Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WINNER, LOSER

By: LazerKim        Kim Hyun Joong played the soccer with FC Men the other day and all I can share with you, are his photos taken from the soccer field. In the game of sports there’s always a winner and a loser, any games or any competition, in school or even at home we are being taught how to accept being a winner or loser. We learned that being a winner is an honor and gives us an inspiration to work on our craft even more. Our parents taught us to be modest and humble ourselves no matter how many times we win, and share the knowledge or experience of how to be a winner.

And being a loser we were taught to gracefully accept our fate in losing in the game or competition and work harder to try for the next future competition. And from here we learn from our mistakes, and from the experience of competing. Losing should not be a factor to be discouraged but it has to be our strength in moving forward. This is how we learn it in school and at home taught by our parents.

In the recent Mnet Voting Polls, we Kim Hyun Joong fans were not able to make it to bring him to the top, not because we did not try our best effort maybe because it is not meant to be. Let’s just say for the new fans or rookies, we take this as our training ground on how we can unite as one. No matter what happened I’m proud that the fans of Kim Hyun Joong gracefully accepted the results from Mnet polls. But this does not mean we’re giving up to point out the flaws occurred as we have witnessed during the poll voting process.

May I just clarify, I can only speak for myself being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong I gracefully accept being defeated. But the matters which I have pointed out from day one pertaining to Mnet voting polls system remain questionable on Mnet’s credibility in conducting this voting polls and the competition itself. In short right from the very start, at the middle of the voting and until at its award ceremony, not to mention the voting manipulation occurred in the last few days of voting period I was already pointing the flaws that I noticed and would just like to put it on record.

In my recent article Final Battle, I mentioned that I was hoping that would be the last article that I will be talking about Mnet. But as of yesterday June 28, which is the award ceremony I can’t help but to raise another questions to Mnet!! The winners were given their awards and I would like to congratulate all the winners. Here it is may I share with you the lists of winners:


Many fans took by surprise as winners were announced, not that the winners are not deserving, please don’t get me wrong, I was just so confused, or maybe I failed to understand the Mnet rules in winning in this competition!! I can’t help but ask myself again, have I missed something? Well maybe I did!! Here are some list of winners which I would like to point out as an example:

1. Drama Star…..1st place @ polls – Yoona……….Winner – Ha Ji Min (3rd placer @ polls)

2. On Line Music.1st placer @polls- Seven……Winner – Busker Busker (4th place @polls)

3. 20’s Performance…1st placer @polls……Winner – Hyun A (4th placer @polls)

I’m quite aware that the criteria for winning is 50% poll votes, 30% special judge, 20% research, whatever this mean. And there’s a policy of no-show no award, which means if the winning artist is not present at the ceremony, the award shall not be given to the artist!! So now I could not see any logic here. Or maybe the rules of this entire game was not clear enough for me to understand!!

There were 17 categories so this means there has to be 17 winners. Majority of those who took the first place at the polls did not win, in fact there were 10 artist took the first place at the polls but they are not considered winners. Only 7 contenders made it to the top no.1 and winners by judging at the same time, plus attendance!!! My God this is like a high school competition!! If you’re absent you don’t get a grade and fail in the subject!!!

You can see just from the example above, most of the winners are not even at the 2nd place but at the last rank at the polls. It seems to me, that I can imagine during the day of that ceremony, it’s like from Mnet saying “Are you available? Those who are present in this ceremony please raise your hand and we’ll make you a winner”!!

There were many comments saying some of the winners are undeserving, well I barely know these winners so I can not justify if they are deserving or not. But with this kind of system, no-show no award, I could probably think they are undeserving, if just by the mere presence at the ceremony would make an artist a winner!!  Unlike in many prestigious awards, whether an artist is present or not at the ceremony the award shall be given to the deserving artist.

And so what is the purpose of conducting a voting polls if the winners had already been decided? To think that even voting manipulation at the Mnet occurred and with this kind of award ceremony, well I can only laugh at this!!!

And that reminds me, yesterday a graph pertaining to this voting manipulation or vote rigging was circulated within the internet that I’m so please about, to have another proof of cheating within JGS camp. And I read a lot of bashing and negative comments from their camp. Well, of course this is a natural initial reaction from his fans. But mind me this is not about winning or losing, this is about principle in any competition that cheating is never allowed and yet is still happening.

