Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WINNING CROWN

By: LazerKim             Kim Hyun Joong shall be holding the handshake event in River Place Minatomachi Osaka today Saturday July 7th around noon time. There shall be a CD booth selling that will start at 9am. In every purchase of set of three CDs shall be given a ticket to have a chance to meet Hyun Joong up-close in handshake. May I just remind the fans who shall be attending this event, that Hyun Joong’s comfort is the most important thing we have to think about.

Yesterday a fan shared a video clip during the handshake event at Odaiba showing a fan took advantage and tried to hug Hyun Joong. It was good his bodyguards were alert enough to prevent the fan from doing so. It was clearly seen that the fan seem to pull Hyun Joong’s hand as she was being pulled away from Hyun Joong. This is really frustrating, since it happened in China quite recently at Hyun Joong’s high-five event, now it happened again! Please let us not give the guy something to be embarrass about. Hyun Joong had gone out of his way for his fans, then let’s give him some respect, as Hyun Joong respects us more than just his fans.

Yesterday as I was browsing, I read from somewhere which I believe comments coming from other idol fans saying that the reason why Hyun Joong made it to top at Oricon is because of sales tactics. I should ignore such comments since I have already anticipating some negatives from some non-fans of Hyun Joong. And in my article yesterday I think some of Hyun Joong fans had read what I had read!! What the non-fan meant by sales tactics was about Universal Music advertising and promotional schemes. I actually mentioned about this in my article yesterday.

In connection to the non-fan’s opinion, it was said at yesterday’s news that Hyun Joong’s crowd of fans created a traffic jam in Shibuya and Ginza Tokyo as he made a surprised visit at the music stores. There were always a crowd following Hyun Joong anywhere he goes while he is in Japan. Isn’t this a simple sign of his popularity? What about the over 5,000 fans who went to odaiba for a handshake and over a thousand fans who were there to watch Hyun Joong’s Guirella Concert as they called, and take note these events took place on a regular working days and not on a weekend. Isn’t this a sign of his growing popularity?

What about the advertising schemes and sales tactics as the non-fan calls it? I repeat, no matter how good singer or actor an artist is, if his activities lacks information dissemination then how can his fans buy his cds or go to watch his movies, concerts and dramas? In this kind of business or any sort of business, public awareness program is vital. Now, in spite all the most effective advertising and promotion schemes had been materialized and still the artist flunk or did not even make it to the Oricon or any music chart, or simply his cd or movie was not able to deliver a good revenue results then I would say the artist is not that popular.

In Hyun Joong’s case, Universal Music did a good job in informing the public pertaining to Hyun Joong’s cd HEAT, his activities in Japan like the handshake, the Guerilla Concert, and the up-coming concert on July 14th, Hyun Joong’s fans simply responded and showed their support by purchasing his cds, attending to the handshake event and the Guerilla Concert. Hyun Joong personally attended to his cd promotion which is just but natural to any artists who is launching his music. If an artist shall not be given the chance to take part in promoting his own cd or his own music then I would say it’s such a pity on the part of the artist. But with Hyun Joong, his gesture is more than just promoting, but his way of thanking and appreciating his fans for their support.

How can he be able to sell out his own cd if even his own fans were not informed about the existence of the cd or even his activities. How would the general public know that there is that such product from the particular artist without advertising and promoting their own product? I will be very disappointed with Universal Music if I will not been informed about Hyun Joong’s activity, of course. And another thing, not all Hyun Joong fans are active internet users, so I would like to see huge billboards and posters everywhere to let the general public be well informed. Isn’t this a natural desire to every fan of any artist?

I hope this explains the importance of advertising and promotion, it is simply keeping the public aware of the existence of any artist not only Kim Hyun Joong. In one of Hyun Joong’s interviews he was saying that one of his most tiring period is during his music promotion, but this is his most enjoyable period because he gets to interact with his fans in his most personal own way, since he gets the chance to thank them personally for supporting him.

For me, I’m happy I already got my cd copy and had shared some with my friends who are non fans of Hyun Joong. I’m so glad that we fans were well informed about Hyun Joong’s HEAT because for me the memory of his music is the most important thing that a fan can ever have. And that was why I mentioned that for as long each as every fan can have a copy of his CD music, then nothing else matter. So for those who have not gotten a copy yet, do try to grab the cd. This is one way of supporting Hyun Joong at the same time it’s a precious memory a fan can ever have since Hyun Joong created his music for us, his fans.

