Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BACK IN ACTION

By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong arrived safely back home to Korea at wee hours at dawn leaving Thailand at midnight last night. I was laughing at twitter last night because there seem a confusion among the Thai fans at to what gate at the airport Hyun Joong has to check in, was it gate 1 or gate 7? I can just imagine the Thai fans to be running here and there just to take a brief glimpse of Hyun Joong for the last time! He left his Thai fans being totally mesmerized again over his very presence, same as what he did in other countries he performed in his Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert.

As expected, after Hyun Joong’s successful performance in Bangkok, is gonna be the talk of the town again since a lot of media personnel both local and international were at the concert venue where the fan meeting concert was being held to capture every moment of Hyun Joong’s performance.

A night to remember for every Thai fans of Hyun Joong will remain in their hearts as ever. A lot of international fans also attended the fan meeting who has been following Hyun Joong this episode of Asia Tour 2012, shall be a treasured memory and so with his fans from up far who’s with Hyun Joong be it not physically present but their hearts and mind has been with him all the time.

Hyun Joong is finally back home and soon be back in action as his filming schedule resumes which I still do not have the idea when, all I know is that he has to be back in Japan before the 5th of August. Ladies may I just warn, do not doze off too much or you might miss the whirlwind star as he flies again from here and there!! Oh to be following Hyun Joong schedule is such fun, it’s like now you see him now you don’t!! He just appear out of nowhere and before you know it he’s already at the airport boarding his flight to another country!!

At the recent fan meeting in Bangkok, Hyun Joong mentioned again, that from now on he’ll be living the life of Beak Mir, the lead character in City Conquest. Hyun Joong was saying that Beak Mir’s character is interestingly cute!! I wonder now, is Baek Mir’s character the nearest character to the real Kim Hyun Joong?? He had been saying that whatever image he portrays in any of his project tends to bring it into himself even off cam. Which I believe he does, even in his albums, Hyun Joong has portrayed a lot of different image of a real man.

Lately if you can notice which is very significant that Hyun Joong dress up in his most carefree simple style but a macho man in his sexy well-developed muscle always in sleeveless shirt that shows his curvy arm muscle and cleavage! Baek Mir’s physical looks as illustrated and described in the comic book, is a simple young man, with a strong physique but gentle eyes. Baek Mir is said to be charismatic which obviously one of Kim Hyun Joong’s significant character for real.

Now the flower boy transforms to a real man fighting for his right, and defending the weak ones of the society. A high school student image turn to a hero well prepared to dive into the high risk of action drama. Hyun Joong took his time for a rigid training at the action school in learning choreography in fight scenes. Gone with the prim and proper image of Yoon Jihoo and Baek Seung Jo as we welcome the carefree image of Baek Mir who would carelessly face any danger fronting him with all his courage and strength to fight.

The production management of City Conquest had recently release some stills from the filming set, and every time I look at the stills I can’t help my mind playing with thoughts of how this drama would turn out. I can’t help but smile and even laugh at the pictures being released, it’s not the pictures that makes me laugh but what my mind trying to dictates me how Hyun Joong is in this drama. I really think there are a lot of funny scenes in this drama seeing from the picture.

And then finally Hyun Joong revealed that Baek Mir’s character is interestingly cute!! Then from his video clips lately he’s been all smiles, then a lot of his photos at the film set tells me he’s enjoying this filming. I’ll probably wouldn’t be surprised if there may be scenes that his natural 4Dness may somehow appear or surface within some funny scenes. I don’t mean to pre-emp this drama, I’m just sharing my personal thoughts about City Conquest. I do get worried about Hyun Joong’s weight loss but seeing him happy in his current work somehow relieves my worries. And I can just as happy him as he is!

Yesterday the latest stills released was a fight scene, oh he looks so handsome even he rolls down to the mud and being filled with dirt. At the same time, I can’t help having the thoughts that a dancer will always be a dancer and it surface in the way he moves. I have seen it in this photo above. A dancer is exceptionally flexible than a normal person. Doing an action fight scene is like learning a dance step or a choreography that also requires right timing either in defense or attack.

Hyun Joong can portray any fight scene in lesser effort since his body, reflexes and flexibility has already been developed being a natural dancer.  He has every potential in becoming an action star, given the chance to develop action skills further, I wouldn’t doubt a bit. His martial arts Trainor was saying Hyun Joong was very attentive in learning the choreography and learned real fast. That’s because Hyun Joong is already physically flexible.

I can even foresee in the future probably after he has done City Conquest I wouldn’t doubt if Hyun Joong craves for more action drama. Because he is a natural-born action man!! Seeing this guy works, he just doesn’t stop! I would say, it’s either you see him doze off because of fatigue or he just keeps moving or if ever he sits in one corner, he’s singing!! During the waiting period in the film set, it was said he’s always been caught dancing! I’m not at least surprised because he does the same thing during his photo shoots! He can spot him in one corner dancing memorizing his choreography. The guy just doesn’t stop!

Another scene that I would eagerly anticipate is the scene he’s in disguise as geisha!! This must be really funny, even Hyun Joong really looks so beautiful in geisha costume, I can’;t forget how Hyun Joong laughed non-stop while wearing the geisha costume!! And the romantic honeymoon film set is very interesting, it was said Hyun Joong was spotted to have dozed off at the set!! That’s very much like Hyun Joong!! Well, it happened in his previous dramas during filming, so it’s very likely it happens again!! It must be out of fatigue, but at least he can manage to have even a power nap can help a lot in regaining his energy specially on night filming.

Well, these are just all starters, Hyun Joong still has to do a lot of filming and flying from one country to another. And that will keep his fans busy following him from here and there but it’s such a fun doing so!! I’m very much looking forward for his filming schedules and seeing him back in action. As the filming for City Conquest gets deeper the more action filming can be challenging for Hyun Joong the more it creates eagerness in his fans and just dying to see the results!

By the way, may just share some tidbits from some fans. Yesterday, a fan wrote in my comment box in my article Ending Tour and shared her experience in the recent fan meeting concert in Bangkok. She tag along her friend who is a non-fan of Kim Hyun Joong. As she was relating her friend truly enjoyed the concert and the funny thing is her friend can even scream and cheer louder than her!! Apparently her friend was quite impressed about Hyun Joong performance, the way he talks and his gentleness during the handshake session. Thank you for sharing, you know who you are.

This is a good example of what may be the effect of bringing along a non-fan friends at Hyun Joong’s concert. Through you even it’s not intending, it somehow pull in a new fan. We can multiply Hyun Joong’s fans through us his fans, even your intention is just to enjoy with the company of your friends and sharing Hyun Joong with them. Sometimes in the office or in school, when we talk about Kim Hyun Joong, the receiving end of whom you are relating his story may sometimes get irritated but eventually she’ll be interested!! If people keeps hearing the name it can somehow affects their curiosity and they start to be interested in Kim Hyun Joong!! Admit it or not, it happens!!

Oh and another tidbits, at the Global Mnet Kpop Championship, Kim Hyun Joong now is at No 1 spot. Super Junior comes next at No.2 spot, though Hyun joong is on top the gap is still too close. Alien let’s get to our move and VOTE. This time I think this competition is legit unlike the last time!! Robots here are made to be disables!! Oh I’m so glad! So I do hope you can find time to vote. No, I would rather say, if you can find time reading lengthy articles then you have time to vote!!

