Kim Hyun Joong… [article] RED ALERT

By: LazerKim            To Kim Hyun Joong fans who are active twitters, Red Alert means the robots which are our enemies are coming our way to eat up the votes we have cast at Mnet voting polls. By this time we are already aware about these robots and to which camp it’s coming from. Yesterday we had another red alert at around 2pm-2:30pm, we had a vote gap of 54,514 votes at 2:03pm as last reported prior to the attack and this gap slide down to 17:676 at 2:30pm, meaning we lost as much as 36,838 votes in 30min.

As this attack occur, I was asking myself, are we gonna have this attack everyday until the 27th of this month? The recent two days the attack occur on Friday and Saturday at 4-5pm at the same time, now they change it, because they knew we already know what time they intend to attack. Since Friday until now I have been closely monitoring the five contenders under the Global Star category, and so far it is only Jang Geun Suk who has such speed in changing votes by seconds and in huge figure as 1,000 votes per second as minimum.

I have been hearing rumors about the past on line voting, and indeed there were magic! And since I’m new fan of Kim Hyun Joong, this is the first time for me to get myself involve in this on line voting, I ask the veteran fans what transpired in the past years during poll voting. They mentioned to me the case of Jang Geun Suk and shared some written facts which I would like to share to the new fans. There was indeed fraud on the camp of Jang Geun Suk over the past years 2010, 2011, and 2012 what we are experiencing at present had already happened in the past years. In short, history repeating!!. I gathered news write ups information as to what transpired during the time Jang Geun Suk camp cheated or manipulated the voting polls.

1. [INFO] Suspect Voting Changes for Seoul Drama Awards Adversely Affecting Yoochun   LINK CLICK HERE>(

2. Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards” under fire for suspicious poll results   LINK CLICK HERE>(

3. Kim Hyun Joong – Yahoo Buzz Voting Trends & Screen Captures  LINK CLICK HERE >(

Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards” under fire for suspicious poll results

A controversy has recently been surrounding the ’2010 Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards’, as many fans are doubting the legitimacy of its online voting system.

Between November 8th and the 30th, Yahoo has been conducting an online poll for three categories:‘Korean Male Buzz Star’, ‘Korean Female Buzz Star’ and ‘Asia’s Buzz Star‘.

The problem that had caught the attention of sharp fans is that the poll results for some nominees had either taken a sharp rise or drop in a spontaneous fashion. For instance, in the ‘Male Buzz Star’ category, Jang Geun Suk‘s poll results saw sharp rises and falls at a continuous rate, while a considerable number of votes for Kim Hyun Joong dropped unexepectedly.

Consequently, many netizens are suspecting the poll results to have a substantial error in voting calculations.

Fans have become even more angered by Yahoo’s lack of investigation on this matter, who merely called it a simple ‘server error’. Netizens commented, “The globally acknowledged Yahoo doesn’t want to be humiliated in public, which is why they are ignoring the hard work of the fans”, “I want to rebuke Yahoo for their lack of action regarding this issue.”

Responding to such criticism, a representative of Yahoo Korea explained on December 2nd, “There was a problem with the server overloading, however, we have not been able to confirm a manipulation of the poll results. We are still inspecting the reasons behind these errors.”

They carefully continued, “We cannot reveal a correct set of poll results without fully completing our investigation. We cannot confirm anything for now.”

Meanwhile, according to the online poll results on the site, Jang Geun Suk ranked 1st place for the ‘Male Buzz Star’ category for this year’s ‘Buzz Awards’.

Source: Newsen     LINK CLICK HERE>(


Here’s another analysis from BabyVfan’s Blog:

Kim Hyun Joong – Yahoo Buzz Voting Trends & Screen Captures


LazerKim Viewpoint

I may be a computer illiterate, I may not have graphs to show what I have observed at Mnet voting polls, but I think a simple common sense and observation may be enough to identify a fraud. But reading from these facts I can conclude that the same thing is currently happening at Mnet under the Global Star category on Jang Geun Suk vote counts. And I think it’s the same team from the same Jang Geun Suk camp who’s trying to manipulate the polls.

I read from somewhere that JGS is quite active at the internet, in fact he has his own twitter account. Therefore I think it’s impossible for him not to know all these facts I have shared with you, because it’s all over the internet. Now I couldn’t understand why is this still happening? Haven’t he done anything about this that similar incident is happening again? That as if every year every time there’s gonna be an on line voting this incident will happen again and again?

I wonder, if he has a knowledge that cheating on his side occur in the previous years, I can’t help ask myself doesn’t JGS have confidence in his fans that they will support him in the most honest way? Or if this is his some fans doing, this only goes to show that the fans doubted that their idol will not win if they will not cheat. And this is so frustrating, because you’re stealing the votes of other idols from all the effort of their fans and this is totally unfair. There may be just a few fans doing this I don’t mean to generalized.