It was clearly stated with the graph that was shown was not intended to destroy anyone but to call on the attention of those concern that this cheating scheme vote rigging occurred during the period of voting is a wrong doing. The graph came from China I think and I just hope it was already being forwarded to Mnet since this is their concern too as this vote rigging occurred during Mnet poll voting.

This was the third time it happened, first at Yahoo Buzz in 2010 contenders between Kim Hyun Joong and Jang Geun Suk, then followed at Seoul Drama Awards in 2011 contenders between Park Yoo Chun and Jang Geun Suk, finally Mnet 2012 by contenders Kim Hyun Joong, Girl’s Generation and Jang Geun Suk. Now Jang Geun Suk has always been involved in this rigging votes every year and this has to stop for once and for all. Because of some fans whoever within JGS camp has been doing this, would reflect on the idol which is the natural consequence of wrong doings of just a few that may affect the entire JGS camp.

Wrong doings have to be exposed so as to keep everyone aware that these things do happen and has to be stopped. It’s been three consecutive years that this vote rigging kept occurring and quite surprisingly it involve to only one artist JGS and this is too much of a coincident which is obviously not a coincidence at all, seeing from the proofs everything was patterned!!

And mind me this incident started in June 10 as the group Beast dropped to no.5 rank, as JGS eaten up over 50,000 votes and took over no.4 rank at 4am. Then followed again on June 12 between 1-4am KST KHJ we dropped to no.4 rank. For my regular readers if you remember I suggested not to cast your votes during this period 1am-4am KST, because it will only be eaten up by machine or robot of JGS. It was already starting that time for three consecutive nights. And many fans had witnessed it since many were still on-line at twitter to monitor Mnet. And after that, JGS robot changed their eating time in the afternoon and one or two incident in the evening that we dropped to no.4 rank.

As towards the end of the polls JGS took over no.2 while dropping Girl’s Generation at no.3 two days before poll closing there was a gap of 37,000 after JGS eaten up over a hundred votes from Girl’s Generation in less than one hour, I’m just wondering why was it that JGS stopped its operation when they are most capable of eating up all 30,000 vote gap in just a matter of minutes. I was very sure they were intending to take the top rank but hesitated. And there was still a generous time period of almost 8 hours before the closing polls. Why?? Why did you stop?

I think the robot miscalculated the time when they attack on Girl’s Generation, expecting to be given another multiple voting period that evening to take advantage, but there was none. Or JGS camp simply can sense that everyone already knows the vote rigging and so they stopped. Well, whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter anymore. What matters now is to letting JGS camp know that everyone already knows this vote rigging coming from their camp and this is very damaging to their idol. Whether JGS himself is aware about this vote rigging or not doesn’t matter anymore because the damage had already been done.

I do hope this graph will keep circulating all over. Once a burglar gets into our house, isn’t it the first thing that happens is that our burglar alarm turns on making a loud noise that can wake everyone at home even the neighbors? I think that is the intention of the graph to circulate. Make noise expose the wrong doing so that whoever is doing this would hopefully stop. If not then extend the noise to the media which I believe can even be louder than our voice.

Again this article expresses my sentiments and pointing out flaws that I have noticed from Mnet voting polls from the beginning in June 7 until the ending in June 28, I have stressed out those flaws as I have written in my daily articles. This is not about winning or losing of our idols, but learning from it and scrutinizing the poll system as to how it was conducted that created a lot flaws. Mnet’s credibility is now in question and I would say both the fans and idols were victimized by the wrong system in conducting its on line voting polls and the voting manipulation by others just to get to the top.

There just have to be changes so as not to allow cheating in this on line voting by Mnet. We learned a good lesson out of this on line voting system, although this matter should not discourage us to do our part in voting for our idol. In fact there another voting polls being currently conducted entitled “Which Artist Best Represent K-Pop during the First Half of the year 2012”. Go on we will vote since Hyun Joong’s name and photo again is at the chart and mind me, the robot is again on the chart!!! Beware!!

To be a winner or loser both takes the honor for doing their best effort in any game or competition. To be a part of it, to unite, for me this is all that matters. That we fans for once are united in ONLY ONE  Kim Hyun Joong….

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

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20 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WINNER, LOSER

  1. I almost never leave responses, but I glanced through some responses on this page Kim Hyun Joong
    [article] WINNER, LOSER | LazerKim. I do have some questions
    for you if you do not mind. Could it be just me or do some of the comments come across like they are written
    by brain dead individuals? 😛 And, if you are writing on
    additional places, I would like to follow you. Would you post a list of every one
    of all your shared sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed,
    or linkedin profile?