We have 12 days to go on voting. Spare even a little time in this poll voting, you just have to visit it everyday just like what you’re doing as you visit this blog site. No need to monitor because there won’t be robots anymore. Those robots had already been exploded at the City Conquest filming together with Baek Mir’s ememies!!  This is very simple, here is how to vote:

Simply click the LINK, Global Mnet appears.  Sign in which is at the right hand corner. And simply click on TRACKING just below Hyun Joong’s picture, sign out and you’re done. Come on VOTE NOW:


And for the last reminder, may I again appeal to Kim Hyun Joong fans residing in the US to please read the link below. It’s a petition from Chicago requesting for Hyun Joong to hold a fan meeting in Chicago USA. You may sign up from the link. Thank you.

Chicago Petition’s link:

Alien soldiers, let’s help each other in making others happy, love is sharing and that’s what we have in the Alien World sharing love. Fans from Asia maybe we can help Chicago by posting the link to disseminate information to be able to call on attention of fans residing in US who may not be aware of this petition. Let’s do that!! Go go go!!!

And my happy day of sharing Kim Hyun Joong ends from here as I shall see you again tomorrow for another story all about Kim Hyun Joong. The Prince is Back in action again as he resumes his filming for City Conquest we await for another action!! Go go go Kim Hyun Joong!!

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing 

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ENDING TOUR

By: LazerKim          A festive atmosphere was what Kim Hyun Joong brought to Thailand as he ended the Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert last night as he rock the stage of Bangkok and place the entire country in a great momentum of joy. Hyun Joong had a successful performance which had truly enjoyed by his fans and a touching moment for those from up far knowing that was the last stop of Hyun Joong on his Asia Tour 2012. Thank you Thailand for taking good care of our Prince and thank you for your hospitality to the international fans.

It was said that Kim Hyun Joong brought in good business to the locals in Bangkok! The shopping mall was prepared for the international fans at the same time, during the press conference the mall where Hyun Joong held his press conference was filled with his fans. At the concert venue’s facade there were stalls where Kim Hyun Joong’s signature Uzoosin items were sold out before the concert had started. Everyone in Bangkok seem to be busy doing local business while tourists and local fans were busy buying the Uzoosin items!! Oh I can just imagine the atmosphere Hyun Joong has created is just so festive in  any fan meeting event he hosted in any country!!

As Hyun Joong said Thailand was not included in his original itinerary for this Asia Tour 2012, but hisThai fans requested for this fan meeting concert and so Hyun Joong gave way to meet his fans. I understand Indonesia is also requesting, and I’ve been praying for  Hyun Joong or KeyEast would be able to get the message that there’s that request for a fan meeting concert from his fans in Indonesia. Well, even in my country Philippines his fans are all waiting for his coming back to my country that I have been praying for too.

Yesterday I have mentioned in my article Simply Passionate, that there was a petition  request for a fan meeting concert in Chicago. I read this petition months ago and I have been receiving wishes from Hyun Joong’s American fans with the same intent, and I’m glad I got a quick response from a fan who shared the link to the petition from Chicago. Thank you. As I have mentioned I have a growing number of readers from US who may not be aware about the petition.

Many of us here may not be from US but I do believe you also have followers from your twitter account residing from US. I think many fans from US are not aware of the petition so this is just a matter of informing other fans pertaining to this matter and they can sign up. To inform KeyEast that there’s a certain number of fans from US, they can consider this and they will be the one to look for sponsorship to organize a fan meeting concert since Hyun Joong has every intention to pursue his World Tour next year.

The last time I read the petition there were about a thousand signatories, unfortunately I wasn’t able to follow it up anymore, until this matter was brought up with me. They need more signatories. I do hope we Aliens can help our co soldiers to be able attain their wishes with the same wishes we have, that Hyun Joong would come and visit their country. All we need to do is to post this link below which contains the petition, to reach out for other fans from US and for them to be informed and join in for signatories. Here it is as follows:

Chicago Petition’s link:


I’m very sure Hyun Joong would be very pleased to know he has fans from US who are wishing for his presence in US. At the same time, we all have the same desire as other fans have from different parts of the world where his fans are. Fans from the countries included in his itinerary for this Asia Tour are so lucky to have Hyun Joong even just for a night of single performance that meant a lot for those who attended.

May I appeal to KHJ Asian fans if we can share memorable moment we have experienced with him by helping in circulating this petition. Let us take a part of a dream come true for other fans from US who have the same desire as you do. Sharing is loving and that’s what the Alien family are for, we simply spread the word about the petition.

I have read from Hyun Joong’s itinerary that US is included in his filming schedule for City Conquest, I’m just not sure which state in US the location filming shall be held. I sincerely do hope the petition shall reach KeyEast before the schedule. Believe me, letting Hyun Joong knows about this, that his fans from US are waiting for him and are just dying to have a chance to see him perform on stage, would ignite Hyun Joong’s energy to do so. He is just as addicted as we fans are, you should know that by now, Hyun Joong is a stage addict!!

I remember Hyun Joong once said, “the small can also be big”. This statement just popped in my mind. He said this last year in one of his interview as he was compared to his boss Bae Yong Joon being the Hallyu pioneer and a big star for that matter. Everything and everyone starts from being small until such time they develop to be something or someone big, depending how a thing is nurtured or someone develop himself.

Having said this, we have been following Hyun Joong’s every activities and we witness how he grows. And it was quite fast from the time he performed solo, although his history did not start from there as we all know that very well. It’s just that this is his harvest time, but for Hyun Joong this is just his start of his new life. And so we take it from there.

Hyun Joong hosted his Asia Tour held in six Asian countries namely, Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, China, Thailand and I included Japan, since Hyun Joong performed his last two concert session having the same show pattern as the fan meeting concert and the handshake event.

In all these events it was attended by minimum of 3,000 fans for each concert venues from different countries and maximum 15,000 fans in each concert session in Japan. These figures may be minimal as others may say to begin with, but it was spent in the most quality time that Hyun Joong can share in meeting each single fan who attended in his concert. We shall remember these events as we have watched it unfold. Hyun Joong shall be coming back in these countries again the near future. I can only speculate, when he comes back those figures will grow to increase as time goes by.

Hyun Joong said in his press con, “We may have different language but we are close”. An article I wrote months ago before this Asia Tour was planned entitled,  Unite in One, just popped in my mind. At the end of that article this is what it says and may I quote:

I was trying to visualized like, in a room Hyun joong being there, and his international fans, God knows how many different nationals there are, granting none of them can not speak English same as Hyun Joong. They may not understand each other but they all have the same purpose to be in that room. No one would speak because no one can understand language, as Hyun Joong stand in front of his international fans as he sings that can not be understood, but the fans sings with him, as he dance they followed him, the fans smiled at each other and cheering for Hyun Joong in different languages. As soon as Hyun Joong stops to sing, what everyone can hear is his breathing, as the fans breath with him. There’s only one thing common in that room including Hyun Joong, and that is LOVE.

