Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HACKERS HIKE

By: LazerKim        May I just make this important announcement, for those among my readers who has twitter account please be advised that there is a hacker at twitter. If ever you receive a DM or Direct Message coming from my user name please delete it immediately. I believe twitter is being hacked again! Last night a fan send me a DM with this message “Someone with this username is trying to spread nasty rumors about you. Here’s the link.”

I check on the twitter but the fan who sent me that message was not on-line, and so I asked her through email if she sent me such message. And she said she didn’t. Then late last night another fan twit me asking what’s the message through DM was all about. I twit her that I never sent her any such message. I very seldom use DM and if I did, I always inform the receiver that I sent a DM.

May I advise that if ever you receive such message, please delete it at once. If you happen to click on the link, change your password immediately. This is the least you can do to avoid being hacked. I was told that this actually happens at Facebook and even at Yahoo Messenger, so please do take extra precautions. Hey robots aren’t you done with JGS yet?! Take a hike hackers, you won’t get anything from hacking other people’s lives you know!

And talking about internet, Kim Hyun Joong has still been gaining followers from Weibo, the last time I check on it, it was over 600,000 followers already! I read from somewhere since the time Hyun Joong opened an account at Weibo which he gained over 200,000 followers in one day upon opening of his account. From that time on, other celebrities was said to be checking on the numbers their followers!! I can laugh at that, these celebrities were the first ones who opened a Weibo account, and Hyun Joong was quite a bit late in fact in doing so, since he’s not fond of internet. Hyun Joong only did so after his fan meeting in China and he’s doing it for his Chinese fans.

Yesterday, in my article Midyear Heat, I mentioned about Hyun Joong having a schedule on the 3rd of July, in Tokyo to have a hand shake with his fans at one of the venues in Tokyo which was not mentioned as to what particular place in Tokyo!! This was in the news the other day and it was said it shall be held on the 3rd of July, I was assuming this is a part of his promotion for his up-coming single HEAT. One of the fans wrote in my comment box saying other celebrities shall be doing the same thing on their album launching! I laugh about that again!! Hyun Joong is truly a leader, who lead others to his idea!!

I got a blind item here just for fun!! Yesterday as I was browsing I came across an article from one of the celebrities, who was spotted at Tower Records, this is one of the biggest CD store in Shibuya Tokyo, and this celeb was buying his own CD in 50 copies!! It was said he launched his Japanese album in May and had made it to the top at Oricon music chart on the first week. Reading this news, I can’t help to say, no wonder he made it to the top if he’s capable of buying as much everyday!! Although there’s nothing wrong with buying that much copies, but somehow I find it rather strange to be buying his own CD!!

There’s another set of photos of him boarding his flight with three laptops and working on those laptops all at the same time!! Now I believe he’s indeed a computer wiz!! I wonder if he’s hacking my twitter account!!Oh by the way, I also read he is being nominated at Seoul International Drama and his contender shall be the same guy he met in 2011. Hhmm I’m so curious,the poll voting shall start on July 10th. This may not be Hyun Joong’s concern but I want to learn again out of curiosity!!

Yesterday Kim Hyun Joong attended the wedding of Lucas, the Artmatic group captain and it was attended by Hyun Joong’s members Young Saeng, and Kyu Joong. Hyun Joong was so handsome and he sang during the wedding too, I’ll post the video below this article and see how handsome he is!!

It was said in the news that the newly wed has to postpone their honeymoon since Hyun Joong shall be leaving for Tokyo very soon and shall be busy with promoting HEAT, Hyun Joong’s concert in Saitama and his first shooting schedule this July. Oh Lucas, he’s indeed very loyal to Hyun Joong who’s been at his side in every activity Hyun Joong has. I truly appreciate the effort not to mention to sacrifice a very important event in Lucas wedding which is his honeymoon!! To Lucas, Congratulations to you, and Best Wishes to his bride!!

In another story, if you remember i have written an article Golden Heart that talks about the charity activities that Hyun Joong has been actively supporting, and one of this support it the Bulgari Save The Children. If you notice every time Hyun Joong goes public, he wears his Bulgari ring, that signifies a commitment to the Save The Children organization which aims to enhance education for the less fortunate children.