  2. What i do not understood is in truth how you’re no longer actually much more smartly-appreciated than you may be right now. You are so intelligent. You realize thus considerably in the case of this matter, made me in my opinion believe it from so many various angles. Its like women and men aren’t fascinated until
    it’s something to accomplish with Lady gaga! Your own stuffs great. Always maintain it up!

  3. borrow this from you ~~ “And there’s a policy of no-show no award, which means if the winning artist is not present at the ceremony, the award shall not be given to the artist!! So now I could not see any logic here.” ~~ what?? come again?? lols.. this is the first time i have read about someone winning an award and not being able to get it because he/she is absent.. its more like a raffle game to me, lols, when your name is pick and you are not on the same time your name were called, they will count from 1 to 10 and if you won’t show up then, they will pick another name to give the prize to who is present.. lols.. is Mnet like that??? raffle draw??? lols.. so funny.. lols..

    waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa and this is so funny ~~ “. It seems to me, that I can imagine during the day of that ceremony, it’s like from Mnet saying “Are you available? Those who are present in this ceremony please raise your hand and we’ll make you a winner”!!” ~~ waaaahhhaaaaaa wwwooottttttttttt this make my day!! lols “me me me PRESENT” waaahhhhaaaaaaa

    but honestly, even if polls are bogus or not, i will keep on voting as long as i can see my idols name on the list of contenders.. yes, i will never get tired voting for him over and over even though it gives me sleepless nights and sleepy days at work, lols.. a bat, an owl and a panda rolled into one.. lols.. even though it’s frustrating and stressful that made me to always cry because of frustration and dis-appointments, but as long as my Star Prince Hyun Joong-ssi’s name is included to whatever poll it is, i will keep on voting and voting for him.. i don’t give a damn if it’s bogus or not, his name is there and i will vote and keep on voting for him… as for me, the only thing i could do to pay him back for all the love and everything that he has done and given to me, is to give my all too and my best even in the smallest way i can..

    but, whoever wins.. for me only one is the winner and will always be a winner in my heart, my Star Prince Kim Hyun Joong!!! wooooottttttttttttttttttttt..

    thanks sis for everything!! i salute you, you’re simply the best just like our idol 🙂 but please do take great care of your health and i hope you’re able to rest well already! God bless always!

    • Yes sister Mnet played by that rules, so no matter how deserving the artist is but if he’s not present in that ceremony goodbye award!! Just like you i can’t help but laugh out loud!! This Mnet award is becoming a mockery that I never expected it to be like this. I just hope they would look into this. Now I can’t help to think that last year Hyun Joong chose to perform instead of being nominated. And did a fantastic performance last year at Mnet 20’s Choice and was given the honor being the best performer in that award ceremony!
      Oh well, this poll left me something to be remembered how we stayed up all night just to fight against the robot’s attack at dawn. I shall never forget that!! And you’re right no matter what I would still do it again, I just do not want to leave HJ to those monsters!!! Thanks again sis, job well done!! Now we start going after the insects after the robots!! LOL see you around!! Have a great weekend! God bless.

  4. hello ms LK!as usual those pix are wagassssss…aside from my daily dose and that’s ur article of course those pix relieved my stresssssss…promise! that mnet poll is just unbelievable,anyway lets all go back 2 normal alien,lets create a fun,good and respecful fandome that hj would be proud of…ms lk kasma n naman ung self proclaimed prince of asia baka i-abrakadabra n nman ung votes???thanks ms LK.god bless!

    • Hello Ms. Wagasss!! LOL Whatever pain we have just take the daily dose of HJ ayan na mga pix nya!! Tangal agad ang sakit!! Oh how i really hope to go back to normal even my sleeping habits was affected!! Now I’m a vampire!!! Uy hnd na asian prince pantasya nya world prince na!! Can you beat that?? LOL Oh well dreams are free anyway, let it be!! Hey thanks Ms wagass and see you again!! Take care it’s Friday have a good weekend!! Babu!! God bless..

      • weeeeeee….hindi nga???? world prince….kaloka?????hnd na kaya ng power q un lol…anyway free go lang LK i think they change the title of hj drama ”taking over the city” if im not mistaken.see u again 2mrow.take care babussss!

    • Hey dinu thanks a lot we have to vote somehow i read it’s almost at the ending period now!! Oh why have not known about this polls!! thank you see you around!

