Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ROCK PRINCE

By: LazerKim          Yesterday Kim Hyun Joong did a lot of music shop hopping and anywhere he goes there was always a crowd of fans. Hyun Joong dropped in to Tower Records Shibuya, one the biggest music store in Tokyo and affix his signature at his album poster HEAT, then followed by at Ginza Yamano music shop. He just stayed in less than 10min in each music shop just to sign on the posters and proceeded to the next music shop. Anywhere he goes a crowd of fans gather that causes traffic jam at the street of Tokyo and fans just came by in such a short notice to take a short glimpse of Hyun Joong.

The local newspaper headlines on entertainment was covered by all about the handshake event Hyun Joong hosted last July 3rd. And on the 4th of July a Guerilla Concert surprised many fans as Hyun Joong danced with Let’s Party the brought the Odaiba Shiokaze Plaza in a street party atmosphere that every fan had enjoyed. It was said that there were about 1,000 fans came over to party with Hyun Joong. The entire Tokyo was brought to a blast and Kim Hyun Joong, the Rock Prince just simply rock the city that his fans came from here, there and everywhere he was!!

During the fan handshake event at Odaiba on the 3rd of July, Hyun Joong was saying, all the while he was thinking there were only a few hundred of fans who were there to attend the event. It’s partly true, it was reported that there were about a hundred of fans who camped at the vicinity of the venue, but there were thousands who came in early morning and fall in line to meet Hyun Joong!!

I really laugh at what Hyun Joong was thinking, he wasn’t expecting he have so many fans who loves and supports him!! And it was said that this was the largest scale of handshake event ever transpired!! Hyun Joong indeed was overwhelmed by the large number of his fans to take time out on a weekday to meet him.

I failed to mention in my recent article, that it was not only rain that welcomed Rock Prince album. In the morning of the 3rd of July, as I woke up a fan friend of mine Chin, emailed me saying that there was an earthquake early that morning in Tokyo!! I can’t help say, not again!!

The previous time as Hyun Joong debuted Kiss Kiss, there was also an earthquake!! Although earthquakes are very rampant at the northern side of Japan, I would think it as normal. But with two incidents when Hyun Joong is just about to launch his album Tokyo always shake!!! The city just shake whenever Hyun Joong brings his music to Japan!!!

It’s been three days since the event was completed and yet this news has been continuously circulating over the global newspaper, magazines. It’s all over the internet and of course even back home in Korea took pride of what Hyun Joong as a Hallyu star has been gaining these past days ever since he flew to Japan. Hyun Joong even broke his own record of selling cds of over 137,000 copies in just one day!!

Kiss Kiss, his debut album sold at 70,000 copies in his debut day, and on his second album HEAT was doubled in number of sales.  This only goes to show that Kim Hyun Joong had snowballed his popularity twice from the time his debuted which was barely five months ago. That fast!!

During the talking part of handshake event, Hyun Joong mentioned about his collaboration with Bz. He was relating that both duo penned and produced the music HEAT and Hyun Joong appreciated the trust that Bz gave him that instead of giving him their opinion and suggestion, Bz entrust the music to Hyun Joong by giving him a free hand of whatever he desired with the music.

And so Hyun Joong created his idea out of the music and had brought in an excellent result and something new to his repertoire and something new to his creating image of a Rocker Prince!! The music was brought to the top rank at Oricon Music Chart No.1.

What makes Hyun Joong’s albums always on top of the music chart? The given fact that Hyun Joong fan base has been increasing everyday, new fans just came in from here and there and I would testify to that fact, since i have been gaining Kim Hyun Joong new fans everyday too. That would mean many had already been taking interest on his story. But other than this, I think information dissemination has been successfully accomplish. At the internet alone I would say every fan took part in spreading the news about Hyun Joong’s second Japanese album. I think this fact had helped a lot.

And in Japan, I think Universal Music Japan did their part in their advertising scheme over a month prior to the album launching. In my opinion, no matter how good an artist is, no matter how big his fan base is, without information dissemination without the general public knowledge of the artist’s activities and albums then it would not be that much of a success. That’s a reality in advertising world. While Hyun Joong was accomplishing his Asia Tour, Japan had begun its advertising HEAT as much. Huge billboards started making noise every corner in Japan, posters, billboards are all over.

And one interesting thing that caught my attention was some trailer trucks with the huge billboard or poster covering the entire trailer of Hyun Joong’s picture of his album HEAT while the music goes on non stop playing, were on the go roaming around the streets of Tokyo!! Japanese friends of mine were saying similar trailer trucks were also seen in the south of Japan in the city of Osaka and Nagoya!! Therefore North to South of Japan Kim Hyun Joong is just all over Japan.

