea and very effective.

 Hyun Joong was able to capture a lot of attention in his down to earth simplicity that I truly admire. Many fans from around the world just envied Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans on how easily they can go and follow Hyun Joong even on the street dancing for just everybody who happens to be passing by the streets where he was.It’s Hyun Joong overload bringing fun just anywhere he may be!!

It was said that during this period of promoting his album, Kim Hyun Joong  continuously have his regular rehearsals on singing and dance. And his daily work out at gym has been strictly followed together with his diet of cutting down calories to maintain his weight in preparation to his up-coming drama City Conquest.

And with that, Hyun Joong is back to No.1 rank at the Oricon Music Chart. I would assume this time that the sales of HEAT is coming from the non-fans of Kim Hyun Joong, here’s the results from yesterday’s cd sales and ranking. Kim Hyun Joong’s total sales is at 178,388, while Yamapi is at 108,448, with the difference of 69,940 copies. Hyun Joong still stays at no.1 rank on overall sales.

Yesterday I was at work I wrote my thoughts in my notepad about today’s article and as I went back home to type this article, I came across a news article which had caught my attention since the topic is related to what I have in mind, for today’s article. Here’s the news:

Korean star Kim Hyun-joong visits Tokyo

ChuoJapan ♦ 05 July 2012

Our contributor writes:

“Joong arrived in the Ginza neighborhood hours before his scheduled appearance. A sudden, literal appearance surprised his group of admirers, who gathered for hours with the hope of getting a photo a quick look…

Japan, which previously ruled Korea harshly, had a strange change of heart, with regard to Korean television series, K pop, and films.

Korean music groups are playing a big role on the music scene, and movie stars are followed whenever they come into contact with the Japanese public, with the same idolatry that followed the Beatles when they visited Japan.”

Source: Citizenside Link>(

This news reminded me of a video clip I watched last year, in which a Japanese went out to the streets and call his co citizen to boycott Korean drama series, and the Kpop idols! There are some blogs that seem to me are antis, at first I thought it was only Kim Hyun Joong whom they are attacking. Specially whenever Hyun Joong has a new project, before this project can out there to be released or even just planning it out, here they go attacking Hyun Joong. But I was wrong, it seem to me that they are actually against any popular Korean artist specially Kpop idols.

Why?? What have they done to you to hate them that much? Specially Kim Hyun Joong. I have been ignoring that blog full of insects ever since the blogger replied to my comment which seem to me as if I was talking to a kid!! And I would be just wasting my time to counter attack since they are haters that made me think they are being paid by some local artists or whoever to destroy the Hallyu Stars. I had this in mind for so long.

 I do understand the freedom of choice is an individual decision who ever we choose to support and no amount of insects criticism can change my mind about Hyun Joong. I wonder now, are local artists starting to get worried and do they seriously consider Kpop stars a threat to their careers?

The ongoing activity events of Hyun Joong have been gaining more and more attention everyday and these events have been televised on local TV and at the media print that I’m sure Japanese local artists have seen the crowd following Hyun Joong everywhere he goes. What made the Japanese fans change their hearts about Korean stars?

I can only speak about Hyun Joong since I barely know other stars. I think Hyun Joong was able adopt the taste of his Japanese fans in terms of music. Although prior to Hyun Joong release of his Japanese album, his Japanese fans already appreciated his Korean songs. I’m sure it’s more than just songs that his Japanese fans like about Hyun Joong. His best magical charisma I think is Hyun Joong highest ace in winning the hearts of many of his Japanese fans.

Are the Japanese producers and promoters now put to blame for bringing the Korean artists to Japan? As a businessman or producer in the showbiz industry, whichever is the most salable to the local consumers are the ones likely to be offered by the producers. The businessmen are strategists, they do have the statistics in their hands and they know very well the power of Kim Hyun Joong in capturing a huge crowd to follow him anywhere he is. And it is just right that producers have to give what the crowd wants.  

 Nothing is strange in the Japanese change of heart pertaining for Korean artists. The Japanese fans particularly the fans of Kim Hyun Joong just happen to know and feel Hyun Joong is a deserving artist for who he is in reality. Nothing is strange if what we see in front of us is real.

A star who had gone out of his way to meet each and every fan he has in person to handshake with. A star who recognizes what his fans needs from him that he is most willing with sincerity to provide. A star who can give happiness through his own effort with the sole desire to share. And the real star in front of you is Kim Hyun Joong.

In the past years American stars have been followed by Japanese fans when they visited Japan. Now the same history is being seen at Hyun Joong’s visit to Japan. A huge crowd of fans came out from everywhere and has been at Hyun Joong’s tail anywhere he goes.

These fans may have been staying home silently following Hyun Joong at the internet that probably no one noticed how these fans grew rapidly in a snowball while remaining silently supporting Hyun Joong. And now they’re out there for the King of Kpop Kim Hyun Joong arrived to meet his fans in person.

