Kim Hyun Joong… [article] 4D HEAT

By: LazerKim            Kim Hyun Joong arrived at Haneda Airport yesterday by noon time as many of his Japanese fans welcome him at the airport. Hyun Joong was looking fresh and with all smiles as he greeted his fans. Billboards of HEAT and posters has been all over Japan now and the most anticipated single by Hyun Joong shall be released very soon. A video clip from Tokyo showing a trailer truck with the huge promotional HEAT was roaming around the city streets.Today Hyun Joong is scheduled to have a hand shake event within the metropolis of Tokyo and Hyun Joong is committed to take part in promoting his 2nd album so he’ll just be around Tokyo from this period.

It was said in the news that a Japanese artist is also scheduled to launch his album at the same time as Hyun Joong. For me it doesn’t matter at all for as long as every fan of Hyun Joong can grab a copy of HEAT. This music may be in Japanese but many of Hyun Joong’s international fans made a pre-order on-line. Why not, if we appreciate Breakdown and Lucky Guy which is in Korean, then we can also appreciate the Japanese music HEAT that Hyun Joong sings. So don’t miss this album and grab a copy now!!

Another event that’s I’ve been waiting for is Hyun Joong concert in Saitama Super Arena, I have been wondering how the concert would be because this one is totally different from the one he had in Yokohama Arena. The event shall be on the 14th and 15th, that’s on a Saturday and Sunday. The venue is much bigger than Yokohama which is over 30,000 in capacity, although this concert is a part of Hyun Joong’s promotion for the album, it’s free for every purchase of HEAT one gets a free concert ticket. Wow! Lucky fans!!

I would like to share with you another Hyun Joong’s interview with EPOP which I borrowed from another blog babyvfan’s blog. I just got a few portion of the interview, here it is:

1. EPOP : If you are granted a superpower, what kind of superpower do you wish to have?

KHJ : I have been thinking hard on this, I want to have the superpower which enables me to teleport myself instantly! (epop : where do you want to teleport yourself to?) I thought about this many times, honestly speaking, I really want to visit the coffer of Bank Of Korea~ I am not going inside to steal, just want to go in there and have a look only~

Another thing i want to do, is to visit the UFO prohibited site in U.S. , isn’t there those kind of places in America? If can teleport myself instantly, I want to visit there. (epop : lastly, another place you would like to visit?) As you know, somewhere that guys would want to go~~ (epop : i think places that guys want to go is…en…boys restricted places!) May not be that, there’s also Beauty Salon, or even Manicure parlor~

2. EPOP : What do you think is your personal charm?

KHJ : There should be charms that I don’t know of, I have also pondered over what I’m good at~ (epop : is there any instances where you look into the mirror, And thought to yourself “I’m really handsome”?) I do that, but when I go back home and look into the mirror without make-up on, I will feel very awkward… Just like girls, girls are more confident with make-up on, maybe it’s because I work as an artist, I also feel more confident with make-up on. (epop : then which part of your body, do you think it’s the most beautiful?) I like my eyes the most!

3. EPOP : Whats the happiest moment you had recently?

KHJ : The happiest moment I had recently is when I went to Japan~ I was detained at the airport, because previous times I went, I always used visa that’s for performance purposes. That time, I used travel visa to Japan, and I was detained inside the airport for an hour, I was very happy when they released me~ (epop : why were you detained?) Because I always used artist visa~ (epop : due to your high popularity in Japan, so they thought you are going to perform in Japan, but used travel visa to check in?) Yup!

Therefore, after being kept for 1 hour, I was really happy at the moment I was released~ (epop : what were you thinking during that one hour’s time?) At that time, they kept saying, if you perform in Japan, you will get caught, of course i was not happy about it, but also because of this, I was released, and i was in a ver good mood! (epop : then, no more pressure right?) Yes, I was really pressurized back then!

EPOP : What’s your future plans?

KHJ : I will still meet everyone as a singer, I also want to go on more shows and interact with my fans~

EPOP: If there is 24 hours left in your life what will you do?

KHJ : if there’s only 24 hours left, I no choice to do anything too, I only wish to have dinner together with my family, and pray to God, let me go to heaven! (epop : aigoo, what an honest reply! Hehe)

Source: Babyvfan’s Blog Link>( Thank you!

LazerKim Viewpoint:

I wonder how the reporter of this interview has in mind about Hyun Joong!! There’s that kid in Hyun Joong surfaced again!! On the first question about having a superpower, that’s Hyun Joong’s natural curiosity as he responded just about the unexpected!! At Yahoo he did mention his curiosity about JFK assassin, now he’s curious about US’s secret on the existence of UFO, I would only assume he meant a tour inside NASA or the US Pentagon!! And his curiosity as to what’s inside a bank volt I assume!! These are kids stuff curiosity!!

