Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FIGHT BACK

By: LazerKim         Yesterday afternoon around 4pm was a nightmare Kim Hyun Joong dropped to no.4 rank at Global Mnet and Jang Geun Suk taking the rank no.3. Although it did not last longer than one hour, the alien came to the rescue and immediately got busy voting for Hyun Jong. And was able to regain our rank at no.3 and at 12 midnight we were able to regain a gap of over 16,000. From the time I started writing for Hyun Joong, it was the very first time I really got furious, but tried to control anger because I do not want to be a loser.

Yesterday all I did was to monitor the Mnet since there were not much updates about Hyun Joong. At 4:12pm our gap was 95,942 and it was around this time that I posted Mnet rank at the twitter and when I went back to Mnet right after I posted, I immediately notice abrupt movement at Jang Geun Suk of 969 increase in vote, which is very unusual for just a matter of seconds, then followed by a huge 5,308, in just 5sec. And preceded by not less than 1,000 vote in 5sec, can you imagine that? I check on the gap it went down to 82,174, in a matter of 10min we lost 13,768. I had everything recorded including the time. In less than 30min we lost over 95,000 vote gap.

Since the time I noticed the dropping I immediately twit what’s going on at Mnet so that other fans who might be on-line can also observe the dropping which is remarkably fast. Dropping started to slow down at around 5pm and Jang Geun Suk took over the no.3 rank. This incident was really dirty, I was just so relieved many fans were on-line that time and had witness how our votes were eaten up by JGS robots. The other day the same incident happened at the same time between 4pm-5pm, it started at 4:12pm to be exact and at the same figure over 90,000 votes were eaten up.

In this incident, it’s obvious that the polls has been manipulated by whoever, which means it’s either Mnet or Jang Geun Suk camp or his fans. I wouldn’t want to pass judgement it’s just that the manipulation is too obvious. The speed in changes was remarkably fast not to notice by anyone for that matter.  And I would feel sorry for Jang Geun Suk’s name, if ever he wins, his winning is no longer credible. I can only speak for myself but right on that spot seeing how fast the changes were, I became unfairly furious with Jang Geun Suk because I know he doesn’t know anything about this obvious manipulation made by others.

I just hope Jang Geun Suk fans or Mnet, whoever is manipulating this fraud would realize the implications of losing credibility. Well, for me Mnet had just lost its credibility. But this definitely is not fair to Jang Geun Suk, specially if this was done by his fans. This matter will only destroy your idol and it will hurt him of course. I can see Jang Geun Suk is a decent man and a true veteran artist. I’m sure he wouldn’t want to receive an award out of fraud, specially if many fans from other camps had seen the obvious manipulation. I’m not accusing on the contrary I’m stating facts.

May I appeal to whoever is manipulating this on-line voting to yield and think about what you are doing. May I just express what I felt, yesterday it made me think Jang Geun Suk seemed to be desperate to get to no.3 rank and so rely on desperate measures which is cheating. Right at that moment I want to tell his fans, you want this rank? Okay then go and eat it!! I might as well hand it to you so as not to create unnecessary war, because I will never go down to your level of wrong doings. See? This thought is not fair to Jang Geun Suk but would you blame me to have such thoughts, if you’re being faced with such manipulation right before your eyes?

Many fans had been saying that these on line voting has always been manipulated, this goes for Yahoo Buzz in the previous years as well. I just hope Hyun Joong will not be nominated anymore if this game is just full of manipulation, anyway Hyun Joong had already bagged in a lot of trophies from Yahoo Buzz. And so with Mnet I hope he will not be nominated too since Mnet had already lost its credibility if Mnet would continue with this unfair system. I have read from another blog that this is the worse on line poll voting ever specially this year. Well, to see is to believe and I have seen it now.

Nevertheless, we will go on with the fight, as I always say, be it bogus or not, be it clean voting or dirty games, I will not leave Hyun Joong with these monsters!! No one and nothing should stop us now to fight back whenever these manipulators and cheaters get out of hand. They may succeed on their dirty works, but eventually they will fall apart. Anything that is being done the easiest way to win always ends up in a failure.

I was being told that this group had done it in the previous year, they were caught cheating similar to what happened yesterday but shamelessly they pursued with the cheating in the previous years. As ending their idol did not appear on the awards night because he knows his winning is a fraud and not credible. See? They are not supporting their idol in the right way, the legit way and they are trying to destroy him instead. I don’t think they ever learned their lesson and still doing it. I won’t name names, if you were there during that polls you would know who was it.

I’m done again with my daily dose, we have four days left from today to cast our votes. Never allow this dirty game discourage us from voting no matter what happen we go on with the fight. Aliens are not quitters, Aliens are fighters. We fight back till the end….

For the love of Kim Hyun Joong, we do what we can and we do it with love…..VOTE!

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing.

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks.


