Kim Hyun Joong…[article] TOP RANK

By: LazerKim             Kim Hyun Joong’s HEAT made it to the top rank no. 1 at the Oricon daily music cart on its first day launching yesterday 4th of July, garnering revenue sales of over 130,000 CD copies for just one day! This is such a great news that every single fan takes pride that Hyun Joong is on top rank and did it again as always, Congratulations to Kim Hyun Joong! He deserves it to be on top more than anyone else, as his hard work now paid off so handsomely. It’s a work well done, HEAT was perfectly created, excellently performed and with great sincerity in promoting. And may I extend my appreciation and acknowledgement  to BZ’s collaboration, congratulations to you too!

For me this is already as expected since the CD HEAT has been on its top rank on pre-sales alone since pre-orders opened up while Hyun Joong was busy on his recent fan meeting concert. Hyun Joong’s fans responded both the Japanese and international fans joined forces in support. Let’s keep Hyun Joong on top rank for the rest of the week by continues promotion on his album. For those fans who have not gotten their copy of the CD grab them now!!

In the past few weeks, I kept receiving emails from other fans who seem to me were worried about the Heat. I was wondering as to why they are worried, I was saying to myself if Hyun Joong was able to be on top rank for Kiss Kiss on his debut, it may not be no.1 but the album ended up on Gold record status, then I believe Hyun Joong would be able to make it to no.1 this time!! And then last night I just read, that it’s not only Yamashita who’s racing with Hyun Joong to the top, but there’s also 2am & 2pm, Morning Musume and Girl’s Generation!! Now I understand, why some of the fans were worried, Heat has many competitors!! But still, the album hit the top rank yesterday at Oricon.

But I believe for as long as every Hyun Joong fans was able to purchase Heat on or before its launching then I think he can make it to the top. For this week I think there would be sales from non fans as Hyun Joong continues with his promoting Heat. I was surprised yesterday to have watched Hyun Joong performed in front of Gudam Cafe, this is at the same area at Odaiba where hand shake event took place last July 3.

Hyun Joong danced to the tune of Let’s Party, that brought an atmosphere around the area  like a street party going on!! The fans truly enjoyed the festive mood yesterday!! It was such fun and Hyun Joong really enjoyed his carefree way as he danced with the Artmatic!! Although I noticed Hyun Joong was heavily guarded since Mr. Jeong was with other four body guards!!

Hyun Joong’s hand shake event the other day was all over local news and it was said it was the longest line of fans ever held a hand shake event in Japan. Here’s the photo taken from up far of that line.

The photo above were Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans the other day, as you can see despite of the heavy rain, his fans remained lined up waiting for their turn to get inside the venue for a chance to meet Hyun Joong in person up-close and to shake hand with him. It was also said that some fans camped over night near the vicinity of the venue so that they can be the first in line to get in to the venue the following day.

I can imagine the camping must be fan together with the other fans, that may lead to some bonding moments among them like family! Oh how I wish to be there camping with the other fans!! This was such an experience all for the love of Hyun Joong anything is possible!

The original plan for this hand shake event was that, for those who purchased the album in advance shall have the chance for a ticket draw, and the lucky ones shall have to chance to meet Hyun Joong in person. But Hyun Joong changed that plan, instead he gave the chances to everyone who was there at the venue, as his way of thanking his fans for the support on his album. And so the event lasted for five hours with just a brief break for Hyun Joong to take a breather and proceeded until he was able to complete over 5,000 fans to shake hands with him.

In the morning yesterday, Hyun Joong was on Fuji TV, I would think it was a variety as I saw some posted pictures of him mixing a fruit drink in a blender!! Then I read from somewhere, he was interviewed and mentioned that the other night he wants to go out of his hotel to get himself a toothpaste!! Since the available toothpaste at hotel was rather in small size!! I laugh at that, cause he’s saying this in a live televised national TV!! How I miss this guy’s candidness!!

Ever since Hyun Joong started his solo career, all his albums has marked on the top rank from his very first album Break Down, Lucky Guy, Kiss Kiss and latest Heat Japanese album. Not to mention his other on-line singles Marry Me, If You’re Like Me which gained a huge number of viewers at You Tube. His first Japanese DVD Impact also marked a history as it ranked top at the Oricon having been the first foreigner to do so after Michael Jackson. These are just a few of what Hyun Joong has accomplished as a solo singer and had achieved so much for such a short period of time.