I believe Kim Hyun Joong has the power over different people to unite as ONE…… 

Hyun Joong performed his Asian Tour for six countries of different languages that none of these countries ever understood his own Korean language, but he was able to gather his thousands of fans who loves him so dearly and sincere supporting him. Hyun Joong is very right that I agree with no doubts as he stated that he and his fans are close, by heart and mind. Language was never been a barrier between Hyun Joong and his fans, a perfect connection was created between him and his fans filled with love, sincerity and nothing else matters.

Watching the Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert hosted by Hyun Joong, all of it, from May down to July, is it just co-incidental that it rained anywhere between the period where Hyun Joong performs? Last night after reading the concert update up until the hi five session was done, I was just about to say, it’s good didn’t rain. Then a post just came in saying Hyun Joong was just about to go back to his hotel after the hi five session and heavy rain just poured down!! What else would I think? Indeed the God of Rain is out there and so the blessings pour in!! I just can’t help ask myself again, what is with this guy??

Hyun Joong ended his Asia Tour in Thailand yesterday 29th of July which started in the 4th of May, for the last three months Hyun Joong had brought an unforgettable memory that every single fan of his near or from up far shall keep a treasured togetherness. We again look forward for another episode of memories with Hyun Joong. As he stated to his fans “I will keep you interested in me always”.  As we get ourselves busy with his updates, let us share Kim Hyun Joong with others, fans and non-fans.

From here we can increase in numbers and from there, Hyun Joong can have the chance to visit your respective country and experience the fan meeting concert as others had. As I have mentioned in my article yesterday, it takes a good producer or sponsor and a number of fans to materialize an event. The producers are the mediator between Kim Hyun Joong and his fans to meet in person. The businessmen do provide or supply public demand that is another part of business reality. I just hope for many good Samaritan out of the producer to supply the fans needs for Kim Hyun Joong’s presence!! *sigh*

In the mean time, Kim Hyun Joong is currently enjoying his private time in Bangkok trying the taste of Thai food, as he was spotted in one of the restaurants in Bangkok. He’ll be flying back home tonight at 22:50PM (Thai time), as expected his Thai fans would surely see him off at the airport and back in Seoul surely his Korean fans will welcome him back home. For Hyun Joong, the airport is the most accessible place he can be, in just a glimpse he just appeared out of nowhere and gone again!! And this is gonna be the life of the Aliens following him, but it is really fun following him from up far!!

From the festive event yesterday we now move on to City Conquest!! Another exciting drama to look forward to, as we watch over for Kim Hyun Joong hopping again from one country to another in his filming activities. I’ll reserve that update tomorrow, for a new development about City Conquest.

Kim Hyun Joong story is a never ending story, Ending a Tour doesn’t mean the last but the beginning of another episode of our journey with the Prince of Alien….

LazerKim here writing

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My apology for delayed posting, my country is currently in typhoon causing disconnection!

Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SIMPLY PASSIONATE

By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong attended the press conference at Atrium Central World Bangkok yesterday afternoon. I was quite surprised by the thousands of fans who were at the venue and it was said that all floors of the mall were filled by fans. Press conference are normally attended exclusively by media personnel, but this time the sponsoring company for Hyun Joong’s Fan Meeting Concert opened up the press conference to the public.

It seems to me that Thailand really make use of every minute of Hyun Joong’s brief stay open to be his fans. This is a good idea too in promoting the event and giving the chance to his fans to hear personally from him. I can see everyone with all their smiles, and cheering for Hyun Joong. This shall be the last stop of Hyun Joong in completion to his Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert. Tonight shall be the big night, a night to remember that I’m sure Thailand will make this one remarkably memorable event.

Many international fans arrived in Bangkok yesterday morning and had attended the press conference too!! Many of them were following Hyun Joong on his Asia Tour, from Singapore as his first stop till the last stop in Bangkok, they are there with Hyun Joong. It’s just so amazing that they have seen the same show over and over but never get tired of it or simply can’t get enough of Kim Hyun Joong! Seeing him just once is simply not enough, it is just a start of being addicted to seeing him. That’s the magic of Hyun Joong’s charm, it is him for real and not just being entertained.

Yesterday as I was waiting for this press conference, I came across a video clip of Hyun Joong, he was relating the time he was still with SS501, they were in Japan and he was still so young back then as he was saying, “Why do we have to go to Japan, we have many fans back home who wanted us and waiting for us, why do we have to stay in Japan”? Then there’s another video clip last year on his pictorial session as he said “I want a shot with a wink for my fans, since I seldom wink at them.” Then he was wearing a leather bracelet, he just said, “My fans gave this to me, I like it”.

I have not been feeling well since yesterday and watching the clips even gave me some foolish teary eyes!! I couldn’t help think that even back in his past Hyun Joong already had that affection for his fans. Recently in one of his concert session at Saitama there were 15,000 fans attended in one session and Hyun Joong said, “I think I have to do this in a smaller audience”. Do you know why he said that? It’s gonna be easier to reach out to each fan that he can interact with. It’s short of saying he doesn’t mind doing the hand shake or up close interaction everyday for as long as he can meet each one of his fans!!

I remember he was saying “I’m not so smart to remember every fan but I want to”. If you review the clips on his every handshake or hi five session, take note that he looks at every fan in their eyes, as he smiled and take their hand. He’s not doing this just for the heck of it but he sincerely wants to meet his fans up close. Hyun Joong is not only passionate with his work, he’s also passionate about reaching out for his fans, the receiving end of his work, the people who appreciates his music, and the people who appreciates him for real, being him as a singer, actor and as a person himself.

To be performing a concert by himself and a hand shake or high five session after which, seeing from him he doesn’t even felt tired and he was even saying he wants to do it again! And so he did again, after Singapore, the proceeding countries follows. The biggest crowd for a hand shake event then was in Odaiba Tokyo attended by 5,000 fans on one rainy day. Hyun Joong is just a human being to feel tired, but I too believe if you love what you’re doing, no matter how tiring it may be, you wouldn’t feel it or for sure he does when he’s already completely resting. But the more fans he sees, the more energetic he gets, the more inspired he is in working harder.

How does a fan starts to be fan? I think it starts with simple curiosity. Many of my readers including myself took notice of Hyun Joong through BOF. Until at this time there are other countries that BOF is still airing. I have first seen Hyun Joong through BOF but I got star struck by him when he had already released his first album Breakdown. This was when I started following him and finally wrote about Kim Hyun Joong. You won’t believe this, but my curiosity about Hyun Joong started from a critic.

Boys Over Flower was already airing in my country when I accidentally read a write up in which BOF was badly criticized, particularly Kim Hyun Joong. Out of curiosity I started watching BOF, and finding out it was not as bad as what I have read from the write up back in 2009 on the contrary BOF became my favorite drama. Then last year, what pushed me to create this blog was from a critic too!! I can’t put in a lengthy comment to react to other blog sites so I made my own blog site!! Base on my own personal experience, I would say Hyun Joong can also gain fans from his critics!! Out of curiosity!!

We fans may have different stories to tell on how we met Kim Hyun Joong but maybe we have similar first impression about him, that may start from physical and talent admiration which is very natural first instinct, followed by his personality for real. And before we know it, we’re already addicted to Kim Hyun Joong.

Seeing a lot of fans to be taking effort to the extend of following his activities from one country to another, I would say his fans develop a certain degree of passion as a fan not only for herself but also for other fans too, since these fans are active in sharing posts about Hyun Joong’s every event transpired. And with their effort I truly appreciate them in updating us all about Kim Hyun Joong.