I read some comments from somewhere as she said “I love Kpop but I couldn’t understand why KHJ is so popular”.  I would like to reply and tell her, come read my articles and you’ll find out why Kim Hyun Joong is popular!!! I read some other comments wondering how Hyun Joong got the huge sales on its first day. Well his fans were well informed about his activities. And another one wrote that she under estimated Kim Hyun Joong. Many doesn’t realize how Hyun Joong has been doing well, if only they would give themselves the chance to know him better.

Kim Hyun Joong mark a history being a Kpop solo artist who has gained over 130,000 cd copies on its first day launching. I really do hope Hyun Joong would be able to maintain at top first five, if not the first rank. To be able to make it at the Oricon is something to be proud of being a foreign solo artist. If you remember for Kiss Kiss Hyun Joong was at no.2 and yet the album was placed at the gold record. Apparently Hyun Joong gave his best shot for his first and this second album as he always put a lot of effort to any of his project and this is one thing we can always be proud of.

For Kim Hyun Joong his best winning crown is in his heart. His effort in providing the needs of his fans had already made him a winner in the heart of millions of his fans not only in Japan but in every corners of the world.

                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks!!


18 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WINNING CROWN

  1. Thanks for the great article Lk. I read from one blog said that OUR BOY is #1 top oricon chard again on sunday 8 july.Blessing always with him. HIS hard work being paid.Love HIM forever.

  2. if Michael Jackson was proclaimed The King of Pop, then i shall baptize Kim Hyun Joong THE KING OF KPOP! fans like me definitely agree on this moniker!

    LK, it’s ok if you appear anonymous now coz when i read your reply this morning you were LK. hahaha maybe there’s a glitch in wordpress.

    • Hello again!! I’m not sure how I can call you there are 2 jen at twitter, if you’re still there Pls response. We do chat at twitter & i do remember calling you Jen! Oh by the way thanks for baptizing HJ for his title, now can I borrow your title for my article tomorrow? LOL….see you around jen!!! Hey thanks!! It’s lazerkim here!!

      • LK, please dont get confused with the 2 jen under minminfanatic & khjfanatic. they are one & the same person and that’s ME. hehehe i’ll wait for your article tomorrow. thanks.

  3. Thanks LK as usual a beautifully written article, well anti-fans or jealous people, marketing tactis call it what ever, nothing matter as there is a FACT that KHJ CD’s sold and continue so.Today as per TT is another day showing HJ popularity, is people gathering since last night, people crowding the streets of Tokyo wherever HJ appeared this is another undeniable FACT.
    Those things are undeniable and nobody can take the “Winning Crown” from KHJ.
    So let’s celebrate with him on his success and enjoy our CD’s and support him as usual and not be bothered by ill intended anti’s. Have a wonderful weekend LK.:)

    • Hello Noya!! I’m back to my my real world, it’s so tiring out there!! I’m much much happier at the Alien world no matter how stressful insects, robots and virus can be!!! LOL REJOICE ALLELUIA!!! Handshake is another success….welcome insects come and bite if you can!!! I’m so crazy happy for HJ!!!
      Thanks again Noya as always you never get tired of HJ’s pictures, they are our daily stress reliever!!! You take care have a great weekend with HJ!!! God bless.

      • Hello LK, nice to see you are back on track. Yes minminfanatic is right, loved the THE KING OF KPOP – beautiful…. haters eat your heart out this is TRUE. This is a good time to see HJ daily. He will start his filming soon, wow, I hope he will get some rest before that. There are some beautiful pics on the TT (can’t wait to see them on your article) a real feast for the eyes. Have a great weekend and good to have you back to yourself. God Bless:)

  4. not as usual unnie…you posted your article so early in the morning today kekeke…
    hoping that the event today will be going well….pray for hyun joong safety and hope there is no silly fan doing unrespectful behaviour…..heard form twitter there are already 3200 fan queuing for the handshake…
    thank you unnie for your wonderful articles everyday…

    • hahaha…..oh i never doubted someone will notice the unusual!! LOL I was back to the really boring world!!! Wow 3,200 fans waiting for HJ!! Gosh I’ve been out the whole i guess I got lots of catching up to do….see you around, hey take care have a happy weekend with HJ!!! God bless.