I read from somewhere last night, that Hyun Joong shall be in Osaka too, to promote his album and a handshake event shall also be held. I have read that rules have been set in anticipation of a crowd of fans to attend. This is gonna be on the 7th Saturday at the River Place Minato machi. There shall be a booth CD selling that will start at 9am and ticket for a chance to handshake with Hyun Joong. Here I would like to share with you the LINK pertaining to this news from Universal Music.


Again these are written plans set by Universal Music, and it’s only gonna be Hyun Joong who can change this plan!! Why did I say this? Because he couldn’t resist the his fans being there at the venue and would give chances to each and every fan he would see to have an up close in meeting them!! Well, we all have seen it in Odaiba!! We can only watch from up far again as handshake event unfold in the southern part of Japan this time!

Hyun Joong fans surely did their part and still doing so in spreading the words about HEAT. Oh the Aliens are so good in terms of disseminating info and encouragement. What more can be better than word of the mouth and at this point may I acknowledge all the Aliens for doing a very good job on Hyun Joong’s HEAT. This was so contagious for the past weeks of non-stop posts pertaining to pre-orders of HEAT and encouragements. This is truly a remarkable effort in Hyun Joong’s fans all for the love.

Of course, there’s nothing more sweeter than the presence of the Rock Prince to personally promote his album. Overall effort Hyun Joong indeed is doing the biggest part on the successful album launching that apparently had gone out of his way and taking advantage of this chance in showing his sincere affection to his fans. Hyun Joong never let go of any chance he can interact with his fans in every exposure he gives in, he gives his best for his fans as always.

A true star Kim Hyun Joong the Rock Prince started to rock the cities of Japan with his music…..

LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks!


17 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ROCK PRINCE

  1. HE is really amazing,smart guy indeed.can’t deny this fact with his sincere and hard work HE get to the top.whenever HE get #1 the jealous people come over,so shamed of them. HYUN JOONG already said when you get #1 you will be 2 or 3 or…but HE IS THE ONLY ONE
    Who stand out with HIS AURA. Shame on you all the antis,you really need to learn what the meaning of peace.DAEBAK HYUN JOONG, YOU DESERVE IT!LK,Thanks for the rock prince article.god bless

  2. Last night in the news of KBS World, I saw a scrolling message which said that Kim Hyun Joong was No. 1 in the Oricon. I was really proud of him, and I think that Korea is very proud too to mention this information in an international channel. His detractors must be furious, kekeke!

  3. He totally deserves our love ^^ XD Japanese ppl are very lucky. I wish other fans were as polite as the jap fans =) I dunno if it’s just me or not, but I think KHJ looks ‘healthier’ in Japan. Maybe it’s the water, or maybe he gets more sleep there… I dunno xd

  4. Hyun Joong’s love for his fans is such that he did change the rules in Odaiba-instead of getting a hand shake for 3 album purchase,the fans who bought one album were also given the chance of shaking hands with Hyun Joong as per his instructions( his reason was,he did not want his fans to loose more money than they can afford just for his handshake!). Poor Hyun Joong must have suffered hand and shoulder pain after shaking hands with all those 5000 fans( i also noticed in the fan cams how he changed the hands from right to left! )

  5. Some people are saying he only got to #1 on the charts because of how he promoted for the free concert so it was just his sales tactics that got him to #1 and that because his sales dropped so much and he is now #3 behind Yamapi that it proves he’s not really popular. He set a record for first days sales and they say he is not popular? Can someone help me understand that kind of logic because I really don’t get it?

      • Well them just being jealous does make sense but their logic most certainly does not. lol I will just ignore it and concentrate on how well he is doing.

    • Interesting, unplesant news that he dropped so fast, I wonder how it happened if Yamapi only sold 50k on the first day, so how come he is higher than Hyun Joong now? I can’t open Oricon chart to see it for myself

    • You need not to be confused,HJ’s success is already in HISTORY and to think about that he is not a Japanese and yet his Single is well received to a foreign land is something to be proud of.. FIGHTING!!..lets just keep supporting him,thats all we can do to fight for those brainwashers~~~D…or else just laugh..LOL!!…have a nice day Allie!..

  6. congrats hj!another record breaking…im just so happy and so so proud! ms LK sa totoo lang aq ang napagod dun sa handshake huh….lol!!! thanks again.

    • LOL na dislocate nga ata braso ng lolo mo!!! Yes indeed he broke the record as foreign artist to have sold over 137,000 copies on first day of launching, broke the record for being the first Kpop artist to handshake with over 5,000 fans and almost broke his arm for doing so!! Joke!!!

      • ms lk, tulungan kaya ntin sa osaka bukas?subtitute tayong 2 hahaha…how i wish! kaawa nman talaga ang lolo!im sure d lang braso ang na dislocate pati muscles sa panga aba hnd rin nag.stop sa…lol! in fairness wagasssss pa can i stop loving this man??? he’s such a sweetheart!

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