Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FINAL BATTLE

By: LazerKim        The final count down is on as the clock starts to tick, aliens rush to the war field to face the Final Battle. I honestly hope this will be the last article that I’ll be talking about Mnet. It’s so strange that as I woke up yesterday morning all the four contenders were given 1% gap and it also follows in other categories. I can’t help to think, what is this game that Mnet shows this time, to prove its credibility of its voting polls? By showing a neck to neck battle?

At the last minute count is when the magic happens. Well this isn’t it new to me anymore after reading the news about the polls in the past 2010 and 2011. But I think this year is the worst as I have witnessed over thousand votes stolen in just a matter of seconds. This is just my sentiment that I want to burst it out put a period on it but I shall never forget, it was a nightmare for a rookie like myself to have seen and witnessed.

Before this Mnet voting polls came into the picture, I have been writing to protect Hyun Joong from his critics, detractor, stalkers, media rumors ect., but now I realise we also have to protect him from cheaters at polls that I never realize that there’s such thing at on line voting. So maybe I also would be thankful for getting involve in this polls only then that I discovered there’s such cheating even worse than in 2010 and 2011 in huge number of votes that I don’t think manual human effort can possibly make it possible.

These past days I have been focus with monitoring Mnet polls that I have neglected even to read my comment box, and it was only last night that I had the chance to. I have two fans from my comments box with two different views about this polls. One is I believe a veteran fan and one is from a rookie fan. And I would like to share their views with you that some fans may have the same opinion.

From a veteran fan:

It seems pointless to wonder why he was included in the list with groups – the only answer mnet is providing is that all 5 nominees held tours outside of Korea in several countries in 2012 to justify the name Global star. So it has nothing to do being in groups or solo. And also it seems pointless to say so many times that voting is bogus – it always was and always will be. We knew it before – especially during Yahoo. Everyone knew that fans from both sides Yoochon’s and ours created multiple accounts to vote because without it we couldn’t win. We learned the way how to vote quicker and faster to outmanevre the yahoo system. So in all honesty we cannot say that was fair, so it doesn’t seem right to say that other fandoms cheat more or our less. Everyone is playing by their own rules now. Let’s not be hypocrites and call just ourselves fair and squire. Because at the end of the day we do everything to let our our favorite star to win – we create mulltiple accounts whether it’s fair or not.

LazerKim Viewpoint:

Ms Veteran, I respect your opinion, it is yours, with all due respect may I just state my point which I think is not pointless as you mentioned. First, a ten-year old kid can identify the difference between a solo and a group. In every competition there has to be criteria in choosing contenders, if it’s a group competition then gather the groups qualified to compete, and if this is a soloist competition then all contenders should qualify as soloist.

As the veteran fan mentioned the 5 nominees should have held tours outside Korea to justify the name Global Star. Among the contenders there were two soloist, so what happen to the other groups who had concert tours in 2012 even beyond Asia, are they not qualified? How can a competition be called credible if there is a mismatch. This has been my sentiment right from the start and it’s not pointless.

Ms. Veteran mentioned about having multiple account, here’s my question. In having the multiple account is it possible to cast over 1,000 votes in seconds? Because this was what happened in this current polls, in certain time of the day, votes just appear increasing  thousands in 3 to 4 seconds. A fan voted and she was surprised Hyun Joong scored 160 and Jang Geun Suk scored 4,800 in just one single vote, can you beat that?

And may I just emphasize that among all the five contenders it’s only Jang Geun Suk has that speed in eating up votes. Can this be done by multiple account manually? The other night JGS was able to put up a gap of 10,000 votes in less than 30min. I’m not a computer wiz on the contrary I’m a computer illiterate. Can multiple account afford to cast vote in time in just seconds? These are my questions. Is laying out sentiment be called a hypocrite as you mentioned? And would you call this fair and square?? I’m just asking.