His fans have different ways of supporting that creates a good result of chain reaction. And sometimes even we do not intend to, simply talking about Hyun Joong can even create curiosity to a none fan. Many of his fans may have first heard the name Kim Hyun Joong from another and starting asking as to who is this guy? And this is why I have been encouraging fans to tag a friend with them whenever Hyun Joong has an event for him to perform, because from there his fans multiplies by itself.

Yesterday in Bangkok, the idea of conducting a press conference open to public I think is a good idea. A simple passer by may be caught by the crowd of fans and you may never know sooner or later, she’ll be one of us. In all the countries Hyun Joong had been in this Asia Tour, I think it’s only in Thailand that press conference was being held in an open public venue. And because Atrium is a shopping mall, then I assume not everyone within the crowd is a fan. But it can also gain attention to a non-fan.

A fan wrote in my comment box saying she had been wishing Hyun Joong would perform a Fan Meeting Concert in US and I can feel her desire.  Actually these wishes echoed from many emails I have received with the same wishes, not only from US. Hyun Joong would take every good chance he can meet his fans in every part of the world. A petition from Chicago has been requesting for a fan meet from Hyun Joong months ago and I’m looking for that petition. If anyone has the copy of it,  I would appreciate it very much if you could share the link so that I can post it in this blog.

My readers from US has been increasing, I would like to help in encouraging other fans to sign up. I wouldn’t give any false hope for those fans who have this wish, and I’ve been praying that Hyun Joong would be able to reach out for his fans in every corners of the world. Here’s a clue, it takes a number of fans and a producer or sponsor to materialize this kind of fan meet project. The petition was being posted months ago but lately I could not locate it anymore. So I don’t know what happen to the petition.

The more fan meetings Hyun Joong can host, the better he can interact and chance of meeting his fans up close which he has been intending to do. Tonight in Bangkok shall be the last in this Asia Tour, so fans from Thailand, make the most of this memorable night as we watch from up far. We may not join you there in person but we’ll be there in spirit. This is the simple passion any fan of Hyun Joong has by simply following him in spirit, watching over him from up far, with all the wishes that one day they will have the same chance to meet Hyun Joong in person.

It may take a lot of hard work to provide for the needs of his fans. It may take a lot of effort to reach out for them, near or far Kim Hyun Joong is Simply Passionate with his fans desire for his music and his dramas….

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong … [article] MEDIA COVER-UP

By: LazerKim             For a brief update, Kim Hyun Joong departed to Bankok last night at around 7pm and safely arrived in Bankok at around 10pm. Fans from Thailand eagerly waited fro Kim Hyun Joong at the airport to welcome him. A press conference shall be held today at the Atrium Zone 2 1st floor Central World, before Hyun Joong attend to his technical rehearsals at the venue in preparation for his Fan Meeting Concert to be held tomorrow night at Impact Exhibition Center Hall 1.

Thailand it’s your turn now, the big star is in your country now, make this a remarkable event, and enjoy every minute as the event unfold with you having been a part of this memorable Fan Meeting Concert with Kim Hyun Joong. For the international fans bound to Bangkok for the big night, have a pleasant trip please do take care. Bangkok prepared for your visit with country’s hospitality, make the most of your trip in following Hyun Joong’s Fan Meeting Concert and have fun!! Go go go!

Yesterday I came across a translated write up entitled “Yamapi Defeated by Kim Hyun Joong: Japanese Media Sarcastic, J.Ent Lost Face”. I think many of you have already read this article, editorial or whatever you call it. Actually this is an editorial written by Zhang Jiao which talks about the article from Nikkan Gendai, a Japanese tabloid weekly magazine. For those who have not read the write up here may I share with you the link to the issue.

LINK CLICK HERE>(  Source: twitter posted by Re-posted by: Hyunnies Pexer Blog. Thanks.

From the write up may I quote some points stated, and write my opinion as follows:

1.) The Nikkan Gendai article termed Tomohisa (Yamapi) as Johnny Entertainment’s ‘Ace level’ (elite idol), and, “Now (he’s) lost to Kim Hyun Joong who is of the rookie category, resulting in a grave atmosphere throughout Johnny Entertainment. (But) because Yamapi belongs to Johnny Entertainment, so all Japanese media became very evasive – and dared not play up the news of Kim Hyun Joong’s victory; with some media completely ignoring the news, with not even a word of mention – to protect Johnny E’s face,” said an industry insider.  Although the media had consciously tried to minimise the effects (of KHJ’s win) on public opinion,  it still couldn’t change the fact that Yamapi had been defeated.

LazerKim Viewpoint:

Johnny Entertainment was said to be one of the biggest artist management company in Japan, owned by Iijima san, which is the managing agent of Yamapi. I was quite surprised that Japanese Media can be manipulated, this is my impression after reading this article statement that I find it rather childish to downplay the news about Kim Hyun Joong’s success in Japan. Please be reminded that word of the mouth and the internet is the most powerful tools in promoting, advertising, and in bringing update news. Hyun Joong’s fans are smart, they can always find ways to know Hyun Joong’s activities and quite smart in spreading the words in minutes.

Viewing from the video clips of Hyun Joong’s activities from Japan, who can ever deny the huge crowd during his four session concerts recently held at Saitama Super Arena? Who can deny the 5,000 fans of Hyun Joong attended the handshake despite of the rain? Japanese media maybe can downplay the local news about the event, but I don’t think the international media can be controlled.

Yamapi’s agent and so with some Japanese media just could not admit that they indeed under estimated the growing fan base of Kim Hyun Joong, they have under estimated the power of Kim Hyun Joong that made them confident and overly complaisant. I have written about this in one of my articles the time when Hyun Joong already gained the highest sales of over 130,000 on its first launching. I have also mentioned that the fans of Yamapi have been worried that it seemed while Hyun Joong was busy promoting his album Heat, the higher number of CDs had been sold in each day. But the handlers of Yamapi seemed to have not done enough in promoting his album.

There were already loop holes as I can read the situation that time. Yamapi’s agent and his sponsor the recording company just could not admit that they too have failed to deliver in their advertising promoting and information dissemination which is vital in album selling. And this is business reality. Even the fans of Yamapi had seen Hyun Joong’s effort in promoting which is I think the artist has to take part. Before the album release, the public has to be notified since they are the market.

May I speak in general. I have mentioned in my other article, if proper advertising and promotion had been materialized and still selling is not good, then I could say the artist is not that popular or selling may be wrong timing that the market has better priority or preference. Again may I repeat , I am not against Yamapi or his fans, this time I’m against some Japanese media particularly this Nikkan Gendai. I don’t think it’s right that Japanese media should downplay on Kim Hyun Joong and try to conceal the truth of his success. Because no matter how much one can hide reality, well the truth always prevail in the end.

Yes I understand Johnny’s Entertainment being one of the biggest agent and may be said a prestigious one, it may not be good to look at not to be able to deliver their artist to the top of Oricon considering Yamapi is a Japanese and Kim Hyun Joong who is a Korean artist made it to the top as rookie in the Japanese industry. But may I just stress out that Kim Hyun Joong and Yamapi are not competitors.

