Kim Hyun Joong…. [article] MIDYEAR HEAT

By: LazerKim          It is so unfortunate that I wasn’t even aware that there was another voting poll conducted by Kpop Starz whch started in June 10 and ending up today June 30. We were so busy with Mnet voting and I did not even noticed this poll. Anyway, we still have time to vote you may cast it as I post the link below this article. As they say it’s better late than never. The voting poll is entitled “Which Artist Best Represent K-Pop during the first half of 2012”.  Kim Hyun Joong is one of the nominees and at this hour he is at number 9. Well, at least he is still within the bracket of top ten!! We are allowed to vote only once a day, there’s no log in whatsoever so i think this poll is clean.

Let us have a brief run down on what have Hyun Joong accomplished half of this year as I touch on the significant events.

January 2012

Kim Hyun Joong started the year 2012 with his activities in China as he hosted a fan signing event under the sponsorship of The Face Shop since Hyun Joong is the official endorser of the product on the 4th of January. And on the 5th Hyun Joong was the first Korean artist ever invited at the Chinese Lunar year celebrated in Shenyang.

In January 21th Hyun Joong hosted his first fan meeting at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium attended by 6,000 fans, before he flew to Tokyo as Hyun Joong debuted his first Japanese mini album Kiss Kiss. It mark a history in the Japanese music industry as the first foreign artist to break the record on sales on its first day launching and the album was finally placed in the gold record status.

February 2012

In Febuary Hyun Joong hosted his first concert at the Yokohama Arena, attended by 20,000 fans. And the memorable poster of Kim Hyun Joong at the subway station advertised by An An magazine that sold out in just one day.

March 2012

In March Hyun Joong performed at the 2012 Tokyo Girl’s Collection in Shanghai China that appeared as if the event was an exclusive Kim Hyun Joong concert, as his Chinese fans filled the venue in sea of green!!

May – June 2012

In May to June Hyun Joong started his Aisan Tour Fan Meeting Concert which was all successful in every city he visited to host this event. The birth of innovated fan meeting concert had brought a huge global attention. Since then Hyun Joong became the headline of every entertainment pages of international news paper and magazines. At the same time in May 23rd Hyun Joong mark another history in Japan as he released his first DVD First Impact sold an amazing 16,000 copies and the second foreign solo artist next to Micheal Jackson to hit the top rank at Oricon DVD chart.

For the last six months of this year Hyun Joong had accomplished so much, that his fans grew in numbers every time he is on his exposure. This July starts the second half of the year as again Hyun Joong will start off with launching of his second Japanese single HEAT   Hyun Joong hit the first top five on pre-order of HEAT. At the Tower Record this single top on pre sales, so I think this is selling like hot cakes, what more on its launching day!! Plus another anticipated concert for free at Saitama Super Arena on July 14 and 15!!

From here on we have many activities from Hyun Joong to look forward to, very soon from now he’ll be flying to Tokyo for HEAT launching. Again as fans we support his second Japanese single, we still have time to do a little cost cutting from shopping and start saving since it’s not too late to purchase the single. If you may have missed the pre-order then you can still have the CD on its first release, which is gonna be on the 4th of July, so don’t miss it this time. As I always say Hyun Joong’s music will always be a part of our memory with him so start collecting or we should have started collecting since Breakdown days last year.

For those who have not made their pre-order of HEAT you may do so @Hyunnies Pexer Blog visit their site here LINK CLICK HERE>(

Or you may visit LINK CLICK HERE>(

It was said that on the 3rd of July Hyun Joong shall be having a hand shake with his fans which I assume will be in Tokyo, but as to where, that we do not know as yet!! Surprise!!! This is to commemorate the launching of HEAT or as a part of his promotion to his 2nd album. In Japan, prior to the launching of HEAT, his billboard was all over the metropolis, and it proved how Universal Music advertise his first album Kiss Kiss in February, is the same thing being currently done in informing the general public of Hyun Joong up-coming single.

In one of Hyun Joong’s interview he stated, “The appealing thing of being a solo artist is that I can do what I want and express my own ideas.” And it is in this album that he did express his carefree ways, and shows the other side of Kim Hyun Joong. In another interview Hyun Joong was asked what is his style in music. He said it’s Kim Hyun Joong’s style. Now I was thinking then what exactly is his style, because if we gather all his music since he started to perform solo, Hyun Joong kept on bringing something new, something different among the rest. There are singers who stick to a single style in their music but Hyun Joong sticks to being versatile, and that makes him different.

I think he does consider his audience his fans particularly in creating what pleases himself that will be well appreciated by everyone. A critic said Hyun Joong just sings what he wants. Of course how can a singer bring out the best in any song if he doesn’t feel like singing the song!! Being versatile is his style even in music, so you’ll never get tired of listening to his music. His music will stay forever that even he gets old and couldn’t dance as much as he is doing, but his music will stay in our heart that every time we listen to it, will reminds us how he was in the past.

During his recent fan meeting concert you can notice that his fans do sings with him even his songs are being sung in Korean. His fans can easily follow as he sings and that pleases him most. Hyun Joong knows how to choose his music, if you have listened to HEAT, it may be in soft rock but the melody of the song can easily be recognize and I would say it suits Hyun Joong’s voice. One thing I like about Hyun Joong’s music is that I never get tired of listening to it no matter how times I repeat. And before I knew it, I can sing with it too!!

As I have mentioned in my previous articles, we fans shall support his music, so make sure you have a copy of his CD. As I mentioned earlier if you have not made your pre-order as yet, I have posted the link where can order for it that shall be counted at Oricon. Let us bring his second Japanese single to the top. And let us be reminded that every music Hyun Joong sings, it’s for his fans and fans to be. Let us appreciate what he is trying to give us. I would encourage you to collect every memory Hyun Joong is sharing with us. So grab yourself a copy and I promise you’ll enjoy his music as ever.

Hyun Joong would love to do more music and he is working on it little by little to have a studio album which is one of his wishes and by then he can pursue his dream to bring his music in every part of the world, to meet his fans and share what he’s been working inside his cocoon.

It’s summer, the mid-year heat is on, so let’s join Kim Hyun Joong as he rock the entire Japan through his burning HEAT!! Go Go Go click and click the………. HEAT!!!

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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3 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…. [article] MIDYEAR HEAT

  1. I love KIM HYUN JOONG MUSIC. HIS STYLE always bring new air freshener.I love music since I was 12,there’s air suply,takethat,mltr and now I just want to listen to HIS SONG,JUST KIM HYUN JOONG SONG!! With HIS sincere to the music,HE so SPECIAL.God bless

  2. LazerKim i agree with you one hundred per cent. After all he is our Global Star more than all others. He is re-inventing himself almost constantly while remaining inside the same beautiful person. As far a i can see almost all other Kpop idols are now copying his trend of shacking hands with the fans at their FM, HJ is raising the stakes to everyone and most of them follow him even though they will not admit it. So proud of KHJ, smart one, keep going we are all supporting you. thank u dear for those beautiful pictures, big smile here..:)God Bless:)

  3. I was so busy clicking “right click and save image as” that I almost forgot to read the article. xD
    It’s just been 6 months of 2012 and he has done so much already AND our workaholic is just getting started. I love seeing him but I hope he takes a rest somewhere in the next 6 months too. Knowing him though I doubt he will.

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