From a rookie fan in response to Ms. Veteran:

It seems to me you are a veteran fan who knows a lot about this online voting. Maybe that’s why all these seems pointless to you now. But we are unlike you. And we are not pointing all these complains & sentiments out of hypocrisy. Because apparently we are not doing the same thing as you guys been doing. We are rookies,most probably not a computer genius. But we are not about to play along being the stupid fools. We demand answers so at least we know how this game being played.

Is there any fair game played when the rules is not clearly provided to both sides? And because one is playing by its own rule everyone simply regarded all the same? And one more thing if creating multiple accounts can be a matched as equal to those machines that swallowed up thousands more,than a mere multiple accounts could have. What’s your logic in it.? Will you call it fair & square?. Sorry, but maybe to those who share your point of view regarding this matter it seems pointless. But to us it is not as simple as that.

Sometimes the more one said she already knows ,the more she don’t really know. And we learned our lesson well through this voting without losing the integrity of Kim Hyun Joong. Btw..May I also add that I don’t buy that kind of reasoning Mnet has provided to justify themselves in gathering their nominees in Global Star category. Their answer only raised more doubts and questions on its credibility. And it’s not pointless to make them known and realize that we are seeing the flaws,taking notes and not simply playing along with it!

LazerKim Viewpoint:

This is another sentiment from another rookie dan thanks for sharing. I don’t know how others may feel about the polls but when you’re actually there in front of the monitor every single minute, you would see the turn out of votes and you can just shut your eyes out of disbelief, how the votes of every single fan would just be stolen just like that.

Maybe because we are rookies and we were not around that time in 2010- 2011, and to admit this was the first time we have ever encountered such on-line voting. And it may be pointless to say bogus all the time, as Ms. Veteran mentioned it’s been this bogus ever since and yes now we experienced, we wouldn’t know unless we get ourselves involve in the voting polls.

I remember when I wrote an article about Kim Hyun Joong and Jang Geun Suk, I did a brief research about JGS and I came across the word Auto Clicker from other blogs and that was the nickname given to him. I was wondering why but didn’t pay too much attention to it. Now I understand because I read the word Auto Clicker again among the news write-up about this fraud in 2010 and 2011 as JGS was involved with.

One of the fans wrote in my comment box and she was saying upon reading the name JGS as contender, all she can recall is the fraud occurred in the past years, as she hoped it won’t happen again, but it did in this current polls. Three consecutive years, JGS camp or some fans whoever had been doing this manipulation, I am not the least convince that JGS is not aware about this since he is an active internet user as he said. He must have read the reports about on line cheating and that his name is involve. I would like to know what actions had been taken after that polls?

Honestly, I’m in a tight dilemma this time after I have discovered all about this fraud. It is very likely that Hyun Joong may be nominated again in this kind of polls. The company conducting this voting polls should really think hard on how they can make this polls as credible as they can.

And so may I suggest the following: Set the rules, information dissemination should be clear on their ruling, criteria in selecting contenders should be transparent, as rules in voting should be clear enough that a 12-year-old kid can understand, rules in counting the votes should be clear and once the rules had been set, restrictions should be strictly followed by the voters. Allow no loop holes that fraud can be set forth. In short there should be an absolute transparency. And finally those artists who has a history of voting fraud in such polls should be eliminated as contender.

I sincerely hope this would be looked into by Mnet, I have sent them the article that talks about Mnet and personally wrote them via email. I would probably know if this matters had looked into if there may be changes for the better on their next year’s voting polls, if ever there may be. I hope something can be done to enhance transparency in the voting polls.

What worries me this time is that, as young as a 12-year-old fan can vote and what good can it led to the young ones if this internet will only teach them how to cheat. I honestly hope Hyun Joong will not be a victim of such poll voting again, because this is the second and I don’t think it’s fair to have it for the third time around. As I mentioned in my other article whenever Hyun Joong is nominated we fans will support no matter what. But I do hope people who are conducting these voting polls would not take advantage of the fans that will only lead them to cheat just to bring their idols on top.

