Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LAST FIGHTS!!

By: LazerKim         There are barely two days left to go to end up the Global Mnet poll voting as Kim Hyun Joong being nominated under he category Global Star. Win or lose for us fans Kim Hyun Joong remains the Global Star in our hearts, we all know he’s one and only deserving star for the title. We Aliens continue to vote and guard our votes till the very last-minute of the polls as it ends tomorrow June 27.

Last night Hyun Joong drop to no. 4 again and SuperJunior went up to no.1. And again after gaining 91,000 vote we lost it again. It took almost 7 hours to regain a gap of of 9,000, and we lost it again that JGS took over no.3 rank. But surprisingly JGS was able to gain a gap of 10,000 in less than 30mins. What more with losing over a hundred thousand votes in less than an hour. It was not only me who witnessed this sudden dropped of votes many fans had seen it too. Can anyone tell me how can this be done?

As of this morning as I woke Hyun Joong is back to no.3 with a very slim gap, and again back to no.4 at around 10am and so with Girls Generation back to no.2. This really seem like a roller coaster now. Is Mnet playing games with the fans now? The four contenders were given 1% gap from each contender and we barely have today and tomorrow to cast our votes, so let’s just play the game of Mnet and get over done with, we keep voting the normal way we do it!!

As a rookie or a new fan what have I learned in this voting polls? Majority of my readers are new fans of Hyun Joong and I admit on-line voting is new to most of us. They said one will not learn if she will not give it a try to get involve and experience is a part learning. It’s like in a close door room you wouldn’t know what’s in the room if you will not get inside that room to find out what’s in there. The same thing applies when we try to get involve in this Mnet poll voting and indeed I’ve learned and discovered a lot. Good for me since I’m not a computer genius, on the contrary I’m a computer illiterate!!

I got so many questions that I would like to find answers, and maybe this is just natural for a rookie like myself who is filled with curiosity pertaining to this voting polls. I have been wondering as to how Mnet or any voting polls earn out of this poll voting? And until now I’m still at lost on how the votes are counted? Does the Mnet lack transparency, or have I miss a lot out of the ruling on how this game is being played? Is on line voting credible enough in weighing a star popularity? I don’t think so!!

With everything transpired in the last three weeks, I have learned a lot be it something to be enjoyed about or something to be sad about. But most of all what I have seen among Kim Hyun Joong fans is unity and how they fight this battle without losing their dignity in voting. I have seen sincere concern about the polls getting involve, religiously cast their votes everyday and most of all, a stronger friendship among the fans were built. There is coordination and cooperation among the fans in taking turns with monitoring Mnet movement, and at night time we take turns in guarding.

We may not be able to do anything about the machine to be controlled but by just being involve in monitoring on how this robot works we somehow learn something good or not so good it is still an experience. Maybe the essence of togetherness and unity during this period is what we rookies will always remember, the lessons we learned out of this activity, good or not so good.

As a new fan, we may be ignorant about how this polls work but we are with sincerity in casting our votes just the same intent and passion as the veterans. Well we have today and tomorrow to cast our votes, Mnet may be offering a roller coaster ride, then let’s enjoy the ride and just keep on voting till the last minute. Win or lose we are still the winners because we have an idol who is truly deserving of our love and support. We have nothing to regret about because we have done what we fans ought to do in a dignified way.

Kim Hyun Joong is always a winner in our hearts. We continue with the fight and we do this out of sincere effort and always stay courageous in Protecting the Prince.

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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14 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LAST FIGHTS!!