Hyun Joong is committed to this charity organization, and the Bulgari ring signifies that commitment. Needless to say we only get to know these charity supports that Hyun Joong has been attending to, if the ones he’s helping is being asked by media. Unlike other celebrities which I know very well that doing so is simply for publicity.

Hyun Joong never had that intention just for publicity because for him, he can be popular through his hard work and not by his private intent to help the less fortunate. Hyun has been this supportive even he was a kid or even he was still with the SS501. For the veteran fans I’m sure knows this quite well, because even his fan clubs do have charity activities too. Like idol like fan, I should say!!

Well, I have read many voting polls being currently conducting, but this time before I dive into the deep blue sea I would like to see first which of the sharks we’ll be competing with!! Will the robot be in the chart again? But I’m very sure a prestigious awards will soon be conducting and the robot is on the chart!! Am I done with the hackers yet? That remains to be seen but may I just say this. These hackers should not involve innocent fans in their dirty works or dirty games, now hackers go and take a hike!!

Before I wrote this article I have something else in mind, but with what happened last night I think I ought to inform other fans who may be a victim of these dirty hackers. So to those in social network please do take extra precaution against these monsters. This world may not be as safe as back in time, but it is in ourselves now in protecting by being cautious.

I’m done this weekend, let’s make our Sunday obligation worthwhile as others may have attended the Sunday Service, and for those who haven’t may I just say, let’s offer a little prayer for Kim Hyun Joong for his success and most of all his protection, as Hyun Joong shall be traveling to Japan for his second single album, his concert in Saitama and the start of filming of his come back drama City Conquest.

Kim Hyun Joong has been a very honest man. He is confident that doing righteous and clean hard work shall take him to the top. What more can be sweeter than a hard earned work gains success. Kim Hyun Joong is fated to be on top, to be star and that is where he is bound to no matter how other twist his fate.

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing.

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, KHJean14, thanks! 

KHJ SINGS CLICK HERE>(  Video credit as tagged,thanks.


15 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HACKERS HIKE

  1. Some friends inform me about this hacking on twitter.Well~~they could’ve try hacking mine and let them get nothing from it to entertain them,lols..^^..Your article is way more entertaining and I’m smiling throughout my reading here.(~/*)……sometimes you really made me laugh w/ your sidetracking out of the topic piece of news such as blind items,hahha^^…

    Just done watching the current uploaded vids of the prince.He truly is handsome~~giggles^^….and contagious when he laughs out there at the soccer event!’s always nice seeing him having such fun..enjoying himself like others do.

    Can’t wait for the “HEAT” album and soon the “City Conquest”..Hyunjoong will be back being a busy bee, so we are…on tailing him~~~:))))

  2. Thanks for the article LK, I know alot than before.HE deserve to be loved.He always accept HIS WEAKNESS,and Working hard to be better.we love and support HIM forever

  3. Thank you vey much for the article and the useful information . Reading your article everyday really made my day. However one thing i would like to express is I would feel even happier if we only concentrate on giving positive energy to Hyun Joong. I feel sometimes if we pay too much attention to the wrong doing or the overdo of the other it can create negative energy inside me. Please don’t get me wrong I love your article i love your points. I think you are the best to acknowledge us many aspects of Hyun Joong.

    I love so much when we can cultivate harmonious energy to support Hyun Joong. Positive energy is really powerful. It encourages us to do the best we can . Don’t care too much what the other do to get to the top as long as it’s not cheating. What ‘s Hyun Joong doing is very smart and very correct as an artist. He concentrates on improving his skills and developing his talents . His aim may be different than the other as he competes with himself . He is also patient and humble to be successful. I believe he will be the strongest one at the end.