MNET UPDATE: (As of June 24  10:42am)

1. Girl’s Generation…………1,256,853………./28.4%vote

2. Super Junior………….1,179,625 …………../26.7%vote

3. Kim Hyun Joong…………793,181…………../18%vote

4. Jang Geun Suk…………..737,037……………../16.7%vote

5. Beast………..508,517………………../11.5%vote

VOTE GAP…………….56,000 votes


11 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FIGHT BACK

  1. how should i check the no. of votes of Kim Hyun Joong on mnet?
    thank you so muchfor giving us this information
    thank u thank u thanku sooooooooooooo much

  2. It seems pointless to wonder why he was included in the list with groups – the only answer mnet is providing is that all 5 nominees held tours outside of Korea in several countries in 2012 to justify the name Global star. So it has nothing to do being in groups or solo. And also it seems pointless to say so many times that voting is bogus – it always was and always will be. We knew it before – especially during Yahoo. Everyone knew that fans from both sides Yoochon’s and ours created multiple accounts to vote because without it we couldn’t win. We learned the way how to vote quicker and faster to outmanevre the yahoo system. So in all honesty we cannot say that was fair, so it doesn’t seem right to say that other fandoms cheat more or our less. Everyone is playing by their own rules now. Let’s not be hypocrites and call just ourselves fair and squire. Because at the end of the day we do everything to let our our favorite star to win – we create mulltiple accounts whether it’s fair or not.

    • There’s a difference between making extra accounts and using that cheating software, because first I’ve never seen any rule on those polling sites that says you can’t and second with the extra accounts you’re still using time and hard work to vote while the software is a simple click of a mouse. JMO

      • Using your logic then nobody said anything against using any software either. And I wonder now how do you know about such details about such software, that simple click of a mouse is enough.

        • Because we have the screen shots showing step by step how they use it so don’t go getting all high and mighty there. By using multiple accounts you are not manipulating the site in any way so how is that cheating? If it makes you feel all better think what you want. I just don’t agree with you.

    • It seems to me you are a veteran fan who knows a lot about this online voting.Maybe that’s why all these seems pointless to you now.But we are unlike you.And we are not pointing all these complains & sentiments out of hypocrisy.Because apparently we are not doing the same thing as you guys been doing.We are rookies,most probably not a computer genius.But we are not about to play along being the stupid fools.We demand answers so at least we know how this game being played.Is there any fair game played when the rules is not clearly provided to both sides?And because one is playing by its own rule everyone simply regarded all the same?And one more thing if creating multiple accounts can be a matched as equal to those machines that swallowed up thousands more,than a mere multiple accounts could have.What’s your logic in it.?Will you call it fair & square?.Sorry, but maybe to those who share your point of view regarding this matter it seems pointless.But to us it is not as simple as that.Sometimes the more one said she already knows ,the more she don’t really know.And we learned our lesson well through this voting without losing the integrity of Kim Hyun Joong.

    • Btw..May I also add that I don’t buy that kind of reasoning Mnet has provided to justify themselves in gathering their nominees in Global Star category.Their answer only raised more doubts and questions on its credibility.And it’s not pointless to make them known and realize that we are seeing the flaws,taking notes and not simply playing along with it!

  3. Hey LazerKim, thanks for all the power you give us, even if we get upset about this M-net (cheating) Choice (?who’s????) we are doing our utmost to win against some tampered pools, but at least we are straight and we love our star and our conscience is clean on this issue. So more power to the Fans voting till the last day at least we are using fair methods not like others. So let’s make KHJ proud of his fans. thanks for my daily pill, God Bless and please don’t be upset some we win some we loose and for sure HJ knows that his Fans are fighting here. 🙂

  4. I understand completely what you mean about holding the cheating against JGS but try as I might I can’t help but do so. Not long ago I said on another blog that I believe the fans are a reflection of the ones they idolize. I don’t mean to say all his fans are bad or cheaters because there are good and bad fans in every fandom but I am talking about the fandoms as a whole. Although I am not an anti because I think that kind of stuff is silly and completely unnecessary I do try to have absolutely nothing to do with him and mostly succeed in doing so until things like this cheating happens. Then I get angry and disgusted all over again and the in turn reflects on how I feel about JGS. All I want to do is ask those cheating do they not have enough faith and belief in the one they idolize to vote fairly? Do they not think that the one they idolize is worth their integrity and honesty? Do they have no confidence in the fans of or in the one they idolize? I just have to believe no or they wouldn’t do such things. Surely it’s not because the one they idolize is so low that he would want to win by cheating. I sure would hope not but what I find really disgraceful is that these fandoms do get away with the cheating and have, from what I am coming to understand, for a long time now. All we can do is keep fighting and hope that the old saying “cheaters never prosper” comes true in the end. Sorry about my ranting but I have just been so upset the last few days and needed to vent.

  5. Oh LK,how to say thank you to you,’cos that word is not are really Great!with all our family you fight for OUR THE ONLY ONE in the right way.oh GOD,please… Give them more strenght and more blessing. Thank you for your daily dose sist,god bless.

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