Hyun Joong did not even depend on Bz’s popularity to be complaisant, he worked hard with the music entrusted to him, he worked hard to be out there to thank each and every fan who supported his album. And mind me, may I just clear it up, Hyun Joong’s hand shake gesture is not sales courtship to his fans, he does not need to court them, because he had already captured their hearts and mind long before he had released his album Heat. That’s pretty obvious by the pre-order of heat which rank on top consistently prior to its release and launching.

Nikkan Gendai said:

2.) Recently, Bae Yong Joon’s schedule is almost blank, so a considerable portion of (his) fans has switched to Kim Hyun Joong. The latter would also be starring in a Japanese drama – his development in Japan appears optimistic.

LazerKim viewoint:

I’ll state again, it is every fan’s prerogative whom she will support and follow. Bae Yong Joon was my first favorite Korean actor, it was him who introduced the Hallyu stars to me and I shall never forget him. I consider myself as a loyal fan of Kim Hyun Joong as in Only One. But if Bae Yong Joong has a drama project I would surely support and watch his drama till the end, since I never consider Bae Yong Joon as Hyun Joong’s competitor to begin with. BYJ is Hyun Joong’s boss I have that much respect to him and being a good actor.

It may be true that some Bae Yong Joon fans had switched to Kim Hyun Joong. But it does not mean that they will no longer support Bae Yong Joon’s projects. And I don’t believe Bae Yong Joon’s popularity had ever declined even he is not that active in his exposure. This is at least what I can see within the scenario. I don’t think it’s only because of Bae Yong Joon’s fans that Hyun Joong gained popularity. No matter what others may say, the fans has her own choice whom to follow, it is still the fan’s decision that prevails.

Even my idol tells me to support this and that, but not my type, then why should I follow? Not unless I also like what my idol is endorsing, that’s the only time I can agree to support. I have my own independent mind to decide which or whom to support. And I guess many BYJ fans may shares the same opinion, they are smart not to be dictated upon. Some may have followed Kim Hyun Joong simply because they find him deserving of their support, and nothing more than that. This is a simple common sense I think, I don’t mean to speak on BYJ’s fans behalf.

3.)The article in Nikkan Gendai said that since Yamapi was transferred into the management of Iijima, his solo career did not seem to experience much improvement. On the contrary, the continued decline from bad to worse “has caused others to ridicule that for the sake of sales, he would even cast aside his status to joke around in variety shows and organise hand-shake tours to court fans”. “But Iijima is still a capable woman and how she will turn around the decline of Yamapi will draw attention.”

This statement makes me think that Japanese artist think too highly of themselves, that they can not go down to reach out for their fans who admires them the most. It makes me think that an artist who joins a variety show to joke around and to handshake with their fans is like to belittle the status of the artist. Excuse me for saying but I think the writer from Nikkan Gendai was not thinking before writing. Reading this statement for me is too arrogant. Is the gesture of a handshake can not be done by a star? Is joking around in a variety show can signify belittling a star’s status?

Now I do not have to wonder as to why do Japanese fans switch their minds not only to Kim Hyun Joong but to Kpop artists or to the Hallyu stars in general. Now I feel sorry for Yamapi because he was being criticized for having to handshake with his fans that now his own fellowman is laughing at him. This is what this writer trying to insinuate. Hyun Joong did all those gestures but allow me to inform the writer that Hyun Joong did the handshake to sincerely thank his fans for supporting his album. What’s wrong with that? What is there to be ridicule about? What is so wrong for a star to reach out for his fans?

And to the last statement may I quote “But Iijima san is still a capable woman and how she will turn around the decline of Yamapi will draw attention”. There it goes, after criticizing the word of encouragement comes!! I would like to tell Yamapi san, good luck and take care of your back stabbers! If this writer is right in his statement that doing all those handshake can belittle the status as a star artist, as the writer stated for the sake of sales, if this is true to Yamapi san, then he should think again. The statements wrote by this writer are so incriminating and insulting to the Japanese artist.

On the contrary, for Kim Hyun Joong every single fan is important to him, he makes way to connect with his fans with all his sincerity. Handshake for Hyun Joong is not for the sake of sales. He doesn’t have to do it just to gain sales because he had already gained it, as record shows the Heat pre-orders alone had already consistently topped the chart on pre-sales as Hyun Joong decided to the handshake event at Odaiba and Osaka to sincerely acknowledge his fans support on the album. That article from Nikkan Gendai appears to me like a double meaning. You know, trying to praise and stabbing at the same time!!

I was told by one of my Japanese friends from Tokyo, there are indeed negative write-ups about Hyun Joong that seems to me Hyun Joong is becoming a threat to other Japanese artists. This is very likely to happen and quite expected after the turn of events in Japan that indeed surprised the entire universe!! Hyun Joong as a soloist rookie in the industry turns out to be the hottest star in high demands from the Japanese community. Many businessmen are likely to grab him for a chance to do projects which can paralyze some Japanese soloist idols. This is a natural chain reaction to any hottest star that others may tend to be envy and jealous.

No matter how much one tries to twist the fate of Kim Hyun Joong is bound to be in the losing end. Because sooner or later he will be up there that no one can control his flight. Hyun Joong mean nothing wrong but to do his job with all his heart, and the rest follows that even Hyun Joong himself isn’t expecting. There are times I wanted to just scream and ask those critics, what has he done to you to deserve your criticism? Although at the back of my mind I knew very well what has Hyun Joong done, they could not beat his sincerity in general. others may say Hyun Joong is just an average singer, fine, but Hyun Joong got everything that it takes to be where he is now and bound to be in the future ladder.

If Japanese media suppress the news coverage about Hyun Joong, fine, it’s not his lost, it’s their lost instead of gaining TV ratings out of KHJ coverage! The media should realize that by now. Well anyway, with or without them words can spread about Hyun Joong by itself in no time through his Alien soldiers, believe me!! I’ve always been in the lookout for bugs, not to create enemies out of them, but to iron out whatever seem to be unclear to them about Kim Hyun Joong. This is just my intention in reacting to any negative opinion about him.

Media Cover-Up about a righteous success of Kim Hyun Joong may be effective for now, but truth and reality has its own way of getting out from being hidden…

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOVER IN DRAMA

By: LazerKim         Kim Hyun Joong boarded his flight again back to Korea yesterday after his shooting for City Conquest! This guy is really like a wind to be passing in front of you and gone with the wind again!! He almost did not notice his fans before getting in to the custom and immigration as he was again catching his flight, but still manage to turn around to them and waved to them.

Home sweet home again just for hours but I sure do hope he can have some good sleep and he’ll be flying to Bangkok this evening as the last flight to Bangkok arriving around 10pm. May I just remind again, fans from Thailand your last call is set today to grab your ticket for the fan meeting concert and it’s a date with the Prince so don’t miss the once in a lifetime chance to be with Kim Hyun Joong. There shall be a press conference tomorrow at Atrium Zone 2 1st floor tomorrow July 28.

Yesterday it was said that Kim Hyun Joong was scheduled to shoot the honeymoon scene at the same area the Edo Mura Wonderland which started at 7:15pm and ended up at 1:15am. The photos of the filming set was circulated yesterday that seem to me like a small boat or gondola, and the interior of the boat is with a red Japanese futong or bed cushion that signifies a romantic scene shall be taken from this film set.

