Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR SINCERITY

By: LazerKim      Kim Hyun Joong boarded his flight to Haneda this morning, and so ball game is over, time to work again for Hyun Joong!!   He was out in the soccer field again yesterday, this time in red and black jersey. This is good for Hyun Joong to be taking advantage of his spare time to go running and chasing football. Because after this soccer games he’ll be in a real tight schedule again on his exposure at the same time start filming his come back drama City Conquest.

It’s Monday and I choice to share with you, Hyun Joong’s words at his recent interview. May I share it with you before Hyun Joong gets busy and surely we’ll be filled up with update news from Japan. This is one of Hyun Joong’s interview which has been sitting in my file for days now, these are his words:


1. I wish that I can become a person who will work hard when working, and play hard when playing. People think I’m playing when I don’t have activities in Korea but I have been working throughout the year.

2. If there is really a girl whom I like I will persist on to love no matter how hard. My ideal type is someone that’s like a friend. The perfect girl in my mind must be able to get along with like a friend, who has no impurities in character. One who normally do not like heavy make up!! A girls who looks simple externally, has a simple and honest character and able to get along well with my friends and me.

3. I love freedom when I have no work I will want to release myself and because of that, I like to play soccer and going on a tour. The appealing thing of being a solo artist is that I can do what I want and express my own ideas. I’m those type that can’t rest too long. I like to non-stop creating and working opportunities. I do practice even on my rest days.

4. I hope I can act in a character which is different from the past characters I acted. I hope to have a totally change of image. I am undergoing acting training now for City Conquest due to the need to change the soft type of image I had last time. I’m hoping to receive the title of manly Kim Hyun Joong.

5. For my up-coming drama I need to work harder doing gym that’s why I work out very effectively lately. My body shape lately is the best in my history.

6. City Conquest is a many drama, it’s different from BOF and PK but there will still be romantic love scenes with female lead in this drama.

7. I will work hard to e a good actor, will  work hard to be a good singer and be a good person. My strength is that I must complete the things that I want to. Work hard to amend the things that I lack. My weakness is that I don’t listen to other people’s words. The things I won’t accept, I won’t listen.

8. I think that there is no obstacle that we can’t overcome as long as work hard you will gain success. I always feel satisfied. In order not to regret, hence work harder everyday and deal with its results.

9. I didn’t dream of being a rocker but I’ve always liked rock before joining SS501. I was in school band during middle school and played bass at the church, I want to be a musician behind a coll rocker.

10. Even if you’re unhappy you still must actively maintain a positive attitude and live life sincerely. I only want to be ONLY ONE and not no.1, because no.1 wll be replaced and become No.2 or No.3, But Only One can only be one person.

LazerKim Viewpoint:

There was a time in my life that I asked myself, why do we have to sleep? Why do we have to get tired and whether we like it or not we have to sleep! This was when I was working on a project that caught my interest and passion. I can fully understand Hyun Joong whenever he say I work throughout the year. If we love what we’re doing, we enjoy doing it and keep working on to bring out the best of what we’re doing. Just the same with Hyun Joong, the burning passion to work on what he loves is deeply rooted to his soul.

A media critic said Kim Hyun Joong lured his fans by his constant mentioning his hard work. Hyun Joong was just being honest in saying so and he’s just being himself. He was given a lot of projects, these are opportunities and chances for him to develop himself, grab it and work on those chances. We have seen excellent results out of his hard worked craft.

Hyun Joong even go beyond what is being required of him to do to enhance and bring out something new to his audience. I have seen this in his recent fan meeting concert which had gained a lot of media attention. There’s a difference in saying I have to and I want to. In his interviews he said it, in his fan meeting he wants to bring something different from the stereotype fan meeting and change the normal concept in a fan meeting.

 Hyun Joong mentioned that he loves his freedom being a soloist. In performing solo he’s free from restrictions that he can do whatever pleases him and his audience, he can sing what he desires, he can dance anyhow he wants and enjoy it with his audience. He has given all the chances to innovate, and from here we have seen the real Kim Hyun Joong at his best and still working on to develop what already exist in himself.