      • Hello!! I posted the link up there. Click the link then click GO VOTE on your right hand corner, Then look for Hyun Joong click the box the scroll at the bottom says VOTE click on that. Let’s vote!!

    • Hi Dinu and LazerKim (thanks for the article) – this poll i’ve seen it on TT few days back and thought u guys were voting already. But one thing for sure it allows you to vote one vote per day as it recognize yr IP ID so you either have like 10 pc’s laptops or just vote one per day. This one seems more serious (I hope, after M-net experience …..). LazerKim those pictures, oh my you really know how to pick them, the best….and the last one is very cheeky (lol…..).

      • TTTT yes i just found that our the other days!! I was all at Mnet!! Anyway we’ll just do our part just to vote i hope we still have time. Noya thanks for the info i’ll take note on this. I have already cast my vote for the day!
        Those pix are for your daily dosage to ease stress from Mnet!! LOL hey thanks see you around!!

    • hahahaha……allie you make my day really….hahahaha this is one reason why I post those photos so as not to feel stressed out from reading a not so good news!!! LOL…..Thanks for making my day laughing!!!!

  5. I was told by several people not to bother voting at Mnet because it didn’t matter who won the vote that Mnet would choose who they wanted to win. I had never voted on that particular Mnet awards so I voted anyway hoping that wouldn’t be the case but apparently they were right. I couldn’t believe that some of the winners weren’t even first or second in the vote, they were last! I’m not upset about who won but I am upset about the fact that the vote was really kind of pointless. All that stress and being upset and even if we had got Hyun Joong to # 1 he very well might not have won anyway. That would have been just awful! I feel really bad for the fans who voted so hard to get their idols to # 1 only to have them lose. Lesson learned on my part….always listen to those who have experience on voting for those kind of awards. lol

    As for the other, I saw the graphs and I too hope that people see this, especially the Mnet site. Of course I don’t think it will make any difference since the vote didn’t really count anyway but like I said it’s the principal of the thing. If you are going to have a fan vote you better make it cheat proof…end of story!

    • You know what I’ll very honest to you, at first I couldn’t understand why do the veteran fans seem to ignore the Mnet, I know they are voting but I’m sure not as passionate as they used to be in the past. I begun asking them and they actually told me they are bogus. And since I myself is a rookie I told myself I wouldn’t understand unless I get myself involve. And with no regrets yes just like you i was indeed filled with a lot of stress, sleepless nights that now I look like a panda with my eye bags!! LOL
      And so at the middle of the voting process I started to understand the veterans, but then I can not teach anything to the rookies if I myself did not experienced what the veterans experienced. This was like diving in a deed blue sea with sharks LOL!!! But i have learned a lot just like you!!! But you know what bad it may be but the more I felt how much HJ is important to me. If you remember the tail of being in the hospital ICU that kinda feeling was what i felt. it’s like trying to save HJ’s life at the ICU…knock on wood!! I’m just trying to describe the feeling. And also one unforgettable is the closeness like a family within the fans was built specially to the rookies.
      Hey allie thank you so much for the info you shared at the other article, I now understand but just like I wouldn’t go to that extend. If there will be another polls I would still campaign for a clean polls.
      Thank you so much for reading and taking time out to spare me time to write your comment to share with others. I sincerely appreciate this thank you. Have a nice TGIF it’s weekend again!!! Take care and see you again God bless…

      • You’re welcome but I should really be thanking you for all the time you put in writing all these fun and interesting articles about KHJ. Helps the new fans learn more about him and helps the veteran fans reminisce about all things Kim Hyun Joong. It seems some of your readers enjoy voting on polls. Here are a couple of links to some ongoing polls if anyone wants to vote on them. No awards for these polls just what I call bragging rights. lol (once a day, click circle by his name, scroll down, and click vote.) (may vote every 5 minutes (but not necessary), just click the box under his name then click ok in the box that pops up.)

        Both polls start over every month or two so only vote if you want. It’s not a big deal. It’s just for fun. 🙂

  6. i really love to read your articles! you were a great writer..keep it up!
    i learned a lot from your brilliant write ups…

    and yes! we are united as ONE because of our ONLY ONE KIM HYUN JOONG!
    win or lose, will stay beside him!

    • Hello!! Thanks so much for reading my articles. You are very right win or lose we will always be at his side no matter what happens!! You are so inspiring thank you, ans see you again, have a nice Friday take care and God bless…

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