I have witnessed how the JGS camp stole those votes and you know what, it hurts for us Kim hyun Joong fans to see our votes being stolen by JGS camp. We are all fans here, we want to see our idols to receive an award and this is one present that we can give him which is priceless. So where is the integrity of  being a fan if what you’re giving to your idol is something obtained from cheating? Or if JGS has the knowledge about this cheating, then I would ask, wow, is this your way to show to the world that you are the most popular Hallyu star? I repeat, I’m just asking. As I mentioned in my article yesterday Fight Back, this will reflect on JGS done by a few of his fans, that other innocent fans can be affected.

I just remember, one time Hyun Joong was saying, his fans would apologized to him if his fans were not able to bring him to the top, and Hyun Joong would respond, “It’s alright, it’s not your fault, I will work harder to be deserving to win next time”. After reading these facts that I have shared you I can imagine how hurt Hyun Joong fans were that time.

Voting is a fan’s effort with the sincere hope to bring her idol right on that stage to receive a priceless award that we fans can give to him. And it will only be stolen by others, I would say it’s disgusting, because I personally experienced and witnessed how fast our votes were eaten up in huge figures in seconds. As I mentioned in my other article, the feeling is like being in a hospital ICU and trying to save a life that I can not do anything to save a life. That is exactly how it feels seeing all those votes coming from the fans effort and would just be stolen by others who wants to be on top the easiest way.

I brought up this matter not for sour grape but to point out some wrong doings which I think  has to be straighten up. I wouldn’t be just sitting around and watch these monsters eat up our votes, I think it is just right to let every fan know about what’s going on around Mnet voting polls. And for the new fans which majority of my readers are, that I would not want to blind you or mislead you just to encourage you to keep voting.

But to allow you to see that these things do happen and for us to be aware and learn from it. I do not have any idea whatever happened to these written facts I have shared but I do hope Mnet would look into these matters. With Yahoo Buzz I think the organization took actions and change the system in poll voting, that’s why they had a smooth voting polls last year. Well, that’s what I heard from the veteran fans since they have monitored the polls last year.

I would just want to say, I’m honored and very proud being a Kim Hyun Joong fan, that I made right in my choice of idol. And so Alien we continue with the battle against the robots, we have three days left to go to vote and to guard our votes. If there’s a call for RED ALERT, we hold our votes for a while, make noise to keep everyone alert that the robots are on their attack and so that other fans can tune in to Mnet current ranking and observe how the robots eat up our votes. As I always say, do not be discourage just go on voting till the very last minute of June 27th.

We fight till the end and Protect the Prince. All for the love of Kim Hyun Joong….

                                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

Credits:  JYJ3, Babyvfan, Allkpop and KHJean14, thanks!



14 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] RED ALERT

  1. Thanks for the great articles and rally for votes to support KHJ! Can someone spread the word in Chinese to the Chinese fan clubs since they are dominating with over 58% of the votes? If Chinese fans can rally to support KHJ, it can bridge the gap over the other idol groups.

  2. Really pains me how he is being cheated. Hopefully he understands whats happening – that his fans are really doing their best and are truly voting for him (like us). Hope someone does something about this.

      • Dearest, that is what Friends are For, to be there and we are ALL united Fan Friends of Kim Hyun Joong ! Keep smiling, we are winners all the way!:) Please continue with posting those PICTURES ……yummy, yummy!

  3. Hi LazerKim – I am not giving up (even though now the pools show JKS in 3rd place) fighting till the end. KHJ should know his fans are there for him and fighting against thieves of votes and cheats, but fighting. Chin up we are better then JKS fans, that is why we have this love affair with our IDOL this love is reciprocated and cherised by all HJ fans. Fighting till the last day of the pools. by the way I deeply hate M-Net. God Bless and keep strong:)

  4. The moment I witness those cheating right before my naked eye I can’t help but feeling utterly disgusted! I think about all our hard work as Alien soldiers.Exerting all our effort in voting to keep the figures higher day and night only to be eaten up in a matter of mins by some despicable dudes out there, who-knows-who! They have no shame at all! I can’t imagine how could anyone can take the position he is not even entitled to and even get there by means of cheating.Well,isn’t it too humiliating being branded as a cheater manipulator?That’s just bad.And I felt sorry to any artist who have a follower as such.Haven’t they had any integrity at all?.

    Well then as Alien soldiers~ A few more days to go.I guess everything that’s been occurring at the poll shall give us the drive to keep the fight till the end w/out losing the integrity of the fandom and our Only Man,Kim Hyun Joong. Let’s make him even more proud of us!.We are already a winner.Kim Hyun Joong is the only “Global Star” in our hearts and nothing such online voting doesn’t have to prove that to us!!