Hyun Joong has been innovating, now little by little he’s trying to spill out his ideas which I think had been stock up in his mind way back and this is the only chance to get it out and perform. The guy is just so amazing!!

I remember Lucas the Artmatic group captain was telling Hyun Joong, you have to take a rest after each run through rehearsals. Hyun Joong would stop and sit in one corner to rest, but while doing that, he’s singing!!

At the airport in Chengdu China at the immigration at wee hours of dawn, Hyun Joong was spotted memorizing his dance routine while waiting for the immigration officers to get done with his documents!! He’s always been like it even during waiting period at pictorial sessions, he’s always been caught either dancing or singing in one corner while waiting!!

This is becoming Hyun Joong’s habit, he doesn’t waste any single time he just kept moving on!! I’m sure by this time he’s already memorizing his script for City Conquest  and I can imagine him holding his script anywhere he goes. And if you happen to see him talking to himself, do not be surprised, for sure it’s the script he is memorizing!!! I can’t help thinking about Hyun Joong this way because this is him in reality.

Does his fame bothers him or gives him pressure? I don’t think so, because right from the start Hyun Joong has been constant that he indeed wants to develop himself. His fame, his fans they are his inspiration, for some reasons I could clearly see this from Hyun Joong.

He does not put his fame over his head, but keep it to his heart with sincerity in loving his fans. Hyun Joong is a type of person who does not just spill out the four letter word LOVE to his fans, in fact he seldom say it, and yet we fans feel that sincere love from him. Hyun Joong makes us feel his love, than hearing it from him.

One good example here just in my own opinion, as I observe at the airport, every time a fan hand Hyun Joong a gift or letter, he makes sure he looks at them whoever hand him the letter and either bow or smile. And whatever his fans wish for he easily gives in. Hyun Joong shows his love to his fans in lesser words but more of his actions. This is just his normal gesture which is very natural to him, which may not be too significant, but it does for a star and fan relationship.

What more can we ever ask for being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong?? We fans are so lucky to have chosen a perfect idol whom we can be proud of and worthy of our love and support. It feels great to write some realities about Hyun Joong, and this is not what we want him to be, but this is him in reality, a star filled with sincerity.

As Kim Hyun Joong’s last words in this interview he said “Even you’re unhappy, maintain a positive attitude and live life sincerely”. That’s him, that’s Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks!!


5 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR SINCERITY

  1. I always amazed by your article. That’s so true about HIM. Thank you so much LK.Our love will never stop to HIM.How hilarius HE is when lee sora interview HIM?I want to watch again now…see we all same,keep on miss HIM.god bless sist.

  2. Dear LK of course you already know that I love the article, but the pictures today are awesome, HJ au naturel, no make-up and happy and smiling and himself with friends, (how you gals say…? omooooo!!) wow… !!! Yessssss very good, loved them all!! happy sigh here….:)

  3. Dear LK ,

    Wow… .I really love this article . You are amazing LK . Most of all. I feel closer to Hyun Joong through his interview. No wonder why the media like him his interview is always informative , amusement a nd interesting.

    The smile above make me smile without reason . It is really Hyun Joong ‘s magic. When we see him happy we even feel happier.

    I can’t wait for his Drama to come out .
    I’m now looking forward to the 4th July.

    Thank you very much for your good work .

  4. “Even you’re unhappy, maintain a positive attitude and live life sincerely”. I so love this line.. thank you sis LZ for a wonderful article.. and thank you Hyun Joong-ssi for the inspiration! praying and wishing the best for both of you always..

    take care always sis LZ.. God bless!

  5. waaahhhhhhhh omo, omo, omo, omo… i haven’t read the whole article yet, but i can’t help it.. omo the pictures.. SO HANDSOME HYUN JOONG-ah.. i so love those smiles.. FAINTS..

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