    • Hello!! While i was reading your thoughts, the very first thing that came to my mind was my mom, when she was alive she use to tell me whenever you’re angry burst it all just once, it’s natural but after you have released that anger learn to forgive and try to forget no matter how difficult it may be. You have done your best and let the good Lord take care of the rest.
      And you are so right, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I feel so much better now. Yes I feel happier to write about Hyun Joong’s goodness, and it does welcome good vibes.
      I wrote down what you have written and I shall remember it, thank you so much this is very inspiring for me.
      Take care and see you again! Have a nice day and God bless…

    • I agree it is better to stay positive but sometimes the negative creeps in even when you are not at fault and don’t want it. If others are not aware of the negative then it will continue so you can’t always ignore it but you can inform others and then move past it. That’s what us Kim Hyun Joong fans have always done and we always will. We become stronger and closer because we bond together to fight the negative then we move past that negative but in turn we keep the close bond. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

      • I’m with the same minds as you all guys have.We experienced anger,deceit but what important is we learned from it in a most positive way.We might not completely ignore everything that enraged us but we don’t succumbed ourselves into it.And on the contrary,that feeling gives us more courage to stand our grounds keeping our good attitude in dealing some certain things no matter how negative it would be..And what warms my heart after all these experienced is that it made our bond even closer and stronger like a family.It’s good to learn new friends that share the same passion with a sincere heart.And I feel great being w/in this circle of friends inside Hyunjoong’s world.So,may I just say it’s good to know you guys!!^^…let’s keep the friendly atmosphere here…ohh~~it’s okay to throw tantrums at times.We are humans anyways.Just don’t take it to heart,hahha^^…..

  4. Oh my, I forgot, (those pictures and the vid got me lost here …lol) I wanted to say we all know HJ has a beautiful and kind heart and that he is doing a lot of charity work without going publicly with all, we shall all respect him more for that he never cease to amaze at how a kind person he is and most probably there is more we do not know. How can you not love and support such a person? A blessed Sunday:)

  5. I no longer have a facebook account because I got hacked and it was a disaster trying to get my account deleted. I was using twitter but I got a virus from it twice and had to reformat my computer. Lost a lot of good stuff so I don’t go to twitter anymore. Too bad some bad apples have to ruin the whole bunch.

    I guess all that “princely” money comes in handy when you need to buy your own CD’s. lol

  6. Thanks LazerKim, always on the spot. I wonder who is that celeb with 3 laptops (?!) but who cares, as HJ does not need these things as we well know, he is trully loved for what he is. Thanks for the warning re TT. Good to see HJ smile a true smile for his friend wedding (the last photo is awesome), so have a nice weekend, enjoy it. 🙂

  7. Hi Lazerkim..this kind of Hack thingy must be avoided..if you happen to encounter a link which is not familiar to u or u accidentally clicked on it, and they’ll ask for ur password, ignore it ‘coz hackers will immediately identify your password ‘coz it wud be visible to their systems..this message ‘Hi some person is posting terrible things about you…’ -i think this is the latest kind of msg for them to hack ur acct.. I received this kind of msg twice..and I actually clicked it..good thing I didn’t type my pw.. 🙂

    • Hello! Yes it’s the 1st time I experienced such message, thanks for sharing I have so many new fans and most of them are just like me who are not so familiar with internet, and that’s why I put up this article as a warning if ever.
      Thank you and see you again, Have a blessed Sunday God bless..

      • ur welcome Lazerkim.. There are so many different kinds of messages involving this kind of hack thing..that message is so alarming today because Internet Bully exists. Gosh! That’s why I clicked But b’coz it asks pw, I knew then it’s a spam.. Have a Blessed Sunday too Lazerkim..enjoy! 🙂

  8. whoaaaaaa….i know who’s that ms LK! i read that article 2 days b4 he top the reaction? weeeeeee….hnd nga! buying your own cd????thanks 4 my dose ms LK! just back from the church and check my dose soon i arrived!take care!

    • Happy Sunday Ms Wagasss!! o that’s not rumors ha, it’s written from their own camp!! You’re welcome dear, pleasure is mine! See you again ms wagassss enjoy your Sunday!! God bless.

      • oo nga its true i have seen those pics habang namimili siya at 50cd yun wearing in a disguise suit. baka pan regalo niya sa friends.
        di bale ang importante nag top si hyun joong ntin sa oricon. super wagas na ang kaligayahan ko dun. God bless us all. 🙂

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