So far what we have seen among the film setting is Hyun Joong is a geisha attire, there was a post that I read that Jung Yumi was spotted in a male costume apparently in disguise, there’s the explosive scene, a wedding and a honeymoon!! Base on what I have been seeing lately, somehow gave me the impression that this drama may have a lot of hilarious scenes. Upon seeing the gondola’s interior I can’t help but laugh, because prior to seeing the pictures, someone at the twitter posted that Hyun Joong dozed off at the set while filming the honeymoon scene!!

Whether this is true or not, it’s very likely to happen after his tight schedule of traveling here and there, and being in a romantic ambiance with a bed, who wouldn’t doze off at wee hours at midnight!! After the filming at past 1am, he was spotted probably stretching his arms. Hyun Joong bid goodnight to the staffs and crew, still manage to wave to his fans who were at the location and drove off.

This is Hyun Joong’s third drama and probably the third to have wedding scenes with three of his leading ladies, namely, Ku Hye-Sun as Jandi for Boys Over Flower, Jung So Min as Oh Hani for Playful Kiss and Jung Yumi as Lee Dan-Bi for City Conquest. Three beautiful ladies portraying different characters as leading ladies for Hyun Joong portray different characters too. We have watched two different types of lover in Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo and Beak Seung Jo in his previous dramas. And soon we’re about to see another type of lover from Baek Miru.

As the photo of Hyun Joong with Jung Yumi and the honeymoon set was posted, many fans at the twitter were jokingly jealous over the honeymoon scene!! As I have watched Boys Over Flower and Playful Kiss, there were kissing scenes specially in Playful Kiss, a lot of kissing scenes were shown but it did not affect me at all, thinking it’s purely acting. But when it was posted that there will be wedding and honeymoon scene, kissing and even bed scene, many fans reacted that I can’t help but laugh!! Because I felt the same  kind of jealousy, as in, Oh no not my baby!!

I think it’s a natural instinct for a fan to feel such jealousy, specially for the die-hard fans even we know it mean nothing since they are actors and actress in front of a camera and act as lovers specially City Conquest is an action romantic drama. Romantic scenes are expected and knowing how Korean dramas can be so discreet in scenes like such, it should alright. My gosh, I have watched a lot of romantic dramas both Korean and from Hollywood but I never felt jealous of any of my favorite actors in the past. But now just reading from the post about the scenes to filmed, I just felt jealous!!

Well, maybe because we are becoming so close to Hyun Joong as fans that the strong connection has been built between him and his fans. This is just my personal opinion. Although this does not mean I will not watch those part with romantic scenes, I will watch this drama definitely and it doesn’t matter many times I would just like his previous dramas nor will I dislike his leading lady, of course not. I actually like Jung Yumi as actress I think she’s good, watching her at Dong Yi and Rooftop Prince, although I wasn’t able to finish Rooftop Prince but I think she’s good.

Other than this, no strings attached, Hyun Joong and his leading ladies remains to be his co-artists working together in these projects.  This time I’m filled with eagerness and curiosity as what type of lover Baek Mir is and how Kim Hyun Joong portray the kind of lover. In the synopsis it was said that Baek Mir is a strong brave man but quite weak when it comes to his love of his life.

Well, we’ll find that out as soon as this drama is being aired. Everyday I read about filming of City Conquest that I can only be so grateful to the tireless fans who shares about Kim Hyun Joong and his filming activities. Otherwise I can’t imagine a world without Kim Hyun Joong!!

In another update, may I just mention that there is another voting polls currently going on and Hyun Joong is one of the nominees as Mnet Global Kpop Star Championship. Hyun Joong is at number five, among the 30 nominees. His contenders here again are Kpop idol groups. I do hope you can find time to vote since there shall be an Award Ceremony on the 16th of August and the polls shall end on the 12th of August.

On how to vote, simply sign in to Mnet and click on Kim Hyun Joong, under his photo that says Tracking, click on that. Click on TRANSLATE since everything is written in chinese character. You may use your other IDs if you have, it is allowed. here’s the link to the voting polls:


And with that, I’ll see you again tomorrow as we await for another update all about Kim Hyun Joong’s current activities. We won’t miss a thing, we just have to stay tune as we all now know Hyun Joong just appear from out of nowhere as he fly from one country to another. I’ll touch another intriguing news from Japan tomorrow which I have just read before posting this article! I just have to run my work is waiting…aigoo!!

Kim Hyun Joong may have many Lovers in Dramas, he said once, lovers do leave and friends stays forever. For me, Kim Hyun Joong has only one type of love who stays as ever, and this is his real family and from his Alien Family he created in us his fans.

                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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Before I go may I share with you a must read article of Hyun Joong fan from Wondergirl Blog. She met Hyun Joong last night at Jaksal, read the details of her story that shows how Hyun Joong as a Big star now off cam with his fans. Here I share with you the link to her blog:


Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SEXY PRINCE

By: LazerKim                 Kim Hyun Joong is currently at close door shooting at the same location at the Nikko Edo Mura. Yesterday at the twitter was rather slow with no updates except the pictorial session Hyun Joong had for Vogue Magazine Japan, which is the best selling magazine in women’s fashion. Hyun Joong has still many commitments with commercial endorsements, media print ad and magazines. I wonder how can he divide his time and energy to accomplish all his projects? But still keeping handsome despite of losing weight!!

I’m beginning to think his weight lost is a part of the drama City Conquest. I just hope there’s also part in the drama that he has to gain a bit weight!! Hyun Joong started his shooting at night time, so that would mean he has to stay up late! It’s alright, showbiz people are like vampires, their adrenaline starts heating up at night time!!

Yesterday as I was looking for something to read, I came across the first few news about City Conquest and the filming locations in Japan was stated. Nikko City, Utsunomiya, Wonderland Nikko Edo Mura and Kinugawa Onsen Tochigi Ken. Kinugawa Onsen caught my attention since I have been here in the past. For some reasons my imagination just run through my mind. Let me share my thoughts with you just to ease the boredom of not having too much updates to share!!!

I now remember, in Kinugawa Onsen where the filming of City Conquest is being held, I have been to this place in past and stayed at Kinugawa Grand Hotel which is one of the oldest resort hotels in the area. Kinugawa Onsen is a hot spring resort. In every resort hotels in Japan they do have a public bath or Onsen for separate genders and they do have an otemburi like an outdoor jakuzzi. Using an public onsen is just the same as taking a bath in your personal bathroom that one has to go totally naked. Onsen users are allowed to bring just a hand towel provided by the Onsen and that’s all.

There’s an area in Kinugawa under a bridge beside the hotel is a stream in running natural hot spring water. One time during my stay in Kinugawa, from up far I once spotted some men taking a deep totally naked at night time!! I remember then I was told that area was secluded exclusively for men only. At day time the scenery was really beautiful, it’s quite  peaceful that only bird’s twit can be heard, it’s all green with rocks setting in a natural way as the hot spring was crystal clear. Its beauty is all natural.