How I wish I can say this to Hyun Joong’s agent and respectfully suggest as well since poll voting is still a part in protecting  Hyun Joong since his name and photo is on the chart being a nominee. I think the agent has a say on this matter, by making sure that every voting polls Hyun Joong may be nominated is credible enough. I think Hyun Joong’s agent can reject such nomination in protection to Hyun Joong’s integrity and his fans as well. Because fans will be tied up in their commitment to support Hyun Joong. How I wish I can be heard.

At Mnet Kim Hyun Joong now at the 4th rank and Jang Geun Suk took over the 3rd rank and still gaining running after the 2nd rank in such a speed. Last night I did monitor his votes and I would say it was brilliantly done!! The 1000 vote per second occurred again and I would say, he has the capability to chase after rank no.2 and on the last-minute take over the top rank.  This manipulation should be stopped and this matter should be exposed  so as to keep our awareness of what is actually happening at the polls.

Yesterday as I was browsing, I came across a message from JGS agent giving warning to JGS fans about giving gifts to him. It was said there was an incident that his fan threw a gift to his head that caused him injury. I was quite surprised by what I have read, and so now I wouldn’t wonder if some of his fans may be a part of this cheating activity at Mnet polls. How would a fan hurt her idol?? This only goes to show that there is no mutual respect between him and his fans.

Now I can’t help compare that any Hyun Joong fans in Korea can easily hand in their gifts and letters directly to Hyun Joong at the airport, and there was never been a problem with that. Why is that? Because there is a clear mutual respect between Hyun Joong and his fans. Why would a fan hurt her idol? This is just unbelievable but since JGS’s agent was the one who wrote the rules in handling gift to JGS then it must be true that his fan actually hurt him. OMG!!

Now as we face the final battle of this voting polls, we continue with the fight as we are committed to support Hyun Joong till the very last minute of voting. It will only then we can say, mission accomplished and job well done. We may not able to bring Hyun Joong to the top rank but the most important thing is we were able to unite, did our best effort in voting diligently, protecting the Prince from the cheaters and we learned out of this activity by getting involve.

There were times we felt discourage out of defeat by being cheated, but we can always face other idol fans head on with the pride that we accomplished our commitment in the most dignified way of supporting Kim Hyun Joong. Acceptance of defeat is a virtue, to face another future battle with stronger courage is a challenge.

As we face this final battle, we continue casting our vote with a smile this time as we do it for the last time with love for Kim Hyun Joong….

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing.

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14, thanks!



16 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FINAL BATTLE

  1. Terrific!!
    Many thanks for your thoughts on the resource
    Kim Hyun Joong [article] FINAL BATTLE | LazerKim.

    They will be genuinely important… I appreciated viewing your write up.

  2. Have you ever considered writing an ebook or guest authoring on other sites?
    I have a blog based on the same topics you discuss and would really like to have you share
    some stories/information. I know my audience would enjoy your work.
    If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e mail.

    • LOL!! I’m sorry I can’t help but laugh!! I was even shock this afternoon he just made it to no.2 and now running after suju at no.1 I’m still monitoring his movement. And yes i ask the same question what kind of fans does jgs has. I feel sorry for his innocent fans really. They are being mocked by this time. Thanks for reading see you again! God bless

    • I have a feeling~and don’t know if you guys do but JGS would win this poll~for no apparent reason. I agree with you there “What fans does this guy have?”- I spoke to many of my friends here in the UK and they all know the hallyu idols/artists and many of them haven’t even heard of JGS!

      I know this sounds mean to the poor guy but I think he gained himself at least 100,000 anti’s thanks to his ‘loyal and true’ fans he has now….