    Let’s go>>>>>~~V-O-T-E!!!! ❤ ❤

  5. LK,GOD BLESS WITH YOU.WE PROUD OF HIM, WE RESPECT HIM,THAT’S WHY WE LEAD HIM TO THE TOP WITH TRUE LOVE AND PRIDE.Sist,wish that the Idol who have’cheat fan’ read your article… I hope, so that he knows what kind of his fans.Thank you very much to all you have done. God bless

  6. Again thank you for your article. It ‘s really a valuable information for all voters and viewers to know that cheater behaviors are allowed to happen with Mnet poll . I have withnessred the incidents in 2010-2011 that you mentioned and feel hurt because I was one of the active voters fo those polls.

    To be honest this year when I saw JGS ‘s name on the poll I can’t help to feel whether the same cheating will happen again . And yes, it happened they did it again . First I have to laught. I think it already become like costom among them , no shame , no guilty , no respect to anyone including Mnet and especially the idol they love. Last year Yahoo set standart that cheating is O.K by did nothing eventhough they knew something not right happening. This year I hope Mnet will do something better. It is a good opportunity for Mnet to do someting social respondsible by educating people among Mnet community that cheating is not allowed and can not be accepted in the society. They did it again because they think people accepted cheating. So sad that I can not ignore it because ignorance means you accept cheating.

    I’m afriad that now whenever I see JGS’s face or name the first thing that come to my head is cheating. How can they did this to the idol they love . They keep repeating devulue their idol by giving him the label of a cheater. I just hope they will stop such a shameful action. In my mind I feel sorry for JGS because he is one of many talent korean actors and cheating does not help his talent to be known. However That ‘s how I feel about him now.

  7. Hi LK,
    Its really fustrating all that we have seen this couple of weeks! As much as you work on all it just comes down in a sec. and not only the score but the fans feelings also! Thats y inocent people don’t believe in justice laws and on any rules anymore…and the criminals and cheaters keep taking advantage in breaking them cause at the end nothing is done! What can we do but keep on voting til the END never giving up, we might end up loosing but not without a fight!
    What is done in this earth good or bad will be paid in this earth also….so at the end all of those that cheat will see who gets the last laugh then!
    LK and all Alien Soldiers don’t never give up cause you all have done your 1000% effort in not letting our Idol down!
    Let’s keep voting, fighting and supporting our prince! God Bless U All

      • I really don’t know and I can’t point finger to no1 or at nothing! What I’m saying is really sad cause what we see it’s fustrating all those that have seen and observe the numbers have seen the ups and down of all the score! Where do our votes goes? Well that answer I can’t say! But if you got a chance to check sec by sec, min by min, hr by hr or day by day you can see that this is all a crazy poll that u just need to ask what the heck is going out? its this fake, is someone cheating? What can we do? How can we defeat this? What else can we do? Are they aware of what is happening? Is someone doing something? All those questions comes to mind cz what you see its happenning right before your eyes! So you ask me if they go to some1 else don’t know! I can’t blame none of the stars cz they are not placing their votes or blame the other fans cz I again can’t point finger to no1! But I invite you take an hr of your time and judge for yourself to see what conclusion you make of this crazy poll!
        I only say that I believe that nothing won by doing wrong to other is not a win at all! Cz it can’t only hunt you as a person for the rest of your life that if you got morals it all depend on the person! Again the poor Idols at not at fault cz they are not voting for themselves and I can’t point finger at any fan cz i myself haven’t catch 1 in the act, but if there is any cheating involve or any issue with the system in should STOP now and all should be fair for the fans and the IDOL!

  8. Hi Lazer, it’s been a long time since I’m back to my silence mode. Still keep the update from your daily writings. This Mnet polls definitely annoying, even tho I keep voting everyday but I dun care about the result anymore. My comment about those cheaters, I have seen them during Y! buzz Awards so it’s no surprise for me when they r actung up again in this event. I’m sure JGS knew about the ‘incident’, I clearly remember that he even didn’t showed up to the ceremony, haha… His excuse was he filming his drama at that time but who knows? must be hard for him to receive the throphy which was stained by his ‘lovely fans’. I know those awards based on voting polls is more like a ‘present’ FROM fans, Kim Hyun Joong received quite a lot of these kind of awards and he must be aware of his alien soldiers, that’s why He loves his fans.. Very much! And that makes him always try to give his best for his fans, oh I love this relationship =D anyway, there’s nuthing we can do about the cheaters. I dun think Mnet will do something about it to make it fair. So yeah, let’s just finish what we’ve started… keep voting til the end but dun think too much about the result. Soon we’ll get another voting event and do our best to give our prince his priceless presents, our love 🙂

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