  5. Very well said and I was just informed that Hyun Joong is not the only one at the top of the Oricon Chart doing promotions like fan meetings, buy the CD’s get to meet him, and such! All 3 of them are so no one has any room to talk. As you said those first day sales were his fans so now he has to show the appeal of his album to the general public and since he is continuing to sell albums I believe he is doing just that! I am very happy for his success.

    • Hello allie!! Actually the daily Oricon is quite confusing but the most important and most significant is the first launching day of any album, because reflect the anticipation of people to HEAT. For me it doesn’t matter about the other days after the launching I’ll explain this matter for tom’s article. Super Junior gained 150,000 copies on their first day and dropped to 3rd rank the rest of the days but still their album gets to the gold record status.
      And you are very right the sales continues. I share the same feeling with you that I’m truly happy for HJ. Thank you as always and see again hey take care, have a wonderful weekend with Hyun Joong….God bless.

  6. I don’t know why people can claim why is the sale of Hyun Joong’s CD on the second day not high as the other idol.
    I only see the total number after the same days.
    The jealous is really terrible.
    But it can’t stop loves to Hyun Joong.

    • Hello FanJoong!! Those fans has the right to be jealous because their idol might not have made it to oricon as yet. While Hyun Joong had his albums all of it on top five. Just my opinion, I think those artists ought to work harder and take it from Hyun Joong on he deals with his fans and to his fame. And you are so right no one can stop us from loving HJ, in fact we even love him more everyday.
      Thank you as always, and see you again!! Have an enjoyable weekend with Hyun Joong, Take care and God bless.

  7. of course, that record-breaking sales of hyunjoong’s album were product of well-planned and strategized advertising and promotional campaigns of the record company. that’s their business which is to sell their product! non-fans, they’re partly right that it made a certified gold record because of sales tactics! but they have to remember kim hyun joong is not just an idol who dances and sings well for the sake of doing it and because his record company says so, but he primarily pours out his heart and soul to make the fans feel he is part of the product. and when a fan like me buy a cd, it’s like buying the real kim hyun joong, not a commodity! plus he is a person who doesn’t play a mediocre but a perfectionist thru constant practice and hardwork! plus the cyberworld which has a multiplier effect in the information dissemination among existing fans and soon to be fans around the world! and FINALLY his humongous CHARISMA that melts the hearts of many from his younger years to present! summing those i mentioned all up is the obviously RECORD-BREAKING SALES not only of his ALBUM but of his POPULARITY as well.

    i cant imagine the effect of it all when he promotes his next drama. it has been sold a good price to several countries already prior to its shooting. how much more now that he gained more popularity with the HEAT album?!

    thanks LK again for sharing your piece about KHJ! been following a lot of bloggers about him but i usually post comments in yours coz somehow i felt i know you personally coz i get to interact with you on twitter especially during the crazy mnet poll. btw, just read somewhere that the mnet winners are predetermined. they just wanted to make it appear it came from the fans. how sad!?;(

    • Hello!! Thank you again for reading and for sharing your thoughts that I’m sure many readers will read your views and I agree with you. Actually i have read from a blog at the other camp about this matter. And in fairness there was no bashing nega comments which I’m glad.
      And reminding me of Mnet!!! LOL that was fun!! ny…. if you know what I mean yes I read an article about pre-determined judging. No wonder last year Hyun Joong did not join in as nominee but performer instead. Oh well sad it may be but that time I felt the closeness of HJ fans among ourselves didn’t we? I felt the strong unity in defending HJ and I think that was essence of what we experienced during that period. Oh I just hope Mnet would change their system.
      Thank you again and see you around!! Take care, and keep tune in HJ will be in another handshake event today. Have a great weekend with HJ…God bless.

    • Hello this is lazerkim i don’t know why my ava is at anonymous!! I wrote the reply note below, pls don’t get confuse, something must be wrong with wordpress, my apology!!

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