What’s so strange about being captured by the real King of Kpop Kim Hyun Joong??

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged KHJean14, thanks.


14 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] KPOP KING

  1. HE,Open the wings wider,flying higher to reach HIS FANS AROUND THE WORLD. HE Deserve the crown KPOP KING.Thanks for the article Lk… God bless.

  2. yey! there you had it, LK! long live the KING of KPOP! just so happy about everything in hyunjoong’s career now. haters or antis are everywhere and i care less about them coz obviously lots and lots of people are liking him now. he is an artist by heart not just for business. he loves what he does and so passionate about it and people feel it, hence, more and more are falling for him. his promo strategy, like dancing on the streets, bought the hearts of many primarily because he is making himself reachable personally by ordinary people; not the usual appearance on tv or promo visits on board radio stations. it really clicked! kodus to khj and the people behind him for this promotional endeavor!

    thanks heaps for this article again! i love our KING of KPOP!

    • Hey thanks! HJ finally made it to the top on weekly with 70,000 gap from Yamapi! That’s the good news brought to you by the birds at twitter!! You baptised the King remember?? LOL at least HJ is not self proclaimed unlike the other there somewhere!! See you again! And take care, God bless.

  3. Hello,

    I am currently visiting tokyo, japan and I can see that KHJ is having several events. I heard there are two concerts coming up this weekend on July 14th & 15th. I was hoping you could help me get some information about these events, so I could attend. I’m a HUGE fan of KHJ for several years and this will be my only chance to see him because I live in New York. Please if you could help me that would be so great…I really want to see him 😥

    Please let me know any information asap.


    Hiba Rashid

    • Hello! I would like to ask if you are around Tokyo? If you are try to visit Tower Records in Shibuya, if you have not bought HEAT yet you may buy it from there and you can get a concert ticket. I think the ticket is free upon purchase of the CD. Now I’m not so sure if there is still available ticket but you can just try.
      Or you may try visiting any music shop around your area and ask if they still have available concert ticket. If they still have the ticket then you may buy the CD from that music shop. I really hope you can go and watch HJ’s concert in Saitama, it’s once a lifetime chance…..Good luck!! God bless and see you again.

    • Hello Fanjoong!! I’m also wishing he could be able to take a rest but I think that’s not possible at this time HJ’s schedule is in full packed. Even after his filming in Japan he still can not rest because there’s Thailand Fan meet on the 28th, and filming the drama had just started so this may take for a while.
      Thank you for reading as always. See you again have a wonderful week ahead of you…take care God bless.

      • Dear Lazer,
        Thanks for your motivation.
        Yea, I already book the tour to Bangkok for the FM.
        I must join his FM and handshake with Hyun Joong.


        • Oh i’m so so happy for you!! You made it, now you’ll get to meet him in person and that is really really great!! Now enjoy yourself and make the most of every minute while you’re in Bangkok!! But please do take care ok? Happy happy you are!! LOL!

  4. hello ms LK! not as usual huh it seems you posted ur article early this past few days…hnd po nagrereklamo…natutuwa!im just happy happy and happy,he did it again! dedma 2 all insects…mamatay kau sa inggit!im so sure there is more coming once he started his LK there’s something i noticed japan fans are so discpline and well behave,f that guerilla performance happen in our place…lamog yang si wagass lol! thank u again

      • Hello ms Wagasss!! Unfortunately I’m back to the real world sadly I have to leave home early morning so I have no choice but to post my articles early morning since I’ll be back home from work in the evening or late afternoon. Here’s the saddest thing, I do my article writing while working, through pen and my notepad and type it in the evening post in the morning. This is gonna be my schedule at least for a month!! I hope this will work!!
        If your daily dose is reading articles, my daily dose is writing!! I can’t leave the alien world or I don’t want to!!!
        Hey thanks for reading, may sense pa naman yun article ko di ba??LOL Kahit sa site ako sumusulat!! LOL See you again, take care and God bless….

  5. I think bring in K-Idol will do some good to JP music ind. It might help push the music to something better than AKB48. And I used to think SJ 13 members is too much, compare to 48 it just nothing.

    J- Pop trend nowadays is xxx48, they have so many groups and I hate it.

    I am a fan of both KHJ and B’z. I like the song but to be frank it suit higher voice like B’z. Glay will suits HJ style more. If HJ will collaborate with Glay too, I will be in cloud nine.

    • Hello there!! Oh it’s my first time to read the name Glay, I’ll go research on it. I’m quite familiar with Japanese music but maybe not much about the new ones, and honestly I think I fell in love with Korean music because of Hyun Joong, he introduce me to Kpop. Although my interest is only in his music.
      Thanks for sharing your thought and see you again…Have a great week, God bless.

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