Kim Hyun Joong… [article] EFFORT OF LOVE

By: LazerKim             It was such a fine day yesterday as Kim Hyun Joong hosted a hand shake session with his Japanese fans at Odaiba Palete  Plaza in Tokyo. As early as 8am yesterday, Hyun Joong fans started to gather around the vicinity of the plaza, while waiting for Hyun Joong to arrive at the venue. He sent for bottled water for his fans and was distributed among the fans who were waiting for him. And when he finally arrived, and was just about to start the handshake session, it suddenly rained!! Indeed the God of Rain was poured by blessings again as it always rain whenever he meets his fans anywhere he goes!!

As it started to rain Hyun Joong’s fans remained, while Mr. Jeong (Hyun Joong’s personal body-guard) was soaking wet from the rain without an umbrella, he continued to assist and guided the fans. A closed tent was set up for Hyun Joong for the hand shake, but he has requested his handlers to open up the close tent so as everyone can see him from up far while his fans fall in line to take turns for the hand shake.  At the news update the crowd was estimated at over 5,000 fans, but according to Universal Music the crowd reached up to 10,000 fans till the afternoon.

As Hyun Joong completed the handshake session from early noon till later in the afternoon straight for five hours with only a brief break, the fans commented that Hyun Joong maintained his smiles from the beginning till the end of the session. And after the session was done Hyun Joong even looked back around to see if anyone of the fans were left at the venue. Such a thoughtful guy!! He said he was going back to his hotel and prepare for today’s launching.

As I mentioned yesterday another Japanese artist shall be launching his album at the same time as Hyun Joong. The artist is Yamashita Tomohisa or Yamapi. It was said that Hyun Joong and Yamapi shall be racing to the Oricon Music Chart to make it to the top. I sure do hope Hyun Joong would make it to the top rank. So far these past days HEAT remained on first top five for the five versions for its pre-orders at Tower Records which is the biggest CD store in Japan. I think Hyun Joong has a good chance here to get to the top since aside from the support he has from his Japanese fans, his international fans are in full support for his second Japanese album.

During the time Hyun Joong debuted his first Japanese album Kiss Kiss, I think the global promotion for this album was rather minimal to compare with HEAT. I was just surprised that Kiss Kiss brought an excellent revenue sales. The anticipation on HEAT is rather overwhelming, so I think this album can make it to the top. Other than this, Hyun Joong’s collaboration with the Bz is something new, that I’m sure even a Japanese non-fan of Hyun Joong would appreciate the music.

Hyun Joong started his busy days yesterday, and I can just imagine how tired he must be after the handshake session that took hours to get it done or complete with all the fans at the venue. Today is the first launching of the most anticipated album of Hyun Joong, and I wonder, will his fans be at the streets of Shibuya again as Hyun Joong affix his signature at the posters of his album? Will there be a morning traffic jam again created by his crowd of fans just like last January when Hyun Joong debuted his first album? I guess this has already been anticipated by the gov’t authorities and be prepared!!

The most wonderful gift of all is a free concert ticket in every purchase of the album! Is this for real? How I envy his Japanese fans to have such opportunity if this is for real, and even the concert ticket is not for free, they are still lucky to have Hyun Joong again on stage to perform. This is another much awaited event, oh Hyun Joong is just giving in so much for his fans. He’ll just do everything for them with all his sincerity, even yesterday’s event, it was said that this handshake event was his idea. I wouldn’t be surprised at all because he keeps on saying he wants to interact with his fans further, to reach out for them, each and everyone.

Today is gonna be another long day for Hyun Joong, and we can only watch him from up far while he accomplish his day-to-day schedule. Well I can only speculate he might just be doing a lot of CD shop hopping. I wonder if autograph signing is in his itinerary, I sure do hope so, oh his fans would be very very pleased and happy. Seeing Hyun Joong doing a lot for his fans even makes me happier, because it feels as if I am actually there with them too!!

By the way, as I am writing this article a fan shared with me a link of LET’S PARTY music video and I was able to finally watched!! This again is something new and different as Hyun Joong shows his carefree side. Here you can see how he enjoys dancing with this music, it’s simple yet you can feel what Hyun Joong wants to express through his dance movements. Hyun Joong has been doing a lot of different image through himself but I would say I’m very much impress with this music Let’s Party and Heat. Maybe because it’s the real Hyun Joong, it’s not portraying a character but simply himself.

Oh well, we’ll see a lot of Kim Hyun Joong in the coming days, his activities has been filled with a lot of excitement and as always, Hyun Joong loves to give surprises to his fans. There’s always something new from him, I just can’t guess wherever  he gets so many ideas and I can’t help to think, so these are the things that has been stock in your mind all these years!! And I’m truly happy for him that finally he has this chance to bring it out and share his ideas to the world.

I think Hyun Joong has gone out of his way as a celeb that he extended his effort to be closer to his fans and in return his fans reciprocate to his effort of love to them. From the recent fan meeting event as Hyun Joong had a hi five and has extended it to Japan for over 5,000 fans for a hand shake and a non stop bowing and constant smiles to each and every fan which is so remarkable of him as a star. As I have mentioned in my article yesterday, Hyun Joong is a man of few words, he shows his love to his fans by letting them feel that sincere love through his sincere effort to reach out to all of them.

And even other fans watching over him from afar, can feel that sincere love that for me is boundless. How can I stop loving and supporting this guy, if he had already gone too far to capture my heart by simply being himself as Kim Hyun Joong?? I wasn’t personally there in any of his recent activities, but seeing how much he loves his fans made me feel what others who were actually there can feel that sincere love from him, as a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. What more can I ever ask for? By simply knowing this guy being himself is enough for me to love him more each day of knowing him in reality.

The rain was pouring yesterday but none of his Japanese fans ever change their mind about coming to meet him in person. They stayed not minding the rain as they got soak wet, and this is just amazing effort of love between Kim Hyun Joong and his fans.

The God of Rain Kim Hyun Joong was poured by blessings of happiness to have met by his loving fans, a true Effort of Love from both, the star Kim Hyun Joong and his fans…..

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14, thanks.!    Video credits Noya, thanks!



4 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] EFFORT OF LOVE

  1. HE is a man with true love. Can’t stop loving HIM, the more you know HIM…the more deep you love HIM.thanks for this sweet article lk,wish HIM a succes for all HIS work. God bless

  2. Hi LK, indeed he is the God of Rain, where ever he goes there is rain, which is a blessing. But he is sooooooo cute, well more than that, lately more Man (manly… as you gal’s put it). I must say never a dull moment with HJ, every new song is something different and fresh a pleasure to the eyes and the ears, he is trying not to repeat himself at what he is doing, a True Leader in all he is doing, the others can just learn from him. How can you not love him for the kindness he is showing to the fans and for being such a true to himself artist. So proud of him making it to #1 on Oricon charts, thanks for the pics, a feast to the eyes. By the way (don’t get mad at that please) he did look good with the blondie, somehow they’ve made a nice couple, well done the MV so fresh. Thank you for my daily dose…:)

  3. So happy to know the sale number of Hyun Joong’s 2nd single, amazing.
    Great done by Hyun Joong and his fans.
    Congrats to all for No. #1 At Daily Oricon Chart today.

  4. thank u soooooooo much for sharing this awesomeeeeeeeeeee video! i love everything about this guy!thanks ms LK!God bless!

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