I was wondering then if Hyun Joong had experienced the natural otemburi from Kinugawa during his stay!! Then I was wondering if he will have a scene in these natural spots which are really very beautiful at daytime. And then I read this talk portion about his growing male fans, I just laugh at myself having the thoughts about scenes from the natural otemburi, I don’t think will have those scenes!! Although artistically, this may be good scene having Hyun Joong to display his muscled chest and the back ground scenery of all green and natural rocks is just so perfect. Oh I can imagine how handsome he looks in the beautiful scenery of nature in a smoky hot spring.

Hyun Joong has been displaying his top in his concerts but one that I love most is when he performed Breakdown in a different using King of Pirates as the theme. He performed this at Mnet 20’s Choice Awards and being awarded as Best Performer. As Hyun Joong took off his top shirt and dance in splash water was really a great idea. And so in filming the City Conquest I can’t help imagining him in bare top taking a deep in that beautiful hot spring scenery. I think it’s one way of displaying his manliness in the most artistic way. Well scenes of actors taking a shower is I think over used so I think this may be a bit different from the usual.

Hyun Joong is quite confident with his physique specially at this time that his abs are slowly developing and his arms are significantly curving. He’s totally getting to the manly sexiness gradually. Since it’s summer we do see Hyun Joong in summer sleeveless shirt and his carefree fashion trend suits him the best. If women has that asset of sexy curves, men does have it too as we call it abs in six packs.

Hyun Joong did not get to rigid training just for this drama, he’s been aiming to develop his body ever since he was still with SS501. It’s just that he had this chance to go on rigid body built training development and took advantage of this chance to attain his aim in having handsome abs.

Hyun Joong has been saying that whatever character he portrays in any of his projects, he’s becoming that character even off cam. Now we can have a bit idea of who Baek Mir is  right before your eyes seeing Hyun Joong these past days. Gone with the prim and proper flower boy, what we see now is a total man in his strength and energy. The way he dress up goes with the character Baek Mir, as we see a more carefree Hyun Joong in sexy shirts sexy outfits, well it just suits him perfectly.

As Hyun Joong left Seoul last Tuesday bound to Haneda, he was in sleeveless shirt and vest, in short trousers, slippers, his hat and shades. An airport fashion that’s so appealing, a totally head turner, Hyun Joong has that excellent simple fashion trend in his most natural carefree way yet very handsome and sexy. Gone with all the flashy fashion trend Hyun Joong displays the character of Baek Mir who is just a simple guy but very manly and sexy indeed!! Hyun Joong’s developing physique is a women’s to die for!!

Well with no malice we’re all matured here but women are just like men, we do have an eye for beauty in men too, just like men have an eye for beauty from women. We have all known Hyun Joong grew up in a flower boy image since he started with SS501. He did two dramas in which both have similar flower boy image though in two different characters. And as we follow Hyun Joong growing up as man, he started showing it up little by little since he started performing soloist.

We have seen gradual changes of a man in different characters. From Breakdown where he started in black short hair that shock the entire universe last year, his abs then started developing. Then he turned to a gallant flashy dresser of a dandy in Lucky Guy followed by a cute guy next door image in Kiss Kiss and turned to a carefree King of Rock as he did his latest album HEAT. Now we see a simplicity in a man who is strong, energetic and sexy being Baek Mir in City Conquest.

Hyun Joong bid farewell in his latest concert in Saitama being Kim Hyun Joong as concert singer, and I can only interpret this as he’s bidding farewell to the image of a singer because he’s up to being Baek Mir as an adopted character since he’s working on the drama and he always say, he adopts the image even off stage. Meaning we’ll see more of Baek Mir way of dressing up and probably the way he moves around. From the start of doing the filming what I see is a happy Hyun Joong who seem to be out of stress!! Well, I don’t know if it’s only me, but I really think he’s enjoying his time filming City Conquest.

What I see now is his confidence, although I know most of us isn’t glad to see his face getting smaller!! So I think it’s better if we just imagine that his lost weight is a part of City Conquest. As I mentioned in my comment box as his arm muscles are curving big gets, so firm and sexy yet his face is becoming slimmer. He’s still handsome anyway. But still how I wish there’s a part in the drama that needs him to be a bit increase in weight!!

Oh we’re so protective about the guy that worries us specially the last concert he had that he almost broke down and i think our worries started from there. But for us fans, it can not be helped as we worry since we are his noonas, his mom, his grandma, his younger sis, we are family to him that makes us worry about Hyun Joong.

But let us be at peace by thinking his weight lost is a part of City Conquest. And if things gets into worst like the producer neglecting Hyun Joong’s sake and letting him do beyond the contract agreed upon, then that’s the time we start worrying. Oh no, not to worry Alien soldiers are not to worry, it takes just one bullet of love to get over with the producer!! LOL!! I remember a fan drew a gun in my comment box that seem to be violent but the bullet says LOVE!! Take it from the Alien soldiers!!

To be sexy there has to be an amount of diet to be taken suggested by a professional dietician , a reasonable exercise and some degree of determination to be sexy. Hyun Joong has those in his most discipline manner. Oh by the way may I just mention, in one interview he mentioned his favorite Japanese food but now he barely eat those. A person in a diet program can get used to the program that at times he loses that appetite or craving for his favorite food. His stomach becomes smaller in such a way that it can only absorb a certain amount of food and any excess to that may have a feeling of discomfort.

This at least happened to me having the personal experience, it takes time again bringing back the normal diet. Having more protein food content lesser carbohydrate intake, more fluid, green veggies and fruits is still healthy. This is what Hyun Joong’s diet program goes, and never miss a meal on time. Unfortunately Hyun Joong’s favorite food contains a lot of carbo that he has to lessen it up.

Stress can cause low appetite, and seeing Hyun Joong to be running from here and there can be stressful too. Being in the diet program doesn’t mean losing appetite but having the proper food intake. Hyun Joong’s handlers should really take note of his physical being, he has to eat on time no matter what happens!!

Hyung do you get me?? Mr. Hardheaded may not listen to you, then it’s time to give him some spanking!! Tell him this message coming from his mother fans, grandma fans, noonas and young fans, we’re millions here to demand from him!!

I’m bored I admit, but I still talk a lot and brag about food!! I’m done now for today, all I can say is that Kim Hyun Joong is the sexiest man alive, don’t argue critics because Hyun Joong was able to attain his sexiness through his own effort and not by artificial means. Got that? Die in envy and jealousy, go eat your plastics that’s been manipulating your mind! And Peace be with you loving critics!!! More about City Conquest tomorrow, an interesting topic that I reserve for jealous fans like me!! LOL!

Before I go may I again remind fans from Thailand you have three days to go to grab your tickets for the fan meeting concert, Hyun Joong shall be leaving for Bangkok tomorrow therefore it’s a sign the big night is just an inch away to rock your country By Hyun Joong’s explosive performance and that is highly guaranteed!! Aliens wake up!! Don’t miss a thing Hyun Joong will soon be on his way again for another explosion!!

He grew up a lovable flower boy, as he matured his being lovable stays in him as ever, going busy bee hopping and enjoying being a Sexy Prince Kim Hyun Joong! Go go go!!

                                                                           LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BUSIEST STAR!

By: LazerKim            Kim Hyun Joong boarded his flight going back to Japan yesterday afternoon and safely arrived in Hanada Airport after his shoots for CF and resume his filming for City Conquest today. Hyun Joong came back home to Seoul last Sunday to attend to his commitment for CF pictorial session last Monday and yesterday since Hyun Joong is a CF commercial model. So this explains as to why he has to go back home on Sunday and why Hyun Joong was not able to see Kyu Joong off to the military service.