      • Oh yes I’m very sure of that 100,000 antis because he had just stolen over a hundred votes from us in less than 1 hour, and this is no joke many of us at the twitter had witnessed how he ate up those votes. now the fan of the two groups were both bewildered on how he manage to go up to no.2 when he was sitting at no.5 & no.4 for at least 3 weeks & in just a matter of hours he’s up there! Wouldn’t you ask how??? OMG this must be a nightmare!!! LOL

  3. http: //


    Hello! … I’m Mexican so I do not write good English, Google is helping me = p ….
    I found this link on the page of Jang Geun Suk peru … I tried it when you vote and gave me some errors that I had passed earlier when normally voted for HJ … Check it and tell me so you think … my mind is crazy or really are playing dirty???

    mmm …. I say that if I’ve been checking the page in mnet of the vote and as you say thousands of votes in seconds …
    I’m angry that I cry … That way is to support your idol?? ..

    Sorry not you grateful for the support you give to HJ …. I enjoy your articles … I agree sometimes but not others … as the support you give each fan is great … THANK YOU …

    There is still much to learn of HJ, which makes it even more addictive … and love him much much more! … I am proud to be a fan of him.

    • Hello nice meeting you! Thank you for reading my articles, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and the link. We can only be proud being a fan of KHJ. Have a nice day and see you again God bless…

  4. This really reminds me of the time when Youtube almost bans KPop. Some KPop companies use tools to gain view of their MVs. Since then, I’ve lost my respect toward those million-viewed-MV artists.

  5. I didn’t read that comment from the anonymous until just now. I understand what that person is trying to say but only up to a point. When we make multiple accounts you might say we are finding loopholes in the voting system but Yahoo said 30 votes per ID. They never said how many ID’s you could have. As for the clicking thing…that only worked for some. A lot of us had to type those numbers and letters into that little box until our eyes were crossed!

    Mnet says once a day per one ID. That statement is ambiguous at best. Besides Mnet has always allowed 10 votes per ID per one IP address. It’s been that way for a long time so they know people have more than one ID. I don’t know if or how anyone is getting more than 10 votes per ID per IP address because I’m not.

    Therefore I have to agree with the others that said creating multiple accounts and using stuff like that fast click thing is not the same thing that those others are doing. It’s not hacking into the system or using software and bots that allows one person to have hundreds or thousands of votes, with as someone said, just a click of a mouse. That is not finding loopholes! That is blatant cheating. Also there are times that the fans of other celebs can’t log in or vote even once, yet certain others are gaining thousands of votes per second!

    It’s frustrating for us to have to go through this again. I don’t know if Hyun Joong would have ever got into first place at Mnet but it’s not about that anymore. It’s the principal of the thing. If we don’t speak out about the cheating then it will never stop! We spoke up to Yahoo and they changed the voting system. The point of the matter is, if you can’t win without hacking or using software or bots then you should just learn how to lose gracefully and move on because it only makes your idol look bad. If anyone wants to include making multiple accounts in the cheating category then that is their prerogative but I’m not going to go there because I don’t agree with that at all. If that is hypocritical then so be it but at least I can hold my head up a bit and say I cast all my votes, all on my own, and with my own two hands!!

    • Allie thank you so much for this info I sincerely appreciate this for me to understand, but i just feel so sad as you just about the whole thing. I hope you’re still there to reply, I have monitored the five contenders everyday, my question is still how come among all the 5 it’s only JGS who has that speed, this really amaze me on how they do it. Allie forgive me but I’m just hopeless when it comes to technology. I would like to understand further. i gotta but i’ll be back please reply thanks so much!!

      • There’s a saying ” where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. If JGS fans hadn’t been caught using the software and hacking into those other voting sites in the past then I could not in good faith accuse them of cheating, but we know they did it and we know they did it more than once, so why would we think they wouldn’t cheat again? I would love to give them the benefit of the doubt but It’s too much of a coincidence that JGS is the only one gaining thousands of votes like that. Just as you said, even SNSD and SuJu don’t gain thousands of votes per second and they have HUGE fan bases. I just don’t and never will trust his fans.

        • Hi,I’m new to all these voting too.How could these people do it blatantly n shamelessly too?!! It’s a dishonour to their idol!

          • Hello! Well just like you i’m new to this that’s why I kept asking from the veteran fans who can shed us light. Thank you for reading and see you again! *sigh* what can I say, welcome to the world of KHJ!! God bless..

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