  1. Lazer Kim,your spirit is amazing. I know that you much younger than me but I learn alot from you.Now,I am not cry because of loose,but I cry because I feel how deep and sincery our love to HIM. HE IS THE ONLY ONE TO DESERVE AS GLOBAL STAR. HE IS THE REAL WINNER WITHOUT CHEAT NO MATTER THE MNET RESULT. How shame jks who being on top with a full of cheat! GREAT HYUN JOONG, STAY HUMBLE, WE LOVE YOU, WE PROUD OF YOU. Thank you so much LK,god bless

  2. People are going to really go crazy if JGS passes SNSD and Super Junior. If they cheat the way they have been the last few days they will pass them later today but I don’t know if they have the guts to do it or not. Although they did it to the JYJ and Yoochun fans so honestly I guess anything goes with them. I’m just once again proud of the Kim Hyun Joong fans for fighting and never giving up!

  3. Dear LazerKim thanks for the article and the fight and the push, you are the power behind. For us HJ is already a Global Star he doesn’t need the M-net endorsement. Voting till the last Minute.:)

  4. I just have to laugh when i saw the current rating because it ‘s just as expected . I will laugh harder when I see the name of Mr. cheating on top of the lists tomorrow . This label was created by the man’s fans themselves since last year and this year they have confirmed their logo again. ( actually i almost forgot what they did if they do not repeat it again this year ) . Just like a thife once he robed he would do it agian and again for second time …..third time…….. Cheating with no shame because it aleady become the nature of the way they fight . They can fool people but i ‘m very sure they can not be pround without some sharp pain in their heart.

    What ‘s surprise me is I do not feel as hurt as I felt last year. I feel fine and happy because I know who is the real winner and feel so pround of the way we fight. As Hyun Joong’s fan I ‘m so pround that we respect ourselves and respect Hyun Joong. I truly beleive that Hyun Joong will feel so ashame if any of his fan have to cheat to make him win.

    Well , keep fighting……….and do the best we can. We vote to show how much we love Hyun Joong. Cheating is Mnet problem not ours.

    I ‘m so so pround to know that the way we fight since day one till now actually we can win without cheating.

    Lazerkim thank you again for your hard work I really appreciate your article and love your point. I think you should send your observation to Mnet . They might not do anything but they should aware of what is going on . I see this as a matter of a social responsibility issue . We don’t want to support cheating by ignoring . It should not happen in any community.

    Love you all.

    • Yeah other than thearticle i have written about them, I wrote them via personal email. For me whether they have read it or not i wouldn’t care, it’s not our lose but theirs. You know what you’re right I want to see JGS wins this competition and mack on him. And how wish SJ would do something about it. If David can not do it since he is small the Goliath can do it for us!! This cheating has to stop e consecutive years of cheating is just unforgivable. JGS has good hackers I am now convinced its not only his fan knew it his camp I’m sure has got something to do with it.
      We didn’t lose anything from this fight in fact we gain courage to fight with dignity. Thank you for reading and see you again, have a nice day God bless..

    • You will notice a major change in other categories too. For example Lee-Seungi, G Dragon and Choi Siwoon were all leading no.1 in their own categories, by miles I would say! And suddenly random idols/rookies who I haven’t even heard of overtakes in the blink of an eye….

    • Yes I am I just started following HJ last year in Oct. I first met him at BOF in 2009 but I just ignored maybe I was so busy with my career that time. I started writing for him in Dec. before Xmas last year. I did my research on him sometime Nov.2011. Thanks for reading!! have a nice day! see you again God bless

  5. Among the fandom that humiliate their idols, I think Kim Hyun Joong-ssi, OUR IDOL got the greatest and the most precious award, that is having you all honest and sincere ALIENS by his side… PROUD TO BE AN ALIEN OF U: ZOOZIN ALIEN FORCE!!!

  6. We did our best and let’s do our best on last 2 days too.. Kim Hyun Joong, Our Prince is already a winner among the cheaters..don’t give up, don’t let him to be alone with the or lose, let’s vote and fulfill our duty..and prove him our love..

    ALIENS you all are great!! your hearts bear pain,but still you did your best and let’s finish this without any regrets… FIGHTING!!!

    Thank you lazer worked hard and you did your best to protect him! May Triple Gem Bless You..

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