Hyun Joong was asked about his personal charm. And again Hyun Joong doesn’t know why many people likes him. I’m sure people who are close to him, like his friends would tell him what he is like, but Hyun Joong is not just that convinced and this is how I see it. This is not the first time he was asked as to why people likes him, and seeing from his facial expression it seem to me Hyun Joong is a bit at lost or he’s just so modest to talk about himself. He doesn’t really know why people likes him!!

The reporter asked about Hyun Joong’s happiest moment, and I couldn’t help but laugh at how he responded which is very unexpected!! He said his happiest moment was when he was released from the Japanese Immigration at the airport!! The way I see it, Hyun Joong was like a kid who was trying to sneak out from his parents and when being caught, he made a lot of alibis and got away from it that made him happy!! This interview was just so hilarious!! And this is definitely one of Hyun Joong’s 4D attacks!!

Hyun Joong was asked on his 24hour last day of his life and he responded, he just wants to spend dinner with his family and pray that he would go to heaven!!! I really laugh at this and it’s really a kid stuff!! I wanted to tell him, Hyun Joong I’m very sure you’ll go to heaven and there will be no doubt about that!! You’re too good to be true!! But what a way to be childish and yet adorable Kim Hyun Joong!!

I remember when Hyun Joong was still with SS501, as they took their flight bound to somewhere, Hyun Joong was facing the video cam pretending to be on an airplane crush as he said farewell to his fans and to his parents, as he said to his parents “don’t forget to our their dogs!! What a way to say his last farewell!!

I wonder when are we gonna be seeing Hyun Joong on talk shows again? This is the time we get to see Hyun Joong’s unexpected outburst of his 4Dness!! And I truly miss it, it’s almost a year now when he was busy on TV appearances, on talk shows and variety shows as he was promoting his first album Breakdown. A lot of times I still watch those talk shows, specially whenever I feel a bit gloomy, Hyun Joong just make my day laughing! The funny thing about Hyun Joong is that he just spill out whatever comes in his mind the least you expected, although he’s just being truthful!!

Like in one talk show Hyun Joong was asked, if his agent had paid his fees for doing commercials, and he said yes he did. The host asked again, “did you give your earnings to your parents?” Hyun Joong replied, “No I didn’t, I paid for my taxes, it was huge amount so now I’m broke”!! Now that was televised on national TV, here he goes talking about paying taxes!! Well, Hyun Joong was being truthful as he said it, but it was quite unexpected!!

Oh well, those were the days that Hyun Joong gave me a good laugh about his 4D wacky!! And I’m still looking forward to see him on talk shows again the way he used to. I would guess he would be back in those shows again. Hyun Joong still owes us a studio album, which is one of his greatest dream to achieve!! I would just be waiting for his 4Dness to heat up again and I’m sure we’ll soon get to see him in his playful side again. It feels good to be seeing Hyun Joong laughing again!!

They said laughter is the best medicine, indeed Kim Hyun Joong is the best cure specially when his 4D Heat up!!

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks!

Credits: Babyvfan’s blog, thanks!


8 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] 4D HEAT

  1. by the way he was talking about the famous area 51 he wanted to visit….. well, he is not the only one on that.:) fly me to the moon,kind of man, love it….:)

    • Noya thank you thank you so much, do you know that I have been looking for it this evening that I couldn’t locate and my twitter kept hanging!! Hey I appreciate this very much thanks a lot!! Gosh I’ve been so busy with a lot of pictures coming in, I’ll post as much for tomorrow’s article!! See you around and take care!! Love lots!!! God bless..

      • dearest, i am glad finally I’ve done something for your soul, as you are doing so much with your articles and pictures for my soul, thank you.:)

  2. I really want HIM get #1 but the importan thing is HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DELIVERI THE SINCERE IN ALL HIS SONG. Thanks God,we got to know HIM.

  3. Aw pooh! I just read on another site that Yamapi is releasing his album too! Even though I am a fan of Yamapi I want Hyun Joong to get # 1 on the charts so I will just have to keep my fingers crossed that he will even though Yamapi is releasing his album. Hopefully since B’z is part of the album it will give him a little bit of an advantage. But even if he doesn’t get # 1 HEAT is still a great song and since it is already # 1 on Tower Records I have hope he can get # 1 on the Oricon chart too.

  4. Yes, Yamashita Tomohisa is releasing his album too xd many fans were talking about it, cuz as you may know it’s been said in the past (when SS501 debuted in Japan) that japanese girls got attracted to HJ and then they fell in love with him cuz he looked like Yamashita Tomohisa. I can’t wait to watch Let’s party MV, it seems that they showed some footage on his Hi-5, I saw some images on Twitter

    • Yeah i researched on Yamashita, they have a bit similarities. There’s already a long line of fans waiting for HJ!! He gave in bottled water to the waiting fans!! He’s coming from an interview that’s causing his delay.
      Hey thanks for reading…how are you Ms. Owl!! Have a nice day!! Take care and see you around!! God bless.

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