A lot of his activities has been gaining a lot of attention even Hyun Joong is not intending to do so. Like for instance, his high-five session in his recent fan meeting concert had brought international headlines on the entertainment pages of any news print. And the latest, is his hand shake session with his Japanese fans which broke the local new and soon from I’m sure it will be global news. These gestures are not meant for publicity but it’s simply Hyun Joong’s sincere way of thanking his fans who have been supporting him all the way.

And yet the sincere appreciation of Hyun Joong to his fans had brought a lot of media attention. Well, I can’t blame the media because who among the international celeb would get out of their way to meet each and every fan they have? Who among the stars would dare to dance on the street for free in promoting their album? Hyun Joong is simply so down to earth and take note, he just didn’t dance for the heck it, but he truly enjoyed it. It’s not surprising for me as Hyun Joong hit the top rank at the Oricon and I do hope Hyun Joong would be able to maintain his rank for the rest of the week.

Oh good gracious, Universal Music is indeed at cloud nine every time they sponsor a music activities for Kim Hyun Joong because it will surely hit the Oricon music chart and of course the company prided for having Hyun Joong in their camp.

Oh that reminds me, Hyun Joong signed another contract with TFS for another year round.  Prior to this news there were rumors spreading that TFS (The face Shop) will not renew Hyun Joong’s contract. So may I clarify that the rumor is just a rumor, no truth to that. And may I just humbly say, it’s not Hyun Joong’s lost, it’s the company’s lost if they will not renew his contract.

Why not, Hyun Joong is so in demand, specially for skin product like TFS has or any other consumer product for that matter! Hyun Joong is an excellent endorser. He had already proven that fact for so many times in the previous years and what more this year as Hyun Joong’s global popularity kept boosting higher!!

My dear readers, I hope by this time you have already known me that I just write whatever popped in my mind, that sometimes it’s out of line like this TFS!!! I’m done with my daily dosage again, thank God I can bring you good news!! And not just good news but a great news that any Kim Hyun Joong fan takes pride! Yesterday anywhere on-line was such a festive atmosphere….so Let’s Party now!! And don’t forget to grab your copy now!!

Anything Kim Hyun Joong holds on hand and create with his sincerity of love will always bring him up to the Top Rank where his music belongs….

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing 

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks!


7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] TOP RANK

  1. Truly a festive atmosphere in the Alien world these days.I never doubt nor worry about the outcome of his new single because knowing how the fans appreciate everything what HJ does I for one is very confident that he will hit this one “BIG!”…He even beat his own record album sales of Kiss Kiss and so proud to know that as I’ve read the news he even beat the popular group DBSK record selling album.Well,that’s our man.He’s simply amazing!!Let’s party….Mr.Cool guy~^^
    Oh~~can’t wait to get hold of my copy..

  2. Dear LK, daebak so proud to be a KHJ fan. he did it again. He actually drank the juice he made, he is so cool about their crazy things they put him to do, taking it all in his stride. Dear, you can always write whatever comes in your mind, love your mind, as is writing such nice things, so as always a pleasure. of course those pics omoooooooo……. hot, thanks.:)

  3. Thank you for sharing the great news.HE did it again.Thank you God…you pour blessing on to,thanks alot…good to know you wich always standing out to protect HIM.God bless

  4. oh with the renewal of endorsement contact with TFS, i’ll be patronizing TFS more and more because of KHJ along with HangTen! Albums are neatly kept in the shelves, waiting for their new sibling, HEAT! #soproudofkhj

  5. 🎤oh my god!… 🎸oh no! i wanna carry you home. 📀move that body, go let’s party🎵move that body, go let’s party🎶

    as i transcribed the english portion of the song, the more i wanna shout ‘i wanna carry you home, hyunjoongaah!’ lol #justcrazyaboutkhj

    thanks LK for sharing your piece again! HEAT is daebak! chukahae kim hyun joong!

  6. I’m grateful that you are sharing news about Kim Hyun Joong. I really appreciate it. I’m so happy for the result of his album Heat. He’s so good to his fans that’s why he is blessed. Hope to hear more from you. Take care.

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