Looking very handsome in his summer outfit was a total head turner for anyone who might have spotted Kim Hyun Joong at the airport. His Japanese fans welcome him back to Japan after seeing him off at the same airport last Sunday and now he appears again like a wind!! The busiest star gets on his wings to fly from one country to another and back again just like that!

As I mentioned in my article yesterday, do not fall to sleep too much or he might just appear out of nowhere!! And he did, just like a strong wind just passing by and gone again!! I can only laugh as Hyun Joong gets on toes running from here and there! So his back to the film set and resume until the 27th. From here on he’ll fly to Bangkok Thailand for the Fan Meeting Concert.

Your guess is just as good as mine, Hyun Joong going back home last Sunday is not to take a rest, but still work!! From today he has three days filming to do, before getting to Bangkok to prepare his stage. And so it’s true after all, Hyun Joong will be galloping from singing to acting!! I wonder now, where does he gets that much energy to achieve both areas of his talent at the same time!! No matter how we wish he could get some good rest I don’t think that’s gonna happen at least not as yet.

We are all lucky fans, and now I realize that for having Kim Hyun Joong as our idol with multiple talents and he excel in all these areas. Well I can only speak for myself how lucky I am. If it’s only an actor whom I follow, It’s very likely that I’ll only get to see him whenever he has a drama project which comes out to two dramas a year or three drama is I think is humanly stressful for a year. If he’s only solo singer, then I can only probably get to see him whenever he has a new single during promotion period which is barely two weeks or at concerts which can be rare as twice in a year!

Having Kim Hyun Joong as my idol, I can see him as much, one day I see him on stage singing and dancing all the way to rock any country! The following day I get to see him on a film set acting an explosive scene as an action star. And another day seeing him posing for pictorial as a model for his commercial endorsements! I always remember what he said to his fans, “I shall keep you interested in me”. So I don’t think I should be surprise if he keeps running from here and there, Hyun Joong is simply fulfilling not a word of promise but simply sharing his thoughts of his desire to be with his fans and fill up their interest.

If I am a professional reporter to be writing Kim Hyun Joong daily diary and getting to his tail can be a lot of a job to do in coping up with his story!! But I think it’s such a challenging job to do and 100% interesting. Kim Hyun Joong has such a very interesting story to tell about his career and even his life in reality. I am just a simple fan, a totally amateur, whose hobby is to write all about Kim Hyun Joong as my idol. Until writing about him became my daily dose of addiction to Hyun Joong for the last seven months of following him!!

I may be contended with the updates about Hyun Joong from other fans who are actively posting updates as I gather them and share it with you. And sincerely find doing this to be such a fun, for me and a cure just like to other fans. So I think being  like the other professional reporters who writes about celebrities, Kim Hyun Joong story is very rich in such a way a reporter will never run out of scoop or story to tell. Because Hyun Joong’s everyday story is full of richness that anyone can learn from other than being entertained by his interesting activities.

I have mentioned in my other articles, that seeing Hyun Joong’s growing popularity can surely mean higher number of demand for projects. Whatever the needs of the public majority is what the businessmen eyeing for. They provide what the public desires for and seeing from the huge crowd of fans Hyun Joong has, these businessmen and producers are what they eye for. They could be the best mediator between Hyun Joong and his fans in providing both needs. Meaning a sponsoring producer can very well finance a concert, music, and dramas to provide the desired entertainment of every fan.

Especially in music, Hyun Joong has the prerogative to grab the chance given to him with the guidance of course of his agent KeyEast. It has been the aim of Hyun Joong to develop himself in both areas of his talent as a singer/dancer and as an actor. An artist can be well developed given the chance for him through project offers. And that is why Hyun Joong has been on his toes to sincerely gives his best shot to any of his project because it is his chance to be developed.

There are three areas in his professional careers to be considered, being a singer/dancer, an actor, and let’s not forget he is also a commercial endorser in which Hyun Joong is also committed with. We have been following the busiest star ever, and I think Hyun Joong has no choice but to get used to be switching talents from time to time within a period!! In filming a drama, this might take about two or three months of filming activities, which means City Conquest filming shall go on as it may and some singing engagement for Hyun Joong shall be inserted somewhere within the period while filming.

And so for us fans, as much as we want Hyun Joong to take a rest that will not happen as yet, then we keep with our support because it is from us fans that he gets that amount or degree of energy and strength for him to move forward. After his shooting schedule in Japan, his Bangkok Fan Meeting Concert and all the short singing engagements I can only speculate his filming tour to other countries other than Japan will soon start.

If last year Hyun Joong was busy with keeping his bags of awards and picking up trophies from here and there, I think this year he’ll be busy jumping from one country to another in fulfillment to his aim to visit his fans all over Asia and exploring other countries where he can plant a bomb to explode as his popularity continue to boost!! It may sound hilarious but this is exactly what is happening!!

As Hyun Joong visits one country, being welcomed by his fans, if he say he’s coming back, he will. And by the time Hyun Joong goes back those number of fans doubled if not tripled by its number. And for others who were saying Hyun Joong does not have that much fans, I remain silent and not contradict since there’s the saying as, to see is to believe. When everything starts to be visible in just a short period of time I shall come back and state my opinion!!

In Japan alone, even the management of Universal Music Tokyo was quite surprised by the turn out sales of Heat on its first day launching alone. The handshake event attended by 5,000 fans on one rainy day was quite a shock to the country, what more with the recent concert in Saitama attended by 60,000 fans divided into four concert sessions. Kim Hyun Joong a solo artist did this to Japan in such a short period of time. I mentioned Japan, since this is one of the biggest entertainment market all over the world, other than the US and China.

Hyun Joong is taking one step at a time but actually in reality this growing popularity is quite fast for a Kpop soloist rookie like him. After City Conquest, his story doesn’t end from there, since there are lots more Hyun Joong wants to fulfill and in store for us his fans. In each day we follow Hyun Joong we see how he fulfills each of his aim. Whenever he’s behind close doors from us, thinking he has a day to take a breather but he’s not because Hyun Joong continues to fulfill his everyday aim to achieve in his work!!

Maybe the least we can do is to bear in mind that Hyun Joong is enjoying his everyday work. His face may be getting smaller but still handsome though, let’s just consider it as a part of what he’s working on with City Conquest. Now let’s tone down our worries and we stay happy as Hyun Joong is currently happy with the turn of events in his everyday work that we can only look forward on its out come.

So what’s next? Well, today Hyun Joong resume with his filming I suppose, and hopefully somebody out there can take a peep at the shooting site and share whatever is there about Hyun Joong until tomorrow! And then it’s gonna be seeing him at the airport on the 27th last flight for Bangkok, as the countdown goes on for Hyun Joong fans from Thailand has been eagerly waiting for him. May I again remind fans from Thailand you got three days left to grab yourselves a ticket for the fan meeting concert. The big night is just around the corner and be prepared for another rock and roll from Hyun Joong!!

We fans are very lucky for having a hard working idol, we are very lucky that we always get to see him and to be with him as much as we want to, a perfect provider for his fans need, and the Busiest Star ever, Kim Hyun Joong…..

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks!