Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ACTION STAR

 By: LazerKim          Yesterday Kim Hyun Joong played the soccer games with the FC men and as I watch the video footage and seeing Hyun Joong at the soccer field again released my stressful week that I’m happy to see him running over the soccer field totally fresh, energetic and handsome as always!! I’m glad to see Hyun Joong on his relaxing period to hit the soccer field again before he gets to down to his filming of his up-coming drama City Conquest. The cast for this drama had finally been completed and revealed. All set to get started filming.

In a news update, yesterday the leading lady for the up-coming drama City Conquest was finally revealed, here may I share the update pertaining to Hyun Joong’s leading lady:

Jung Yu-mi adds “City Conquest” to her growing TV series resume


Korean actress Jung Yu-mi has been set to play the female lead in a forthcoming TV series starring Kim Hyun-joong, according to her agency Neos Entertainment on Wednesday.

A rep from Neos told 10Asia that Jung has signed on to play the role of Lee Dan-bi, a jewelry designer, in “City Conquest.”

Having gone dealt wth a crowned prince from the Joseon Dynasty and an architect in her latter two shows, SBS’ “Rooftop Prince” (2012) and “Thousand Days Promise” (2011), she will now be confronted with a man seeking revenge on society.

“Jung was looking forward in starring in this production because she wanted to show the audience a different side of herself as an actress from her previous works,” the official explained.

Adapted from the comic book of the same title by Shin Hyung-bin, the forthcoming series will focus on how Baek Mir (Kim) blames his father for leaving their family and decides to get revenge on things that drove his family into destruction.

The series will also co-star actor Nam Goong-min, who starred in MBC’s weekend series “Can You Hear My Heart.”

Jung made her debut in a commercial in 2003 and has since played minor roles in several TV series and movies. She became a household name after portraying a scornful ex-girlfriend in SBS’ “Thousand Days Promise” last year and in SBS’ “Rooftop Prince” alongside Park Yuchun.

Source: Kstar10                               >>END<<


I have watched Jung Yoo Mi at Dong Yi as supporting actress for this drama, I watched a portion of Rooftop Prince which I think she’s a good actress and I never thought she was the same actress as in Dong Yi. I’m not really familiar with Korean actress nor have known their names, but this actress I think had played different roles from her drama project and honestly I think she has many faces, meaning she looks different from all her dramas. Now I can’t help to research on her further or recall her from the dramas I watched, actually she caught my curiosity!

And there’s Kim Seung-Woo, who played the role of hotel general manager in the drama with Bae Yong Joon as he played the second lead actor. He is indeed a good actor, a veteran I should say. He’ll be playing the role of father to Bae Mi Reu who is the lead character of course by Kim Hyun Joong and Nam Goon Min. Since the main cast for this drama had been revealed as the much anticipated drama shall start filming this coming July, here’s the update pertaining to the filming schedule.



In particular, it was let known that shooting will take place in upcoming July starting first in Japan, then Myanmar, Singapore, France, etc. Feverish responses from many asian countries’ fans and related personnel includes their pleading requests to do shooting at their cities.

Not just that, there is also an unending amount of requests for the drama’s actors who will be visiting the respective countries for shooting to carry out fanmeetings and other promotions there, too.


Kim Hyun Joong shall be having a scheduled filming at Myanmar, which is a welcome news to his fans from Myanmar and some are requesting for fan meeting upon his visit to the country for filming. Well, I do hope the request will be granted, and surely his fans will be thrilled!!

And so, now we know who are the casts for Hyun Joong’s up-coming drama, someone was saying lucky for the leading lady to have Hyun Joong in this drama. Well this is just a part of their job it’s actually nothing with them, but for us fans the important thing is for us to watch Hyun Joong on small screen again doing drama. It’s been quite a while now since the last drama he did and it’s high time for him to have another chance and this drama is something new for us fans as Hyun Joong shall be showing the other side of himself as a real man.

Whoever is there to work on Hyun Joong’s drama, we shall support, I can only speak for myself I think the cast for City Conquest are good actors, since I have watched them in their previous dramas and I think they showed excellent potential. There’s still a bit long wait before this drama would be aired in S.Korea, nevertheless there are still many activities of Hyun Joong in between schedule that we can look forward to.

In another update, at Mnet  Voting Polls which had finally ended last night and shall be airing its award ceremony tonight June 28th, Super Junior finally made it to the top. May I extend my Congratulations to the group and their loving fans who also fought the battle to bring their idol to the top, Congratulations!!

And I feel so deeply sorry for the fans of Girl’s Generation. Yesterday was such a sad day for their fans as Girl’s Generation finally ended up at the 3rd rank. I have seen how their votes were eaten up by the robots, and I can just shut my eyes in dismay. The group had been sitting on the top rank no.1 for weeks, it dropped at no.2 for another week and in barely one day the 2nd rank was taken from the group, and fell to rank no.3.

If we, Kim Hyun Joong fans were badly hurt seeing our votes just vanish out of nowhere, what more to the fans of Girl’s Generation. If ever the fans of Girl’s Generation complains to what happen at Mnet Polls I shall join in to support the fans, since it happened to us Kim Hyun Joong fans too. I’m still hoping that Mnet would look into this matter seriously, and that’s all I have to say to Mnet. As we leave this incident in the past, we learn from it, we forgive but never forget to mark where we learned.

Well, apparently Hyun Joong shall be having a tight schedule this coming July which is just around the corner. Hyun Joong had been busy with his action school in preparation to City Conquest and this will the birth of a new action star of another side of Kim Hyun Joong. We will soon meet another kind of real man in different image in different character but definitely the same ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong!!

But may I just say that, among the Korean drama preparation, I think this drama is one of the most anticipated. Prior to filming, it already made a huge sales from the international market. I have been a drama addict for the past years and this is the first time for me to have read such an overwhelming news for an actor and its truly happening not just for promotional purposes but written facts.

What’s with the Kim Hyun Joong’s name that its power rings so loud globally?? I guess I don’t need to broadcast the fact that Kim Hyun Joong is indeed a true Global Star after all!! I don’t think I need an Mnet polls to prove it, what we see is what we get, what we see are purely facts in Kim Hyun Joong. After fighting over the robots at Mnet, next will be fight against the insects, so alien prepare our insecticides to fleet the bugs away!!!

I’m done again for this day, we’re back to our normal lives, quite recently we experienced some stressful challenge and now as we move on forward as we continue to love and support the ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong…… as the new ACTION STAR

LazerKim here writing

Photo credits updates KHJean14, thanks. Fan arts by Lina Perez thanks.


15 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ACTION STAR

  1. Yeah, the results of Mnet are just a JOKE. So really let’s not write about awards too much or give it much significance – Mnet it seems will care about cheating as much as not a single second based on their voting system which consist of 50% of supposedly judges’ opinion. Common! look at the Shinhwa – who were the first all the way and Troublemaker who were the fourth, how could they win???? And the so called principle when only those who came received the award – they didn’t come and still receive it!!!!!!

  2. Dear LazerKim, thanks for the article, now we are back to normal I hope. A good lesson we’ve learn from these Polls, that HJ Fans are united in the battle to help our Star and that as he once said HJ hope that will not shame his fans His Fans hope that KHJ is not ashamed of his Fans, we gave a good fight. I still think KHJ does not need M-net to endorse him as Global Star – Kim Hyun Joong is a Global Star without their help. Can’t wait to see what is in store with this new drama, but first we have Heat on the 4th of July which I hope will be the hit it deserve to be. Thanks for all LK and God Bless:)

    • Oh I really glad to hear from you!! Yes I thought i can be back to normal unfortunately here I am is almost 3am I’m wide awake researching about Mnet!! Have you heard? Am i dreaming? I read a write up about the winners at Mnet and majority of the winners were not even those who came up rank no.1 at the polls!! I’m so so confuse, although i know 50% of the judging criteria goes comes from the polls results. I don’t know if i’m gonna laugh or what cry??? I’m so confuse!!! And that is why now I’m on research!! Oh there’s a policy also of no show no award. It’s like saying, “you’re not available? Ok who’s available & we’ll make you the winner”LOL I’m laughing but I want to cryyyy!!! LOL

      • I am Glad you replied, I’ve read the article with the graphs it is amazing on how the cheating went, and I remember you were searching the hours and they were actually changing it all the time…no words can describe how dissapointing all this M-net Polls. Like you’ve said those who came 1st rank were not winers as no show (?!?) this M-net it seems not serious at all a BIG JOKE. Maybe next time they should not use KHJ name at all. Don’t lose sleep over this it is not worth it in the end and it seems that a big scandal will came out of it, well I hope as lots of other Idols fans noticed that cheating and faking results is the M-net, not serious really. I just wonder why at home (mean in SK) KHJ have to prove again and that he is were he is only because he is GOOD at what he is doing, I don’t deny there are good artists etc, but KHJ is very Special. Well, lets help him achieve 1st rank in Japan as well (I’ve ordered two copies of Heat, at least that….lol) . Sorry it took so long…… good night Light Fighter or better Wonder Woman (for sure) thanks again:)

  3. Thanks for your article and your great energy for doing all this.

    Regarding Mnet poll , I think the cheaters aimed to bring JGS to the top of the poll but your article made them change their mind. Or may be they get scare of Super Junoir ‘s fans ha ha ha ha…..

    I’m sure we are happy than the cheater’s camp . They have distroyed their idol ‘s repretation for nothing. JGS is not only can’t get to the top but he also end up having a cheater attached to his name . Right now I feel so pround of being Hyun Joong ‘s fan and gain a lot of energy to continue supporting him.

    I wish all Kpop’s fans know about this. I just hate cheating.It’s really devulue the award.

    • Actually that’s been questioning my mind as to why did the cheater stop when he has all the capability to eat up all the 30K gap between JGS & SJ, 30K is just a matter of less than 30min work as I observe on how they do it. I knew it all along after they surpass us then GG, I think there was a miscalculation with time or whatever!! Because if that happens and took over SJ, JGS is really in a big big trouble. Actually he is already in a big trouble!! LOL I hope so they scared bad doings has to be exposed to stop.
      Thank you so much for reading, have a nice day and see you again God bless.

      • Yes dear the drama in modern times and I agree it has a similarity with City Hunter. Although I’m not sure about the plot to be exact. We can just wait and see. Thank you for reading and see you again….have a nice day God bless.

  4. I m a big fan of hyun joong from myanmar since 2009. I have been viewing updates of him from so many blogs including yours. But I m bad at social networking and never have posted comments. Now i m so excited about city conquest news. Thanks for your articles. I have been reading ur articles and feel happpy with your love for hyun joong but never posted comments. This is my disgrace. This is my first comment and forgive me if I have any mistake. Thank You.

    • Hello nice to meet you!! Thank you so much for reading and your comment is very much welcome. I’ll start praying that HJ will be able to have a fan meeting in your country so that he’ll be able to meet you personally. i really want him to go reach out for his fans as much as he can and this has been in his agenda from the start to go around the world to see his fans. You’re doing good writing comments here and I appreciate it very much.
      Thank you and see you again have a nice day take care God bless…

    • Yeah I read about this the graphs came from Korea and I’m glad the Korean fan has this graph to show the cheating, this is a proof that cheating occurred. Yea you’re right this is not a matter of creating account, it’s a machine at work that’s why I call it robot as I have written it in my article Red Alert and Fight Back which is all about the cheating of JGS camp.
      Thank you for sharing I guess I have to write about Mnet again which I have not gone over, and still in my mind. See you again, Have a nice day God bless..

  5. dear Lazer Kim,

    Thank you for your article.
    but second picture’s actress photo is wrong.
    her name is the same but different woman.
    please change~~~.^.^ thanks~

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